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The Southern herald. (Liberty, Miss.) 1866-current, January 10, 1896, Image 4

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S L ... t,
a&4 J)IX!fltt
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a ..,i4.,.a.
Undo it yourself:
then its .easy;
Hook and Eye
v '- r r
t it
iiunip? -v
i 1
oor soil
and exhausted fields which
were once productive can again
! mJc profitably fertile
by a proper rotation of crops
and by the intelligent use of
I crtllizcrs containing high per-
Strikingly profitable results
lave Lcen obtained by follow
i";jOvis plan. ,
t s i jrui.lri, hut prtvttcat wkl, COMun
I' " ' - ! ! e i ! -4 reriiluauoo, st4
Uttreit. Itw v cnt frc fat
9) Nkuaa Sttvtw York.
'til s. A -Jj'j
KTVU luu-H in
biu kL itif f ft ilGrvft,
nm ftiTN pastb
om.sM lor ft quick
(trr-utaurr hin.
f'-p!':& mud pol-
11 if J WHO ft ClOtJW
Imw., VmM Canton. I! J. A,
I f $ T r'htr.n4 havjr piiue lion
, - ! , f I iM
Timely Warning.
r! g ul iccs of the choco!at preparations of
. . fiousa of Welter Oaker & Co (established
h 17 C) h- -: !3d to the placing on the market
r J f ' '- unscrupulous imitations
' .r , ,...0, kbels, and wrappers. Walter
1 '.:r Co. ere the oldest and largest manu-I'j-.tviiers
of pure and high-grade Cocoas nd 1
C! ;cclat:s on this continent. No chemicals are f
w.. i l.i t!.-ir manufactures I V ?' ;
t Ccnsumnrs should ask for, and be sure that
" V -y-'t,the genuine Walter Baker ItCo.'s goods.
V.LTC CAKCI? ft CO., Limited,
rxr. -X3TER, MASS.
U.. .1,
a. ie
H.J B Ik-
:L-4 e.i:.l a
I ,-ri t 1 1 -I J -.-Aid
.. !7' an ....nl.."-' j
- '" js v", a 1 avxxii your
. 1 -.a.
0"t - of &-!.!. roiut bi Wirf
U n luofrlL t rave.
I a h tvu.rs r-u.ta) la Vv arainaa
t-ir.a i.usa i iua iiwk BiauaaiMMMUa
awL Lawwc
A wii ae.wr with Htr, but
ew bam a tu tiounl brumal k au bun.
) euo.
Oil clew to BKi't eurir rrrrmriiitaae
W ii.-uiir li .- j u.ij) uj ouwari 'or
"waoua. ' wu3U cuir.
At erstervtriaiEsg nor L.irl Cn Ilroedwsy
r the f. it,t in tus window: "
fcnii u4uii Salt. tuuiiaen.'
8wx ts rr in ) jon'U set yonrarlf In
boa," w kau tti eorelt'i e mrarknl to
the poatag auuaa. Youker btaieaiuao.
Ts chief dnwhac to Sctf-made tnea b
tHM tiirr ca 1 svtevt tl.eir materials.
uv. . - -
Tat hirJ'Mt pirt of leamlnf to rM i
bicrt hi U to f ut liie bii-ydo. Somen Uie
Try injf food, d'urtv; 1 Mimic ii mjr-K-lf."
Ut. l.ruli-"1!! tn v Hsu
jfUOBliOt UJwIJ. rwl
Mom "Just look, I:i)d, t thmx
Biiairtoent ruim." Helen 'I wooilcf
wiir la t!4 Ohl tines, Uji'T built ruio lo
HcuJ ol rper ewUoi I" 1 it-liiu.
"Pi !, wid Uncle Hboo. "dot won'
lnru, Vvppla' bf xnorlTio, am Dil(rht
0t "SUcVrm hat been tolling n of
mirvolnui iuii h bu mula on Wall
Btnt-t. 1 be Napolooo of fluatwe!" Two
Wfil bir.Uy ttiore of a tiapulouQ of nar-
Tn !ndref IclIMa wrong by raliimnt
atln the ntxuMit; and he who five credit
to liie ralumny before he knows Us truUi is
equally guilty llerodotna.
