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The regular" report of the First
National Bank appears elsewhere
in this evening's issue.
The fair is going on nightl' in
Matamoros, being largely attended:
It will last until the end of the
The steamer Manteo sailed from
Galveston at 10:30 last night, with
50 tons of freight and ten pas
sengers. Died, in this city yesterda-, at
4 p. m., Berta Barron, aged 9
months, daughter of ledro Barron,
a well known Mexican merchant.
The funeral takes place this after
noon. In reporting the change in the
Alice mail schedule yesterday, it
should have been stated that the
mail will be due here at 9 p. m.,
instead of 6, the former being the
contract time. Owing to lack of
previous notification, and the teams
not being ready or other prepara
tions made, the mail did not get in
ay early as expected hist night.
Last night about eight o'clock as
Deputy U. S. Marshal John M.
Haynes Avas about to set out in a
buggy for Hidalgo, his team became
unmanageable and ran away. They
ran some distance before he could
control them and' were running
down the street near th&Bates live
ry stable, when Mr. Haynes saw
another buggy coming and, to avoid
a collision, jerked his team to one
side violently, which drew them
back against the sidewalk and threw
the buggy against a treturning it
over. Mr. Ha'nes was thrown out
and considerably bruised up, and
the buggy was also damaged, the
team kicking loose from it. Mr.
Haynes was taken .home, but was
able to be out today. He received
some severe cuts on the head and
In the railroad wreck which oc
curred recently near Ballinger, Tex
as, one of the injured passengers
was W. H. Fulmore, the young
gentleman who spent several months
here and at' the Point this summer
as the guest of Mrs. M. B. "Wood
house and family. Mr. Fulmore's
injuries did not appear to be serious,
and the newspaper accounts of the
accident spoke of his exertions in
behalf of those who were seriously
hurt, seemingly altogether unmind
ful of his own injuries. He has been
obliged to remain at Ballinger
since, however, as it developed that
he was worse hurt than he would
admit at first, so it is learned. His
friends and acquaintances in
Brownsville earnestly hope that he
may soon recover entirety from the
effects of the accident.
Of B. & G. Railway Co. Hold
Directors and Officers Elected.
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Brownsville and
Gulf railway comrJany took jlace
yesterday afternoon at the office of
the'company, and an election of
directors and officers for the ensu
ing year was elected. Following
are the directors elected:
Capt Y. G. Raoul, JainesB.
Wells, John I. iacibjryThos. W.
Dodd Thos. B. Russell James A.
Browne, Thos. Purcell
The following officers were elect
ed: W. G.- Raoul, president; Thos
Purcoll, vice president; E. J. Puig,
secretary and treasurer; "W. Burckel,
assistant secretary.
PUJttlLLY ftililSU.N'.riL
I J. P. McAfee spent yesterday at
, the Point.
j Dr. A. S. Wolff returned to the
coast yesterda-.
! Miss Nora Kelly returned last
evening from the Point,
i Judge W. P. Dougherty returned
to his home at Hidalgo today, after
: transacting business affairs here.
I J. L. Box, the well known mer
j chant and stockman of El Sauz,
i Hidalgo county, left today on his
return home,- after spending a few
days here laying in supplies.
Stephen Browne, eldest son of
Mr. and Mrs'. J. A. Browne, and
Joseph K. Wells, eldest son of Judge
and Mrs. J. B. Wells, left on the
stage this morning en route to
Austin to resume their studies at
St. Edwards College.
Jury Commissioners Named.
Jur' commissioners for the next
term of court were appointed this
morning by Judge Welch, the fol
lowing being named:
A. Bollack, F. Champion and
Geo. Connor.
No other business of importance
was transacted by the court today.
Found A cyclometer, in the
alley near the Putegnat drugstore.
Call at The Herald office.
Life insurance, written and
placed during 1901 over. .$273milli6ns
Paid policy holders in 26
years over 58 mil lion s
Assets, end of 1901, over 48 millions
Income, during 1901 nearly 29 millions
Paid policy holders, during
1901, over $8 millions
Surplus , nearly, 7 millions
S.H.Chiles, State Agent.Dallas Texas.
W.H. Mackay, Special Agent Browns
ville, Texas.
-Dryiiijr preparations simply ck-vel
op dry catarrh ; they dry up tho secretions,
which adhere to the membrane and decom
pose, causing a far more serious trouble than
the ordinary form of catarrh. Avoid all dry
ing inhalants, fumes, smokes and snuffs
and use that -which cleanses, soothes and
heals. Ely's Cream Balm is such a remedy
and will cure catarrh or cold in the head
easily and pleasantly. A trial size "will be
mailed for 10 cents. All druggists zell the
50c. size. Ely Brothers, 50 Warren St., N.Y.
