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Jesse O ..Wheeler, Ed. and Prop.
(U. S. Currency.)
Of is year 56.00
3Ix months 3.00
Three months t 1-50
One month 50
The Herald is authorized to announce
the name of
Hon. J. 'N. Garner,
as a Candidate for Congress irom this
the Fifteenth District, suhject to the
Democratic Nominating Convention.
TUESDAY, JULY 22, 1902.
Judge wells wore his honors
modestly, as really superior uen
always do. Laredo Times.
All trials have their compensa
tions. The mercury is uncomfort
ably high just now, but Carrie Na
tions continues subsided.
Cuba asked for bread, and Un
cle Sain gave her a stone, and tbe
little dear is doing its best to digest
it, as if it thought .itself a young
A COUPLE at Browntown, New
Jersey, lived together for over
twenty years without speaking to
each other. The wife died recently,
without breaking the long silence.
They may not have been a delirious
ly happy pair, but, at least, they
could not have quarrelled during
all that time.
That Galveston platform was in
reality a Galveston platform, and
it is right that it should be so.
The entire state is interested in tbe
growth of the Island City, and
can afford to deal generously with
it. Texas should have the greatest
seaport ou the Gulf coasr, and Gal
veston should be it.
It WILL be observed tbat Major
Waller's act in execnting Filipinos
without trial was said by tbe
president to be only "partly ex
cused" by the mental condition of
the major at the time. This will
probably put a crimp in that of
fleer's aspirations for the general
ship of the marine corps, for a
The spite and littleness which cha
racterized Judge Cockrell's speech,
in which he moved to make the no
raination of Judge Wells unanim
ous made a pitiable spectacle of tbe
Dallas man, and proved conclusive
ly the wisdom of the state democ
racy in choosing another than him
for chairman. His flings at the
entire personnel of Texas office
holders, from the governor down,
were insulting to Che people who
elected them. This was Judge
Cockrell's first appearance before
the people of the statu as a candi
date for a high ofllce, and it will
probably be his last.
Both from Clarksville.
The Clarksville Times is in high
glee because a man who ouce lived
in Red River county is to be Gov
ernor and another fellow who
trekked from Clarksville to the
Staked Plains is to no to Congress.
Peoplo are nearly always kind to
those who reform, and a fellow
can't exhibit stronger evidence of
reformation than properly authen
ticated p'roof that he left Red River
county. Honey Grove Sigual.
That is real mean. The two gen
tlemen spokeu of are John Garner,
nominated for Congress from
Uvalde, and Congressman Lanham,
who will be nominated for Gov
ernor. Mr. Gamer is koowu affec
tionately in his part of ie county
as "Chapparal Cock of the Frio,"
and sometimes "Chapparal Cock'
is changed to Road Runner," that
being the local name of the bird.
Mr. Garner is supposed to still
have splinters iu bis feet that he
!K0t Id Red River comity. Mr.
Lanbam taught the Red River
yonng idea bow to shoot. He
taught school in that couuty, and
some of bis pupils are kuown as
the very best alfalfa bay raisers iu
that part o the country. The inau
who can raise this bay crop with
j success is far in advance of the
man who can merely conjugate
Greek verbs. Red River county has
the rijjht to be' proud of the two
men. They have succeeded in life,
and tbat among a people who are
known to be right close to every
thing tbat is good and in sight.
Dallas News.
Texas Notes.
Mosquitoes and charbon continue
to rage in Brazoria county and
many cattle are dying.
A shipment of 500 tea plants
has been received at Lavaca from
Washington, for experimental
A police officer in San Antonio
was badly bitten by a mad dog,
and has been takeu to New York
to the Pasteur Institute.
The Mexican National road has
received ten new standard gauge
engines at Laredo aud is testing
them in tbe yards there. With
tbe exception of one road, which
has entities of equal size, these
are said to be the largest in the
United States.
Rain fell for five hours at El
Paso Thursday, breaking a long
The Southern Pacific and Hous
ton and Texas Central Freight
Uepartnuieiit will shortly inaugu
rate a very radical improvement in
the uihtier of handling perishable
commodities and products raised
along the several lines of ilie com
panies in question. The improve
ment is in the matter of a first-class
refrigerator car line, which will be
put into effect July 22d. These
refrigerator cars will belong solely
to the companies in question and
will be operated on a weekly
ichedule between all main line
mints and Fort Worth, Denisou,
Shikmau, Enuis, Ilearneand Hous
ton, leaving Fort Worth every
Tuesday t.l:"d0 p. m., south
bound, Denison every Tuesday at
7:00 a. m., south bound, Sherman
every Tuesday at S:00 a. m., south
bound, Eunis every Wednesday at
7:25 a. m., south bound, Hearne
every Thursday at G:00 a. m.,
south bound and Houston every
Friday at 8:55 a. ra., east bonud.
This new freight service will be
of great convenience to the patrons
of the Southern Pacific aud Hous
ton and Texas Central, inasmuch
as it will permit less than carload
lots to secure the benefit of a first
class refrigeration, irtid enable the
small shipper to deliver his perish
able products to all towus located
along the Sunset-Central lines.
It is the determination of the
freight, officials to increase the
service to semi or tri-weekly as the
business may warrant. Houston
"After I vrni lndnced to try CJUSCA
RETS, I tyIII never bo without them in the house,
ilj liver was In a very bad shape, and my head
ached and I had stomach trouble. Now. since tak
ing Cascarets, I feel line. 31 y wlfo has also used
them with beneficial results for sour stomach."
