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t, . !j III A ro N ,
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'x c ? A.i kCc curt
li'strtT. JT SS. 1S33,
i! jrlIo U tit fastest race horse
; this riai.
,A d .patch from Paris to tbe
v Cs'.Tkl Sews says the blockade of
the Siameae coast will became ef
fcUe ta-diy.
Mr. Harry Barkd.U U tie agent
far this paper, end H money paid
ta him will be receipted for tad til
sobecriptions given prompt ttten
e.:a. Tupelo, Miee., Joly 24. Dr. J.
S. Hsliitch, treasurer of Leecoun-
ty, tad t prominent druggist of
Tupelo, did last night end was
buried to-day.
Fanny, isn't ilT The best fifteen-
ball pool pliyer in Decatur county,
lad., it it luted oo the authority
of the BateiTtlle (lud.) ilerald,
draws tlandsome pension for total
Eaton Saltier Where are thott
oyttert that I ordered on the half
shell? Waiter Don't get impatient.sab;
we're dreffle aho't on shells, but
yo're neit.
Dr. Ticbeoor'i Antiseptic is no
longer on trial. It has proven its
merits and stands to-day without an
equal. Your druggist will tell you
what it is good for, free of charge.
Said by R. L. Weathersby.
Ouo, Mm., Joly 18,'93.
The Sunday School Convention
of District No. 1 will meet on the
fifth Sunday of thii month with
Ebeneier Baptist church. There
will be essays read and commented
on by the Convention. AH Sunday
School workert or well wishers
will be welcome. E.W. Roark,
Secretary Convention.
Hillsboro, 111., July 24. Fritz
Matt, who attempted to rob and
marder Jacob Kaberick and his
wife, at their home near here, last
Wednesday night, committed sui
cide at the county jail, last night.
When his cell was visi ed he was
found banging from the iron work
by meant of a towel. He bad been
dead for some time.
Toledo, 0., July 20. The Mil
burn wagon works, employing
1,500 men, shut down yesterday.
A reduction of wages had beeu
made. The men refused to accept
it. Mr. Milburn threatened to shut
down for six months, if the men
refused to work. He gave them
an hour aud a half to decide, and
at the end of that period abut down.
Washington, July 24. Thegrand
jury to-day found a true bill against
Col. Frederick C Ainsworth, chief
of the record and pensions divisions
of the war department; George W
Daniel, the contractor employed
to make the excavation for the
electric light plant; William C Co
vert, tuperintendent, and Francis
Sassr engineer ol the building,
holding them responsible for the
old Ford's Theatre disaster of June
9th last, in which twenty-three
persons lost their lives and a large
number of others were injured.
At this season of the year men
who are well along in years should
exercise with great caution. An
old gentleman, during one of the
Lot days, left bis home, when there
was no necessity far it, to attend
to a little matter of business. He
could have deferred the matter, but,
of course, bethought: "lam just
as able as ever I was." But a sick
spell was the result, occasioned by
the heat, and he has now learned
through costly experience, to be
prudent. Only men of good health
can afford to risk exposure to the
sun's rays. There is danger in it
even to them, and, unless you are
compelled, don't go out much in
the sun. Ex.
Cincinnati Tribune: The oper
ation of the Silver Purchase law,
as compared with a free silver
coinage law may be better under
stood by a simple statement of one
month's operations of the Treasury
Department under the present law.
