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Fair play. (Ste. Genevieve [Mo.]) 1872-1961, August 29, 1872, Image 1

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Bate of Advertising :
One eijuiire, fcOword, one insertion. ..S1.00
Knch subsequent insertion 50
Business cards, 1 inch space, per year.SO.tXI
One column, one year. fiO.OO
One-half column, one year. 33. W)
One-quarter colum, one year. 20.00
Displayed' advertisements, charged by
ihi inch. !
jgp All transient advertising must be
paid for in advance.
JgT Yearly advertisements payable quar
terly in advance.
Twentieth Judial Circuit.
Politically fadedf Bdf at-OpeB to all Parties-Controlled by oae.
VOL. 1.
?hf Jtr. ttrarrirrr jfair iau
1 U PuMiiei Ererv TAursJay by
jS. HENRY SMITH, Proprietor.
(South Side)
I Fife Doors Wwter PaUlc Sire,
' Terra r Subscrintian.
Invariably in fcjvrace.
I One cony, cce year $1.80
Club of ten to tame Fpat-ot&ce 12.50
NO 13 I erCbjb rat do nol apply to th citT
11 V. It), of St. Genevieve.
Selected Miscellany.
Circuit Judge Wm. Carter.
Circuit Attorney B. B. Cahnon.
Counties comprising the Circuit,
Oil, WEAR ! Oil. DEAIl ! !
I with I had a dozen pairs
Of hands this very minute;
I'd soon put all these things to rights
The very deuce is in it.
edtothc Itrou- of the precipice on a
line with him, and then plunged down
that terrible distance, burn ing them
Ch ilizatloi la Canada.
Civilization in Canada is
Verdict of a Jary of Bojs-
w hen Ir. Nathaniel Prentice '
nf li.l.lir.. iTmirt tlieretn ?
Uollingcr M Mondays in March and en- uig iumB ui i .i.me,
mat terrible distance, hurrviug tliein- j.. i -i i .1 , . ' . "" j -
-elves in the earth at the ha". T 7 ,T ' U' ' ' puMic SCho1 in oxbniy Thnmb-Woolly-Hone-Joy,
llea.hing the ph.ee. the rope wa- ,n? Guc,l Mtrcurtf : he was very much of a favorite, but IBarnum," a Squibob fa
tied around the man. and a-i-tcd by Jo "V on (Monday) at noon two his patience at times would get' calls him, thoroughly urn!
Madison llh Mondays
One pair of hands to do it.
in March and Sheet. shirt and stockingi, coats and pants
1 How will I e'er get through it.
!d Mondays in April and Octo- Dinner to get for six or more.
o loaf left o cr from unday.
And baby cross as he can liie
He's ahvavsso on Mondav.
Ste. Genevieve 1st Mondays in May and
.'t. FrancoiF lid Mondays in Mity
Sir. lie nctletr t'uuntj OHrlala.
IS-ureseutative A. F. IJVltrunii.
And there'? the renin it't getting 'u
And intift fortbwith In- e.'mrnfiig.
And here'- Bob wants a button on
Which whvIihI1 I be turning;
Baram's "Mek Mai."
Barnritri, " Fiji - Mermaid - Tom-
oyce lleth
J . ... ....... . . fit Till llftillblllllSl r....,'....... . ........I - . .. mm . ... - .. . .
01. w. 1. iiiingiiatii, he v:i. con- i"--v..- ....y.. .-..un ( neany exnasiea by the infraction of tne art or advertising, turning every
din ted a place of salty, and Mr. with intent, at the lato arizes, re-j school rules by the scholars. On possible circumstance to his own ac
Willinghiim returned th. n and a--i-t- -eivcd a portion of their sentence. . ono occasion, in a rather wrathy count. In his "Struirglos and Tri
ed Mr. Julian to g-t lurk. Tpon One Theophilus Coats, received , way, he threatened to punish, with 'umphs" ho gives this amusing i!!ns(ra-
rc:lchinr the -lllimiif lln i-illiil iii.-m (..-..., 1 1., . I. .... 1 .1... 1 ... .- . . . '
' , , , v-",- 1.W11SIX mows ot a heavy lerule, the tiit tton of his ingenuity: To an able
ua- -o tlnr-tv that lie would have t :: ., tldrtv l il..-, 'I'l... ! I. ... 1 . 1 i- - . ' 1 , 1 . '
emptied . bucket of u -,ter -,t on tl, , t3 1 he Ik.j detected m whispering, and ai- bodied beggar who was willing to
two d.-allt;ht, had he been -nto-ivd t.. i'n"',w wro . , I'-'i" . detettor. Shortly work, after putting him into s. thea-
fircuit Clerk .! Uauman
t'o'ititv " John L. Hi-gy.
