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The Brownsville daily herald. [volume] (Brownsville, Tex.) 1897-1910, December 13, 1909, Image 2

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By BroirnsviUe Herald Publislung Co. !
if. -S. Slattery
toL Jesse O. Wheeler
- Manager
- - Editor
Official County and city Journal.
Consolidated In 1S93 with the Daily
Cosmopolitan, which was published
In Brownsville for sixteen years.
Entered at the Postoffice, Brownsville,
icjtis., as second-class matter.
Daily Published every evenine
rcept Sunday, by mail postpaid
to any point in the United States,
Mexico or Cuba, or delivered by
carrier to anv nart nf
i "Tras, or Matamoros. Mexico.
J One copy one year. . .6.00 .
f One copy six months. 3.00
f weekly Published Saturday
mail postpaid to any point in
i yaaea states or Mexico.
One opy one year $1.50
One copy six months 75
One copy three months. . .50
Subscriptions invariably due and
payable in advance.
Advertising rates on application.
There are many things which
Brownsville needs to do for its own
betterment, but there is one thing
which it, should do for the sake of
those who are helpless. It should
organize a humane society. No one
knows the sufferings which are in
flicted upon the dumb brutes that
are subject to cruel and heartless
A human being if mistreated can
tell of his wrongs and obtain relief
and redress. A poor beast, depriv
ed of the power of speech, can only
endure its pangs in silence. The
other day, in the recorder's court in
this city was seen a wretched goat,
with its eyes goughed out. its legs
broken, and its siues raw and bleed
inS a living witness of man's in
humanity, that showed only too
plainly what cruelty man may be ap
able of. This was an extreme case,
V perhaps, yet -who knows what other
barbarity such wretches as that man
may Jnflict at any time upon the
helpless creatures about him of
Mch the authorities and the pub
lie may not he informed? We all
do know that there are scores of
poor, lialf-strved burros or other
draft .animals kept and used in this
Jrvfn vhihose sufferings must be in
tense. Y.r they could only speak
cheir wroriy tell of the pangs of
., 6B3jger andjcold which they endure,
wMe dTivn frora jrornfns until
aiht. thoiA every muscle strained
and .aching until they can hardly
jnavr yet goadea on by heartless
masters. If -vve could but know tho
pain these poor animals are suffer
ing, perhaps we might not rest so
contented in the enjoyment of the
creature comforts that fall to the
share of the well fed, well clad
ones, who dine at plentiful tables,
sit beside warm fires and slep under
fleecy coverings.
"Brownsville is behind the world in
the matter of protecting the help
less ones within her limits. Humane
societies everywhere now endeavor
to prevent cruelty to animals by as
sisting in the enforcement of the
laws which punish such exhibitions
J inhumanity. Texas has laws
which punish cruel treatment of
titinib animals, and the humane so
cieties elsewhere see that these laws
are enforced. lirownsville should
organize such a society. There are
plenty of kindly disposed people
here, plenty who openly condemn
the cruel treatment of animals, and
very probably if someone would
take the initiative in the inatt.-r, it
would be very easy to organize a
ftuinae society here.
There is No Success Without
Great Labor.
Local Gridiron Warriors Surprise
Rooters by Stronjr Playing Against
31ore Experienced Team Score ;
Should Have Reen Six to Five.
"Young man, consider the post
tage Stamp: its usefulnes consists4
in its ability to stick to one thing
until it gets there."
Presistency, sticking to it continuously; never stopping,
adding weekly and monthly to your savings account
will in a short time lay the foundation for success and,
fortune. Four per cent interest paid semi annually".
Kingsville High defeated Browns. I
ville High last Saturday in the first j
game that has ever been played by 1
a team from the local school. Al
though beaten, the Brownsville boys
have reason to fell greatly encourag- j
ed over the splendid fight they put ',
up. The Kingsville team was slight
ly heavier ad older than Brownsville
and also more experienced, this be
ing their second game. In spite of
these disadvantages there was very
little choice in the playing of the
teams, Brownsville showing every
bit as strong as their opponents.
yhen it is considered that some of
the local players had never seen a
football before this season and that
they have had no scrub to practice
against, their showing was remarka
bly good.
