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Era $tt. Qtagtint alt glnii.f
1$ Published Ecery Thursday by
8. HENRY SMITH, Proprietor.
orrice ox merchant stkeet, i
(South Side)
Fire Doors West of Public Square. J
Terras of Subscription. J
Invariably in advance.
One copjV 0"e year- Sl.-'O
Club ol ten to same Post-offico
Club of twenty to same Post-office .20.00
jClub rates do not apply to the citv
nf nte. ueneviuve.
Politically Indcdcndent-Opcn to all Parties-Controlled by 'onc.
Twentieth Judial Circuit.
Circuit Juds: AVm. Carter. I
Circuit Attorney B. B. Calioon. I
Counties comprising the Circuit, and
limes of holding Court therein :
Bollinger 2d Monday in March and
Madison 1th Mondays in March and
EMiterabcr. '
Perry 3d Mondays in April and Octo-
ber. j
Ste. Genevieve 1st Mondays in May and '
November. '
St. Francois 3d Mondays in May and
Uovcrabor. i
Ste. Gcneiierc County OfUrials.
l!"pri'fi-ntativo A. F. Beltrami. J
Circuit Clerk Joe Bauman. f
Countv " John L. Bogy.
Sheriff Robt. U. Madison. j
('.mntv Court Justices A. S. Jen-:
sings, Miles A. Gilliclt, and Herman Lillic.
County Attorney J. B. Bobbins.
Treasurer L. Bert Valle.
Assessor Joseph Vansieklcs.
County Surveyor B C. Aumrcau.
Public Administrator S. A. Ouignon.
Ste. Genevieve County Court meets on .
the third Mondays in Jnnimry, April and'
J lily, and lirst Monday in October. i
Justice of the Peace Court, second Sutur I
day in each month.
VOL. 1.
Selected Miscellany.
Rates of Advertising :
-ae square, 60 words, one insertion...$l.tV
tacn JuJsequent insertion .. jo
l.uiiaess cards, 1 inch space, per vcar.$-.l)
One column, or.e year. '
i 'r.e-li.H'.f column, oncveir. :.- 00
Ono-fjuarter coluiu, one ear. ".'.'.'.'sX 00
Displayed advertisements charted bv
the inch. J
- 1 aSr-All transient advertising must bo
paid tor in advance.
MOT early advertisements pavable.iuar
crly in advance.
At ull limes and in all place,
"What a sea of human faces
Meet us, greet us, day by day,
As we tread our beaten way I
Some are face full of care ;
Home are plain, and some are fair ;
home are tender, some are cold ;
Some are modest, others bold.
But the face tiiat troubles me
More than any that I sco
Is the child face full of sadness.
That should portray only gladness.
J.ittlo faces come and go,
Pinched with poverty and woe,
In and oat tho busy throng
Never singing childhood song!
As life's moments swiftly roll,
How these faces haunt the soul '.
May they, when all hearts are tried,
Shine as do tho glorified !
NO. 21.
llllL'llt COIIIDcl TliiI..JI.Il n. .
iiut there was ing that his baseness was ton nm. you li-i:orge it, fruit. Keen vuutun i KKKV
so queenly in tho pale fac-, sing to be deferred. Vh.,!nV.,lV;,.r,'ii M,ili"-"cv,!rl , , ,Ple 011 X,gM'
i i i i i t . ... again otieml lior -irht or mine bvvour, A short distance from the citv- or
s dark melancholy eyes In no gracious mood Mr. liar no haled presence!" ,r , J . ..-
st glance peculiarlr at- nasscd into a., adiacont .,rt,nt . :"? .diiiii wa accepted, and . ' "n.
u "') puriicu-j puisonreiuscuioDe sent away, ueclar- country, thoti.-h tliev
lar attention to anr.
something i
cd beauty'
that their tir
. ,,. ' . 1 ". taitiitiillv kei
iraneu mm. j wnence :oud and excited voices were Irene Caroll i a happy wife now. the city, live a jolly landlord l.v tho
.uis uauus oi seclusion were soon soon heard. , ami never Happier then when listen-1 name of Ford. In f iir we-ithcr or
measnreably abandoned. Ue wasj At the sound oi one of them, both o'n.orV ouUn hard ,iu, or..of.. Fonl would
constantly mooting Ireno first by . ircno and Air. Xewcome started to - , have his joke. It waa bitter. stormr
seeming accident at tho houses of; their feet. ' PCCpIng at the Girls. mHit. or rather inoriitii. abotit two
a-.ch friends as she was accustomed -.Si the" villain i here V exci iimod ' A f"uort timi aa a few Cincinnati-1 "V1"" bo'"' 4,:l-v I,r,ak' hL rous-
to visit, then by direct calls upon her- Fdir Currol, thri.tin- open the al,s woro 0,1 il hunting trip in Indina. iunii'er i.y lon.i Pont
ile iiirn
hi will.
ing and knock 4 at !ii? door.
