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titrtr. l.'li.Ifjileria. Hit,
" ?7 J:)'iT xxt;" "'"'
14 mii erart J '-i it. ee irrrti'e
&tzl ia t) : i-ue.
Tynet Em., are lure tnuLing
' lit bottom on low pritre.
Special bargains in tiloei ind
tt-ll.ir.jr at Tynes Bm.
Thr will bt a c i c-rt at tie
Collige, Tl urerlav 221 in-t.
Somebody. ir.d bird ti ihi nlfiVe.
brine, us a load i.f n,d quit Lt
A great many "f lh young peo
pie left town nil Monday, tu attrnd
the shtw ii G'oster.
Ladies and Gentlemen, walk in
to Brewer Brot. 4 Co., the re ymt
CIO lelert your rrtrietrn:-aifti.
Anything ubiailiitl. anything
nice and gxid, and rhnp after all,
you'll 8'il it ' Br. wr Bri. 4 fr
Tin ywung llk, that attend, d
tkt party at Mr. D. P. Cm on laet
Tridty eeuing, reported a very
epjoyable time.
Tba account! ut all parties which
T not settled by tin- 15 h iust.
will ba placed in the hand" f a
collector. A. J. Laiah.
Preaching in the Baptist church
M this place, by E derR J Stewart.
Saturday and Sunday next, at 11
o'clock a. tn. All are cordially in
Tiled to attend.
TheBberilt and lua depuiiei have
bad a rueb this week. The nff.ee
bal been to crowded that all c iild
t 'e waied n and mune h;td tn
Imti and return next day
We Wert- leaacl la eee nn ntii
streati, on Wednesday , Mr. W E
Gill, wh' ba for tile (nut f . week'
been iii Gillshurg. Cnme ajiain,
Ewoll, befnre I' : vinu fur guild.
Tbat high-toiivd ;entleiiian, Mr.
Leon Wolf, nf Osykx, pid uh a
vary pleasant visit mi Wednesday,
and did not fnrget nnr awful
financial conditl nt. . Call aain.
. A stated in our last i.-euecf Tn
tlerald, that we would jjive the
exact night of the christniHS trn.-.
, wa are now prepared In aay, that ii
will positively take place imFriday
: night, December 23rd.
8mmi McGehee, sun nf S. II.
. M'Qehet, near Bnlcili church fed
. from a loaded wngnn in Glower mi
Monday lut, and the wagnn ran
over him, hurting him badly, )tit
be ii now up and trninu to sctwui.
The refuit'nt mr Municipal
Election on lat Tu i lay w,i a?
. follows: KiirMsynr, CliaileaUarriill;
lor Alderajt-n, M F Bates, Sen., I)
II McLean, F W Str.it ton; f-r
Treasurer, C C Bates; fur Murslml,
C A eiismt.
Th K. of II. have I'iected the
following officers f..r '93: C. E
Davis, D ; A. A. Brewer. V. D ; N
8. McLean, A. D.j F. V. rJtration,
C.j R.J. Ptewart. If.; T. WVing,
T.; A. 0. 8tratton, 0 ; A. J. Lxir
Guardian; G. A. McGehee, F. K ;
V. M. Butler, 8. '
When you fee a ernes nmrk oppn
lt your name, it niesns ynur paper
has expired, and. if in arrears, you
should settle up; and il not, ynti
lh"uld take advantage nf the casli
price 1 50. If imt paid in 30 days,
tht paper will cost ymi $2 00. We
- ' -can not deviate from this rule.
AH members nf the Amite Ldjie
K. ofH., No. 2787, are requeued
to come (orward and pay up their
assessmunti ami dues hy Dec 31st.
at the Financial Reporter wishes
to balance op the hunks so as tn
have them ready fnr the Auditing
Committee on January 3rd, 1893
Many thanks to the following
named parties 'for rash favors in
the last fw days: T 8 Wilkinson,
' N A Travis, C N Wall, J IS Reeve-,
W D Hatlewood, Henry N'trwimd,
Adam Harness, G D McElween,
Nieley Gnh ira, HampWall, Harry
Green, J C Dixon, C R C-nk. Le..n
, Wolf, Alf Johnmn, J J Wall, K T
Cbandier, Wash Smith, RDBarmn,
Ynnng Handy jicKnjjrhr. son of
Handy, Sr., (col) while 'potsum
Tuesday night fell from a tree ami
broke hi thigh. No one was wi'h
him except his Utile sister who.
not knowing the way h me, Iniili n
rt and remained with him all
sight. In the morning his father
called bim and he answpred. Dr.
