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ie umm seraid.
Liberty. ILL. ?.niry 11 1887.
Tb Grind Lodg of Masoc of
Litisiaca tnt in h'tw Orleans Us'.
The 'Mississippi Fx; Associr-
non fcas ben intited t j af.end the
"fir.esM CenUnnial.
Car WishiEjtoa Letter.
Waihinotoji, Feb. 5, l?i7.
Tht schema n keep Senator
ect Ksnney,uf Delaware, out of
hit uat, which w c looted by
"Little Bill Chandler and other
republican of hi ilk, is io a fair
way to fcs'.l through. Although tht
Senat Committee oa Elections is
controlled by republican! it hai re
fused to ba a party to tbia scheme
lo the extent of re opening the
claim ot Da Punt to the eeat, and it
is not believed that the flimiy claim
of Gji Adsiick will be seriously
considered by the committee at all.
A republican Senator aaiJ to-day
that be thought Kenoey' cre
dentials were all right and that he
was satisfied ha would be seata I.
Nobody seems to bate any idea
ihst the amended arbitration treaty
withEngland.which has been favor
ably reported to the Senate, will be
acted upon at this session. Io fact,
its friends would be afraid to force
a vote at thi time lest it should
result in rejection ol the treaty.
One of the legacies of the Hirri
eon administration is a treaty that
binds the United States to pay
16,000 a year towards the support
of a monarchy and an almighty
poor specimen of monarchy at that.
The treaty in question was made
with Germany and England and
the money goea to pay the expenses
of t semi-aavage King of 8amoa
A year or so ago PresideniClevehtnd
recommended legislation looking
towards the abrogation of this trea
ty, and each year there has been a
protest made when the House
reached the item of the Diplomatic
and Consular appropriation bill
carrying that $6,000. This week
when the item waa reached Repre
(tentative McMiltin moved that it
be struck out, because he did not
think it right that our people should
be contributing money to the sup
port of a monarchy anywhere and
under any circumstances, but bis
motion was voted down, not be
cause a majority of thellouse favor
ed the appropriation, but because
they considered that as long as the
treaty is allowed to stand we are in
honor bound to pay our share of
the money.
Gen. Bradley T. Johnson, wbo
was recently in Cuba, is now in
Washington and doing some very
The Nevada leguUture passed a plain talking. For instance he said
aw allowing prize fighting and the "The Cubans will surely succeed
governor signed the same, so it fol- unless the policies of the adrninie
lows, as a matter of course, that the tration in aiding Spain crushes
Corbett-Fitzsimmons fight will oc- hope out of the Cubans. Every
car in hat state. Dan Stuart is to power, the army, the navy, the
bring the light off, cither in Keno judiciary, of this great government
.,r uarfon. moreprooaoiy me lauBr, i)9 cow la aC1Vo operation to aid
The figbl billed for March 17th. Spain and crush the robellion
Every power will be exerted during
the next administration to the same
The money power demands
a hir.t by a person io authority that
it would tot be wise for bin to
make a csntett, and he thinks be
now knows why.
Weinrfsday morning's dupa'bes .
o&eocV that the famous Con
Vsurite G Jo. Shelby, l S.
.larshal of Missouri, is dying.
John AdJison Porter, of Co: .
necticut. editor cf the Hartford
. "ost, has been appointed private
aicretary to the President-elect.
Lyroaa Gage, the great Chicago
'inaocier, who has been appointed
Vy Mckinley as Secretary of the
Treasury .voted for Cleveland iu 'S4
TLe Valley Record stated in iu
Ut issue that it was cow using the
press formerly owned by the Amite
Reformer, which paper is now be
ing printed entirely at Vicksburg.
Archibald Netbitt, Jr., is Chi
cago's smallest citiien. At his
birth Sunday morning be weighed
only one and a quarter pound. A
silver 25-cect piece entirely oovers
sne of bis hands.
Tba Jeffersouiao says there will
be a bank opened in Centreville
ibis week, which will be owned and
controlled by Messrs. E. F. McKee
nd Jno. A. Redhead, with James
A. Smylie as book keeper.
On the list of patents granted to
SouthernStatesInventors this week,
reported "by C A. Snow & Co.,
olicitors of American and Foreign
Patents, oppositeU. 8. Paten Office,
'.Vashingtoo, D. C, we notice A.
