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Oar Aim in Business
Sg 11. qF ftWNVILLE. TEXAS IP ii !l
H Ii Wp Srt!?rif. tha Dihnnfra All 11 II
fflB DESIRE to make the First
National the Bank of the
People. The small depositor re
ceives the same courteous treat
ment and consideration that is ex
tended to the largest, within the
limits of safe and conservative
banking. Officers give personal
attention to all details. Directors
meet regularly and frequently, and
keep closely in touch with the
current business. Every safe
guard known to safe and successful
banking is availed of, and our past
success is the best criterion by
which tc judge the security of the
Capital $100,000, Surplus ? Undivided Profits, $23,000.
THE FIRST NATIONAL is pre-eminently the Bank gf the Frontier. Its
stockholders belong -here. Its- interests are those gf our best and most pro
gressive citizens. We offer, to our customers, present and prospective, the ad
vantages of the largest capital and surplus of any bank in this section, and of the
safe and conservative banking methods which have resulted in the successful . build
ing up of this bank in the past twelve years.
Its financial, position is established, and the energy, experience and business
ability gf the management will continueto be wholly" directed to the maintenance and
increase of these advantages.
William Kelly, Pres. S. L. Dworman, 1st. Vice Pres.
V. M. Ratdiffe, 2d Vice Pres. A. Ashheim, Cashier
James B. Wells, Attorney
A. Ashheim
" M. Alonso
James A. Browne
M. H. Cross
Tohn Closner
S. L. Dworman
Robert Dalzell
Wm. Kelly
James B. Wells
C. H. Maris
W. M. Ratcliffe
W. F. Sprague
E. C. Forto
TJR FUNDS are protected in a
nre-proof vault and by the
best safes to be obtained; and are
further covered by insurance
against burglary or daylight rob
bery. Our officers are under bond
in die best surety companies.
People who intrust their money
to a bank have a right to know its
financial strength. We recognize
this right and will cheerfully fur
nish any depositor a statement of
our condition any day in the year.
Absolute safety is the best 'thing
we have to offer, and upon this ba
sis your account is solicited.
Til B U fk St " " :
p Will Conduct Under Its Own Management j
g (We Do Not, Need OUTSIDERS to Sell Goods For Us) g
HH Of Desirable Merchandise at Extraordinary Cut Prices.
it And Ends Monday, December 10th H
jlgj Colgate's Talc. Powder, worth 25c, Sales price ... 9c. jg
fed Ladies' Handkerchiefs, worth 5c, Sales price . . . Ic. !
ggl No Name Hats, worth $3.50 . . . . . . $1-98 !g
m Monarch $1 Shirts ' . . 74c M
M !p
Frontier Lumber Co,
In addition to onr stock of lumber, we carry
Ready Mixed House Paints, Colors and Oils, Bicycle Enamel,
Carriage Paints, Floor and Roofing Paints, Linseed Oil and
White Lead. Also good stock Brushes and Painters Supplies
, t
jg?Thrcc blocks South of Postofflce. between 9th and 10th street.
The iconoclastic spirit is to be
deprecated wherever found. Any
common "Greaser' with a crow
bar can tear down the finest struc
ture, but it takes aud architect Jo
build one. Any old thing can
make a first rate knocker, but it is
the broadgauged, broadminded
man that always has a good word
to say for his people, his country
and his government. Del Rio
Tin and Sit i-et Iron Worker
Galvanized Cisterns, Smokestacks, Installation
and Repairing of Irrigation Plants.
