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Hfpai si
The Righfc Hardwereffor
the Rio Grande Valley at
E H. Caldwell's,
We will give yot the best. that, moaey can buy in
Avery Plows. Wanet Jr. Cultivators.
Send us your orders for these and other supplies for
Engines, Water Supplies &. Heavy Machinery.
We have the goods. The prices are
right.. The goods are delivered.
We Solicit. Your Business.
Corpus Christi, Texas
Cattle Dealers Pleased With the Judge Kittretl Grants Temporary
m Results. Injunction.
Packers Buy Cows for First Time In Two Restraining Miss Adina de Zavala and
Months Without Being Subject to Others -from Interfering With the
Post Mortem Inspection for Management of the Aiamo
Possible Disease. Property.
rsW.r,rarirtara&?lD?3D?3t?) CQiaai t?30?Jl
East St. Louis, 111., July 9. For
the first time iu nearly two months
buyers for packing houses bought
cows at the National Stock Yards
yesterday without asking that the
transaction be made subject to a
post mortem inspection.
When buyers saw a cow in a lot
that they did not want the animal
was cut out aud sold separately.
There were enough outside buyers
for "canners" so that the commis
sion men and packers' buyers did
not have to argue over this class
Commission men are elated but are
cautioning shippers against over
stocking the market as the packers
bought without promising to con
Representing Lands From Corpus
Christi to the Rio Grande
A chance for Slim People
to buy their Pants for $2.50
a pair, which are actually
Worth $3.00 to $5.00 &
Take Your Choice -at $2.50 J
Combe Building.... Elizabeth Street....Brownsville
Omaha, Neb., July 9. There
was a meeting yesteraay 01 me
commission men aud packing house
managers to consider the proposi
tion of postmorten examination,
which ended without an agreement
being reached. The packers sub
mitted the proposition to buy fe
male cattle with the understanding
that dairy cows and canners should
be subject to the postmorten and
range "cows and heifers were to be
accepted without question.
One prominent commission man
declared that Omaha would stand
pat with Chicago and insist on hav
ing an oDen market. He said that
the commission men would stand
oa their rights also to sell to in
dependent packers and small butch
ers without discrimination. For
the packers R. C. Howe, manager
for Armour & Co., said he believ
ed the matter would be settled on
the same basis that was reached at
St. Joseph, Kansas City, St. Louis
and Sioux City. He says the com
mission men and packers are get
ting closer together on the proposi
tion and expects the matter will be
straightened out satisfactorily to
both sides.
Several of the commission men,
however, say that the only way to
straighten it out will be for the
packers to come to their terms
Houston, Tex.. July 9. On "a
petition filed yesterday by women
styled in the petition as the execu
tive committee, Daughters of the
Republic, Judge Kittrell of the
Sixty-first District Court granted a
temporary injunction, conditioned
on plaintiffs giving bond in the
sum of $250. and set the case
down for final hearing on Satur
day, July 13, at 9 a. m. The de
fendants aeainst whoui the tem
porary injunction operates are
Miss Adina De Zavala, Mrs.
Willard Simpson and Miss Nellie
Lytle -of San Antonio, Mrs
Wharton Bates, Mrs. Briscoe, Miss
Annie Hume, Mrs. A. B. Looscan
and Mrs. Lucy Sherman Craig of
Houston, Mrs. Sue Sherman
Lecond of Galveston, Mrs. L. De
L. Tuttle of La Grange: Mrs. W.
J. Redding of Goliad, Mrs. Alminta
T Ahnpv nf T.amnasas and Mrs
W. C. Craddock of Terrell.
The injunction sought on final
hearing and which has been tem-
nrir-jrilv orrnnrerl is Wanted to
f"" -'J o
restrain the defendants from in
any manner pretending or claiming
to he the officers, members of the
executive commitee, attorneys,
agents or employes of the plaintiffs
from in any manner interfering
with the management, control and
custody of the Alamo property,
and the renting of same, and the
collections of rents therefor by
Little drcps of water.
