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Weekly Fair Play. t,,c Brcwers"m rn,l,er
Do as At'ur High as Yon Can. !
stretches widely before
I Tim Brewers' forrcss of Xcw Philadelphia htve struck for higher Thu w,,rM
'York .net .June 6. ai adopted res- BPH of gass is nearly,. . muscle .iiul liniin :
And though clouds may often float
er villi.
C. R
olutioiis asking for acndcd laws bv " ' ' .
i . i . ' Hie steaWc'r St. Laurent arrived on
Coi.gre-s relative to le brewers m- 1(. fllfc- in xL.w-Yrk. with the
terests, namely, the 3ral ot duty on French ftrmd on hoard destined for
Couissiii & ForwanHuc Merthant
Ste. Genevieve landing. Mo.. j
Wholesale & Retail Dealer in
barley and corn: th: simpler modes
of collecting dr.ly lonhl be inlro-
lmel: thai staintisi.l-eat'ter bo u-ed
UXElf, H7'2. (and no more bond.be lien-after re-
f quired of brewers. The resolutions
went on lodcnouiKtriupcraiice use?.
tin' world's Peace .Inbileeat Boston.
Two bttrirular- attempted to rob
th- Mm National Bank at J-rey
City, reeently. lint were captured be
fore they accomplished their ptirpoe.
The carpenters are on a strike in
Xew York ritv. A carpenter named
Tbe Philadelphia Convention
Philadelphia, June t. in Ai..as a ack of hyllui folic why cottfrl ltr..iv,...ll u-:: .h..t ... t ... he.I ul.il..
cmy was tilled long before the hotirllnt distinguish in from MiiriTous working on Thirty-ninth street, by a
lor the assemblage oi tin; convention.1 i:niv. ti.i- -,..fni,u-i,A it... striker, who was arresicu.
In rieveland. Ohio, the other day,
a voting woman t ailed at a tailor -hop
to iiro.-iire work. One of the work
men, an entire stranger to her, being
all railed by her appcariiice. struck
up a eoiiver-alion with her.and in le.
than an hour they were mn.de man and
wife. An illustration of hive at lir-t
A locomotive in Hhode Island re
cently M-oopetl a lli'lli Up "II the cow
catcher without hurting hitn much.
A little boy in Paxtou; 111., latcly
got into a trunk vitli hi- :itiy ami I
-hut down the lid. which was pro
vided with a -prill;' lock. There ia
a long hunt lor a lost boi- rind it look
. Ahl often come tempest and rain,
lie fcarle-s of .-tonus which o'ertake
Pu-li onward thro all like a man QTTDlL'V b'D PnHnn?TAHPT?B 8i
Im.ihI fortune will never forsake vou OUllT III fifi, tUfl ! MiUJOMl, U
If you do a- near right as you can. rtatp UfmU
Me. t.enevieVe. - - - - -Missouri.
Clia. 1'uruow, if. ..
i convention. 'Hniiors. TheV re.rhlilcliA 7 he ao-
Thc delegates were allscjited.tt about 1 p,,;,,!,,,,.,,, of"a Vomiitc.; f-. devi-e
hair-past 10-:iitcriiig the hall ad- . ,,(t mcslu f,,r(Hr?in:ractiiig the
midst the warmest demonstration of j unfounded as.-orti-i v.f tin; fanatical
eiithiisiasm. Every available space , agitators, "d --iu.fd by coiidein
iu the Academy was taken. The. !., any pnlitivIr;rty which nmni
third tier, which yesterday was n.lfts ;mv ,.H,f. who ha .-hown
mostly unoccupied, this morning was hiiu-clf :t VM 'of fr- temperance fac
litcrally parked, many, owing to ll;
heat of that iiiarter, appearing rrt
their hhirt sleeves. fcT" .Sub-c-ribe r the I'aii: Tlay.
