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The Southern herald. (Liberty, Miss.) 1866-current, April 03, 1896, Image 4

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ether pnt t4.S.'T urgi 'u Irn hTa.
The faii&l iwarljr car load of
Vis rie "How do Toa 11a my
new phoUgTpU?" Little Uirl "It'
perfectly lorely. Did you really ait for
it yourself?- Tit-Hit.
"Kridget, 1it didut yon seat my
room better? lt'a only tO tV-grera."
rOh, i thoiiplit that for auch amali
room dffrrea would bo eooujli.
Flk-Jfttde tlnetter. '
A Critkiam. "1 doo't like her ainf
. .
inir. Her Botea come from nercnea.
Welt, oupht they notr" ", lBdeel.
They otiffbt to atay Uiere" Indian
apolia Journal
T-brTt inf t: all ripht in .ta place,
Mid Vmla KU-n. "Kr aha p razzer
mrk r man a jrood bahber one minute.
an a ter ble tougn eiucrn at ne
Wanhinjton Star.
Kxplaiued.AMlil niaVea you won-
en kiaa ticn tou meet?" "It U a aurt
ot apolof y in advance for what we
mean to aay about each other after tre
part." Indianapolis Journal.
"Excum ms UN aaid Carker to a
boorish traveler, "but what la your
hwdtieaaT" l am a rentlrman, air.
Tttat ' my busineca." "Ah." aaid Bar
ker. "I aeo. Von are taklrj VWa-
tron." Harper'a vmt ,
"What did you are In America, on
ele?" tried the boya. "Oh, I aaw the
ChUkill mountain," aaid Uncle Peter,
jocoaely. "1 expect It waa one of thoc
mountuina that brouph fiTta IB
mouae," aaid Jock, thoughtfully.
Household Werdt.
"Iteally, aaid Mrs. De Porque, "lf
tvYy distressing- to aee how common
thin(farepeUinff.' "yea," replied her
husband; "luxuriea are a good dr-at
cheaper than they were." -IV pttal
tirely shameful. Why, g' ttinf au
that anybody ran afford a diamond
robbery nowvdays." vTahington
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1 I T Aral H IHmntitr--'-'L1
dwirr or avnl ift (Qtt
-vrn rn. 4um ami tM womrs
" II hit muiy brkneb
iw. itbi, lu bvoiIb ,id repairs
fuMi . it '-An ftirt dii hiri)ili a
wmir!!i!ii, niiina
i ruM, Kt4 mi Bun !
i-i. riB u wtll nttmaoii
urtm that ti wtu rnmi,a mil
' 1 l xt utiM prim, n u BiMe
4 il tm-it, Mjd fur wii(
' -H n r 'imm Sii-Hti, uiua.
atpt thief I
RtnB t omotl hialady, which If stealing
Tour Afrmgio, before it outruus your power
ksarrwitit, and recorer whut it took from
you. Ida safest and promptest recuperator
of waaliur vitality is Uotctu-r's HUoirh
Bitters, which renews vigor, fli-sh slid herre
quliituile bei auite it resUirrs iv-tivity to Uiose
lunctiona wnosA Intemiptinn Interfere
with Brnrat health. Use the Biltera for
"ty")!'"!", malariHl, rheumatic and kiduoy
compiaiuu ana oiuousness.
"Tot' are the only doctor who adrlsea ma
to stay at home. All the others any I oun-lit
to bo U) a wlul'r reaort." '! auatiose tliev
have all the patient they want," t'Ucgeud
Do von dare you to tauut ma with rny
Dora aeiormiiy I ii ron.
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is'.f-v -l ' 1""' .!,:. tp l.(.i l
, ' r r iU,'.- t 1 f -1 ''wens tae r.se aai f-i tria th
K r i --.r r;-ti 'era' .a a 1 "h. and tsey are then p.t -hf.re 1
rrt ef r-T tt'-i'rsn in ra.-i -r p Ml of teproanl theearm temfcare-
f." t' - i he act-at-.ws T l,e f,:om the p til- 1 'T
tr.sJ ..it;.v acte n. v- e r- P the mornin". pi'i-hed
beneate.1. 1 ; . U : ' , n-rwid f. mtj rows .oi after, anit at n ,
. t .". 1 tot t! jv.'t to tr 11 y oa
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Tttrmlr mt Onirr"! T ft FrM tm receipt of prf
k CIMTAIN CURI 00., tvansrllf. Ina).
