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The Newport Miner
Official Paper
Stevens County
Courtesy Northwest Mining News, Spokane
New Steamboat Named.
The new steamboat being built at
Portland, Oregon, for the Pend d'Oreille
Kiver Navigation Co. was christened the
past week and will bear the name
"lone." The name is a new oue, no
other boat in service on the river having
borne it, and is appropriate as desig
nating the lower river terminus of the
run she is being built for.
Work on the "lone" is being rushed
as fast as possible, so as to get her into
the service early in the spring. It is
expected that, she will be ready for
launching by May 15. She will be put
in the freight and passenger service be
tween Newport and lone, and it is ex
pected she will prove speedy enough to
make the trio in one day. She will be
equipped with donkey engines and every
facility for the rapid handling of freight.
On Sundays the "lone" will be used as
an excursion boat and will be specially
equipped for that purpose.
febuport, kvhere rail and ri-Ver meet."
Northern T " s ""
Mercantile Co.,
Agents for HuttericK 'Patterns
last Week of Our January Clearance Sale
Sugar, per 100 pounds 55.70
Tomatoes, 2$ pound cans, per can... .10
Corn, standard, 10c, 3 cans for... 25
Peas, standard, per can . .10
Beans, standard, per can .... 10
Coffee, regular 20c, now 8 pounds for. 1.00
Coffee, Crescent Cream, 3 pounds for . 1.00.
Syrup, Pancake Drips.... .50
Syrup, Corn, per 10 pound pail... .65
Syrup, Corn, per 5 lb. pail 35
Ten-pound pail mincemeat f0r.1.50
Cranberries, 2 quarts for... . 25
Jersey Bell Butter, per lb .35
1§ ounces Peerless tobacco, 6 for... .25
3ii ounces Peerless tobacco, 3 pkgs. for .25
3 ounces Union Leader tobacco 3 pkg. .25
Star chewing tobacco per pound . . 45
Horseshoe chewing tobacco, per pound .45
Soap, Diamond C, 7 bars for. . . .25
Soap, Gasene, per bar .05
Soap, Fels Naptha, 4 bars for 25
Big Transfer Recorded.
The Stevens County Abstract com
pany reports the recording on January
22nd of deeds from Win. Vane to C. P.
Lindsley. of 300 aeies of timber land
in Sees. 7 and 18, Two. 31 range 45, also
lot 3 in 18-31-40 and lot 3, block 4 in
Koch's addition to Newport. Consider
ation $25,000. Mr. Lindsley in buying
this property represented. Blackwell
interests as he is president of the Pan
handle Lumber company and the Pend
d'Oreille River Navigation company.
Mr, Vane also sold to the same interests
his property along the river front and
other property in Old Town on the
Idaho side.
The name of the Newport-Metaline
Steamboat Company has been changed
to Metaline Navigation company, ac
cording to articles filed with the secre
tary of State at Olympia.
| New Equipment for L & W. N.
J Arrived This Week
Finest Ever Built by Pullmans
The new passenger eqnij>meivt ot the
Idaho & \Vashington Northern railrortd
arrived at Spirit Lake on Sunday and
Monday and on Tuesday one of the new
baggage cars and a smoker were put in
service making the first trip out of New
l>ort on the 5:15 p. m. train.
It consists of three coaches, a combina
tion baggage and passenger coach and a
baggage car. At present only the new
baggage car and one of the coaches,
used as a smoker, are in service, the day
coach which goes "through to Spokane
being a Spokane International car as
beforehand it will be used until the new
through service to Spokane is established
arrangements for which have not vet
been completed and the date for it*
inauguration has not been set.
The new equipment was manufactured
by the Pullman company and the build
ers do not hesitate to pronounce the
coaches to be the very finest that have
ever turned out of these noted shops.
Several new features of construction are
to be found in these coaches which were
never used before and every detail is of
the very best that the ingenuity of the
car builder can devise and money buy.
The coaches are"Bs feet long and have
a seating capacity of 88 people. They
are steel frame and their weight is 112,-
000 pounds. Six-wheel trucks are
under them insuring comfortable and
easy riding. The trftin is vestibuled
throughout, the vestibules are the Pull
man standard width with steel traps
and equipped with an anti-telescoping
device known as the Foresight buffer
device which is a recent invention and
used for the first time on these coaches,
all of which insure safety to the passen
gers. Steam heat is furnished and the
coaches also have emergency heaters
The Bliss Axle lighting system fur
nishes electricity for the illumination
of the coaches, each coach having a
separate axle generator and storage bat
tery and one coach can light all of the
others in case of an emergency. This
is the very latest and best system in use
and has only recently been perfected
after years of experiment and expendi
ture of vast sums of money. The stor
age batteries supply light while the car
Is pot in motion and when a speed of 16
Cornmeal, 10 pound bag f0r.... 25
Rolled oats, 10 pound bag for ... 35
Graham,"lo pound bag f0r.... 30
Eggs, select, per dozen 25
Eggs fancy, per dozen... .30
Eggs, fresh ranch 40
Sweet potatoes, 6 pounds for.., .25
Apples at Reduced Prices ,
4 tier Spitzenburg 31.75
. 5 tier Spitzenburg 1.50
4 tier Wagners >: 1.50
5 tier Wagners ...... 1.35
4 tier Walbridge 1.35
5 tier Walbridge 1.10
. 5 tier Jenetian 1.10
4 tier Ben Davis \
5 tier Ben Davis
> t ... _
Highest cash prices paid for all
kinds of country produce.