5it w sent for nnd reset the
" Imien lirnh. The ex 'postuin
." fiantct if ro trjog.N!L. .
Dt-:: is still on tie boom, if
Gu'laST is de s J.
i UV are al. ut ihrt ch g "h-HK . tn-t y.u. Where have ya been
.it tiara tn ,4- . - ..ft... J .11 .1 ; . .!.... U'v.
id have ta.irle a fair sum.lv if
mru and potatoes. Cotton picking
iii -hirf orJt r of the djy.
E.'rctiorj js over and people of
our vicinity hate their minds blend
ing over these long account! which
hive been pruented them, but
Delta ia solid a we all have a frw
him r brawling ar'U'n! "Ur jf.it.-?.
which Will n.tikr porker he and
1 y, and w-' hare -onie twee'
itifatj ami when apring open-
will hive an other pie. Partridge
are ripe, and mi are squirrel too.
The hello win of our friendsbreeoh
loader can be ronetanlly beard,
and they mike the ft-athera flv.
which oftentimes carries off lh-
Foxes are ready for rhristma
sport. Some visdtin friend to out
oilv met a large fx carrying with
ti i in a banquet on the end of lii
tail, which was a wadof seed-cotton.
B"iiqi)eta are i.ut nf at vie now.
A J. Nkwiiax.
At the residence nf the hride'-
father, Mr S J. Hoil-e, in Lincolt
OUIItV, MieS . nil Stindiv, the Hit
div -f December. 1892. hv.Eldei
R J Stewart. Mr. Z. N. W'lL O.N
and Mis Hki.fn Hopors.
At his reaidnce. in thi cmintv
DecTiUer 12'h. 1892. Mr. Wool
Hectric B liters.
This remedy is hecnining sowell
knnwn and sn pnpular aa to m ed
mi special menti.iii. All whn have
iced E'ci t i ic B. Iters ! icg the sain
nng nf praise A purer nn dicine
d..es nut exi-t. and it i tiu i' i .t-i d
I (1 all that is clam ed. E eitnc
BiltelS Will Clfe si! lllSean'S 'it' th
liver anil kidneys, will rein.-v
piinples, hnils Sail rhi U'li and l h
iiflj't pti n call-ed by impure bl enl
Will drive in ilaria fp'iii the "yft. m
a'ld prevent as Well as cUie all nix
1 trial fevers F'T core nf headai he
C'nlipaiinn and indieMimi try
Electrh Hitler" Entire aliNfacii
utlanintced, nr innncv refumletl
Price SOcts and fl OH per bnltl
at C'arrnll fe Vtninerv's drlnjntnT'
It Should Bb in Etwy louc
J B Wilson, 371 Clay St.
Sharp-littrc. Pa , says he will n
he ffillmlll Di Kllll'eNcttDlSciiVery
il C "llSUllip'inll, I'nUejllf UlillCnlds
that it cured his wife, who was
hi euleinil with piniliiiunia k 1 1 .
all atl; 0 nf "L i uriiipe, hh
vaiinus ill her HlliediiS and several
ih'ici His had i..ne her lin it. nil
R dlerl Bather, nf l"?iiiikpiirt, P
claims Dr. Kind's Ne D'-cnVery
has dnne him mnre p.md than ant
thing he ever ned I'm Itii g irmihle
N'mliinU like it Tiy il. F
trial hnttlcs al Curmll & Nnnnt ry'
drus'tn't'. Large b"tlles 50'-. m
fl W
For Sale Canary birds, bmwn
vellnw, spotted, tup knots, singers
and females. The finest ever raise
Call at this I'fBce.
A Mewtin ' of thft L'ol. Citii.'ns.
Lmebty. Dec. 13. 1892
A few of the r.. lured cilix- ns
having ra d fnr the purpose nf hol
ing n meeting fr the considering
of the dieturhance caused bv them
being ordered to leave their homes
hut the condition of the weath
being such as to prevent many
them from attending the meeting
we appointed another meeting
convene in Liherly on the 21st d
of Dumber, 1892.
Wm. Ramsey. Chairman.
Travis M iithew, Secrdnrv,
OTcrseer, Take Notice!
Notice is hereby given to all over
seers nf public roads of Amit
county, that according to Si-ctii
3928 nf Annotated Code. 1892. they
are required to miik their semi
annual reports on the first Monday
of January and July in each year
Overseers are to govern themselv
accordingly bv making reports Mini
returning" old cominis-ions.