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" lliUUUrlS-
D0Y0US!!0KE "
: v; ;?i c ;;i ccr.roRT and pleasure ?
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ir-cco your noriEY yill buy: :
: :::': JU3T AG CCCD'as
U!J trHI
f ,' niw tlierv, or luaUe knowa
ant pret diaoowrv. I emifeM that I
kajw hut very httle thit t d Ett
War from sotea one ant fetif r
a"y whan t Warned -iS r. by tr
pes i(fv 1 f.and out shortly that v-'te
one !k knew th i! 1? tiiiaj and
aanr. l'wt e can rene our mind
with thinjrs that have been repeated In I
word and practiced time aed Jein,
with benefit to acli. ; '
In the fitst p!iu-e I would aay that I
Would want to beln very early with
the p ,rs. if I shoald expect excellence.
Kren Before the crosa u made that hi
to briny about its exUtanee. WeWaBt
the aire and dam from a of the ttlH
sUntial famlites, of fovl fornt arid
well Herelnped af.d id jTJw thriving
txndit mi at lime of eoup.injf. Now U
the time to feed the expected litter.
Uir the aow plenty ef food, clean
range, induce her to take as mneh ex
ercise aa possible. Be careful and not
feed her too mosh corn because it IS
handy. tW more bfari, lbrtS; bals
hod rools. Hat ht-r S ft jood condition
at farrowing time, but not over fat.
We, can reasonably expect an even
strong -litter, one which any person
will feel like looking after. A piff wall
born is half raised.
The first twn wca, W the piff'a life
I cenaidvr' tf.a most eritical, or at least
It waa always hard for me to get over.
Most people are inclined to want to
feed too mdeh at this time. Better fo
a little slow tm t reen una pay
mora attention I'd bed and bedding.
kei) the bed drr and clean. Get the
little fellows out In the sun the first
day if it is possible to do so. Get them
to exercise. There la no nfetie;irle BJ
good aa plnJf ff t!teroise and aun
shine fuf pig, boy or any other grow
ing thing, tome np gradually on tne
feed, and at the end of two weeks have
the sow on full feed. At about two
weeks old we begia to tempi the fig
with somethinf good, adcH i new milk
or short It does not take them long
to learn to eat. ' If yon get one started
the balanci) soon catch on. I think
the best thing I have tried to feed
pigs Is shorts and milk, though,
we don't always have milk eiiduffh
to go around. So we supply tfie lack
with Water and kitchen slop. 1 make i
thick alJp and feed sweet. . Have a
place away from the sow to feed the
pigs. Feed nearly all they wUl c'eaB
up. As a rule we only iced twice a
day. Hy alt mtaria give them the run
t a grass lot. I like blue-grass best
in the forepart of the season, while it
Is young and fresh, In the after paj-t
clover. We let the pigs rua with the
sow a.i much as eight weh; and lf We
only want to false the one litter lit the
yeatS Ws leave them together as long
as the sow will let them suck, which Is
usually about twelve weeks.
One week before Vcahing time we
begin to Increase the feed for the pigs
hnd feed the sow less. At time of sep
aration we take the sow away from the
pigs and leave the pigs at home In the
qnarters they are used to. Take the
sow elear out of hearing. Then If there
ts any fretting tt will be done by the
sow, which will be a benefit to her on
causing ber to dry up rapidly and in
rood shape. At this time I feed the
pigs liberally with shorts and milk
three times a day for awhile. In about
two weeks we drop back to two feeds
day. By this treatment
never notice any check In growth
at weaning time. From this time
on tve continue the forhict feed ahd
add bran, ground oat, some time
ground barley or rye and apples or
most anything I have that a pig likes.
Do I feed corn? Tea I most always
have crib with some corn ill It and I
use it at all seasons of the year when I
think it advisable. But it ts no use to
tell anyone to feed corn to a hog,
Nearly all of ns feed too much of it to
pigs intended for breeders. Many a use'
ful prospect has been ruined as a breed'
er by feeding too mueh corn.. We keep
on hand all the time and use at all sea
sons plenty of wood ashes, charcoal
lime and salt. By all means study your
business and attend to It every day.