W. Smith, of Union Cburcb, Mis
iatippi, ."ith "Fifth-wheel for
Everything in nature has a com
pensating law which prevents con
centrstion and stagnation. Men
would do well to follow this law of
nature. If it is a menace to socie
ty to concentrate wealth in afiw
banda, then there should be a law
to prevent it, else what is govern
asent for? Ex.
If Senator Chandler can tell ;n
the speech he has promised to
to be the Sense of the Senate that
this country should not permanent
ly accept the single gold standard.
bat should strive to have gold and
silver put on the same terms by the
free coinage of bath, any other
reason for '.be adoption of the reso
lution than the bamboozling of sil
ver republicans into the belief that
their party is going to do something
for silver the ailver majority in the
Senate will doubtless vote to adopt
his resolution, although they and
everybody else know that it would
be meaningless so far as accomplish
ments are concerned. Everybody
knows that the Senate believes in
the free coinage of ailver.
What Oongma will Probably Do
this Week.
Washington, Feb. 7. If Senator
Morgan pursues bis present plan be
will move to take op the Nicaragua
Canal bill during tbe morning hour
Monday. He expects the motion
to be antagoniied, and in that event
will secure & vols which will, be
thinks, demonstrate tbe strength
of tbe canal bill. He expects tbe
vote to be largely in tba majority,
but whatever the result be probably
will announce his abandonment of
tbe bill for the present session on
account of tbe determined obstruc
tion to its paesage, while at the
same time he will declare bia pur
pose to press the measure with
more determination tban ever at
the next session. .
Ths withdrawal of tbe Nicaragua
bill from its present place at the
bead of tbe calendar will Uave the
way open for taking op other mens
nres pressing for consideration
The diplomatic and consular appro
priation bill has already been re
ported, and there will be an effort
to secure attention to it Monday
The appropriation committee ex
pects to have tbe Indian and agri
cultural bills reported by Wednes
day, and will ask for an early con
sideration. Senator Thurston will
seek tbe first opportunity to con
clude his speech on the Pacific rail
road resolutions; Senator Morrill
has given notice of his intention to
advance tbe bill to prohibit tbe sale
of liquor in the Capitol, and Sena
tor Sherman will abide by his de
cision to ask the Senate to go into
executive session early Monday for
tbe purpose of considering the gen
eral arbitration treaty with Great
Britain. As soon as those matters
'Boston audiences," said Rev.
fi.m Jones in a recent interview.
attentive and refnonsive.
Tbey will cheer, laugh and cry, or Peace 9uiet "8li bul behind u
..,Mind disagree with vou in a is ths irresistable, omnipotent, all-
m.nr different Iron anv other prevailing force of manifest destiny
people I have ever talked to. If kicb controls history, directs the
you have anything to say they will E. & absolutely beyond and
ouicklv come to bear you. You ove toKt of one generation,
ill fiod all creeds represented,
each having its own worshiping
place, from a joss bouse to the
btsutiful Trinity Church, of which
the late Bishop Phillips Brooks
w" r8ctor-"
At Lexington, Ky., on Monday
nicht last, Robert Lord Cave, of
Nashville, was married to Mies
SallieOveilon Bullock, daughter of
;)r. W. O. Bullock, a leading phy
siciao'of Lexington, in tbe First
Presbyterian Church. A scene oc
curred during ibe ceremony which
was probably never witnessed at
wedding before. The groera
fainted twice while tbe ceremony
was being performed, and be forgot
toe ring. Otherwise, says an ac
count, the wedding waa a pretty
tSair io pink and white.
and controls tbem all. In this
case, the will, the hope, tbe en
thusiasm of the American people
overwhelms Wall street and the
peace of the money changers, and
will have free Cuba."
Hon. John W. Kern, of Indiana,
now in Washington, says of the
democracy of bis State: "The
democratic party io Indiana ia as
full of life and in as good condition
as it has been during an; time with
in tbe last twenty years. Every
day since the election has intensi
fied tbe belief of tbe voters out our
way, wbo supported tbe Chicago
ticket, tbat tbey bad tbe right side
of the argument. Instead of higher
wages and full time, promised by
tbe republicans, wage-earners have
experienced a decrease in their
earnings since lastNovember. Even
dow tbera are thousands of good
- Under the constitution cone but
qualified electors are eligible to men wbo were scared or buncoed
office in MississioDi. An important into leaving tbe democratic party
-criisite to votintr as prescribed by that ars very willing to come into
tae organic law is that all taxes the fold once more. They realise
jcst have been paid on or before tbat tbey have been made tbe
the first day of February for tbe victims of a big confidence game."