The Coniiuiltee n I'lslform Viet
havin- come in there wss some delav TlieScIioolmasrortaliloriiia.
in ..peiiinjf tlie W.-ioit, U i PMder- A peda-o-ue i-Curlew, who ua
slood that thewisbt'e1.. a somewhat " '" n iiercifully welting
serious dillereiMft of opiui.n in the ,,a "t :l "- j-"i d the
ronmiilte. At W:30 Chairman .Settle ti,,H '' explains that ".-he peri
called the oiiventi.ii to order. Af- " 'ijr siIT pellets at him
ter iiiusie by a band, the roll ofSt-itc h" k tiirned." That l,
was called, "when the presence olsrh '" x'ii-e. Th Town Crier on.-.;
wassuuiounecdby thevhaiiiiieiiofthe!,;";,'l't school i. in the mountains,
restieetlvf de1e.r.il?..iis. All ll...Stf.f.. '" everlialf hour had to re-
ltemenibcr. the wii.i. to do rightly.
If u-cd. will the evil conloiniil:
Live daily by con-ciem e. that nihtly
Yoiir .-leep may be peaceful and
In content- of riiiht never waver
Let hoiiety .-hape every plan.
And life will of l'aradi-e Vavor.
If vim do a- near riht a- vou can.
Thoujrh foe-
daike-t M-aiuIM may
lirewdet of
Anil -t rive with their
lo miuiv your tame, never lioei
l.ut ju-tly and hoiie-lly act :
And a-k .t "the lluler of 'Heaven
To .-ave your fair name a- a man.
And all thai yon ii-k will be ivcli.
If vou do: near riaht a- u can
riiYsici.vx. srircrbx axii
a ( on HKIft.
Market Mreet.Oppo-ite Court Hou-e. .
TK. lll-KVIKVK. Jill. 1-y f
ciia?..c. Kozrci:.
Attorney at Law.
iti:.ii. fstatk u;kt, i
t'oiit'aiii-i'r:iud Xdtary I'ublic.
ti:. :km:vii:vi:. xo. i
("Collect ions made a -triviality. (
t j. YtoitKtr, i
Fl KXITirUK, jfct
' . . a all
and Territories having cast their ' -aiau m -rape oh uie unci , f , i( tt. b , )lf y:1:r Andrr
votes, the chairman announced that ' l,:,ler wails auerin to the nap. and which led to his conviction it- a
tlin n..f trn vif I. Tli-'i.if.ll l..i?...r ' He
The Morm at l.oti. ille.
During a .-ti.nn on lite tth in-t.. :t
hour lo !rimj him to c..ucioii- th-h of liluiiinr -trmln the l"iibv- AliorilftV lit liil V
toriad Female Colledsre liuil.liiiir. on
There is a jail in Florila that has Sixth -tteei. and -book the entire ed- STK. t.KXKVlKVK. 3!().
not hail an inmate in tour vear.-. the 5,: . , , ....
co.utui-i..i.cr, have tin ned it into a K-v, l-v m",r k,U,"J-r "u UK. S. V. IIJ.ItTIl II, "
corn crib. vf- tneiubcr.- of lite family iii-ide;
In the Stite lihftirv at AlMlv. X. 'i h
Y., are tin: very papers that wci-e,ro.
The attention of allCa-h and clo-.i
biiver- is i-e-tuctfully ealleil
to thv aboe.
j iui-fc Sale
our Motto.
atitl Small Troth is
never penftted a trilh: like
ht for UlvssesS. tJranl, the latter IO ""--etf ins tiauem e; lie M iriiiiiic men navr li.-cinn'
.Mom i ems i iinii.-l to be a vcrv
was the nominee of this Convention j"-' kePl " iiin that abenline
n nap ami the wad-i
as its uuulidate lor Fre-idem-v.
Henry Wilson of Massachn-elts
'was nominated for Vice President.
until it had
would not
er piece of eiii'iiicerm: but
' he
! -
w i-ijr w-y h i pim vioian "I Surgeon,' y,tTrm7'
d, and then, a if overcharged. J - o 7f llAMM. VC CO
.1'iichcd oil', went through lite solid ' I 1
(Opposite Court House)
ste. ;exevikvk. mo..
