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Northern Mercantile Co. Ltd.
per yd.
Dress Goods Department
Over 2000 yards of dress goods will be placed on sale Mon
day morning at a saving of per cent. off.
1150 voiles and Panamas $1.00
$1.25 serges and broadcloths per yard .85
#1.00 serges and suitings Per yard .65
75 cent mohairs and Panamas per yard .50
40 cent suitings per yard .28
35 cent suitings, per yard .23
20 cent velours, for kimonas, per yard ..15
15 cent fleece waistings, per yard b | "|
12-£ cent fleece goods, per yard ; .10
15 cent outing flannel, per yard .12i
124 cent outing flannel, per yard........ .10
7\ cent outing flannel, per yard .15
Northern Mercantile Company Ltd.
The Further Adventures o! Mrs.'Plumpit
Per Kins on Her Trip to Newport.
(By One of the Other Darned Phules.)
Say ! -Mr. Kditur, I neerly dighed a
laffin. Col. Blueberry Sourmash is so
dern mad at whut he kawls mi unwar
ranted attax on the kownti ophishullz
that he sais he's gunter stop his paper,
and mi neckst navbur, Getthare Bow
docks, is tickled, and 'lows if he dident
have to have all his money fer terbacker
and siclv he would subskribe fer The
Miner fer 3 months sure.
Walz Whare I left off Miss Plumpit
Perkins had got to a terribul sidelin
plais in the rode and smashed both hind
wheals: of her waggun. She was sum
diskurridged at this, but ever as a
beakin star in all her trubbelz she" re
membered the tacked that she wuz goin'
tow Nuport. So she got out her acks
once mowr and went to the woods fer
two red fur poals. She brot them and
lade one on each side of the waggun,
when round the bend in the rode behind
her kame two bosses and a buggie with
two men on the seat. One of them wuz
a middle-aged man with a cast in one
eye and a raw smellin' cigar. The uther
wuz jest a plain everyday drunk who
wuz drivin' fer the uther man whose
mind wuz so taken up with bizness that
lie kouldent drive fer his own self.
When they sean the" perdickament that
Miss Perkins wuz in the yung man
stopped his teem and the uther man
hollers out: "Whudjewmeen, maddum,
by obstrucktin' the kownti rode. We're
in a norful hurry, fer we are after the
vaiidul whitch took down the notiss
whitch wuz put upcondemmingthe brig
back yarnder."
Miss Perkins she got riled and she
spoke right up and,sed: "If yew men
spent halt as mutch time in fixin the
rode as yew dew in fillin' yewr sistuins
full of buze, and then tryin' to dry it
out agin bv smokin' yewr insides with
stuff a.hawg wouldent tutch, this plais
would have ben fixed so that my wag
gun wouldent liev broak down. Or if it
had tlie rode would hev ben wide enuff
sost yew kould hev past ennvhow."
At that the uther man he spoke up
and sais: l! Maddum, I will hev yew to
kno that lam one of the kownti ophi
shulzi and that when the men of yewr
navborhood voted me inter orphis they
done their hull duty in the matter. So
git yewr ole leek of a waggun out of the
way and let us pass on our way to cap
ture the miscreunt that defaced a pub
lick sine."
Hear Miss Perkins seen her chants
and she spoke right up and sais: "If
yew tew men will kum and help me lift
the hind ex of this waggun ontew these
poals, I will tell yew whare yew can find
the purson that take the sine."
Sales during this week have been the largest during
the past six months. Why has it been so? It's
the prices.
We want to make next week the largest
week in the history of our business and _
in order to do so, we have reduced every
single solitary piece of merchandise in
our dry goods department.
The uther man sed he was surprised
that she should ask a kownti ophishul
to demeen hisself by work of enny kind.
But the yung drqnk got out of the bug
gie and blocked the wheals with a rock,
and then went and prvd up one side of
the waggun at a time, and Miss Perkins
put the poles uuder the hind ex and
then he helped her lift the forward end
of the poals and tie them to the waggun
seet with some balin' wire. And awl
the while they ware uther
man kept skowlin' at them and tellin'
them to hurry up. *-
So Miss Perkins thanked the yung
drung and klimbed intew her waggun
and druv on, with the wait of the hind
part of her waggun draggin' on thera
two poals. But as the rode wuz terribul
muddy the waggun went most as easy as
a slay. So-ehe druv on as fast as ole Ho w
itzer could walk fer half a myle, till she
kum to a plais wide enuff in the rode
sost she could tern out, whitch she did.
And as the teem got up alongside hern
the ophishul hollers: ''You will remem
ber that yew promised if we would help
yew with yewr waggun yew would tell us
who tore down that sine."
"Sho!"sais Miss Perkins, "what a
memory yew hev got. Yew remember
that yew helped me a'oowt this 'ere
waggun, and I wuz forgetting but what
this yung man and me did it all our own
selves. But turn about is phair play. I
took the sine down my own self."
