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The Brownsville Herald
Jesse O. Wheeler, Proprietor.
Seesslidated in 1893 with the Daily Cos
which was nublished in
Brownsville, for sixteen years.
Kb tered at the Postoffice. Brownsville.
as second-ctass matter.
Terms of Subscription:
Daecy: Published every evening ex
ept Sunday, daily by mail postpaid to
ay point in the United States, Mexico
or Canada, or delivered by carrier to any
part of Brownsville, Texas, or Matamoros
One c;sy one year $6.00
One copy six months 3.00
WEEKtv: Published Saturday, by
aail postpaid to any point m ujc uuhcu
"States, or Mexico
One copy one year $1.50
One opy six months 75
rtnr- nmv three months 50
Subscriptions invariably due and pay
able in advance.
Advertising rates on application.
Slakes all checks payable to
Pay that poll tax, or you will
liave no more voice in the govern
ment under which you live for the
next vear than any Chinaman or
Browxsviiae will have to take
Iiold of the sidewalk question in
earnest, if she is ever to attain the
croDortions of a city. And the
sooner the matter is attended to,
the better.
No man who is a citizen of the
United States deserves the leas
consideration, if he refuses to pay
his uoll tax. and thereby forfeits
his right to vote. Aside from all
other phases of the matter, the
verv fact that, if an election for
raising bonds for public improve
ments should be called during the
vear the citizen will want to have
sl voice in tne matter, snouia
prompt all to pay the tax and re
tain the right to vote.
The uncalled for letters remain
ing in the postoffice of Brownsville,
for the week ending Saturday,
January 11, 1908, are as follows:
ladies' list.
'Cantu Srita. Genoveva, Chap
man Miss Hattie, Cardenas Sra.
Maria G., Cabosque Maria C. de,
Coffin Miss Rebekah, Eregullin
Sra. Doroteo, Ferguson Mrs. Audy,
Garcia Srita. Cesaria, Golder Mrs.
Geo., Garcia Sra. Gregoria, Gar
cia Miss Maria y Ernestina, Gon
zalez Srita. Maria, Garcia Miss
Olivia, Garza Srita. Rosalia, Gra
cia Sra. Rafaela A. de, Holdeman
Miss Louise, Knox Miss Helen,
I,ampert Miss Minnie, Lopez Srita.
Rosa, Lowe Mrs. W. A., Mendoza
Srita. Guadalupe, Nuckles Mrs.
Ada, Piedra Srita. Selestina, Sims
Mrs. Carrie Shaw Mrs. Lucy,
Self Miss Lucile, Stephens Miss
Laura G., Trevifio Sra. Huene L-,
Tamayo Srita. lues, Tauregui
Srita. Reyes, Trevifio Srita Sara.
Antill J. W., Asmussen Jesse S.,
Alvares Manuel, Brown A., Be
dolla Gustavo, Bergman Heury,
Betts Harry Barrientes Manuel (3),
Bland W. E-, Cortinas Antonio,
Delleha Charles, Esquire Andres.
Hrnandes Migel, Guillen Aurelio,
Garcia Adolfo, Garcia Brigido,
Gray Claude R., Gonzales Fede
rico. Garza Gasper, Gray Joe. D.,
Ganick Mox., Gonzales Marcelo,
Garcia Nicolas, Hamilton Allen,
Mays Allen, Mikkelson Deodore,
Hall J. M., Honeycutt Luther,
Jacobson Torn J., Kassell J. M. T. ;
King Monty, Lopez Federico Mar- j
tines Mecindo, Martines Zotero,
Ortiz Eusebio, Perez Emilio, Pine
Ia Geronimo, Peres Sebastian,
Richardson A. H., Richardson J.
Iie, Stevenson John, Schickling
John (2), Traeder Albert, Taylor
H. Z., Tumlinson Jack, Trevifio
Ijuis, Wilson Charles, Womack
M. G. Wilson Robert, Wells R.
C., Vasquez Margarito, Zachery
J. H., v-'i Con. de Espana.
"i -ons calling for the above
letters please say advertised.
J. B. Sharps, Posmaster.
Alleged Murderer of Judge Welch Re
manded without Bail Teitimony
In Habeas Corpus Hearing.
Alberto Cabrera, charged with
the assassination of District Judge
Welch at Rio Grande City in No
vember, 1906, who was remanded
to custody whithout bail by Judge
Hopkins at the conclusion of the
habeas corpus hearing at Rio Gran
de City Saturday, was taken back
to Corous Christi Sunday, and
placed in jail there.
The hearing in this case con
sumed several days, a considerable
number of witnesses being examin
ed. The Caller gives the following
report of some of the testimony
given at the hearing:
une witness lor tne state gave
direct testimony, stating on the
stand that he saw Cabrera and
another man creep up to a window
of the room occupied by Judge
Welch and fire a shot and then
run away.
Other testimony was adduced by
the state tending to show that the
shot which caused the death of
Judge Welch was fired through the
window. -When the body of the
dead judge was found in the morn
ing he was lying on the left side
and the shot had entered the back
The conclusion reached by those
who examined the body, noting
its position, was that the shot was
fired through the window.
