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ITMXDECElrBfiR 31, 1309-
Start 1910 Right-Buy Mission Town Lots Now
Prices Advance January 1st
We have induced the Mission Land Improvement, Company to postpone a general advance in prices luntil
January 1st, 1910. After that date .
All $350 lots will sell for
All $300 lots will sell for
All $250 lots will sell for
. : $400. ;
. $350.
. $300.
All $200 lots will sell for .
All $175 lots will sell for .
All $125 lots will sell for .
. $250.
. . $200
. . $150,
Only Two Days More at These Prices
This Insures an Immediate Profit
Small Payment Easy Terms Special Discount for Cash
For choicest locations call early, write or wire
HAGUE BROTHERS. Sales Managers
Mission, Texas
Brownsville office on Elizabeth street, half block west of Miller Hotel
R. N. MAGILL, General Sales Agent
Brownsville, Texas
KrcrT Kncoimijreinent KU'iuleil to
Kxliiliitors in AH Departments at !
the Midwinter Fair.
Heard From.
Others to Ke
the list before next week, as several
have promised to assist, and the com
plete list will doubtless include the
name of every merchant and business
man of any prominence in Browns
ville, while many of those in other
valley towns are also expected to do
nate prizes.
Prize liist Already Published. .
('rand Sweepstake Prizes. j
Best display of any one variety of
I poultry by an individual Grand-
l father clock, G feet in height, Mis- j
sion style, value 15.00. " I
Donated by Brownsville Business
lien's Club. ;
Regular prizes will be awarded '
! on poultry as follows: j
The list of Premiums offered for ex-1 ,mMling Pens,
hibits at the Midwinter Fair con- "
tinues to grow, and indica-, 1st prize, $3.00; 2nd prize, $2.00.
tions are that some of the most valu- I
able premiums ever offered at any ,
county fair will be the reward of the j
Single Birds. i
First Second
successful exhibitors. Several town t v T i
lota valued at from $100 upwards j est: Cockerel $2.00 $1.00,
have been placed on the list by some j Best Hen $2.00 $1.00 ,
of our enterprising valley developers. I Best Pulllet $2.00 $1.00 ,
Valuable and useful gifts of various j All exhibits of poultry competing
kinds are being subscribed by tuej for prizes will be divided into class t
merchants daily, which added to the as foliows the prizes tobe awarded to
money premiums offered by the Fair the best b5rds q c,ass.
Association, Will iuhku 11 wen nuiun
the whllo of the farmers and house
keopers to compete.
Following are the additions to the
Jist since yesterday's publication:
For best sugar cane exhibit, Fine
Bridse.Beach steel range, retail val
ue $45 by the Brownsville Hardware
Best collection irrigated farm pro.
ducts of all kinds, Leonard cleanable
refrigerator, solid oak, retails
,$40, Hicks Hardware Co.
Best collection citrus fruit, lot at (
Allendale, by Citrus Fruit Develop
ment Co.
Best display of cabbage, $5 Stetson
hat, by R. C. Patterson.
Best' homemade cake, $10 punch
bowl, Brownsville Drug Co.
ttpst homemade pies, pair ladies?
Red Cross shoes, value $4, any style
Boston Shoe Store.
Best dozen homemade biscuits,
either soda or baking' powder, 50
pounds of home rendered lard, Amer
ican Meat Market.
Best pound homemade candy, silver
manicure set, worth $7.tJ0, Putegnat's
Best Individual exhibit silver cup,
Hnll.im Colonization Co.
A lot at Mission has been promised I
by the .Mission uiu juiihdi
Co and a lot at San Benito or its
cash equivalent by the San Benito
Land and Water Company, but the
special exhibits for which these will
he given are not yet announced.
Other premiums will co added to
Class A American Breeds. "
Barred, White and Buff Plymouth
Rocks; Silver Laced, Golden, White,'
Buff, Black, oClumbian, Partridge
and Silver Penciled Wyandottes;
Muck and Mottled Javnu: S. C. and
R. C. Rhode Island Reds.
Class B English Breads. '
S. C. Buff, S. C. White and S. C.
for! niacl: Orpington; Colored Silver-
Class C Asiaticr Breeds.
Light and Dark Brahmas; Buff,
Partridge, White and Black Cochins;
Black and White Lengshans.
Class 1) Mediterranean Breeds.
S. C. Brown. S. C. White, S. C.
Buff. S. C. Black. R. C. Brown andR. !
C. White Leghorns; White Faced
"Block Spanish; Blue Andalusians; S. '
C. Black S. C White and Rose Comb
, riety $2.00 $1.00
Best Hen, and variety $2.00 $l.vv
Best pair of ducks, any
variety $2.00 $1.00
Best pair of -geese, any
variety .$2.00 $1.00
Utility Premiums.
Realizing the great importance of
of the market poultry industry in
the Lower Rio Grande Valley, upon
which depends ultimately the finan
cial success of every branch of the
poultry business, and for the purpose
of encouraging the fullest develop,
ment of this industry, premiums will
be offered on the following:
First Second
Best half doz. -broilers $3.00 $1.00
Best half doz. friers $3.00 $1.00
Best half doz. roasters $3.00 $1.00
Best half doz. capons .$3.00 $1.00
Best halfdoz. ducklings$3.00 $1.00
Best half doz. squabs. .$3.00 $1.00
Birds competing for utility pi em-
aims will be judged 'alive, from a
strictly market standpoint, regard.
less of breeds, thereby permitting
all breeds to compete against each
other strictly on their merits for
market purposes.