The Balm cures "without pain, docs not
irritato or cause sneezing. It spreads itself
over an irritated and angry surface, reliev
ing immediately the painful inflammation.
With Ely'u Cream Balm you are armed
against Nasal Catarrh and Hay Fever
fOOD NEWS comes from thoss
yJi who take Hood's Sarsaparilla for
scrofula, dyspepsia and rheumatism.
Reports agree that HOOD'S CURES
Report of the Condition of
at Brownsville, in the State of Texas, at the Close of
Business, Sept. 15, 1902.
Loans and discounts 111,129.28
Overdrafts, secured amj unsecured 1,929.46
U. S- Bonds to secure circulation 12,500.00
Premiums on TJ. S. Bonds 562.50
Stocks, securities, etc . 2.299.3S
Banking-house, furniture, and fixtures 1,000.00
Due from National Banks (not Reserve Agents) 3,526.59
Due from State Banks and Bankers 975.74
Due from approved reserve agents ... 33,650.56
Checks and other cash items 993.49
Notes of other National Banks 345.00
Fractional paper currency, nickels, and cents 8.75
Lawful Money Reserve in Bank, viz :
Specie 23,271.60....
Legal-tender notes .' 3,454.00 26,725.60
Redemption fund with TJ. S. Treas'r (5 of circulation) 625.00
Total 196,271.35
Capital stock paid in . 50,000.00
Surplus fund 10,000.00
Undivided profits, less expenses and taxes paid -Mi&g20.4l
National Bank notes outstanding 12,500.00
Dividends unpaid , ', 185.00
Individual deposits subject to check .,111,265.94
The State of Texas, County of Cameron,
i, l. asm niM.M, uasmer or tne
that the above statement is true to the
A. AsHHEisr, Cashier
Subscribed and sworn to before me this ISthT. day of September, 1902.
Jno. Bartlett, Notary Public, Cameron County, Texas,
Correct Attest:
Willi Air Kelly,
S. L. Dwormax, Directors.
C. H. 2URIS. )
Do not go through life suffering
because you have been told that your
disease is incurable. I can prove
that my knowledge of Phytic Science
and AJkloidal Dosimetric Medication
will be a "boon to you. If I cannot
cure you I can at least relieve your
sufferings and make life a little
sweeter to you. My reputation is
based upon my success. I will visit
any parfcof the county day or night to
attend the sick. Consultation confi-
deutial. Calls left at the Botica del
Leon will be promptly answered.
C. C. FORD M. D.
Office" Schodtz Building Cor. "Wash
ingtoii and ,11th. streets.
Is hereby given that- the service
of the steamer Manteo will be per
manent. Sailings every ten clays
and oftener, should the trade Me
mand it.
E. O Flood, Manager.
Is introducing new -and select
styles in work at his parlors. Al
so new style of fancy card mpunts.
Copying and enlargements in
era von.
High Patent, per bbl $11 25
0 0 0 0 11 00
White Eade 11 50
Low gran de No. 2. . . . . 8 00
Compound Fairbank's, by the
tierce, per lb 20cts.
In Cans per lb 20Jc
Mexican Peaberry, lb, 25c
Rio Coffee, lb 14 to 17c
According to class.
Standard Granulated, 13 1-2
White Sugar lb 111-2 to 12
Brown Sugar per lb 8)
8 1-2 cents Mexican per pound.
Per-Cargo 1-100
Soda per pound 14c
Nic-Nac per pound 16c
Box. 12 lbs. per pound 1 75
I havo other bargains to numerous
to mention .
ter B.Austin,
'-ieuprn! Mnnngpr.
aoove - namea Dane, ao t solemnly trear
best of my knowiedgeland belief.
What this Boy's
Mother Says
has been said by the mothers of
many other boys and giris, re
garding the wonderful curative
and strengthening qualities of
Miiess Nervine
Hast:n-o. Xzb.
little cy, Harry, hrd spasms
srs and we feared ti o disease
i-;;cct his mbuL T. ru;-h ;
j oi 'i&ualiy hec'-'".' vor-e and
i r.
"is in chcu.ik. O'.rat-
x. i t.ifcteu t,o Dr. Al:.; .erv
'. v- j.c'C!i Irs tho. Wiit u he
is the i urth bottle the spasms
. red cm he hes r.ot had r.i
years. Ills health vow i ixr
r.ir.j. U. yi. Ti.i.i-r
Dr. Mil s' Remedies are sold
by f'rusts on guarantee to
bcncfiijj or money refunded.
Dr. ?:i!3 t.T-s.-ficSl Co., EJkhart. !nd.