nrsctdine two years, at wbiob a The dismissal for tbe second
-ersoB offers to vote. As none but time of a silver democrat from tba
Unified electors are eligible to Treasury department may resul. in
office it follow that those who aacandal. Tbe roan dismissed is
have not met the franchise pro- Mr. William E. Ryan, ao ejpert
visions of the ennstitntion can accountant, wbo waa a candidate
bold office." A , mao may bavelforCongresaio tbeRocbester(N.Y )
been a qualified elector at the time distriot last November. Mr. Ryan
he wa '"C d to an office, and yet I was first dismissed tba day after
;t tiaV not'.baiA'hfa 'noil and election. Oo December 2nd be
otbef . taxes regularly be ceases to secured reappointment at a re
lr qualified elector, and cons-1 duced salary, under a civil servic
ouefitlj is not eligible to the office certificate. He recently srvd
which be .may jcontinua to hold. I notice of bia intention to contest
. In uch cases, and there are doubt-1 the eleotlon in hit Congressional
tors k rtumber of tbem in the Stat, district, on th ground tbat tba as
t quo warrant proceeding by any of tbe Myers Ballot Machine was
Citizen, af.the Stat would oust th illegal, and this week b was again
incumbant -IT, O, Picayune, j dismissed, It it raid he was given
Abott the Poll-Tai.
The report that the poll-tax i
being paid more Jargely tbi season
tban usual seems'lobe a vindication
of tba assertion of the counsel tor
the taxcollector in the poii-tai
eases, as it was called, lately de- j
cided by the Supreme Court, madej
in argument, that whenever the
negro felt an interest in voting be
would pay his taxes or they would
be paid for him by those desirous
of his vote, and therefore that tbe
requirement of paying taxes as a
condition of voting is of little value
as a protection against negro votes
Since McKinley's election there
has been a revival of the concern
of th negro population about
elections, and many will be led to
pay taxes with a view to qualifying
themaelvea to participate.
In thia connection is presented
to the readers of the Clarion-Ledger
th argument of Judge Campbell
before the Supreme Court in tbe
case mentioned, which presents
the grounds on which be contended
that the poll-tax was collectible by
seizure and sale of any property of
tbe person owing (he tax.
Tbe opinion of the court was
published when drlivered, arid
readera will be able from a perusal
of th argument to see why it was
held by many that nothing was
exempt from sale for taxes. The
argument shows clearly bow easy
it is for the legislature to make the
poll-tax collectible and thus com
pel payment by negroes of some ot
the heavy cost of educating their
children. The effect of the decision
is to free the negroes, for tbe most
part, from contributing to this ob
ject by making the poll-tax non-
collectible by law. The argument
showc that the legislature miy
change thi and make the tax col
lectible by altering the list in non
taxable property. The decision is
that non-taxable property cannot
be made liable for poll-tax. It is
for the legislature to say what
property is non-taxable and thus
avoid all constitutional objection
to the seizure and sale of any
property. Clarion-Ledger.
Palatka'g Confession m Train
Wrecker Not Admitted.
Sam Palatka, the Pole who was
arraigned for trial at Birmingham
charged with' having wrecked the
Birmingham Mineral train on the
Cababa river bridge, was discharg
ed Saturday afternoon by Judge
J. J. Banks, of the circuit court.
The warrant, which was left in the
governor's office in Atlanta, was
on hand, and a number of witnesses
were examined. The State called
J. M. Wilson, of Eatontnn, to show
a confession made by Palaika.
will permit there will be an effort Tanner, Palatka's attorney, ob
to proceed with the bankruptcy jected to tbis on the grounds that
bill, and it is not expected there tbe State bad shown no corpus de
will b an avowed opposition to licti, that tbe crime alleged had not
consideration. been shown. Solicitor Ferguson,
Tbe proceedings relative to th for the State, argued tbat there was
arbitration treaty will be held in no probable cause tbat a crime had
executive session aud will be long been committed, but Judge Banks
and animated. sustained the objection and dip-
Wednesday the Senate will join charged the defendant. Th result
with the House to sec the count of of the case will have some bearing
the electoral vote. on the many suits instituted against
Senator Lodge hopes to get up the railroads for dnmnges accruing
the conference report on the immi-lfrom the Can aba wreck, which al
rration bill as soon as the House ready amount to nearly half
acts upon it, which he thinks will million dollars, with more yet to
be done the latter part of th pres. be filed.
ent week. VnnrlroH Intn Pi.