miles per hour is reached the axle gene
rator automatically takes the place of
the storage battery in supplying the
current without even a flicker of the
lights being noticeable when the change
is made. Each coach i.s brilliantly
illuminated with 50 incandescent lamps.
The exterior color is a dark olive
green4'amlliar to all as the old Tollman
color. The lettering and trimmings aie
gold and the vestibule hand rails,
brakes, etc. are brass.
In the interior finish of the coaches
the acme of coach building to this date
has been reached. The smokers are
finished in quarter-sawed oak, the day
coaches in African mahogany. The
wood wort embellished with Parquetry,
an expensive hand finished decoration
in which five different colored woods
are used. The hi£h domed ceiling is in
| beautiful tints, the windows arched, the
upper part being stained glass. The
seats of the smoker are upholstered in
Fabrikoid, an imitation leather and the
day coaches in red plush. Every com
fort has been provided for the accomo
dation of the passengers, the day coaches
having complete lavatory equipments
for ladies and gentlemen, similar to
those found in Pullman sleepers. To
fully appreciate the beauty of these
coaches it is necessary to see them at
night when brilliantly illuminated.
Each of the coaches cost $17,000 and
the baggage car which is equipped with
every convenience for handling baggage
and express cost $13,500. As the ordi
nary coaches used on most roads cost
in the neighborhood of about $5,000 it
will be understood that the equipment
far surpasses the day coach equipment
of any road in the country and the ver
dict of the Pullman company, mif&ter
car builders, is fully justified. None of
the great eastern roads use anything
near as fine as the cars that will soon
be running daily between Spokane and
Newport and it will be an eye-opener
for visitors to this section to take a ride
on these trains.
In addition to the coaches that have
arriyed three more coache9 of similar
grade and one baggage car are being
turned out at the Pullman shops and
will be here in time for the excursion
business to Spirit Lake and Newport
which the company will put on during
the summer.
The officials of the road have every
reason to be proud of the equipment
they are placing at the service of the
public and when the new trains are put
on every want of the traveling public
will be supplied. Everything that the
new road has undertaken has been car
White Goods Sale
White Persian Lawn 25c, on sale at.... 20c
White Persian Lawn 50c, on sale at.... 35c
Cream Persian Lawn 30c, on sale at ... 20c
Blue Persian Lawn 30c, on sale at.. 20c
Whit(} India Linen 20c, on sale at.. 15c
White India Linen 25c, on sale at.. 18c
White India Linen 4()c, on sale at.. 25c
Black India Linen 30, on sale at... 20c
Nainsook, very fine 45c, on sale at 31 C
Nainsook 35c, on sale at........ 28c
Long Cloth 20c, now on sale at 1 5C
Long Cloth 25c, now on sale at. .. 18c
Yal. Laces on sale at 22C
Val. Laces 10c, on sale at 05c
Val. Laces 15c, on sale at .... 08c
Cluney Val. Lace 15c, on sale at ...... . 08c
Cluney Val. Lace 20c, on sale at . L 1 2c
Linen Torchon Lace on sale at .. 04c
Linen Torchon Lace, 10c, on sale at.... • 61c
Linen Torchon Lace 15c, on sale at. 83C
Linen Torchon Lace 20c, on sale at.. 13c
White Applique Lace on sale at 08c
White Applique Lace 15c, on sale at 10c
White Applique Lace 25c, on sale at 1 7c
Black Applique Lace 20c, on sale at 1 5c
Black Applique Lace 30, on sale at 20c
Gilbert Mercantile€o.
ried out in the most substantial and up
to-date manner and its operations in the
development of,this country are bound
to be a great factor in bringing to the
front the resources which nature has
granted so. freely. With the co-opera
tion and patronage of the public in the
work of opening up the resources of this
section the dawn of a new er;y of in
dustrial importance is sure to come.
And this year's work is but a beginning
of what Mr. Blackwell and his associates
are planning to do and it is coming to
be recognized that what thev undertake
to do will be carried out.
Theroad at present owns 8 locomotives,
25 box cars, 100 flat cars, 25 steel gon
dolas, 5 cabbooses, 2 steam shovels, one
wreker, three first class coaches, one
baggage car and there are three coaches
and one baggage car under construction.