Though the score stands official
ly 11-5, it should have been 6-5,
Kingsville being credited with a
touchdown in the second half
through a mistake in the interpreta
tion of the rules by the referee
What was declared a touehdow
really a touchback, which sh
count for neither team.
Kingsville won the toss and decid
ed to receive the kick. Guzman !
booted the ball down the field to R. ,
Doherty, who brought it back ten
yards before being downed by Gro. ,
er. After a few short gains, Kings-i
itte punted to Schmelling, who was
downed on the visitors 45 yard line, j
Guzman and Schmellig tore off fif- .
teen yards in a couple of plays, then ;
Kingsville stiffened and Turner tried j
a goal from the field which fell
short. Wells muffed the ball on his j
five yard line and Craig recovered j
it for Brownsville. Guzman then j
smashed through left tackle for a j
touchdown, three minutes after the ;
beginning of the half. Hanson j
failed in t..e try for goal. Score j
Brownsville, 5; Kingsville, 0.
After tne kick off the ball moved
up and down the field, changing '
bands frequently, neither team being
able to gain consistently. Near the
close of te lialf, with the ball on I
the home team's --yard lie. Laws 1 Entirely new, all outside rooms, lacing tropical court
broke through and blocked Guzman's i . m . -,,. hv wtek or
It a me rvtaiwo vwv w r
Trust Co.
Would like to keep an account of
their receipts and expenditures if
some one would keep it for them.
Open a bank account with the
First National Bank and you will
find the account keeps itself with
no expense.
Your checks are always evidence
of date and amount of all disburse
ments and your deposit book shows
dates and amounts of your receipts.
Many of your friends and neigh
bors have accounts with us.
NOT YrOU? Don't wait for a big
start any amount offered, either
large or small, is cheerfully accept
ed. It's convenient for all.
wn was 1 j :
should1 II ;
1 It H
L Li El
in Southwest Texas
The First National Bank
m 11 Si
Take a ride through
Newest and Finest Hotel
Modern in Every Particular
Separate parlors and writing room especially fitted for the
comfort of our lady patrons.
The Miller is Farther South Than any Hotel in United States
Jno. McClintock, Proprietor
E 1
San Carlos
c back over the" goal line where ne j Traveling Salesmen, Tourists and homeseekers
leii on it for a touchdown. R. ' -
Doherty ki'-ked an easy goal. Score
lirownsville. 5; Kingsville, G.
The first half ended -a few nun
Cuisine unexcelled. Hot and cold
month. Special attention paid to '
You'll like it
Esnecial attention eiven to telephone orders. Free delivery to any
utes later with the ball in Browns-' part of the city. Prescriptions filled with promptness and accuracy,
ville's possession o"n Kingsville's 1 physician in our office at all hours. '
The only corner drug store in town, and Santa Qlanseadgnarters
.1. B. VIANA, Proprietor and Manner
If you want to reach readers in
the entire Lower Rio Grande Val
ley and readers in thirty-two states
outside the State of Texas, use the
columns of the Brownsville Weekly
Herald. It is not only the repre
sentative paper of the valley, out it
has the widest circulation of any
"Weakly paper published iu South
If money makes the mare go,
what makes a politician run for of-'
fice? San Antonio Express.
Doesn't he generally run
sponse to the importunities
many admiring friends?
yard line.
During the second half, the play
was very even. Kingsville gained
more than the home team on rush
ing out orownsvine equalized this by
superiority in punting and in hani'.,
ling punts, KingsriJIe's back fieli
worn l"nr very poor.
The play that gave the visitors i 50to75af:vays onhand, plenty of quality. If you buy from me you canseelhematwork-lfjou (
their last five points occurred near J waut a pair or a car load it will pay you to figure with me. Just tall meat Mcacstks or'
the end of the game. An attempt- i Donna. It is a pleasure for me to show you the mules. I also have a few good horses. Alii
ed goal from the field by R. Doh- stock sold under a guarantee Ask E. F. Rawson or Oscar Hart my way of ijing business.
erty went wide, the ball rolling over' J McNifil.
Brownsville's goal line . According I 1
to tne nues, tne oau snouiu nave j
been declared dead and put in play
from the 25-yard line. Schmellig,
however, in attempting to fall upon
it fumbled and Williams dropped on '.
it, Referee IJillingsly allowing a.
touchdown. The try at the goal
failed. Score Brownsville. .1; Kigp
ville, 11. 1
A stirring thirty yard run bj '
Schmelling was the only feature ot I
the remainder of the game, which '
ended with the ball in possession
of Kingsville on the home team's 40
yard line.
