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if.t J 1.1 ';-. tec.jOA
j Lav i OLt'.l l
r. 1 1. 1 ill
' I :L t to rr q
lr tJ.
f 1 ,i.ia, of 6. C, tJ
lli eck uhLh b
J f. Ma Lira er since
,ia eyeotJ. Ii sb.w4 be
' ; J t. s reepect wkka evtrj su
t J J f.fl lr tbt occopaat of tbt
i . Jt.. ft tb-iir, aod that ha it
: -t tf a Jpu',t tbaa a Demo
c a. It e!o thowed but hv taj
i jt"i about it.
Tl.ttsst new America of ouri
fan Jt forvsjo ia ntTpri, io
vtr.'.ion, wealth and geaerveitj, bot
lit eta Uara from ber ol J r cod
temporaries svcrJ important les-
tact. . Iannis car read-. is
CensAfif iW insUoct taooth,
IrciJ avenoe ceonscliog eur vii
pt end towns, tver wbkb tbt
p illi t"Svel wilb delight.
Tbt ti.Uu oa tbt frtt coinage
f sl'siitoit for tbt Iloott bond bill,
vlicb bad dragged evtr since tb
Bttaisrt wtt reported to tbt Eta
xJt irota tbt Finance commitee.
bxamt quit livej to itt doting
bours, altboogh everybody koew
i-.tt wbtl tbt vote would resolt in
Tbt tubetitote wtt tdopttd by a
Gtorge Nicboltoo, proprittor of
til Fkayunt, died tuJJeolv io New
Ot'eami Tuasday evsolsg of grip-
rj congesuoe or tbt Jang, ui
wti a naliv of England, wtt 75
jesri of ;, tod bad bcto connect
si with tbt Picayun for near bait
century, lit started in at mail
ing clerk, was bttainctt notnsger
when tbt war brok out, btcamt
part owner ia '76, tad tooo afltr
ward married "Ptarl Rivtrt," tbt
principal owotr.
Mit Lillian Gwin Monty, daugh
ter of Senalor'-tlect II. D. Monty
ef Mississippi, and Mr. Bsvsrly
Allan Reed, of Ttxat, will bt mar
lied at tbt Epiphany Church
Wasbicgton City, Fab. 12, at 6
o'clock. Mitt Lillian Money it tbt
youngest daughter, a beautiful bra
nett. lltr alight figure, dark bair
and eyet. and ber quick reparttt
girt btr tbt cbaracttrit ice of btr
French ancestry. She wat tducat
td at Norwood Institute, Washing.
ton City, and baa traveled quite
sxisn.lvely. Iltr trousseau it bt-
ieg reai ia Kew York. Her bri
dl gowa will bt wbitt latin, trim
mad wilb bead ptarlt and ottricb
tipt. Immediately after tbt cert
rouny the bridal couple will leave
for aa extended bridal tour, after
mhldh tbey will retida in texaa.
iriII:!32J ittaei.
Tie report of tbt marriage of Mr
j4-7e Eacot, ont of the leading
-'.-hsntaoIUsTka, which appear
i Jin ihesa eoliifflnt aomadavtaro.
wot erranaoiia. Tbt alleged newt
( r'id by mail, and at tbt
i tyi.at it alwayt pleated to an
: . t tit rarnajt of itt fritndi
t a, t."ic-;f not tigntd by tbt reg.
t it crraapondent at Oayka. Tb
I - -s ester kRowicg'y permit
- -c"i t'alesentt to tppetr 1
. sc.. -r.a atsd regreti that Mr.
"a r-mt tbould baft been
...uil ia inch a rnalicioua
r n tr.ll. 0. Ticayont, Jas.SO.
1 1 r-ir ! to tise above, we learn
A .''r, Jut aot, wbo it tbt
i nacd io tbt diepatcb at
' bat entered tuit against
'' I"i yet iff tht Federal Coort
" ' 1 rown for il!matSoa
i i . r Lr j u'wieling tht dia
I "i a'.i u 'rd to by tbt Ficayont.
.. t E'r.tinol.
