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TflState Journal.
" , , "jiUD AY, DECEMBER 12, 1873..
St. t'Luu county It iunding lis flouting
del with scrip, and, flic peoplo are gelling
mnd about it. : . .
GHontti Trim broken tm the Kli touts
iiml Kansas City Air Lino Railroad nt In.
doiendence last Monday!
""bw and very rich lead discoveries
have owrirrcfl recently In tlio ; vicinity of
the Gabriel mino or Morgan onunty,
''Tin receipt and disbursement fo La
layette county, for llio year ending iiceem
lr t) l7!t, Mens billows: Receipts,
niflctofom.. front' all sources J1!7.57G.7I.
Disbursement, lfl.CJ8.S8. . .
'flit national representatives of tho
Democratic party In Congress, in voting
IV Fernando Wood, a salary graMier, for
SpenkeT, agalnt Blaine, mho w as not, are
lieing bitterly denounced nnd rc.nl nnt of
the party by Its press.
G. A. Weiseh, a member of the Hoard
of Trustees of the town of Chamois, has
been expelled from ofllec for contempt,
lie rclused to obey an order of the board
requiring him to attend one of its meet
ings, i. Ifo Is now a wiser man.
The aggregate numlicr of hogs slatigli.
tcredin Chicago, Cincinnati, St. Louis,
.ouivillo, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Kan
sas City, Peoria, III., Jefferson City, Mo
nml DcsMoincs, Iowa, so far this season
is 1,148,000, against 7.-i8,S70 the same lime
J:is year.
At a public meeting of the citizens of
1'antou township, Lewis county, a resolu
tion was adopted calling on the county
fonrt to order the cancellation of JJS.OOO,
Imnds of tho township prepared to be is-
Micd to the Missouri Valley Railroad some
two yean since. . i .
How tho trouble between the United
Hales and tho Government of Cuba can
lie settled and a war averted, is impossible
to .comprehend in view ol the exasperating
nature of. the difficulties on the one hand
and the insolent defiance ol demands for
reparation on the other. ' . ,
Ai'ditob C'i.auk ha commenced the
preparation of his report to the adjourned
aoasinn of the General Assembly, which
twnvencs on the' first 1 Wednesday in Jnhj.
nary next. One of the most imnortant
features of the report will bn nn exhibit
of costs in criminal eases, and of assessing
and collecting revenue by eminties, in ad.
dition to a general suinnii.ry of Stato
WjS'know it will be a hitter bill know
h will he a terrible tortnro, but wo, trust
the. Trifrnnei this nioenini -will havo Ihe
grsceto dnme up iharifully'to tho'ripport
of Genl Kdwards for, tho ).ogbi)nUire the
candidate, the Jowisai. present. ;f, Not as
a Republican, by any means. 'Hut as tho
people's TcprcsctiWliTO 'who , knows ho1
favorites to reward or enemies to punish
When as firm a Democrat ns. Gen. Ed
wards ha always been, comas forward
mad any to the public that party ism ho'
lost Its power to control his actions that
he places' the material Interests: of. the
people of our county abuvn politics, we
aiay wel) riolce, It is an aii(i)ri- of more
peacelu) nd prosperous times, hi the , hns-
wnipg tuture. ... ,,.,
TV the .ToimVAI. klilAks It run iWl ' ft.il
DenweratkiMrty In tkisswuntr, with one of ki
own party, u has the rlilit to uukc the exiieri
nieat, or f - f It Inn. the nrivllcxc
to fewtaut any Democrat In Uie roontv. who Is
wBUag to be dflilwl by HI nubrsoan, awl Is slm.
fit enough to tru.t hlmsri(to ll.iuipitnhJ).
"Tribune. 1 , .,.. . ;,. .., , ,
CerUiiily4, ,'Wa acuipt tlie,', privilege,
thank you? and trot , out Gen. Edwards.
Know you dont like1 it, bnt dare you to
tTJto pcatlln'ii", ' ' ' ' 1 , :'"'
Tlio Chicago, ' Times says that "this
Government Isa Deoiocriicy, which has no
Tight to do far the people anytliing! Which
tbt people 'can1 do tor themsnlws." : We
praaame.the people ofj Chicago; can bntld
their own 1'ost ufRce .Wilding, improve
their own harbor, iaiid uirry .tlieir owo
maila. , lnot, thcn.Uai lu-gument against
the eaUblishmeut of a poatal hdegraph by
the wsrernmant Is wbrthTesh' " i
'Wf tloit the .following' brief 'indorse
ment of Uie. course; we havo' tlitmestly, and.
aincerely puiancd concerning the Jtcpre-'
entatlve of this eoimty in yesterday's' St
LsMs Democrat! ' " !' " ' 1 "
11 u not nroosuis uut were w u hi hit onua.
attlon to the election o Oen. E. L. Klwaru, or;
tmvrwm viir, wno am ooea nonnnslcsl oy the
Dematrala or Ools ounrr to Oil Umi varaneT
caoxd bfi thn nlnutk of iliMmiiilv'a
M''.Workman. When as ood mrn as Us coo-
tnt to beeoais.eaiHlldates for local onion, fvJI-
lit at obloetloni sboul
THtVlrtnonS Hull, and by this we will
be understood to mean the embodiment of
all there Is oi. doubtful Tlrtun on ,eartlt. of
Ua Sedalia Democrat, is in" an agiiny of
Oi stress lest Col. Crittenden has ruined the
hopes of the, Democratic,, fartf of (tie dis
trict by havingo4v iur Hon., Fernando
Wood , a salary grabber, for Speaker of the
Boose .of Kepntsentatities;: jJut iwhat
hefftoirig to do about kf i And what will
b iW'WIth---aim th hf ire1 Derliocnitlc
Vll4 viil.i j. I'. '.n t.M, mi. :.;ij .-,! Ii
l',:.,h...t. Illlll. III. .11 iini II 1 ,.T
. It, Mi, t mak, tig lt,,a,well a
tnvtakaa bargain; .IA i with. Spain Ir
Vot'poMhM 'If Himlri1 snrn't (I't. Tnie
,'hwd (Js iflS-oilipcl) n flgltt, howi'vur re,
lucsain.lhe Qerbnuuuntiasa.v be tu gli InU
rne,','Alirilsh with Rbitln1 wimldiiave
rrirre'forthWlU) .a'4 r)irW. Sladrll'i'vV
tnmet prvmpHiy proOurflM al loftirepar-
Mkm possible ( and aow .a tutluret
IHrt'theOoVentrhent 'tif sOnba to' nakn. ihe
lir.rnlsea''Ve'rtf',:ot 'ttyuhiarhiatfiih.
to modify it,,, mallear viifi(on, tinrufnent.
