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The Brownsville Herald.
Jesss O. Wheeler. Proprietor.
Consolidated in 1893 with the Daily- Cos- connnea
mopolitan which was published in I county jail.
tsrownsvuie, ior sixteen years.
3nt;rcd st the Postoffice. Brownsville,
a, sscond-class matter.
Texas I
Terms of Subscription:
Dah.y: Published every evening ex
cept Sunday, daily by mail postpaid to
any'point in the United States, Mexico
oi Canada, or delivered by carrier-to any
part of Brownsville, Texas, orMatamoros,
One copy one year $6.00
One copy six month? 3.00
Weekly: Published Saturday, by
oiail postpaid to any point in the United
-States, Mexico or canaua.
One cflpy one year $1.50
-One opy six months .' 75-
.Gue copy three months 50
Subscriptions invariably due and pay
able in advance.
.Advertising rates on application.
Makes all checks payable to
i -
Investigations come high, but
it seems we must have them occasionally.
IE the small farmer get a foot
hold on this rich valley land, and
it will soon redeem its promise and
"blossom as the rose."
Felix Powell. ' -
A sadlv oathetic storv is related
v -
and citv journal 0f jreiix Powell, the negro demon,
who was convicted of the murder
of the Conditt family and is now
a death cell of the
A captain of the Sal
vation Army secured Sheriff Weis
iger's permission last Saturday to
enter the iail to administer to the
brute's spiritual needs. Armed
with the Holy Bible, this man of
God wended his way to the con
victed murderer's cell and told
him that he came to explain to
him ' God's plan of salvation-
Skidoo!" said- the incarnate
fiend, I don't want you to read
me anvthins: in the Bible. I don't
want to hear any preaching either.
Get out!" The spirit had doubt-
less left the wretch. Ee has no
conscience, no moral sensibilities
How wretched such a being must
feel. Victoria Advocate.
Nature Gives Timely Warnings That No
Brownsville Citizen Can Afford
to Ignore.
Danger signal No. 1 comes from
the kidney secretions- They will
warn you when the kidneys are
sick. Well kidneys excrete a clear,
amber fluid. Sick kidneys send
out a thin, pale and foamy, or a
thick, red, ill-smelling urine, full
of sediment and irregular of pas
Danger signal No. 2 comes from!
ine DacK. uacK pains, ami-ana chieet to thP nrm-Kinnq nf.r
heavy, or sharp and acute, tell you jtionsNos. 20 to 33, both inclusive,
i909, of said Commissioners
Said interest to. be computed up
on the daily balances to the credit
of said County with such deposl
tory, .and payable monthly to the
County Treasurer of said County
of Cameron.
oaia proposals to be accom
panied with a certified check for
not less man one-nan ot one per
cent, of $28,419.61. The said
$28,419.61 being the amount of
the county revenue of the preced'
ing year A. D., 1906.
Said proposals to be submitted
Correcting a Misapprehension
"I do not control one mile of
railroad." E. H. Harrimau.
Is that so?
Well, now. do you know
Some people think that you
Have corralled a few
And laid them away
For a rainy day?
Not many, of course, but enough
For a bluff
When the game
The confirmation of George B
Ojrtelyou has been aelayed in me Calls for the same.
senate until assurance be given jf jt ever does,
hat Mr- Cortelyou has entirely
severed his political connections.
"The question of child labor
comes more and more prominently
to the front. The United States
senate is now considering the mat
ter, but it will doubtless devolve A Julius Ceasar bird,
My suz!
Ain't it funny
How a chap with money
Acquires a reputation
Among the common herd
Of really and truly being
When he ain't anything but a dove
Chuck-full of brotherly love
For everything that has a worm
He needs in his business?
Oh, say,
Ain't it rotten to think that
It takes seven acres of land for hvc n cViam Hamp
upon the state legislatures to enact
.'laws which will emancipate the lit
tle ones from the mills in which
there are .now so many of them in
four years to produce one beef for f0 queer the fair fame
the market. The same amount of Qf a saint
land in the hands of a thrifty farm
er will support . a family and in
lour years will put many hundreds
of dollars in circulation through
the local merchants and cotton
gins. It is a shameful waste to
tie up so much rich agricultural
lands in big stock pastures when
these sterling farmers are seeking
.for small farms here.
