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Fair play. (Ste. Genevieve [Mo.]) 1872-1961, June 14, 1872, Image 3

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Weekly Fair Play.
JUNK 14. WJ.
rif- Subscribe for ttio Fa lit Play.
Q-Dr. Andre, frv.m PraHic Du-
rliiT was in t(Vll - wccf..
pJfTliB vim-yard in tin-" county
i'ive signs of a plentiful yield.
(;'Th.;FAiit 1'i.av N.nlyi r.i
jmt year ill advance. '
Several )f our citizens an- :.ib-cnt ,
t Id- irw-pw saierfesting.
' :
rj- Our thanks an-due Mr. John
S. Ki-ni for continued favors, Jonny,
ou're a brick.
CrMr. Kllis llarri-. the
niaiily clerk on the City of
ter. wa-inlown la-t Sunday.
f We still have room ill our miIi
reriptioii book foraf-u nMireiiaiiie.-. j
We are ansiou- to gel il till-!. ,
(vy-Thc "Devil' ret Ml h"" eonidi
meiiN for I!oiiiets. favor-. c., for;
the Jackson Cah l!mk.
rS"l'ou"l forget that you can get.
the Faii: ay a whole jear for One
Dollaraud Fifty Cent-.
Qi?"The largest assortment of hx
;io.lsin the city, at the lowe-t St.
hoiiis prices, al F. C. I.'ozier & Son's.
r'Siiuin- ("uignoii is depopulat
iug the Slate of Illinois pretty
lately. He makes one out of twoeaeJi
L"iT Ja-. A. Harris. K-ij.. formerly
f this place, but now of St. houi-.
Vailed in to see lis the other day. Mr.
Harris u-ed to be a brother typo.
Fanners, we understand, have
commenced to cut tlieir wheal in this
county, ar.d il promi-e- to yield a
plentiful Iiarv-t. Otlirrcrip-..f- in
line conditio".
EJ'Our 011ng friend, C 1. ti'uig
11011 has left his former position with
Mr. ISisch, and will, for the presenl.
take up quarters at the court house
in Ihe Counlv Clerk'i office.
- - .
We notice sevend aspirants for Con-
irri-s 111 tins uisirici. .1110ug 111
ire .iiiilge jlawKins, 01 .-cou eouniy. .
-.. . . . !
arid S. C. tJollier, I'
11.. nl .M.-iiIi-oii
county, both able gentlemen
Z. MM!L. U ::- :.rT. ,
mi in.-i: . ,
1o("eu. Urant. but enjoy little pre--.
unts very well: r rcilcriektown J.ee.
-Xo doubt the Uee fraternity need
smut- clean socks-.
gSTWeare informed that Mr. II.
L. Hosier is the happy daddy ot a line
bov. Wearertl-5 informed that he
fully six ihehes higher up
antl wi'ler out .-nice 1111; eit-m oc-
hi St. Louis, e formed the acquain
tance, of John A. Seuddcr, Km;.
Pn-sideut of the Memphis& St. Louiv
l'acket Coiupahy, wh'i !ilirt'ars to 1V
"much of a gentleman. He will pleasf
accept our thanks for favors.
Another match game of b:iil
ball was played bei ween the " Louc-
ami Kesolutes.'' last Snndav,
which resulted in the defeat, of th"
latter this time. Score standing 7.1 1
$JD. Xever iniinl, little hoys, pluck up
vouraire and trv them aaiu.
C.j?"Mrs. Jennie Smith, wife of Dr.
,11. Smith, left Jackson yesterday
for her new home in Central City-.
Colorado. Jackson Cash Hook.
This is not our wife, and we feel re
lieved to think that she has gone to
Colorado. n the Dr. might come up
lnfiMrttr - day, anil we hardly feel
iible to shihil Jwo.
Some of ntlr friends in town h!lve
been a little pngilistically ilispox-d
for the pal lew days. Ve notice
some brui-l'd if, and bunged
t-ves' going around: Kathcr hard
playing "short slop" and catch rocks
tui the "lly." The, city SHthorilies
brought them to time to tie- tune td
tin "X' and trimmings.
