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The Brownsville daily herald. [volume] (Brownsville, Tex.) 1897-1910, August 06, 1902, Image 2

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issued . Every Day Except Sunday,
The Herald is authorized to announce
the name of
Hon. J. N. Garner
as a Candidate for Congress irom this
the Fifteenth District, subject to the
Democratic Nominating Convention.
If the government will nse Hit
surplus in the treasury to irrigatt
the arid regions of the West, tin
country will forgive it the sur
Tttp. Intpst nhaseof "government
by injunction" is the suppression
oi' free speech. As free speech is
a fundamental right of American
citizens, guaranteed by the Con
stitution, government by injunction
in this instauce, at least, is clear
ly unconstitutional.
Iowa and Massachusetts have
fallen into the Roosevelt column
also, and "Me Too" Piatt answers
for N- .v York as being assured
for Ron 'velt. It looks as if every
thing t-publican were going Ted-
dv-waid, and Mr. flanna must
begin to feel a bit lonely.
The reports concerning young
king Alfonso's conduct have a
rather saffron tinge, but their
persistency makes it appear as if
therf may be some basis for them
.if his majesty is such a naughty
hoy as the press reports say, he
might to be put into a dark closet
or sent to bed without his supper-
Some people are worried because
President Roosevelt is using a
government ship for a pleasure
yacht. If he never violates re
pnblicau principles to any greater
extent than that, he will not do
any harm to the government which
was founded by our "daddies".
There is no more harm in his
using the Mayflower for a pleasure
sail than there is in his giving a
ball in the white house.
Col. Bryan, in a speech at
Mouutain Lake Park, Maryland,
lest week, said that he prefers the
honor of being a private citizen,
and that he is "too democratic"
to covet the position of the presi
dency. It is most likely that he
will have his ambition gratified,
as ha has beeu twice defeated for
the presidency and, even if he were
nominated again, it does not seem
possible that he could be elected.
It is not even likely that he will
be nominated again, however.
The King of Italy is visiting the
Emperor of Germany for the pur
pose of inducing him to joiu in a
move for the reduction of the con
tinental armaments. Meanwhile
Germany is making notable addi
tions to her navy, and the prospect
of a war with England, with the
ultimate object of gainiug colonial
possessions for the Germans is
openly talked of. The Czarvof Rus
sia may favor peace, Frauce and
England may wish to avoid war
for the present, but the German
empire is not believed to feel peace
fully inclined just now. It is even
hiuted vaguely that the Monroe
doctrine, may yet be iriade a target
for some of Germany's big guns,
if it should stand in. the way o2
that country's supposed designs
upon certain South American ter
ritory. It is to be hoped, though,
that Victor Emanuel's mission of
peace may not be without results.
All the world is at peace now, and
it would he a crime for any nation
to bring on au unprovoked and
unnecessary war.
Late Items.
J. P. Morgan has bought a hand
some residence in London which
belonged to the Countess of Dud
ley. Chicago grave diggers are on a
strike and funerals were turned
back from the cemetery gates last
A colored seer has predicted the
destruction of Atlanta Oiiy, N J,,
by a lidal wave on Aug. 16 The
0. H. weather- bureau will offset
the prediction by publishing a
The will of the late Lord Paunce
ote, former British ambrssadn
a: Washington shows him to 'have
been worth abont 63,700.
President Roosevelt will make
a personal investigation of the
troubles on board the Mayflower.
Half of the l4l sailors on the
ship are said to be ready to desert.
The people of Brownsville expect
to get their first, through railway
connection frou Mataraoros to
Monterey. Matamoros is just
across the Rio Graude from
Brownsville and it is now an as
sured fact that the Matainorns
branch runniug to San Miguel will
be extended Mi Monterey. Tim;
branch is 7iiles in length and
is the pperty of the National
Railroad Company of Mexico. The
gap betweeu San Miguel and
Monterey will require the construc
tion of a hundred miles or more of
new road and the National will
build this. The branch line to
San Miguel is a uarrow guage road
and all preparations are under way
to broaden it into' standard gauge
before very long. San Antonio
r a keg of wire nails the pur
chase- in the united States is com
pelled lo pay $2.25. The foreign
er can buy the same quantity aud
quality of uails for $1.30. The
American prlfce for a coil of rope
is $12. The foreigner can purchase
it for $5. For $2 onr combine
will give the foreiguer 100 pounds
of lead; the American, however,
must pay $4. The man across the
Atlantic can but a dozen American
shovels for $5,80; the man in the
United States must pay $7.50.
American washboards sell in Eu
rope for $1.70 a dozeu; in the
United States for $3 a dozen. Our
tmplate trust will sell the Euruj
pean purchaser 100 pounds of tin
plate for $3.19. When the Ameri
can buyer gives an order he miist
pay the trust $4.19 a hundred
pounds. The price of typewriters
in the United States is $100, iu
Europe $55. The foreigner can
buy an American sewing machine
for $17. The purchaser in the
United States must pay $40.
Americans have to pay $4.25 for a
lawn mower. Our Napoleons of
industry graciously permit the
foreigner to purchase a lawn mow
er for $2.75.
