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10,000,000 ACRES
Irrigated farms and Colonization Tracts, in all sizes, large and
small. Let us know what you want. We have it in any" lo
cality and can give the best prices. Write or call.
H. G. Stillwell, the San Benito
nurseryman, was transacting busi
ness in town today.
Customs Isnpector Fred Starck is
able to be out again ater a long
seige of pneumonia.
J. B. McAllen and wife started for
te McAllen ranch this morning for a
fifteen day hunting trip.
Miss Adelaid Boyd, who has been
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Noah Al
len for the past eight months left
yesterday morning for her home at
Baltimore. She was accompanied to
Houston by Mrs. Allen and H. M. L.
Hurrellbrink. During her stay here.
Miss Boyd has made a number of
warm friends, who regret her de
pature and w hs i eashrthe thH
parture and wis her a speedy return.
Mrs. Allen expects to meet at Hous
ton and bring back with her another
niece, Miss Miller of Elizabethtown,
Ky., who is coming to Brownsville
for a stay of indefinite length.
Miss Mamie Closner, with her cou
sin. Miss Ella Closner, rqturned to
Chapin, after a short visit in the
To the Point and Back. Shortly
before five yesterday afternoon, Dr.
B. O. Works received a phone mes
sage from John Simo at Point Isa
bel asking him to go down to the
Point to attend his wife who has been
suffering some days with an abscess
in one ear. Dr. Works found that
the Rio Grande engine that had gone
down in the morning had returned
to replenish the water supply at the
Point and would start bark at once.
The doctor said goodbye to his wife
and friends and took passage. He
arrived at the Point at nine, the tired
old engine, running into the station
on fire pounds of steam and then
dying. Dr. Works attended to Mrs.
Simo an dthen lay around until the
other engine that had been phoned
for arrived from Brownsville. The
return trip was begun a little af
ter one a. m., and concluded at 5.
This morninR'the train went out as
In Which Vocal and Instrumental
Music and Tableaux of Unusual
Merit Delighted the Large Audi
ence in Attendance.
Chibtinas Tree Plentiful.
Boston, Mass., Dec. 17. This
year's crop of Christmas trees is
abundant and of a good quality, al
though the price is about the same
as last year. The open weather in
the northern states and New Bruns
wick has made it an easy matter to
gather stock. At retail the trees are
selling for from 40 to 75 cents each,
oking to size and quality. The ever
greens cost the dealer about forty
cents a bunddle, each bundle con
taining from one to five trees. Trees
retailing at fifty cents are said to
cost the dealer only about twelve
cents, but this large margin of profit
is defended by the inconvenience of
handling this sort of merchandise,
the large cost of delivery and the
the great risk. Trees left on hand
after Christmas are only so much
rubbish, and cannot be gien away.
New Brunswick supplies a large part
of the trees used in. New England
and the East generally.
I Advance Christmas Mails.
New York, Dec. 17. To insure,
the delivery of Christmas mails in
England, the American liner St.
Louis sailed today, instead of Satur
day. The ship carried an immense
cargo of mail, largely gifts forward
ed to Great Britain from this country.
The advance in the sailing date will
permit the distribution of mails
throughout a considerable portion of
England by Christmas Day. The
sailing of the steamship Philadelphia
from New York for bouthampton,
scheduled for Christmas Day, has
been advanced Id the 24th. These
changes are agreeable to the postal
The sailing of the St. Paul from
Southampton for New York, original
ly set for tomorrow has been ad
vanced to today, so that homecom
ing Americans may spend the holi
days in the United States.
Yesterday afternoon at the Con
vent of the Incarnate Word a Mex
ican supper was served to a crowd
of appreciative Brownsville people
that overtaxed the facilities of the
culinary department of the Convent
and made away with everything eat
able that had been prepared. The
sisters were assisted by a large num
ber of the alumnae of the academy
in preparing and serving the supper.
Tables were placed in the large yard
on the Seventh street side of the
Convent and there delectable tamales
and enchiladas and other creations
Mexican were brought, steaming
and savory arid hunger-compelling
to the multitude who had forsaken
the usual evening meal in the usual
place to enjoy something different.
Some staid householders and
heads of families who refuse to be
happy at meal time out of sight of
their own hearths were seen toward
dusk proceeding homeward from the
convent grounds bearing huge dish
es of comestibles that not even a
tight covering could keep from emit
ting the most pleasing of odors.
In every way i.e supper was a
great success, many more people at
tending than had been expected.
Following the al fresco feast, a
Christinas entertainment was given
in the Convent hall. The following
program was rendered:
1 Overture Crown of G6lu
Piano. Miss Scanlan; Violin,
Mr. Viano.
Tableau "OXR WASHING! uN"
Piano Solo "La Tempestad". . .
Miss H. Browne
Old Song "Rock .Me to Sleep" . .
