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Time mis-spent it cannot be re
called or lived over.
For Sale 200,000 good brick,
cheap for cash. Celedbnio Garza.
Don't forget to attend the Red
Men meeting tonight. Important
Comfortable rooms with fire
place, for rent. Mrs. Fannie D
Puteeriat. 11-15-tf
' To trade Old newspapers for
old rags. Bring all you have to
The Herald office.
Christmas is coming. Patronize
home and save money as well.
Rutledge Jewelry Co.
For' Rent My home place,
corner Jefferson and 15th. Apply
to Mrs. Katie E. Leahy. 6-7-tf
Wanted, pair good mules not un
der 14 hands high. Apply to C.
Lindsey, Olmito, Texas.
Round shoulders made square
with our improved shoulder braces,
75 cents a pair- Eagle Drug Store.
Don't you need another hair
brush? Our line is here. 25 cents
to $2.50. Eagle Drug Store.
Fine diamonds, gold watches
and gold jewelry of every descrip
tion. Quality and prices are
right; patronize home. Rutledge
Jewelry Co.
This is the regular meeting night
of the Red Men, and it is earnestly
hoped for a good attendance, as
important business will come up.
The finest line of jewehy, silver
and silverp'ated" ware to be found
anywhere in the Rio Grande coun
tay, as low as the lowest at
Rutledge Jewelry Co.
The Methodist and Baptist Sun
day schools are contemplating a
joint Christmas tree. Committees
have been appointed and everything
wiil be done to make the tree ? suc
cess. Wanted To see at our store all
people who are particular about
quality of their drugstore goods
and service they receive. We can
satisfy the most exacting.
10-21-tf Eagle Drug Store.
It is reported on good authority
that trains will be running regular
ly between Bay City and Browns
ville, by the 15th of December.
This is good news for- this section
and The Herald hopes it is true.
J. A. Tillman intends to move his
grocery stock to' the Jagou build
ing, formerly occupic 1 by the
American restaurant, next week.
The building is being repaired,
shelving put in and will be a very
desirable location.
The many friends of J- E.
Agee, prescripttonist at Willman's
pharmacy, will be sorry to learn
that his young son is very sick at
Floresville, and hope to soon learn
of the child's recovery. Mr. Agee
has been in Floresville several
days, called there by the little
one's illness.
The Herald acknowledges a
pleasant call yesterday afternoon
from Miguel C. Salinas, late of
Monterey, but now located at Mata
moros. Mr. Salinas is the authoriz
ed representative of the Monterey
News in Brownsville and Matamo
ros, comes highly recommended
and is a most pleasant gentleman.
The Herald is pleased to welcome
Sr. Salinas to this section.
To those who prefer ordering
jewelry from catalog houses, we
will furnish you with any article
laid down in same, deliver it to
you at home for 10 per cent less
money than you will have to pay
the catalog house. Why order you
Christmas presents and send your
money away, when you can save
money by having your home jeweler
get the same goods for you and
save you money? Bring the cash
with you, the same as you must
do the catalog house and we will
save you ten per cent or forfeit to
you 100 cash. 11-24-12-2
; W. H. Young;, noW of Kxags
ville, but late of Iowa, was a visi
tor to Brownsville yesterday and
day before; The gentleman came
down especially to investigate con"
citions in this section. He1 met
fits old friend P. IE Vasey, and
civil engineer, E. B. Gore, and
spent the day Wednesday in visit
ing tne pumping station, Buena
Vista truck; farm, the proposed
drainage district and other places
where information as to the possi
bilities of the country might be
gained. Mr. Young was much
pleased with his investigations and
left yesterday for; points up the
river seeking, further information
He is an enthusiastic advocate of
drainage, and is not in the least
frightened by the possibility of salt
or other alkaline matter in the soil
kere, saying ..they were difficulties
easily overcome. Mr. Young is a
civil engineer and needs no special
instruction with regard to the
formation of the country and the
work necessary to be done to put
the land in shape for cultivation.