It must not be overlooked that
the additional freight charge must
be deducted from the price at
which the manufactures are sold
abroad in order to give a fair es
timate of the discrimination agaiust
Thus we see that the American
consumer who has nourished and
bnilt up the "infant" is openly
robbed by his pet This is an
abuse which American consumers,
who are heavily taxed to maintain
the high profits of the industrial!
combinations, will not tolerate in-j
definitely. The Democratic leaders'
are wise in making it an issue in
the congressional elections this:
year. The facts ought tobe brought
home to the people and the found
ation laid for an effective campjiigu
of education in the next Presiden
tial contest. The tariff issne and
the relation of the alleged trusts to
the tariff should be emphasized at
every opportunity. Around this
question center the chief troubles
and dangers against which the
American people now have to con-j
tena tiaivesion rxews.
Mission Valley :
Victoria,, Texas.
The best fruit tre-s to plant, t
on the lowe.r Rio Grand1. '.
For catalogues, prices and
all information apply to. ; '.
G. Onderdonk Co.,
Nursery, Victoria Co., Texa;?:
or V. Gavito, Agent, t 3
Brownsville, - - Texas.':
The Only Way to Build?
up Your Home Tqwn.is to" ;
Patronize Home fndnst'ry.
Thev Book and .lob Depart
ment of
is prepared to execute all
work of Printing.
" Everything will be done
with dispatch and in the
latest style. -Give us your
Wholesale Price
Hieh Patent, ner bbl Ill 25
0 0 0 0 11 50
White Earffi 11 50
Olympia 8 75
Comnound Fairbank's, by the
tierce, per lb, 20c
In Cans per lb, 20c
Mexican Peaberry, lb, 25c
Rio Coffee, lb 14 J to 17c
According to class.
Standard Granulated, 13 1-2
White Sugar lb, 11 1-2 to 12
Brown Sugar per lb o
8 1-2 cents Mexican per pound.
Per Cargo 14 00
Soda ner pound 14 o
Nic-Nac per pound : 16c
. Box. 12 lbs. per pound 1 75
I have other bargains to numerous
to mention.
Walter B.Austin,
General Manager.
San Antonio Texas.
Will practice in the, federal and state
courts. Land tHHSTsSfcined.
and Jeweler,
Begs to inform the public in
general an.d his old customers
especially that he has moved to
the cornei of Madison and 12th
Street, fronting the Connty .
jail, where he is n:w better
prepaired to do all kinds of
gold and silver work, repair '
firearms, sewing machines, etc, j
The .Kind You Have Always
in use for over 30 years,
? . .i.i.t anil has been made under his per-
lCJrJ'L' sonal supervision since its infancy.
"K JCCi4i Allow no one to deceive von in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-as-good" are bufc
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants anil Children Experience -against Experiment.
CJastoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric Drops and Soothing- Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It' destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates tho
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the
The KM You Have Always Bought ,
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Leopard Braedl
a Will give you a, stylish
air: they fit perfectly'.
SataaHa & Company, fl!
Galveston and Gulf Steamship Line.
The Freight and Passenger Steamship Manteo
is appointed to leave Galveston lor Brownsville July 10, 20, and every
Galveston and Point Isabel is of one percent. Instrnctions to in
sure aud value to be iusnred, endorsed on bills of lading, will be all
that is necessary )q have owners' good covered.
For Passage and Freight apply to
Brownsville, Texas.
E. O. FLOOI, Arjent,
tjmmMmP 1C 13 seiaom yu can nave your 1 IJ i a
ical organization of woman, under the conditions of life as they r 4
day, requires that same care and constant readjustment as does the com
plex mechanism of a fine watch.
every organ. It cures all forms of Womb and Ovarian trouble, Includlujr
"Whites, Prolapsus, Painful or Suppressed Menses, etc., and makes Child
birth and Change of Life easy and paess,
Sty Tffa inffersd wiih diseases pecnllar to her sex iat three rear and mi usable t i uyUUxfe Ml
tor fwlBS two bottle of S. r. r. icrn' r pt.x she is now enttntlr rared asd eaadatliof liar m
&otk. SEa veisba sore than ever before la isrjiio asd I ittl that X &nnoi ur ecozb !a pralx oi &
W fcMitUr reeociaiesd t to aeffsrlas vo flea. BESTOW SMXTU, Gfcfl&fid. Ta.
Draggists SellG. F.
Bought, and -which has been,
has borne the signature of
Signature of
Bicycle Repairer
Such as Bells, Pumps, "Never
LeaTi," Repair Kits, Etc.,- Etc.
Shop at my Residence.
Colonel Wrelbrd
ten days mere
afteratlO p. in.,
and Brownsville
for Galveston
Inly 13 23, and
'very ten days
thereafter as
tide serves.
The marine in
surance rate on
cargo between
Galveston, Texas.
It Is seldom you can have your
choice, but health you can have If
F.P. The delicate phys
Strengthens, Heals
and Regulates
I joar ease U not Xally tovered oar Xre UooS,
"Hfai-tiit Mothees SIaxx Hapfx Homes." writ
in confidence to ths T.tnm' SrI.lK Clb. sum

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