The feature of tbe week in tbe There .re oectg 0f a very
House will be the ceremonies on ,ive,y leglll conlC()t between tbe
weonesuay on me occas.on ox me A, : nemoerat publishine Com-
counting ot tne electoral vote ana a Ctnglable Humphrey, of
i .l
me lormai promwgawon oi me ,be Tbird City Court. The AIgieri
election ofMcKinley and Hobart by Democrat i, generally known,
the Vice President of the Uuited got inl0 iit)gation some months
States. It is a state occasion, but g0 wilh ona of iti prinlers. A
of a very formal character. history of Algiers was printed in
Unless tbe fortibcations or sun- th. ..,. 0mMt nj one cf the
dry civil bill is reported tbe House c oailor8 wbo worked upon it
will have no appropriation bin to .bie to wocX , bill of about
consider this week, and most of tbe tog. The paper refused to foot the
time will ba devoted to such bills bi,,t u ciain)ed that the book
as the vanous commmees may pre WM enljreiT different enterprise,
sent on the commence reports. .hhmi.h pn. . in the Democrat
There are three contested election office) ,nd tgui, fn0Wed. The
cases, Beatty vs Price, from Louis- papr w Q,d ud bought in by
una, Hopkins vs Kendrick, from tbo prjncipaJ gtockboldef. It is
rientuciy, ana cenoiivs coaioer, . imed ... ..... :.
which will probably be decided. Unt, n tb, maDDer j which it
In each eas tb majority report wa, B0id,Dd tbat all of the fixtures
favors tbe litting member, a Demo- were no, msntioned in th invento-
tb company, and who represents
them, it is said, will bring suit
against Humphrey to compel him
to reetore the type to the casee.
The consrabl is a bonded officer,
and th outcome of tb affair is
waited with a good deal of interest
m Algiers, me propeny o
considered a good oue, and a sale
wa just about to be consummated.
Now that the outfit has been "pied"
tbe negotiation ar, of course, off,
unless the ti i restored. Times-
Labonchere Attacks the 400.
The St. Louie Republic of Thurs
day last prints tbe following special
cable from London: "Mr. La-
boucbere bas thia to say in to-day's
issue of Truth; 'No one is a hearti
er admirer of Americans than I am,
but if tbey were to b judged by
New l ork "society" nior corrupt
and contemptible crew never played
their pranks before high heaven.
In th main Ne York society
seems to be composed of very rich
men who are desirous of parodying
the worst features of the exclusives
in European capitals. They com
pete with each other in contests of
ostentation, and tbe m m wbo can
spend the most money at an enter
tainment is deemed at once to be
the leader. Judging trom rere
lation tbat have been disclosed at
a recent trial, the New York jeunesse
doree is not ratified with aping
European society in ite vulgarest
aspects; it seems anxious to go back
to the orgies that disgraced Rome
under :he rule of tbe vilest of it
Emperors ' "
Prof. J. J. Campbell.
v,; tNiuntrv-hom m
n t county, Miss. .February 2nd.
97, of pneumonia, Prof. J. J-
I.abouchcre Answered.
Ssvs the "400" man in the Ne
York Journal of Seturday: "Lab
ouchere'r attack on New York soci
ety is laughable. Hi never visited
America, and he luu.-t have taken
a squint through his wife's specta
cles, who cuine over as Mrs. Lang
try's chaperon when that represent
ative of British aristocracy first
honored us with her presence. In
asmuch as New York society would
have none of Mrs. Langtry, her
cbaperon'e chances of observation
were limited, to say the least. She
may have met treadle uebhard
and some of the other rollicking
bucks of the time, but it is hardly
fair to take them or what they did
to entertain Mrs. Langtry and Mrs.
Labouchere as a fair basis for criti
cising our Bueiiil structure as a
whole. It looks very much as if
Labby' had acked Mrs. 'Labby' lo
furbish up her memory of American
soci' ty, Riid that she had recalled a
certain sleigh ride that caused her
to surrender ber precious job of
chaperoning the beautiful but errat
is Jersey Lily and return to Eng
land. Mrs. Labouchere's observa
lions of Mrs. Langtry's American
experiences are hardly sufficient
grounds for general condemnation,
however just special denunciation
may be.