'.irick wall, .-haltered the stoves.!
sti:. :t:xi:viKVK. m.
I says -he couldn't . :(iiythiur in it.
1-v .
crockery, Ac. and threw a little son '
f l'rof. llartoii icveral feet on (he t
rifl..k ..r i: :
tik. I.ut when they .. ,. , , . , . , . - . ..
look to dii.p.n;.h. ni in mucla-c lA: lweIllv.,ivi. ,h,v,-tim radical word-. on the outsi r the I... , e Up S 1 ll O II t I) IMlt I J t ''.""""P"1 tiT.ties Mles :,
madeaeompla.ttolhe board ol dr- of which Shak-pear u.-es lteen .. . ' .,fl ' JCIIllSl, Frees , idso nr-liiu,: t.ood- ,-,
thousand: ami il is the verua'uhtr t i"""?'" stk. a:.KVii:vK. jii
.... ... . ...... ...... .1
seveuiv millions ol niniau lienors. i.uu win me. uie si.e.nawa-, f-iin
UK. J. W. RII ill m.
II..-.. I. ....it. .. .... I .
. ...I., in... i.ii ...'I, it i... ai.u care
fully selected Stock of licadv Made
"Youiijf mai' said the chiUrman,
' "ef you don't ike our way!;; you'd' oare-iooieii; iwre-iie:uiei utile
heller si!.... ..r l.l.n.Lela rrn.1 .,!. "" "V""1' n " "'l'lfT . II-
German Emigration.
It is said that numerous petitions
:are hein presented in the Cermau
............ ...... ...v. ...... .. , p.,., ..,,..,,;,. ,, si1h.hu. I.e
eriiment to take prompt and ellecliial I'renlJce Miill'rd tort skitle ycr for' rti-hin into the church and e.Cclaini
measiires for the siijiressson of eini-' nior'n six moitfts, ami never .-aid a in;;, "TviierC's my papa? The jiis
.ration agencies, which, the petition-, a word ain lip wads. ' are out."'
ers claim, arc depopulating the coiiii-J The Town (tier hrioflv extdaiiied The Ann'tyBill removed the i'i.lil
1 try. One district alone limnberiii-rj that Mr. Mulfj-d miht eiive been enVof SOrtth' ot !''M"11 l;'0'0""
.riO,000 inhabitants, has already lo.-tj brought up on iper wads, and didn't i X " '
thw spring 1,S00 persons, aud tlicexo- j mind them. j CV The F.uu I'f.AV is mil v 1 :A
Am is still contimiin at the rate ofi ''It nin't no in-," said anoth' r di- per year ?A advance.
from ISO to 200 a week. Thes emi-' rector ythe ehilrren hev got to be
pranls, ifis .stated, are not altogether ainiiscil." j Terrible Sturm,
drawn from the poorer clases, hut The Town frier prolcstwt that (M'xtox. 111-.. .Inne 7. The :...-r
embrace many of the small lauded 'there were oihc auiiisemeuts ipiite as istruciive rahi-lorni of maiiv vear!
liroprietors who, discouraged by the divcrti!ir: tiut hethird director here paed over this vicinity last nVht.
lrospecls at liome, are crossing (he I arose mid rcina:kel : 11 low lauds in t'verv- direction Jr.'-
occau in the hope of bettering their "I p-irfeelly urree wilh the cheer: H h d, and grei.i de-triietinu of
-condition pecuniarily aswell as polit-; this youngster l.clter travel. I win-. , robs is reported. AIii"-the the Illi-
mcht rk naiivr Taus ikm at ihts roofer ntVi rU- iw.it. mi ti.t. .
i-t it-r ot lute Murts; 0cr-l.irt-.