To tK9 F;tr of Th Times
-" r-i s"S""sc9d that a
r. '''Ihijirsl, atPontlac
! , ' s I.f '.'. n. Kecley Company
j (,,. -s fvtr injariet al
i n have ra' ilted to bit wift
i t"- t'e n'fpbint tttro,
4 ft ' 1 1-evt not given
- ' 'tff tht ;., which wat
: 1 a j i'j c ji tbt 23J ia
r n '.-actl at from tie
, T.; ' 1 prtsiding.
4 --"
"i Frs taat toe
i t ! the retnsdy bad
t' 1 I y cmpeterst
I .)'.", lilt it wat
' r r cf try ennrt
y to
J. V.
I .
r '.' r . -i
Ti 3 Fortcaa
K C re.bmk
CS Davit, fktril
II M rtt. Clerk
Geo. A klcGb,C Siip'lPub.
J., preMBUd bU mootbly rtport,
wbkb waa approved and Eled
Tea fT.lit declared a ppr w
Dr. Etooedy all wed 13 0 for b'u
Eepairiag kridgt io Dit 2 aeroee
i;it creek let U F. P. McCoy io
ibe turn cf 100.
Repairing A twite river bridge tad
Wall't creek bridgt ia Ditt 4, let to
F. llaailtoa for f 11 75.
Repairing bridge utar Tangipa
hoa church io Diet. 4 let to T. K.
Weatbervby ia tbt turn of f 22.
Repairing bridge aerott fang1 pa-
boa river ia Diet. 4, near Tang' pa-
boa church, let to T. K Wtatbera-
by ia tbt torn of I7 50.
Repairiof bridgt acroea Goida
crek, ear W. B. Moore'i ia Diet.
4, let to T. C. Parker for $21 50.
Repairing bridgt acroaa Wagoo-
tr't creak near Brown'e mill, Ditt.
1, let to W. R. Brown for foO,
Jaoa Primus declared bo longer
a pauper.
Account! allowed:
Pauper acoountt from No. 814 to
300 inclusive amount) og to $326 40.
tklet for pritooori $3 50
3G2. Chat. Carroll, tervket
ttlf tnd conttablt K So
843. T. J. Hewitt, error ia I
land aneaaraent l 99
334. J. L. McGebet, repair.
ing bayou bridge 40 00
3C5. J. L. UcGtbet, replac
ing bayou bridgt - 10 00
3C6 Geo A McGebee, salary, 33 25
367 DrCHBatea.Cbiefllealth
Officer 30 00
Board adjourned.
Tuetdty, February 4ib, 185)6, all
members of yesterday pretent, alto
T J Ntwmto of Diet. 6.
Tbt following or trtert wtrt ap
pointed in Diet. 1: road No. 1, J E
Caoeey; No. 18, B B Berry; No. 11,
Z E Nunnery; No. 50, Oecar II u rat
Ditt. 2 road No. 27, D B Kinna.
brew. Diet. 3 rrad No. 22. W A
Mayball. Ditt. 4 road No. 40, J
R Batet; road 23, W D Rryooldt;
road 84, L E Womack. Ditt. fi
ned No. 18, Albert McDaniel; road
No. 35. J W Walker.
T J Newman and R CWettbrook,
committee to lay out road in Diet.
3, pretented their report, which
waa approved
Bridgt aeroee bayou, near T II
Dixon't let to T II Dixon in the
sum of $20 00
Aaron Strickland declared no
longer a pauper
Petition of C E Davit tt alt pray
ing Board to declare Peter Bongard
a pauper, denied. Etretton and
For man voting yea, othert voting
A bouse, 10 x 12 fett, wat order
ed ertcted in coorl-yard tquart for
purpoet of tecaring wood, and it
wtt further ordered that tbt lamt
bo let to tbt lowttt bidder oa tbt
Itt Monday in March, '96.
Allowance mad to I F Wallet
for taking car of Tom Williamt
ratted from $ 6 to $7.