Hheriil Kobt. C. Madion.
Vtuitv Court Justice A. S. Jen
nings Mill" A Gi'beit, and IItiiiu I.illie.
County Attorney J. It Bobbins.
Trea-stirtr 1- Itert Valle.
Afsessor Joseph Vnn?ieU!es.
County f-iirveyor II C. Amoreau.
Public Administrator S. A. (iuignon.
Sti. Genevieve Countv Court ine ts on
the third Mondavi 111 January. April and Exactly when the dinner bell rung
July, and lir.-t Mt'mday in October. llusli, hush, dear little Freddy.
Justice of the Peace Court, Aecond Satur- And then will ome iw! lmty word,
dav in each month. 1 Biglitout before I'm thinUini;
They saj- that h:ity words from wives
i Set sober men to drinking.
Tis tiniH the meat was in the pot,
The bread was worked for baking.
The clothes were ti ken from the boil
Oh, dear! the baby's waking.
Oh, dear! if Tony comes home.
And find things in this bother,
He'll jilt Iwgin and t-II 1110 all
About his lid mother.
How nice her kitchen med to be.
Her dinner aluavs rc.nl v
..f ,1... i :,v :..:i - 1
do -11. lie a-carrid to I id Willing- . J
hat..'- -tore ami ear or. Mud. 'vptentativer. ot the pros, about
prai-e i- due to Maj. Steward. Col. half a dozen other parties, and in
Willingham and I'. I'.Juhah. for their presence of the other prisoners in
prai-cworth and humane etloi't-. the jail, who were taken into the
On Friday evening the man alluded yard. The culprits were strapped
to. reputed to he a Mr. M.Cai ty. of am fastened to a triangle made
Villa l.'i. a. Carrol f ny. went on fur the purpoe, and stripped to the
the top of Stone Mountain. takinr . n-i . . 1
. , ,'. , ,r waist. 1 lie implements oi puuish-
uilli him a bottle ot whi-kv. He ., . ,
, mcitt were smuii canes, or switeiies,
.erhap-. wa- '
vuicii were ii;tiruuMj iijrttiuu an
drank rather IV
li'llt headeil.
-earch of tin
and llndiug I In
1-11 it. he pulled
tart i'd down
"devil's ero.-.-ioail-." soldier, who was induced to un-de-ceut
heeomiug ah- d-.Ttake the work, and who wielded
If hi-bonis, lie had his tools with dexterity and to some
F1KMIX A. i:OZIi:i:. , "'t that a great idea,
That men should take to sinning
AVhen I wits young I u-d to earn
OrFiri: l.v l!.XK Itrii.inxo. . My living without trouble;
. Had clothes at.d pock':t-iiio!iey, t'),
And hours of lei-uro double.
alter, one of these detectors shou
"Master, John Ziegler is whisper
ing." John was called up and asked it
it was a fact. (John, l.y the way,
was a favorite, both of the teacher
and his schoolmates.)
"Yes," answered John, "I was not
aware of what I was about I was
intent 011 working out a sum, and re
quested the one who sat next to me
to reach mo the arithemetic that con
tained the rule I wished to see."
The doctor regretted his hasty
not far when he recollect falling eject. Coats was first strapped to
and -eramMitig. IIis,nt- were found the triangle, alter which the cane was tire:lt( hut told John he could not
l.y MaMor to orge .lone-, with an :u)1,lied to his shoulders with Ming-! suer liln lo whisjver and escape tho
empty bottle at the loot ol a cedar j effect. The lirst blow mad him I lluIlWlIont. and continued:
tree. .uiie IOO leet aliove Where .Me- , ... , tA , , ... . . .
iii,.mi as L.u-11 .-lu-ci-.oiij; m; ..-( i wl, 1 fiiuta avont it, mil 1 can- auerwaru ai icasi nvo nunureu ikh-
trical uniform, ho gave five common
bricks, telling him to go and lay ono
on the sidewalk at the cornor of
Broadway and Ann street, another
close by the Museum, a third diago
nally across the way at the corner of
Broadway and Vesey street, by the"
Astor House, thto fourth on the side
walk in front of St. Paul's Churcb'i
opposite; then with the tilth brick in
hand, to take up a rapid march from
one point to the Other, making the
circuit, exchanging his brick at every1
pcfnt; and speaking to no one.