I'n.lcrsliirts. Oniwers. Collars. X.vk-
eeaml resilience on M:in Street.: ties. Linen mid Silk Ibimlk.iMii.lV;
I Sock. Sll.-pender llr.ii-.v-. Traveling
ur ouckei, were roiling Willi lernlie p. C. Uoier .t Soils Store
sptvd down the li-rlit tiinir rod. Oni Kefer.-, by pcrliiis-ioii. toDr. Her- Itairs. Valices and Trunk
the south side of the biiililiuir ihedi.-- Hell. i-y J In Piece tionils for Men's and
I I lout lis.' wear. We have an iiuii-iiikl
Lanr As-ortment. It comirics
play was still larger ami grander. A
-hower of t-le.-t rical sparks, like A
cloud of lunimijr straw, fell jff.'at
nrofu-ioii again-t tlei wtilluildi the
ground. The heat front thefe fre-,
ijuent lla-hes could be fef for .till'
tance of seveiHi' hundred ft'c't
Gam brin us Hall,
Corner Ttiirtl and Market St..
(Otpo-ilL'the Court Hoi-e.)
The very b.'.-t iialities Wines.
.-.r.L. t : .r i
- - - .. .... . : - . - i ..... h-.i.iit i. I.. " ...... 1
The familv of prof. r.arlm;aiid in- , ' T , ' '-"l""-and Cigars. ahvavji ii lin(.s a (L. p.,.,,,,,,.,
deed, many ..r Hie neigl.hois. were U hK' ,'PlarStyb-s niisinpiii pri
appreheii-ive for some lii'ie thai the I 1 I f H A K L (.' II K .N C, j ,.;., ti1.llVk-t,Vl!.r I.ast M
Clolhs.Ca imlTei.Twefds.t'a-liiiier-eltes.
.leans, Collonaih", Linen-, etc..
ell-., from which t.'clitleineii de-iring
to liave tlieirgirinciit Made toOrtl.-r.
can be well .-ililed both in Slvle and
tiur Niii'K.iu Mats ami Laps cni-
il.Ie and
ccs from
We hardly think Itismark will ven
ture to try the coersive policy in this
case, for he is wise enough to know
"that when people become dis-ati-licd
it is better to allow them to go when I
ioppilarcdye.r'!ttioH5 there a rreeces
sary lidjunx r tlitl school system.'
Mr. Chairman, I move that this ycr
skoolna-ter l)e?hot." '
The Town C.-icr did' HtH remain to
:and where they please. Meanwhile! obscne the reiilt of the voliug.
the United States will give cordial San Francisco Xews I.ftrer.
welcome to every (inrniaii who'
H-hooses to leave FaHicrland to seek an 1 r.ir-on uW!iH ?s a iiiifach; " ;
abiding place in the new world. ' Hoy-'-Dimiio.''
Mo. Kepiiplican. . j l'ar-iiii "Well, if the -Mill were to
.-Inne 1 1 the middle of the night what
should you say it wa-V'
Boy "The mrtolh
1'ars.jii "Hut if j oil were told it .
was th? sun, what Would vmt .-av it
ehock hail proven tatal to .-onie of
those in the hou-e. I
At ler the .-torm. on Monday even
ing, a lady attempted the eros-ing at
Hie corner ol'Sevenl I. -mil 1tr.iMili.-iv I
where the sewer opciiiug had been AXI AT tliK Vkuv ixwkit lKift
, opened to drain off the water accumtl- Hooting and
Healer ill
of all kinds.
' lati'd in the street.
washed away. ho-e.-. iiirns an stock.
ictlie ilorlli.'a" nr 7' filv riviTal ' Hi . ... ... . i ( s ..
, ... i r -4 " , ", -" stepped lto the ol!hinga!l i-.'?h i I K. i i. the
h.Mi-es Acre washed awav. the nV- , i a'
The Disaster at the Rapid.
The Keokuk Constitution of Mon
thly published the following in rela
tion tw the disaster to the Xorlhwes-, W!ls
teniat Hie rapids a few davs since-: j "y-"A lie."
SundavYiii the steamer Xorth-i 1,ar!i,-"' dont Hill Ho: Suppose
western, oik f the largest and best ' 1 toW TO,1, U ,,!CM,,, ,vh,,t WhuM
.... .... v , . .you sar then."
boats belonging U the Northwestern, . .... .