C-r Judge Kobbnis n-tnhu-d home
from Farminghm. lfi?t Saturdav.
wnere he lias l.cen tttH-'.idlng court-.lhis road is not i pleted yet
The Judge is looking and in linn r
health. He reports businorr. liveiv in
that section. V c have Ie.irnrl l!ia(
hissiicecb Saturdav weektoltn- ut
lerritied Deuiocmcy ereatedait
tr.! cn-alioii. Jude. -rive them
other '.ig in the ribs.
Jame ti'ordon P.ennett. the vi-tern
editor a. publisher of the Xew Yok
Ibrald ilieii.in'a the 1st ,lav of June ti
tl"-77th year of hisn-e. Kennett w
"in-of the ablet atftl mot energeie
imali.-t in thi- v il; a::" otiir
Gen. Firinin A. Kozieraml Win. J'.
Co.v. K-'i.. delegate- to tin- State Con
vention at .leilelMMl City, hit Iat
Sunday. Tins inslrui.tioiis rcijuircd
tiv-m to vote lor delegates to the ISal
M'ire Convention who are favorable
Vo Grcv'ey and Brown, i-i:oviiin:,
tfc. &.. &''' leaving it optionary
"villi ihein to Vote as they d n
Our city poets are branching out on
political put-try a little. The foH-w-ing
is out- of tlieir cHusions:
Mother, may I go out to vote?
' Ye?, my darling, freely :
Put on voiir old white hat and ''at.
And vote lor Horace Greeley.
Mother, may I then stop in town?
Ye-, my hoy. sincerely :
IVovidcdyou'inelllde t'ratz HroVn.
And make it Itrowu and Grcchw.
Iii the New Madrid Ueeord. re
cently Wt- uotieeil an item apologizing
for the delicieiifies of the paper for
i inai wcet, " nrruuiii in me an-en- e
l..f tin" eililnr Ati- .Ml in.! ti,.
j,or being under the control of the
. Devil;" We .-ujipo-e that when
Mr. Allen returns the Devil !!l be to
i-ay, ' ami perhaps gi t kicked out."
Wt-left our paper under control of
our '"Devil ' a short time this week,
and we don't fcvow if it didn't do
better without us. "We'll bet we've
got tlici'-?! "HMle devil," of hi-age.
in Southeast Missouri.
I p to the City.
We made a living trip in St. hotii-
,1,:. ,, i. in l .... t iIM. i;, . i ...
this wttk. nut li. id nut utile time to
look around. He went up on that 1
sterling packet, the Adam Jacobs.
whose officers are line tn'ntlcnicn and
a valiiault- aciiuiremeul totlicAlem
phis and St. Louis Packet Co.
W eiioticeil on boanl, en route lor
Ihe Duinocnilie Convcutioii to be
belli ill Jeller.-iiii Cilv I.Vn I'. A.
Kozierand Win. F. Cox. Km... of thi-
place, and our dd friend. J. Seible. .
i:.i., from I'err.y ill,.. another
. .
rcntlcnlaii from that i,!:ih. who-e
ualiii: we do not recollect. We al-o ,
formed the aciniaiiilSiiei' of tieorge
Itond. Ksip. of Ste Marys, who is a
very pleasant and agreeable genlle-,
As tin1 Satigcrfest is -.lU tin- rage
ju.t iow. in the cily, of coiir.-e we
' had to visit the hall. It is a building
'of huge dimensions, mid exhibits
sigusof line architecture and master
,m.,.iH,is!ii. It is calculated to seal
ifui tn , vlilteen thollsaml ner.-on.s.
.,, ( accommodate se.!H itliln-il
., ...... :... ,1 ....,.
I..IUTS vtv ; If" Mi'',!
Cre:it prepanitions were being made;
. . . .
to accommodate the uue.-ts exiieclci!
.lur-n-lhe week. The buildings in
r. .... ,, .... i
the ncinity ol the hall were all being5
dectrated with evergreen and other
shrihbery. It will be the lliggi-st
thin; of the kind thai St. Louis ever
wiltessed, and we regret that we Were
tiualle to stay toei- it.