The Director of the Mint has bought
or will buy the present month 4,500,
000 ounces of silver, at about 71
cents an ounce, for the payment of
which silver certificates aggregating
83,194,000 will be issued. Had
that amount of silver been coined
at the Mint into legal tender silver
dollars at the normal value of 11.29
an ounce, we would have had an
addition to the currency of 15,805,-
fAfS a r1:fTpronrA in vnlnrrta f
C-r 1
; piss tie 'sarcnu Hi3e cashes
7aej.n;tcx. J sly 21, 1SC3. fcr lis 8 sai a Usn ef e'eers eaul
&:!!.! U i3 tz ":("J of tie 7ib, a ft will
V.y, Utizg returned from the tea- j require a few minutes f-r it ta
day vacation which is probably the transact ha ba;ses. ThecaaTass
only one be will get for many loog!for Serjeant-st-Arms and Daor-
months ta cone, aa the general b-j Pr Iilc ea quietJy, and ail
lief, fully sbareJ by himself, is tboe candidates V claiming to be
Sm ban no. .ntra nua a lan
period of the hardest
work of hie
a. Ilia department deals ex
c'uairely with tha two great
questions that will occupy the time
of Congress thetariffand finance
and it ia bis desire to be prepared
to furnish all of the information on
both subjects that will from time
to time be asked for from the time
that Congress takes op theie
queetions until it disposes of them,
and when that will be ia a conun
drum that no wise man will try to
answer at this time.
Not the slightest bit of a sensation
was caused by the. alleged newe,
received here early in the week, of
tha disabling of the U. 8. 8. Mobi
can by a shot from a poaching sealer
flying the Hawaiian fljg, for the
very simple reason that nobody be
lieved a word of it. The depart
ment has had reports from Bebring
sea, dated a month later than when
the alleged disabling took place,
which make no mention whatever
of any such incident. That'a why
nobody believed the story.
The number of pensioners abso
lutely dropped from the roll since
March 4. last is 245, but in the same
period 5,090 have been suspended,
pending further investigation. Judg
ing from past experience in such
cases it is estimated that a large
majority of the latter will finally
be dropped. The work of exami
nation is pushed as rapidly as possi
ble and will be confined for a long
time to pensious granted under the
act of 1890.
Now that Secretary Lamont has
taken a four years lease onaWash
ington residence the rumor-mongers
will probably cease starting stories
of his intended early retirement
from the cabinet. He will live in
good cempany, as his houe is next
door to that of Senator Brica and
within a stone's throw of theWhite
House. The Secretary came here
this week to consult with Secretary
Gresham in regard to several mat
ters under the State department
which were unsettled when the
President left town, and bile here
he signed the lease for his house.
Although accompanied by Mrs.
Lamont whose face is almost as
well known aa bis own the Secre
tary spent several hours in Wash
ington and got safely away before
the newspaper men knew of his
visit. However, it w ould not have
made much difierence, as Lamont
is a past-master in the art of talk
ing without say ing any th ing, which
Talleyrand said was the first re
quirement of diplomacy.
During the short time Secretary
Lamont remained in town be found
time to decide that Army officers
who desire to attend the World's
Fair must pay their own fare like
other people, and that permissions
granted officers to attend the fair
do not carry free transportation.
While this will upset the plans of
numerous Army officers who have
been calculating to take in the big
show at Uncle Sam's expense, its
justness is manifest to all. The
salaries of the Army officers who
will visit the fair go right along
and they certainly should be willing
to pay their own expenses.
Attorney General Olney has been
accused of not looking very favor
ably upon the practical side of poli
tics, i. e., putting out the opposition
and putting io members of his own
party, but before leaving Washing
ton for a short vacation he showed
that accusation to have been unde
served by notifying a number of
the assistants to theAttorneyGener
al with salaries ranging from $1,500
to $3,000 that their resignations
were desired, and it is stated by
those who know that every re
publican connected with the De
partment of Justice, outside of the
classified service, ia to be made to
walk the plank.
A good many guesses have been
printed about the chairmanships of
the important committees of the
next House, and one of tbem was
that Representative Bland would
not again be cnairman of the Coin
age committee. Now, it can be
stated upon excellent authority and
without violating anybody's confi
dence that Mr. Bland will be chair
man of that committee in the next
House, unless be declines to serve
again, and there is no apparent
reason why be should do that.
Speaker Crisp is not expected
here until about August 5, two days
before Congress assembles, and a
, c:Kr.f:l it new a f. t ta f st -
Ti 0?e le pruil-p jpo COB
twt "r V thefjsWea Clerk,
Hospital life.