I recognised the fact that in this,
as everything else in life, tf one would
excel, or even succeed, it must be at
the cost of eternal vigilance. Don't
expect in the last few weeks to-make
amends for a whole season of neglecb
' The paper brought out some discus
sion, mainly on the question of the
number of feeds a day, two or three,
At the close of the discussion the situ
ation remained unchanged. Many
breeders, all successful, were repre
smted on both aides, and the general
opinion was that either method, sup
plemented by good judgment, was
equally as successful. Paper read bv
I. M. Clawson, at the late, meeting of
the Indiana Sw ine Breeders at Indian
!v sajf
pitched Into a stack about a pva, seven
feet tirh. Kai!s are laid .bel"r t
vines, to hat tfcs ltfAer p!swul not
r rrfd in tothe earth and be spoiled.
The vhlee are so ".ae-vt bare the
pods (rirard toward the pole, and a
space is left for air next t" the pole.
On the top of the slack is hay cr corn
stalks, to keen out the rain. Tba stack
Is Uft from two to three weeka, and
then women and chUdrea plik the
good pods from the vine nts
alow work and quite expensive.
Some farmers leave the vines two days
after plowing before thsy are jhakea
out, and Some make iheir stacks la leel
high. Some leave them in the stack
less than ttf-o weeks, arid t!)eii fut them
a barns till they are ready td Sarkct
them or have leisure to pU'k them.
Some farmers pick them from the vines
by machiues. The pod are cleaned by
machinery before being put tn sacks.
sack holds fonr boalte Is. . reanuts,
well put up and kept id a dry tli-i
4 f?6ud lor manr veara.
. . . m
There are about 4,dO0,(X) Duatieis oi
peanuts, raised in the I'nited States
each vear. The rest of the world raise
five tines as many as the I'nited
(J .... - . a., n,vi rvr !... Un1,i
The nrtits ar? m four gradf. ih
5ret three grades are for venders of
roasted peanuta. The fourth is lor con
fectioners for "burnt almonds" or pea
nut candy.
The American people ray f i?;wo,po5
fef flifiuU, not to eat aa food, but to
nibble for fun. Journal of hducalion.
" , . A A MM. AJL M m
cr:::: DEMAND nr anq
tome Fact In
v :i t s It i i. .-e 1 si i
r At t i a of Dk i-xs Ut-
ii. 4 l'i iaJI"" - f
ais-1 suoxMOt'ot won-wrluKtra
...d 1 r. 1 i r "1 n s..r
that lata a wed as an, uud n, B v ol Uvui
.Ti I e J . ' " "n.-t-'i
lit 1 1-2 sail ': " 1 J S 1 '
k'.vp oti takmf th. as Wn as 1 tvuiu. t
pnw ainvsafor a. J bailuiitfr, as 1 hare beta
t vi-ry dj.v shKie 1 tuvran to Use Us-ts, Y ott
, t.i aa W'n.tr B,f irv'soys ml.-q 10 Mas
Bern of I. VViiluuEs' hm for ?
f e-ipio afltr vou have heaj-d in U.it I have to
UU voo. A.mt one vesr ao I waa am. kea
t ffua fih-' rtM":niatiNB and w
id iy OMuaieJ the form of fcnammatorv rueu
rejtum. 1 auff-rwd cocsuint and acute pains
aad ill the truire wh! -U tiiat homhie di
eaae a cati'io of ImU- Ung. At iemrth un
der tho constant care of a local phvMoian I
was enabU4 M returs to a y wm, but onir
it ipi.-rr1. Ek'vcre, attai-K would apiiear
CvsUM J It S'T aac Run M.-a'vyu uwi i
k? and foot, and Uiroati.ni5l t" amlw Rie a
permanent crinple." I triod varioua reme
ii for rheumatism, but w ithout any bone
fioi d ia 1 grew paK wek and hag
rrd, and my family ki fn: pt
a.armed at wv oondiuon.
Ahout enrtit werks are mvmoxner ra-
dacd me to try Dr. Willkuns' Piuk fills for
falo reopie, ana you mow mo rami.