Oi Monday evening we returned
on tie Citv of Clu-.-ler. anil :pniti mel
Mr,iJci,. .on,f wll ,,,. ,,)nvl, ,
s:llll. i,,,.., our sterling inilli.i- M.ir.
tin deyer, Km., of "Cone Mills " 110
tori'ly, al.-o i-.une down. It was a
ver pleasant trip.
Person til ami Kail road.
Tie arrival of Mr. C. AY. Kamlall
andAV. W. Mann of Xew York city,
tliOpast week in St. Louis, portends
tht-pecdy construction of the Cape,
('iurdeau and Stale Line IL It. In I
Wmpany with Mr. K. J, Craiidall. of
thi citv. ho is tl,- manager of this
., . .. .
enl-rprts... the two gentl.-mei. hrst .
- r- ". !
inn Rtlive operation the tieing and
irmllirf .r po01 fortv miles of the
naii'ii ii.nc j:.piit- in in.-.ijmt io hu
-...t ..,iU- ,ns-i.iil.i.l - ..,l , !
rod now ttiitn-lcd. n e timlerstami
till one thousand tons of iron rails
foithis rot'd are thtw at Xew Orleans. '
Ktnnes letve 1W m.rcl.Mse.l '
h,.;.r .i,..,t!r.,. ..re.l. ....I .;.!
t ItiiK"
i,us is iii.iviii" ener-'-etieally to
rT this road eoudiTion to move '
. i .. ... . .
va-t bo.be- nl .nut ws along-tts
as well as ttibl-ch io the Mis-
sisiiipi river, by the Hrrl Of Amrust.
VT , -r , i.ir -
I he iisatisfaetory cond! it ,n
hiSs ago. hasi,;,a1re;l,m'v-
ei. and the dillerciicc saiisPu-torilv
ai-aned: and. with the kiicM leil'c
lsolaved bv thes -'entle i in ml
bsine's matters, warrant us in
Hief that this roair will becoim.l.!-
( to the Arkansas state line bv Oft.
rst. Column's Iliind World."
v. discovfr that the wind work of
The ititltielit-e of the food of poiil
ti mimi tin iiiAltti iiti.l il. ..r
their llesh and eggs le.t- iif-l generallv
.tJikon into ii'Msider.tlioii : but
tbis iWMtr In silme iiistnti...-v ; I,...
iieeil atl'-hipted to feed poidtrX on a
large scnie m rnoice on Imrse-tJcsh.
and. allhu2h thev devour this sub
stance very "groettily. m has bi'l'n
found to give titem a very uiiple.isaut
savor. The best thtteni'ng inateri.-il
is said to be Indian corn" meal and
milk : and certain larje poultry estab
lishments in France use this entirely,
to the advantage both yi" the fle'h
aad of the vs'j-.
For the Fair Play.
Oli ! denr Indie-, which of you
Will he my sweetheart ever true?
You iurt know I want a belle:
P.ut I b've you all mi very well
'Ti- aw fill hard to make a choice.
And .-ay which ha-? th' Jihest voice.
I want h girl "hout seventeen,
And who in love has never been :
I want a jrirl with plenty drc--es.
Dolly Yank-hs' and jet black treses:
I want a girl with plenty child;,
Who-e lip- are red as any pink.
I Vvhtit a girl who can put on air:'.
Ami tell folk-it-no bu-'neso" their-:
Who thro- her head from -ide to -b!e.
And always -peaks with her month
ope'd wide :
I want a girl with the ' Grecian Dip,
Ane one that has a .-till" upper lip.'
mi' Ti i 7i" V , ! T v''..rn.e
I Ml cold ileal h U oiibl clo-e vottrc es.
I'.itt I w ill .-too and ask vou all;
l.elh rich and poor, and grt-'t and
IT ueof you will not be mine.
If vou in all the-e things can .-hitio:
The insurrection in Spain Is ff'll
alarming, bad new- having been, re
ceived from Tarragona.
California harvest ha- begun, ft is
.-aid it will be the largest ever jruth
crcd on the l'aciiic coa-t.
It is reported that two hundred indictment-,
relating to the whi-ky
frauds, have been drafted from the
new United Stales (iraud Jurv.