Jtooi of thine ImproTement, rot by what
Uiou speakoat or writrat, but by theflrm
tw of thy mind, and the goTerg meat of
tiur pawions and afleclions. JTuller.
r.rlnfs comfort'aod tmproremeot and
temli to personal enjoyment When
rightly sm. The many, who live bf U
tcr than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to With of tbe pure liquid
laxative principles embraced In the
remedy, Bvrnp of Figs.
lu excellence la due to lU presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of perfect lax
ative ; effectually cleansing the system,
dispelling colds, headaches and ferers
and permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisf action to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profewion, because it sets on the Kid
neys, Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
very objectionable substance.
Pyrnp of Fip is for sal a by all drug
gists in 50c and ft bottles, but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name, 8yrup of Fijrs
and buing well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if offered.
growing time.
a ttni. IJOy !
1 .
ilule lad, all fun.
: A 1'ttTe chap, all coat
A round cinher, not Vnotv.
jno; whether the stroke will
i ; :-l make him six, cr
, down, raid make him nine.
It';. ;rowir time v. :th him.
Th':- S ,t t 1 : in ?s constant
i r.cr. If it not come
i fioin fat stored -j i i I ii body.
" He's r-rlicr thi.i h-'s ro.'.ing
-; i t!,-,t loy, : t ." - -.ion"
1 ! ' f 1 ' y i - r i - 2 him
r"-"i fill.
' t t - - . P P
uiu tMun v a
1' s .at e-. t ii It to
kcf a. U 1 Irvm wf general ap-
J",-Etc-.. L I
1 tafv1 sfiu.
rescue, ther
etgbtred berors
ia v iij ani
gfB'iauw. Now
1 dua't am
gr-asrais ui
. rsptatas aid
s v - govfraors bat
s p'.ia, evrrjday
Bcrors, wtlca
ksveeoiBo dowa frost tb h'ghrittoo
tat; of butt it utarta and bars kaucWiaa,
Sm IS tf iila Be-a.
Ia by groom ap and bruliia roaaj I
bar. sees assay aid assay a totvoa
beaded, rnder-legjJ, katcbet-faeoted
yearUa boy tbat was every lack a bsfo.
t bold ts tb ioctria. that boy
btck will git os with tba suaoaaHw
frosty aioraia, wbea tbe weather la cold
SBoligk to freer tbe tail eff of a brus
uoakey, aad cbop lh. wood sad fetch
ia tbe water, sod tote oat tb slops sad
feed tb stock, sod drive op tb rows
and rope eS tb t lives, and sever eca
plaia or get out f sorts that be la a
fcer . , , ,
Aad t likewise lso think tbat a boy
wbicb ti pull tbe Veil cord ever a
bUmo4 old Uir mule, un a long, bot
summer day Is a aew ground full of
stuaipa, and still as noihla but li.ble
laaguigw by f stllai I kaew tharboy ia
a hero.
Oncstupona tlms I saw a "boy bero
in aebool, and I remember tb. goaeral
circumfereac ot tb. aurroundioa as
bright aad clear a If It was yesterday.
It was wbtlst Miss Susy Tolliver was
teach I a of the school over at tb. Cross
Hoada. On mornln a youngster, with
red halt and a trackly face, com is
from somewhere back In tb hill coun
try. Do glv in his nam. Jobany Led
betterand ssid b was Bin year old
past, Sea scat grass. There waa as ore
pure, honest devilment lq that boys'
tac tbaa I have ever aaw don up into
one little package. W boys called him
"Spook'' for short and owln to th sun
dry different shades snd colors ot his
Well, 8 pock h had plenty of aense,
but It didn't run very mucb to books.