He has a fine farm at Kingsville,
and was among the first to settle
in that growing little city.
The trend of prospectors is still
this way. Among the latest to ar
rive is G. W. Hawkes, of Cocoanut
Grove, in the southernmost part
of Florida, who came in yesterday
afternoon. Mr- Hawkes was a cal
ler at The Herald office this
morning and tells us he will report
the result of his investigation to a
large number of truck growers on
his return to Florida, and upon his j
report will depend whether or not
this section will receive favorable
consideration. The gentleman says
the principal crops in the portion
of the state from whence he comes,
are winter tomatoes and eggplants,
the shipments beginning about
Christinas, when other sections are
without these vegetables. The land
is principally sand, very poor and
requires fertilizing for evei crop,
the cost of this being about $45 per
acre annually. Even at this price
considerable money may be realiz
ed, the yield being in the neigh
borhood of $500 per acre. With
the rich lands here, no ' fertilizers
are necessai . and tne same, metn
ods used here as are applied in the
section from which Mr. Hawkes
comes, would result in greatly in
creased returns. The gentleman in
forms us frost comes sometimes even
in the southern part of Florida,
and its damage is counteracted by
the use of houses where additional
plants are kept, and put out when
frost injures the field crops. Tins
is a method which the truck peo
ple of this section would do well to
follow, as by its use the dangers of
frost or cold would lose most of its
terrors. Mr. Hawkes will spend to
day looking over this vicinity, and
The Herald hopes his report will
be favorable, and result in increas
ed immigation to this section. The
gentleman visited Matamoros, also,
and found thnt city very interest
E. M. Ruthven, a merchant of
Run, Hidalgo county, is in the city
on business.
W M. Crehan was among the
visitors arrivingfrom San Antonio
yesterday afternoon.
D. J. Young, of Santa Anita, is
in the city today and reports every
thing good in his section.
W. F. Franz, a well known citi I
zen of Hidalgo, arrived in Browns- i
ville yesterday on business. j
Mr. and Mrs- V. F. Spragueare)
the proud parents of a little giri, I
born at 12 o'clock last night. i
Mrs. K. Crixell and grandchil-!
Jdren spent yesterday at Point Isa j
jbel, returning in Use afternoon.
W. F. Sprague, ot La Coma, isj
j in the city on a visit to his wife,
i who is stopping with her mother,
jMrs. Kenedy.
1 E. H. Purcell, of Chicago, arriv
jed in the city yesterday afternoon
'and was an outgoing passenger
this morning.
Jasper'S. Bilby, of the U. S.
Coast and Geodetic survey, was
among the number who left Browns-
: ville this morning.
a matter sfhemltu
A Cream of Tartar Pcwder,
free from alum or phos
phatlc acid
Mr. Roundtree, a wealthy and
prominent citezen of Rosebud,
Falls county, is in the city for the
benefit of his health.
Will A. Perkins, the popular San
Antonio drug drummer, left this
morning, alter interviewing tne
drug trade yesterday.
Miss Ida Carter, of Elgin, Texas,
is in the city on a visit to . her sis
ter, Mrs. J. R. Howse. She will
remain several weeks.
Edtv. A. Foster, a commercial
traveler with headquarters in New
York, who has been in the city a
day or so, left this morning.
J. S. Graham, traveling auditor
of the St. L., B. & M., spent last
night in the city, and was an out
going passenger this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Fernan
dez returned yesterday afternoon
from a several days stay at the San
Antonio fair, and report a very
pleasant visit
John Box returned to his home
at Point Isabel yesterday, after
superintending the shipment of
sixty boxes of green beans to the
various markets
J. P. Withers, of Llano Grande,
accompanied by his young sou,
came down today on the 10:45
train, on business, and returnee
at 1 this afternoon.
Bring your catalog to us. We
will net vou any- article in
' it- fnr
10 per cent less money, or forfeit
to you S100.
Rutledge Jewelry Co.