,t i t . t B" ' w:lsti' Holier. '
Union Packet cowriiiy, struck a rock puilt.,
nearSandusky, and sunk to her boiler, - -
vr deck. The accident was not. an Jesse B. Itobbint:
Unavoidable one. Had the boat kept) The crowd assembled at th.' 'our'
!ie regular channel di wool. I hnve ,,",,!,,' Satnnlay afternoon gave
passed over the rapids in
instead of doing so she attempt.
Witt... il.tifi, 4li.ii,.r1i IL.1 mfl I
... , ..,. ' 111 iifr.iinig him. just at the begin
near the Iowa shore, the o11ictssiiii-i ...... .. .. J . . r
. . . . mug oi ins sneacli. that some
mates b.-ircly escaping with I heir lives.
A large number Of hogs and other
stock are drowned. One farmer re
ports 'JOO fat hogs- aild shoats gone.
Southeast the lo'sses are still moree.v
teiisive. Fences 'bridges, culverts,
r-tnall buildings', railroad tracks and
everything moveable, have In
lleing thankful for past iiatronaire.
we solicit a coiititiiitilice of Ihe same.
lmiiiiisiier .ll tlu.l to. ti-itl if.v.ht...i..i.
I Tin, and JapaiiW
lleing Iht-refore able to sell abetter
clas of goods either bv the viird or
manufacture than any house in or
I out of St: Louis. Mo.
Kesiibfctfullv. nAjtJt k Co.,
X.lt. We pay at All Times the
Highest fash Pri.c for Wool.
I'ot-e to Order'
Very near being drowned, flic WU4it.,.illuAii i-mlil. v,.
n's,1"'(1- very wet and very thankful, j 1V.;..I I .
, i iiiriii -Mi
u ....: ponce. ..iii.-eis n.-.-ir o. no ; cy.iiurai.iiity.'coiivcmeiice.aiiilclesiu-, .Iulks F. Jams.- W'm. F.Coi.
witnessed her nii.-hap and ran to her linc-s. For -ale Low Kill: Cash. i r i irm n ! 'j-as-istanee.
' 1-y I JAXIS & COX."
j (At the old stand of Jaiiis & Valle,)'
('on-iderable damage was double-s
done by tli(;stonli in Ihe country, but
beyond the overllow of Ihe streets in JC.Vmi. oxi.v. Iry t'od;
Oilers for sale at. low priiv--. for
veryiinng moveaiile, have been , , i ..... ,, i - l '
. . . , several places, anil tilling a cellar or I Keady Made ( lolling. Hoots, shoes,
wept :.ray. Several narrow escapes . ... Y , . j Hardwire Conle.-t tmHrv )n.-...w
, . .. . ' two with water: no great damage e- "'r"w-,"- '.""V L""nr:V v'viis-
rom drowning ale reported, and one r. . , ware, Ac. (.ive hut a. 'all.
sidled to thecilv. .loiirnal. M.-r.-leiiit (-....i;. ;..... t,.
ivalid; who wik coiilielIed to move 11 1 :,' rJ ii lM Ste.l.cn iee.Mo.
... :...u.. ...... ..r ....... . .. . . J""' 1-y
CiT Don't forgcVHiat yoi! can get
in vain:: who wu couicllea to mov
out in lie .storiil. died of e.iosuii this)
morn i n if; All the coal mines are the Faiu Pi.ay a whole year for One flUIR Farming roiiiuunilv anl the
Hooded va-t and sohlh of this f.'.iut. Dollar and Fiftv Cents. , A tlubliegenerdly.will beiir iniiiind
Soul Invest ol ('Union, on Spoon river. ' . that the "XK .WILLS" ahvavs
(he daiiiage is reported as still greu- allaiitrS-. Vi!t"ieIUJ.nKTl"a "' i I,,uo: fof
........ :. . . . .v . n HfcA r and iii Cwh Only.