1 lie omcers wno made tms ex
amination gave testimony during
the hearing and testified that such
was their conclusion.
Another circumstance indicating
that the shot was fired through
the window was the finding of a
dent in one of the slats of the
The blinds were closed at the
time of the shooting, but there was
a broken slat. The dent was found
in the lower side of the slat above
the broken one, and the theory is
that this dent was made by the
gun when it kicked."
The defense placed witnesses on
the stand to prove an alibi, these
witnesses testifying that Cabrera
was at the headquarters of the Re
publican club on the night of the
hooting, specifying the time that
they had seen him there.
After the hearing of testimony,
the court, as above stated, remand
ed Cabrera without bail.
Cabrera has been in the Nueces
county jail since last Novemoer.
All persons are hereby notified
that I am now ready to receive as
sessments or renditions of property
for the current year.
Same must be presented to me
at my office m the court house
within the time prescribed by law.
Tax Assessor, Cameron Co., Texas.
Brownsville, Texas, January 13,
Is here
given that the regular
Annual Meeting of the stockhold
ers of the Raymondville State Bank
will be .held at its banking office in
Raymondville, Texas, on Tuesday,
January 14, 1908, between tne
hours of 9 A. M. and 4 P. M.
The object of this meeting is to
elect ten directors of said bank for
the ensuing year to succeed the
present board.
E. B. Raymond, Pres.
C. H. Pease, Cash.
Tommy's Error.
Mrs. De Smythe Tommy, do
you want some nice plum jam?
Temmy Yes, mother.
Mrs. De Smythe I was going
to give you some to put on your
bread but I've lost the key to the
Tommy You don't need the
key, mother. I can reach down
through the window and open the
door ,lrom the inside-
M. De Smythe That's what I
wanted to know. Now just wait
How to Arrange a Bopwp Party For
Small Children.
- All the children 'who are invited
to a Bopecp party should be asked
to come dressed as shepherds and
shepherdesses, not jm expensive
garb by any means. The hostess
of the afternoon, probably the
mother or aunt of the heroine of
the day, should be dressed as Mother
Goose, and should receive tho chil
Among the prize games played
during the party should be one that
brings forward a large sheep drawn
on muslin. The sheep must be
minus a tail, and the picture must
be piimed upon the wall. Then let
each child be blindfolded and let
him try to pin on the tail in the
correct place. The one who can pin
on the tail nearest to the correct
place receives a prize.
The tea table should be prettily
decorated with a mound of moss,
in the center of which just as many
woolly lambs as there are children
should stand. As place sards for
the girls have tiny dolls dressed as
Bopeep, with small cards attached,
on which the name of the little
guest is written. The boys may re
ceive halls, jumping jacks and sim
ilar toys.
How He Painted the Name.
They tell a good joke on a Maine
captain of a little coasting vessel,
says Chicago News. Tho vessel was
lying in port, and. the captain de
cided to show the old "salts" about
there how the name should be paint
ed on a boat. Ho was fully able
to pay a painter to do the job, but
he was sting', and, moreover, he
wanted to let people see how readily
he could "turn his hand to any
thing." So he dropped a float over
board, but, finding that he could not
reach high enough on the bows to
do the painting from that stand
point, he went on deck and leaned
over the side to do the work. The
name that he desired to put on was
Maggie, and having finished the
lettering he went on shore to take a
look at liis work. To his amaze
ment he saw it thus:
Of course you understand how he
made the blunder.
Dont Wait for the Fatal Stages of Kidney
Ulnes. Profit By Brownsville Peo
pic's Experiences.
Occasional attacks of backache,
irregular urination, headaches and
dizzy spells are common early
symptoms of kidney disorders
It's an error to neglect these ills
The attacks may pass off for a time
but return with greater intensity.
If there are symptoms of dropsy
puny swelling below the eyes,
bleating of limbs and ankles, or
any part of the body, don't delay a
minute. Begin taking Doan's
Kidney Pills, and keep up the
treatment until the kidneys are
well, when your old time health
and vigor will return. Cures in
Brownsville prove the effectiveness
of this great kidney remedy.
W. A. Rutledge, the Elizabeth
street jeweler, living on Levee St.,
Brownsville, Texas, says: My
wife thinks and speaks very well
of Doan's Kidney Pills, the only
remedy that ever helped her dur
ing two years of suffering from a
bad back. The pain in her back
in the region of the kidneys Jwas
very severe at times and the least
cold or excitment seemed to make
it worse. When I heard of Doan's
Kidnev Pills 'at J. L. Putegnat &
Bro.'s drug store, I immediately
got a box. That one box was all
that was necessary to remove the
trouble and since then we have al
ways kept this remedy in the
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co. Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the
United States.
Remember the name Doan's
and take no other.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
A Memory Test Game.
Take six coins a silver dollar, a
fifty cent piece, a twenty-five cent
piece, a dime, a nickel and a cent.