Accounts allowed:
303 C E Davis, Chancery
Court services 8 00
363 II M Bates, Chancery
Court services, 12 00
370 II M Bates, for making
copiet uncollected taxea 14 73
371 J M Nunnery, rtcord for
Trtatnrtr, 65
372 FWStratlon, inspecting
bridge, 2 00
373 F Tf Stratton, per diem 8 00
374 RCWesibrook, imped
ing bridge, 4 00
375 R C Wfwthfonk, laying
ont road, ' - 4 00
376 R C Wtslbrook, per diem
and mileage, 8 85
377 TJ Newman, laying out
road, 4 00
373 T J Newman, par diem
and mileage, . fi 10
372 Jut Eyrne, inspecting
bridges, 4 00
330 Jot Byrne, per diem and
mileage, 9 50
381 EdJIorman, per diem
and mileage, . . 8 JO
212 C E Davie, per diem, 4 00
233 II M Da tea, da. 6 CO
384 Dr. II K Butler, medical
attention to pauper, - 4 CO
C"5 E Z Cmutj, burial ex-
pause ptnper, 5 CO
I"i W S Wlb, lsjisr &r "v" "
court-yard sqcars, 9 C3
j e
1 c
Vi . r-tlil'TvJI, 1 la.--..
a,'uv:i, Hut , Fb. 1, l.tO.
EJltor Herald Ia looking over
ile d.frDt eoooiy pa pert wt find
bat iualet it a very common d.a-
raat among oor pecpit a uiv
pretcot time; many ef our ecbooU
havt bfQ txpoeed to tbit diteaet,
but at vet we art free from it. Oor
K-bool it progretaing apleodidly
oat month longer will clott tb
public term, bot wt believe oor
good people intend to extend tb
lena three atoolba. Quit a nom
ber of the patrooe and friendt visit-
J tbt ecbool Friday, Slat nit , to
itoeta tht exerciee of tbt evening,
which it very encouraging to tb
ttacbtr and pupil. I think the
patrooe of our tchool (Merwin) are
dctermiotd to educate their ih 1
dren, for 1 beard one of oor good
patrooa tay "I am going to tend
my child to tchool tbungb it eet
saa three dollar per month pro
ptpil." Another aaid cannot
afford to ttop any of my children."
Tbia meant boaineii. Ohl that
or people all ovtr thia country
could fully realize the great ina
portanct ol tducation. I fully be
iievt tbt time it Dot far diatant
wbto our tcboolt will continue
eight mootbt inttead of four. Then
tht Children will begin to advance
ia their ttndie, and in a few year
wt can cope with toy country in
Mr.Geo. A.McGehee, ourCoontj
Superintendent, vwited our tcbool
and with bit wordi of wiadom and
ioitroction did much to encouragt
ih ttacher and nunilt. Comt
again, Mr. UcGrhee.
Notwitbatanding tht wtatber 11
vtry nnfavorabl for farming, ytl
eur farintrt ttero to be very busy
building tnd repairing fences.
Mitt Myrtl Nunntry bat jutt
rtturned Irora tht sugar Statt, Lon-
itiana, wbera tbt baa been visiting
her connection. 6he aeema to be
well pleated with her visit, and
her friendt art glad to tet ber back
Our taw-mill man, Mr. VY J
Toler, bat been repairing bit mill
and wt judgt that he is now pre
pared to cut logt.
Preaching at PlymoutbPrimitive
Baptiat church on the third Sunday
and day before in etcb month by
the pastor, J. C. Wilkioion, tnd at
Providence on tbe fourth Sunday
and day before in each month by
tht Rev. Landadell.
Oar Washington Letter.
Washibgtoh, Jan'y . 31, 1886
Preeident Cleveland tpent a day
duck-shooting tbit week and thai
may bavs started tbe rumor of hi
intention to decline forwarding to
tht European nations which tigne d
tht Berlin treaty that Concurrent
Congreiaional resolution, ex p rett
ing sympathy for lb Armenians
and calling npon tbe powers nsmed
to enforce the ground that to do so
would bs a violation of tbs Ameri
can policy inaugurated by Wash
ington and endorted by all our
Pretidents, of tvoiding tntangle
mentt in European politic.