Ha Oust taiiMirwho jfavb Up 'tlieis, hopeaoi
si bane'fl'M maMi aelmt Cuha'tteM not
slesjJalr of lvl.r'hHr' nlritojOej
GnvKitxoii Wonnsotj hat been Terr
lindly nnd discriminatingly (jding the
-Iu ns,i. to a gentlemnr. New Jcrsev.
Wo have just recoivoi'. n letter Irom the
gentleman ordarlnjr two copies of the paV
per, lo which letter is an addenda that, in
Justice to Governor Wood-on, we take the
liberty of publishing.
"Allow tov to say, sir, Unit I certaluly tliiuk
o bava wvarv.aVntlcmanlv flovernor. whut.
erar Bis merits 'may be as politician. In the
inirrqc.rm; J lnyc called Vfnra I? hnvr Trite,
htm, as a bondholder In the recent troubles, he
has treated me, allbotnA ' an entire atrano-r.
with a simians and courtesy that I shall ever
remember wMh the highest pleasure and satis.
bction. A II honor to him , 1 say. la the fulness
of my heart! I only wish t eouM say the same
of some of the county onVUls In yonr Mate
wuawnom I Davt hern Mnliftit Into contact. '
r "K. .!
n't trnt Ihe Republicans of Cole county
will give no heed to -the perfidious attempt
that is made by tho Tribune of this week
to nlienate them from their pnrpose to sup
port t.en. hdwnrds for tho Legislature-
result It seeks to accomplish by stirring up
between them and the General the flicker
ing animosities of the war. We knew the
Trilmnc was opposed to the nomination ot
(Jen. Kdwnrds fur Representative, but wo
had no idea that it opposition was
grounded in malice that instead of in
viting all to come forward to his support,
it would endeavor to tnrn a respectable
portion of the voters of the comity against
him. We are sorry in the sincerity of
hearts the 7WAriwhss seen fit to adopt this
mnunor ol electioneering for Gen. fA
wards. We are sorry that In , one para
graph it pmiesset ndherence to the nomi
nation of Gen. Edwards, while In another
it seeks by Insiduons' efforts (o array his
Republican friends against him. Of what
earthly use is it to revive the memories of
the mournful, painful past, nnd recall tho
sad liercavcmenl of the General's family
thirteen years ago. Is ono under heaven.
lest it be the foil-purpose to revive and
perpetuate forever the differences the good
and tnie long since liavo buried and for
got. ' But wo hare the assurance that Gen
Edwards, in no particular whatever, sanc
tions tho Tribune' conrao in lugging into
view these dead and barren issue. It was
an entirely gratuitous proceeding on tbe
Tribune's part,, and its motive reveals It
self too cloarly to bo misunderstood, A
more malignant piece of perfidy was 'never
perpetrated. The only possible Chance to
drive Republicans from the support, of
Gon. Edwards was to hold him up to view
ns a bitter, uncompromising and revenge
ful partisan'. ' Thus his detent,' the prime
purpose ,if tho Tribune, might he neenm
plished and its prayer, answered. :
Lot tint' mir- Republican" friends be dc-
Thr' Demoornits ol'.Cole county,, or nt
least that portion of tlioin who aro not in
hnrmonv with the Tribune and tho ollque
of Wlilch il ls thoi'sch-iin, havo brought,
out.ror wnunty tieprcscJiuitive, to nil mo
vacancy occasioned by MoWorkaian's re
signation; Oen. E. L. Edwards!."' In doing
this, tU we havo beforo said, tliose Demo
crats have reflected credit upon themselves
nnd done tho oounty a service. That Gen
Eilwardawill be eleeted there can scarcely
be atiy donbtj. ' There' is '. ho 1 Up'publicari
candidate against him, and so tarns, we
are able to speak :tlierq will not be, . It is
true there lire suspicions thattha Demo.
cVats who nre disaffected by the General's
nomination would be glad to effect a com
bination with pertain nijuchiuf-luving .Re
publicans for his. defeat. . Hut they will
fail in this. '-The fact Istlie nomination uf
Oeii. ld w)iM .Is a victory oyer A clique of
Democrats lur tlio ornnnrow ot wiucn uie
Republioanshareearnestly worked, which
makes the' eo-opcrathm 'f Repnblioans
with Edwards, hieh n-adlly4 accomplniheil;
if not a natufiii conswmuncej,, Heretofore
our Democnstiu Rbpretnatatives liare been
mewhd were able wwilHag to sue the
interests' fir hut 'n select lew!' In Gen
Edwards wo will have A re'preseutatlv'e
who will sea and servo tbe interest uf all
alike Irrespective' of class or person. As
ho assnred its in his remarks 'tin ifceeptrag
his nbn'iiiintoii. he K ill fluyuto himself to
the inerest,iif the- woplo of our city and
county taboi 4 every ether consideration-
even trrat of; party'. , Tlii' Is what'wt need,
Our public men lave been, ami still are,
too niuuh Ilia ,errants ,if iiarty.liguiHi,
We need a broader and tnoro. lonUghtehed
statesmanship. .And here, with us this rv-
lentless ' griisiiing of the, hic'rceaafy. few
aiwr llio, coni os pHr ewry, oranen
power deseit e rebuke. i Gea. Edward W
a man of broad and eomprehensli-e views
on 8iinJe6s'or, State pclic)'.' ' tTpon matters
,1. i,
ot national policy we, utner wiaoiy. wiui
hini., llfif with those mattent iu i this, Lsg-
islaturb be will have nothing whatever to
do. ' 1 1 will-have solely deal' wH mat
ters wmcu concern naught hut our, borne
affairn, and we niqcercty Mink that no inim
in Colo, collator oould do more to obtain
their recognition than Gen. Edwardsj i A
number of the Htlkens of tho eonrit lirlve
h.oen unjustly dealt wth 111 the settlement
o eertaln claims. . Bv man W all the land
can do morn than he U obtain rlghteoai
atljuHinent. of'liose cjaihis. " GcU. Ed
wnrdsjs a man. pf nnuSuat,' ability, of un
impeachable itttogrity and hnesty t ,7 lie J
well fcaown thrhnghout "tin Stated and In
the Legtalattire will be accorded a respect
and . Influence which lift lrrcproa hable
qharacfor d.osurves, tie will t any an4
all times maaunsal the; attention- ul hia
dolleagner, and be able1 rally Weseht
Ouf people's domailds.', The. tecultwft)''bf
m& lreuni iegisjawru s wcunowa,n.t
is made up of the old-fashioned element
of the Democratic party1; and the fnUy 'of
semitng . Koptiurtin tlicre; to Infliience
leglslatloa s oupareat,,, G.eoJ jwanlslit
not Only n full aoeord with the sentlaneuts
of tbe Legislature, but eurnestly alive to
th lnterests"Uf thd conoty): ' .Thujis" most
ImputanV ei this, ',' fjiue, an'4 wetlifrefpre,
advisa.Uiatoo.all bandit w lay a4de party)
andeoluenp t.'tha support ef Gen; Ed
wards for Representative, Tn our o'uliiion
b is t-Wmuii. , :",,'",;., ;';:!;;'
To Ikt Ktlilor of the Slate Javrwtl:
Why-ahooMiho IWftuiM ilc rote one ar
ticle to fclnng-Vio people who Gen. Ed
wards Is, and two articles to convincing
the Hi'pnblicans that they mighf not to
vote for him ? Why does it manifest such
agony because you support him P When
did it hecomo a crime la the eyes of lH;m.
oerats for their candidates' to receive the
I support ftf Republicans a , . , -
. Docs the Tribune dusiro to defeat Gon.