Poses Plastiques, Miss Etta
Kowalski; Song, Mr. Roarke
Piano Solo "Venicionischen Gon-
dellied" .-Mendelssohn
Miss Rebecca Barragan
Waltz Song "The Gleaners" ....
Pupils of the Academy
Piano Solo "Le Reveil des Syl-
phes" Ketterrer
Boat Song Schubert
ExPupils of the Academy
Tableau "Angelus Domini Nuntia
vit Maria"
Song: "Ave Maria" Gounod
Miss Hicks
Cavatina Ralff
Piano, Miss Scanlan; Violin, Mr.
Tableau "Bethlehem"
Chant: Gloria in Excelsis Deo.
Christmas Anthem Chorus
Bercense from Jocelyn Godard
Miss Scanlan and Mr. Viano
Tableau "Nazereth"
Misses Barron, Marion Layton,
H. Browne
Tableau "Rock of Ages"
The various numbers were well
given and thoroughly enjoyed by
the large crowd in attendance. The
twelve little misses who took part
in the chorus entitled "The Glean
ers" undoubtedly won the honors of
the evening. They sang and acted
without a trace of self consciousness,
seemingly enjoying the piece just as
much as those on the other side of
the footlights.
One, the littlest maiden of the
twelve was especially good, singing
the closing "good night" with just
every bit of emotion of which her
young soul was capable.
A very effective feature was the
"pose's plastiques" in which Miss
I Etta Kowalski posed most graceful
ly, while the sweet old lullaby
"Rock Me to Sleep" was sung.
The different tableaux were wor
thy of special mention, all being
well posed and effectively staged.
The hall and stage were very
prettily decorated with palm leaves
and greenery and many hued flowers.
Tor Sale.
' FOR SALE I am the agent ex
clusively ) for the "Hick's Reserve"
land at San Benito. No water tax
on this "Reserve" and the water
charges are 4.00 less per acre for
truck growing than the regular
prices. W. S. Blaekshear, Browns
ville, Texas. 12-14-7
FOR SALE A four horse power
gasoline engine. Can be seen in op
eration at The Herald. tt'
FOR SALE First class team Mis
souri mules, wagon and harness, for
$450. Mules thoroughly acclimated.
Address or call, Lyford Townsite
Company, Lyford, Texas. 12.10-3
FOR SALE loiiii cords of good
wood, regular ienj:th at ?1.7o per
cord, F. O. L5. Tiacano. Texas, B.
Lanata. P. O. Box MM, Brownsville,
lOtiu CI M.MER Onion crates.
Cheap. Dr. Mount C. Wild, Harlin
gen, lexns.
-ALE Wooden counter,
t and cash drawer. Cheap,
re Herald. 12-7-tf
FOR SALE Three hores power
gasoline engine. Cheap. Box 41..,
care Herald. 12-7-tf
For Rent
FOR RENT 9 room house.
Close in. Apply
Bollack's store.
to J. J.
Wolff, at
FOR RENT One new furnished
room. Close in, for gentleman. W.
H., P. O. Box 311. 12-16-Gt
7 ROOM HOUSE Both water
and stables. Apply to K. H. McDa
vitt at the Brownsville Grocery Co.
FOR RENT Beautifully furnish
ed rooms in a new house. All mod
ern conveniences. Mrs. R. II. Wal
lis, Washington street, near fort.
12-11. 1!U
FOR RENT Cottage on corner of
Jefferson and loth street. For par
ticulars apply to Mr. V. Egly oppo
site. 10-28-tf
naga residence, formerly known as
the Riveri.d'j lloitl. "Tine spie: did
rooms and bath. Address Yznaga
Bros., P. O. Box 154
FOR LEASE 250 acres of land
7 miles north of Brownsville on
Alice road. Water and all modern
improvements. Will lease all. or
part. Can give possession on De
cember 1st. Enquire of Geo. Cham
pion, Brownsville, Texas.
LOST Gentleman's locket on
Elizabeth street; has picture of his
wife and child. Return to Miller
Hotel and receive liberal reward.
n i
WANTED Position as bookkeep
er or assistant bookkeeper, typewrit
er operator or warehouse clerk.
Speak English and Spanish languag.
es. Good reference. Address S. F.
F., Brownsville Daily Herald.
WANTED To buy a lot on Eliza
beth, Levee or Washington streets,
or on side streets, between these
streets. State price, size and loca
tion, etc. Address P. O. Box 204
12-1 Uf
WANTED A first class hard
ware and " implement man. Write
at once stating salary desired and
experience. Must speak Spanish.
Address, R. P. Boeye, Donna, Tex.
WANTED To Borrow on one or
two years' time, $2000, secured by
improved irrigated land near I-on-na.
Will pay eight per cent and use
most of the money to increase vnlue
of security. -Address, "Farmer,"
care "The Herald."