Then the ophisnul spoke up and sais:
"Maddum, I'm horror struck that yew—
a common persun—should hev the aw
dasserty to take down a sine condem
ming a brig, and that sine put up by a
nophishul of this kownti! Whatreasun
kan yew give fer such nefayrious con
Miss Perkins was putty badly sbaired,
but she kot her breath and sais: "Why,
I did not mean enny harm, mistur. I
jest went in the woods and got a poal
and fixed the brig so it was safe, and
then I went and took dbwn the sine
'cause it was misleeding."
"Misleeding!" sais the ophishul, "I
should like to kno who made yew a juge
of the ophishul ax of this kownti ! Yew
go rite strait back and put that notiss
up agin, and let this be a lessun to yew
that when a brig is condemmed by a
kownti ophishul it kan only be uncon
demmed by the same ophishul. If I
wuzent so ankshus to get to Nupoit
koz my bottel hez guv out I would stay
and see that yew put up that sine agin
my own self." Sain'this he druv on
and left Miss Perkins to her own self.
Seein' that it wuz ownly abowt a myle
and a half or two myles back to the brig
Miss Perkins made up her mind that
she neaded the exurcize ennyhow. So
she hitched ole Howitzer to a tree and
walked back to the brig ai{J pn t up the
Domestic Department
Just have 15 bolts or 750 yards of bleached muslin, worth
at wholesale price today 11 cents, while it lasts at. .. .10
11-4 Pepperell bleached sheeting now on sale at. . .35
9-4 Pepperell bleached sheeting now on sale at. . .32
8-4 Pepperell bleached sheeting now on sale at. . . . .30
9-4 Pepperell unbleached sheeting now on sale at . . . .30
8-4 Pepperell unbleached sheeting now on sale at. . .27
15 cent, all linen toweling, now -... . .121
cent all linen toweling, now .10
25 cent Turkish toweling, now .19
85 cent sheets, 72x90 inches, now .68
cent pillow slips now ,12 J
sine. Whitch sine bein' paper she ned
used to wrap her faltz teath in ane put
in her pocket. The teath lied got loose
and chewed the paper sura, but Miss
Perkins did notkare fer that, fer it maid
the sine look sum like the rode.
When she got backbit wuz noon, and
az there wuz a crik of water close by she
kamped for noon rite there.
(This stori will be kontinnered soon.)
P. S.—l here'that sum of the folx are
ankshus to hev ole Miss Perkins git to
Nuport, but she is a slow persun enny
liow and she is travelling on a slow rode.
A fine little house and three lots for
§800. House rents for ten dollars per
month. Inquire of First National Bank.
Must be sold.
How to Treat a Sprain.
Sprains, swellings and lameness are
promptly relieved by Chamberlain's
Pain Balm. This liniment reduces in
flammation and soreness so that a sprain
may be cured in about one-third the
time required by the usual treatment.
25 and 50 cent sizes for sale by Tiss &
1 ain't feeling right today,
Something wrong I must say.
Come to think of it, that's right.
I forgot my Rocky Mountain Tea last
night. Adam's Pharmacy.
Carry a
Fine Line of Imported
4BA Domestic
- Wines,
Liquors, Beers
and Cigars
FOR SALE—2I-room hotel and fix
tures ; will be sold cheap. Address J.
W. Cusick, Cusick, Wash. 22-tf
Noticc o! Sale o! County Property.
The Board of County Commissioners of Stev
ens County, Wash., believing it to be to the
best interest of said county to sell certain per
sonal property of said countv, hereinafter de
scribed ;
Now, therefore, notice is hereby given that
the Board of County Commissioners of said
county will on the 141,h day of December, 1907,
at the hour of 2 o'clock p. m., hear and deter
mine whether said property shall be sold or
not, and all taxpayers interested in the matter
or having any objections to offer against the
sale of said property are notified to be present
at said hearing.
Said property is described as follows, to-wit:
Ten second-hand heating stoves, one second
hand acetyline lighting plant, the board fence
around the old jail building, the old log jail
building, and two steel cells which have been
in use in said building.
Dated at Colville, Wash., Nov. 12, 1907.
11-16 12-5 F. A. Savage. County Auditor.
Fund Warrants—All warrants drawn on road
district No.'l, registered on or before July 17,
1907, and on district No. 2, registered on or be
fore October 24,19u6, and on district No. 3, war
rants 3339 and 3340, registered August 23,1907,
are hereby called for payment, and interest
ceases from this date.
Dated at Colville, Washington, Nov. 16,1907.
Treasurer of Stevens County, Washington.