Edwards If- not. whr dues it virtually
tell the people,' 1st. that' Democratic can
didates ought to be regarded with suspic
ion when they aro popular ; 2d., that Ko
psiblicnns can not consistently vote for
Gun. Eilwards Im cuusc of his decided De
mocracy? Ought not Democrats to he
gratified when their candidates aro so
worthy nnd well-miallfled ns to command
the supiort of their opponents ? .
Ioe the Tribune desiro to compel the
Democracy of Cole to herualter select their
worst men for office ? If not, why doos
it now draw such a contrast between those
whom the party lash alone can elect, nnd
those who can command the nnboiight
suffrages of nil parties?
Why, if for Republicans U' vote for
Democrats, is wrong from a Democratic
stand-point, did the senior of the Tribune
make such herculean efforts two years ago
to secure Republican votes for Public
Printer f Why, last winter, did the Tri
bune seek Republican votes for Us public
printing jobs? Will It apply Its doctrine,
this winter, to the public printing jobs,
and refuse a cent from the public treasnry
unless voted exclusively by Democrats ?
- Gen. Edwards deserve the unanimous
support , of the people. His devotion to
the city nnd county is life-long. He is a
lawyer, but his pecuniary interest in farm
ing is cmml to that of any fanner In the
county. At the same timei' his interests
in the city are large, 'and will be promoted
by tho prosperity ot the Capital. Ho is a
man of such character that ho enjoys the
confidence of all. He is a Democrat ,of
the strictest faith, but claiming tolerance
and" respect for' his own opinions, . main
tains that others shall enjoy .the same
privileges." ne b) the reverse of, a dema
gogue When not a candidate, and not
expecting to be, he came forth anA) ad
dressed the trtirkingmen in the largest
meeting ever held In this oity, in advocacy
of their rights, and was chiefly instrumen
tal in having convict labor withdrawn from
competition with honest labor In our eky.
His eminent ability H everywhere con
ceded,, and has rendered hiiu favorably
known throughout the State, He will go
into the Legislature personally Known to
most ot the Senators and members ; and
til wield an influence no other man wo
could semi there would wield.
,i ,. , , r... , . DF.MK.1fAT.
A Visit to Mum HftlisteitA.'
I found him in his office suarchlne fur a
manuscript, his brow knit and a shade, of
anger tin his face. A tall, stnlward, ven
erable figure, with florid features,, once
handsome, and gray hairv brushed .back
and wont in a "queue," stood aside, tuok
inir with that stratiir. stendr eve neoiiliar
to farmers and men who toil out Di doors,
ms irame was large auu uoweriuuy com-
imct, but it wasa little bent and noticeably
unsteady ' under the weight of years. ; It
moved away, and I Was felt alone with the
comparatively youtlilul counterpart,, Jlerc,
thought I, is the -offspring uf strength, a
nan. into whose being was Drealneil Uie
forces bt-nature;-- A lliotwahd bright titi'
shines, the uourisliment, of breiul earned
m iue pweai, vi uiu. uruw,:auu uio resi.,
sweetened: by iiouest toil, are tlio back
ground of this sturdy picture ol health
and handsome mnnbood.' - " ' ' ' . ,;
. l'erhajis it' was tliu question 1 tasked
merely to toucu the liuliviilunlity of the
man. that oneaed the little rill of intarrou-
tion 1 lunar had coveted, but never honed
to .obtain. "That is your father,' MtT
iiaisteau, i Deuever
Xes.ves." be renUed uuickly. ami then
with altered tone, Into whink perhaps a
tnoasanu memories oi cniiunooa were In
fused to give it soilness and. iwthos. sald,
tnu la mv lurniu " ,
There was a pause, and 1 observed that
the shade uf anger and tbe frown: had
passedawny.' Bnlto the notos--they were
jotted down immediately, after I lelt his
preseuce, lor tne atgnt ot a pencil at tbe
time would hare been enough to seal that
firm month. "The--interview took place.
mm Ih ta7l ''' i. a., . i :r. :,s.i ..-.
... ataer," aula Air. Ualsjeau, "was bora.
in Aortu Carolina, ana came to unto whun-
he was only two years old. 1 was bora in
Ross Urwnslrii). Bntler conutv. Ohio. -I
could read and write at five years old.
Mv mother education me, and died when
I was'vounsr.ii-I worked hard on tbe form
in summer till I was - nineteen, and,' went'
to tlie district school, in winter. Want ,to
a' select isC)ioil bt Key. lAiadob, Ohkt,
tatajBia..tjr mi:J4.1ria.Ab HaVu'll. XK,
Chidlaw. He toaned me books, alid l
rend and lieeaiuefanillisrwith ancient ami
moaern niMorj". l went jmrougn, nay s
arithmetic.' and irruduated at Farmer's
College io (leil, Dr. J.iW, 8csu,iine
Preaidentof Hanover Female College, flmt
advise me to-'wrtt. 'The Orst, wrHtng t
did Was for' Uie gouvflte Dtmteiruf and the
poetry with a mugli-siadi 1 smte eume
lor a temnentawe' nener uoblithod by Gen.
F. Carv. a erent teinuerance loan and lec
turer In those days." I read a little law at
colleguiaad at 'Interval taught ia Ih i
trict school at Colerain. 1 went reeelarlv
fn md MW 1 Mt -' 1 lamiRna:' aim I 'rrtnieiirfu,p
while teaching , BcliortT ;on,,Ini)lArt Crook1
writia'g sumu ti-emenduous ludUinskstches
ha! hetfor iki'Vinaimnati- Qeuei'iJ
Well. 1 wrote tliem drat to aeqaire facility
in composition, anil secona io maxe ac
juiuuuvF. . rl .1 ,. I..,., . .,)
now aw. siMi sueewuar , ; i ., i: .!
