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VOL. XIV, NO 242
Wagon Headquarters
' Corpus Christi, Texas
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J. L. Fute&nat & Bro.
Hy B.Verhelle
Repairing a Specially.
That seems to be the prevailing
idea with the Brownsville boys.
so in all style and comfort
Girl Then I
come to us and we will clothe you
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Elizabeth Street
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m i
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I Special attention siren to land and ab
stract business. Will do collecUne
Office Ovt Botica del Asruila. Combes Dmc Store
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Cameron County
Abstract Company
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Show Case. Bank and Drug
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Write for Catalogue. Mfg. by
C. Mailander (Sb Son Waco, Tex.
5r""Ofrice opposite The Herald.
F. W. Seabury
Rio G-ande Citf, Texas
Will practice in the District Courts of
Starr, Huialgo, Zapata and
Webb Counties.
Special Notice!
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Union Bakery
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Elizabeth Street, Brownsville, Tex
at Law
Successor to Powers & Maxan,
Powers & Wells, Wells & Rentfro
Wells, Rentfro & Hicks, Wells &
Hicks. Wells, Stayton & Kleberg
I buy and sell Reai Estate and
investigate land titles. A complete
abstract c. all 'itles of record in
Cameron County, Texas-.
Practice in all state and federal
courts, when especially employed.
Land Litigation and corporation
Fine Wines, Liquors 'and Cigars.
The Best in the Land.
Always Ready to Accomodate Visitors.
Information as to Boots, Etc.
Cheerfullv Furnished.
Point Isabel.
Constantine Hotel
W. A. FITCH, Proprietor
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Free sample rooms are provided
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i ' Corpus Ch'l. i
It's Coming, Friends!
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The Frontier Lumber Company
In Spite of Petitions and Representations,
as to the Necessity and Demand For
Drainage, Lanham Would Do
Nothing. V
Hon. James B. Wells, of Browns
ville, spent several days in the
city recently. Mr. Wells' visit to
Austin had nothing of politics in
it, but was in the interest of the
drainage law for which there is a
crying need all over the State.
There are some serious defects iu
the law, and it was with the hope
of getting these defects cured by
the special session that he came to
Austin at this particular time. He
laid the matter before Governor,
showed him how there was a strong
demand all over the State for a
good drainage law, and asked him
to submit the matter to the Leg
islators, now that they were here.
Even in Mr. Wells' own section
there are thousands upon thousands
upon thousands "of acres of rich
lands that are only awaiting the
correction of tho drainage law to
be put in cultivation, and a similar
condition exists in various other
portions of the State and which
means millions to the people.
These matters were all laid before
the Governor, but he refused to
submit the question to the special
session on the ground that he
would be breaking a promise
should he ask the Legislators, with
whom he had made contract, to
consider anything but bleeding
section 120 of the election law.
Petitions were then circulated in
the Senate jand House asking the
Governor to submit the draiuage
law for correction, as the Legis
lature was now in session and the
correction could be easily made,
while the people, from one end of
the State to the other, were de
manding it. The petitions were
signed by a majority of the mem
bers of both Houses and the peti-
tioners absolved the Governor from
any promise he may have made or
any contract into which he may
have entered. But the Governor
could not realize the importance to
the people of the matter, and the
petitions were turned down,
perhaps because there was naught
of politics in the movement'to do
something of real benefit to the
people and to the State. The Leg-
islature was in session, called in
a way that was in violation of the
spirit of the Constitution, to be
true, and to-consider a matter of
but little import to any one save a
few politicians; still it was in ses
sion and could easily have made
the correction that would have
given the State a drainage law of
incalculable benefit, had the Gov
ernor possessed the ability to
realize the great importance of
such a law and submitted it for
the consideration of the Legislators,
not one of whom would have voted
against the corrections. It is un
necessarv to state that Mr. Wells,
as well as other prominent gentle
men who came here to urge the
Governor to submit the drainage
law for correction, went away
sadly disappointed and thoroughly
convinced that State Topics was
not far wroncr in its estimate of
the present State Administration
State Topies-
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T. J. Clay.
Hot Flaming' Death Sweeps Down From
Vesuvius, Almost Equaling Destruc
tion of Pompeii. 1
Naples, April 11. The mighty
volume of smoke, flame and lava
which last night was beiug vomit
ted from the throat of Vesuvius,
continues in slightly diminished
iiiry this morning.
The old story of the destruction
of Pompeii and Herculaneum is
being repeated, and the town of
San Guiseppe is being destroyed.
The people are fleeing from the
fiery deluge, only to be overwhelm
ed bv the devouring element. The
bodies of two hundred and fifty
refugees have been taken from a
church. and hundreds are lying in
the streets where they, fell when
the torrent of molten lava overtook
The dead are mostly old people
and young children left to pit their
feeble strength against the 'torrent
of death poured out by the quak
ing mountain. In the town of
Xola ashes He fourteen feet deep.
There are a hundred and thirty
injured persons from Nola alone in
the hospitals here.