By R. Thomas, Deputy. 26-3
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878
Notice for v Publication •-
U. S. Land Office, Coeur d' Alene, Idaho,
Oct. 3, 1907
Notice is hereby given that in compliance
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
June 3,1878, entitled "An act for thte sale of tim
ber lands in the States of California, Oregon,
Nevada and Washington Territory," as extend
ed to all the Public Land States by act of Aug
ust 4,1892,
of Coeur d'Alene, connty of Kootenai, state of
Idaho, has this day filed in this office his
sworn statement N0.3184, for the purchase of the
SE>4 of Sec. 22, Twp. 55 N. R. 5, W. B.
M.,and will offer proof to show that the land
sought is more valuable for its timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes,and to establish
his claim to said land before the register and
receiver at Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, on Thursdav,
the 23rd day of January, 1908.
He names as witnesses: William P Bren
nan, James E. O'Rourk, Ella P. Heaiey and
R. E. McDonald, all of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
their claims in this offioe on or before said 23rd
day of January, 1908.
10-12 12-14 R. N. Dtjnn, Register.
Notice for Publication.
U. S. Land Office, Coeur d' Alexia, Idaho,
„.. . . w , Oct. 3.1907.
Notice is hereby given that in compliance
with the provisions ol the act of Congress of
Jnne 3,1878, entitled "An act for the sale oi
timber lands in the states of California, Oregon
Nevada, and Washington," as extended to all
the Public Land States by act of Angust 4th. 1892,
Qf Spokane, county of Spokane, State ol Wash
ington, has this day filed in this office
hia sworn statement, No. 3190, for the purehase
« V? t8 1 and 2of Section 30, Township 55
North, Range 4 W. B. M., and Lot 2 of
Section no. 2,i. in Township no 55 north,
?" ? iL y.'. ®; f., and will offer proof
to show that the land sought is more valuable
lor its timber or stone than for agricultural
Surposes, and to establish his claim to said
ind before the Register and Receiver at
uoeur d Alene, Idaho, on Thursdav. the 21st
day of January, 1908.
He names as witnesses: A. A. Main, Victor
Bennett; of Clarkston, Idaho; Chas W. Lan
phere, A. Howard,of Spokane, Wash."
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
their claims in this office on or before the said
21st day-of January, 1908.
10-12 12-14 R. N. Dunn, Register.
■r»»"— in ill --
Underwear Department
Have one of the largest stocks in underwear we have ever
had. We must reduce it next week.
$2 50 Ladies' wool union suits now on sale at $1.98
$1.25 Ladies* pure white union suits now on sale at .98
75c Ladies' gray union suits now on sele at
Ladies' Two Piece Underwear
$1.25 non shrinkable wool underwear, now .98
75 cent pure white fleoce underwear, now .58
65 cent grav fleece underwear, now .48
50' cent gray fleece underwear, now .43
35 cent gray fleece underwear, now .30
Children's gray cotton ribbed fleece now .23
RANTS—AII warrants drawn on the special
fund of the following school districts, regis
tered on or before the dates given are hereby
called tor payment and interest ceases from
this date. •>
Dated at Colville, Wash., Nov. 16, 1907.
District No. Date Registered.
2 To and including War. No. 220 .Sept. 15,1906
13 Dec. 3,1906
17 .Nov. 7, 1905
23 .Ju1v27,1907
2 March 25,1907
28 Nov. 7, 1904
30 Dec. 4, 19(H5
3o fo and including War. No. 125. .Nov. 20, 1905
39 .June 1,1907
41 Oct. 11, 1907
44 .June 25,1906
March 13,1907
83 May 16, 1907
87 To and including War. No. 2 May 5,1907
105 Dec. 11,1906
HO Aug. 19,1905
118 March 1.1906
Treasurer of Stevens County, Washington.
By R. M. Thomas, Deputy. 26-3
•[First National
We issue demand certificates which
when property endorsed, may be trans
ferred from one person to another.
These certificates take the place of
money, and owing* to their safety and
convenience, are used in _ the purchase
of property, in payment of debts, etc.
If you have surplus money about you,
it's safer to have a certificate for it.
Issued by the First National Bank.
per yard
In the matter of the partnership estate of Clyde
C. Henion, deceased—No. 536—Order.
Chas. M. Talniadge, administrator of the
partnership estate of Clyde C. Henion, de
ceased, having presented "and filed his iinal
account of his administration and settlement
of said partnership estate, and praying for
approval of same and his discharge;
It is ordered that all persons interested in the
partnership estate of Clyde C. Henion, de
ceased, be and appear before the Superior Court
of the State of Washington for Stevens Countv,
at the court room of said Court in the Town of
Colville, in said County, on Monday, the 2nd
day of December, 1907, at 9:30 a. m., then and
there to show cause, if any, why said account
should not be allowed and approved and said
administrator discharged.
It is further ordered that a copy of this order
be published once a week for four successive
weeks before said 2nd day of December, 1907, in
the Newport Miner, a weekly newspaper printed
and published at Newport, in said Countv ami
Dated this 26th day of October, A. D., 1907.
Geo. H. Shaver, Court Commissioner.
11-2 11-23

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