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H .Was Practiced by ths Anciente
Thousands of Years Ago.
It will surprise many parsons to
Jtearn that false teeth, gold caps and
'fillings and dental bridges are hy
m means modern creations. Six
thousand years ago and probably
png before the dawn of Greek civ
ilization the skill of the dentist had
reached a high degree of perfection.
Cicero in his treatise "De datura
eorum" ascribes the invention, of
jtooth drawing to Aesculapius, third
jof that name. The first mention of
dentistry, according to the British
Medical Journal, is found in Hip
pocrates, who in several parts of
his writings has a good deal to say
.about toothache. From the Phoe
nicians the art found its way to the
'Etruscans. At the international
"fcongresk held in Some in 1900 Pro
fessor Guerini exhibited several
specimens of dental art which prov
ed that something very much akin
b bridge work was practiced in an
cient Italy so efficiently that it has
lasted thirty centuries.
Artificial crowns have also been
found in Etruscan tombs. Artifi
cial dentures go back to a remote
antiquity. Dr. Deneffe states that
in the museum of the University of
jGhent there is a set, of artificial'!
teeth found in a tomb at Orvieto
with jewels and Etruscan vases. He
gives their date as from five to six
thousand years before Christ.
In a collection of antique surgical
apparatus made by Dr. Lambros
there is an artificial denture found
in a tomb at Tanagra, near Thebes,
which is believed to belong to the
third or fourth century before the
Christian era. Teeth stopped with
gold have been found in Greek
tombs. In the temple of Apollo at
Delphi there was, according to Era
sistratus, a nephew of Aristotle and
physician, to Seleucus Ficator, king
of Syria, 35-t B. C, a- leaden instru
ment which was used in the extrac
tion of teeth. Obviously an instru
ment of lead could have been used
only for loose teeth.
Tn the laws of the twelve tables
mode by the Roman decemvirs in
450 B. C. it was expressly forbidden
to bury or burn gold with dead bod
ies except when used for wiring the
teeth. In the construction of false
teeth recourse was had by the an
cients to bone and horn. Some-
Banzoni found in some mummies
artificial teeth made of sycamore.
In the first century of .our era false
teeth were very common among the
Dentistry shared in the decay of
the..arte-during the middle. ages,
and we read that when -St. Ixmis
died in 1270, although he was only
fifty-five, he had but -one tooth in
the upper jaw. French surgeons,
notably Ambroise Pare, took a lead
ing part in the revival of dentistry.
. Louis XTWs dentist used only in-
struments of gold in operating on
TT f T ;! v.
highest dentistry wa3 in the hands
of surgeons, extraction being left to
barbers and quacks.
Roy and His Mistress.
Tioy" was one of the noblest
dogs' -that ever lived, so everybody
agreed who knew about his once
saving his little mistress' life. On
the shore close to where he lived
-was a high bluff of some twenty or
more feet, very steep and composed
mostly of sand and gravel. One
afternoon Viola was' missed froa
the porch where she was playing
with Boy. Her mother and nurse
looked all over for her, but could
not find her. . Mrs. Vandorver, Vio
la mother, went to the bam and
told the hands to look for hor over
the farm: When Bob, tho-vateh-man,
.came, to' the bluil he heard
TiohvV roic'e:."Try a little harder.
I?6y, darling. Pull hard, and I will
hold on' tight." Bob, leaning over
tho rock, saw Boy and Viola. k The
little girl a-as luujging: on to Boy's
tail, and he was trying to pull her
up to safety. '
Light Producing Trees.
Several well known trees furnish
good materials for light. There is
the Japanese wax tree, for example,
which bears bunches of fruit, grow
ing like grapes, and containing a
kind of wax" out of which candles'
are made. Another tree, found in
the Pacific islands and known as the
candle nut tree, hears a fruit that
is full of oil. The nuts themselves
arq used as candles and will burn for
some time. Still -another is the
candle tree, the fruit of which is
three or four feet in length and
about an inch fa diameter. Thc
fruit hangs from the tree so as- to
present the appearance of yellowish
white candles in a chandler's shojj
Chicago News.
The Brownsville Amusement Com
pany "will soon open' a new and up-to-date-moving
picture theater on Eliza
beth street. If you are looking for a
gooa and profitable investment for a
,small amount of money, address
Brownsville Amusement Company,
care.Heraid omce. j-o-x
The Brownsville Sporting Goods Company having
purchased from the U. S. War Department
. ';;.. 200 c
U. S. Springfield Rifles
.Now offer for FIVE DAYS ONLY, at their new store, corner Elizabeth and 13th streets
opposite Miller Hotel, Brownsville, Texas, on ' ' -
Tuesday, March 9, to Safurday, 13
Starting at 9 o'clock a. m.; 200 No. 1 U. S. Springfield Rifles, slightly used' for drill work,
but not enough to be noticeable, fully equipped with fine 1200-yd .sight, blue steel bayonet
and cleaning rod; everyone of these.guns cost the U; S. Goveniment $20 to manufacture,- in
stupendous quantities, and could not be manufactured today to..retail for less than $35. .
Never again will my friends of .Brownsville and;, vicinity have the opportunity to purchase
one of these valuable guns at the
idiculously low price of $2.95
For accuracy it can not be excelled with any gun costing
times mis amouni. jxeiiiemuer, we nave omy uu, ana m oraer tnat you
get one of these Valuable Guns, be on hand or mail your order early, as we
could not get you a gun the equal of this for many times the cost of this one.
Just The Gun For Big Game "
With this gunlyou can bring down a deer at 400 j'ards. The accuracy of the sight -makes it possible to draw a bead as fine
as a hair;-;No.better shooting gun was ever made.
For Ducks
Thershells.of the ball cartridges can be reloaded with shot at a cost'of 1-2 cent each. It shoots just as hard and accurately
as when "ball 'cartridges are used, shooting the regular 45 shot shells. " . . "
AmiTmnition :r T.
IWill be oni sale witlrthe.guns., and we will cam-an ample supply, so that our customers and purchasers can;get amjn'unition
at any time. . '
" Remember the time and place. ' Starting at 9 o'clock a. m. oil - - . .
i MAIL ORDERS will be promptly filled by enclosing $2.95 P. O. or Express Money Order.
rownsviiie oporunq uooas Lompa
A. G. MASON, Prop,
Opposite Miller Hotelr
?- Also a full-line ofePishing Tackle, Bicycles, Baseball and Athletic Goods.

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