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Thk Herald is authorized to announce
the name of
Hon. J. N. Garner
us a (Juwlid ite for Congress rrom thih
the Fifteenth District, subject to tlie
Democratic Nominating Convention.
The proposition to make it the
fashion for men to go hatless doubt
less emanated from some fellow
who couldn't afford a Panama.
The Houston Post publishes the
portrait of the next congressional
representative from the Fffteenth
Texas district, and his name is
John Nance Garner. The Post is a
That tariff revision platform
adopted by the Iowa republicans is
not in accord with the ideas which
pervade the g. o. p. as a rule this
year. However, the Iowa republican
convention is not a legislative body,
so the tariff barons are not much
disturbed at its declarations.
The Belgian government is re
ported as having invited Generals
Botha, De Wet and DeLarey, the
Boer leaders, to stay out of Belgium,
and threatened to summon troops
to prevent their entering the coun
try. Tho Boer generals are brave
laen and gallant fighters, but they
have surrendered to their victorious
foes and have sworn allegiance to
the conquering country, and are
even now returning from a friendly
visit to King Edward, so it is diffi
cult to understand the unhospitable
attitude of the Belgians toward
them. But some people are afraid
even of a dead lion.
Russell Sage is generally regard
ed as berns true to his surname, a
veritable epitome of wisdom, in all
matters pertaining to finance.
Hence his recent criticism of the
trust method, which is gradually
absorbing every important industry
of the country, is entitled to respect
ful attention. Mr. Sage is quoted
:is saving, in an interview in New
York the other day, that: ''Com
bmations 01 ail industries are a
menace to true government. Not
only so, but they are the oj)j)ressors
, of the people. When asked what
would be the result of a further and
much greater development of the
"trust era" as predicted by J. Pier
pont Morgan, who says that more
gigantic corporations are stored in
the near future, Mr. Sage said:
the American people will revolt
'Vjahist them, and there will be fin
ancial ruin the like of which this
country has never seen or any
other." This condemnation of the
trusts, coming as it ' does from so
eminent a member of the million
aire class, should have weight with
such men as Morgan and his fel
low. ,Mr. Sage may overestimate
the residence which the American
people may oppose to these gigantic
combinations which are daily draw
ing the coils closer and closer
around the industrial systems of
the country, but it is to be feared
that the aged financier sees only
to clearly iato the future. Emper
or William of Germany, just a few
weeks ago, after long earnest con
versation -with Morgan predicted
that the gigantic trust system
which the latler was building up
would only hasten the crisis of so
cialism. These warnings cannot be
attributed to jealousy of wealth and
power or to class hatred as they
would be if coming from the mouths
of poor men. They come from men
who stand at the topmost heights
of wealth ond power. They teach
that the time has come , when the
trusts must be controlled or the
welfare of the nation may be threat
ened by an evil equally as much to
be feared.
Grulla Whim-Whams.
Editor Herald:
Grulla, Texas, Aug. 19. This
will be the last of the Grulla Whim-
Whams. Sly next will be from San
Ysidro, and. will be called after
that rancho. Next Tuesday Heave
for tnat place and shall be there
many months. I am rather afraid
I shan't have much news to impart,
but I intend to glean diligently. I
intend, too, to investigate the folk
lore, tales and superstitions, beliefs
legends, etc., of the Mexicans, and
spread them on your columns. I
also intend to commentupon poli
tics, and things in general, subject
to the blue pencil. But I can't and
I shant (Blessed be the man who
invented abbreviations) promise
weekly letters. Three a month I
think I can manage.
Last Monday I sent in my re
signation as justice of the peace,
which was duly accepted. Mr.
Miguel Pefia Juarez was made jus
tice ad interim, on Wednesday and
is now acting.
Withjone exception, I performed
every duty of a justice, even holding
a tire inquest. The exception was
I had no civil case to pass on.
Three or fou times I had hopes,
but thevfme to nothing.