Miss Susy didn't glv out sny lessons to
him oa the first dsy. She slipped tb.
bridle, as it were, and let him have th
run ot tbe ground tlllbeeould wcartb
new off. Uut th next mornln sh mad
him trot out hi blue back speller and
oom. down to bis knlttln reglar. He
had to start ia with his A. B. C.'s, and
.when b. went forth to aay his first les
son .very eye In school was turned on
Speck, llut bo stood tbe Bro like a man,
and never flickered nor floundered, nor
flinrkjwt Hinm. Ihrniiffh imMlb .ad
easy on th. first letter, but struck a
snag on tbe second.
"What makes th. bonoy that you
cat?" say Ulss Susy.
"It," says bpeck, quick as Hghtnln.
"That'a right," says Miss Susy.
"What do you do with your eyes?"
aay Miss Busy when Spck struck the
next snag.
; "C," says Speck, with a loud voice and
a proud smile.
"Correct, my Uttl man. You'll b a
scholar by-and-by," ssys Miss Susy.
Well, ttey went on at tbat lick till
finally at last they got down to 0, and
Speck b. backed into another snag.
"When your father starts to plow,
ai.d wants hi horse to go to tb. right,
what does he say?" ask Miss Susy.
VII. don't plow no horse," says Spsck,
"h plows s steer.
Well, when he wants th. steer to go
to tbe right what does he say?" says
Miss Susy.
And then Speck ho stepped back and
spraddled bis legs and d rawed bis face
up till It looked like a pin. knot en
fire, and sung out at the top of bla voice:
"0-e-. Vh-e-r-el yon 4sdburned old
wabbledy-legged, Slsb-lldod, tazor-back
Msa sir, tbe school then broke loos,
with tbe most terriblest oonf jsemont
you ever road about, and I thought in
my soul Mis 8usy would faint and fall
over In U. But Specie had answered ths
question and went through with all the
motions besides, and you couldn't blame
him for that It took nerve to do It,
but Speck wa a hero, and in the run of
time he turned cnt to be tbe brightest
scholar in tbat school -
A Bard Snaa to Work. '
On est upon S time s stranger drlv np
to the Suckalew place to epend tb
night In them days they us to keep
a stage stand and run a , publlo satin
bouse at tho Buckslcw piece. When
tbe stranger drlv up that day tb. old
man sent Mick Buckslcw, which b. was
the onlyest boy on the place, out to tbe
gat to take tb. horsa and trad to him.
And wbea Kick showed up the stranger,
which it seems liks be had nibbled at
his bottle till he was about six bits in
tb dollar, went on to say:
"Young man, extricate that quad
ruped from the vehicle, sttbolate him,
doaata to biiu aa adequate supply of
nutritious auoiGnU, snd wbea tne au
rora of vnoMiln sfc!H c- - mor. en
lighten tho eastern horizon I will award
thee a pecuniary compensation for thine
amiable hospitality." -
Veil, Niok he ran . back Into tbe
house and told the old man tbat there
wis a ruU.'..man out there tbat wanted
to see bim. Tb. old man snd Z?ick and
uicnpt '.m got th Stranger to put It
down in writin, and after be loft every
body in ths settlement put in and tried
to fljrrer out what he was drlvin at when
be made that spoeeh to Kick Euekalew.
The old man Is dead snd gone now, but
Kick is still livln and wonderia what
that strangef meant and whether h
was drat k or craxy. ' : -.' i . I
But 1 took my sr-at with pen In hand
f writ, a few lines eoncernU eforyday
lie;. And it!ini to mind now that
t met a grown man In Texas onmt that
SMS soirctbla cl a biro, J bad landed
- 4 w i. t iowb rti as ;.ua
aon a"a vrk
1 bil a . ' v a u t :o
c. aai il e ccxe ep o s a wii a
verj t.-e;b I i t: e.iia.a u .a
II was tbea aVvat tbrc a'&sci ia tb
iai aad tk cher one a S alien. tt
be had aaoseibia to talk wiib aoj b
weet t;i u 'x
It a ta wi'.b a hacU. a
big Bsg.fc f--t, s-.raagee, to be b-9ri
la fc'.:: .. itl w.;B S BfSB fuss eff
cs tie tra.1. aad thea taras
round aad coaies back U the o'.i lick
lock, fiat footed aad erect yoa ran bet
your Sunday boots a. ia farave a scveav
teea lion ia a pack.
