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i I .. I Min ..,-. i- r ct'T
-r-T- T J A 4-
JL J. -J w
Corpus Christi, Texas
. Prices. Best Quality.
lirdsell Steel Skein Wagons
The Best Wagon in Texas, None Excepted
F. Elkins. IX- B A. B. cole. IX. B j CJ QCT if A D
Will practice in all courts. State and Federal.
Special attention Riven to land and ab
stract business. Will do collecting
Office Owr Botica del Aeuila. Corsbes ftu Store
4aS Farm Wagons
ler Farm Wagons
rydon Farm Wagons
J Hickory Farm Wagons
Prices Can't
Be Beat
Cameron County
Abstract Company
Choice Lands and City Property.
Get Catalog No. 10 and Supplement
About Farm and Ranch Hardware, Price $1
!D?3D?!riD?3C?3I?lC?3C?3C?) CC
Show Case, Sank and Drug
Fixtures, Carhonators, Charg
ing Outfits etc. Lowest prices.
Write for Catalogue. mg. oy
C. Mailander Son Waco, Tex.
Grown by Piper Bros, on Their Farm
Which Six Months Ago Had Never
Seen a Plow.
That seems to be the prevailing
idea with the Brownsville'boys.
The first car of onions shipped
from Browusville this season, and
the first in Texas so far as is known
loaded out todav. These
onions were grown by Piper Bros.
on lanri which six montns aeo nac
not had a plow put in it. The
Tonions are good form and size and
fully matured. This is another
evidence that products will mature
pnrlv hen, and emphasizes the
claim made for the Brownsville
country that if stuff is planted eai-
r It Mil hp shinned earlv. thus
commanding the cream of the mar
rxyoffice opposite The Herald.
Brownsville. Texas.
Syndicates Arc Buying Lands in North
cm Mexico at a Very Rapid Rate.
can do so in all style and comfort gj
if vou wish
?irst Get a Girl - Then j
F. W. Seabury
Rio G-ande City, Texas
Will practice in the District Courts of
. . - i , rr ... .. .1
Starr, nuiaigo, .apaui ami
Webb Counties.
Special Notice!
11 rlnrTie von S?i
V.U111C IXf no auu - j j-
in full regalia. All kinds of suits LaTldfliim CO.
ior an Kinub oi uu)s. m.
old boys as well as young ones.
raveling Representative of Maverick-
Clarke Litho Company Takes His
life in His Room No Cause
None in America Excels That of the.
Brownsville Country. Says Prof.
S. M. Tracy.
J. D. Cochran, a traveling rep
resentative ofj the Maverick-Clarke
Litho company, San Antonio, was
:ound in a dying condition in his
room at the Miller hotel about 7
o'clock this morning. An empty
strvchnine bottle on the dresser in
his room was a mute witness of
the fact that the young man had
taken poison. That this was done
with suicidal intent was proven
by an unsigned note which was on
the dresser. The handwriting in
the note corresponded to the man's
signature on the hotel register,
and the note was as follows:
A dispatch from Houston tells
what an expert thinks-of alfalfa
grown in the Brownsville country -
This statement of Prof. Tracy backs
up what The Herald has often
stated, that the alfalfa grown in
this section had no superior in the
United States. The dispatch men
tioned is as follows:
Prof. S. M. Tracy, special agent
of the Department of Agriculture
of the general government, was in
the city, a few hours today.
One of his first moves was to
meet his old friend, Prof. H. P.
Attwater of the Southern Pacific
Railway. Their affinity is kept
green by their labors being in fields
et Happy
in one of our new Panama Hats,
summer Suits, beautiful ties,
fancy hose, summer shoes, and all
the good things we offer you for
Spring and Summer wear.
Elizabeth Street
nt out i
i i
Architects and Builders
Plans and Specifications Furnished FREE
If Work is Awarded to us
Union Bakery
JohnThielen, Manager
Bread, Biscuit, Cakes, Etc., Made
hrnm Choicest Brands of Flour
Elizabeth Street, Brownsville, Te.
Botica del Leon
....You Want the Best
Your Physician aims to put all hi knowledge, experi
ence and skill into the prescription he writes. Jt is 3D order
for a combination of remedies which your case requires. He
cannot rely on the result unless the ingredients are properly
Be fair to your doctor and to our?ell by bringing your
prescriptions here. They'll be compounded only by registered
pharmacists, who are aided by the largest stock of drugs in this
rart of the state. Everything of the finest quality thatmorjey can
buy or experience can select.