Theveather here has kept hot
and dry. Three days ago there was
a rain in Rio Grande, but itdidnot
extend far. The thermometer has
ranged feom 92 to 99 in the shade.
The people here and elsewhere
are planting beans and corn in the
playas that the river irrigated when
we had those rises. But Ave have
had no general overflow, and un
less we have one to give the ground
a good soaking, there will be no
crop raised here. My friend Teofilo
Garcia, whose adventures I've writ
ten about, bought a piece of ground
a the bed of the estero, paying ten
lars, Mexican, for it. He plant
ed it in melons and watermelons
and they did finely. We have been
revelling 5 these fruits up to date,
and they will keep on bearing for
some time yet. The melons are
very sweet.
My English friend had a chance
of buying this strip but, being in a
pessimistic mood, he refused to in
vest. He is now bemoaning his
study of Hartman, Nietzch (may
Satan wring the neck of the man
who invented such a combination)
and, and hang it ! Ive forgotten
the name of that other German
apostle of pessimism. You know
who I mean. Well, my English
friend says if he had known how
that strip, would have turned out,
he'd have bought it. Teofilo has
sold over ten dollars' worth of fruit
from it.
I see Mexico is thinking of going
on the gold basis. She'd be a fool
to do so yet. Bi-metalism is not
dead it is only asleep. There'll
come a time of awakening. It is
funny to see how the mass of voters
in this country allow themselves to
to be befooled and befogged by the
capitalists, bankers and creditors
general. And all in the name of
honest"! Oh Lord! How they
must stick their tongues in their
I hear that the Blue bar'l is in
tap in Starr county, and a trickle
of the conque is beginning. One
old follow who managed to sample
the will said that "he always help
ed those who helped him." There's
promise of a furious fray, and our
Bed leaders seem asleep. It may
be the slumber of weasels, but I
wouldn't bank too much one being
in office. The leaders of the Blues
are all young men, and they are
hustling, and if we don't look out,
Starr county may fall from the fold.
Of course, though, wisdom and fore
sight go with middle age, and our
leaders may have a surprise for us.
But look out, gentlemen, and mind
that you are not surprised.
Allow me to congratulate you
upon the" new and neat paper you
are getting out. - El Soltero.
y The Mexican Herald gives a
gentle reminder to the clerical press
of Mexico, which is generally so
anti-American, as follows:
The nuns turned out of doors in
France, are asking the pope for
leave to go to the United States, a
fact for the clerical papers here to
consider. They say all maner of(
of evil things of the great republic,
but forget how it protects their
church and its institutions. j
The University of Texas.
Wm. D. Prather, LL. D. Pres.
One hnudreii ami rwelvt in
structors and officers, inure than
1100 students, not iududi.ig 191
Summer stnoVnt. Wuuifn admit
ted to nil departments. TUITION
FREE. Total fxpi ue?s $lu0
$250. -
iStudenis from Apr6VtV. eollt-ties
admitted without examination, and
giv?n credit tor work completed.
Academic Department
Session begins Septembt-r 29;
eutrai ch examination, September
25 to 27; niaf.nenlafion let-$10;
180 courses ul' study; university
Yuiinj; Men's Christian associa
tion; Yiuing Wwiifu's. Christian
Association 'r gymnasiums jnl
gymnasium instructors for men
and WOfllHii j athletic fifldTVattlL
ersT rnurK Iad to permanent
State teachers' certiticats.
Engineering Department
Session begins September 29.
Entrance examinations a tthovf
matriculation f$10; tin HUMim;
full Courses leading th dt-gret-s
of civil, electrical and mining
Law Department
Sesnu begins Sepf-inbr 29;
entrance examinations as aboVr;
luutriculution (rt payable once,
$30. A two years' eoiirs leaiU to
the det;re of bacheior of law,
anil entitles to practical! State
courts. Law students may pursue
ecad-niieeourses without charges.
