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VOL. XIII, NO. 249.
McDonald's Department Store "
At Our Prices
m ' - : ,ii m I
Aermotor and Standard Windmills,
Well Casing, all sizes Pipe Pipe
Fittings, Pipe Tools and Plumbing
"Goods are alwavs in stock atwtS5
Spray Pumps, Onion Shears and On
ion Harvesters are in . demand now.
Gould's Pumps, Foos Gasoline Bn-
gines. Write for delivered prices on
any goods in the Hardware Line.5
3k o
Corpus Chrlsti, Texas
Wholesale and
Sheif and Heavy Hardware and farming implements,
Stmlebaker Wagons, Eclipse WindmiUs, John Deere'
Disc Plows and Harrows, Combined Riding and Walking
Cultivators, Walking and Riding Cotton and Corn
Planters, Steel-beam Walking Plows for Black, Mixed
or Sandy Land. Iron Age Seed Drills, Wheel Hoes and
Cultivators. Blacksmith and Ranch Supplies. P i&
Special and prompt attention "given to Out of town
orders. Give us a trial and be convinced that our
prices are the lowest.
Has jut aJJcl a uice line of Imported Chinaware, Holel-ware; he also
carries the celebrated GARLAND Stoves and Ranges, Qnick Meal Case
line Stoves. Buggies and Harness. GREAT REDUCTION EN? PRICES!
Joy. J3.
Saddle and Harness Manufacturer
-And Dealer In
Fine Saddles and Harness, Laprobes, Blankets and Buggy Whips.
I make harness from $6.00 up; Saddles from $3.50 up.
Everything sold under a guarantee.
on Ice Cream Freezers and Gasoline Stoves
2 quart Ice Cream Freezers, each, - SI. 75
4 quart Ice Cream Freezers, each, - $2.75
6 quart Ice Cream Freezers, each, - $3.50
5 quart Ice Cream Freezers, each, - $4.00
10 quart Ice Cream Freezers, each, -k $5.00
Gasoline Stoves at, each, -$3,50,
$5.00, $5.50, $7.00, $9.00 and $12.50
Oil Stoves at $x0.00 and $12.50, guaranteed.
Retail Dealers In
7 "tfT
v la
When you visit the
make our store 3'our
headquarters. W e
take good care of all
Men's and Boys' Ontf itters From Head f o Foot.
Own a Truck Farm
Now is the time of your
life to become independent.
Don't neglect it. Buy while
we are offering inducements.
The Brownsville Land & TowivCo.
C. F. Elkins. U. B
A. B. cole. U,. B.
Will practice in all courts. State and Federal.
Special attention, given to land and &t- 4
stract business. Will do collecting
Office Over Botica del Aguila. Combes Drugstore
The public will find an extensive
assortment of Dry Goods, Shoes,
Hats, Jewelry and Saddles at
prices vrithout competition at
Las Dos Nacicmes,
Front, of Market.
Dealer In
Staple and Fancy Groceries, Confection
eries, Fruits, Tobaccoes, Cigars, Etc
OUR MOTTO: Fair dealing
Elizabeth St. Brownsville, Texas
Cameron County
Abstract Company
Real Estate and Mortgage Loans.
In either granite or marble; iron
fencing for private grounds
churches, school houses or oth
er public buildings or for cem
etery enclosures. : :
Brownsville Undertaking Co.
PcaaBcildinr. Leree Street Isleabose 123
1 lilman
Big Land and Irrigation Scheme For the
Brownsville Country Deal Pending
for Years. ,
It has always been said that
President B. F. Yoakum, of the
St. L.. B. & M. had a very tender
feeling for the Brownsville coun
try, and the following dispatch to
the St. Louis Globe-Democrat from
Galveston, is further evidence of
this fact. The dispatch says:
"The Yoakum land and irriga
tion company, in which B.A F.
Yoakum and associates in the
Frisco own all of the stock, has
closed a deal for opening a tract of
improved land of over 300,000 j
acres in southwest Texas along the
Rio Grande. This land is located j
along the Brownsville road, and!
two years ago could be bought for
$3 an acre, having been in one
family for nearly a century. A con
tract has been let for installing an
irrigation system by the construc
tion of canals and pumping stations
at a cost of a -little over $1,000,000.