OmrBtix, agd fty.on years
A native of Ireland, which coun
try hss produced so many energetic
men, he cam to this country ween
boy. After living for some years
n the North he came south, locat-
mg in Amite county, wueio u
taught school for years, after which
be located permanently on a small
farm where be farmed and merchan
dised until a few days ago when
death came to release him from the
crosses of this life. Prof. Campbell
will be remembered long by the
people of Zion Hill and other com
munities where he taught school so
long and so faithful. Many were
tbe friends, together with a host of
colored people wbo traded with
bim, that cam lo attend his funer
al. Not a few wept as tbey re
membered bia kindness to tbem in
iheir needy condition.
He was of the Presbyterian faith,
and early in life bad selected the
12ib chapter of Roman as a rule
of his living, which chapter was
read, at the grave, out of bis own
December 28th, 1882, be was
happily married to Miss Gonorah
McDowell, daughter of Mr. J. D.
McDowell, well and favorably
known iu tbis county, who shared
with her husband the joys and
sorrows incident to life, and finally
followed all that was mortal of her
companion to the city of the dead.
All human aid possible was given
him in his last hours, sister Camp
bell sat close by, friends and rela
tives came, and in. Uuuer, i
christian doctor, did all in bis skill,
but the hour had come, God said
"its enough."
Yesterday, at 2 o'clock, we laid
bim to rest under those friendly
oaks which have been standing
sentinels over other loved ones for
a long time, there to await the
coming of our Master. The parting
scene inado stout hearts weep
SisterCampbell said: "My husband
has been so kind and patient wilh
me, fr whicli JL love him more
dearly tban myself. " Then she
took her father by the hand, whose
head is white with many winters,
Saying "Father, I know you can go
to heaven, and I want you toga "
The Lord bless our sister in her
great trial. Peace, merry and
grace to all who weep.
J. II Lane.
The Terry Headlight is publish.
ing me cnaner oi a Dank, wbith f
will commence business there with. '
in a couple of weeks with a capij
stock of $oQ,000 subscribed by TM.
ry and Crystal Springs capuaiUu.
The Nevada Supreme Court hIS ,
decided that tbe state courts Lit
no jurisdiction over tbe offenses 1
committed on government prepjt. J
ty. A few weeks ago V S. District I
Attorney J ones assaulted the editor
of the Carsan Appeal while on th ;
postoffice steps. It is claimed that
be used brass knuckles, and he vi
indicted by a grand jury for assault
to do bodily barm. Jones contend,
ed that tbe state authorities had ao
jurisdiction over the alleged crime,
as it bad been committed on prop.
erty ceded to tbe government by
the state. Tbe lower court decided
against bim, but the Supreme Court
holds that person charged with a
crime committed on government
property can be tried only by tb
Federal Court.
C? TRAY ED From my place oa
O Dec. 23, 1S9C, op. dark bay t
Texas mare, about rive years old, i
branded with a figure 5 on left hip,
with some halter marks on bis
nose; very wua; jn gooa conaitioa J
when last seen. 'Any information j
leading to her recovery will be
thankfully received. i
Nunnery, Miss. (
Jan. 18, 1897.
For Sai B 180 acres of land, to.
wit:NlofNE,XElofN',VJ, .
S W of N E , and Part (20 acres) j
west of River of S E J of N E of ,
Sec 27, T. 3, R. 5 E, situated in
Amite county, Miss For terms '
and price apply to '
M. H. Wilkinson,
Gloster, Miss. '
M. JP. Butei-. K. M. fiutltt.
Liberty, Miss. 1
i i
PracticingPhysicians andSurgeonl, :
Office over C C. Batts' tture.
i ry. I hose not mentionea were ci
comparatively trifling valns.Among
! them were several printers' cases
The cases and a cabinet were filled
with several hundred dollars worth
crat, and little lime will be con.
sumed in disposing of them.
Bridges To Be Let.
TiY ORDER of tb Board of Su
fi rjervinors of Amite Connty,
XiriMJuurX .k. f tyP. which wa comparatively
wtU be let to tbe lowwrt bidder, pb the .... .
first Monday IN MAKCH 1197. new. Constable Humphrey went
.1 tbe court house ta the town of Uberty, t0 th, office WedneBday when he
recovering o. .o . refleived n ojitt o tQ t
west prong of Amtu mer known .. rf
Rmv. Bndg. n..r H.J. Mc in . pil, lo th9dd,. 0f tbe floor.