"Look at me, au-aagen aal yoa se a
Texaa bero ia tbe fiesb. TwoyearsajO
I took tb cuid water route aad went off
with th Wait K.bbo Araiy. For
lb re months I waa ia tbe fight for tbe
prohibitive ticket Of eoorse I didn't
kaow what a tremendius big gob of toil
aad trouble and worn meat had bit off.
but I took It for my own peraraal busi
itM to reform th. faliea hnmaa ra"
from th. Red river to Mexico. I weat
ut ob th piaias sad iowa In tb torks
ot ths creek sad rallied tb hoys to tbe
beat of my ability. 1 took la thtrty-stf,
big dinner sad mad tweaty-aevea
stump speeches fof tb &tj ticket tut
t was realty, traaer perfect vanity.
Wbea election day come and the re
turns rolled ia, the great Stale ot Texu
waa wet, and the white flag of tbo White
Bibboa Army floated otfdoan tbesnaggy
fork of Unit river.
"Oacst mor this year I weat forth
preach I a tbtdoetrin ot retrenchment
and reform, and t have Bow fit bled and
died Under tb flag of th Third party.
But th. fly-wheels and th aide-shows
don't work worth a continental ia
Texas, stranger. I can say this muck
for tb. Third party and the While
KibboB Army, stranger, sad wbea I
tell yon that the sonp is sung snd tbo
Story is told: They can hold tbe biggest
meetins, and git Bp th. finest dlansrs,
snd turn out ths longest processions,
snd reel off tbe moat music, aad then
return tb. durndeat meet fewest votes
of all th. political parties la tbs round
created world.
"So finally at last, stranger, 1 mad.
S cross-mark and spit In It and turned
round and com back. When you look
at m now yon see a brass swllar Demo
crat Do you know what we mean out
here In Texas wbea w. Call a man a
brass collar Uomocrst?"
It so happened that I didn't know,
and the man went oa to tell me.
"Well, I don't know bow It Is back
there In the States, stranger, but out
her In th great and growin Stat of
Texas a brass collar Democrat Is a man
thst never refused a drink nor scratched
s ticket", , , ' :
.- . Tb llotg Ha Was Weary.
Talkin about Texas and Texas poll
tics, I recollect a good one that come to
pass on. day on s railroad train some
wheros between Hlllsboro and Fort
Worth. It was only a few days after
the State convention mot in Houston,
and the war between the Hogg men and
the Clark, man was waia en- teat aad
furious. It ain't form, to say which
was right and which was wrong. 1
was then a stranger In s strange land,
and somethln Ilk. a thousand miles
from Rocky Creek. But the Hogg men
ssid the Clark men had bolted, and r.bey
made th. air red-hot with tb. cry of
"bolters." ;,.,. ,, - i
The train atopped at a little station
sndsstrappin big man got on beard.
Tbs ear was crowded to standin loom
only, the weather hit' was meltln hot
snd tbe big man was tanked np to tbe
guards with "splrlts-of-cats-a-fightin,"
as Blev Scrogglns were want to say.
But you could look at him snd tell
that he was a Hogg man. It stuck out
ss plain ss a painted horse rack in his
genersl sppearments.
"Fellow oitisens," said the big man
presently, whilst sweatln great drops ol
perspiration, "Is tber. a Clark man In
this car?"
"Yea, sir," ssid a passenger at tbe
other end of tbe ear; "I am a Clark man."
"Well, dadbura you, bolt!" aald tbe
big man. "I'm weary and want yout
But tbe other man didn't bolt snd It
took fifteen passengers and tb. conduc
tor to provont tbe apillin of human
Tw Men From Kentucky,
One thing brings up another, Ss the
old lady said wbea she took a ' dost ol
epecac .
