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VOL. XIV, NO. 57.
McDonald's Department Store
Watch for Our New Arrivals
from New York. Greater
Bargains Than Ever Before
One Price
The Lowest
Gus Radetski Rode Prom Brownsville to
Fort Clark, When a Boy, on a Burro.
n. n. Mcdonald
New Catalog No. 10.
Months of incestmnl hard work; mi investment ranging from the value of
a pound of type to a fine Cylinder press and hundred of dollars more for j
fine paper nd cuts; an accurate knowledge of the
Implement and Machinery Hardware Business j
acquired by years of close attention to its details; all combined have
brought the work so nearly to completion, that we announce the early
issue of our New Catalog No. 10.
Tolcani jvhntpt contains, how it will be kqpt up-to-date, and how to
secure a cqp wall boglfully explained in a descriptive circular.
Your postage back on recuipt of your request for the circular.
E. H. Caldwell.
Corpus Christi, Texas.
Botica del Leon
....You Want the Best
Your Physician Aims to put all hi knowledge, experi
ence and skill into the prescription he writes. It is au order
for a combination of remedies which your case requires. He
cannot rely on the result mitess the ingredients are properly
Be fair to your doctor and to yourself by bringing your
prescriptions here. They'll be compounded only by registered
pharmacists, who are aided by the largest stock of drugs in this
part of the atate. Everything; of the finest quality that money cn
buy or experience can select.
J. L Putcfinat & Bro.
Fordyce & Rio Grande City Transfer Co
Stave loaves 1'ordrce oh arrival of train, evecut SttnU- and ar-
ives at Rio Grande hy mumc uigkt taking jut fottr kotirs,
Leaves Itio Grande City daily at Z p. m., except Sunday, and arrives at
Fordyce amine day at 6 p. ut.
Makes Uie trip i fottr konrs and oottuocu at Ponrlycc with trains for
Brownsville, Corpus Ckristi, Smi AittonJo, Texas; Monterey and other
citie iu Mexico.
FARE ONE WAY $2.50; ROUND TRIP $4.0.0 1
Paascitsw will find along the route Jtm-claas hacks and teams, Urns
t-avdittg with earn? and convenience. Drivers arc the best to be found.
KxUa hacks will be tarnished cither way, if desired, t reasonable rates.
GUERRA & SHELV, Proprietors
T. J. Cahffl,
Galvanized Cisterns, Smokestacks,
Installation and Repairing of
Irrigation Plants
Thl Space
Attorney W. N. Parks
C. V. Klkius. IX. B
A. B. celc. XL. B
Will practice in nil courts. State and Federal.
Special attention given to land and ab
stract business. Wilt da c)lectins
Office Over Botica del Acutla. Comix: Drue Store
Jr"Office opposite Tlie Herald.
Brownsville, Texas.
jflT"Office over Botica del Aguila.
Phone 14 Elizabeth St Brownsville. Texas
Oils, Gasoline!
Have on hand a stock of
Kerosene Oil and Lubri
cating Oils; Engine and
Stove Gasoline. Call or
write for prices. :
Gulf Refining Co.
frank champion, Ajjcnt
When you visit the
Island City
, make our store your
headquarters. W e
take good care of all
E. S. Levy & Co.
Mtn'i end Boy Odfitlm Fna tkai t Foot.
F. W. SeaMry
Rio Gnadc City, Texas
Will practice in the District Courts of
Starr, Hidalgo, Zapata and
Webb CMuttics.
A dispatch from Houston says:
Speaking of men who had won
position by stering merit in the
railroad world today, Judge J. L.
Cox, land agent of the Southern
Pacific, and W. L. Lane, chief
clerk in Mr. W. G. Van Vleck's
office, said that Gus Radetzki,
chief clerk in Vice President Fay's
office, deserves a great deal of
praise. He was born at Browns
ville, where he lived with his par
ents till the outbreak of the war.
He then went to Fort Clark, where
he joined the army, He rode there
on a burro alone, and he was still
only a boy. The ride was fraught
with many dangers and thrilling
experiences. The country was full
of Indians, many of whom were
hostile to the whites. Mr. Radetxk:
still has au old-fashioued flint-look
pistol, which he took with him on
this trip. He joined the army
there as a private, and served
through the war. After the war
he went with his father to New
Orleans, where the senior Radetzki
went into the commission business.
While there Gus fell in love, as
young men will sometimes do, with
a pretty young girl. He left New
Orleans to go to Louisville, where
he stayed for several years, then
returned and married the pretty
girl. He went into the railroad
work in New Orleans in a ticket
office, and gradually rose till he
became chief clerk, the positition
he now' fills. He is iu line for
promotion to better positions, in
fact has been offered more lucrative
positions, but preftrs to Hold the
one he now has on account of the
agreeeableness of it.
Gus Radetzki ,has- had many
checkered experiences, but he has
never forgotten his burro ride
from Brownsville to Fort Clark.
Judge Cox says he has a very
warm place in his heart for burros
evei since for obvious reason.
Cost of Icing.
Farm and Ranch.
WilLG. Fields of Texas, in tes
tifying before the Inter-State Com
merce Commission in session re
cently at St. Louis, said, accord
ing to the Kansas City Packer,
that he had iced a car of fruit at
Cuero, Texas. The original icing
cost him $12. At Dallas. Texas,
he found it necessary to send the
car on to Oklahoma City. He re
quested to be allowed to re-ice same,
but he was not allowed to do so.