Gba'i,Dist. o. 1. t . f v,. ...w.j .v,
lUpamng tb. bndg. .cross tt.
t VT i.tVi I m 7 boot tbre. cents
as th. Travi. bndg. in Ditt. No. 1. '
m '. I. ,V tV. POUDU.
Clwotn'Clufc feritfcKfioe. Judg. Seymour,. -who is oo of
Prof Mendenhal, formerly con
nected with the United States coast
survey, in a lecture in Baltimore
last wt-ek, before the Peabody In
stitute of that city, told the rtory
of how the weight of the earth was
ascertained on the sacred mountain
of Jwpan, Fujiyama, by a party of
scientists, who made an expedition
from America several years ago.
Fujiyama was chosen as tho ob
jective pmnt oi the expedition for
a number of reasons, the principal
one being on account of its sym.
metrical form.
"Upon this magnificent cone,"
said Prof. Mendenhal, "we found a
shrine to which thousands of pil
grims journey every yearand wbicb
was in charge of a Buddhist priest.
We made delicate overtures to the
priest to allow us to work in the
shrine, which ho at first rejected
with indignation. Ultimately he
allowed us to use the place, and
our instruments were moved in.
In the centre of the templo was set
up our pendulum, and four days
were occupied in observing its
vibrations. never relaxing vigilance.
Tbe result of the expedition, as
sine proven by similar experi
ments, was to asoertain tbe correct
weight of the earth, which I may
give yon, approximately, as this:
Writ th. ligur 6, followed by
twenty-one ciphers, and add tb
word 'tons,' and you will know
what this great mass on which we
live weighs." Ex.
For the Drouth Sufferers.
The Times-Democrat, thanks to
tbe contributions which have been
made to its fund from all parts of
the State, will be able to-day to
forward a considerable amount of
supplies to the relief of the drouth
sufferers in North Louisiana
A telegram received from Mr.
Uriah Millsaps, chairman of th
relief committee, at Monroe, an
nounces the arrival there by the
steamer Ouachita of 369 bauels of
grits and corn meal, 66$ barrels of
Office hours from
and from 5 to 6 p. m.
Feb. 6, '97.
9 to 10 a. m.
C'kancery Stt?.
The State of Mississippi, )
Amite Countv.
To Juliiu Move the defendant- hiM it
office uridrfM in Cincinnati, Ohio: No. -f I.
( before theChanoOTV Court of the county
of Amite, In faid ttuto, on tho
2nd Monday in March, A. D. 1S97,
nt Hule in the Clerk's OHW to plead, lo
wer or doaiur to the crca bill of Nun Bald
wherein you are mado a (WA ndtoit.
Hivcn under mv hand and the eul of Mtl
Court, thi 2.rth dav of Jimu'v. A. P. 1W)T.
H. M. BATES, Clerk
t'luineery Notice.
The State or Mississippi, 1
Amite County. j
To Juliun Moyaethcdt-fendat.t-whoMpoa'
office addreai ia Cincinnati, Ohio: No. Ml
telor the Chancery Court of the coiiP
ty of Ainite, in "tod tnt, on the
2nd Monday in March A. D. 1897.
at rulet In the Clerk's Office to plead, a
awer or demur to the cm bill of Mils
Bittes, wherein you urn mwlc a defendant.
Given under mv hand anl real of mm
Court, this iif.th do'v of Junur'.v A. D. 18si,
II. ii. BATES. Clerk.
Estray Mlcis.
Ona black ow, about twe years oil;
marked ith crop and undcr-mik in Mil
ear. Amiriiised at tl.i'iO bv K. J. Dfan ml
molttssee, lol potatoes, o ooxes oi . Ainen A. Btjiea.
meat, 3 barrels of pork and other
Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 5. Jack Mc
Auliffe traveled from San Francisoo
to New Orleans to meet Yvetta
Guilbert, and traveled with her
in ber private car to Atlanta. II
is to bid her good-by at th steam.
sbip wharf in New York when ih
departs for Europe, whither b
will follow her on th next steamer.
It is a cass of lov between tba
pugilist and the actress,
supplies and groceries sent by the
These provisions were forwarded
at once to Bienville and Claiborne
parishes, where the suffering from
the drouth is very great.