Before I had usod one box I lelt greatly
lwen inn. jrm.rT''1'!'
I eontin'-aad
ineir uso and iniiroi raii.d 1 bf 0"W
taken curtst boxos and fool likoaaew maa
y cured, a'l 01 worn la uw w
I Pink Pilla. Thev are inviff-
. Plj blaeaae. ,
Mr. A. C. Diller. proprietor of the
Marshall eonntv herd of Pd'.atll! China
h3s at Marshalltown. la., writes t!i
Homestead: W e are often asked:
"What do you do for thumps?''
Make things right on the start and
you will not have any. Don't violate
nature unless you wndt to pay i"r it;
If the litter is kept in a cooi, oar
place away from the sunshine and the
dam well fed with a good milk-form
ing food, lookout for thumps. They
are sure to como. t on probably hi.ve
them alreadv. If the dnin is
fed Irremilarlf-. W tS allUncd
td have an occasional big fiil of any
ficMood-, yon cad see a sample of pig
scours. Or should you like bob-tailed
pigs you can remove the tail withddt
the aid of the knife by albwingtha
bed or nest to get damp and hot, si it
will if they are kept In a close ple.ee
without the aid of the sun to dry, or
change of the bedding. You need rot
wait long: bv the time the pigs are a
week or ten dava old the tails, wm t-
'in id dfv ttd and Will soon drop off.
Ve have fid use for the apothecary
ahdtt In this business. Use nature'
remedies. Here they are boded down
Youdir breeders, paste this in your
hat: Feed plenty of light food up to
the tlmo of farrowing; give a double
feed at the time of making ansts feed
water first 24 hours, then liijht feed
and increase slowly; keep nost dry,
give full dose of sunshine and repeat
daily if possible; exercise after si
days. If Tod want anjr mora color on
any of the above points, I am here for
that purpose. ;
How to llant fast,
Aak any man who has been farming
for the last 80 to BO years how to plant
a pea field, for instance after wheat
and oats, nine out ef ten will tell yon
to lay off the land about three feet
Wide With a scooter plow, drop the pea,
covef with fork plow. ' Ask him why
he plants thia way, and he will tell
you grandpappy did so. All those who
plant this way well know i.nat yon
will have to chop them out or lose tne
crop, flow my way oi planting is to
take a good one-horse turn plow (I ui
theBossaaIprefer.it to-any 1 have
ever used), throw out tne dirt eacn
way to the middle, which will make a
high ridge (this Is like any heddipg)
for the middles heaping up the dirt
and covering up all weeds and grass,
drop the pease in water furrow, cover
with double stock.
After peas are up run around with
small scooter; after two or throe weeks
break out middles with scrape and
scooter, which brings the dirt to
level. This plowing will lay by the
peas, which makes the crop with six to
seven furrows. NO chopplWlfBqnired,
I, have been pursuing this mode ot
planting. I prefer it to all other ways
I have ever seen tried. Try one time
to be convinced that It Is the best,
last year I planted IS acres after wheat
and oats. Made a fine crop, and you
could not have gotten your hat full of
crab grass in the whole field. J. W.
Moran, in Southern Farmer.
and complete!'
thA pfflfVM'V oi
o rutin and thoroughly wholesome,
have helped me in .every way."
la npiy to inquire sar. uvnrjiWTv J;,.?
fiat, atld l'r- mimicis- o a i"
W klnir Inrf o Sido, .tliut it wes jmuv
liouiam ewiifvili to him to Know rai we
customers themsctvoa were bitrlily uioassd
with the boneiiU tucy naa acmca irom
their uae; that many of them stated that the
pills were the oulv medium that bad done
them anv food; that they not only gave
fjnkk Miof hot wirtniuiont banerit. That
the pitisd) sell and thai the piiito cure ti
l certainty. ...