A severe eniraemeiit in-cured
in Cuba on the yth in-l. between
Col. Itacoiis and Vicente tJar-
eia. The Spaniards reported the
. ..... . t. i... I
: ,r .. ;- , -1
mg huo l i uz. second in command o
'Jama's f,,i-,-4 The i..-urgt-nts at -
fmpK-o inHncees-iuiiy to it-apture
"'""'"' '"""'.
I. Hi Man-Hold, a painter, of San.
t Frauci.-co Cdlifornia met Miss Mattv
llelu. ilaOL'liler nf a lui'l'i liMiit im tlie
s.i. .....i .i,.,,,.,,,,!,.,!
should retract a refusal to marrv him.
' which she decliuei
led: whereupon he
! M" r . V"11" .., 'Vl ."'
bim.-elf twice in the bn-.-t. lioth are
now living, and it is thought Miss
ine oica.-iaiiu mo, aim iiien 51101
"em m iecoeri
f..i.vocmsKK Jtt r:,l:t:: i hU l'Ia,e lilh-1 ,,v !l ,m,M w,,r"'.-v -"""-i
Xi:w Yoi:k, June 'J.-The tra-ed. i M ' ",R"r "-' .
it Ilridgeiiorl. Conn., la-t week,' has'' "dge Hawkins a gnat degree ,.f.
eau-cil much excitement in iiisiirauci
circles ii this civ, a- Capt. Colvoco"
re.-ses i" 'usiired upon his life for
nearly Kl.oiX), principally in "t;r
York t-oilipanii-s. The companies hi-lere-lud
seem suspicion- that the
captain came ! hi- death bv suicide:
but as 110 claim has been made as yet i
IV hi.s'exi'eutors for the amounts, "no
aclitm has been taken by companies,
"ire "" an .ifreui 10 ion-i
tllilll'IM la liVI.HI link k. .... .
" V. i-I - .1 VV 4 . '
. ,
ciiiiistauce thi-re will be a ciinte.-t. nl'l
ihe 1 laims i.f the estate, but as the
.1... 1 .1 1 .1
couris :ac iieciucii suicnie iioe- nut
!valilU a poli.y whee premiums
nave iiien pani. the companies.
I,llli,,i,.i il,. ;..iini
co.-tlv litigation.
It is now ascertained that Capt.
CoIvocoiv-m- had with him at the
time of his murder al Itridgeport,
ftWlWO i.i 1 bonds which wen- stolen
by the iiurderers: 1 here is no ct-r-
Iain I'll-w, a
vet to the iniii-il 1
A reward of .SilO.000 has been uliered
lor the stolen M-ciirities:
Till: WAIl tX MKXICt.'
M.1'.i.mi)Kas, J'li'c I). The rc-rolu-
tiouist under (Jiiirago having recap'
.ureu a., iii-n .m ,e 1. !., ue-
l.tft l.i.ni.isil I il.lllii ...rfflil it..ii.la
. 1.1 ...... .1 . . 1 .
there with reinforecfiieiitS. (uil-.oo
turned on Ccvallo with all his ftrfo:
mid compelled him to retreat; It
believed lo-dav that Cevallo cstllllol
remain in the I'eli! against the iusiir-
gent? with his present fdrce. and is takeout the premium list tor 1 ..
rclrcatimr to slieltet- hittiself behiud fair have imished it; here w ill he
it... f,,ri nii.l the nut .Ii.m! .n,,,r.l
(Jen. yuirago's fon-'j is estimated i
at live tiiousanu hiivmir tmpressed ;
" l" M'r " V "l" K" f ' l'"-
oners captured Irom den. I orn!lhV
,;,. (::.1a:1 ,,, ., io.t
ai Alter yesieriiay acKiiowii-iiging ine i
.11 ..iici iiJiiin.li .n rwm ii iimj; iuee cllv W ITI! Struct
disaster at Monterey, and its occupa-1 'j-. residence of D. A
" hi' tlu' revolutonist; their ad- (,f Caiiiiiton and Ka-ti
inn "'" ' '"I"- i""irai
,t. ,.-..i...i.;iitv-..f i.i. ...t i ...'..
which is now being executed
... . . ..- ...a.s,. a... . t
Great FrellCt.