Little trains cCs&nC
cTtfske the farmer wealthy
On tie Rjio Grande.
San Benito Land & Water Go.
Twenty Miles of Canal completed.
cAny quantity of Land you want from a Town Lfflt
to a thousand acres.
At SAN BENITO, formerly BESSIE. -
' OFFICERS: BAlba Heywood. Pres.. W. H, Steccer. Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager.
E. F. Rowson. Treasurer: Sam Robertson. Secretary.
DIRECTORS: Alba Heywood. O.W. Heywood. W. Scott Heywood. WjH.StenEer.
Sam Robertson. E. F. Rowson. R. L. Batts.
Before yon buy an acre, see
E. F. Rowson & Co.,
San Benito Lands and Town Lots,
Also Large Tracts for Investment Cheap
an Benito Land and
Water Company
For Sale, Sugar Cane Land, Tropical Fruit Land,
Vegetable Lands in blocks of 20 to 160 acres,
In the Brownsville District and near Railroad.
and legally qualified officers; from HEAVY FINE
in any manner interfering witn tne ,n TnrT adi p
funds of plaintiff and from interfer- " J r lvunuLi-
ine with the duly elected and
legally qualified officers of plaintiff Standard Oil Company May Saf
in drawing checks upon said fund
and in any manner otherwise per
forming their proper duties; ironi por
witnnoiding iirom piainim iuc a
custody of all relics belonging to
plaintiff; from interfering with the
officers and members of the execu
tive committee of plaintiff in the
fcr Monetary Loss
the Violation of the Law in
Number of Instances and May
Be Called Upon to Pay
"Texas Beer for
Texas People."
No better beer is produced ia
the whole United States, ttaa
I l.f
-You only- nave to try
a bottle to know it.
Brand tod Bottled by
Lone Star
Brewing Co.,
San Ant of !o. Texas.
The Great Bigness of Texas
Texas is the biggest state in the
union don't talk back to me: I
know. The upper part of the Pan
handle is nearer Chicago than it is
to Galveston. Texas is as wide as
the distance from Chicago to Bos
ton, or from St. I,ouis to New
York, City. That is to say, that
from Texarkana to EI Paso it is
1100 miles. Texas has .3,000,000
folks, 10,000,000 cattle, 12,000,000
sheen and 3.000.000 horses. One
horse, you see, for every man, wo
man, and child in the state. Peu
pie who have not seen the South
west during the past five years can
not by any, description, realize its
progress-' What is' known as "the
Santa Fe country" can feed the
world. Six1 years . ago you could
buy in Texas' 1000 sheep .for: $1,000.
Now 1000 sheep will cost you
18000. The real crop in Texas,
however, is not. wool, but cotton
The cotton crop in Texas for the
year 1906 was worth., oyer $200,
000,000 cold cash. They raise a
bale of cotton on an acre, and a
bale of cotton is worth $60.
Texas has the second most im
portant shipping port in America,
and if things continue going as they
have for the past five years, in ten
years more the shipments from Gal
veston will exceed in value the
combined exports . of Boston and
TCmv York. Elbert Hubbard in
ritory, and its income was propo
tionately very large though it has
no such capitalization, its value
probably being covered in the total
of the Standard capitalization.
Recent developments in the Tex
as State courts, also in the Mis
souri case and now in the Federal'
courts, have caused much light to-.
be thrown on the operations, hold
ings, methods and profits of the
great oil combination in the United -States
and its subsidiary concerns.-
iThere was a dissolution and reor
ganization effected in Texas not-
so very long ago, but it cannot be
acomplished again, and it remains--
to be seen whether the Standard
Oil interests con circumvent the
Federal Judge in Chicago if he
imposes heavy penalties and they;
are affirmed.