Onost upon a time I was rldin on s
railroad , train through Tennesseo,
There was a mule drover on board and
ho had a bottle of corn whisky "white
Ink," aa Andy Lucas would call It He
went down into his saddle bags and
brought forth the bottle, but he couldn't
pull the stoppor. . He broke both blades
outof bis knife and turned red In tbe face
and tossed, but the stopper wouldn't
come. Finally at last he stood up and
said: . f. j
"I would love to ask if there is a man
from Kentucky on this train?" -,
"lam from Kentucky," said a man
oa thtr other side, as be rose up and
stood full six feet in bis socks.
"Well, by gad, sir, loan me yont
corksoraw. , ,
Then they shook bands' snd parsed
the bottle round. Kufus Sahdkrs.
KhmU's Greet Grata field. '
The minister of agriculture of Ilianla
baa Issued a statement Of the yield vol
grain ia 60 provinces in European liukv-
aia, including Ituseian Poland. T'jo
flgurea are (riven In stchetverta, equiv
alent to f0.77 English bushels: iiyn.
122,330,000; winter wheat, 10,683,00,);
summer wheat, 329,900,000; oafs, 10tt,-
448,000; barley, 20,022,000; buckwheat.
1,234,000; millet, 6,254,000; corn, 3,013,
000; peas, 2,M2,000. 1 - -
Daameek atawedltiaa Haa Returned.
Denmark's 2eep-ea exploring expe
dition to th. coasts of Iceland and
Greenland haa returned.. Bail weather
interfered with the scientific work, but
the Infi!f took sounttingsfromleoland.
to vane r nren-en, iMrreatect ne?
found being 1,870 fathoms, ami Bctr
much zoological material. 5iie Jn
Will be sent out epiln next summer.
i ' ' Ba lii entern Kw fork.'"'
! J&sv 'Mary Winslow Is traveling
through western New York aa - pro
prietor and or-nitnr of a peripatetic
photograph car. Mia wears a mans
hat, carrica a revolver. Is a first-class
artist, anl more orders than, she cau
sttreiJ to, v-
I r-r"- .'?: - i i 1 , r
It t ' i ; f l:, -mil" t'
e . en, a: i i .-: ...;t .1 &rtrfiti i-.' r
k use ia U tv hovU. It as cut aaU
her ItoabaisJ res gned bis c-Kce and r
tumetl ta Er.ciand that lira, fieri be
gan to write tkiwn.
The late Cu!v Frej tsig in hi will
provki,- that all lellora in bia pocara
sion l relumed ta the writers. labia
lite be need io declaim against the prac
tice of publishing dead people's letters,
and he directs that noih.ir.ir of hie own
be primed of which he tad not author
ised tbe publication.
(Iskloa, the Ejnulxh Bavelist, who
ia called great even by hia con tem
perance ia a bachelor of W, bo leacle
S very simple ad retiring life. lie haa
arittcn 20 volumes of natien.it epiaodra,
historical romance, and they have been
uniformly popular since the flint of
them, "f rafaigarj" waa published la
A young Swede going by tbe came
of Charka Havdenwn, who haa been
mployeU aa a farm hand in the neigh
NjrhowJ of lleuderaou, Ky, for six
years, was discovered recently to be a
woman. It was naturally a surprise to
the hundreds of people w ho had worked
with her ao long aud had never sus
pected her real ses,
14 Ilung Chang la bot as fearful ot
assotwinatioo aa other Mien In hia pre
carious poeitioa would be, lie consid
er hia narrow escape from death In
Japnn the fulfillment of a prediction
male to him by a Chinese mystery-monger
years ago that 'he would dodge
death narrow ly many times snd llv. to
be over CO years of age.
Mr. Huskin sees very few visitors
tow, At 11 a. m. snd three p. to. be
regularly takes a walk with hia at
tendant. Jtnt even then be la so averse
to the eye of th stranger that he will
turn Into the first field, or get over a
hedge If possible when the gate ia too
distant, rather than be stared at,
Concerning ex-Queen Llliuokalani'i
reported purchase of a summer eastle
snd winter villa in Italy, Hawaiian Min
ister CaHtle at Washington, declares:
"Th ex-queen bss an income of not
more than 3,000 annually, which would
hardly warrant the extravagance ol
two different residences In southern
Alexander Dunins complains that
be Is growing old and disinclined to
work and becoming fastidious to a de
gree as to what he writes. Moreover,
be says, snd it Is a pathetic statement
to come from a man of so powerful s
pen: "I have arrived now at an age
when the best thing s man can do is to
hold his tongue."