Dr. Williams' FinK nils contain, in a
condensed form, all the elements necessi
tn ffivo new life ana rtennesa w wo ou
and restore shattered nerves. They are
alae a ainvlne for teoubiM peculiar to fe
males, such as suppressions, irregularities
and all forms of weakness, la men thoy
effoct a radical euro in allcaseearisinir from
mental worry, overwork or excesses of
whtvnr nature. Pink Pills are sold in
boxr only ot BO cents a box or six boxes for
.50, and may be had of ell anrcinsi-s, or
firfer tm!rt and improvement li
tend ui f:r" er;'yment when
ri.'htly twei Tne many' Uv bet
ter than others tad enjoy life more. : ta
Jesi e-naoditure, hf more prompt.y
aiapticg the world best pnxiuct to
the neelj of physical being, attert
th value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principle embraced in th
remedy, Syrup of Fll .
It excellence ia due to iU prtSPPMn
to th form inoet acceptable and plea
lat to the taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties cf a perfect lax
ative; effectually cleansing th system,
BispelUig fcokisj headacliea and fever
and permanently curing rrsti nation.
It ha rivea satisfaction to miliioniJ i
V, ... 1 t I. HIU 1
a,cl riHI w approval ui
profession, becaurf it act on the hid
I i Ri,la wiihdHt weak-
lit'.',, JJl.ll . , , 1
eaing them and it ia perfectly free frold
svery ob)ectionaDie uuaaui-o.
Prrnn of Fins is tor sale by all drof
gists in 00c ana ft fcntt'es, but it ia man
ufactured by the California Ft Syrup
Co. only, whose name is printed on eVpr
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
and being well informed, yon will out
accept aay sutwiiiui u euerecu
rg not
increases and tr.r smi tn
l rrcrer'v treated
timers cor.ta-::
1 actual
A trial of this plan costs but
little and is sure to lead to
crefiuble culture.
tj Niaa !x, Tar.
O U Ikt Stattaaauaaitaaf
. , . lot Iit Wt1
at w. '
a T '
lid tnurn. r f.'
fiia. v. ,
)., for Mi a ""- '
TBlr.Brni"'? Siaok
Stacaa. Ilaa a. oa. If
Liab land brm P''
r a oi an ary ' r
a at. "tafai. itx.
.11 llw.ir (taas anaaial fmt !
...OUR GANDI&S ...
mr otw inv to boas
itmt SO ("rata far a 8aopla Box Expraas rrrpaia.
S25 Mala t., aivipnia, venn.
t-4 rnd mav
uir'! by mart from Dr. Wiltou' Modir
tine U3.. Bciirnftlady, f: 1:
Belatloa to th Featlv
The peanut ia not a nut at all. It is
a ground pea, and Is called a nut lie
sause it has a nut-like shell. The plant
blossoms in the air and sunlight, but
after the blossom has "fallen off, the
stem upon which it was plows or
punches itself into the ground several
inches, where the seed portion of the
flower begins to enlarge- and develop
into a pale yellow, wrinkled, 'eurved
"pod" with a slight drawing together
in the middle. If the stem does not
find its way into the ground within a
day or two after the flower falls Off,
the stem die. The snrface of the pod
is netted. ', , . -"
The peanut has never been known
to grow wild, and it is not known
where it is native. A hundred years
ago the peanut was a leading article o'f
food in Africa, and the slave trader
loaded their vessels with peanuts and
the negroes lived on them on the voy
age. ' .
U grows abundantly in Japan, China,
and in all East India countries. Itwa
not much cultivated in the United
until 166S. Their extended cultivation
was the result of the Bar. Until then
there had been large importations from
Africa, but since 1870 this country has
raised all it has used, Virginia, North
Carolina and Teirwee produce most
tit the e;-yp of th? United Sintea, Vs
Hens one to three years old are the
best breeders. The eggs of pullets are
often infertile under the most favor
able conditions. ' ' l ? :
-t-To have broiler for market it is
necessary to hatch in winter. Here is
where the incubator comes in.' And
then it is necessary to give the chicks
the best of care, or the- hatching will
be all in vain. Here is where the
brooder gets in ite work.
Sheep ought not to be pastured
continually on the same ground, but
should be so changed about as to give
as much of the farm as possible the
benefit of their presence, and give the
sheep the benefit of the cleaner pasture
and better variety of food.