"With tho remark 'that it was all
ono to him so long as he could earn
his living,' the man placed his bricks
and began his round. Half an hour
Ste. tienevieve. Mo.
ciias. r. 1:0x1 hi:.
A 1 1 o r 11 c y ;i t L a w,
nr. . 1. kstati: .i;kxt,
Coiivcjaiicrraiid .otary lullir.
art:. ii:xi:viKVK. mo.
(jVCollei lions made a speciality.
F. J. iMOUK.lt;,
I never dreami-d of such a fate
When I a lass! was courted
AVifo mother, iiure. eii!ii-tre. e.Mik.
house keen'r. chambermaid, laundress
dairywonian. and scrub generally, doing
the work of six.
For the sake of being supported.
A Thrilling Adventure.
On la-l Saturday, between two anil
' three o'clock. Major John IS. Steward.
who lives on hi-farm near the north
AtiOrilCy Jit L a "W, ' base l Stone Mountain, thonulil he
1 heard the voice of a man in dKtres
STK. (M'.NKVIKVi:. MO. ',.11 the steep side of the mountain.
...... 1-..,. ...1 11 :, ......
po-edth'at he fell" and -craml.led to- Vl1 he roared lustily, but other--oV wit,,oul a forfcitnr0 cfmy word,
get her -ome forty or lilly feet. He wiso stool his piitiHhmeiit with con- j Mu a (tnseipient hss of authority,
recollect- leaving his ",t there, -iderblo nerve and power of endu- 1 -xv ill leave it," continue.! he, "to
The accident in red about night- mice. Kvcry application ol the
fall. . snitch left its mark on his bad; and t0!iay whether or not I shall remit
it is itoiiiitie.-s one ii tite most mir- ,-.nnlilors. which lv the time ho it... ,.,.;.l. .,.,. t
;rco to that,
Ld out throe
I1 ....; I.tii. 4111.I r...l Tlirt
or from -larvatiou. or that he should "'"' " , , - -(ouys.
fall that di-tan. e and e-, : without "' t!cancr tha" tho oM' Tho doctor told them to return a
seiious injury. That thi- providen- soldiers say but the effects ot a can-, verdict : this they soon did, after a
tial e-eape will have its influence 011 ing are far worse than the inllict by , consultation, as follows:
him we cannot doubt. He expre ed the old-fashoned cat. When Coats 1 The master's word must bo kept
Miruiiivip, ... ....... mo piiuisiiiiieiii.
aculou- e-, apes from d. at l.o., record. ia,, ret.tt',vod tl,0 twenty lashes, was, johll Hai)j 10 woud a,,
when con-idered thai death see d mn will a(l ,y immcl,tatclv ca0j
inevitable Iroiu tallmir down the steep . ... , , ,,,, ...
Ollice opposite Jauis & Cox,
stk. ikxi:vh:vk. Mo.
a man. and saw him waving his hands the top. to ji 1 temperance societx. .something about being used like a
lor succor. The man called to M-.m.r 'l M sermon on the nut lo him is , .....ikej otr t)0 iriaII!ro himself.
took his clothes and marched into
ail. Lillics was then brought out
ami strapped up. On tho first blow
Stewanl fora drink of waler.and said more ellective than a hundred lem
Ibat he h ut but little cr. hut he peraucc lecture-. Sunday he left for
i would give it all to he taken from the home. Atlanta (tin.) Constitution.
.1 t M. ....... I ...I....I'
J.VO. It. IIoiiinso.v.
l'erryville. Mo. Karmington, JIo.
Tn all the Courts of the ailli Judicial
Circuit and in the Supreme Court. Ny
Real Estate Agent,
Sic. (Jenevieve, .... Missouri.