Israel Zangwlll has a very poor
opinion of the women writers of our
time. He says: "Amid shoals of the
formless, th. didactic, the hysterical or
th. ungrammatical, entirely indebted
for their superior circulation to tbe avid
sisterly support of the ladies whoeonstl
tubs by far th. larger proportion of the
reading public, a few feminine books
stand out in comparative sanity and
A new question is agitating; literary
Parloi Will the Ifrench aochdetny, foun
tain of honor, disappear when its great
dictionary of the French language ia
completed? As Ilichelicu euted the
academy for the sole purpose of mak
ing that dictionary, why should it sur
vive the publication ot the book? Ko-
ixxly In this generation, at any rate,
need worry about the matter, as the
dictionary has not yet gone lyond the
letter A.
"Why do you suppose they always
represent Cupid as a boy?" bf asked.
"Because he never arrives at years ot
discretion, she replieu. Household
Logical. Cissle-'Isn't It a nui
sance? Mother says we neJrdn't go
into more than half-mournlng-f or Uncle
Popplewinkl ' Flossie "Wv? lshu't
he more'n half-dead?" Ally Bloper.
"I reckon," said Mm. Corntossel,
that these politicians sny a rood many
things they're sorry fnr."" "Yes," re
plied her husband, "an' a good many
more thet they orter be." Washington
Mobel 'Y'es, he's a nice young
man, but hanif't his unsemet with an ac
cident ot some sort? I can't pet over
It." Amy "No wonderj It has no
bridge." Pittsburgh Chrcmicle-Tfele-
grapli. . , . 4
"Mamma," remarked Johnny Hun
kles, after he had absorbed a potash
lozenge which had been given him for
his sore throat, "wasn't Esau an Idiot to
sell his birthright for a mess ot this
stuff ?" Brooklyn Lifet
Food for Thought He pressed a
H.d kiss upon her lip.- "How can
u?" she exclaimed. "Ah, love Is
Sid," he answered. And, when, four
houYs later, he took his departure, she
was jstlll thinking. Detroit Tribune.
-you can see for yourself that these
goods are marked down,'" said the sides
man, pointing to the altered price mark.
"They appear to be all marked up," re
plied tho customer, as he looked at the
uiuny hleVoglyphlcs. Yonkfers States
man. An Irishman recently visited a den
tint Afterhe had discoursed volubly
on the subject of his sufferings the den
tist mildly interposed: "Doyou ivihh to
bo treated?" "No, begorra," rcpliod
Mr. O'Flynn; "you sthop the pain, no.'
Oi'll tntte ye to anytfiiug jo want"-
Fun. ! ' -.
'The black-bearded pirate, with Ii
kqife botwieen his teeth, boarded the
passenger ship. "Throw np jour
hnndsl" he shouted. The paHseugcr
banging over the rail smiled feebly, "t
think 1 did, not less thnn an hour ago,"
he said- gaspingly, Cincinnati En
quirer. , . ' ; "' ' - , t
' ''Are all Ihese yoang men anxious
io become surgeons?" asked the visitor.
"They are," replied tho lecturer on sur
gery, "lltit bow can so many expect to
make s living?" "Easily, sirl" easily,!
answered the lecturer. "Think of the
effect of ths present bicycle craze."
Chicago Evening Post.
Plausible. She "Do you know
that If postage was put back to three
cents we would' make tiioncy?" He
"We? Who?"- "Everybody, ' etupid.