ier.iiuiiiipariietiiarse:iiii.eoiiittiiieii, i ne gaiiauirr ot tne American sea- The Well-known choice hrattls ofi
asan communication is severed. T.P. . h'.pu who taveil tlie euy orMareillcs,- KumHy Flour " Ctue" and " Hoy,"
& W. railroad is badly washed .-iwaV. j together wilh a llil'tisand ships, is en-1 am' "Hier grades tcpt coustauty'on
KaehKiile of CaSit.in "the bridges are' f hnsiastically coKtmciidcd by all the ! Jjj xl'' al,,lat thu ,0Wt,!HP09
goiie. The telegraph is ,Iwn. The European papers. While the sound- j Wjots ofOO lbs md upwards ieliv
C. 15. & (J.. track is also badly washed u was lyingat anchor in the densely ered fiikk ok ciiaiiiik.
south. Several bridges between this crowded harbe"r, an e.xjiloiirin ofcur-l M.VUTIX MKYIK.
1 1...1 i i i. ........ i .-i'-. iienevinve. jio .nine .
s-tfetv i,llt ' 'lattcriiatti'iittou to the address of l'oil,, n,,,, H''shvilln tiro gone. The Jed on board :iu Italian (nitrc'citm'
' Judge llobbius. Some of his friends ,K,,H!,jrc to croK caniiol now beascer- vessel, setting fire at once to the ship
empfeil " Worw sass tliink a little iiulii-rtot ivi,h nhy certainty, but it U and her dangerous i-argo. There
Change of Xame.
iVotice is herein- L'iven t lot iik.m n
hevond doubt that all Ihe .'nnil in Seemed no nossUoIitv nf iini-iiiliii" Iictition lire-eiileil bv Lizzie R..W.rw
the bftV hinds :s wa-hed out. The . the spread of the flames to "the uthi-7 '"!' "l ijte. (.eiieieve county, site of
- m.itiihi ... . .... ... ...... . . . i -
! iiiuiiiiiiii com i . smii
ordere ami
ia. inciianie
. . .. .. . . .. . . . . . t , i i. . .
uie real extent ot the l.?mage a-c
The Bnckeje Cider MUI,
Dry floods, Groceries, Itoota and'
Shoes, Hats and Cam. HarjL
ware. (JueeuswnrB se,
which they offer' to
sell low for
CASH. 1-y
posing the recent rise would fnniish (;n.(,(.v ,..,., higher ,,rairie far,,,- have not suffered ' iHerchantmen, ahd such lit. event j v and s'JuT'a't uT&v
water. Ihecjcieninentronid liisas-lj,,,,, ,., t kl!cp Democrats awav. ''"ve not esrap.,1 enti- would certainly have resulted in thctherof A. D. Iu7i'it was orderc
trous, and will result in a heavy loss i Th.. iudrc .mve his r...-.-,... for st-..i- rol.v- will be several davs before" destruction of the cit v. which is built ' adjudged by the court thai the
er- densel v to the water's edge, and has i " . peiiuonerue ciiangcii iro that
' Very inadequate tire eingnishiug! fi"
First, the boat only sunk to the iiiniii
deck, not the boiler deck: seivmlly.
the accident was unavoidable, the raft
channel being the usual one for boats
when the river is at its prcsclit stage:
thirdly, the only lo- to the Xorth
westerw Union Packet company by
the accident being 200 bbls. of flour,
which was in the hold, does not con
stitute a very heavy loss. We have
felt called upon to r.iakc this state
Clerk of circuit Uurt.
it til. ..4l.lkllM.lt T1.M 'V.tl..i..:.lM. 2 . 1 ..
... . ......,vi. mj; ,,,,,1 umier tne Lvinocrauc Hag,
was heavily frv!ghted ami much of and warned his hearers against bein-'
her cargo will he dam.-tgvtl. if uot ro seduced from their convictions bv, .. , i.atkis: a jiaratns. While everybody else stood fonuer Ini-baiiiL
incd. The steamer Karrlo. with a Hie cry of exnediencv. He would ' ."!r " rn maKS' 1110 ";'"!'(' paralize.l the seamen of the Ameri-. Attet: .I0SKP1I ItAUMjX.
force of liielK wrnt un ves!ertlV ti!Hier gow down with hoi.e.-t men ., , .."' ''rvn V'".' 'r" r"vU'L squadron, put off in their launch-, ,.- ,,.
eiidcvor to rise the sunken boat."! " P De.nocratie Z'Y1?' '";'.iTni..g vessel, scutf"
The Constitution might have ko,,t ' I'""e.pl than to sell his birth-right a bri)1..c " T" ' "rf 1 ,Y, , T?t " JfEW STORE!