"Oh, pretty well. I came to- CiMcia
natl in 161 and wrote considerably alter
that, nt the first tegular work 1 did on a
paper was ior tne ma irurnoott Allot. , l
was reiratarlv emrnired a local on the
Commenutl in 185.1. The papth- was Hierr
owneu by rouer at im, ai.; u rotter ana
Richard Henry U-o Ixirh gone. 1 iisod
H write strttclos and subnilv them toi.Se,
wbo-ofler' that tronuentlv bad me writ.i
My newspaper hold lay Ih -the fhculty for
obtalnlrig' news, ih those . days the1 way
work wa done 1 wn very simple and not
utbortmis, for k was to cHp -from the -Net
t ern nermtt lor instance, nnd call It uews
cream,, tWo,thirds cup orsugar, one, egg,
flavor, with nutmeg, a ,JlWe. alsnlcaud
salt; prepare Uie crust and baeVtesaine
a a custard ble. and vou have a ereani uie
such as our grauuViiothets used toniule.
so says ma Maswonuseiis rtougmnan.
The Latest News
Waiiis(iton, Docetubor f-AJ already
suited, it Is now known that throughout
the entire negotiations with Spain, Den,
Grant ha been much firmer than any
member of his (Jnbinct in the naturo of
tho demands to be mndo upon (he Spanish
government. .Mrl-lsli Imd hafdjpjtfk to
persuade htm to ngruo to the protocol. It
Is uveTfharbiil Tof Klsh'f peffflallolis-
nnd catrcalica, fcafjypuld ino,bei de
clnrctfHsevWarifay Wg.rRfrmtfrMon Is
conservative nlso. Williams has sided
Willi Fish throughout. Delano and Ores-
Well have lieen inclined to second the
President In n more aggressive policy.'
The war leeling is very strong In the
House uf Representatives, especially
Among members from the West. Party
lines are Ignored In treating of this sub-
joct. . , Itoth parties are agreed that the im
portnnce of the subject shall meet with
their most serions thoughts, and tliat pro
per legislation shall be arrived nt ns soon
as possible. Tho morcmont has met with
the greatest encouragement In. the House,
nnd a majority of the members even a
two-thirds rote will be found on tho side
of war.
In tho ' Senato tlio same, feoliug Is no
ticed among the members. Senator Sum
ner expresses himself opposed to a war
with Spain, but his opinions, should he at
tempt to enforce them, will be treated with
very little consideration. Tho prosiieot
looks cloudy, and tho supposition of parties
who ought to know is that the trouble will
culiuiuato in a bloody war.
Conflicting reports still prevail as to the
resignation of Sickles his status with the
Cabinet, and his probable wilhdrnwnl from
the Spanish Mission.
The Committee on Appropriates this
morning held a meeting on the subject of
the proposed immediate appropriations of
nvo millions fur the Juvy Department.
Soc rotary Robeson appeared before them,
and gave detailed Information in support
and amplification of bis letter of yesterday.
Xo action was taken, the anattor going
over for further consideration.
Mr. Dawes said the 'Senate bill was not
reported back to avoid conflict . ' , ys to the
right, of tho Senate to originate money
bills ho reiterated his previous statement
denying that any commission had been
allowed to the Syndicato in connection
with the Geneva award) A. contrary in
ference arose . li-om the fact, that Great'
Britain hint employed some gentleman in,
tlo syndicate to transact the business, 'and.
without the cost of a mill to Uie United
States government. . He oppesed Kelly'
substitute, saying the paper .promises of
the Government were Hunting unredeemed
all oyer tho country in the shape of legal
tenders, and It was- better policy to give
to inn milder ol uie loan ol loS the op
tion of e-tdlianglng Uielr bond fbir'Ww
per cent, bonds. - Mr. Kelly said his bill
proposed to save tlio Government s million
dollars ft j-ear Interest,, by11ovrln,,'the
loan of. lsvis to Do patil at onco w Idle tlio
money lay dead In'tho treaBurj',' n,nd while
the American peoplo : were lending bun
drcds of millions at W' rates oh certlff
cates of deposit. Iegnl tender notes were
got promises to jmy, 1 lu old thej' pro-
mse to pay so many dollars; and aidollar
ws wbat the sovereign power "fljjchired
sbonld be a dollar,: I I: i'.. -.'' J, ,.Vt n
l ! .in .i J. l..i .l.-i l.i'ii mi: (.,.-, ,i . -
WjtsinNUTOK. Dec. Id. Sr.naTE.-Mr.
fabtboj iii-eAenteiV, jjie ' pefitjon'.pf He 3r
ciety of Friends and others in Now York;
asking Uio appointmont of ft Couluilsjsion
to regulate the truffle in alcoholic liquor.
Mr- Scott said ho had n .similar petition,
and moved it lie referred to the Jndleinry
ciMuroitue'; ' .", .;''!".',,'; ,' .',: ':.
Mr, Kdinnnds. hoiied not, twt ttiatithe
committee would reimrt that Congn;6s had
notning to no witn tue subject, excopt in
thf District, ol' Colmtllaand; the tcrrltor
ries.' ; He would bo glad to set) euoh lugisi
lation, but felt convinced Congress ltsd 09
power exdept as stated,' -; '. I- )
Messrs. Frelinghuysen, Sumner, Tluir-
nian, tonkling, Sliermah, Morrill '-of
Maine, and other presented similar pott-.
Hons to that ot'Fenton; by one vote all
were relerred to tlie t iuanoo CyunuitUo.
Mr. Logan presented the petition of the
business ruuu of Chiudgo,'' asking "ihV.W,
tablishnient ot a brunch mint In that' city.
Referred to the Cmnmlttee nn FmaneeiH
Ir. ShonmujJ friui tfie CouuitU 011
Finance, "rnpitrted favbrnbly upon tire bill
tu authoriso Vho organization of , uatlonal
banks without eirenlation." laid on the
i.i ' J '' '" t ''-. 1 ! 1
.Fi.:.,,. 1. 111, ii. : mm l .1,. ii,...,, I,.,
Mr'; -Terry,'", Mlehigaw,'. , introduced,";
uki euiuniu( iw avvrnwy ui wei run
nr5'U) rsfflieheforty-f()nr'niiliVn rserv
fund, ami iuiik It part of the : permanent
tMreUhBt:' The bill' Ts,' designed'ft thej
itMMitinw ibuiu in,w aruij(oiioviuiil, P
restore confluence' an business nKlrytirs.
the country. Relerred to,, tlio Cuuiiklu
i itr. Sbet-aanq. frimi,. the Xiane Cuii
mUtee, yep6rte(J a resolution rjcclaring ft is
Ihe duty of Congress, at the preuut, suir
8,1011 to ajlnpt- measTiiil s to strengthen the
puotie ureuM, anu iuiricungw oominl,
tee to tpnrt a;blll Idin fprtb tssne
of ,'euireney lal.all,' time redeemable, jn
gmijyrjriiyalenf,";" ;" ' I .' -l'!-
Mr. Bayard prosentesl "thi "mew Jof1 tiw
eemmitteel'dim-tingeha Finance Coramlt
te to report' measures for thO' tetlrrn to
specie payment:, ,''';'"'' ","',','7 "' ''1. 1 '
The resolutions were made ihe , special
order for Monday nuxt.