An occasional ehange of diet is as
beneficial to animals as man. ' The best
single ration that was even Invented
may be Improved by the occasional
substitution of something not half ao
good. The animal system geta fatigued
with the dull routine of digesting the
same constituent day after day, no
matter how perfect they may be proven
tobebythecheim.it. " f"
Hogs require a large amount of
water, and must have it if they keep
healthy and fatten well.1 The water
should be as pure as possible. A hog
can not drink constantly of d'sease-
laden liquid masquerading as water
aad maintain physical vigor, . The
liog, In his great desire for watw r, wilt
drink anything that is wet. Whole
arnpe food, wholesome drink and wholej
boiji. surroundings areas news iirv foj
Tm Kvn. n RasTHiiTEO LirKNSS. Old
Party (aadly) "My poor man, why do 1 al
ways find yon hanxing around this saloon I"
llibuious liiu "1 can tueip meaeu, aiiawr.
It s the only one la town." rata.
The barley wonder. Yields right
aiong oh poor, good or indifferent soils
60 td 100 bus. per acre lhat pay a a,"
(le a. bushel !
Baizer'a mammoth catalogue I full
of pood things. Silver Mine Oats yield
ed 201 1-3 bushels In 18SS. it win ao
better in 1S96. Hurrah for Teosmte,
Band Vetch, Spurry and Giant Clover
and lots nud lots of grasea and clovers
they effer. 35 package earliest vege
tables $1.00,
W ith Wc. postage to the John A. Snlzer
Reed Cdi) La Crfsset VVia., you will get
free ten grain and grass samplfSi in-
cludingbarley.etc.and their catalogue.
Catalogue alone 5c. W
"Max wants Utile here below"
Ho runs the snod old sons;
If he but a Ivertises, though,
Ma i .wuti't tvnnt mat. InniF.
Printers' Ink.
tatarrh t'annot D Cared
with ioriL ippLicATioNS. as tliev cannot
reach the seat or the disease, unai ruiaai
blood or conslitutionul disease, aud in order I
to cure it rnu must take internal remedies.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is tnkon internally, and
acts directly on the blood and mucous sur-1
faces. Hall's Catarrh Cure ts not a quaox I
medicine. It was prescribed by one of the I
beat nhvsicians in this country for years, I
and is a roirulur proscription. It is com-1
posed 01 till) Deal Ionics Known, comoiuwi
wun me oe&6 oiooa puruinm, auug u,w,nj
on the mucous surfaces. Tne perfect com
bination of the two ingredients la wnai pro
duce such wonderful results in curing I
Catarrh. Bend for testimonials, tree.
F. J. cnnksT Co., rrops., loieuo, v.
Mold bv orucHlsis, price loc.
Hull's Family Pilla are the best
"Au, the good things have been said"
Eiiayiuie murniureu wuua amu;
Mabel yawned and shook her bead .
"Well, ammoan vol! trv urood-bv.' "
Louisville Courier-Journal
Fits stonned free by Dr. Kline's Great
Nerve lleatoier. Mofiw nfU!rlirt day's use.
Marvelous cures. Treatise Hnd l'2 trial bot-
tleroe. Dr. Kline, 8-11 Arch St., Phiia., fa.
TaacnsB "What was Joan of Are maid
Oft" Bright Pupil "Made of dust." Bos
ton Transcript.
Piao's Cure for Consumption has no equal
a a Cough mi diciue. . m. Abbott, usa I
Beneca St., Buffalo, . X., ay V, loMt.
Hfrohu the divine relation which In all
time unites a great man to other men. I
A 0uobtCou, ir Nbohctf". orrax At- I
uul -ram l.tin "H,yh-I' BronthuA I
lYjcliu" give immediate andeffoetual reUef.
Tna dolne of an evil to avoid ail pril can,' I
I At oe -ood. jolertdge. ,
Ai.T.mvirrnAi-ienneof the world tahwn
me tlint'in99cases out of 100 the safe and
just side of a question is the generous and
mercnui siae.mrs. Jameson. v-
Features the great soul's apparent seat.
Bryant. .
Bions "lam so stout that 1 know exer-
else would do me lots of good." Tarns
"Then whv don't vou act out ana snovei
that snow 'off the walk i" Bips "That'a
not exercise, that s work." 1 ruin.
Willie "I know sister would be clad to
go skating with you." P.lngway "What
makes you think sol'" ''Kb. says she has
been dvine all winter to have you break the
kfe'VUfe. . ' , .