Who is what he is and ain't what
he ain't,
Don't it?
What, do you suppose inspires
People to be such liars?
W. J. Lampton.
of sick kidneys and warn you of
the coming of dropsy, diabetes
and Bright's disease. Doaus
Kidney Pills cure sick kidnej s and
cure them permanently.
Mrs. C. H. Blain; living out on
the Bluff, Corpus Christi, Texas,
says: "My grandchild, "about eight
years old commenced to be troubled
by a kidney or bladder, ailment
about a year ago. At first I could
not conceive what was the matter,
however the symptoms got more
pronounced and I watched her
closely. She seemed to have no
power to retain the kidney secre
tions ana also compiainea ot a
pain in the back of her neck and
head. Procuring Doan's Kidney
Pills, I was gratified to see the
change for the better within a very
short time. I have great faith in
Doan's Kidney Pills and can
Heartily endorse them.
Plenty more proof like this from
Brownsville people. Call at J. L.
Putegnat & Bro.'s drug store, and
ask what customers report.
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co-, Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the
United States.
Remember the name Doan's
and take no other.
Notice is hereby given that the
Commissioners' Court of the
County of Cameron, State of Tex
as, will, on the 11th day of Febru
ary, A.D., 1907, at eleven o'clock,
A: M., of that day, at the Court
of Chapter 164 of the General
Laws of the State of Texas, ap
proved May 1st, A. D., 1905.
The said Commissioners' Court
reserves the right to reject any and
all bids so received.
Brownsville, Texas, January 7th,
Jno. Bartlett,
County Judge of Cameron County,
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness,
and that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an inflamed con
dition of the mucous lining of the Eus
tachian Tube. When this tube is inflam
ed you have a rumbling sound or imper
fect hearing, and ivhen it is entirely clos
ed, Deafness is the resnlt, and unless the
inflammation can be taken out and this
tube restored to its normal condition,
hearing will be destroyed forever; nine
cases out of ten are caused by Catarrh,
which is nothing but an inflamed condi
tion of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for
any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh)
that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Onre. Send for circulars jree.
F. J.CHENEY & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists 75c.
TakeHalPs FamilyPills for con stipation
Excursion Rates.
The St. Louis, Brownsville &
Mexico Railway offers the follow
ing for the occasions named below
and under conditions named:
Annual Meeting Texas Division
Southern Cotton Ass'n. Dallas,
TexasJaiiUary 9 and 10-1907. Rate
$22.05; Date of Sale, January
House, in the City of Brownsville, 8 1907'' Limit January 12, 1907.
in said County, receive proposals Inaugural Ceremonies, Austin,
from any Banking Corporation, Tex., January 15th, 1907. Rate,
Association, or individual Banker, $14.35; Date of Sale, January 14,
stating the rate of interest that 1907; Limit, January 18,1907.
said Banking Corporation, Asso- Retail Saddle & Harness Man-
what nas become ot mat new
7 notei project? It is a burning
1 . . - .t . .1 . r t
huauiE i li. i lilt ikvti ( 1 1 nrnwns-
ville is still without a fine, up-to-
date hotel. Some of our local
capitalists should immortalize them'
selves by erecting a handsome,
i 1 i-t-
moaern nosteiry or sumcient pro
portions to accommodate the large
crowds constantly coming to
Brownsville. Such a building, to
be known by the builder's name,
wouia mane a nne testimonial to
his progress and enterprise.
When old Uncle Weatherby was ciation or individual Banker offers ufacturers Ass'n Meeting, San An-
to pay on thel-unds of said County tomo, Texas, January 14-18, 1907
of Cameron, for the term of two Rate, One and one-third fare;
years, from and after the said ilth Date of Sale, January 14, 1907;
day of February, 1907, up to and Limit, January 18, 1907.
until the February Term, A. D., G. T. Porter, General Agent
a poor taimer he used to go up to
town and eat pie witn a carving
fork. The people smiled.'
"You don't stay!"
Then later on he began eating
it with a tablespoon. The people
"I don't blame them."