For Drainage District, and to Issue Bonds
to Make Such Improvements, Etc
The construction work on the
St. Louis Brownsville and Mexico
railroad has been delayed to some
extent by the late rains but it is
the intention or the builders to
have the track in order for through i !lonse J Ctorle I&ubey at and in
f Town of Olmito, (within the limit
trains tnrougii tne coast iine ov
January 1st. Ties having been
laid for the road from Angleton to
Oyster Creek, and additional engine
has been added to the construction i Charles Lindsev
train and the pile driver is now at ' d EmHxano Cortezand Charles
. - s. Vol, clerks. -
uysier ireeK. Angieton t tmes. J - Witness ray hand at Brownsville, Tex
Under and by virtue of the laws of
the State of Texas, in such cases made
and provided, and in accordance with
and in conformity to, the orders thereto
of the Honorable Commissioners' court
of Cameron county, Texas, made, res
pectively, on Ved11esda3', the fourteenth
(14) da' of November, A. D. 1905, at
the regular November, A. D. 1905, term
of said court, and thereafter, as supple
mented on the twenty-seventh (27) day
of November, A. D. 1905, at the special
session of said court then held, notice is
hereby given that a special election will
be held on Wednesday, the twelfth (12)
day of December, A. D. 1905, within
all that certain territory, part or portion
of Cameron county embraced within the
following metes and bounds, towit:
Beginning in and at the center of the
bed of the resaca de la Guerra, at the
point where the East line of partition :
share number one (1) of the ' Espiritu
banto" grant, Jose balvador de la Garza,
original grantee, as surveyed and fixed
in and by the final decree of partition of
said whole Espiritu Santo" grant, in
the district court of this, the said county
of Cameron, in cause No. 1346, M. Ken
edy, R. King, et al., versus Thomas
Carson, administrator of the estate of
Maria Josefa Cavazos, deceased, et al.,"
(to which decree reference is now here
made and it is made a part hereof for
greater certainty of description) crosses
or intersects the center line of said re
saca, thence, easterly, with the meanders
of the center of the bed of said resaca,
to its intersection with the East line of
partition share number twenty-nine (29)
of said "Espiritu Santo" grant; thence,
northerly, with and along said East line
of said partition share number twenty-
nine (29). to its intersection witn the
center of the bed of resaca Rancho Viejo;
thence, with the line of the center of the
bed of said resaca Rancho Viejo, to its
point nearest approach to the East line
of partition share number thirty-two
(32) of said -'Espiritu' Santo" grant;
thence, due East, to the East line of
said partition share number thirty-two
(32); thence, northerly, with and along
said East line of said partition share
number thirty-two s32), to a point due
East from the middle of the present
Cameron countv 'bridge crossing the re
saca de los Fresnos, upon the main pub
lic Alice and Brownsville county road;
thence, due, West, to the center of the
bed of the said resaca de los Fresnos,
under and at the center of said county
bridge; thence, Westerly, with the center
of the bed of paid resaca, with its mean
derings, to its intersection tvith the East
line of said partition share number one
(1) of said "Espiritu - Santo" graut;
thenfce, Southerly, with and along said
East line of said partition share number
one (1 to the place of beginning, known
as, and designated oy sain order 01 said
commissioners' court as the "First
Drainage District of Texas," vfor the
purpose of submitting to a vote of all the
property tax. pavers who are qualified
electors- of said proposed drainage dis
trict under the laws of the state of Tex
as, and actual residents within the limits
thereof, whether or not said proposed
drainage district shall be, in all things, '
established, the improvements therein
made, and bonds to thetamount of fifty
seven thousand (57,000;00) dollars, bear
ing interest, payable semi-annually, at
the rate of five and one half (5 1-2) per
cent per annum, said bonds payable for
ty (40) years after date thereof, and re
deemable, at the option of the commis
sioners' court of Cameron county, at any
time after twenty (20) years after date
thereof, be issued to oav for the con
struction of said drainage ditches and
the maintenance of such said drainage
system, as contemplated in, end provid
ed for by, said orders of s-ii commis
sioners' court.