The faults in Brownsville's play
were mainly due to inexperience and
lack of knowledge of the game for
the material is there from which a
good eleven can be developed by
proper coaching. Grover C. Turner, '
defense, while Guzman and Scinel--ling
did most of the work of carry,
ing the ball. ;
For Kingsville, Kendall and Wil-'
liams on the ends turned back the
attack, usually without gain and the
Doherty brothers and A. Kirkwood
were strong at advancing the ball, .
their attack, howeier, lacking con-,
A small crowd of rooters with ear
splitting yells made things lively in
the stand, but the attendance was j
much below what the efforts of the
boys deserved.
The team will play a return game
at Kingsville on Jan. 1.
The line-up:
Kendall Left End Hilt
Laws Left Tackle. .. .McAleese
Harvey . . . .Left Guard. . . .Guzman
L. Kirkwood. .Center. . . . Hallmark
Weeks . . . Right Guard . . . C. Turner
Durham . . .Right Tackle. . . Grover
Williams .... Right End .... Craig
Wells . . .Quarter Back . .G. Turner
E. Doherty. Left Half Back. .Hanson.
R. Doherty. .Right half back. ...
A. Kirkwood. .Full Back. . .Guzman ;
Touchdowns: Guzman, Williams ,
and Laws. Goal: R. Doherty. !
Referee: A. Billingsly; Umpire,
W. Menaker; Field .fudge, .1. A. Cob
olini. TimeKeeqers: .1. O. C'oholi
ni ad W. G. Harding.
Time of halves: 23 and 20 min-'
utes. i
J. B. SCOTT - - General Manager.
tj ? "j
1 1 ' i
Ij O.BKone
Real Estate
$2.00 Per Day--
Every Room with south and southeast exposure.
tA truly High class Hotel. New and cVIodern Throughout.
Two Blocks from Depot. : : : One Block from Post Oftice.
Brownsville g Texas:
Sole agents for the. celebrated
Stiich & Zeidler, Bollerman Son
- - -
New Line of PianosJust Received j
Below are the names of a few people to whom we
have sold pianos and to whom we refer you: g.
E. L. Hicks. E. C. FortosH. B. Verhelle, G. A. S
Putegnat, Elks Club, Teofilo Crixell, Vicente Urix r
ell, Jos. Crixell, T. J. Hooks,
We will take your old piano in exchange and if ftf
you desire will sell on easy payments. p
f Store and oftice on 12th s., next to Mrs. Bollack p.
Phone 265 Brownsville, Texas
Or Write
For prices on Nursery stock, ( le, Banana
Orange, Lemon, Fig, Englisrfalnut
and Ornamentales. N
UlU MiMiiim..JUWwaaii' mump w. f-'r"-.1 BHMBBMOBS
is To Our
Brownsville will be putting on city
idrs soon, with Uncle Sam's gray
uniformed men delivering the mail
all over town eery day.
The Etolfurrias Facts reports 3,
325 l)ales of cotton turned out by
The gin at that place. With the
snowy staple selling at 1C cents that
s surely -going some."
TRADE MORAL The quality ol '
what you nave to sell Is known '
to some people all of the time
and all of the people some of
. the time, hut advertise regu
larly with up and you'll reach
all of the pelple all of the time.
I have purchased the interes of M. J. W.
Lamb, in the Hancock-Lamb Furniture
Company and will continue the business at
the same location. I desire to thank the
friends of the Company for their generous
itrD.uje i n the past and ask foracontinu
uceof tis sam;. A cordial invitation isex
tended to the people of lirownsville and vi
cinity to visit us and lookjover our stock of
furniture and household goods.
Capital and Surplus, $150,000.00
J-4-A: -'- -I JUL J. J. A J..'. J. JL.'. J. J. JUL ,'. J
il J.
, 4
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Buyers of Hides. Wools. Skins and Produce. Brownie tCexarJ
j . Alldevf reventative)
Office iWatamoros. Mex.. Cor. Manvfpi finnnFranklin Avenue
f . j Preston 33 ! Houston, Texai,
i y

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