Whether tbt President btt any
tucb intention it doubtful, Tbt
retolution itself being a concurrent
one, does not require tbe Presi
dent's tignatnrt to become binging,
nor can it be vetoed by him. It
"requests" him to communicate
tbe resolution to lb governments
of tbe coontriet nsmed, and while
it would be unusual for bin) to de
cline, bt baa tbt right to do to if
h tbinkt ft beet. Should bt do so
it will bt because be doet not tym
pathize with the condition of the
Arnieniane, aa ht expressed bit
sympathy for them in strong words
in bis snnual message to Congress.
Cuban matters came to tbe front
with a rush when Senator Morgan,
of Ala., on behalf of tbe Senate
committee on Foreign Relations,
reported a lengthy resolution set
ting forth tb unfortanate condition
of cfTuira io Cuba and their depres
sing effect opon our commercial in
terests, aod requesting the Presi
dent to os bis good offices with
Spain to get tbe Cubana recognized
aa belligerents, in order that the
fighting in Cuba may be governed
by tbe rules of wsr. Nobody tx
pec t that Spain will agree, but if
abt doesn't it It altogether proba
ble that the United Btatet will, -unless
tbert is a change iu tbt titu-
Senator Thornton, of Neb., more
than balanced the speech of Sena
tor Wolcott. of Colo., against tbt
Monro cSoctr'mt resolution, now
btfort t'at Seottt, by one io its faJ
- tw:
f :.( n:
A f '
la I-g'
j ti b-itlcg
d.i iJi ia tfciiice
son tie txt ef tht Amerieaa Sen
ate, koowirg whereof I epeak, I
ay to tht people af Great En tain
that the graft iaauet which bavt
been tettltd by brave men opoo
American baiUfilda can nevar be
rtopi-ned again. Sir, there la no
division of eoument in the United
9tatee. Let but a tingle drumbeat
behead opn oor coaait announo-
g tht approeeb of a foreign toe,
and there will epriog to arma in
North aod 8ouih tbt grandrat army
the world hat ever known; animat
rd by a deaiblrte loyalty to tbrir
couolry'e fiag, aod marching on to
be miogltd ana inppirmg iirum
f oor two National aire, Yanket
Doodlt and Dixie".
Tbt tditon of tbott newtpapert
which art printing what purport,
to be accouott of tht bidt recti vd
by tbt Treatory department for
hot bondt bt pri bibly not
carefully read 1h call lor thoea
bids. If they will do to they will
diacover that the bide art to b
'aralfd" tnd not to bt opened un
il Feb 6ib.( With tbt txct-ptioo
f a lew lettert containing bida,
which were1 openvd by mittake,
owing to their not being endoraed
on theouteid "bidt for bondt ,ni
bidt bavt betn opened at the
Treasury, and none will bt opened
tiefor the 'datt specified. Thia
maket it plain that when a newt
paper priots tht amount of bidt
submitted and the pricee offered it
either bit an accompliebrd second
eight man, or an unblushing liar
upon its staff. Secretary Carlisle.
doean't know the contents of the
sealed bide, but be knowa tht;
bondt will all bt told, because in-
ttndiog bidden bavt to aatured
A dinner party of gentlemen
only waa entertained by Senator
Muruhv. of New York, at bit
Wathington retidence, this week,
aod one has only to glanc over
tbt ntmtt of the gueatt to be ei r
tain that matters were disenssed
that would interest every democrat,
could tb conversation be with
propriety made public. Senator
Murphy's guests were Senalora
Hill, Brice, Corraan, Vete, Smiih,
White, Turpie, Pugh, Chilton,
Fawlkntr art'd Walthall, and Rep
resentau vet Crisps Bartlett, Suhi
tr and Cumminee, and lion. Rich
ard Croker, of New York, in whose
honor tht dinner was given. Il
will bt noticed that every man of
the party it a democrat of tbt rock-
ribbed, tried and founed true vari
ety. I don't know that tbey dis
cussed Presidential politics, bot if
all of the party will agree 00 a can.
didate hie nomination might bt re
garded a tettled.