One not acquainted with hospital
life can hardly imagine the sad
sight he will aee while he sojourns
there. The stillness of the place
alone is enough ta make the stout-
cat heart shrink. The suffering of
poor unfortunate inmates adds to
the horror of the place. All that
breaks the awful silence is the
moaning of the sufferers, many of
whom ean not be relieved by
medical skill, and who will have
to suffer on till death comes and
relieves them of their misery, and
carries the soul back to God, to be
judged at the great day. The scene
is one not to be forgotten, even by
one with a stony heart. Every
thing moves to the weary stroke of
the house clock on the ateeple,
warning all that the shades of night
era gathering over them in their
afflictions, when they will retire
to their welcome cots to spend an
other night in agony, listening to
the groans and moans of the un
fortunates. As the great bell begins its loud
tolling, wakiog such as have been
able to sleep, a sad sight meets
your eyes. Some poor sufferer has
succumbed to the fate which is the
common lot of humanity, and you
hear the heavy tread of the carriers
as they take him to the Deudliouse.
Then all is quiet again, and you
try once more to sleep, but the sad
scene is tco much fur the weary
soul, and sleep is impossible.
When at last the ghastly form dis
appear, which you imagine you
can still see. and slumber closes
down upon you in peaceful rest,
the great bell commences to toll
again, arrousiog you from your
slumber, and bidding you arise for
another weary day inside the hospi
tal walls, which are as white as the
snow on Pike's Peek.
Then, and not till then, you be
gin to realize yonr situation, and
you wonder if you will be spared
to get away from that lonely spot.
As yon go down in the little yard
to catch a breath of fresh air, you
hear birds singing in the vines,
and it makes yon thiuk of home
and loved ones left behind; and
you are so sad that it seems almost
unbearable, so lonely, so desolate.
You return to your apartment
sadder than before.
When at last tha time draws
near for you to take your departure,
days seem like months. But finely
the time has come, almost the ap
pointed hour has arrived, and it
now begins to seem hard to leave
friends you have found in the soli
tary place; but the time for de
parture is at hand, and you bid
good bye to those who must stay
behind. As yon walk slowly down
the stone steps, you giveoneglance
backward at friends who are watch
ing with anxious eyes, and you hope
that soon their turn may come.
Then the words of the Psalmist
will come in your ears, "Surely
God is good."
Tank's Best Wit and Wisdom.
WilmingtonMesseoger: The very
best of the many good and bright
and humorous things that Senator
Vance haB"got off' in the last forty
years, we think, is the following.
It is very happy. It is both witty
and wise. It is but little known,
and yet it is authentic. Here it is:
"Just after Vance was elected to
the United States Senate and was
not allowed to take his seat on ac
count of bis war record be was re
turning borne sad and dejected
In front of him on the car sat a
Presbyterian and a Methodist
preacher discassing the doctrines
of their respective churches elec
tion, predestination, free grace, etc.
Coming to no agreement, as might
have been expected, the two theo
logical disputants of opposing
schools never accomplished the im
possible feat of convincing each
other of their gross errors, and
noticing the interest of Vance, who
was a stranger to them both, tbey
asked him what he thought of the
question.Vance'a reply was: "Well,
gentlemen, I'm a Presbyterian my
self, but my experience baa taught
me that your election ia not worth
a continental if yeu don't have your
disabilities removed."
Dr. Tichenor's Antiseptic cores
Sore Throat. 50 cent a bottle, at
R. L. Weathersby's.
1 II; w '.
i'i Qiirrel Ik jsa.
Tie tratbla fcetweea France aad
Siac bis bfta breoicg tot months,
I and 15 active bastiiiues sale back
to the early part of the present year
They grew ont of the deputes
over tbe border Ike between Slam
and Anam, over which latter coun
try France has a protect&rate. At
one of the border towns in the
spring a force of Anamites and
Frenchmen was attacked and rout
ed by Siamese troops.
For this France demanded repa
ration, aa well aa a settlement of
tbe boundary difficulties, and sent
a gunboat to Bangkok.