Mr. Hamilton submitted an amendment
to Ue Cwstimtton doelariag that theUel
twl State should snak Bsithlng but gold
and silver tsstn a iogat -temter'rur the inly
mentnf puldlc; or'prlraoi debt.. ' " ''... '
;At, 18 Vn'MMi.eMntiif!c-,
utive session. .,1,., i ,,, 'i i ,,,., ,,
. A o'clock tho'diMir iwero opened and
the Scnnte adjnnrneit until tomiorrow. ' ' J
'' WAnnrtWitosr.1 l)e:':HrJlrient!aTh
House,, . uHr'Biifisldcrftlile!;, dlsussltyi,"
passed Uie b'll autaurlsiog. imtstmputary.
Increase in the nV) from KfUMt to JO,tl
men, apd then resumed Ui debate on the
, Thaft'use irtistUiii u Ap'iriiiM latuiii
this mornta isurroed to recntameud tltot
four million be appropriated for fho bn-
m'MdiufM iWfiflliwmi,nt, ,tl fthn l,re' '
Two Outl
awn I'lunder a Missouri
, Country Stn.
if f .
From llie Fort Srott Mnuitor.
A country store located in the southwest
ern part 01 Cass county, Missouri, about
twenty miles irom Ilamsonville, and one
bll' mile from tho Kansas State Jin,, was
en Fritlayfevofijrrg .Inst, the ecehe t( the1
oolileat, coolest ami most remarkable rob
bery ever pTpctnrreir, oTctv ltrttif crime
paradise ot Ihe Southwest. , . ,.
Tho store, owned by Messrs. Hrvant &
Chandler, Is ono of the common, country
sort, localetl at a cross roads In a farming
community, with only ono dwelling in the
uiiinuiiinte vicinity, sin llioovoning moo
tinned Mr. Ilryant was alone In the store,
when two mounted strangers rode up,
alighted nnd entered. ' They talked very
sociably nnd friendly about such topic a
are usual with strangers who are disposed
10 piay wo agreeable una make a good Im
pression. '1 hey finally bought a common
woolen scarf, all the while keeping up a
llvelv and locoae conversation. Mr. Hrv
ant was busy with his duties and paid no
great aueniion 10 mem.
Taking an opportunity when lie was en
tirely off his irunrd, the stranircrs ' each
drew a revolver, and presenting them nt
i. : 1 1 .1 i-i 1. 1 .
aw iinuii, iitiiunutiuvi ills iiiiioifj 1 nil liv
mand he showed a disposition to resist,
when ho was seized bv the stranircrs and
securely bound, the scarf being used for
mis purpose.' He was then Mindlnlded
and his pocket ransacked, about ttUO be
ing -secured by hi captors, , Tho robbers
then proceeded to overhaul tho stock in
the store, takinir possession of such arti
cles as struck their Inner. At this time a
farmer in the neicrhborbootl drooped in.
probably to have his cmtomary chat with
whoever ho might meet at the cross roads
resort. The robbers met him at the door,
and at once bound and bllndfnldded him
nnd then "wont thromrh" his oookots in
tho most thorough style. Two others came
in shortly niter, aim sine same operation
was repeated, except that one endeavored
to escape nnd succeeded in getting out of
ine store. f' -. u . ... i f
He was followed bv one uf tho robbers
who brought him down handsomely with a
single shot of his revolver, tlie ball striking
him In the hip nnd passing down and com
ing out -at the knee. i. He iwaa brought
back into store and also bound , nud blind
folded. Two more, who came in separate
ly, were treated in a similar manner. The
robbers now 'had' six mert' nil scenfely
bound nnd tightly blindfolded, and rnngod
in a row upon the luuiiIs.1 while they
busied tbunjeelyey in, looking after such
"swng" as might be of use to them., A
boy Hged about fourteen, d clerk m'7the
store, who had been absent, nt Kansas
City, .happened to. return whijo He roliliery
wmb W,,IA "ii, nm ouir 1,110 uiiniuoM-iiKU
brigands made usetul in handling goods
and selecting the choicest .articles which
were in their particular Jino. , Thee were
extremely goud-hurotmd during the whole
proceeding.-' bandylnir loke 'wtfh ' one
nnoiner anu nernetriiun? an sons oi lace-
tious toil funlt .at.Uio expense, of . tlielr
Miseners, -.,: . , .- .,! i.4, .v'
An" irishman wno war among the un
lucky crowd wns A special object of dei
rishin, at " lorty clnts ''na Ihe turtj.' total
of his cash assets. Tho robbers rated him
asa'Nl n poor ouas"lf-he couldn't afford
to enrry more than tjuit amount of ready
money. . schouumstcr received some
excellent advice, and was adjured in the
future to be at home attending to his busi
ness and he would hereafter avoid trouble
of a liko naturo. The wounded man was
questioned and examined to learu.thuex.
tent of his injuries. , When the robbers
took ' possession' of Ills pocket-book ' the
wounded man told the'm It only contained
papers that could be of no possible uso to
theia. -They oonoludcd .he could , not be
very badly hurt, !or be' wonldl "not. ee
tliinkini ilUbut ft Into! U d ohl uatltr.'
The , nuic1,wfl,t!V;w.oUiP(l,.fuiiii as ,Jisiutci
Unron.,n,,i ,.u i.. , Pl 'n',.i :-1, ,.. ,,u n .1
The thieve contented, thumsclfe with
Ugh- nrtk'lesy 'SueH ivlnvMi"hnm1ker
clilcfs.;'tl6fhirl,;eti.'..;iitit tnifl ,h'a libdml
UI'I"J .('aw. so'Htta.Ud.aiiu, ,psk.(.,iii
small bntlles..i-.', u.i i n.., ,., .-
Having slimilied' thouSselves with such
supplies us thev desired, they marched their
captives ouuiuie ipc uu-e, sin) uimnpiiuea
and with their arm firmly pinioned behind.
and pkiorii Uiem in siiifflo file facing, the
road. One of the robbers' then1 brought up
uie nurses, also taking possession oi a antra
horse winch had beoa ridden td- the .Store
by one of Uioir viethns. Iiefin mountiue
one of the; robbers inforined, the file of
prisoners that he would watch them fifteen
minutes, while hM eompftiilon cut a eoori
ttart, i and If a roan of them inoreil he
would be instantly W4. i Ho also com
manded tliciu to remain . standing in the
same place for two hours or he would blow
their heads fiff,'' emphasising his orders
with a conaidumble number -of not: very
gentle expletives, The robbers rode awuy,
leadiug the, stolen horse, and ,t lie boy, who
had not been very securely: tied, 'loosed
iiimteii nna iitiernteu tne othors." -i "
Pm-sUit Was started as. soon as possible
and the tliieves, wore tracked ,u witbil
nine miles of Ft. Scott, where trace of them
was lost. They wo undoubtedly' making
for' tho Indian Terbhory. They tore each
annul twenty-nre years oKi.intciiigenwin
mlhor irooil looking. One, :lias ,. sanilr
whiskers, light hair and eyes, and is about
six feet tall. The oilier is shorter and has
dark hair, mustaches and Imperial-.' H Une
wore. a chinchilla awl the otU-- a oldir's
ovsjrvoaj. .;,llnth had,, black,, (fata. ...The
stolen horse is ii 'sorrel, with a white spot
ih the forehead. ' Kir hundred dollars r
; Ward Is offered fori tho'appreiiensioii of the
thievusawlthc return il ithe horso. -i-,,n
lberal,re,wiii .for, ,ifWief (, , i ,.