My First Visit to Liberty Baptist
Although I havt been a reeident of
Amite county since January 3rd,
1881. a period of twelv year,
somehow it bat been my privilege
to be at Liberty but very little
and I waa" never at tbe Baptist
church there till Saturday 25th ult.
Consequently I am acquainted with
but few of tht members, and indeed
few of tbe people generally. How
ever, wt shall soon become ac
quainted, 1 4rot, and move on in
tbt great work of winning souls to
Christ and advancing his kingdom
Tbe weather! was cold on Sundsy,
yet the congregation waa quite
good, and tb attention all that
could bt desired. It is an exalted
privilege to attend church and en
gage in wte worship of our Maker.
W tbould embrace tbete gracious
opportunities, for ibey will not
linger by ns always. I was pleased
with tbe interest manifested in the
Sundsy School, superintended by
Prof. P. L. Marsali. This is also
a work of great importance and
value, teaching tb Word of life to
the young. Friend, go to cbnrch
and Sunday School, and invite
torn on to go with yob.
Tbit was also my first visit to
Liberty Mai and Female College,
where I spent Saturday-night very
pleasantly. Prol. Marsalia deserves
encouragement and support for
putting bis money, time and energy
into this school, which is an orna
ment and a blessing to tbe town
and surrounding country. Tbe
new brick building is spacious and
comfortable, and the school regu
lations wholesome and good.
Visiting Bro. R. J. Stewart, the
former pastor, I found be pad been
tick for a week -from exposure be
bad-endured 00 souse receotloGf
t ..'.-! c . - - ' J i f ri 5 1 -I
rer I r.'.cr, ben o.l t are t t '.
n.ifd'to be out, iLit the prtichtr ilea
road. UJ Bro. Stewart asB.-a
btlifflse'-f inia. I wat g!a t
ad bit ton. .;ma, fast rtcortr-
scg from tht serious acciJect cf
a. mt ntootbi ag-. Surely tbit wat
a ease of very tpecial Providenc.
which thonld call for laattog grati
tude to God.
With the heerty co-operation of
the cbarch, and the prtance ol aa
olrliigeot and appreciative aodi-
ence, may tbl new rnauon nuw
brginniog be greatly bleated to tbt
saving of immortal toult.
Ramming I took dinner with
deacon 'Aiiliam Caueey, a ttaunch
farmer, wbo raiart a good tupply f
theoldarticlea. T. O ScHiLUsa
GiUaburg, January 23, '86.
Resolutions of Regret.
Whereat, It baa pleaaed the
Great Head o( the church to call
ur Brother Deacon M. Jackson
fooi hi labors here to hie reward
in (hat country from whof e bournt
00 traveler e'errtturnt," therefore
bt it
.Resolved, That in tbt death J
Bro. M Jackaon tht church bat
lott tn efficient officer and mem
ber who never ehirked a retpnnsi
bility, and while one may be elect
ed to take hie place tt Deacon, hi
place io the cbarch will never be
filled. Be it further
Resolved, That tht country at
large baa loet a citixen wbo wae
foarlett in discharge of dutiea that
well founded convicliont told him
were right, whost every act was
prompted by tbt purest patriotism
and whom hie fellow cititetis de-
lighted to honor Be it further
Resolved, That the members of
the community in which be lived
have lost ont whott exhortationa
to a high plant of oaelulnest were
ably supplemented by great tact in
reconciling thote who were at vari
ance and by the quiet and peace
able life led in all godliness and
honesty by bim Be it further
Resolved. That the member of
bis family have lout an indulgent
and affectionate father, but the
ble?st d consolation remains to them
that a righteous lift disarms dealb
of it iing and their loss is h i
eternal gain. Be it further
Resolved, That a copy of then
resolutions be furnished each of
the county paprra and the Baptiet
Record, with the request that they
publish them, that a copy be sent
to the family of the deceased
Brother, and that a copy be spread
upon the minutes of the church
Done by the order of New Provi-
dence Baptist church in conferenee
R. M. Cadsey, Chairm.
From Somniit Sentinel.