JOS. Kkehxing, VJ21 Congress St., St. Louis, Ma
Pleasant. Palatable. Potent. Taste Good. Do
Good. NeTer Sicken. Weaken, or Gripe. 10c, 25c, 60c.
Ettrflsr BB(j; Cocpirj, CMciro, Siontrf 1, Sen Tori. SIS
lift TO DSP Sold and guaranteed by all dras
nll" I U"BAw cuts to CUIiE Tobacco Habit.
A Time of finxiety for
Will Banish the Ijiiininei Blues
aud,Other Distresses That
Make Life Mispiable"
aud Unhappy.
This is the season when we hear
men and women complaining about
their unhappy and .half-dead con
dition. They fiud that physical
aud mental energy has deserted
them, aud they are siuking deeply
iu the pit of despoudency.
The hot summer weather always
produces thousands of miserable
feeling mortals. They lack uerve
force, strength and true vitality.
They canuot rest day or uight, aud
life becomes a burden.
The great recuperator, builder
aud strengthgiver .tor all vveary,
wornoui aud suffering people is
Fame's Celery Compound, now so
universally prescribed by medical
men. When the great medicine
is used at this season, languor,
despondency, irritability, nervous
ness, sleeplessness, headache, dys
pepsia aud digestive troubles aiAe
permanently banisiied, and men
and women go about their duties
acid woik Willi a vim, will, aud
energy thai, indicate .health and
physical ftrength.
Mr. -J. 11. Clark, Newark, Dei.,
who. was iu a critical cumlinou of
health from troubleb extremely
common su summer tune, writes
thus about his marvelous iesctie
from death:
"When I was attacked with
nervous postratiou, I went to one
of our local doctors. I continued
to grow worse aud consulted other
physiciaus, but with very, little
apparent good. No tongue cau
express or pen describe. my feel
ings and suffering from this ter
rible disease. After spending
considerable money in tbe vain
hope of being cured, I was led to
try Paine's Celery Compouud, and
it is this medicine which enabled
me to enjoy health I now have.
After the torture I experienced
night and day tor years, the
change is wouderful."
Wholesale Prices.
flour, "gar
High Patent, per hbl 11 25
0 0 0 0 11 50
White Eagle ,, , 11 50
Olympia S 75
Compound Fairbank's, by the
tierce, per lb, 21c
In Cans per lb, 21c
Mexican Peaberry, lb, 25c
Rio Coffee, lb to ljc
According to class.
Standard Granulated, 131-2
White Sugar lb, 111-2 to 12
Brown Sugar per lb ...Shi
8 1-2 cents Mexican pe pound.
Per Canro 14 50
Soda per pound 14 c
Nic-Nac per pound. M 16c
Box. 12 lbs. pound $175
I have other bargains to numerous
to mention .
Walter B. Austin,
Gelaya Building, Elizabeth St.
The Kind Ton Have Always
in use for over 30 years,
W!!77! sonal supervision since its infancy.
tryf, J-oCCCfU Allow no one to deceive you in this. "
All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-as-good" are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric Drops and Soothing Sjrups. It is Pleasant. Ifc
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Xarcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and "Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the
Tie Kind You Have Always Bought
Sn Use For Over 30 Years.
The Freight - Passenger Steamship Manteo,
is appointed to leave Galveston tor Brownsville jhily 10, 20, and every
ten days thereafter at 10 p. ni., aud Brownsville for Galveston July 13
23, and every ten days thereafter as
The marine insurance rate on cargo between Galveston and Point
Isabel is of one per cent. Instructions to insure aud valne to be
insured, endorsed on bills of lading,
have owners' good covered.
For passage and reiht aMy fo
Brownsville, Texas.
E. Q. ROOD, Agent, Galveston, Texas.
If the mother is strong and veil
the baby will be so, too, in. um ' ev
ery case and a healthy baby v3 a "good"
baby. Mothers who use
& n & a PANACEA
repnlarlv for Bome time before
wavR havo an "easy time" and give birth to
healthy child. It heals and strengthens all of
the sexual organs, and supplies an extra quan
tity of rich, pure blood for the nourishment; of
the unborn child.
A few weeks before our second child was born, three
years ago. my wife bad local dropsy very bad. We had
two good doctors witliherbutshewasnotreueved. Her
mind became affected and we sent her to the asylum at
Boli var.Tenn., and at the end of four months we brought
her home sound and well. But last summer, just before
mi r third child was born, the drotsy azain aDDeared
nfl wft were verv linwwv about hr. We
cea) and I cm glad to say the dropsy disappeared and she is sound and well, and,
has a fine, healthy boy baby. D. . McNEILL. Jonea. Tenn.
I write you this to let you know that I am using your G. ?. P. (Gerstle's Female
Panacea) andam progressing finely. I believe it to be tbe best medicine in the
world for whites. I am soon to become a m t her and py- your G. ?. P. credit for ,
it all. MARY J. I)IXOK. Ft. Gibson, I. T.
Write t lh TriKn Htfclth CIO, card I, 6tntl & C-, CbttEeca. -eca tar Tr Ctie about yoar cue. (
s n i" s r ft i s s- a i ar"
when you
want i arrnnn r i
n r i 1 p
is, oraies,
Bouglit, and wliicli lias been
lias borne the signature of
lias been made under his per-
Signature of
steamship Line.
tide serves.
will be all that is necessary o
r i
1 1
save her G. F. P. (Gerstle's Female Pana
Liquors, uprs
a A i w
uLLULv UiiflL&l

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