1K. V. S. HEItTICIl,
I'poti looking up he -aw the head of de-ire. a- -0011 a- he got safely to j,aJ received the punishment he said j inviolate. John must receive the
threatened punishment of six blows
of tho ferule ; but it must be inflicted
on volunteer proxies, ami wo, tho ar
bitrators, will share the punishment
by receiving each of us two of the
John, who had listened to tho ver
dict, stepped up to the doctor, and
with outstretched hand, exclaimed.
"Master, hero is 1113' band ; they
shan't te struck a blow ; I will re
ceive the punishment."
The doctor, under pretonso of wip
ing his face, shielded his eyes, and
telling tho boys to go to their seats,
said he would think of it. 1 believe
he did think of it to his dying day,
but the punishment was never in
flicted. TVcicAer.
A Mute Buy Recovers HiK SpeCCh lic winced very much, and after two
or three more bo twisted and tried
to relieve himself, all tho time roaring
out that he could not stand it. Still
tho blows foli with telling etTi
til tho thirtieth one was given, when
his back was pretty well gridironcd.
He did not stand his punishment as
well as Coats, and at the end remark
tdaee be was
. him if he was not lioaxiuir him V Tin
Makt. L. Ci.aui.v; ,., n-ntiisl that be wa in caruc-t. While in the Agonies of Death.
.Major Steward has a heart always One of tho most heart-rendering
.opentotheeryofihedi-lres-ed. fan- accidents that has happened in or
t loning the man to Keep inei. ne about the coal works for years was tho blows tell witn telling ellect un
proceeded at once to town and ob- lhat wl;cl j,rov,.a f.,a, , a mutc
tained as-i-tanco. , alioU loUrteuil VCJlrs of
The news spread like wihllire over . , . . ,
... ... named Brcnnaii, near Carbondalo on
town, and everv heart mil out in an- ... '
,. ,1 "....is,; ,r,i ,.r..,. Monday of last wcok. Ho was 011-
ninalc one. Tho-e who went to the gaged in pushing coarse coal into the ! in a plaintive tone that he did not
. ........ . . t. ..e l... I I I Lnskisr lii ststtittl utotwl trii rnat r. liii
CITTDTTT'Vf D niTnTUTV A TfffTPD Oi rescue made "illlcK lime' lo get iceiu tu wib oreaKcr, auu oy some
uUllY Jblfiil, lUflTlblArlblbll, a there. Men were stationed at the misstep one foot went with tho coal, sentence. He appeared at lirst to bo
1 base on the north side to signal tin- anil was caught by the teeth and sttd- fainting, but after a Itttlo camo to
1 party 011 top at what point to dc- dcniy drawn and crushed with tho himself, walked to the pump, took a
sccml. coal, until his body filled the mouth drink of water and then walked into
Securing the rope to a cedar tree or .,,.;, all0Ve ,e revolving iron the jail. The other prisoners seemed
tirmlv imbedded between two mas- . "... . . ... ; .1
Ill r - " . . . 1 . .."ii- 1 lireaKcr, ami tints stopped tho revo- iu uo ira iressra miu hid nmne wuur,
HVSlO.lil.n Slll'fOOIl 'sive rocks. Colonel.I. 1 . illiugham . . ' . 11 , , . . .. . , . .
II .MOl.llI 0UI0CUUJ,a,J F p. j,,!,;,,, Illade the perilous lutions of tho machinarv. His cries a"J no doubt thanked their stars
descent to rescue the man. About brought many to his relief 111 a few tnat tney nau not to cnuuretiiesame
three hundred feet from the top of moments, hut there was no way to punishment. It is savago work, but
the mountain they rami' to him. Fie get him out but to send to the ma-'tor crimes ot this description it is not
C'lias. F. Carssow, 91. !.,
PHYSICIAN. SrilGKOX AXD furrowed out of the rock hv
Market Stn-et.Oppositc Court House.
sti:. !i:.NKVIKVK, mo. 1-v
: was Ivimr in a srulch. or wat.-r-cour-e (,1in,..sho,. for men , and tools to tahe too severe, and may dotor others t,mof wa8 strolling along me oouic-
' - . . . . - - -
One foot was jammed in a crevice,
and the other bent under his body.
He was hugging the rock closely,
while one hand was grasped in the
strap 011 the collar of his coal. A
small tablet of rock, two or three
from committing them.
Orator and Newspaper.