P. A. Lang & Son
Wholesale Fruit and
Produce and Com
mission Merchants.
and lighted with electric lights that
had been put up for the occasion.
The entire affair was in charge
of Mrs. Jas. B. Wells, who was ably
assisted by a number of the alumnae
of the academy.
The proceeds are to be devoted
to the support of the free schools
maintained in Brownsville by the
sisters of the Incarnate Word.
Teachers Coming. The city-county
teachers institute will open to
morrow at the public school building,
to last five days. There will be over,
fifty teachers in attendance, includ
ing both city and county educators,
all of whom a-e required to go to
school for these five days and study
the art of teaching-.
The Hancock-Lamb Carriage and Wagon Stock
BEGINS 8 A. M. THURSDAY, DEC. 16, 1909
Mark-ng the End al High Prices on VEHICLES in South Texas
t 9
We have purchased the entire stock of
Carriages, Wagons and Harness
O.- Hi- HANr.OOK-T.AMB CO.. and will
I shortly open up one of the largest Wholesale and
I Retail Vehicle Houses in South Texas.
This means the immediate closing out of
the stock now on hand
At a Tremendous Sacrifice
Not a Carriage, not a Wagon, not a piece of Harness
must remain when the new stock arrives. Get in on this early
Thej e will be something doing every minute
Buggies, runabout type, strongly built, full
wrought gear, heavy steel tires, body 215 in. wide
wheels made of selected hickory, - at and back
upholstered in genuine leather. ' Regular price
$50.00, closing out price !y57.75
Top buggies, piano box, stylish design, full
wrought gear, selected hickory wheels, 2I in.
body, easy riding, end springs, genuine leather
back and seat, complete with top. Regular price
$65.00, closing out price $19.00
Bike wagons, new design with cut nuder body:
high arched, long distance axles, Studebaker pat
ent body loops, selected second growth hickory
wheels, 1 inch rubber tires, best leather trimmed
made by Studebaker Bros. Regular price $100.00,
closing out. price $70..0.
Surreys, three quarter, cut under, long distance
gear, Sarven patent wheels i inch rubber tires,
panel seats, with solid panel backs, full canopy
top, oil lamps and double fenders. This is one of
the most stylish surreys made by Studebaker
Bros Regular price $170.00, closing out price
Village wagons, two seats, Sarven patent wheels,
double collar 1 in. steel axles, drop end gate,
very strongly built gear. Body, 6 ft. 6 in. long,
22 in. wide, 7 in. deep. Made by Studebaker
Bros. Regular price, $80.00, closing out price
Carriages and Village wagons aie finished in the
various standard colors to suit individual taste
Columbus Farm wngons, 1 ,& in. skein, substantial
well built gears, made to give satisfaction, double
box 7 ft, 6 in. long, 3 ft. 2 in. wide, 14 in. deep
Regular price $52.50, closing out price .$39.50
Famous Studebaker Farm wagons, known as the
best in America, 2 in. skein, extra strong gears
double box 9 ft. 10 in. long, 6 ft. 6 in wide, 18
in. deep. Regular price, $75.00, closing out price
Studebaker Farm wagons slightly different from
above, skein, only $61.50.
$14.50 single harness complete with collar at $9.90.
$21.00 double1 harness at $15.75
$28.00 double harness at $19.75
$45.00 double harness at $34.50
Collars, all leather, well ma3e. Regular price
$1.75, closing out price $1.10
35c sweat pads, quilted at 23c
25c Canvas back bands at 18c.
About 125 Vehicles and many Sets of Harness to be run out at these prices. Mr. Mcrcnant, Mr. Farmer, get your wife a
suitable Christmas pmcnt. A STYLISH RUNABOUT or a NICE COVERED CARRIAGE IViLfS? n lArV, VP " tht
opportunity you have ever had in Brownsville to buy these lines at such MONEY-SAVING PRICES. Don I express vain
regrets if you miss the golden opportunity. Everybody make a run on this store, we won t close the door. REMEMBER THE
Wholesalers & Retailers of Uptodate Vehicles & Harness
Commencing Monday, Dec. 12th
And lasting all the week
For MONDAY, Special Sale Suitable Gifts for MAMMA
For TUESDAY, Special Sale Suitable Gifts for PAPA
For WEDNESDAY, Special Sale Suitable Gifts for SISTER
For THURSDAY, Special Sale Suitable Gifts for BROTHER
For FRIDAY, Special Sale Suitable Gifts for AUNT or UNCLE
For SATURDAY, Special Sale Suitable Gifts for BABY, LITTLE SIS
The Present you buy now WE WILL HOLD FOR YOU
" Home of Santa Claus "
: rK rK Ht i'.i rH rK r!t H: at rH -K- ij. ij- ij: ij: jji ij- r;- .;- ij. .-h rK rit H: rK Hr ;K fh rfc .

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