. , for a mess of porridge. His fortv !! c a'c ,x-. AH c ""tnunn-i katcr, aud then, by a uii!ed cftoH in t? IHji 1 Ci I;
itself within the bouuds of truth. ... .. . 1 ."" . IO": 'caHon h cut off for several ,Uvi-.t...: i i vk. ...... rifrvrfl.rfi SnVSaUr-
niniiiics i.iik was intersperesti with .P , .- .. .. .i.... .....uo ikj urn. m.o - j
humorous anecdotes, the substance of TxroI'u,rt,Ua,sbydrowiiiiijr:(.e r- the bay wliere her btiriii'ng could not STE. CEXEVIEVE AIO
.... - nnnn . .. ... .H. .
them hctiting the occasion and call- '
ing forth peals of laughter.
His Peter
Fuggins was inimitable. Farming
toii Arpis.
A illglllar f'vak of liL'litnin.'Oi-.-nr-
Arcident on 1. 3i. It. It.
Last Friday as the local freight wa
makiugits regular trip north, it could
only take part of the train over Ilo-
emianger any other cran. theircool- Has ju-t received a new and fc-h-ne.-s
and daring were greMed by jiriw pb te stock .f Fancy Croccrie-, Liq-
Memnhls and St. Loals Packet
St. linuis. jletiiphin, Delcna, Greea-'
ville. and Vicksbii
Pass Ste. Oeiicrb.-ve, 66irH utreara:'
Monday, City of Chester, 10, w. m.
Tub-day, Adam .M cabs and V lcksburg
l.a.-ket, 10, p. in. ....
Weiluesday, (;raiidToTrer10;"n. in.
Thursday," Adam Jacobs Vick-"
burg" iarket. 10, p. m.
Friiy. Belle Memphis. 10;.p. m., . .
Satun'lay.- Adam Jai-olis and Vlcks
burg packet, 10, p. in. .
Pass Ste. fjenevieve, up stream:
Monday, (Jrfliid Tower, fl, p. SB.
Tuesday. VlckMiurg packet.
Wediied.ir; Adam Jacobs and Belle
mehipiii. 5, p. m. (
Thursday, .Vicksburft ptikrt,ayp.iB.'
Friday. Aitftij Jacobs, 5, p. m.
Saturday, City of Chester, 5, p. nt .
Sunday, Adam Jacobs and Vicksbnrg
packet. ", p. in.
... joiix a. scudder; vmt-.
T7. 1. Lovk. See'y
Final Settlement.
Sotice is hcrebv given to all credi-
aiid a licet of merchant men.
ed on 1'om.er .tl- ;,. i.s. .-an Mountain, leaving six vdn of
about the ...i.l.iin c t,i " i ,H,,i,,cr wM c caboose on this siile.1
,. . : , . " " '""" "' ""- .TJiere was one p.-fssenger :n the ca- Court,
particulars of which we failed to 1hmw wh(j ,t i? . ww ,trulk. Thc eXriting case of the present
learn until the olherdav. Eiirhtcolts ti. ;.. ia.i :!.... ,i.. ..-ti. t r. ..;..:..:. .