I'kokia, Ills., June 7.-A fre.sfr.-t.-
1,10 -,iu of wliii Ii has not been seen itt j
tins vicinity for twenty years, broke
. . i. it i . i ii-
loose lUst night and has devasted
country for miles and miles aro'umt j
l'i...i ;.i. A terrible thuniler-storiii.-
'wttlivtna ana nun. prevaueu nearly
:tij ..ht. alI thi morniiig the upper
lrt of the ,-ity wn Hooded with
tor: ide walks, fences and t rees were ,
t. , . i
M.Mlown and washed away. On,
ihe pi'incitial county roads through i.,-
Hie citunlrv wagon bridges, culverts!
.... .. ..,..i i
v,taa" uKl"m nv,K -.. j
old - . Hud travel interrupted. Kicka-,
tH")t Hollow is one rushing stream of
... . .....
watc'-. sWi-L-iiing everyining oeiore u.
FavnU rtk. onposite the city, is nig-'
. . . .
ing violently-, ttml the entire country
beyond to HilHin is under water, and ,
at that place there is a perfect innnda-
tion. Keport- Irom Elmwood. Kith-,
woods. ChiUit-ttllit-.Fsirtniugtoii. and
other neighboring toVisis; give ac
eouiits of fearful ravages of the
storm. Coriitields. barns, stock, and,
in some c-a-c- hou-o-. were washed
away Thv river in eoiiseipneiifj i
lising nipidly, and there will be no
-.ore trwibUv about low water for
-vim: tunc it- -w: "
Missouri Item'. i
I.a-t week an engine on the A. 1!.
I. M. II. II.. thinking tin- weather be-
i low Mill Spring wa? getting too hot.
! concluded to take a bath i'? tin- war-
cr.- of ISlack Kiver. h -liduig in. ami
with it taking ,-onie of the grading
' into the rairimr torrent below. The
engine will pro'iabh be re.-cucd
without much dana-'e lving done.
Strange to .-ay, the river ntoVei on a
before. Ironuui l!e.
On the banhs of the Vi is-ippi.
-ttuth of the river De- Peres, the 1.
M. II. II. company are aboil' to erect
' a large rolling mill and it i- !-:ihI will
immediately commence ?lie manufac
ture oi'irott rail-.
There i- greatcractivit in the min
ing of iron ores in Mi--onri to day
than ha- ever characterized thi- in
dustrv heretofore. The advance in
! "'f pil-' of ir-Mi and steel
I ....
1''- f-'iven our people a -tat t in tlie ill
rectie'n of iron production: that will
eventuallv make us ail exporting
' rather than an importing stMin
In SonseiiUeiice of the late :.i -ht-t
the wauon bridge between Ironloli
and Arcadia settled some lyo feet.,
from the center jiicr being under-,
mined. There -eem- to have been
an ovcr.-ight in it- buildiu-r: the pier
re-ting on I lit gravel instead of being
carried to the bed rock, some three;
feet lower. Irontou Kegister. '
i ''apt. S. O. Hcmeuway. win- :s to!
1. ... ..C ..i.i.i-tt tunc in f-tlri-i.tif
,'. ' .", , . . " . i
Htver, will depart thence i.lxt alut-
day. With the s.-JO,000 appmpriated j
:1l .r.,,,,1 iii.lirmciil. if is mi to bei
. i . ....i ....
' iiopeil I liat I in.-oeaui inn si ream win
, 1 , . , , ,, ,
. ''-' rendered navigable lar up all the
year roiimi. i ne cuizeii- oi . r.uer
aim uijuey nave oiii coiigniii'-ainiii-
. Iionton Uegi'ler.
Judge Carter. Hon: Wm. Carter.'
judge of our circuit, :ib-cnt from :
, tho present session of tin-spring term ,
nf hi: circuit court. On his in vita-!
' ti". dmlge Hawkins
of the 10th Di-!