Hon. Wm. F. Love of Amite
senator from Amite and Wilkinson
counties, passed through Summit
last Sunday, 00 his way back lo bis
post of duty st Jackson, baring
been home on short visit. H
says that quit a number of legiula
tors bavs been sick with pnenrao.
nia, Mr. Frith, of Amite, among
the number. He thinks the pre
ent session is likely to be a long
drawn out one.
The man who does not advertise
simply because bis grandfather did
not, ought to war knee pants and
a queue. Tbe man who doet not
advertise because it costs money
should stop psying rent for the
same reason. Tbe man who does
not advertise because be tried it
once and tailed, should throw his
cigar away because the light went
out. The man who does not ad
vertise becsus he does not know
how, should stop eating because
he can't cook. The man who dose
nnt advertise' because somebody
ssys it don't psy, ought not to be
lieve the earth is round because
the ancients laid it wat fiat.
Mr. Clem Ratcliff, assistant sec
retary of the Senate, came down
and spent last Sunday with friends
here. Hs says everything around
tbe legislative haljt it moving
along quietly and well.
Dr. A. R. Govan, of MoComb.
sergeut-at-arms of the SenMt
Chamber, wat down on a vitit to
homt folks, last Sunday, and ran
up here for a short while. He
takes to bit new position like a
duck doet to water, it given emi
nent tatisfactinn, and taya he don't
car if the egislative session holds
on all summer; he'r prepared for it.
The Febnwy term of the Pike
county circuit court wiLl begin at
Magnolia on tht 4th Monday in
February, and will latt thret
weeks. There is a long and inter
esting docket 00 hand to b dis
posed of.
i ; r;! ! -o
f. ii 1
al G'-wj
-,- ! st tr.i
s C . .' :t.ie at Aj'
Lw!eJ ofsr roaJi . - 7 ftit ia
Coiled eistes, and J per cer.t c!
tbt ectt ef doing it wat dat to bad
road. lit believed that tbe loft
from poor roadt in this country
ould an-gate no lest than o3.
000,000 annually.
Free I a format ion.
Messrs. C. A. Soow & Co , of
Washington, D. C, lawyers and
agent for procuring patents, will
end free to sny addreee pamphlets
with information about home and
f .reign pattntt.caveale, copyright!,
trade-marks, infringement!, design
paten tt, abstract! of decisions, tie,
aa wall at tbt ett of patent in tbe
United Statee end foreign eountriet
Newly-elected justices of the peace
and other county officers sboold
end to the Clarion-Ledger office,
Jeckton, Miss., for a copy of Mis
sissippi Fi rm Bok. It is a very
e-iintilete manual, not only for
officials, but professional and bosi
neas meo generally. Tbt formt
and explanatory notes are all based
n tbe Annotated Code. The price
is $2 00. If six or more trt order
ed al ont time, $1 50 per copy,
and exprettagt on package prepaid
Wt bavt received from C. A.
Snow t Co., Solicitors of United
States tnd Foieicn patentt, of
Washington, D. C, a pamphlet,
recently pubiiahed and copyrighted
by them, entitled: "A tnmmary of
foreign patent lawt with information
and advice about foreign patent,
giving the cost of tama In vtrious
countries." Tbe pamphlet is con
cise, well written, and contains, in
plaiu statement, much that will be
of interest to inventors, patenteel
and manufacturers. A oopy will be
sent free to anyone- addressing the
abovt patent lawyer.
Liberty Male and Female
This is sn individual school, that
1 to say, we make tbe individual
not the class, the base of work;
bright itudent it not btld back
and the tlower ont is tncouraged
Crowded clasaet, lack of ptrtonal
attention, and overworked teachers,
are a few of the many causes which
lead to 'loss of Interest' among
To avoid all this ws have a com
pelent and experienced teacher for
every twenty pupil.-.
Send for a catalogue, nr. what i
better, call cm me at the school, and
judge for yourself the tdvanlages
your child will enjoy.
P. L. Marsalis, President
WANTED flevml tnwtworthv irentle
man or Udie to travel in kfiftiaiippi
for Mtabli.hcd, reliable boute. Salary $780
and expenwa. Steady poiition. EncloM
refereuct and self-addmaed atamped ea
volope.TbaD miniooCompany, TbirdFloor,
Omaha Bldg Chicago, III NhvA.W.