E. 8. T. Westbrook,
Pres. B. l 8.
I am now it-ady to c. licet taxes
Ifymi do tint mine lorward and se
lie mi or before the 15 h day of !
"ember, damages will be added ac
cording to law. I will also slat'
positively, that I will not re"eiv.
drafto or checks in payment nf tex.
D. M, BqjLEB,
Sheriff 4 Tax Collector
Notice, e
Our mill ia now in running nrrn ,
and we are prepared to furnish bI
kinds of 1 nm her at short notice.
Place your orders early and often
W. M.G0BJ05 4C:
Tsd?rs iiTertleajat. j
Good momirig ooc!e J-ia. It
fcsa b-eti nar !f ten Tears lines I
trading all tli tiuit? Why, at
fucker's store, uf course, six rui'ea
east uf GloiHer. He bat adopted
the spot cash plan, to that the man,
bo bis the money, may not help
pay ILe debts of others. He is now
elling: wool fid jeans psnts at
tl 25; fine ca.h tirre pants st2 00
$2 75 per pair; heavy Canton
ninel drawers, 30 cls ; g uid eus.
pen den at 15 ctt. and upwards;
m ii'a and ladies host at 5 cent
id upwards; all wool over shirts
tl 25; twu ladies handkerchiefs
il-V's. and upwards; oil table cloth
20 eta. ier yard; soap, 4ct. a
uud; s ida, 5 cts. a pound; starch
rt. a p.iu'itl; r2lnxeetf matchea
10 cis ; coal oil, 150 test, 15 cts.
illon; silver steel ax-s,'75 Cis.;
10 inch strap hinges, 15 cts. a pair;
stove pipes, 15 cents; and every
hing else accortlingly, too nuiner-
us to mention.
SherifT Sale.
1. 1 of Amite countr, Mus- I will, oa tie
Kirl M.mdav in January, l9-t.
at tbe court house door in the town of Ub-
ertv. betwten the houri pna-ribed by law,
otter far ule. to the Kiel S- bidder, fur cash.
tbe on mnio mtenvtui siepoeii smuels in
th tullowng aecnbe Unas, to-wit
tux h ill iI norto mm qunrter, o. f, I. -
UK, Kuth east quartr and south wet
wrtcr of north Salt Quarter, and nurlb ball
if MIUIQ wei ausrver biiu virn ..u iiie
. . . . . . . . J it . ,u
w i ido uth wettqaarUr of sovth wet
quarter of 8. i'i, T. I, K. 2 t and -outh hall
f outh wK quirWr nd north we4 ouartei
nt south west quarter, S. 40, T. 8, R. 2 t in
itmils oountT.
Levied on u th pniccr.T of th drfend
int. Stephen Samuel, and will b sold tu
utisiv itif luarroent, sua eosti unasauoei
ibiteu a 4.
D. M. BUTLER, rhsriff.
December 6th, W9i
BUeritTa Hale.
l Fi. fa.
Ralph Gunet
W A. Samuels
l)Y VIRTUE of a wnt of aen ftcia
I ) lo ran. from the Justice Court of Di
irirt No. 8. A in it county, I will, on thi
Hirt .Momiav in Januarv, 19H.5
. tK Pniiet hnte d. mr In town of Libartv.
proceed to it'll to thi highest bidder for cash,
the followine dcribi d property, to-wif
An undivided on ninth intert-t in east
half of uoilli east ousrtor, S. 4, T. 2, K. 2 K,
Miuth "uit quarter andwulh wntqusiterof
aorth eust qn Tier, nua nona nan oi tuuw
jtml q'lunor and ii sen n in west ime ut
-nuth went quarter "I wum m jiwwr oi
. S9. T. 3. R. 2 U.. and south half of aoiitli
iires Quarter and north west qnartr of smth
west quiirur, S. 40, T. 8, R. 1 E. ia Amite
Leviod on is th property oi neitnuam.
W. A. Samuels, and will b sold to satiit
I v the judg nunt and coiU in th above lUfc
T. M. BUTLIR, Sheriff.
Novi mber the 15th, 1892.
Raneer'a Sale.
court house door in the town of Liberty,
ii the
Fi a Monday m January, IfS'a.
o the highest bidder for cash, the following
lineribed Kstrays, to-witi
're .vhite-spotted itter, itw ut It win old
innm ked. Appraisod ot W dO'bv B F
'.Casliy and E N Hanl..