The 8iamese government im
mediately began to act on the de
fensive and sank a number of scows
on the Moman River to prevent
tha fear approach of French vessels
to Bangkok, tbe capital of Siam.
Siam has a population of 7,000,000,
which in Lowei Siam ia clustered
about the rivers and canals. The
Portogeee were the first Europeans
to establish any intercourse with
Siam. This waa in 1511. English
traders were in Siam early ia the
Seventeenth Century. The treaty
of 1S56 with England practically
gave Europeans free admittance to
Siam, and tbe English, owing to
the nearness of their Indian de
pendencies, have bad a strong
diplomatic influence in tbe affairs
of the country. So strong bas tbia
been that many believe that a war
with France will ultimately result
in an English protectorate.
Various Items.
Trains are now running through
on tbe Valley Route.
Tbe leaders of the next Congress
sre preparing to assemble in Wash
ington about Aug. 1st,
Hamp Robinson, who was arrest
ed for setting tbe town of Green
ville on fire Wednesday of last
week, has been acquitted.
KeiffVr Bros, shoe store was de
stroyed by fire in New Orleans, on
Saturday night last. Loss: About
one-fourth million dollars.
J. K. Mattox, of near Brandon,
Miss., ssys that a meteorio stone
as large as a hogshead fell oo bia
plantation on Friday night last.
Dun's Review says tbe fearful fi
nancial strain bas been wonderful
ly well borne, and that with cau
tious conservatism which has been
the rule, there is now an easier
Tbe Appeal-Avalanche has suc
cumbed to slang and modified the
old saw so ss to read that, some
peopls may be rattled all the time,
all tbe people some time, but not
all the people all the time.
There is soms,wild talk about
tbe White Caps going to rescue
Purvis and prevent the holding of
ourt in Marion county, even if the
court bouse must be burnt. Tbey
had enough of this business in Lin-
ooln county.
An sxchange says: "Tom Hays,
of Paris, Teon., is 108 yesrs old,
father of 44 children, the oldest be
ing 82, while the youngest is only
4 years old. Uncle Tom is a has
tier, both as to age and as a father
of a great many children."
The Virginia press is discussing
cures for lynching. Tbe best way
is to so amend theConstitulion and
the laws that they may punish
crime about as speedily as mols do
it now. It is the law's delay and
uncertainty that bave encouraged
and increased lynching. Jackson
ville Times-Union, Dem.
The United States will have an
other chance to spread itself. The
German Emperor is speaking of
visiting tbe Fair, and will prove s
drawing card. Ws don't see why
it should create such an uprosr, as
ws have been speaking of going al
so, and tbe only thing we have
heard, is "where will you get the
Tbe financial panic seems to have
struck Starkville. One of their
prominent druggists, who was slso
ounty treasurer, was forced to as
sign, and has been found to be a
defaulter, and now the First Na
tional Bank bas failed, and buried
in its ruins J. J. Yeates, who bas
been merchandising there for twenty-five
Sam Jones must have enjoyed
himself daring his lets visit to
Ruston. Hs was at himself, snd
scattered mud at bia heart's content,
but to ths disgust of many decent
people. 8amual ought to be squelch
ed as an evangelist and employed
as a two bit lecturer. The hoodlum
element would enjoy his Taiga
witticisms, and he could employ
his elegant (7) language in away
that would be appreciated. Mans
field (La.) Democrat-Journal.
CcffiEercial Ilerald: The plain
pecple, that Mr. Lincoln loved ta
refer to art J liilr.dii
of "great financiers." Jay Gould,
J rot Keen, id est genus omne on
this aide of tbe Atlantic, are types
of great financiers, and the Roth
schilds, Barings and John Law on
the other side. That class is in
creased by Wall street brokers,
speculators, stock snd investment
brokers and so on. All these men
are money changers as they were
known in the days of old. They
art financiering to make money,
and people in other occupations
mut pay the money. Legitimate
banking is all right, and should be
approved and sustained by all oc
cupations and by all good citizens,
for it is tbe meant of greatly facili
tating trade, manufactures and agri
culture. But the "great financiers"
in London and New York are not
tbe fellows to 'dictate to thie Re
public about the currency. Tbey
want to make all tha money off the
manufacturers, tbe merchants, the
farmers and the miners, that possi
bly can be made. Tbey would not
care if the farmers in the Cotton
States were ground into the dust,
if tbey could make money more
easily by it. They havs actually
ruined portions of ths mining
8tates, that tbey may havs the
National finances shaped to suit
them. Their scheme is to forever
demonetize silver, and ths plain
people all over tbeRepnblic should
oppose it to tbe end.