One pumping plant will have, a ca
pacity of 800,000 gallons of water
per minute. This land is1 to be
opened to settlement on long-term
payment. This immense acreage
was bought in sections by agents
of Mr. Yoakum, who have been
working on the deal for years. The
Frisco system is engaged in a col
onization scheme to settle this
waste country and has nearly 15,
000 acres already disposed of to
Iowa farmers. Another deal re
ported is the sale of a tract of 50,
000 acres upon which Japanese will
engage in cultivation of rice on
terms proposed by Frisco inter
ests." How She Managed it.
"You are always invited every
where' said one girl "to another,
enviously. "How do' you" manage
"I don't manage at all, ".replied
the other, rather resentfully: "but
when I am asked I try to earn my
bread and butter! ' '
This, of course, meant that the
speaker tried, by. being as agree
able as she feuew how to be, to
make some return for the hospital
ity she received. A girl who goes
everywhere in a critical spirit can
not expect to be a very welcome
guet. If it happens that her own
especial friends are not present and
she will not exert herself to be nice
to the other guests, even if they
are not of her "set," it is not
probable that her hostess will be in
any haste to ask her again. There
are some girls, on the other hand,
who diffuse an air of friendliness
. . . ... v
anci ot Deing pleased witn every
one and everything that is very
delightful. They are notnnsincere,
either, but they have the blessed
faculty of getting the best out of
everybody' with whom "they are
thrown in contact. One of our most
brilliant women, one whose name
is a household word in almost every
American family, once said to the
writer, ' i have never yet met any
one, who, no matter how stupid
he or she might appear at first, did
not prove, on closer acquaintance,
to know at least in ; one line far
more tnau Idol" -I would be -well
if we could all take to heart this
lesson in gracious humility and tryi
to larn from those. we consider
our inferiors, rather thanlto icon-
descend to them. Harper's Bazar
A few officers of a British ship
were dining with a mandarin at
Canton. One of the guests wished
a second helping of a savory stew,
which he thought was composed of
duck- Not knowing: a word of
Chinese, he held up his plate to
his host saying, with smiling ap
proval: "Quack, quack, quack!"
The manderin was . an intelligent
Chinaman. Shaking his head and
pointing' to the dish of stew he
said: Bow. wow. wow!"
W. S. Whitham Says Farmers May Have
to Pay Advanced Prices on Browns
ville Road.
W. L. Whitham of Des Moines,
Iowa, w-ho is extensively interested
in South Texas and Mexico invest
ments, is in the city on business
Mr. Whitham is watching the de
velopment of the cattle country
into a farming section with a great
dealof interest. He- says that the
country along the line of the
Brownsville road is being broken
up into farms and the farms will
be irrigated from wells that fall
short of flowing by oulv a few
feet. Mr. Whitham states that the
owners ot rancnes are Decommg
apparently reconciled to having the
man with a hoe come along and make
things besides grass grow there.
The largest wells will each furnish
water sufficient to irrigate about
300 acres. The price of the lands
along the line of the railway has
increased many fold but it is
speculators rather than actual farm
ers who are acquiring the tracts
that are segregated from the big
ranches for farms. San Antonio
Express. ,
Too Busy 'to Be Kind.
"I sometimes think we women
nowadars are in danger of being
too busy to be really useful," said
an old lady, thoughtfully V "We
hear so much about making every
minute count, and always having
some work or course of study for
spare hours and having our activi
ties all systematized, that there is
no place left for small wayside
'We go to see the sick neighbor
and relieve the poor neighbor, but
for the common every-day neigh
bor, who has hot falleriby the way,
so far as we can see, we haven't a
minute to spare. But everybody
who needs a cup of sold water isn't
calling the fact out' to the world;
and there are a great many little
pauses by the way which are no
waste of time.
' 'The old-fashioned exchange of
garden flowers over the back fence,
and friendly chats about domestic
matters helped to brighten weary
days and brought more cheer than
many a sermpu. We ought not to
be too busy to inquire for the girl
away at school or to be interested
in the letter from the boy at sea.