I h hdov nescriuea irav voien ji
j K C Lea, and itrayid by bim bf'r
f Hnffmnn. the Coioiht and a oti'
Kiini. r within and for Amite rounty, ant
SutU: of Mi.uip))i, tp rmbr lUth, 1892.
One Red Frosty Ilrifit Yurling, sbout 21
vears old, without murki or brsnds. Ap
praised at $3 60 by V W Cunningham am
i B Coekirhani.
The above described estrs; wu tilten up
l.y K .1 Cauy and itrayid 1'V him bfor
K H"ffmn, Coroner and ex oificio Ranget
w ithin snd fur Amit county, Kutof M is--iaeippi,
on th 28th day of .-'eptembt-r, 1892.
Coroner and i sugar.
Mlll'd, alii all I'Alt.Kl VOBItitxi t
ied lo (ot UOnr.nATF, FfES Our ofTlc
sile Iho U S I'snrnl otlir. and at csa o'
ti I'aipniiitn lesa ometiiaii those rttnnte fro
'tllStlTOS. nd UOUf.l.. DU.iWIfd i
070 of invention. We sdvlw s lo Mien
Tity 'rwof rliargo and we inaUa b0 lllAhd.
l.ly PA TEST Is WVKtlt.
for rtrrnlir. dice, Icrms snd rferncs
"wl riwina in y.itiriiwn iai inuii.y.iio
.uwu, wnl to rgg
Thos. D. Evans,
Summit, Miss.
BQfl to inform th people of Ami
I J county that be will be in Liberty on tl
Second Monday in Each Month,
prepared to do all work in his line wit
promptnfM sna at roaionuuie now.
Itn will keen on hand at all times a fa
line of Watches and Jewelry for sale.
All work euaranteed for one year.
I'artios havinsr Watches nr Jewelry to re-
mir. ran loave the same with Tho. Wannj:
it the Waring IIoue, or Mr. Ktratton, i
he post office, and their orders will receiv
ittentinn, ,
sJ- Patronage solicited and ntufaotn
fulv 21. 1RS9.
Wht I H r' s tii
SMUM yrMf tf mi twe
The HIM " Miw tn you Mv
Wa m In WtntkaH
t I -t ) t Si ran
a nmft
i stent ma
TStjrMkMttiriwi irimitWNi
,iRmwivi.i. TrnMIr.
Ma ttml ut tka wMth wnt
ttitol yeuvul thtttaiwitn
uiHm vt btntn tf m
fetltes elmtl He sm"
wviMiimymi. vvtta
M SMtltHyriSttiHi
Uf Mota M
SeMvatetiiiMMw mMMal ss
M atto yam tmam wrtet aiaa a,
J. M. teccPLSa OO.,
I2t rtfth f?rru, - CWTCAGQ.
N. C. Whitiingtoii4C 1
v Fi. fa.
Stephen Samuel.
BY VIRTCK of a writ of fttri fcri'S
tn m. from th Jutttr Court of W t
ti waasa a m
That t.reJ feting, HA, U s.
fpHenced by sj cm; psK--.; l,n.,
ui ma.ariil d-sin-cfs, cs.i be cuvni
ty tskin; OrJVr't T.telsrf CL.
Tooic, J cts. I; is as plei-a a as
r?-:-. Tj j:; tlj
ask fur Grove.
Grove's Cathartia Sagtr is at
pietisaat to the taste at lemon sujrtr. I
Moves the bowels gently, en res ooo-j
"tipatioa and biliousness and d iet
t gripe orsiiken. A25cpackage
eontains more d ises than aay JjOti
Cathartic Syrup on the market, ft
xet for 2Sl. Try it and yuu
will be delighted. For tale by Car
roll 4 Nunnery.
Gruv.'s Tasteless Chill fanictss
perfect Malarial Liver Tonic and
Blood purifier. Cemoves bilious
ness without purging As pleasant
is lemon syrup It u as large as
ny dollar tonic and retails fur S0c.
To get the genuine ak for Grove's.
S.ild by Carroll 4 Nunnery, ' .
Yoii run no risk. Alt druggists
guarantee Grove's Tasteless Chill
foiiic to do all that th'e manufact
urers claim for It. Warranted !no
ure.no pay. Tbersare many im
itations, io eet the genuine k
furCirove t. Carroll 4 Nuunery.
tl..i l'rl kUtv
4 be ka duw traa ctvrwwt ot hot itbdt
Browu'a l-ou lliiteri
.ebntVu th ten ..flou. kkk mmrn
- of S"l.ii4.