J. L. Putesmat & Bro.
at Law
Powers & Maxan,
& Wells. Wells & Reutfro
j Wells, Rentfro & Hicks, Wells &
Hicks, Wells, Stayton & Kleberg
T buv and sell Rea Estate and
investigate land titles. A complete
nh;trnrt l. Al dtles of record in
Cameron County, Texas.
Practice in all state and federal
courts, when especially employed
Land Litigation and corporation
- . r
Please notity my motner, jui. . t ... .
T). R. Cochran. Garrison. Texas. liIdL - .
415n frs. Bennie Blake. Bradv. acierior ine ucneni oi u uumuu.
T.. Prnf Trnrv mntpS lllS nOtUC ill
i ,
Also Maverick Clarke Litho com- tj:iov: t;Sc.. and cives the best
pany, San Antonio, Texas. f h- SCjelltific knowledge tb
I am tired ot living ana am . .
t? .rUr,Ai7 t om rnnp rrons that crow in tne ooiuuem
Statis and California. He is now
The last sentence was probably en route to the borders of the Rio
TTrrittpn after the ooison had been Grande, to pass along the bt.
taken, as there was a slight change Louis, Brownsville & Mexico -Rail-
in the handwriting. way, the Gulf Coast Line, ttirougri
Groans were heard in the young the rich country newly opened by
man's room, and on trying to open it. The attraction on the Rio
the door it was found to be locked. Grande, American .side, is some
By means of a ladder the window experimental work with alfalfa
...oe nnrl nn onpninir it tlielnlnnnr hfHvr-Ml Brownsville and.
t tlJ 1 " " I' o - I (llUI't, " - '
nrrunant was found on the bed Laredo. He has been ou the wort
without coat or vest, and in the for some time and today made the
evident agonies of death. Medi- flat declaration that the lands along
ral aid was at once summoned but the Rio Grande produce the best
it was too late as the man was Lifalfa in America, and accentuated
dead. ludee Gavito was call- the fact that he did not except
ed and sitting as coroner held an Colorado or any other place.
inquest, rendering a verdict in ac- He has not only been several
cordance with the above. The years with the Agricultural De-
vmmtr man came here Monday nnrtment of the general govern-
j --o - - ix til
nioTir and was eneraeed yesterday I merit, but much longer has held
in soliciting business for his firm, nrofessorships in State Agricultural
hut pave no ntimation that ne con- Colleces.- In tnese institutions uc
Working as quietly as they can,
three syndicates, one of them the
inost powerful in the world, are
buying up all the guayule land m
Mexico that they can find at
price that heretofore would seem
absolutely prohibitive. Two of
the syndicates could not afford to
buy it at any price, but the third
is smaller and could not afford to
pay the exorbitant sum now asked
for it if the men back of it did not
see a great future in this new in
dustry. The facts about the way
in which the guayule is being
bought became known in Monterey
recently, and those to whose ears
the information came said that it
would mean a development to the i
Euavule trade as has never been .
:nown before in the Republic. ; t(,,nniated self destruction. Parties harirelv educated some of the lead
i I j " - .
The biggest interests that havei , him at different times inn men now holding high positions
iwn their neisnicuitv by getting 1 j,,- :i,t -ov hf seemed Mth tlin trpnernl trovernuient, and
- - i Ui ty v w " C " " J .---- o
in on thequayule are the Standard i eatj troubled but he confided to als) with state governments and
oil company, ine seconu i& d ' no one the nature ot his ' trouoie. institutions
firm of Paras capitalists that re- j It ,as ajso developed that Cochran ' prof. Tracy left this evening for
present nd unlimited amoun
monev. and the third is a smaller , t -c ;ndipntiiir this mornine rt,T Tuesday, when he will leave
pnmnnnv which alone would seem . i, -y .r,A imt hffii fliiitiirhed. I thp Tirnwnsville road for his
.vf l-.j I LUtH, 14. aiM wf.'v.aa - I S ' "
hip- hut which, compared witii tne . iwns nvwt 1-mt mcht the ,let;u.ntinn
" w "--y ,-- -
QtoTiHard Oil nnd the Paras com-1 j j v,; k;ii oftVi'nntel r-mrtmi v
..... v. ... - w- 1 UCUU UJc.il UdlU 111-3 UIU ' '
bined. seems small and incon- j ,.: i, ,,.niiltl he verv busv to-
seauent. So far, says the story i , v nd did not want to be both
which reached Monterey, thej
laurels are divided in about even
thirds, and some people say that
there is a chance for the smallest
concern to win out in the great
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
The Best in the Land.