hut sorely agaiut
I 1 . il . f ? ill. .t.i.....t'.....l.........".. ...4 1 lt , . '
uuo: Su.ju graces uic i.iun:auns ".. ..,.... i-f fi i.ijj up- i .ui ui. ..i a oma.icouiury tavern, and demanded what was the unti..r
stranger had spared no pains to mako 0,1 aml rott le in iteadlie-t enemy, where tho accommodations were i . ,
hi, way. ,"t Irene-, white face met hi, an.ry 50mewhat limited, so much so as to
At one of these interviews iho con-, sr,,); .St . compel them all to bunk in one mod-j -Who are you, there r
-rcrsation lurnod upon Australia,; 1 " - ' e- erato-si.ed room next to tho roof. I -P.nrder, and Yancev. and Klmor-
j where -Mr. Xewcome had spent somo weeu f pou,k'",:, " 'yolr" I This being the best they could do.'f-om Mo.igomery,-' was the au-iver
'years. In the course of it ho men-',," .CJ?"S"v th.. Z" .t";?. h"i ,',7 1 tl,c-v :lcPt011 tIl(J conditions without ;"oi.r way to attend Court. We are
tioncd a name which caused Irnnn to ... " much murmurhnr. beiiiL' nerfecrlv . u-'i,meu.aini want to stay all night
1 1 1 l i n I ruin. I - 1
start- 1 "And it is that that relation,!.;,, ' CirCt"a!I-V l5,CI Cl!t ith their day' ,
Kdgar Edgar Carrol ! you knew , ,. vntereil imo witll ,ulI klMwi , tramp, and after supper retired early.
ery orry I can't at ceuiodate ou
o far. gentlemen. Do authii to
When 1-Mgar Carrol and Ircno with e,rol t'
Iluyne plighted over again their troth I wa3 mi' m0nl intimate friend,"
1Im7x V7joZII;I: i witl tho solemn earnestness to lov- j replied Mr. Xowcome with seeming
' 'ers in the hour of parting, cither carelessness, at tho eamo time scan-
hira then?'' sho managed to say, edge of thu truth, '.hat I have conic to1 Ahout ten o clock they were awa-
uiimak a villain !v 1-Mgar n-toricd. J kened out oi sound slumber by great
Xewcome. for the moment, had be- gayety and laugher proceeding from
lieved himself in personal peril, and the room adjeiniu:', occupied by the
Oi rin: in Ha Nic HciKmxc. i .She parting might bo a long one
1. , t ....
staked cxistenco on tho ' keenly tier agitalca lace -taat
is, until he married."
oniige you. t.ut thaf inipoildi.'
The lawyers, for they were three
of the smartest lawyers in the State,
and all ready to drop dow u with fatt-
s;ue. held a conciliation, and then, as
momeiits ri-llection aured him that
in the presence cf Mr. Ilavin- ami hi
dan-'IiliT. he. had no c:i:i-i! for ti-:ir.
"Married:" The word died upon, ..jIv 4.iKll..a.., i trUi.,. u roof
lvlgar ('arrol was going forth to ' Vs' I againt any calumnies malice may
"seek his fortune," and how lou he "II waf! considered a good match, bring agaiii'-t it," he s-aid, with hi-
mi.'ht be finding it. time, :ilnnn ennld , 1 believe," Mr. Xcwcomo added, pre-i nual coolnc.. "If this per.-on ha
O ' , . . 1 i . .1 ,
had unk back cowering! y : lint a landlord's three buxom daughters. It J they could do no better, ami were too
. . .11 I . . i' i .. ......... 1 i 1 li itrtilN iiiTiim.iii t.
rri... i. i.i tcmlui"' not tn noticn the fillm-t nf aiigm neieoi iu licence me, ici mm uu..i hiiuiuhu-
j-u.iL iiu nuuiu uuc uiiy nim r j, i
' ins woras, "liie lauy was a weaituv -i"-
u i- ior uiui i am neie. replied
A t o r 11 e v a t L a w. ,c"
r'.'ll FSTiTF 1'ET , it, and return with tho right open-
! and all that."
i The blow fell with cruel force.
I-M.r.ir' lnti.-rc' For a moment Irene's faculties were
7 ii..... i. . . ..r .1.-. t . t a froiotiist m fUiiifriitoi- onil nmt- fhilil
r-..t....T ...w..r i Vnifirt- i.t iif tr '3 i eiauii oi me ncu niercnaiii ins. J - '
sti:. :i:xi:vii:vi:. jio. , daughter's hand, ho was too eauguitio
TVill promptly and faithfully attend t.. all a lover to doubt.
:t!-iii'M entrtisluu to nun, MM will l as- ii.....
.: .. l l... i..l.:.. i. m..i :.. ..ii rur lllll-O
Ciri-uit and Supreme Court cases.
('t?"('"llei lioii made a pei-ialily.
nfliiio Knflritiir tnt.:nmQ itlr,in w'lit.li StUlinCll.