Eastfork Coliere.
PHI3 C0LLE4K wUl opto It 8mos1
x c ion
Slonday, Sept. 7, 1S01.
An ioUnt corps of tb most prv&uUnl
profHsors and lady teacbrs bav dmo m-
ployed, wbivh miM tbat ar going la do
th best ducstional work during tb seiou
i list we bar svar 4oa b or iware
W will b prepared U teach 2&0 studsnts,
ind thfor solicit tb supp irt sad patrou-
ti; ot Amit and surrounding eottutH.
Lnlin funilillM Bvillnt. IJInm UuilI.
ing imply larg and beautifully arranged,
and furnished with th charming Urand
itapias Auiomauc oau aa Umlu. wbicB
idd not only in nmtns, but nelly to th
ximforl and usalthy dtilopunt of the
physical student
it'isie room has three besUliful piaaoa and
mt b mdsomt chapel organ.
Tb Dormitory will b undV th mansgs
nent of tb PrasioWnt and bis wit', woo will
onduct it on tb plan of a quiet. Christian
tanuiy noma.
Comimrcial Bertarbaent
Young men and young ladias, note i th.
pportunitv for vou to equip ruunlfi with
.ULMIN't-SS ELlUUAroS-. We ituarantes
horouehntss of training in this depaitme-iL
V wiu b abl to eiv Diplumaito any who
Ininh th Commsrcial Cours, which will in-
elude Hook Keeping, Hanking, Umho:lnp.
iailroading, Coinmiraion, Arithtnvtie so1'
ominaroial Law, etc. Tun required to
riduit: If a student gira hn whole t nn
to thin courn h can graduate in F1VK
UJ.MIl. ii n oasire to tax ottitr
tu lie in th Literary Course, It will ronnire
Ion 'er tun, according to th time lost trutn
, .7 :-i n r I a -i
jommemai iivurw. i em, easu aia oocap.
Cnurs high ind eompleov
Board, including washing, per' mo $10 AO
Board. Monday till Friday, V (00
luition,fnmaryUopartinn " l 50
rreparatory " 00 to X fto
ColltiriaU . . 00 to 4 00
Musk oa Piano or Organ, 00 to 4 00
Us of Instrument, fnr pracUot.psr mo 1 00
Painting, for full Court, 1 M
i : i ...i M..n,k 1 an
lUUUDtlvai iw, pi ih..i.m. m
Comnweial (Jours (incmduij f for
Uiploms), vi mi
iploma fes, 10 00
Board snd tuition will ba required In ad-
r:inc. do deduction uoepi in oases of
protracted sicknass. Boarders required to
lur iieh a pair or Diauaets or two oonuoru,
ind toilet articles.
If other lnfurinatioa M desired, pleas
Jtrits for catalogua, or for th dasirwl mfur-
natmn.lo S.Sj.M K rUEi, KrHt'tsir,
July 17 1801 BA8TF0RK. M183.
On improved fanh lands, ai
otv rate and long time.
No delay money obtained io
en days.
W. E. GILL. Lawyer,
July W, 1801.
8 Camp St, New Orleans,
Floe Watches,!
tllTtr H are and f ptctark.
vrry Arl of 1SftelM Rwfr4.
iewelry aua u ordar. Ditnitrndt Mat
ta the at ei-iil Myl. AU a ManaaM
1.11 fun? aitaranlwea
A full line of Walthik' IYatcbss
at lowtest rate.
Fthrnary JR. IrlftJ.
)0 Camp Street,
xrarw OBLTI A TTS,
$1 Per Year.
$12 w Ttw,
18to20 Pages!
12 Pt Test.
K slulut i-cc::csiT
a a IS to e0-T pt eontaJnlntj the
lews cf th world, oorrln erwry topi
f cauiwnt later et u PrtlimT ui
itarary sjn&
contaiaa all th ood thlnt of the Dadlf
an anada-y eeUttena and an awUnt
AaTioultoraJ, Dsptwrtmeat.
TEX TtSES-DEaiOCltAT la the nty
papar la LtraJidan cwoinf betk tb As
sostaited and United Tnm enrrloaa.
Sr4 (be sainr eTt9)or4TeTt&tB4T
D. E. li'tlil.
1 t
! ! t
Liberty, Miss.
Hats, Boots, Shoes,
Crockery .Ulavsawtu-e, tdUrj
Books and Stationery,
. T I H V A 1 H
Tobacco and Groceries.