Because thcu the merchants Would
mark their goods down to $1.87 from
two dollars, instead of $t.U9, ns they do
now, v-jn(liun:i)tiis Journal,
a . r . y e
' "" ' a-----' '"
i : "
Ctnx T-it pertVrsaa yo. ir-d a fert
ile t aatr e io sare wee- waa
ag--k kw.i " l' '- .ev " mt as u
aaiher bt ' i e?" "Sa. ar K waaiea le
Snow if we i ft w'ga." lia.
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ve acre
teat)' "iwy
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It I bo man botnea wbetber be ba
eeaiu or eoti wrk ae tiajtviierer a
ia, but qaieiiy and s'aa.i'..y : aod th aatt'rai
and aai weed rwu'.ts ot b wora wui be
a. wava the mu g t.od otl him. to do, aud
w iu be hia host. h,ism.
fy to 6t youf aLoe-rrof whi
f 'Tbe Q-jkkest'KUil Order
YS llotaektWali:- -
A Cordial Welcome
tor th$ nlutt trt almtit mor than
' )
217 tvir-
No. in. Box Cos A'. io. PUid Waist- A of. Box Coat-
at bait lost fnMir---
9 IncHsrs lonf puro wool rotrrh
Botttit, th MSflKkn's IMMH Mulor
s.'nc black tmly extra Urn
neloa teeveri lull rippl back,
witie Mif-faKtnf and hgh etorra
collar. AH ftiret for Mis mnsi
Ladiet. Jn ordering SUM bus,
mes.ursj. The best viviiw
t the 7 X . . . . $5.00
BUli-Isch bemstitclied sheer uatoq
tun tm-pfenl
Well Miricmd ekerca- "tight fitting
fMtcaiiec lirunfe-lack at;a s4ots
coJlar belt ol
material aire
Postaga 14 cents.
SUD ilia
1 1 imb e4hhantj
Initial, oal
kIf dona ia
dinty box-- f
ssulag ij ocus
grade. , .
Wh, . ISo
ladles' plait,
, liaH-ttKlihcm
atitched, ditto,
tegular price)
1W for th
Holiday trad-
Ing, 6o cts. per
oWm,or -
-' r
Flannel Waltta-
and the picture
does n't utter thetn either. All
wool in plain colors.jraratet, browa,
blavck and asnry. lne aamplcl
we'll send will look preHiet than
any deacriptKta of them. The
ttrerea are full f6 inchee wide and
lined. Yoke bark, lined and lul
caa gathered on yoke pleated
front sixes 3a to 44, .
Poai age 15 csata .40
A Black Silk
Dm make.
gift that will jrlv more saiisfac
lion than any other Xmas rcmem
brartce. Black Satin Duchctseaml
black Peau de Soie are thiKsea-on'S
t0 leading fabrics. During otir
)IUda Sal we offer eilher ciotk
tn ao-ai Inch width -real
f 1.50 quality, til silk, yard, 9oC
If oot Mtiafted with your purchase.
The most complete 8 hopping Oalde ever published--Hi pftffes devoted to Rood
form in woman's wear, the correct Spring styles aa shown io our aeventy depart
ments being accurately described and handsomely illustrated. Ready March xst
Carson Pirie Scott a. Go.
5 to 7
.aa '
makes wasn-day as easy
.4 4 j . a at .
tne laDor, makes the clothes white, aud does nodam
age. Thousands of women say sosurely they are
not all mistaken. Sold everywhere. Made only by
The H. K. Fail-tank Company, - St. Louis.
i 11 A 1 'rtiiiij ls-VwrwsfVwiiafi MMkAAJui- u .
PtiIIPfirir I Ifllf 'SPPIT the OLD
tXa.JiUB.j U bsllii...4ii I TESTED
S Z . I 1 i" l e gayi o'ir W Headache' Toothache,
- AS t sa U rilsallQlli nd PAINS generally.