Have the room darkened or blind
fold the players; let the coins be
passed quickly from one to another,
not in regular order, but, say, the
nickel, the dollar, the ten cent piece,
the quarter, the cent, tho half dol
lar. Each. player holds each coin
two seconds before passing. When
all have had the coins, the light is
turned up, paper and pencil are sup
plied and the players rate down the
order in which tho coins were
passed. The one getting the correct
order, or nearest to it, receives the
prize. Of course, the order is decid
ed upon by the hostess beforehand.
A Freak of Lightning.
A strange freak of lightning is
reported from a town in New York.
It found its way into the butlers
pantry of a certain residence, on a
shelf of which were some brilliantly
decorated royal Dresden plates.
The lightning made a slight dis
coloration about the edges of sev
eral of the plates, but on the wall :
it made several photographs of j
them, with the decorations repro-1
duced, colors and all. Here, in an !
instant, the electric fluid did what j
men have been trying in vain to do '
for many years it took a photo
graph in colors.
Shocking Catastrophe.
'by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness
and that is by constitutional remedies.
Dearness is caused by an inflamed con
dition of the mucous lining of the Eus
tachian Tube. When this tube is inflam
ed you have a rumbling sound or imper
fect hearing, and when it is entirely clos
ed, Deafness is the resnlt, and unless the
n.lammation can be taken out and this
tube restored to its normal condition,
hearing will be destroyed forever; nine
cases out of ten are caused by Catarrh,
which is nothing but an inflamed condi
tion of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for
any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh
that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Onre. Send for circulars free.
F. J.CHENEY: &. Co.. Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists 75c.
Where to Get Perfumery.
Botica del Leon, Matamoros, has
the best perfumes on the border
A supply of the following well
known standard brands of perfumes
have justbeen received: "Gravier,'
"Houbigaut," "Roger & Gallet,"
''Pinaud," "L. F. Piver," and
Attention! HomeseecRcrs!!
In addition to being agent for
the sale of the land belonging to the
San Benito Land and water com
pany. I have most of the Hicks
lands for sale- I can offer home
seekers some exceptionally fine
bargains in lands near the town of
San Benito.
W. O. Colemau.
Capital Stocky $100,000.00
I E. H. GOODRICH, President .fotmMcAllea, Joio Cclaya, L T. Prjoi
JOHN McALLEN, Vice President , Mfcuel Fernandez, Jr.
J. G. FERNANDEZ, Cashier E. H. Goodrich, O.C. Sander. I. Q, Fernanda
E. A. McGARY, Assistant-Cashier.
1 23-
i JAe Cornell St
rtzea xjaiooi
finest lines, J?iyuor$, (Siyars
Dry Goods9 Boots ? Shoes
Winchester Arms (b Ammunition
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Lumber, Shingles, Doors, Sash,
Blinds and Braiders Hardware
Ihe Texas Company
Texas Petroleum and its Products
Lubricating Oils of High Viscosity and Low Cold Test.
IeauStccas Louis Kowalski, Agt., Brownsville, Texas
Real Estate for Sale
Large and Small Tracts on River, Canal
and m tne Artesian Belt.
Small Farms Near Town and
City Property
Cameron County Abstract Co.
Miss Puss a letter did indlta
To Miss Tabby Cat;
But spilled the Ink, oli, dreadful plight!
Her heart went plt-a-pat.
Philadelphia Record.
Strayed or Stolen.
A large white and red Jersey
cow, branded a large X on left hip,
and 2 C on left side, iatter very
dim. A liberal reward for her re
turned to my residence on Wash
ington street in rear of P. O., or
for information leading to her re
covery. W. C. C. Foster. tf.
Who Can Beat It? j
Mr. Ed Box of Isabel, Texas,
passed through from Rockport. '
His No. 2 Dempster well machine
recently made a 24 inch well at
Sebastian. Who can beat it? Cor
pus Christi Caller.
And the well is a dandy, too,
almost equal to a Kenedy gusher.
Branch House of "El Qlobo"
Hosiery, Underwear, Umbrellas,
Handkerchiefs, Laces,
Embroideries, Ribbons,
Lace Curtains.
A. Garza & Bro.,
We are prepared to do
all kinds of Well and
Windmill Work. We
also Manufacture Sand
Strainers.. ..
F. W. S
Rio Grande City. Texas
Wl'l piacdcein the District Courts of
Slarr, Hidalg-. Zapatp and
Webb Counties. y
at Law
Successor to Powers & Masan,
H l 117 71 777 11 o T
wtub, ieniiro oc- mens, weis
incus, wells, stayton & Kieberg-
I buy and sell Reai Estate and
investigate land titles. A complete
abstract c all dtles of record in
Cameron County, Texas.
Practice in all state and federal
courts, when especially employed.
Land Litigation and corporation
Removal Notice!
We have recently moved to 12th
Street, opposite Precio Fijo.
c r r
ainuer aew
I 1
me metroDO!
Only Up-to-Dat
ci i. r
In theCitv
n -v
kp.pu ar viea
Furnished Rooms'Sflc
-gr father comes home. Ex.
CIe cotton rags wanted at The
For the best commercial printing
all kinds go to The Herald.

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