Wish The Herald Prosperity;
Drucc licnntrlipt; nrf to the effect
lawful management of the affairs tjjat Federal Judge Landis at Chi-
r . . -cr e -2 .1., A..At . ... ' . - a d
oi piainun; irom using iuc man" cago nas it witnin nis power to uuc
name of plaintiff to designate any tjje standard Oil Company $28,
other organizations. 000,000 for its many alleged viola-
The suit is styled the Daughters tions of law, and interest in what
of the Republic of Texas vs. Miss sum of penalties he will name is
Adina De Zavala et al., and is manifested here because of the
broueht bv Mrs. Marv B. Urwitz, large judgment given against the
Mrs. J. J. McKeever'Jr., Mrs. Cor- Waters-Pierce Oil Company, says
nelia B. Stone, Mrs. Chas. H. the Austin correspondent of the
Milbv. Mrs. Walter Gresham, Miss Express. The Brownsville Heraid was
Emma K. Burjeson, Mrs. M. The testimony ot btandatd un Jfifteen years old July 3, last. Jesse
Wheeler, Mrs. Joseph B. Dibrell officials filed in the Waters-Pierce j q . weeier has bee'n proprietor o
and Mrs. Cone Johnson, who are case in tne torm or aeposuiuna 0f tie DaDer over since it was
styled in the petition as the execu- taken in New "York gave the exact
tive committee of the Daughters amount of stock the Standard Oil
. - ' ' . . . t-r
of the Republic of Texas. owns in tne vaxers-nerce, ueiuK
The property is valued at $200,t a comfortable majority thereot.
000, estimated from a commercial I This lends further interest and the
stnhdnoint. but it is comnuted ti e amount rof penalties to be fixed by
priceless from a historical and sen: judge Jndis is being looked for-
timental standpoint. In addition ward to m legal and btate tiousc
to this property the petition re- circles.
cites that plaintiff has on hand in As a preliminary to determining
than 1000. the amount to be assessed against
the Standard for its' misdeeds Juoge
Landis had an array of prom
inent Standard Oil officials before
his court Saturday, including John
D.: and William Rockefeller, also
'Messrs. Archbold, Pratt and others
high in the organization. They
were questioned as to the profits
and methods of the Standard, -but
were rather uncertain and forget
ful of the past. The same condition
Sir William Preece, next to Lord
Kelvin' England greatest scientist-.
has invented a wireless telephone!
by which he says he can hear the
noises of the tremendous storms
that continually sweep the sun,
93,000.000 miles away from the
earth. Sir William's phone is in an
isolated place in the country, where
no othe.r sounds interfere. Scientist
Preece is oresident of the British!
Institution of Civil Engineers-
Paint Your Busgy for 75c.
to $1.00 with Devoe's Gloss Car-
D!n 7t--TTieVic "X to n?.
llrtKC idMH. o w
niore to the pint than oiher?, wears J, made a prom oi wper cent on a
lo-.er and gives, a :!oss equal to I capitalization of $100,000,000. Tee
prevailed here once or twice dup
ing the Waters-Pierce trial.
Mr. Rockefeller Sr. did say thai
for three years, and that was all
he recollected, that the Standard
Waters-Pierce did well for the
group in this Southwestern ter-
founded, and to his efforts and
abilities is its success ' due. Thb
HERALDhas consistently Wo'rkediox
the upbuilding of "BrownsviHe-ancJ
has always been found leading the
van in the fight for improvements.
As Mr. Wheeler "'says in the edi
torial announcement of the paperls
birthday: "The ' enterprise of the
Herald 'in securing ' reliable data
on subjects of 'vital interest to the
people of the Brownsville country
and the multitude of special articles
written for the purpose of develop
ing the country, has made thfc
Herald one of the most widely
quoted papers in tne State. Not
withestanding the amount of time
and space devoted to the Browns
ville country, the Herald has
never neglected the interests of its
home city, and as a result is
strongly entrenched in the hearts
of the people."
May the next fifteen years be
doubly prosperous for the Herald.
San Antonio Daily Express.
Dr. J. W. David of Corsicaua,
who is interested inland "at Santa.
Maria,' arrived last night.
the Philistine.

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