Said election to re held within the
hours prescribed fcv law. at the store-
limits of
such proposed drainage district) in Cam
eron county, Texas, and the following
persons have teen cesignatedby said
order of said commissioners court as the
o;ncers and clerks of said election, to
wit: P. E. Blalack, presiding officer;
and Tomas Cortez,
t 'For3
. SP
01 a rorr.an s life, is :.-.o mt. men ivsn to the -'chsnge of lifSP1
Ycur merges ccrne r.t long liri.!.:. and grov scantier ud'jI they
stop. -Some isornva suucenij'.
-- fc:. 'ears, ?-j. it
cru'-rof .. ch pain and discomfort,
Kt it?
Li w'k . n U- trd hi
It quickly reliwc s &.i ps. -. .vo-jaaesi.lrrltibllity, missrarj'
ness. fcetiulness, f. .r.t.. . hct ctd cb'ld flashes, weat
ness, tired fesnng, e.:. Ci,- i! b.-L-g yen safely through this
"dodging period." sr.d l. .'..! u your atrc:.a for the rest of your life.
At ali druggifts in S 1 .CO c. .. s. Irfn.
weits us a zzn-jz- . j everything but dsath
freely and fra'Jc'r. WiI:gV r. yw . I se.-fd,' writes Virginia Robson.
troubles. c Wiu set. J f - ., . h e-ucn. m., "until I took Cartful
plain, .seaM r-vel.ei. . l-vs: .- cural me so quiAlv it surprised
mSS 'fP-.T1'-" "V I myKtvr, who didn't know I was
as, this, the 27 day of November, A. D.
lVUO. IKO. Bartlett.
Count-Judge, Cameron County,
Attest: Joseph Webb.
Clerk, County Court, Cameron
County, Texas.
Opportunity Is Here, Backed by
Brownsville Testimony.
Don't take our word for it.
Don't depend on a stranger's
Read Brownsville endorsement.
Read the statements of Browns
ville citizens.
And decide for yourself.
Here is one case of it:
N. L. Miller, of the firm of Mil
ler & Lich, painters, and living
on Elizabeth St., Brownsville, Tex
as, says: "I can conscientiously
state that four months' past, since
using Doan's Kidney Pills, pro
cured at J. L. Putegnat & Bro's
drug store, I have felt better, and
am now in better condition than I
had been for several years past.
Before taking your remedy I was
annoyed almost constantly with a
pain across the small of my back
and in the loins. If I sat, or was
still-for any length of time, and
then made a sudden move, a sharp
twinge would dart throught me
like lightning. I used two boxes,
all told, and from uvy experience
would advise everybody suffering
from kidney troubles to give this
wonderful remedy a trial."
For sale by all dealers. Price
50 cents. Foster-Milburn Co.,
Buffalo, New York, sole agents
for the United States.
Remember the name Doan's
and take no other.
Subscribe to The Hekald.
Mexico the Neglected.
''With modern hotels Mexico
would soon become a great field
for American tourist travel," said
General Passenger Agent Hatch of
the Illinois Central Railroad.
Mr. Hatch has just returned
from an extensive tour of the
neighboring republic and he is
loud in his praise of the treatment
accorded the American railroad
officers by the Mexicans;
' 'The average American visitor
to Mexico does not see the best
part of the country, which lies
south of Mexico City." he continu
ed. "The railroads are well
constructed and Well managed.
Nearly all of the train and station
employesand many of the officers of
railways are Americans. The age
of Mexico was the fascination for
me. It is a more ancient preposi
tion than Europe, and probably
than Egypt. Actual records are
scarce, but enough has been dis
covered to place its population
and civilization almost back of any
known district in the world. The
Mexicans are a delightful people,
and the general passenger agents
who made the trip will not soon
forget it."
Weather Rjeport.
New Orleans, Dec. 5 Tonight
and Wednesday, partly cloudy;
probably showers. Warmer; light
easterly to southerly winds. Cune.
If your stationery is getting low,
notice how low is our price. Eagle
Drug Store.
Speak the truth at all times
except when it is policy to say

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