CO. 000 xe. of K:... ! s,
bind in Iiidfj!i: conniy, t-
nriops ranoiutf from 1.0
2.50 per acre. Fr pu t i.m.!h
wnte. John Closxer,
li idHlirn. IV x i -
t We have just, received
f other goods,
Sponge Lady Pmrs,
Five O'clock Ten,
Vanilla Wafers
Baked Gocouut
Suow Balls.
We are constantly adding new Fancy Gro-X
cenes to oior stoch.
1 ...
very low.
President of the Shakespearian Club, Kansas City.
" Your booklet came to my
home like a message of health
when I had suffered -with
headache, backache and bearing-down
pains. I was weak,
nervous and hysterical and
had not consul! ed any doctor,
thinking it would pass away
in time, but instead I found
that the pains increased and
were mofe frequent. I de
cided to try "Wine of Cardui
and in a short time was much
improved. It seemed to act like a charm.
I kept up the treatment and the result
was most satisfactory. "Words fail to ex
press my gratitude for the suffering that
is now saved me. I am in fine health,
physically and mentally. I can only say
'thank you but there is much more in
my heart for you."
ZnEAEIXG-DOTVtf pains are the
IC -worst that women, know. If
" 1 you are suffering from this trou
ble vou need not be uncertain
about it- The pains in the abdomen
and back that feel as if heavy -weights
were pulling dovnx on the nerve3 of the
stomach are "bearing-down pains".
They may not be particularly severe at
present but they are growing -worse.
That headache which nearly drives vou
distracted now is caused by the terrible
The largest sum ever paid for a pre
scription, changed hands in San Fran
cisco, Aug. 29, 1902. The transfer in
volved, in coin autf stock $112,500, and
was paid by a party of business men for
a specific for Brightfs disease.
They commenced the serious investi
gation of the specific Nov. 15, 1901.
They interviewed scores of the seeured
and tried it out on its merits by putting
over the three dozen cast s on the treat
ment and watch tig them. Thty also
got physicians to itnnio chronic, incur
able cases, and administered it w&h. the
physiciau.- f.u jud,t-. Up ro Aug. 25,
eigh'v-sfvi!! fr t r of tho test case;
wer- cither wtl r r.ii.ressiug favor
ably. Tiit !)-iii!i ti s percent of
faitu-es h-; r -aiisfied and
i-.fl Vf- r . t oi. Tbf pj-oc rl-iitr-
f rhv ?iv--.ri.rij! f cnT'iinrrrp nul
r't i'-Htpi-: : ,- .f js- '- cases
wr-p ;!:-(-; an l 'J free
oi ic ri A'Virv '.T:.t;. .3 . l"ul
r ''if,-iipaip- "ivK.ru,' lurry St. au
4. - - V.....
"For Lx years I was a. victim ofdys
pepaia in its worst form. I could eat nothing
but milk toast, and at times my stomach -would
not retain and digest even that. Last March I
began taking CASCARETS and since then I
have steadily improved, until I am as well a3 1
ever was in my lite."
David n. Muuphy. Newark. O.
ricasauw raiavauic uwcu viwv,
Good, ifever Sicken, Weaken, or Gripe. 10c. 2ac,S0c
rllnj Iltmtdj Coapuj, Ctilcigo, iloatrf I, Sw Tork. 311
un Tf Bin Sold and pnaranteed by alldrns
Hy UaOAu gists to CUKE Tobacco Hablx.
a variety of Cakes, a,nd
as follows:
Qjieen Ohves,
Chow Chow,
Breakfast Jsacou,
Call and see us. Prices
Free Delivery. i
nervous tension. The nerves
soon begin to give way under
the strain. Tou perhaps jump
at any unusual disturbance,
or laugh or weep, hysteri
cally, at no apparent cause.
That is what Mis3 Fay Lee,
603KTorth Seventh Street,
Kansas City, Kansas, was
coming to when she rescued
herself by taking "Wine of
Cardui. The wine made
her a strong, healthy woman
again, a3 it ha3 made a million other
women strong and healthy. By induc
ing regular menstruation the entire
system is relieved of the terrible wasting
drains. The ligaments which hold the
womb in place are strengthened by a
healthy flow and that organ is returned
to its normal position. Returning
health is the result. This is what
"Wine of Cardui ha3 done for thousands
of the best women in America.
If you need advice write The Ladies
Advisory Department, The Chatta
noogaMedlcine Company, Chattanooga,
Tenn., describing all your symptoms
freely, and a letter of advice will be
sent you. Secure a $1.00 bottle of "Wine
or Cardui from your druggist to-day.
A million suffering women
have found relief in
Wine of Cardui.

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