It is siimiused by soiiie tin
i tlie robliera
aro nono dthef- thnM.ine Timnfeer brothers,
'J "i,ve resnieu siuce tne . war, neat
...uttci.n oj,i,,,f(e, j,,is'fiii i, hiiii O HO-
come notoVloui sine the war for tlieir out
law deeds.
The ..iiest. ofllee . aihlrces of Messrs,
Chandler . & Bryant. Is, Broseley, Cass
county, mo.
, Mo., Ui whoin s.ny Infonuatiiin in
to the fugitive robbers should be
i The ootUsa eropof New Madrid county
this year will reach 4J5UU: bales i - ..: ,.
Marlon county boasts a hog that has six
uerm-'tl'' lorujvd tue, vihtwu, of feet.
.'' FlreVoixl lias lo'in ,setll'ni! at' jblonVllUI
Al 1 10 per Ijiild, of jiibout f:f Of) perwrdV
The number of scholars attending' the
T.ft.. .. TIImU uilw ii. .nsj-,. in: Jmll .n'l.iii
"Thb cnlnrelhMt hi Irontoa I m a
pto'Mni coirdiriort.-Jllbeut sixty eholi
are enmiieu.- i-.m. ..n , -j. i
f' III. ,J;illi 'j:lt.-l! -.lil'Mi.n:
The (ihtnger lof. Knllivnii idouiity are
uiiKiiig iii'i-nnreinents io usuiuiisn
irrtinire'atoro Inlllilaiii""1' .l-nii.l :tu I
v. ,1'iliitl I., ii.t.,1 Mill -,iM . i .. -.-,.).. i.l
i. A ttouiuylviliilii ipapeivin giving:, au ao,
cuiint of a shouting, nftray, ay the wounds
etliUian is eipocUid tu.ntouver, ji tbe-lmU
lutlged in liis dtunntvpaii ,,, mini mil t..
" Tlio pcoiipfl '',iycl.uAif,Vant 'ti)'ue
Ojoctiug of (he tStatu .Grifbij;o hcjdlithaj
ng to make nrra'ngomei&s (p semiro It, .
Hi Attentat tn Kscnne Capture In
a wntnan s jrcM rsiiiicniciir oi
(ien I'ritclmril.
A correspondent of tlio Lyons (Wayne
county, "N. i.,) HrnublintH, who lately
visitcii Allegan, called upon Gen. Ben
jamin 1. Pritchnrd, now a resident of that
town, who was, dining the war, Loionci
of the till refimenl of aliclilirafi -Cavalry.
mid hail tho good forttnic to rapture ,fcff.
Davis, In niinvnrsiitinn wilh him I lie nnr-
rfnnnf1tnfc InntilmH
ns Io the ('ileum-
rives the story thus : .
lien, t'rltchnrd salt! : . ....
After the1 cscnfW of ' Davis from Rich
nnd 1 twi'lvurt ivllnble Intulllueiice, and
which - aminared to mo to he nil tliq more
rename irom lhc situation anu tlio neces
sities of his escapethat is to say, that
he would endeavor to make his way across
the MississrpVlinoexas7hcro ho in
tended to put himself at 'the head of his
forces, still quit' stmiiir. nlut nrouml
which he could puller all his remaining
strenzth in tlie southwest, nnd then to still
enrry on Hie reUclliou..iulosiuvast and
comparatively innccessiuio regions, trust
ing to. tne continued recruiting or ins
forces from escaping squads of his de
feated armies in all quartern, and from
Mexican avmiiatbisors. Briierrillaa and ilia.
satisfied, reckless, -desperate nnd lawless
spirits irom every uircction, anu not alto
gether without nope ot am irom loreign
ers. To reach there he had but one wav
of escape S he had to make his way from
Virginia to Georgia, and-thence westward
along a licit of country that lav between
our forccs-otr the Gwlf nn Hie south and
our forces that occupied Virginia, Ten
nrsseo and westward on the north. So I
flroverncd myself accordingly, nnd set my
command in motion, as if nn the ''double
quick," right through that region, Wo
soon struck the trail of Davis on the Mck-
mtilireo river in Genrtrta. Ho wnsaccom.
pamed by some of his military staff and
tlie ehiels of his government. His wife
and the wives and female relatives and
companions of some of his subordinates
were with mm. thus wc billowed him
until wo reached a small village in lieor
gia, where we lost all track of them. ; We
surrotiniled the miasm, n made the most
particular and nil manner of inquiries of
tne tnliabitnntSkiHit not- one of Uiem knew
a thing, and were properly astonished nt
my asking tnem tne questions, -ns u incy
knew V Still I had no donbt 'that they
all knew well,' So I resorted to "what
never or soklom failed moil gntan Afri
can alone, and he soon told me where the
Came was to be found nlmut two mill
from the village, in n sort of wild, bushy,
woody place, llv tills time it had grown
quite into the night, the weather being
eautmn ami tne skv nnirnt. t soon nan
mv command nt the snot, where wo found
a small eiicnmpnieut, cnnsiatinjf ol two or
uiruo kjiils, ivitu vqaguiia staiviiii uiiuiu,
Tho tents, ns was altcrwards discoyorcd
were occupied by the Women, and Davis
and pne or two ol Tiis iiiaiclllilie favorites,
the remainder of the pnrtv lvlnif alniut
under the wnirons, It was now mldiiiirht
or after. gave orders to have tlie en
campment , surrounded, , giving i tlie most
.positive commands lhal no Iking being
snoiuir pass omwnru tnrougii tne lines
Thus wb wnitod for the daT: ' ' "'
in the oarlv dawn almost bclore unwn
an old woman was seen makiiiir her way
irom out ot one oi tne tents, nne was
dressed in n waterm-uof cloak from '.nor
waist dpwn,tIio cloak" coniTng down so
low ns tn ertver hcrfeet." 'Aroinidlierbodv
was4 a- shawl; nrrrnnired and tied t on hot-
head Boniething like a hood or hnnnot,
that concealed her face; in her hand npivil.