, ,r" bsx ,"",'H "v11" K "'; "P
cuing of the term. Jud-e Clr('r"s
' Iriemls are rratilieil tlial lie lias hail
t-ach : proiuplne.-s, inlelligcni e. Iirm-
lies-, anil auii-.tl-ilttv: 1-armiiigtoii
Judge lloiirlaud, of St. Francois
coiintv, informs us that twoofhi-l
neighbor.- lately found a tree 011 lands'
of John ('oilman, 011 AVolf Creek,
! fr,,m which they cut .7 rail cuts, it)
1....,, iiu- 1.,., . ,. (l:.t ?Krei
i-ricl:livii 15ee.
K. C. Salc-tian left at our I
this week, seventeen staihs of 1
blue gra , mea-uriiig foriy-iwo
indies, irom the groiimi to lop 01
seed. Yho can produce anything
that can beat it? Xew Kra.
ISillie Keed, our uiioudam female
mail rider, a-rain ilonued male attirej y
., u- vvvr $K 111.irr;,. ,.r J
, , ... , 11
niisiianu may exiieci ner 10 wear me
breethes, as she appears to prefer
them fCa-h ItnHt.
" " L
It was rumored here last week that
Mr. 'A. T. jtcKcnzie, who formerly
I resided ill this place, was killed by
, , Moll)1,,l5s mu Sclma
railrS'td. Il wa stated that Mr. M.
was employed on the road as contrac
tor. Cash Hook.
fr The committee appointed lo
more mail a lllo.i-auo uonars oiiereii
ind aitiohg them sonie
' "
illllWIOIL My. (I 11.111,111.
.... 1 1. i....;..t- i
Duriii" the storr.l on the 7tlt mt.
te Z .uU in the we-tern pa- of
the citv were struck iv lilitiirr:
llder.-on, roi'ui
ton avenues, wvs
'lainaireil aiiout nou-e on
.....1 t i-i :.t..
J7eilllll II ill .1111 Vf ll .111 Vll1 II lllllli
'avenue were struck by the electric
,tluid. but the d:f?rtage "was slight.
j3to. Democrat.
The Cincinnati Kmpiirer says
"Seventeen of the nineteen Dcmocrile
f ' Centeral toinmitteemei. rpUl
.re in lavor ol the !udorstuentw
.,. liruvu ,,v rt. naitlmore
nrentiou. j
MARKIEO. On thclOtliinst..bvt
.g A. (;ui?:n(11. .i,,.,;,.,: ,he 1V:1),:.
Mit.Wn.MAM Pkkk to Miss Mai:
J.B ToNciav, both of Hliimis
TT , ,
Ste. .ciic ic-e ."flarfct-t. , .
,nfJVm VM MM
" . "'
J? hat
i . a
CI a
00 a
'0 a
'.. a
00 a
per W'h 1
1 otafftC?
: V a.,,,1.,
1 x
. - ,
per c,.m ,
11 a
M a
0" an
10 0) a
' 40 a
10 a
7 a
15 a
8 a
11 W tier bbl
.. d
15 per lb.
a do
1 do
0 do
Drv Hides
j. i;. noiutixs.
OHice oppo'-ltc: Jani-,t Cox.
M. l.ouis Market.
Corrected weekly from the
St. Louis paper.
t 'urn Meal
II ay
Itacou. -iile-
P-ia II (0 prbbi
10 1 :: s,
:(; a
u pr bu
4 "
pr ir.d
- pr ton
pr II.
S.I -l
tr u
T- , t
7 "f pr I-ivi
il ir lb
shoulder- VI -.1
0s ;X
i:t :.
-0 .1
1.1 :i
to :i
:;o a
: a
SO a
!W a
l".'. a
o: a
10 a
Dried Iteef
Hides, dry tlint
dr -alt
green, salt
a Kprdo.
-'I pr lb
.V. pr bu
pr lb
l i.i
: Jgai
lilt: V.
m mot in.
Medicine-. I'aiuls and Oils
'ancy and Toilet 'rtf.-lc?,
Notions, I'erljfMicrii-s.
Sfionges, Fine Soap-.
Itooks and Stationary.