Great numbers are missing and
are probably dead. Practical chaos
reigns, and it is impossible to ac
curately" estimate the number, of
the dead or the extent of the ruin
wrought by the mightiest destroyer
with which man ever contended.
The roof of the general market
in this city, eight miles from the
crater, collapsed this morning from
the weight of ashes. Two hundred
people were caught in the collapse.
Sixty-five injured and twelve dead
have been taken from the ruins.
Vesuvius is probably the most
noted volcano in the world. All
through known history it has at
frequent intervals burst forth with
fury on the surrounding country.
The storv of the total obliteration
j 0f tie cities of Pompeii and Her
j culaneum, A. D. 6.2, is a close par
aIlel to the destruction of Sodom
f ami Gomorroh, aud is familiar to
Science and observation show i
sort of sympathy or connection be
tween volcanoes the world over
Disturbances in one are quickly
followed by eruptions in other parts
or the worm. Inis being so, ana
this being the most violent out-
break of Vesuvius: for centuries
we may expect volcanic phenomena
from craters long passive, in Mex
ico and other sections of thp world
Letter to Rodolfo Herrera.
Brownsville, Texas.
Dear bir: But tew ot tlie men
who sell the hundred different
paints in the market know much
about them. All Devoe agents
have a state chemist's certificate
telling just what it's made of; they
know a good deal, not only about
Devoe but the rest; we see that
they do. We buy every paint
that has any sale, and analyze it
Our agent finds out all about it.
Wnen we know wnat a .paint is
made-of, we know how it will act
we know how far it goes, and how
long it wears.
Devoe is the standard; call it
100. The best of the rest in abou
75; the worst about 25; tfae rest are
But the men, who sell them
don't know any better. Thev
know, what the maker tells fliem. i AttenL'on, Telephone Subscribers.
That is: they know that he tells j The Brownsville Telephone com
them. They don't know whether
he tells them the truth or not.
-The businesses nor conducted
on knowledge: the less thev ;
v" 'fiCJigG iCitpiiVUW UUCLlVt J U iill.il
know, the more comfortable they i wlJJ c0tain every' selephone .sub-
are- Yours tru.y, v
61 F W Devoe" & Cn
P. S. Frontier Lumber Co sell our
Among the natives of Italy and
S.cily there are about 100,000 who
.-peak French; German is spoken J
oy 12.000: Slavic by 30,000: Al-
banese bv 110.000: Gieek hv 88.-
j 000; Catalanian by 10,000.
Although Some of the Blanket Primary
Advocates Are Trying to Force Issue
in Governors Iace.
As Austin dispatch says:
The decision of the Supreme
Court of Illinois a few days ago
declaring the primary law of that
State uticortitdtional on account
of its inequalities and for various
other reasons, may have an im
portant bearing upon future legis
lation of that character in Texas.
At the recent special session of
the Texas Legislature the blanket
primary men gave their support to
an amendment which provided
that in the smaller counties the
holding of primaries for county
officers should be left optional with
the respective executive committees
of such counties. This amend
ment was defeated along with the
majority-blanket primary amend
ment. The Illinois primary law
contained a provision of the same
import and it is held to be uncon
stitutional by the Supreme Court
of that State. On this point the
court says:
This act provides that the
county central committee of each
political party shall determine
whether the county officers shall
be nominated at the primary elec
tion, and also whether the can
didates shall be nominated by a
majority or plurality vote. If the
committee decides that a majority
shall be necessary that is to be the
law, but if it decides that a plurality
shall.elect the candidate is to be
chosen by a plurality vote. The
provision amounts to a delegation
of legislative authority to county
central committees to determine
what the substantial features of the
law shall be, and it i. therefore
'It is the opinion of good law-
vers tnat there are a number of
features of the existing general
election law which would not stand
the test of the courts, and an elec
tion or two more under it likely
to develop an opposition to its op
eration that will lead to its repeal.
It provides for cumbersome aud
expensive machinery in elections
and is too difficult for the average
voter to understand.
A few of the blanket primary
leaders are trying to force that
question as an issue in the present
State campaign for Governor. The
anti-blanket primary people would
probably welcome the fight. All
that is needed to defeat the propo
sition is a free discussion and care
ful thought on the subject. It is
likely that the legislative candidates
will be confronted with the issue,
but it will hardly bp brought into
the campaign for Governor The
delegates to the State Convention
from the various counties may be
instructed for or against the prop
osition and the question will
doubtless come before the platform
committee of the convention. Ac
cording to advices received here
the demand for a blanket primary
comes from a coterie of politicians.
Almost every blanket primary
agitator is a candidate for office.
The- Democracy ' of Texas will
not give their support to a prop
osition that means the destruction
of the unity of counties. That is
what the adoption of a blanket pri
mary would meai..
'cago a complete list of its subscrib
ers. This list will be printed in a
ij-jbcrin tlie United States aud
, r-..
,i. a; u
. ' -
pear in this directory will please
notify me at once.
Telephone Co.
B. G. Stegjiax. Manager.
The Japanese are raoidlv becom-
jug we.irers of knitted good.-.

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