O. W. OTJNTr, Cr.Tieroa-rn.i,B. a la., saysi I bare found DriJiriK'l Ll.trnt
Ut i the bet remir for nln. ...n I ... . 5 'vaau mavAS S US! Jl
f-""-" vi aBiau gouoi Bail
rei r a au a . .
t . rt Kuny in nuxsta and MULKS It Is a DEAD S::-T "
t -vvrcn MAMirACTTJatlNO CO., Pmrin, , J(a , ...i,r. irx
fhe Stronscrt Proof J
wii,w, pf tb superiority of jf
- Charter Oatc , Z
'L"'" t StovesamHtaag! i
tlieli record of nearly J
half of s cestaryw 1 J
: Others hav com. ;t,',ii,('''' ''
t and gone, but tb . " '-
.m with ns, and ; f '.
j mor popular than - )
ft ever , .
f "r r
r 7 TnN free.
ttki Tefcto!)
a. la cat s f aj
W (J
Vtv hiMm, from ftratdnt armpions rBpti- diaarear,
at-rl h - fttyt st ifasi tiF0.t-ir.lsj all tyint.toant ar rv--,f a,
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It 0.?STIItsTrrTrUMI!l'BrRUay aail
IfH-ft 11.&ifu astNa.KMfUaj,Atiaal,aia,
jrjii nil rarta m m tna.
tb ir rl f ami '' "72
. b-lor:;-5e -
u-j .
Pa,Mnwr. etaea
Mr.w Br-wf-iTrou
jaraatw. u -
Vv tM d mesn-.'rr I i--
etWiub. sicbe. w lore.2 i
to m . in. -
Hair Caaaarrfc C
I takes taternaUy. Prtc.
I these dm tbe mawiiDOcai
t Usui vU aue
j v V
LJ 1
h ' fs HOLIDtr 4a'WS
printtr' ink tan ew juttict t.
Cm Tartans
London srl
froeht extra rarf 4 iwnon enecs 4 HM-ara
1 som
ftrtcitr an wwh ism oy N-srvM.a
rhtavchilla, cHher navy a bia. aw
Tht aew Pleated Sleevea catsm
large ittll ripple back, wide aeli
iacing and hffh twin collar. lw
weeks ago price waa tr s. Sua "
Eto 44 suitable a'Weftr Aifc
laaea ci 14, 16, il wat fJ.PfiT i
' Foster" Qlove-'
for we are excWirw agent km tb
V est. ThisDerut
j s 44,
nlar let consists ol
ha regular fi.50 1
grada kiovi
everywhere aa the
tandard of quali
ty. Real trend.
kid. five book. In
black, brown, tan
anode and slate
all aires wbile they
last, for we do not
expect to be thle
to duplicate this
C. . si.00
IWaft a ceau.
Jointed Ml-
Ceaatka ha
nlalatnie-atUKl rS IncNoa b.i(h.
aiihcr blonde or brunaue., wnai
ayea lhal open and clow. Irtncaj
aergc dic.Ki Irimmed with tibia
aad liaacl gimp, Bonnei. am.
R.I o.i,ich lip.. foelag. Joe.
Kauai in tv.ry way to U' 0 ,
kiaii usually waited at $a, JO
Just as yours will be if
you continue using poor
as any other day. Lessens
ai a a .
a Bjw(-r Si W .
. . .
Tta iRnonm eo. tmr t w-
Wltulcnlll bUMimL bwanse H baa rwSii.-w1 1.
Wlulpowwio I wht It w.a, IUi jfc
'i'jHae.aod.upp ; r
M atreurooor. nmn.tirtii.:-(t r.:i.
a ; .IJeUwarllelelyrlfwui.i.-'.,
t N ' ' j'suwia. li in.,.- ,i,. .j
at If l Q4l, Slwl. Al.i?
J 7CllfilIWI n r I ' h, I
1a. Snfl rlKP.1 Ttwr. t:. ol
"'". ' ert lams
w SjOrlrwl.n, Onapi l-elton I 1, ,
. of ue artlrlea (ftt it wut i
larmarr l at ls th ul prin. jt ,
jaoas aed eomwol all km i. 1,911,.
raaaal la, Itedw.U a.rf t w.n 4lr
tw-ie Ituoaisi Kl.i.t tto x. (,o 1 ,
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Wll. WBIXI.1. JO AU (,
.lata ikat M tit t ;rt.t ,

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