From a Planter's Standpoint.
Commercial Herald: Senator W.
G. Kiger looka for a general on
slaught of cotton-worms in the
territory between Memphis and
New Orleans, on both sides of the
river, early in September. He
considers tbe early presence of the
worms in so many scattered locali
ties a certain indication of thia and
believes, as do many others, that
there are few fields wbere a close
examination would not show that
they were present and at work.
TbeTexas drought is regarded with
much interest by planters bare and
as a rule they do not believe that
rains after four or five weeks drought
and hot weather can benefit tbe
plant to any appreciable extent.
Such has not been their experience
at least. When cotton bas ceased
to grow continuous rains will stimu
late to renewed growth, but this
also occasions serious loss by shed
ding. For this reason they enter
tain no doubt tbat the Texas crop
will be a short one.
The Press Convention at Natchez
unanimously adopted the following
Resolved, Tbat it is tbe sense of
thePressAssociation of Mississippi,
that all printing required by the
State and by county and municipal
officers should be done within the
limits of the State.
It was ordered that the above
resolution be reproduced in all tbe
papers of the 8tate, snd marked
copies of same be sent to the sever
al county and municipal officers.
Let every paper in the State copy.
The Meridian News hopes it will
do some good to keep the sbove
resolution standing. It will be
moreeffective for the printing inter
ests of the State to combine against
any aspirants for office, who are
not in favor of this act of justice
Exchange. Paris, July 24. Tbe reply of
Siam to the ultimatum of France
was made publicyesterday evening.
Siam concedes balf of the demand
of France and expresses the hope
that the friendly relations of the
two governments may be speedily
restored. Submission to part of
the French claim is made in the
interest of peace, although Siam
was willing five months ago to sub
mit the entire matter to foreign
arbitration. The offer of Siam re
duces just one-half the territory
claimed by France and also reducer
tbe amount of indemnity.
The reply is unsatisfactory to
ths French government which will
probably insist upon the ultimatum
Ths Duke of Veragua snys br
would consider it an honor if the
United States were to help him out
of bis financial difficulties. If he
will come to Amite, we will guaran
tee him to get on tha pauper list.
A negro was lynched in Memphis
on 8unday last, for attempted as
sault on a white woman. After
being bnrnt or partly so, his limb
were cut off and thrown around the
street. Some of the papers are
raising a righteous kiok.
ojsop eprtdn eun '111 P1l
JivLk-a Sens.
Jackson, M Ja!y CO.-Gev.
Stone to-?ay issoed his extradition j
warrsst f:r th? s-rv! ef F4. Svm- j
son. He was duly arrested and;
will be keld to await the agent of
Tennesaee, T. J. Brandon, ho Las
been notified to come after the
prisoner. Ed. Swanson, together
with his brother, Jack, who is now
serving a twenty year sentence in
tbe Mississippi penitentiary for the
murder of Policeman Guice, and is
indicted for tbe murder of Police
man Hines, still pending, stands
indicted in Stewart county, Tenn.,
for tbe murder of young Parker,
near Dover, in 1S61. Be is under
stood to bave been the accessory,
while bis brother was ths principal
in the killing.
In view of the indictment for
embezzlement pending against Tax
Collector J. L. Sullivan, of Leflore
county, Gov. Stone to day removed
him from office and appointed II.
H.Nalbren temporary tax collector.