Compare the orator, one of the no
blest vehicles for tho diffusion of cla9 breakfast. "Well and good,'
Resident Dentist,
Office and residence
opposite V. C Uozier
the machinery apart and allow tho
coal and teeth to fall away from the
mangled legs. Tho poor boy sutier
ed tho torments of death for nearly
two hours before he was relieved,
and then it was ascertained that most
1 feet long, and a loot or so wide, was of his foot had been entirely torn
all that was between him and a fall of away. He only survived about an
SOtllC twelve hundred feet tO tllC hnnr ilflnr ln W!l-itaii mil qui) ..ir.
Had he moved two or three r:...i hmn Tb w.a, Mm...b.,i.. ' l,ut the newspaper adUresses millions.
.. . . , ... .. . , the words ot the orator may io in ("Where is your lartncr
thing connected with this sad aflair .... . . J I . . .
pie were watching his mysterious
movements. He had assumed a'
military step and bearing, and, look
up- three scholars you may chooso, ing as sober as a judge, made no w
sponso whatever to tho constant in
quiries as to the object of his singu
lar conduct. At tho end of the first
hour the sidewalks in tho vicinity
were packed with people, all anxi
ous to solve the mystery. The man',
aa directed, then went into the Mu
seum, devoting fifteen minute to a
solemn survey of tho halls, and after
word returned to his round. Tnitf
was repeated every honr tiH son
down, and whenever the man- went
into thoJliisoum a dozen or more
persons would bay tickets and fol
low him, hoping to gratify their cu
riosity in regard to tha purpose of
his movoments. Finally, the polioe
inan, to whom I had imparted my'
object, complained that the obstruc
tion of tho sidewalk by crowds had
becomo so serious that I must sail ia
my "brick man."
Teo Prematire.
A parson is responsible for this
story : " Poor Jones died while yon
were away last summer. In all my
experience I never saw so disconso
late and grief stricken a creatare as
poor little Mrs. Jones'; it was very
sudden you know. I went to tho
house as soon as I heard of it; I
offered my sympathy, but her sor
row was nncontrolable. In such
cases I think it best that the mourner
should be left alone. So I prepared
to depart. 'I will leave you, poor
bereaved one,' said I, 'with this in-
BS. A good anecdote is told of Al
exander Dumas. Thero are thou
sands of good ones, but this is par
ticularly characteristic of tho great
writer. One day his son, whose
pocket-book was very light at that
yard when ho met a literary chum.
and after a few minutes' conversation jJU"on : 1 ray pray mat uou wn;
it was proposed that they should go' vouchsafe His comforter; that ho
to tho Maisond'Or and enjoy a first-Jwi" cnab,c 3'0U to perceive the
promtseu now in me 'un, rector,
thought, with the newspaper, and we' said Dumas nh, "but I have only five j she ,,urat inf 'how " J00 think of
may gain a faint glimpse of the ubi- francs; how much have you?"HUch a ning? It's too too too
qut'ious power of the latter. The ora- "Throe." " High t francs will iioveriPrcmatl,ref rm Vm fiUn-" " An,,f"
rjuttous po
tor speaks to but a few hundred;
. . I feet, either to the right o
r leu. lie
ted twelve
liefer., by permission, to Dr. Her-1 l"'rvtl feet to the bottom, and only
a mute
e . ., , . ... . the ait; the language of tho newspa- friend,
the fact that the boy, although . ' , . , . , ; , 1 . .
. . nr,T? per is stamped on tablets imperishable lend 1
ite, and speechless for life, actti- 1 , , 1 , , . , , ,
. 1 . . . as marble. The arguments of the rush e!
do for tho royal meal wo desire, so nunnea ine 01.1 gentleman, cnec
we had bettc'r abandon the idea." ng the off rein and wheeling away
asked the ""0ln 1,10 Ctef "after some coagita-
Tints: I for-'ot; ho will ' uon 1 anc,ca 'al aiscoveroa xnai
me twentv irancn. Ana on -
il il r . .
I Dumas fits to tho author of wcau o was uimaingaooui. waan
the "Three Musketeers." Ten min-
the same kind of bow at all."
a horrible ma-s would have been
4..1I ...I.. ll1l bnir.r.nt fiC ttindA il.iiif kim in
IV 1111.1 . . ' ..11 lilt' I'll.. ... w. V. . V. -. V. . , , , .