The Armour people took charge of
the car for the balance of the trip,
and their charge for ice from
Dallas to destination was $38.40.
Only two tons of ice were used at
Dallas. He thought the $38.40
charge ez.orbitant.
He shipped cabbge from Cuero
to Chicago. The freight was $192
and refrigeration was $179. He
had shipped "cukes" from Beau
mont to Kansas City, paying for
ice only, in a car other than the
Armours,' only paying $24.80.
He had to pay $150 vefrigration
charges per car from Texas to
.Cleveland Erom Texas to Chica
go he paid the Santa Fe $65 per
car for refrigeration, while the
Armour line charged hint $139.40
for the same service. He had bilh
to substantiate his statements.
neighbor's land, injuring his crops
and causing sickness in his family
for which he sought damages.
The court decided against the
plaintiff, averring that the de
fendant, the owner of the sod, did
upon it that which his ownership
entitled him to do, putting it to a
natural and legitimate use in im
proving it for agricultural pur
poses. The court also shows
authorities to show that, in com
mon law, a person or the owner of
land may, at his pleasure, with
hold water falling on his proper
ty from passing onto that of his
neighbors, and in the same man
ner may prevent the water falling
on the land of the latter from com
iug upon his own. This is un
questionably a sound principle,
especially applicable to a level
country with running streams ort
ancient natural drains. In the
case of the latter, no one would
have a. right to construct a dam
which would divert the water from
the use of those living below him,
or damage the laud of his neigh
bor above by the overflow of the
impounded water. With the ex
tension of irrigation a great deal
of litigation is likely to ensue from
questions like this, 'and the sooner
they have been adjudicated, and
the principles enunciated by the
state or federal courts the better.
Dallas Trade Review.
Notice of Meeting.
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Brownsville and
Gulf Railway Company will be
held at the office of the company,
in Brownsville, Texas, on Thurs
day, the 21st day of September
1905, at 10 o'clock a. m., for the
purpose of electing directors, and
the transaction of such other busi
ness as may be brought before the
The transfer books of the com
pany will be closed at 3 o'clock p.
m. on the 20th day of September,
1905, and will remain closed until
three days after the final adjourn
ment of the meeting.
The regular annual meeting of
the board of directors will be held
at the same'place and on the same
Brownsville, Tex., August 15th,
1905. M. Payro,
8-15-9-20 Secretary.
The Goat.
In the Agriculture and Horticul
ture building at the Lewis and
Clark Exposition there is an ex
hibit of mohair and of the goods
made of it which has interested
every visitor to the building. Two
Angora goats, mounted artistically,
and looking very different from the
neighborhood pests, of the comic
supplements, stand on top of big
showcases. Within the case there
is shown the mohair in several
states'from the rough to the silken
strands. Then there is a great as
sortment of mohair products, in
many designs. Mohair robes, thick
and soft, and almost as beautiful
as seal skins are displayed, and
mohair plush and dress fabrics alsq
are exhibited.
Several entire fleeces, which are
used for rugs, are shown in another
part op Marion County booth's.
These, with their long, silky hair,
which looks for all the world like
the curly locks of a towheaded
baby, are remarkably beautiful.
They may be dyed also with good
The fleece from an Angora goat
seldom .weighs more than ten
pounds, so that as purely a wool
proposition, goats do not pay as
well as sheen: but- the versality of
the goat makes him more valuable
in many sections.
Something Useful.
A German forest keeper, sixty
two years old, not wishing to
carry to his grave an important
secret has published iu the Lepzig
Journal a receipt he had used for
many years, and which he says
saved several men and a great
many animals from a horrible death
by hydrophobia. The bite must
I be bathed as soon as possible with
warm vinegar and water, and
when this has dried, a few drops
of muriatic acid applied to the
wound will destroy poison of the
saliva, and relieve the patient from
all present or future danger.
Halletsville Herald.
Try Navy Lead and you will buy
no other. It makes more paint
than any Lead on the market. See
9-4-9 J.S.&M. H.Cross.
The 15th of September being the anniversary of
the birth of the President of Mexico, and the
16th being the S5th anniversary of the Inde
pendence of Mexico the
Natamoros Fair
Laws and Irrigation.
The supreme court of Texas has
rendered a decision involving irri
gation rights which Hs of interest
in view of the attention now being
directed to that subject in the
west and south. A farmer had
dug a ditch near the division
fence of his neighbor for convey
ing water from an irrigatiug canal
upon hs rice field, and, in doing
so, threw up an embankment along
the side of the ditch ntxt to his
neighbor. This had the effect of
damming the rain water upon his
September 10th
And Con
tinne for
30 Days
Matamoros has not spared any expense in
celebrating these auspicious events with
becoming splendor, and during the time the fair
continues there will be bull fights in which the
renowned and ferocious bulls of the interior of
Mexico will be used. flThere will also be Fire
Works of all Kinds and many other amuse
ments. A general invitation is extended to all
to attend and contribute to the success of the
Fair. KThe people of Matamoros and Browns
ville, who are fond of .all classes of sports, will
do their part toward making the Fair an attrac
tive event'&nd well worth visiting. f g

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