Chas. J. Macmanus, the Corpus'
Christi land man, who has a feel-!
ing way down in his heart for;
Brownsville and her people, arriv- j
ed yesterday afternoon on business.
Eddie Putegnat, who has been 4!
in business in Galveston for several ;
years, arrived in the eity yester-,
day auernouii, ueniK caiieu nere
hv the i.ital illness of his hrother. I
J. Iv Puteguat.
Sam A. Robertson, railroad con
tractor, who has been in east Texas J
several weeks looking after some
grading contracts now under way,
and reports everything moving
along very nicely returned to
Brownsville yesterday afternoon.
V. L. CRIXELL. Proprietor.
First-class Liquors, Wines,
Polite Attention.
Market Squerc
Brownsville. Texas
Almor.ds, Walnuts, Brazil Nuts, Shelled Almonds
Filberts and Mixed Nuts
Wise Ck Newman
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Fresh Figs, Dates
Fresh Eggs Always on
The days are shortening and the evenings are lenthenging. Indoor amuse
. jmeritft will scon be in -order and we would like to show you-our line-of cards.
".-Ou stock' of playing cards is especially large and we are ready to supply
'your wishes. A fine assortment awaits your inspection, and selection. Our
-t.fGpngress .card at:. 50 cents a package seem to be the leaders, but we have.
cheaperjones; and. wall
No. 26
cc o
Si .
Groceries, Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Agricultural Implements, Tin and Wooden
Ware, Wuppennan Non-Breakable White Enameled Ware, Sheet Tin and Iron,
Round and Flat Bar Iron, White Lead, Lubricating Oil, Turpentine, Paints, etc.
1S3 jL0$
The pablic m extensive
assortment of ury uooas, anoes,
Hats, Jewelry
and Saddles
prices without conipetiUou at
Las' Dos Naciones,
Frcnt of Market.
: yy T"i TTiQUV
All Kinds and Classes of Work. Esti
mates Given. Frontier Lumber Co.
OFFICE AND SHOP: nithmsn Bid's 13th St.
Constantine Hotel
W. A. FITCH, Proprietor
Traveling men's trade solicited.
Free sample rooms are provided
Nothing too good for onr guests
if to be found in the market.
Corpus Ch'i.
For sale 12-gauge shotgun.
! Apply at this office.
Card Games
make special prices on quantity. r "r
Eagle Drug Store
We have received the most extensive collec
tion of Tailored long and short Goat Suits,
comprising every material and model that is
being courted by the followers of fashion.
"We are also ready to show our elegant line
of FALL, 1905, MILLINERY in Shirt
Waist and Dress Hats. OUR LINE OF
jsqjsSos S32f2nb sssii
qjoq puij op no. usqA jnq 'jstKJ
sqj aq jou Asm ?saiubspucq sqj,
35IB 3inb 3JB SSUCJJ JO 3AO)g TS pUTT"
Dealer in i
It V9H X
I , I
Know exactly what you want when
buying clothes? Come here witl ,-o-'r
mind set on what you want and your
desires will he satisfied. To dress well
is a matter of judgmentas we'l as price
It requires judgment to select reliable
values at prices in keeping with the
qualities. Our clothing "is made right
at the right price." It bears the '"S.
M. & S." label. Prices range from 510
to $20. Yon should see our splendid
Suit Cases and Valises, a splendid as
sortment for the traveler, also a very
useful holiday present, from... SI to $10
w lmvinir clothes? Come here witl ,-o-'r MifJSlB
BoysTsuits from,?! to 56. Overcoats for the hoys, ages S to 15
Stetson, Roelofs, and Young Bros. Hats, prices $3, 4, 5, $6 and J7
It matters not what shape you prefer, we have it. in soft or stiff hats
Also Young Bros.' Silk Hats 'ST. 50
Gold and Silver Brand Shirts.
Z Tho Home of Good
Special Messenger
5T Cj, Tt'- oj
' I
IS on
$1 up
Clothes for Man and Boy
Vg3S St
mmm a i

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