As the Icnt-tloor Was opened a female
voice' from within Spoke out In loud tones
"unng me a bucket ol water quick I Wo,
want to wash uc tncas.'; i Ann uiem as II
addressing any JicpUius that, might. ,c
within hear ncr. me voice salil. In .still hind
er tones: "Let'my' lnld woman scryaiit
pass and bring us a bucket of water we
wnnt'tu iret' im anil dress oui'selves 1 So
tbe old lady passed oh, tliu oml or two or
more soldiers wttlilu nenriuisr.ulltiiybi'! her
to, make Iierwny, bit, keeping, a, bright
eye upon tier. I'rctty soon, as the , old
lain- was some inrougn a luisnv place, and
by that means disariuiigiug her walbr-
proof, a solilior iliaaoyi'rud' her boots,- null
something Uiat looked like the step .mud
stride of a inaii ; so Jiu bailed, .ndvauced
beforo ' and stoiiiicd h'cr',' ' ' Sonn' ' two' or
more soldiers came up aniTbciiitii to uuiis
hbr. asking he, to give an account 'ol IW-
Bell; imthe Uttered' not a Word. ' Then 1
came to the aMi iiuyclf nnd -put omo:
questuma;,nutnot, worn said the old iuly
in Jeply. . I then advanced, took off her
hood, untied hof shawl, anir'tixbseu
1ier -hiwtsi-ih ' iill"tho' time 1 milking 'a
stout resistaiicA'.l. When 1 bad. suocedd-
ed in throwing off lier,lisguise there, she
sioihi-a uciuir that looked very mucli
like itii' elderly fnan." "Yml ore a likely
old womanp' I' said. ' Jf ot K woid from
the old liuly; "Who are vou?'t 1 asked.
Not a word in rcalv. ''Von uihv as well
say who yrm are," A-saul .U'or you are.
my pi-isoncr, ymi unu ..ait .your, company
1 will soou know who vou are. lor vou
canndt esciqie. 1 have a whole regiment
oi esryniiT nere, una otners - are coining.
too, and all wllhyon, are tiriaoiiurs. villi
nuthiugr can deliver voin .Knur... wliiiaw.
you t" At lengtli tho old lady loiuid voice,
and said ill n "outl, angry, loud, mascu
line tone, ' "Who do-you' tbhik I 'ftmf
I took aeai'eful look at her. nnd observ
ing that one, of her, uyes had a peeuliiu
ticiuct, ami scaniiing per lacy eiupiy anil
remembering the, photojp-aplis that I liad
seen of Davis, itlid that one ol his eyes
bailla eeuilir 'tblako, I sniiLlfd know
you now you aro Joffcison Dat is.''. This
the cJii womiin'pretended.niit to. bear,
and inaito no tltrei't reply, tilt ciiminenced
rhiling nut Willi nil1 milliner of expletives
and esplosions i-Mniiint"i"Yiinkees" and
"cowards'' who iiimle win on helpless
wbineq.'.liVtVlianro-youiF' tlie 'old Itiiiy
at,.hinHth nuked, il, replied, I'l am the
Colonel of the Fourth Michigan Cavalry
Whosi prisoner you are." "Just as
tiiotigiu," was tne reiny; "making' War
like lavage on a helpless old woman and
ladies that aro- ladle. Lot mo .pas and
set some wnU!r for the ladles io the tent,
that they may dress themselves." "You
ri Jcfrersorl ibivrs." I said hginn. He
looked . haggard and nnxioiis, at Uf -not
kaowing, wliut to tlo, or what . be could do
At lasf stuudingmi full Iwlore me, lic sald;
"I am Jefferson DavU!" iliu) thon again
cornmenceii railing ' nut ligHinsi us. '
tiipwd'blni.by 'saying, "deWMSoU Davis1,
villi and ur snuiiiauv aro. uiy uriaonem.r
Iif.fhe mciiUtuuojCoiniiBiiy ol lVlcJinsiu
ciivairy nan upproaciieq, aim my men I car
Ill sf that It wa H ilhislon of tlie" eilemv
com to the resCiul,' ami' It Iwinp hardly
llicht a Vet. uommunuedi lidnir into uttcli
pUisr. ,ud thus begiuua. battle ) .wl(ii;b
sureral wore, wollildcd mill n;lilo slnlu on
IMth srdbs, before the " iinlortunnto mlstaVo
wMfdlseoveredi" Hot little time had elaps-
wit iiowm or, , ueiors a eonilmliy ml, .pa-
Xrk navaJiy oanitt,up, Tip
New ork.and Wiscpjishvwp
cniihi'Tiicd that tllet- had not
at fbe cajitiiro'.'itlillu' Hi -m.
iiimai,up. . o ulUci;fi
,11-M i A' m ill tatu
r.r, , -.....rr
ot ucen the nist
. men and thud.
efWItoonsiu abeuVit ' Soulier's tear over tlw
il .blmittvr that made them fhrf ppanencli
oUwiv feurets wero soon swallowed uii
iu rejofchig ovei), tho uautnre id.' tbe I'PW
Woman," the chief pf perlinps tli gi eioost
anil sauciest oi nil reueiuon, , ,M .
IHiin CoUI-Bloodrrl Cruelty, Wn-
man'a Ijove, liespatr anil v roteli-
A nassemrer by the Australia tells ot
a married pair "appearing on shipboard nt
tho moment tho gangway plank was being
nulled in nt Ilia dock in New lork. A
stato-room had been procured In some mys
terious manner, nnd huge trunks followed,
but uie owners enmo Inst, and the occu
pants of the stntc-room were not the siwne.
After the shijh however, lose sight-of lend
the captain was mKcn,intn . uie commence
Ike (rimtlemnn and Ih d of an nhmc-
,nr7'v THrS grbotn wws k'mnn'nbont'ruTly
c:u-i ,of age, a foreigner, nnd a Count
(itli a coal black moustache1 on his Ihi c
nudacnatlo ,oa Ui Rhino. He had the
hard, handamiie face common to Alissiasip
pi gamblers, and dressed hiniRclf In that
same gorgeous style. The bride, without
being handsome, had large, -winning blue
eyes, that. In their helpless, confiding sort
of exiiresnlou, won tho sympnty of all on
hoard. The Count treated his 'hridowifh
elalinrate courtesy, always ecttint! out of
Uio way when the poor thing suffered from
sea sickness anu niter expressing nis con
cern for madam In tho choicest phni?.