Always Ready to Accomodate Visitors.
Information as to Boats, Etc.
Cheerfully Furnished.
Point Isabel.
Repairing a Specially.
Constantine Hotel
W. A. FITCH, Proprietor
Traveling inen's trade solicited.
Free sample rooms are provided
Nothing too good for our guests
II ! jf to be found m the mancei.i"
j I Corpus Chi"" . . T
It's Coming, Friends!
No, it's here.
three-cornered fight that has just
begun and which no doubt will
mean so much to everyone in Mex
ico who is interested in guayule.
These three factions, which, taken
together, would represent an un
limited amount of capital, have
had their representatives in Mexico
for the last week or so making
advance contracts for guayule at
a price of $30 a ton. It is also
whispered that they have been try
ing to get hold of guayule lands,
but there is no information to be
had of any actual sales of land for
this purpose. The factories at
Jimulco, Gomez Palacio, Torreon
and Viesca are all running over
time these days, probably as a
result of the purchases that are
being made by the representatives
of the three combines of capital,
and there are rumors that other
factories are to be built. There
are about twenty-five other fac
tories in operation, which are
handling their utmost capacity,
but the ones in the citie mentioned
are the biggest and most important.
!The Standard Oil imprests are
day, and did not want to be
ered with it, which indicated that
he was considering the rash step
et'pn then. At that time he had
some 26. but when examined by
the coroner this morning,' only
National Man Says Yoakum Cannot
Force His Way Into the Republic
H. A. Vaughan, special agent
of the National lines of Mexico, is
50 in this city on a short visit before
cents in small change was found returning to his headquarters, the
on the body. City of Mexico, after a business
TliR-hndv was turned over to the trip to Laredo. Mr. Vaugnanis.
RMir;ile Undertaking company very much interested in the report
and removed to its parlors, where that the Yoakum lines are making
it now lies. His mother and others an effort to enter Mexico.
whom he requested to be notified, "There is all reason to believe
' have telegraphed they are now on the report is true, said Mr-
the wav and will take charge of Vaughan, . on accoun: ot me ia
the body. , that a vast territory that "?ust le"
This seems to have been the velop soon lies only a snort distance
c. .. ,,ncr man to this across the river trom tne territory
section, and no possible cause can now penetrated by Yoakum lines.
be given why he should take his Mr. yoamtmisa surewu uusi-
I . 1. 4 T a flint lirt.
tin ...k. r on atV- eved a,id less he comes into .Mexico as ine
Jit V 0 X luiif I . - . ,
curly haired young man of pre- a"y of the National , opening the
possessing appearance, and none territory across tne mx. i..u uk
n anther can realize the awful he treacly controls, lie can never
anguish which rends his mother's penetrate Mexico The fifty kilo-
heart as she comes as fast as steam meter strip ot lan-i irom ine
can bring her to claim the body of up to a little north of Eagle Pass,
vvnicn marKS ine ueau unc wiuhuj
that cross the river, can keep Yoa
kum lines out of Mexico for about
eighteen years.
"The main thing to consider in
deciding ' whether Yoakum will
enter Mexico or not is whether the
her dead boy,
Attention, Telephone Subscriberi.
The Brownsville Telephone com
pany will shortly forward to Chi
cago a complete list of its subscriber-.
This list will be printed in a
lnre teleohone directory wmcr. ! National of Mexico w:!ie to open
i fi "
What do ou ; prepared to handle 100 to.s a day, -j, t - .v telephone Mb-ithe territory that Yuaicum hne,s
I mean? Why, I mean the time to 'and it is unuersioou mat uic uin : cr;v)rr jn the United States a;Kl r would penetrate
t- i.-i l . "
screen your doors and window;-, ; two combines are no; rar nenuiu jt, Canada. Prospective subscriber
thus keeping flies, mosquitoes and . th.eir capacity. At pree:it all ui , vfjQ to haVe their names ap
i . t ........
1 other germ spreaders out of your j the guayule manutacturi.-rT is oem r in tfais directory will please j company the obtaining o: rights oi
houses and the only place to Ket .. sPP l" "T " ' , ,, i notify me at once. Brownsvjlit Uvay and hold a power or attorney
these screens i ! di .a .j Telephone Co. ident C M.
The F.OntieMpTjrnber Companv Monterey News j B. G. STEGilAN, Mai.ur. San Antcni- Lxpre
I tae particular inii-restin the
matter because I hand.e for my
Bro va."

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