Mr. Milleaps telegraphed Thurs
day to the committee of merchants
collecting subscriptions for the re.
lief of sufferers a request that they
forward certain quantities of corn
meal, meat, molasses and other
supplies to St. Maurice, Winn
parish; Colfax, Grant parich; Little
River, Catahoula parish, and Co
lumbia, Caldwell p.trish, in all of
which there is destitution andsufft-N
ing; the committee, however, did
not have sufficient funds on hand
to fill the entire requisition made
upon it, and replied that it was
able at present to send only half
the amount asked for.
Knowing that what Mr. Milsaps
was asking for was needed, The
Times-Democrat offered to fill the
balance of the requisition made
upon the local o mmittee, and it
ill sbip to tbe several points in
Grant, Winn, Caldwell and Cata-
I. I . .
uuuia panineg enougn io maKe
good the entire requisition made
upon New Orleans by the relief
The Times-Democrat bas been
able, thanks to its generous friends,
to send relief to every on of
the afflicted and drouth-stricken
parishes, and to fill all tb requi
sitions mad npon it. T.-D.
Two-thirds of tbe session of th
Oregon legislature ha xpird aud
they have not yet elected a Sena,
tor, nor transacted any other bust
ntj whatever.
The above described estrav was tukonns
bv T H MclVjwell, und strayed by bin
before W 1" Wilson, a Juatic ot the'Psaw
in and ft r Amite couutv, State of Mississippi
Doc 9th, ltfWJ. ' 1
A dark brown mare mule, with Rray M
and neck; about 1') liands hl'hj 18 ur $'
yeitrs old and seems to be very vicioin.i
Apprniwd at $20 by T 11 Dixon and Oeoti
A McOehce. '
The above described estray was taken nfi
by Biillurd Powell, and strnredbv him before
A O Stratum, Coroner and ex-Officio Ka-'
j;er within and fur Amite county, start id
jiisKis.ippi, iw, jin lew.
Onedurk brown ateer vearline, with (tot
and swallow fork in each ear. Appraised )
$fi by A. J. Newman and N. B. Newman.
The above deavribed estray was lakes F
by J. M. Williams and ' rayed by him W
fore Chas. Hooper, a Justice ot the
within and for Amite connty, Mate oi mw.
sissippi, Doc. 16tli, 18'.iC. i
One black row, about 7 vcarsolJ. Jf-
marks no brands. Appraised at $10 by '
. llonea and.l.T. Brunch. 3
The ;ibova described eatrav was taken
by W M. Carter, and strayca by him WW)
.1. 1 MIn, a Justice ot ma rw-k
within and for Amite oountv. Stats of'
siitfippi, Jun 2 lt)97. I
One pate brown black-faced cow, wkbtfi
of bonis sawed off, and wbiw spot
flank. Marked with crop in Ieftand s"a
fork in right ear. about 12 vears old. f
praisea at o oy is. u jiooreanu
Moore. f
The above described estray was takenf
by Nelson Martalia and sUayed by sin '
fore T. 8. Cockerham, a Justice of lhaj fy,,
within and for Amite county, State w
sissippi, January lti, 1897.
One Bay Mare Mule, about 17 yean &
branded with Toxaa brand on left hip, K
foot evil in left fore toot. Appraised at
09 by Keuben Nunn. ry and Wt Nwneyi
Tb abov described Ht ray was taS
byChs.Nunncry, and strayed by bim law
A. O. gtaatton, Coroner and Ei-OW
iajiger in ana lor Amu eoumj, ,
Miislssicpi, February 2nd, 1897. I!
One Dark-Brown Ox, about 14 yesji
marked with iwallow fork in right aw j
in 1a A 1 kail hAPB
saw mill work, appraised at 6 Kk J i
Steer Yearling, about 2 yean old. 1 i
www spotted, marlted put ana unw
right ear, appraised at $2 60 by A. A. .
andE. S. Wilson, ,u
The above described Estrayi wets
up by Nathan Martin, and strayed W r
before T. 8. Cockerham, a Justict i
Peace wHhin and for Amite county, d"'
Mississippi, January 27th, 1897.
The owners ol the abor describeiS
are requeiied to uim forward, rri
erty, pay charges, smd take them T
tbey wUlUdsaJt with as th Uw
A. 0. STUTTOy, Corowr ndt

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