Ho oxpresscd 'himself onnuied terribly
with the monotony of the sea, and trjell
hard to inveigle certain gentlemen bito ji
flame of chance, ouly to pas . llio time,
lowover. Ho waa.. strongly. , averse to
gambling. At the end voyage the
iiatr disappeared, and the lusitives. were
heurd of no moro until months after, ,whon
tlrd'Anstrnlra was on her wnv back W New
York, when the . kmd-heartod - cant:an
learned that a woman, traveling iiitoao
wfts very III tn tho stcei-aee.' ' Seekine her
with tho Ship's physician, ho was astonlsli
ml to find in tho sh-k steerage piisseniT
tho Count's bride of a few months before.
He Vacated his stntc-room to the poor wo
man in her faded finery, nnd little by liltle
he learned her story, it was tno old, old
story ot offended parents nnd n cruel hus
band who, finding a helpless wife, without
money, on his hands, first abused nnd then
deserted her. She hnd parted wiUi the lew
bits ol jewelry left her by the brute, nnd
- . i .i . i. . i.i
w iib iow ?r.i.iit;c uua hi iwm nne uuiiio,
ruined and biiikon-hearted, to her old
homo. . The eldp was approaching New
York, n'l'ho' wenry passengers collected
on the deck saw the poor creatnre.' with
little remaining of her former self but the
wlstfirl. confidinir look of ber Inriro filuo
eyes, that Irom out tho pale sunken faco
seemed larger than -'ever. -1 hose tv h o
watched her moro closely saw at times a
wiULifltmniii tlicui, as 11. fur iicond her
poor, nunibod lacnl ics were Uuhinged nnd
crazy, i no vessel, union, iy wuut ami
steam, 'was dashing on, nearing every sec
ond the entranec in tho iMjk', when fuilden
ly. CiliaiaUialodil pasauagoi .ihoartl a
wild scream, saw it Hash of wliitc gar
ments, a splash, and then the wild cry 'hi
some one overboard. Tlio steamer "was
stopped, the boats : lowered. - and niter
nn hour's search the body of the poor
woman wa recovered and brought on
brother 'Clmrlcs' and I , Wore twins," said
Mr: lloeehori in his last evening's lecture,
"or . at least wo would have been If he
hadn't waited a coupla of years. We wero
twins in everything but birth, mid yet we
wero very unlike, lie had apparently a
better bend than I, and promised to make
a shrViader mail,- If an accident happened
to anybody, it was suru to bo Chillies. It
was Jlnirles that hroko his leg, that hul a
white swelling on bis knee, that was blow n
up with gunpowder, that fell down stairs
nnd cut a gush on his cheek, and then, ns
if symmetry was needed, mil down, and
cut the other one. He grew up and had aJ
lovely family. His oldest sou was shot in
tle, rebellion, hobbled back and waaikqt
ngnin. and .lliua Went. into.: Uio regi'tttr
army-. 1 1 (pn the1 ' tionier' he was surnmnded
by ihiTuuisJ and killed, nnd' tlie ' judgment
day will have to search all over tho plains
inr ni wstmj - er, my wos- weirnmrougii
theSvhrV rrfdV.-rbie bntHli -olrtjNr rSnrise.
Mv brother I 'liarjus . had two .uauirlitci's.
They inasaC Sailing : on ti Uutej ki Uie very
si-rut tt ins House, and were drowned.
Why Is my brothaVtlins dcnlt-with, nnd
nut, piu H 1 haven't the sliglitest ilniiU.-Uit
Unit it will all come nut vorv plain by bild
by, but I can not understand it now. It is
only It'll for1 me. to beliOv6 blindly, im
plicitly, tit' tho overruling wisdom aiul jus
t'cu gl'.tluinA'.iilp'HwceV jy. .
A 1.APY culled upon u celebrated physi
cian to cuusult him about her oyes, which
were giving ner somo trouble, the doc
tor saw that she was a lady of rank and
.weatthii i -11 rrtivel v kheok hi head clear
ed amaurosis; case would requiro time.
and as she was living In the country she
must move to the cil ; the physiciau. at
tended her regularly ,- but days changed to
weeks, nnd weeks to months', and tho cure
came mil. The patient resolved to try un
exiierimeHL She disiruised hursulf as n
iSn alu-wiiunn,nnd worirlo lr ilryslcbui.
Alter long waiting in the nnte-room, nt
Inst her turn came.
"Well, my irood woman, what have vou
tdranrittaii oT?' 1' ' i-f
Tt)ijTJftd eycs.-rhicinr -nlw mrsVyprrd.
He took her to the liirlit. looked into her
eyes, but failed to 'recognize his "patient.
snniggmg ms siiouiuers, lie sum : "
uvour eyesnra vuih iMHtwi.
I know what I am saying.",
"Hut 1 have been told that f was iri'tlinir
tlto iHM-hirgHthmak is callsil.": ' i , -iAavnmifru'A"l
ujiA iiirSJT
"Yes, tluit Is It, ihii-tu."
"Dont-y-ou let-rlrrm'make',Tin beliuvo
any sm li nonsense. Your eves -are a little
week, but that Is all. Tour physician is
an a:". ' 1 1 '. I 'i i i.l .1' f
" -"An" ' "J-1 ' " ' ,( " " ' ' ' "
;" Yeit, ditnss!. Tell hini lio'ldly'that say
so." . ,n ,. .;.. ... , -,
...Tlie lady nrow, and In her customary
voice said. "Sir yon are my physician.
I)m.;tyouXuf'' W ,
tleman any more.
Tn' I'MmiTKn C !iii:-Tli'o i'ittslnirg
Qtuuito relato tlie followiagt vA shu t
time since two Individuals were lying in
one rnoin.'Very sick, one -with brum fever,
and tho pther tyith an aggravated case of
the mumps. Tliev were so low Unit watch
er were .needed every night, and it wan
iiioiigni nuiinriiii ii tne one sick of luvot
Would recot er. A gentlcinan , was en
gaged to watch over night, his duty being
to wake tho:Burao wheuuvur It Locaiuc
necessary to ndniinistur medicine In the
course of the night both watcher nml
nurse eBris1epj-, J'lita mail -with tlie
niiiniiHfhyVnfchIrrgi r)ioVlo,ck", nnd saw
that it was time tw give, tlio lever patient
nn ,ui.iuiit im wan iiiiauiiMj io speak
......u ...... iu:ui i.t.
watcher sprung Irom his scat, falling Ui the
floor, mid nWakoned both the nurse and
tho lever pnllcnt. The incident struck th
sickimun ms -very ludicrous, and thev
laughed hcnrtlly ut it lor somo II II oen or
twonty,piluutev IVlen the.doetor piuualit
,le ltiurilpg ,ke found, .his patient vastly
improved ; said lie never knew sosudiWuu
turn fur- the hcMeFi and now bothnr up,
and well';, "" ' " ' -r . f
mWjared MiitkeHiikhvtituli'ttu ii li,tu)v
with It. Ihus suddenly nnakeneil. H,n
u ...un.. .,

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