Medical Department
(Located at (iHlvesron) Four
years' course; faculty of 22 in
structors; school of pharmacy;
sch. ol for nursing (for women);
matriculation f-e, payable once,
$30. Complete equipment in nil
schools. Session begins October
1; entrance examinations the
preceding weeK. Address .Dr. Al
len .1 Smith, Dean, (ialvesfon.
Kir catalogue of any department
or for information, address John
A.L'max, Registrar, Austin, Tex
A. two-story 1)rick building, fronting
75 feet on Elizabeth street, in the center
of the business portion of the city, stat
able for any kind cf mercantile busi
ness. Building has cellar, underground
cistern and large yard. This property
will be fitted to suit lessor.
Also tor rent 12,000 acres of land in
Cameron County, most all under good
fence, fronting on the Rio Grande,
besides windmills on back portions, and
also several improved farms on the
Will lease in quantities to suit and
long time leases preferred,
"or full particulars write to
Brownsville. Texas.
Meals the Choicest m
J To Be Ob Jmed )
) On thenRket.... 5?)
j 9 e M
J Three Story Brick jij
40 Nicely Furnished Booms. )a
( On Principal Business Street. )"(
! O jil
Reasonable Kates
( to Families.
Brownsville, Tex. W
"f W;i lh& UM YAH Havp
teitzil a wavs Bough!
Agdable ?r2 pam'icnfor As
similating flicFoori andReguIa
Un3 ihe S tomachs andBowels of
Promotes Die3lion,Ch?e.rfui-!
ness and Rest.Contains neither I
Opinm.Morpliine norfincral.
sllx.Srtvut I
EocktlUSdts- I
- m
ifcjimprm fttr.-sr.
Aperfecl Remedy forCoiistlpa
Tion , Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions Jcverish
ness anil Loss OF Sl,E23.
Facsimile Signature of
? Leopard Braed 8
Will give you a stylish
aik; they fit perfectly.
Salhiaalla & Company,
Galveston and Gulf Steamship Line.
The Freight and Passenger Steamship Manteo
if appointee! to leav Galveston tor Brownsville Aur 29th.. Sept. 8th.
18'h., and 28'h. at 6 p. in. and Brownsville for Galveston S-pt. 1st.,
and value to be insured, endorsed on hills of ladiujr, will be ail
that is neressary V havp owners' good covered.
For Passage and .Freight "pplv to
Brownsville. Texas.
JJ. O. FLOOD, Agent,
GTPl I"! f GERSTLES 1 soon removes the cause of ts
1 j 4 FEXALE y trouble because it act dirsctlr
sat mi PANACEA. J upon the affected organs, put
ting them in a state of perfect health. 1
dBcedtotrrG. F. P. (Gerstte's Female Panacea) and after taking two faot
tiwafts wa strore enough to walk ten miles. She had, been unable todoanythin
fee KQtty before taking: this medicine. C. S. HE AKD. Chadwick. Ala.
Sell 6.F.P.
Be&rs the
For Over
Thirty Years
Turn eMTAva etf mmht. new va rrr
Bicycle Repairer
Such as Bells, Pumps, 1 1 Never
LeaJc," JUepair Kits, Etc., Etc.
Shop ,it my Kesiiif iije.
Colonel Wreibrcl
litti.. zisr.. and
Oct. 1st. as tide
The tnai me jh
nrnnce tatn on
argo between
Galveston aud
Point Isabel is
of one per
Cent. Instruc
tions to insnrp
Galveston, Texas.
which comes to you
when you suddenly
awake in the night
is seldom caused by
a burglar standing
over your bed, but it
is a symptom of dis
easewMchnowoman should neglect. It
means thatsome part
of her delicate organ
ism is undertoned or
diseased. No -wis
-woman ever neglect
this symptom for s
1 soon removes the cause of th
Write ia L1DIES HIUtTH CVCt, CkttMWfS
nzrrraUf Jour om.

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