"Quick Salkb axd Smai L Paor-
na" ia my motto.
January, 1890.
A . J. Lazar,
0CALM 19
Dry Goods,
All of which will be toM at th lowest
price for tb tush.
Olv nt a tail.
January 4th, 1600.
H. C. Capell,
Corbln Banking Company
Loam made on Improved
plantations in Amite and Wilkinson
countiet on long time.
No charge for examination of
December 6, 1SW).
.44. Seleatifls Amrioaa
T- ssaxkjaa. tj rsjawssw jn
" esvurs.
ri araHTS)
'vf cofvaiONTa, .
For tnrmutloa an trm rfttMlbaek writ M
SII'KM CO, Ml Bkoai.w.t, lrw ruac
OiaH ImrtSM fnr rieoritif ptUftft at Am.rM.
JrT P1" tkn out Iit at It bronrtt ktfw
( puwi if a aotle (lyw (r el ofaar k the
tvet jnt.n er m Heatti ! le Oi
Wrtislo. Si-limtiT lllnttruail. (o fl - ."i.-. a
em It. Wet:,, k l.i. i a
I H-.i
I AU0,
m .Mini tut, tat owauwaj. i,w iqou
"" ron run nvii,
3T"r Weakaaai, luiaxia, lnuigwUon Mat
SlUuUMM. tntie
.umitvva mo fiiTTemst.'
It enret qnl' Vly Knr ! ty U orttttl tL
Sjpt-Uf. Gt m tfmolJK.
Gloster, Mi3.
Q&t3 and Ccp&.
All of which will le aoU ai
th very lowest pricei.
Sept. 19, 1889.
L. B. RnBINSON, President.
E. B. ROBIMS05, Cashier.
Money loaned at reasons
ble rates.
All kinds of "Warrant
bought and sold.
"We solicit Deposits, frcrr
$1 00 upward.
December M, 1890.
Carroll & Nunnery,
Diiirta a
November 28, 1800.
Millinery Goo (If,
"Low PHcttand Fair Dealiny'
our motto.
Patron(re tollclted.
January 14, 1892.
AdnilnUtrntor'si Xotlre.
WHERHAS, letters nf ariminirtratlon
the estate of O. IL Barney, r
eased, havine beee granted to the tind
cned by the Chancery Court of th Four
'hanrerv IHstret of the Hlateof MiwisS'i i .
etore I. M. Batet, C erlt of tald Coort t( t
he count v of Amte, oa tb 23d day
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Now, therefore, notice la hereby eteen (
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Tr.e buv deee.iled est-sv W ., i ..
by D. N. Cutry, Siid r.roej t , a
bC buCiun, tvniM ai.a u-U.uv I -
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iisir on 11.1 rV ut f.V" c it, S
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The owners of the slove deioril Ffr, n
rereeaesied to eva s forward, irm, tr.i-
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TVIS UCr-TITt'TIoN, located at Cilia
burs, JIim., will re-open
KeBttay, Xept. 7, 1S61.
It bun, uric a record, bich iiatb pri
if foutb Mi-sisniipi with rritie.
For tbe next seeiton t eorrplete and 2
ientfscul y of ten hen lias b.en m rurti
VKh our past rt-cord as a lettimoi.Uil,
we tefere tr public snd eun.ett!v sui .t
hir patronsge.
Tuition frt.nj f t to ft per uon'b.
11 uie. t4 pr month, iticlud.Tg t.-., et
Board, inchidi g tranhing end fuel, $M
Tnt further information applr t.) ". K,
iTTLL, rresirlent of Fufulty, or
V)K J. W. AI L,
Trra. ef Heat d cf Tm-ttvw
' e.iiil ?. y-fl.
The Delta,
OAILt PT.TA-a inros we sm It .
atfe Veti.l.iT. o'.i $7 a y -ir & i ' -an
(ninths $1 75 tare momtis 0,i
tents on. mntn It.
iliN.MV DvbiA-ll 60 a year. P i-te'-n
pss eta taiiua.
EBK.V litUi-Urfit r,i) K--t
weekly la ti traiitk. let to t
Sirturs twl.e a wo.', dlony .4
Toumd iy. tilxtoi n pigia ' a y I I a
year .0 eeata tor s.x im-nOis, r... i.s
lor inn saontbs. ceml tut a i .u
The Delta, Kern Orteant. I
( Tiini-l.Muoor...', oi N - -v
i the fctr..rii oa.jer in i i- a -
ally and WiKaiy. Cm I
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