The Mystery of the Hint's Fire
New Orleans, July 20. Twenty
five thousand dollars is the amount
of money which Cashier Dowling
of the mint is charged with having
gotten away with. Since the in
formation was flashed across tbe
wires to tbe United States official,
in Washington that a mysterious
fire bad occurred in the mint vaults
Cashier Dowling has been under
surveillance and could not bave left
tbe city bad he so desired, Tbe
watch upon him was first plac
ed as a precautionary move.
Then the special agents of the
treasury came here and gave the
authorities such information that
it was deemed necessary to make
ths guard over the officer more
close, and he has been verjr care
fully watched. No investigation
waa ever carried on more carefully
than tbat at tha mint. The experts
found many things that convinced
them the fire could not have occur
red in the way in which it was ex
plained. Tbey also found that the
eutire business was a bungling effort
at concealment. Tbey could do
nothing, however, until after their
report had been sent on toWashing
ton. Tbat report showed that there
was more than $24,000 missing.
On the report orders were sent
here to begin criminal proceedings
against Cashier Dowling. He may
now be arrested at any time.
Specimen Cases.
S. H. Clifford, New Csssel.Wis.,
was Iroubled with Neuralgia and
Rheumatism, his stomach was dis
ordered, his liver was affected to
an alarming degree, appetite full
away, and he was terribly reduced
in flesh and strength. Three bottles
of Electric Bitters cured him.
Edward Shepherd, Uarrisburg,
111., had a running sore on his leg
for eight years' standing. Used three
bottles of Electric Bitters and seven
boxes of Bucklen's Arnica Salve,
and bis lcgissonndandwell.' John
Speaker, Catawba, O., had five
large fever sores on bis leg, doctors
said he was incurable. One bottle
Electric Bitters and one box Buck
len's Arnica Salve cured him entire
ly. Sold by Carroll fe Nunnery,
Now Try This.
It will cost you nothing and will
surely do you good, if you have a
cough, cold, or any trouble with
throat, chest or lungs. Dr. King's
New Discovery fur Consumption,
Coughs and Colds is guaranteed to
give relief, or money will be paid
back. Sufferers from La Grippe
found it just the thing and under
its use bad a speedy and perfect
recovery. Try a sample bottle at
our expense and learn for yourself
just how good a thing it is. Trial
bottles free at Carroll 4 Nunnery's
drugstore. Large size 50 cents and
$1 00.
Dr. Tichenor's Antiseptic is good
for man or beast, internally, ex
ternally and eternally. Sold by
R. L. Weathersby.
You can get your money back.
if after fair trial you are not pleased
with Dr. Tichenor's Antiseptic.
Your neighbor recommends Dr,
Tichenor's Antiseptic; use it once,
ind you will also. It pleases every,
body. Only 50 cents at your drug-
gists. R. L. Weathersby sells it.
Ladies purchasing agent, in all
kinds of goods, musical instru
ments, sewing machines, io. Anv
order intrusted to me will be
promptly attended to. Address
Mrs. Davis H. Longmire, 181 Laurel
St., New Orleans, La. Reference
Mr. W. R. Brown, Liberty, Mill.,
tad others, If necessary. '
Messrs. EodJie Eros., wealthy
Chicago gentlemen. Lavirgtieio
tfrest of their city at heart, asd de
siring to J.ispfOVi til fl...j,' vi' .
statement that only ia boarding
bouses can be found modern
priced accommodations during tht
World's Fair, remodeled i0j
furnished at great expense one of
thAir limitni absolntelv fir-rmnr
... -j . - r.,v
busine ctructures, located corner
of Jtraniun ana Jaccsoa streets,
within short walking distance of
Union DepotsTheatres, PostOiEce,
Board of Trade, Steam, Elevated,
Cable Roads and Steamboats to the
World'a Fair, furnished newly
throughout 500 rooms, superb par
lors, elevators, electric lights, ex
haust fans to kyep cool entire build
ing, namedthis propertyTHEGxiAT
WtsTERU Hot ex, and invite tha
public to take their choice of rooms
for "$l 00" per day, children 5 la
12 fifty cents. Elegant restaurant
and dining rooma whert fine meals
are eerved at 50 cents, or a la carte
at very moderate pricea.