Mtfv hhitirians take nleasure in putting-
Into Uie months of princes what they have
neither said nor ougni to nave saia. voi-
WnrsI find acrreatdeal of irratitnde In
a nonr man 1 take it for aranted til ere would
be aa much generosity if he were rich.
Idlevess Is the burial of a living man.
Jeremy lay lor. . . f, .. ,
"How ts it that you. a simple citizen, call
yourself a marquis!" "My narenta live oa
the Marquises islands." a ujaro .
Heb 8prorALTT.-ahe claim to be
artist, though
' Art scarcely can define her, ,
But looking on her face we know
Hha ia a oalciminer. -' r
. , Detroit Free Press.
h.''l aa for wen,
Pprsoval ExT-mm-jri?. He "Hpt treat.
ment of Jn- k has made him an anti-vt is
tiinr" Klie-"How is that?" Ile-'H
kiiis v imt it s te m vt up," fucst.
I III I rt. to aaw. Air-aJ
lilt I iA..aia" SU. Meiptla. T.aa.
d& .M
a. m
Uff Ua.l na. j.aikfHkM
, laM.UkM.
mil .-a uiillKIV kahili rarr.
li I U f J ran. r" i. a. auai. aiuata, aa.
riui laia was nar i
r ,.ua - r
I J Bast ttwal
..... iTt.;, fa. 1 V
Cuuak ajrupTf amiia Uooo. Vm f I
ita 8"l'1 rnwTW4
TTV I . .
1 '"'"" M
I ADK TBEE5rt a. H. K, K 1584
I 11 fl'. WVI aaakwi Hft . ,
lrvlljalfllll eoto f""- wainaaT DvaaTiai plciI
M "No wonder poor Dinnic's so tired, carrying M
m all day that great big piece of m M
No matter how much you are
charged for a small piece of other
I brands, the chew is no better than
I "Battle Ax." For JO cents you
get almost twice as much as of
other high grade gooas. 1 he o
cent piece is nearly as large as other
JO cent pieces of equal quality.
How Weak
the toap and water teems when you begin your rashlnj
you aon t get any itrengui out 01 it nu tne wuia, auuui
done,' Plenty of hard work" and rubbing and wear and
tear, even then butr more of it. at . the beginning;
when 'the water it weakest
Now with Pearline, the water is just a itronff if ,the
beginnifig as' at the end. This is' one of the reasons (only
'v one) why Pc5Jsi acts so' much bcttcr.than soap, in. all
wishths'' and cleaninc UsenosOao. m
Do Not Accept Substitutes Of Imitations,
Sil;r't Sasdi Sprout Quickly, Grow Vigorously, Produce Enormously.
IlnTerrUaDdarTar7eU9it, 1rathUrrMtvrowriof Farni tinfl Veff
1 UbltVwrlclnAiPrtrBV. Oar If tvnitnoth Plaoi and 81 UavtRlorn nd lftw
let of uw rrcatlona in rrat, crtM And font planti, tt anlid job upon rt
oeipi o ent pocuc. .(Asrti lon ft nt. (lend t-dfy.
'flllHflflPI'O I I'lrYCP VT the OLD reliable,!
lUUiiUIiilU UiiEi.iClil .tested remedy
iKtl8US11EtiS8Ti " PAifty:
! G. W. GUNTFTR, CuirroirvTLLa, ALA., saysi "I aav. found DTJ5Ci!r8 WUSESTl
! to be the best remedy for pains generally I ever saw. " 3
TA'n.T.iE "I knew vou were coming- to.
night." CasUeton-"Why, Willie!" VVUlia
"Sister has been asleep all theaftemoon.
l rum. -
Therb is this ffood in real evils they
deliver us, while they last, from the petty
acapotism ox au tnac were iiuoKiutujr.
SS A A A A f"S
TnHnSl'rt!re a nmt.T.It llti of HwooJ Win, FwolTtff And rin"f vrv artld. to a. a
r9rasul4. It you aouaww ttuaillr wa oatt aava vou jjuo-iy. iiAA.vwwiL
J7ifia " , . . rv-r',.
DI3 ICflLD FlilNCn CO.,l
-y J

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