"oal Oil.AiAl Lamps,
i'icld r."d ('arih-ii
Seeds. Pure Wine
.mil f.iiiior- f'f Med
ical I'.-e. Dye Wood-.
And DeStiill"s(,eierallv.-
fV Physician- Prc-cription-
v compounded.
X! 4
2 55i
C? m jl -
-r. - .
C i S
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' " 5 T. X.
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lijl A lilllrU A. MU JbLljJbll.
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e ceeeeee c
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a na-ntaiaai.i
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a;i:nt liii:
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Keep-ejstant!v on hand and fori
Slj u 1m1i . Co,,,,.te -tock of
I '....I i lil I .tptiti i -iliili Slciile
3?" Hooting: fluttering, and all
work in his Hue ite.UJy ami promptly ,
executed, at reasoiiuBle rates.
Final Settlement.
1TOTICE is herebv riveii toall credi-
U tor- and others inrerelod in tin;
Estate of Walter C. Tavlcr. dee-ael.
that I Win. V. Doss a(fn:1r,istrator of
said estate, intend to itsike final set-
tlemeiit thereof at the next term of l?OK SALE. One good -the
Countv Court of Ste. Genevieve A hntsd V azon. ApWy''-'..,,
il... l.-.tl, .lav ofJuIv lfeT-- M ARTPN ME1 hll
WM P l'lO--- Adm'r. ,
It i- propo-eii to publish under the
:dove head, a weeklv newspaper, it-
proportions to be l.y IfJ inches, of
liiiotorui ami wUIimv column- to
tie page.
It- province will be to' aid in ad
vancing the interests of Southeast
, Miouri. especially of the city and
, county of Sic. 'ciicvieve. to give the
general new s. a':nl full a'nd complete
market reports each week.
Political!) it will bi-.editorily n'-i!-tral.
although it claim- to be inde
pendent. a it will allow political
1 ouimuiiicat ions In appear in its col
umns from am ami all political p.ir
tics, uit hout. fanr.
j Its term-nf subscription are within
the reach of all, and its rates of ii-V-rtisiug
ar. un iblv low. Xow
, is the proper time tu subscribe so as
'Ut ..null iV e with the tirst or the
1 volume:
! TKKMS OFr-rifscuiPTIOX.
"One copy one jcar - - - ! 1 ,',(''
J Club of ten. ti e post office 12
; "' '' twenty " " -JO W
Club rate, do not include the city
of Sic. (iciicvicve. Bs we shall fur
nish the paper to'sufiscrilK-rs in iown
by -:rrier.
; S. IIF.XKY SMITH. Publisher.
of i:vki:y dksckiptiox,
! Cards;
Letter Heads,"
Xote Heads,
Hill Heads,
Kills Lading,"
&., &c,
Printed in ita'c Best Style., mm
Nhart Kef Ice,
And at as reasonable rates as any
I'rintin? office in the West.
'ratroiii.e flume Industry"
main stkkkt, Stk. ue.vkvikvk, mo.,'
Manufai turer ind Dealer in
mostly ok my own maiik,"
Slippers for
4nff Children."
Cif A Complete and Seasonable
Stock alwavs on hand. 1-v
I'inal HettletMent.
OTICE is hereby given to all rn-ilit
tors and others interested in the
'artnershiiis Estate of tJeoree Tar Jor
& AYalter U. Taylor deccastil, that I
Win. J. Doss administrator of said
estate intend tomakctinal settlement
thereof, at the" next term of th:
county f our't of Ste. (Jcnevievc to he.
. held at Ste. tjeiievieve on the K day
of July 187J. AVM. I. DOSS.
I "-4 Adniini-trator.
Final eiHeiaeat.
1TOTICK Is bi rebv "iven to all ered-
JJ jtor4 :u other- interested in thi:
(.state of Frances L. Burks, deceased,
t hat I william I". Doss, administrator
of said e-tate. intend to make final
settlement thereof, at the next term
oftheCountr Court of Ste. Genc-
vicve. to be heir. at Ste. Genevieve on
the l.tli dav of Jul v.
-4 " 4VM". I'". D0S5, Adm'r.
Cone Mill-

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