There would be leas beard or
known of extortion and imposition
connected with tbe World's Fair
were there more public spirited,
fsir minded men in Chicago aa ar
ths owners and proprietors ot the
U real U eatero Uotei. Jur readers
should write as early as possible to
secure rooms, for they ars being
taken up rapidly.
For Sale Canary birds, brown,
yellow, spotted, top-knots, singers,
and females. The finest ever raued
Call at tins office.
For wounds, burns, etc., nothing
equals Tichenor's Antiseptic. Soli
by R. L. Weathersby.
Illiuois Central" llallroad Re
duced Rates
Tickets now on sale, Magnolia
Station to Chicago and return at
$3G 75 for the round trip; sals to
continue daily until October 15thr
1S93, inrlutive; good to return until
November 15th, 1893. Remember
that the Central Route is the Only
Railroad from the South whose
trains enter Chicago without trans
fer or detour, "in full view of tbe
Exposition Buildings, and make
regular stops at the World's Fair
Gates." (World's Fair Station-
Midway Plaisance.) For further
particulars, tickets, etc., call on or
address your local, or nearest I. C.
R. R. ticket agent.
A. II. Hanson,
G. P. Agent, Chicago.
Illinois Central Rail Road.
On and after April 17th, 1893 r
the "New Central Station" of tha
above Road at Chicago, beautifully
located between 12th Street and
Park Row, on the Lake Front, will
be opened for the arrival and de
parture of through trains, ths run
ning of such to snd from its old
station, foot of Luke Street, being
abandoned. The People's Favorite House
hold Remedy Dr. Tichenor'sAntU
septic At R. L. Weathersby's.
We will give a thorough course of
instruction in Double and Single
Entry Book-keeping and Com
mercial Arithmetic by mail Fbee
of Charge to a limited number of
persons. This course will be com
pleted in forty lessons. No charge
for Diplomas. Address
Prof. F. J. VANDERBERO, Pres.
302, 304 and 306 Delaware St.
Leavbkworth, Kansas.
Sclentlfto Americas
For tnf ormfttlon aad froe Hwdbook wnt to
MUN.M A CO., StU Broadwat, ! Yds.
Oldest bureau for lecurtrif pfttmt In Awn
KrerT pftltmt tatew ont by us tt brought )mx
Um pubnc br nouee girta free of WW Is U
lort-ee otrmlmloB of Jir Id rati 9c ft Ij
vono.. gplendidljr lUuitntod. No
hub should be without it. We.?, vi-a
Tiu-i II. J) six mouths. Address lifW ft C"
rinusHEBit. 3C1 firosdwsr. Kew TorkCttr
nothing new wbe we stt tbt tt ptyl & nfu
ia a perm neat, most hesltby and pieauat dum
ufss, that returus a profit for ovary day'i wor
imh Is tha bualuest wo offer tbo woritlnjt ;
VY'e tench them bow to make money rapidly, aaa
Sarantee aery on who follows oar luitructloaa
thfullytbenakinaof SUOO.OO moat.
ery ooe who takes bold bow aad work! win
uroly aud speedily increase their earning' i t"re
can be ao ouestloo about It; others now at wora
are doing It, and you, reader, can do ths "
This Is the best pavkig business tbat you bar
ever had tbe chance to secure. You will
irae niliiaee if you fail to five tt a trial at one.
If you rap the situation, and act qntcsiTiT
win dlrertiy And yourself In a most P'0'P'r
business, at which you ean surely make and
large sums of money. The results of only a tew
hours- work will often equal a week'i wsges.
Whether yon are old or young, m or woman.
makes no dif e rence, do aa we tU you,
one will meet you st tbe very start. I"''1'
experience or capital neeeetary. Those waowoa
tor as are rewarded. W by not writ bvHy lor
tuUptrUculifa,ttt? B. C. AIXBS CO .
aw No. 40. Aottnetea
f Agency for

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