Bridges To Be Let.
BY ORDER of the Board of Su
pervisnrs of Amite connty,
M be-the building of the following Bridgea
will be let to the lowert bidder, oa t)ie
at the court house in tbe Iowa of Liberty
Mary Harrell bridge across tbe
west prong of tb Amite river in
District No. 2.
A new bridge across Brushy creek
in District No. 3, near John Fields.
Repairing the bridge across Bea
ver creek in District No. 2, known
as the Montgomery bridge. ,
Specification! on lie In the odea f tbt
Cbaneerv Clark, for reference.
Kotlct for Publication.
Laxs OmcB at Jacvsov, Misa
Janaary It. 1U6S.
NOTTCX ia hereby given that tbe follow
fog-named settfer baa tied aotioe of bis
intention to make final proof in support oi
bit claim, and that aaid pmot will bo made
before the Circuit Clerk of Amite county, at
Liberty, Mink, on March Sth, 186, via;
' Cicero Butler, of Summit, Miia II. K. No.
21K8S for tbe HJ N W4 end K W 4 8W4 Sec
10, T. S N., R. K.
He namea tbe followiag witneMea to prore
bit continuotM) reaidenee apon and eulti
Ttion of, said land, vi John Oampbell,
Wiley Barron, Tbomai Cuban ka, Benjamin
Eubinka, all of Summit Pottoffice,Fike coun
ty ( Hut,
WANTED Serend tnutworthy gentle
men or ladies to travel in MiHinrii pi
for eatablubed, reliable house. Salary $780
and expente. Steady poMtion. Kncloe
reference end sel f-ada rested itamped en
velope. The DominionCompany, ThirdFloor.
Omaha Bldg., Chicago, til. NovA,1.
n n n n
1 rf
i ir i.'ti .': . f
' f
CA.EAllI.vi. -j
rj I owtatw parvvTe r
-' ! -" . mm pwm optnma, writ,
ft n i t O.. whn h.v. k.d wuli nrt mi
oittii. writ.
tr.m .nt frM. Alio eni-iie al ariiii
It! r.rs Mim1 iOo book. ant IrnT
PMr.r. Uk tbmtifli tfime ft). nnrm
JMffl armmin i Ol. Mrl-ailn. Am.rl,,,, J
fc"Sf ' aU..MIwH.
e-n r't to t(t. Invfmtnf, tht ."Ltirtid mw.
Ijt J .oi.lioB of an. MHmitt work la tM
MMt Vtllv momi My, HI . glitflc
enpiea, 5J.4 aniM. Vvmj ni!ml,r wmlnlai k-,u-lil
D's fen l!fira, anrt bhntrM.rsi.j., ot bpw
fc.m. mt si."., rni.tilimbntl.Iwi in .tif. u,a
Jbs..,( '!.!. . and wur mattrtfc A'tri-
W KOUg, tut SsOAU-fAV.
LEX t x
3 c( 1. a -L'sck
no esi U.S. ' '
12 yesrs e' J- I'J
Ajfcsiw Jacis:,
Junction ZionHi'lsod Jails-a
nd Liberty road, 4;h feuperv. .;
Chancery SoUc.
Tht Sutt of Mississippi,
To Cbarlea Laukiatar, tbe C.'&i.rt
aountv of Amua, ia mti diala, XU
M defend the sua of Jaaa X. Laui!.
hmw yoa are a eenmauK. , ,
uade bt hwi as test rf i
cJart, Una 30t Uj of Sot, A. I. It.
- H. M. BATES.
Cb.&nerr Xti..
The SUte of Mississippi,
To Lacy Aaa Diumm, tke DxtMUwit
YOU AM roxum epr
WaratbaChaaewCWii of i
ty of Aauta, ia aat4 dtata, oa lU
3d Monday of January, A. D. 1?."3,
to iJmi tbe suit la a3 Court ef AauM
CoaatT, Surf of Hawitt. of bma
Duaoaa, wsarab yow era a ataWaut.