. , , - , , .... ... . . . . . r. , orator may follow each other so rap-,
1 II.. n:lfl lilli fli.r Ci..f.. I.V:.l.... trot littn out nmelr nnrl ..rn-..l I. nil .
'.-...;., t.. .....it 1 f. .1 .1 jr.. "'Ny, that a majority of tho audience 1 utcs after he returned, laughing. T tlVttnw nfm e.mnn,
, , M . ..,..r, ..... ....... t:iiiii 10 spare ins 1110 ns uueiiiiy ami uis- . , . . . ... ,, ,, ... , f-f. - -
WraiOOITffufc periodofnearly tinctlv as could any boy. Will some t raay Ic a nctf raUoc.na- heartily "Well sat. the chum, centIyann0Bnced the death of akdy
j twenty-four hours. His anxieties scionfic tv ' ,aintho cauw , t.ons ; the reasoning of he newspa-; "did he give ,t to you ? o, an- ,)V her indignant bnM
Ste. Genevieve landing. Mo., I ml sutlerings were intense 1.0 doubt. w, . , ' fc- ' f fa 'per may bo scanned at leisure with- swercd Dumas fiU; "on the contrarj-, LanJ nuw xhnMXtM to bring tnit
this dying bov. Ex. , v for damages for disappointment.
Shaving: an! Hair-Dressing Saloon,
'of an orator influences an assembly;
Clipping, BleedioK and Leeching, and
Magnetic Dattcry for the cure
of Khcuiniitism.
Fine Cigars and Tobacco for sale.
fHE Farming community and the
,f,p,.,ll";-r,II-v-win bcar in mind
that he fO.E MILLS" alwavs
Ik T ?.n,d ,n tash Wny.
v i ? ,'!;""k"on'n' choi brands of
ramilv Flour "Cone" and Elov,"
and other grades kept constantly on
..... u.r sate, anil at the lowest pos
"ible hgures.
Lots of 100 lbs and upwards deliv-
. S'c. Genevieve. Mo June 7-lv.
blistered by the hot rocks: the sim
poureii upon Him its fiercest rays. Say what you have a mind to about tho feelings of a newspaper electrifies
causing the most excruciating thirst mnU h.r ulll h-ir iti..ir mm ,.a,,i;,',i Tt.mnriari.n.J.
A HazardORS LlzariOIS Sterj. 1 A lady in a town not thousand
A colored woman living in this miles away wasconsidertbryantjoyeii'
jaml producing almo-t entire blind. ' ...hnn tj..- mni. im th:r minA , .honannner fr t1.wnrl.l nbo. county, near the Granite Quarry who by hens who pecked the loose plas
ncss. Death seemed to stare hint in i T :":n .t .1.... !.:-. 1 .i...i r 11 was sick for a long time ever since terin from the wall. Rn nnn mora.
... nu'iii 1 1 tv, i 11 c uiuui ui , uiiu 01 uiicaiuiitMuruii uuui, iuouiiici iui an 1 -J o
behind, and, after time. The orator may be compared last Christmas on last cincsuaj irrg while washing dishes, she thoght
Iteturn with-
fbe face on all sides.
ii.. .... .. them kicked tin behind, and. after time. The orator may be compared
i iiu-uuo .11.1 ne cou 1(1 not. lie ..' . 1 r 1 . ..L . r..H ... j. . .
He wis afraid to move cither to ,1 e ! knocking a pint of teeth out ofthc to lightning, which flashes over a val- ejcciea iromncrsi.m--.u..-i,.".. snc ncara ner ioww jectiiBg wy m
right or to the left, or get tip for tint driver, he laid down in tho shafts ) lev for a moment, but leaves it again ' rd. She is yet in a feeble condt- ,d dishcloth in haiid she bas
terrible fall was beneath him. With- '"1 went to sleep with a smile on in darkness; the newspaper to a sun ' tion and believes her stomach has not tened to open the door, and giving
out succor he must die a lingering, , his face that was perfectly child-like blazing steadily over the whole earth- jyet got rid of all its tenants of hknga warlike flotanbsha ottered
torturing death of thirst and starva- and bland and fixed on the basis of its own cter-1 kind. A doctor in De Soto, who, it a- 'tremulous "SSwoo-o!" Imagina
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