It is a comfort to the mother's
heart to feel that somebody else
cares for that which means so much
to her. Especially we ought not
to be too busy to give and receive
kindnesses in our own home."
May no one be able to sa' of us
that we are too busy to be kind!
The Young Woman.
What Men Think ot U
Most men have a very mistaken
idea about girls, in that they imag
ine every well-dressed girl they
meet is a husband-seeker, and that
is the reason they give for her
being neat and particular about her
Now, nothing is more obnoxious
to sensible girls than that very
same opinion, for they know it is
not- true. And they are right in
resenting it. Our men folks are
"awayoff," to use the slang
phrase, when thev think that wp
are all unanimously on the lookout
for husbands, and that that is the
reason -we dress well.
Do girls give up dressing nicely
and doing" themselves up with care
when they marry' and settle down?
Do they not take as much pains
with their toilette when gom? out
only with women as when they
expect 'to . meet members of the
other .sex? Of course. thv rin
And the real fact of the matter is
that girls are a thousand limes
nicer and sweeter in their thoughts
tnau the great majority of men
imagine them to be.Southern
A Trolley-Car Kindness.
A woman was seated in the rear
of a -well filled trolley., the only
woman in that part of the car,
when a drunken man got on and
stood with uncertain balance just
within the door.
If she remained seated, he would
probably laud in her lap soon. If
she got up and stood in the front
part, she would surely become the
subject of his vulgar wit, just then
directed at the men on the other
side for not giving him a seat.
Which should it be?
. " Without a word, a young fire
man standing in the middle of the
car exchanged his strap for one
overhead, and, standing so as to
shield her from the drunken man's
view and remarks, quietly helped
him keep his footing,- rode one
block farther than he, and left the
car without giving her an oppor
tunity to express her appreciation.
Miss Louise Anderson, in Chris
tian Endeavor World.
Congressman John N. Garner
has bought 115 acres of land
adjoining the city on south Getty
street and we understand the
Judge will build a- fine -oiansinn
and make a deer park of the
grounds. Of course he will con
struct an artificial lake and be
guile his more quiet hours in watch
ing the speckled trout .rise after
the careless fly or the goggled eyed
perch guard its young from the
voracious silver side. The Leader
News takes pleasure in noting
this excellent move on the part of
wide awake Congressman. We are
sure that his friend President
Roosevelt, and- other personages
will be frequent visitors to the
Queen City of West Texas. Uvalde
Who Should Not Marry.
The woman who buys for
mere pleasure of buying:
The woman who expect to have
"a good, easy time."
The woman who thinks that cook
and nurse can keep house-
The woman .who would die rather
than wear last season's hat.
The woman.who wants to refur
nish her house every spring.
The woman who expects a dec
laration of love three times a day.
The woman who marries in or
der to have somesone to pav her
The woman who reads novels
and dreams of being a duchess or
a countess.
The womau who thinks she can
get $1,000 worth of style out of a
$200 income.
The woman who does not know
how many shillings, pence and
half-pence go to make a sovereign.
The woman who proudly declares
that she cannot even hem a pocket
handkerchief and never made up a
bed in her fife.
AH Waned to Marry,
A widower over at Sherman .in
serted an advertisement in a met
ropolitan paper for a wife, direct
ing that answers and photographs
be sent to a certain postofEce box
number. In ten days he had re
ceived five answers and one photo
one each from his three old-maid
daughters, the fourth from his
niece and the fifth from his house
keeper, whose redheaded photo
accompanied the answer. He is
convinced of two things that
advertising in his case did not pay,
and also that there were other fools
in the family besides himself.
Denison Herald.
The individual who propels a
wheelbarrow and encourages a bull
dag to follow him on his rounds,
"struck" town yesterday and
created a mild sensation. He is
said to be an intelligent and nice
mannered young fellow, and it
seems a pity that his presumed
talents are not directed by a higher
ambition than to travel about the
country as aa-oluntary mendicant.
Del Rio Mirror.

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