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The jUskt&HagdwaE&for .
thRio Grande Valley at
E. H. Caldwell's.
We wS! give yoti the best. that, money can buy in
Avery Plows. Pianet Jit Cultivators.
Send us your orders for these and other supplies for
im EnginesWater Suppiie& Hwy Machinery.
tm Wo haw ithh trrtftdQ The nnces are
v w v lm v -w wuw 0 v w w &
right: The' goods are delivered.
We Solicit. Your Business.
Corpus Christi, Texas
. 'J -
Incorporated by the State on the
29th Day of June.'
The Charter is Broad and Permits the
Company to Grow Sugar Cane,
Sell and Refine, and' Make
Continuation of the List Published
British City Last Year Turned Over
from JfskStreet' Caryttem $17,
500 to, be Applied fprVjhe
Relief of Taxation
D?)&V5t?3C?3?3t?lC?jdat?373I?ID70 &G&i8igG8L8G8c8igG&a8o ?t?J
Representing Lands From Corpus f
Christi to the Rio Grande
A chance for Slim People
to buy their Pants for $250
a paii", which are actually;
Worth $3.00 to $5.00
v Take Your CHdiee af :$2:50
I SSI lCAaa bcci jkm i
pusi r i
No better beer is produced in jj
5C r"tC States, titan i
bottle fo LaoJt
l ,,- l -..-,r-.M.--.Lli..llllMllllll ! " I
The San Juaq Plantation situat
ed about 6 miles, down the Rio
Grande from Hidalgo, has been in
corporated under and.byj Turtue o
the Laws of .the; Stateoft Texas sand
will be hereafter known as the
' San Juan Sngar Plantation" of
Hidalgo County, Texas.
On the 29th day of June 1907,
Jhe aplication for the incorporation
of said concern was granted by the
Secretary of State and its Charter
issued. The incorporators are the
following well known and sub
stantial citizons of Hidalgo and
Cameron Counties, to-wit;
John Closaer of Hidalgo. Tex.
D. B. Ghapin of Hidalgo, Tex
R. I,. Savage of Hidalgo. Tex
E. H. Goodrich of Brownsville,
William Kelly of Brownsville,
The capital of this Company is
$500,000, divided into 5000 shares
of the par value of $10Q each. The
purpose of the Corporation is the
growing and selling of sugar cane
with the right to make and refine
sugar, molasses and all by-products
of sugar cane and ,to sell the ame
The assets of said' incorporated
Company consists of a sugar mil
which cost $100,000;: a pumping
olant sufficient to irrigate several
thousand acres of land, and 6200
acres of the richestand most fertile
land in the world.
To Mr. John Closner of this
county, the credit is due for the
successful launching or this great
enterprise. He is deservedly re
cognized as the pioneer sugar cane
grower of Hidalgo County and the
lower Rio Grande valley. In the
year 1895 he began raising sugar
cane on he San Juan Plantation
of which he was proprietor and
the results being so successful and
the superiority of the sugar cane
so evident that year by year he.
continued to increase his acreage
in sugar cane, and so abundant
and plentiful were his crops that
he found it advisable and necessary
to erect a modern sugar mill in
order to utilize the sugar cane
growing on his plantation. This
he did in August 1901 and the
continued succes of the sugar cane
industry continued to increase year
bv vear. Last year (1906) the
tigar mill on the.San Juan PJanta
tion made 549,090,-pounds qf su
gir; from the sugar cane grown
on 4,00-acres ofits land.,- -3.
The continued growth of the su,-
Little drops of water,!--Little
eraias oCtaid,"
cTUalte the firmer wealthy
. OntheRjio GracSe.
SwBenito toiiM Water M
gar industiy. n the,S.io,,iGrande jgjjti2gt
Continued the list published in
the;HESAi,p-Saturdaj' of some. off!
the successes and also failures ofj
utilities owned by municipalities
in great Britain, it is but fair to
state that the list contains onlv a
very small portion of the cities,
owing and successfully operating
waterworks and other utilities suc
Liverpool conducts a municipal
humanized sterillized milk enter
prise. Hull installed a municipal
telephone exchange and reduced
the rates tor an unlimited service
from $50 a year, the price charged
by the trust, to $37 50 a year.