Oreo and mj band a4 eoal of M J
Court, this Ui of liaimlu, A.D. tr. o.
H. M. t"- -
F. A. McLais,
Olostm, Mis.
Will practice bit profusion i
all civil matters, in the Conrtt cf
this District.
Office at McLain Home.
Oct.S.ra. .
HILL la PiVii
Attorney - at -Larr,
Will pracUnt ia tb eoarta of Aaute tad
adjciuln eountiee, ia botk eJvfl aa4 urimb.
caeea, and ia the Supreme Court.
Offle in tb rear ef Rak-lUTs drufttor.
Sept g. 9S.
Estray Notices.
On Black Texaa Mara, about 12 or
band high, I or years obi, witb aa viaiblo
marks or branda, except tooarthing limiL.r
to Texas or BpanUh Brand on kiil liaulder.
Appraued at OO DJ ueorge owna anu
Bennlu Jenkins.
The above described ettray waa taken ti p
oy W a. Aaderaon una nrayoa oj aim eewro
T H Cockerbam, a Juniee ol tbe IVw-o
within anJ for Amite eountv, and BtaU ul
UUaiaippi, Dooember lint, Wb.
One Brown Btenr. aboot 4 roan old, mark
ed witb crop and balf-erop U right oar, anil
crop and underbit in left oar. 2iQ otaor Bwrke
perceimblo. AppraWwd at $ by Joba
LirtdMY and JeMia McM60.
TIm abnra drecribed aatrav was takes up
hy John M ButWr, and s tayed by bbs befrs
w. e. vv HKon. a Jiwiiea ot tna rrc wmn
and for Amite 001
Docowbtsr ailh,
and for Amite county, Ktats of MmiMippi,
One Small Pa'e Red Cow, about jeanf
old, left born li pod, crop aivt bole la rierht
ear, aad crop in left, - Appraiaed atfi'43
It K K Callender and O at Jailes. ..
' Tbe aliova deanribed aetrav waa taken upbr
W R Callender and atraynd by bim burt
A. 6. Stratton, Coroner aitd ex-olBcioKonger
within and for Amite county, State of Jaiia
sippi, January 24th, 1896. .
One Light-brown Be:8er Taorling, about
21 years old, no other marke or bniiula pr
ceivable Appraiaed at $6 00 by W M rtder
and J W Keidi-r.
Tb abore described estray waa Uken
up by Jonah Patterson, and strayed by him
Mora A. 6. Stratton, Coroner and ex-officio
Ranger in and for Amite county, Bute of
Mianuippi, February 4th, im.
One Brown Cow (with Tounc Calf), about
7 yean old, marked crop and u( p w and
underbit in left and iwalluw fork In Hgbt ear.
One Red Muly Cow (whkToung CilfJ,
about ten years old, anmarked.
On Red and Brmdle Heifler, about three
or four yeara old with white ipot in fi ..,
unmarked. Apnraited mpectively at il C-',
7 00 and $10 00 by T L McUtotb and T J
The above dearribed eetrayt wert taken tip
by William Canton, and atrayed by him fic
tora W 8 Crawford, a Juetic of the Feace
within and for Amite oountr, end State of
MiaiiMippi, February stb, W83.
One Fad Bull Yearling- about 2) yetl
old, no marks or branda, Appraued at
13 00 by T J TbomMon and Frank Jonea.
The alwv described eat ray waa taken up
byj L Thompson, and stray d by bim be
fore A. O. Stratton, Coroner and ex-oiT.cio
Ranger whhln and for Amite eountr. State
of MiaaiMippi, January 27th, Wrt.
Coroner and Rancor.
I I...aO L Aka . . i.T 1 1
CO Camp Ctrcct,
tutt, ttaJiiti irrfT
tiki .. at I
laalSVtO-iajra pPr eonf; !'
ttewaaf tb world, eovri t S
ef current lateraet and S'-"i-r' 1 - I
and Sunday e niece end a '
Asrlcultarai Iaxawmt,
. 3 0 .(..rti.. . -'
mrrrr ' '
r-t li-- " - '
wtti s4 V i - -

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