i in- tiuiu i'itt ii i.'t)iJliltkUIl iliiii in iii uia i iuii.wi:dii,iui i. iMtll
ionged C.ers IVotn the Varbor am. ,,2
shore, and Marseilles i loud it. the rf ;i . ,! lS rot A Vul 1 ' William fouzen, deceased, that I
praises of the men who. at the risk of , ' ( .ft 'iiv i io.l ,l-'aa Coiueiis, clirhiistrator of said
t.: i ... r. ' ' 1 u" " ' LitM,4. ..,! ,, ,ake filial settlement
...... o..a.i.. B;-aii ... inspect my goau .;.. fthecoiintv
and price
g5TFarin produce taken at iie
highest rates.- l-t
tneut in order to assure thc friends of i ro " 1110 I,R,,r"'- ''ar the creek distance when We let off thc brakes of Have been tho-e of the State ttguint
Com. Davidson that his
very great, Mo. Kepubl
Dealer 5ll
Aeconliinr to Mr. Henrv eerfarrt
climber. fviuce a partiality for some
particular species of plants, stretching
out their temlrills and branches so as
is loss is ,lpt ?"!-'. when a thunder storm came the remaining portion, and came down' Tyler and Murphy. Tyler being in-iflDV flflflTK! IITII PPfiPFRTES
blicau. 1 "P. and live of them were siiiiultane- Hogau's mountain at a fearful speed, dieted for murder for the 1iooting of UUUIM hOU UmJUDiUin,
ouly .-truck by lightning and fell running into" the passenger train ( his nephew. Hill, and Murphy being J . tv
dead, lingular to say they all fell ' which was gormj ndrtlt, making a to-' ihdicted for a-saulti:fg and beating HATS ti
I within a snace of twelve feel -o-ire ,al w reck ot thc engine and three or" his wife, with intend to maim and i
i - - i
thereof! the next term of thc county.
court of Ste. Genevieve county, State
of Missouri, to be held at the court
home in the cit v of Ste." Genevieve,
on the third Mondav, being the 1-1tlt
dor of Julv. A. D. 1872.
Chas. C. Kozier, Atty.
Final Settlement.'
I Xc.ticc is herebv given to all credi
..ml ,.th,.r interested in tie
BOOTS A.xn SHOES tatc of Peter Bloom, deceased, that I.
For Family Use ; Also
txt CAPS.
and the head of each in the sain direc- lour of ,,1C r,,,iawny. cars. The rtarr kill. Tyler obtairicd : conlinnaiice, 1 Of the ;?c-t qualities,
1. 1 -Ji-'t t Ifc. 1 71 1 ...1 1 1 ! i .
. .. . . . . . ::. " tion -mil clo-e t il...r ln..-..sl. ... c-iuscu inc. .-.c.-.ot-.i. so ..am;, aim a-auiumeu 10 ua:i III Uie Slim.
io come m innct with them, while t,rt that he died in about an hour af-" of twelve thousand dollars. Mnrphv '
to other species ther have as decided P of Jinx l.ri, lges. one ot 31. n,rw.anR X Olio 0)I t,, pas-e..r had a trial at.d wrfound gt.iltv bv'a'
an:,ver..ion.:ivoidirtheni.and nev- tabbot. one ot John V . Flecker: the ,,; ,vai hurt, bur the engineer anajurv. He took an' appeal, anil was'
er becoming attached fo them, though other two were strays. That i what t ,,.,, had a narrow es.ne. hai-JiV r.l t,. J.nlt !.. tl...
... .un i.j. iiiv uri:i'-v vi i lie wall i i niiinin on coil
ide lu -i.lt- f.Mo. penio- rat
ir ly time to reverb the en-rine "A hundred dollar
it'np nil'. Wai:v Co'tllty pentoT:it gns
-Farniini'tnii Ar-
i i-;iiion l. Wade Adtrtini-trator ot
.u;i intend to rtrakC tiiial Set- -
And at Lowe-t I.'ate.-,: tcnK:nt thereof, at the next Term of
r'oni Asit only. I the county court of Ste. (nivicvc
Ste. Gentvieve. Mo. 1-y v;,.ve. on th.-e :M Mondav (Ix-ing the
: 13th ,.,V) 0i .llv A. D. 172.
Sub-cril.e f..r the Fair Pi.av. Only' WILLIAM. I. WADh. Adtnr.
mo dollar ami ttty .cuts per car. flarle- C l!ier. Atlv 1-t

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