Ramsgate has built a municipal
amusement pavilion and theater,
Reading has bought its cattle
market and its street car system
Portsmouth has -municipalized its
street railroads, electric light, tele
phones and docks. Its street car
system turned over $17,500 to the
relief of taxation in 1906. Leices
ter owns its gas, water, electric
light, street railroads and whole
sale and retail markets. Sheffield,
besides enormous and profitable
investments in all usual lines of
municipal trading, has gone heavily
into house buildiug;. Matlock Bath
operates municipal pleasure boats,
amusements, amusement program
mes, as well as gas works. Nor
wich has a municipal, dairy farm,
sells milk and poultry nd makes
money, therefrom. Nottingham
makes $240,000 a year from vari
ous municipal entersrises, includ
inn gas, electric and steam rail
roads. The town of Bangor opera
tes a hotel as well as many other
Derby has made a great succes
of its street car. system, formerfy
operated by a private company
The service is vastly improved and
makes money for the taxpayers.
It is said to be oneot the most pop
ular systems in England. Derby
also bought up its electric light
works and at first lost on the vent
ure. When the system had been
largely remade, a profit resulted
and. has regularly- continued
When . Aldershort took over- .its
electricity supply, the firsttwo years
showed losses, an" the venture
was,lpoked upon as, a failure, but
thenext year showed a profit, which
has been increased. t.,e.very . syear
since. .-
Most of these towns make ejec
tricity lor -manufacturing, .and
1 motor . purposes, as well as ;tor
Twenty Miles of Canal completed.
clny quantity of Land you want from a Town Lot
to a thousand acres.
At SAN BENITO, formerly BESSD2.
. j
OFFICERS: 'Alba Heywood. Pres.. W. II. Stenger. Vice Pres. and Gen. Manater.
E. F. Rowsoa. Treasurer: Sam Robertson. Secretary. ,
DIRECTORS: Alba Heywood. O.W. Heywood. W. Scott Jleywood. W.lH. Slencer.
Sam Robertson. E. F. Rowson. R. L. Batts.
Before yon buy an acre, see
E. P. Rowson & Coo,
San Benito Lands and Town Lots,
Also Large Tracts for Investment. Cheap
Coleman (& Lmdsey,
j-valley has necessitateUtihe-incor-
I r .1 r -r - Til .
porauon ouue, oan jau:iiauia
tion with a capital of $500,000, in.
order to meet the growing demand.
li is the purpose of the incor
porators to makse -.extensile ,wn-
provements in th? way of adding
cpnsiderably to the capacity tof the
sugar mill arid to increase to a
large extent the acreage planted in
sugar cane. , -
It is the beginning-,of a big and
growing industry made ,uecessary
by the fact that its domilile is in
the "Sugar BowFxif the'AVorld!"
Body 'oufid. ,J
What is.snpp.osed to-be the.body
of Benita Esparza,. the Mexican
drowned early on the morning1 of
St. John'sDay aboutI2 miles above
Brownsville, was found Sunday
about three miles below the spot
where . the unfortunate man fell
into the river. .The body was in a
horrible condition and. itjeannot be
sfudiwith any certaintyrthat it is
spafiai. .What remained! of the
man was inrerrea as scop as pos
sible. ,
Bournemouth has -from, the be
ginning made-money from. its. see!
railroads. Crewe is the site of .the
great , shops of the. London 3 and
-Northwestern , railrpad.;; ,Epr years'
the? railroad' dominated the . place
supplying all the water, '.and -gas
Lately the town broke, away suffi
ciently to. install municipal electric
works-apd discarded the gas lamps
inithe public streets. It nowsaves
money on lighting and iuak$4,
000 a year-on the electricity it sells
to private consumers. .-Sputhport
lost money, for several years on it
municipal street" railroad. In 1,906
the account was even, O&tld this
year the system will begin to pajv
Dover greatly extended the street
railroad system after acqtiirine it
and for that reason lost money for
several years, though not much,
the total on the wrong Mde amount
ing to $4,000. But its is now be
ginning to reap the benefits drhe
broadened policy that private com
Danies' will-not ado;?. -The -"lines-;
are now making money and Syill
probably continue to make more
San Benito Land and
Water Company!