A connection with the electric road
from Coeur d'Alene to Spokane is being
perfected by tlie building of an extension
of the road from Grand Junction to
School Directors' Meeting
A meeting of school directors of the
east half of the county will be held at
Newport on Friday, Jan. 31, from 1:30
p, m. to 9p. m. Two prominent educa
tors, Messrs. N. D. Showalter and H. B.
Dewey, will be present and County Su
perintendent Daisy L. Hard will preside.
Following is the program of the meet
Roll call.
Co-Operation of Superintendents, Directors,
Teachers and Patrons .N. D. Showalter
The Employment of the Teacher. ..H. B. Dewey
Beautifying Schoolhonse and Grounds......
.N. I). Showalter
Consolidation of School Districts. .H. B. Dewey
Does It Pay to Be Stingy? N. D. Showalter
Libraries H. B. Dewey
Question box.
Will It Affect Newport?
The United States Senate committee
on lands has reported favorably on the
bill of Senator Heyburn, of Idaho, to
provide means to definitely mark the
boundary line between Washington and
Idaho, from the point where the Clear
water river flows into the Snake river to
the British Columbia line, a distance of
185 miles. The bill will undoubtedly
There is considerable speculation as to
how the marking of this boundary will
affect Newport, some claiming that the
line will be shoved further west, and
others claiming that some of Idaho's
present territory will be found to belong
to Washington.
. =
justness Men to Visit Newport
President F. A. Black well, of the Idaho
& Washington Northern Railroad, has
extended an invitation to the leading
business merf tmd ctiheens of Spokane to
be members of an excursion party over
the new line to be run next Saturday.
The train will be made up of the new
road's equipment, and will include two
day coache9 and a combination smoking
and baggage car, pulled by one of the
fast new Baldwin engines. The train
will leave Spokane at 9 o'clock a. m.
and arrive at Newport at 11 o'clock.
The party will spend three-quarters of
an hour at Newport, and will leave here
at 11:45 for Spirit Lake, where they will
be entertained at luncheon and given an
opportunity to inspect the work the
company is doing in the development of
the new town. The train will leave
Spirit Lake at 2:80, arriving at Spokane
at 4 o'clock.
The Commercial Club of Newport
should consider some means of meeting
these visitors, and extending to then)
the courtesies possible during their shoi t
stay in this city. A sleigh ride about
the city to the docks and other points of
interest would be as pleasing a method
as possible, and give the visitors a good
idea of the advantages our city has to
Colonist Bates To Be Offered
According to announcements made bv
railroad officials the usual cheap colonist
! rates from eastern points to the north
west will be effective March 1 and con
tinue during March and April. The
inauguration of the cheap fares is ex
pected to bring thousands of homeseek
ers from the eastern states to the state
of Washington. As the result of finan
cial conditions many people are turning
their eyes toward the northwest, the
unequaled advantages for home and
money making of this section proving
the magnet that attracts their attention.
This part of the stafce may expect to
receive its share of this influx through
the advertising being given* it by the
Great Northern Bulletin, issued this
month. Secretary Harris, of the Com
mercial Club, is daily in receipt of let
ters asking for information concerning
this part of the country. The Miner is
also playing no small part in this adver
tising of Newport and the Pend d'Oreille
valley, as many copies of this paper have
been sent east during the past few
months by people residing here who*-
wish to acquaint their friends with the •
advantages offered here. The special
edition of December fi was distributed
all over the country in this manner and
is proving a good advertisement.
Black Goloon Lace 65c, on sale at... 35c
Black Silk Lace 35c, on sale at... 25c
Black Oriental Lace 50c, on sale at.. 35c
Black Lace Insertion, 10 and f0r.... 07c
Black Lace Insertion Bc, on sale at.. 05c
Val. Laces in 3 and 4 yards, each 05c
Allover embroidery 35c, on sale at... 24c
Allover embroidery 75c, on sale at... 55c
Allover embroidery $1.25, on sale at BOc
Corset Cover Emb. 35c, on sale at .. 26c
Corset Cover Emb. 45c, on sale at ... 33c
Corset Cover Emb 60c, on sale at... 49c
Embroidery edging 10c, on sale at 06c
Embroidery edging 15c, on sale at 1 Oc
Fmbroidery edging 20c, on sale at 1 3c
Embroidery enging 25, on sale at | 7c
Embroidery Insertion 10c, on sale at 06c
Embroidery beadingl\sc. on sale at 09C
Embroidery beading 20c, on sale at *1 5C
5000 yards of Laces and Embroideries at cost
Sheets, Pillowslips. Table Linens, Napkins and
Muslins go at greatly reduced prices.
We will continue to sell at one-fourth off
all ladies, misses and children's Underwear,
kimonas, suits, skirts, waists and furnishings.
Official Paper
? of
Stevens County

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