Best dnen egjs, white $2.00 5100
Best do, eggs, brown $2.00 $l.f.0
Beat dozen eggs, pink. $2.00 $1.0i
Weight and uniformity in size,
Texan Claims to Have Produced Fine
Crop Without Almost Xo llain for
Three Months.
shape and color will govern awards
Black Minorcas; Mottled Anconas. j
Class E Polish Breeds.
Golden, Silver. White, Buff-laced,1
White Crested, Black, Bearded Gold.,
en. Bearded Silver and Bearded
White Polish.
Class G All Breeds Xot Included in
ClassA, B, C D, E and F.
Turkeys. '
First Second
Best pair of turkeus. i 1
and variety $3.00 $1.00 ..
Best Gobbler, any va- '" t ,
The New Year.
Ring out, wild bells, to the wild
The flying cloud, the frosty light;
The year is dying in the night; .
Ring out, wild bells, and let him die.
Ring out the old, ring in the new;
Ring, happy bells, across the snow;
The year is going let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.
Ring out the grief that saps the mind
For those that here we see no more
Ring out the feud of rich and poor;
Ring in redress to all mankind.
Ring out a slowly dying cause.
And ancient forms of party strife;
Ring in the nobler modes of the
Ring in the Christ that is to be.
Alfred Tennyson.
: - "ij
As all good fruit cakes improve
with age we will always keepsome
on" hand. Ours are better than mother
used to make.
97. -
"Clay's Bakery. Rhone
Elberta peaches the size of a tea
cup are reported by John M. Howell
of Parker County, Texas, who attrib
utes his success as an orchardist to '
the practice of dry farming methods.
In an interview, Mr. Howell stated
that his peach tree did not have a
drop -of rain for three months prior
to the picking of his crop.
"Dry farming or scientific soil cuL
ture," said Mr. Howell, "will mean a
great deal for our agricultural inter
ests. It is practiced successfully in
sections of the country that have far
less rainfall than we have in Parker
county and there is no question but
that it will do the work if the proper
methods are followed.
"On my orchard tract there has
been practically no rain for three
months. I broke the orchard land
between the trees in the spring with
a disc harrow. Since that time I have
cultivated the soil both ways with a
section harrow every week and the
result has been astonishing. There
is a fine dust mulch four to five inches
deep over the ground and the trees
are growing as nicely as if there had
been plenty of rain. The fruit has
grown and matures without rain and
is now. ripening into as perfect speci- '
mens as any one could desire."
Southwestern Farmer.
J. B. VIANO, Proprietor and Mansger
Sole agents for the celebrated v
-f-s-irfi & 7iiflIoi RnTliftnort
4J1.1IVU W MV1U1V1) UU11V1 U1U11 OUil
grade Boiler-man Son Pianos at $325.00. $75.00
cash, balance on easy payments to suit your
pocket book. : : : : :
Nearly 100 Pianos have been said in Brownsville and Alata
ros for the last IS years which references were given inlasl
week's Herald. These instrnmenfs are made especially
this cli male with my own mouse proof .patent. Your old
piano taken in exchange. A call will be appreciated
Phone 265 Rrnwncvilfo T,
Same as December Cotton.
My daily says a man in Chicago
has made $1,000,000 in the past ten
days of "May wheat." What is "May
wheat," anyway? Can Judge Wilkin
son grind it in his mills, does Wade
raise it on his farms, is Professor Mil
ler testing it for yield and qualuy,
and what kind of bread does it make?
One time a man told me thatMay
wheat was not wheat at all, but just
a name that a lot of fellows have for
a gambling game, and if this is true,
the constable at Chicago ought to haul
that chap up before the squire and
have him fined and socked in jail for
six weeks on a charge of gambling.
Maybe the Chicago constable and the
squire and the rest of the people there !
are all in one and the same game like j
the councilman in Cincinnati who was ;
hauled up for keeping a gambling
den. The farmer who grows real ,
wheat, the miller who grinds it, the i
baker who makes it into bread, and j
the ooor man who can only afford to !
fi)uy one "nickel loaf" at a time, have )
all helped to make up the million dol-;
lars that Chicago manias made in
ten days on his "May wheat" This
"May wheat, 'Marcfe corn,", ".Au
gust pork" aaeiita-e-rest-oi tne gamp.
Especial attention given to telephone orders. Free deliverv to any
part of the city. Prescriptions filled with promptness and Scurfy
Physician in our office at all hours. mtty.
The only corner drug store in town, and Santa Claus' Headquarters
FEED AND SEED-Wholesale and Retail
Phone 66
ling in the name of nandling farmers
produce, disarranges actual markets,
creates a false basis for prices and
makes the man who produces it a
puppet in the hands of -a few score
men who get rich at his expense. Or
ganization seeks to correct this, yet
men cry down organization, and edi
tors, such aB the one referred to by
Friend Blines, "throw organization
into the deep, deep sea." Correspon
dence Co3aH'3 Rural World.
Assistant United States Attorney
Att rney-at-Law
Brownsvflje Development and Bid. Assn.
WnsvaieLoiri Md Securities Company
Citros Fruit Development Company
Anything .yon wast in a heater.
Phone us, we'll do the rest Brownsville-Hardware
' ;1
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