For Sale, Sugar Cane Land,,Tropical Fruif Land,
Vegetable Lands in blocks of 20 to 160 acres,
In the Brownsville District and near Railroad.
money hereafter. Southend-on-Sea
built its own street car system five
years ago, and at the ena or xyuo
the enterprise seemed to be such a
hopeless losei that a resolution was
offered that the system be leased
to a private company. It came very
near carrying. All the. time the
business was increasing, and for
the year 1906 a . small net profit
was shown. Now the thing is well
on its feet and prospering, and
probably nobody in Southend
would care to surrender it to pri
vate control.
As a rule, then, the new idea
has paid well in money returns,
and in every case so far reported
it has been profitable -also in ano
ther way, for there has been-subs
tituted.. for grab and greed and
gaina;decenL consideration of the
wefaref the.community. Instead
of the niggardly and paring. policy
City Council Meeting.
The regular weekly meeting of
the City Council was called to or
der last night by Mayor Combe
this being his first appearance since?
he was summoned to Washington!
to testify before the Senate Com
mittee on Military Affairs in regard:
to the Brownsville raid. Very lit
tle business was transacted beyond
the approval of bills, and the de
termination of the -council to have
the market repaired by Contractor
Hanson as soon as possible. L
Levinson appeared before the boards
to explain that owing to a misunr
derstanding he failed to deposit the
$50.00, a deposit -'required toshavr
good faith when he recently ap
plied for a franchise to-erect water
works., T-R. Batts, Jr., the ea-
gineer sent down here to make the
survey in order that .plans may be-
drawn for the erection- of .wateir-
.... .1 1 i s
ot tne; -private company inert-uavc . fl an 5
been, 'introduced better services, ,wa? introduced to the aldermen by
better, precautions tor sarety, pei-1 tfae mayor , . :. . ,,
W equipment, . new devices and j ' nt tt
oqventions.-andbetter paid, em-Lt;.'- tencrai fOT aocroral
ployeesV'O .
;( There .bashbeeu far less- fric.tioh,
, Earless annoyance, ,.: ,
Strapihanging, crowding, .-poor
and JJthy. cars, rough tracks, flat
wheels", - are unknown .in these
places. ' - "
Nojlwellet in an American city
aeeds'tqjjetold. how different are
the conditions "that with astound
ing" patience we tolerate in our.
River Booming.
Early this, . morning the Rio
Grande began to rise, rapidly, and"
before noon it-had reached a point,
within six inches of the high mark
made Saturday. Veiy little drift-i
wood has come down so far which
would indicate that the water is
from the San-Juan river, .itsbank
having been scoured of everything
loose Friday arid Saturday of Ja-t.
week.,-- The,.largeiampunt-of rain
!'tnab,bas iallea -within the ,pasp
weeJCiinaJ&escgugiuon? layoraoe
forwerfleWiefeT,-.. ,
Visiting Cards HSRAU) Printery .
had notfJbeen received, the council
adjourned subject to. call of. tba
Notice.. t
Notice is hereby given .that the
annual meeting of the Board of
Directors.and the Stockholders of
the Rio Grande Railroad Company
will be held at the office of the;
Company in the -town .of BrowDS
ville, Texas, on Thursday the 11th
day of July, A. D., 1907, at the
hour of 12 o'clock, noon, for the
election of officers for the ensuing;
year and the transaction, of such
business, tas may come before the
Jeff N. MixtER, President.
W. I. Church, Secretary.
Paint Your Bugy, for,:!75c
to $1.00 with DevoeiGloss Car
riage Paint. It weighs. 3 let 8 ozs.
more to the pint than others, -wears
Jn'er and' gives a. 'gjoss equal to
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' Frontiuk Lvebk. Co5

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