From that he changed to knife.
They roared."
Great Scott! And is he still
sticking to the knife?"
it.. n. .
jno. mce tney touna on on
his farm and rated him as a mil
lionaire he eats pie with his fingers'
and everybody nods his approval
and says he is bizarre. ' Ex.
Great Surgery in Future
Berlir. Prof. Posner, a well
known surgeon, in an article
in the Gartenlaube declares
that surgery is making such
progress that he looks forward to
the time when surgeons will be
able to attach an .artificial leg to
the body. He goes further and
says that in the tuture surgeons
will find no difficulty in attaching
a beheaded head to the trunk, in
case the operation is carried out
Brownsville should beware
Jest the golden opportunity now
within her grasp escape never to
return again. The thousands of
horaeseekers coming to the lower
Rio Grande have the money to buy
Iiomes or small farms, and will
iielp to develop the country and
build up towns wherever they
locate. If Brownsville lags behind
now, she will get so badly left in
-the race of progress that she may
-never be able to catch up again. It
as not probable that lands in this
region will continue to bring such
good prices in the future as at
j resent.
I net
TPm? TTnnsas Citv Star nf Tnn fi
"- -- ,, v-.--.. , une jersey cow Jwith-halter--on
... , head and following mark: Swal-
... ... . , . now ioru in eacn ear; color lignt
m rrtntncTTi 1 1 o tifitH Mire chArriiin1 I o
. ... - , t,,. Reward of $5 for information
niyuii. iuuuuiuk a. view ui aue.- , ,.
u n. i. im. i leading to recovery
. -n: -d-i S. C TUCKER.
'Circuit Rider," who spent some He II Try A Few.
: : T) . .n T-. i i . .
niuc in fliuwusvmc ici-cuuy tui- ir tml marriages come into
.cv-im-i maiuioi '""'6 -u rasnion - mat roilicting young
outrage. Mr. Bingham does justice blade, T. C. Piatt, will doubtless
to Brownsville, and the Star trv a fTO Tr.in'iio rm,t-w
ieserves the thanks of our people Journal
? i? i i. .1 i 1
4Ulu,5lUf,miutu..ua J,. a wdman tQ Qbserve
ight seiore its taousanas ot every action of a man without
tr-eaders. I pearing to notice Mm
I. have at Loo Hill's
ranch near Har
Isnen a car load
mules, from 4 to 6
years old. All gen
tle and sound, from
14 to 16 hands high,
weighing from 900
to 1200 lbs. Texas
A Combination of
Piano and Piano
Player iu One
It is no larger than the regular type of upright piano and
can be played by hand in the usual manner, or by the insertion
of a perforated rolT of music. Always ready for use and can be
played by anyone. For sale by
M. Gonzalez & Co.
Organs, Music, Typewriters. Safes, Wagons
U.S. Government Depository!
E. H. GOODRICH, President
JOHN McALLEN, Vice President
J. G. FERNANDEZ, Cashier
loha McAllen, Jose Celajra, L T. Pw
Mienel Fernandez, Jr.
E. H. Goodrich, O. C Satuier, I. C. Fcrsasdex
E. A. McGARY, Assistant-Casliier.
fO . If C
finest Irenes, lquors, (Bt
Carry Stock of Corn, Oats, Potatoes, Onions,
Cement and Lime. Butter and Cheese on Cold Storage
Old ''JOE GIDEON" Pure Rye
Awarded Gold Medals:
St.. Louis, Mo., 1904 Portland, Oregon, 1905
-aSOLD ONLY mfr .
T. CrixeH & Bro. V. L. Crixell
is a good sound business investment, cheapest and most re
liable power for farming-, shop, saw mill, hoisting, irrigating,
and marine use. You can generate electricity at less than two
cents per killowatt hour, or for one cent you can run ten 16
candle power lamps for one hour, including interest and depre
ciation. Combine with one or more of your neighbors, and put in a
plant that will supply you all with light and power. Ho extra
insurance, no danger, no trouble, if you us2 THE REMINGTON
Write for catalogue "C" stating what .work you want the
engine to do. .
Remington Oil Engine Co., 41 Park -Row, 'New York

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