J lllvi.-UHgViJ V. .V . U .(11 11
seemed so real that Ircno could al-,
A I lorn oy at, LaAV
i. ii. Koiunxs.
(l:!ii-i- oi;oilc ,I.-i:ii- & Co,
She had mourned her lover
as dead. She had now a greator
grief to bear , ho had proved falso.
Kdgar. "and a few word-: will !illice.
'In the di-tant laud to which we
had both gone in ipie-t of gold, thi-
man and iiiyM-H'lici-ame friend-;. We
hared the saioc Icni, and had no c-
was e'--uient, sa they wore retiring
"'for tho night, the wero 'wvlng a
liigh old frollie.
Kow tho hunters cre yoang
men, and it was very tantalising to
have so much fun going on with only
At length one
of tho hunters whispered lo the
others :
bee there, th:r a a Itnot-ho!c in tho now and Ihen weartiL' n word or
door and we can eec nil that is going ' wo of impatience as they waited (ill
on. Hcan of fun there, voa bet. I daylight did appear. The longest
They all looked, and there, sure
enough, was what appeared to he a
....... I l .i.. ..j . ii.. b
seeking I proved the more fortunate of,- .v. """'- , tl,.$ iirprie of the law vera.
liriMl logo fiiothcr t-tc they asked
"Well, cau'l ou stable our horcea
and give us chair- and a good tire til!
morning V
Oh yes gentlemen, can do that.'
'tr learned and legal Irieudi were
soon drying their wet clothes by a
bright lire, as they composed tla-iu
selves the few lemfiimii houis in
their '-hairs do.iug and nodding, and
light has a inorninf. and at last the
tm rauic alou. and in due time a
(good brcakfa-t made its appearance;
crets from each other. In treasure
most fancv them ntterred at her bide
"instead of comim- from tho other Jteeovering hor self-possesoion by the two. and my gains had already """ -" room aujuiiung 10 oe, wll thought the hou.-e was emwded
- . ? i-i t .v. . , .1 I I....1 x....l.l ' Vim- hll'h1. Illilooil. A lirilil hlTiifiH'l 1.... .
ii,n M-nrlil M lfiti m,n n" J'icreiiiuie ciion, Irene s compos-,'' iiii-j.hhh. ii.ui niHMi-t.-ti mi-. -ei - iiu gue.-i-, none out iiieiiiseives sai
c:i:.vi:v!i:vi:. mo.
':,..., f,iat ,pt w boart inn flntrnr "re, during the rest of the conversa-1 "n"11 "" '"' "'-'- ei op!, eauuousiy on, oi uhi aim ap- .town to partake.
Tie- on, almost convinced Mr. Newcomo-" " """" implied M- eye to tho knot-hole, but "Why, Ford, I thought your houso
, and, auscd a brighter light to spatkh. ' , lamN. of which he pretended to have j wa3 astonished to find ho could see . m -o full you roitldii't give lis a bed
(m her eyes. Itspokeot her lover's "'p-'t mat liis Hrst ,.,,.., ami of whose wealth i I10llin As ho put his head down - tiilit?" said Ilurder.
speedy return. Success had crowned , ncl,onf dwn trom the eiTeet I w ,.,.,, , ,lo. , J Vs J'-jJ , ,, ,,,,,, n M FonL
m his ellbrts, and at last he mightstand, produced by lvlgar Carrol s name, TIl()11h tUWll whh my I)lv,01ll . " ' " " 0, lt u ..You didn't ? What in the name of
! without blushing, in tho presenco of ' a' 1,0011 to b-isty. ! iui-itions and impatient of the delay 'P " ,11 1 r thunder did you wy ?"
I proud old Walter llayne, and rpoak I Some months later, when Irene's which would re-ult io rertain plans two there was tlio knot-lioio again. yon me f) ,c you gay ujn
his mind frcclr . father hinted that Mr. Xewcomo. had of my own. who-e aecompli-linii-nt I m ... u. or.-. jan ..jght, and 1 said that lvonld be tm-
suit, had Ion;- looked forward to. I acced-! 01 uie turners, who was iremoimg
Then there' was sn interval in a!,ICl1 pennix-don to become her
Jm. Ii. UoniNsox,
1 r.-vvill'-, .Mo.
Jf.UT. L. (i.i::iv:
Farmiiiton, Mo.
which no letters came. Tho Bilenco ; or a,,d that his own sanction had
Irene, for a time, interpreted as the
best of ncvVa. It implied that Kdgar
A-V-'Ya A -f L - V Was on his way. And she began to I
I count tho weeks, and then days
WILL PRACTICE i how long they seemed ! which
In all tho Courts of the Srtth Judicial must yot elapse before his coming.
Circuit and in the Supremo Court. 8v . . , .. ,.
been already given, he was agreeably
surprised at tho manner in which
tho annoancenrent was received.
ed to hi- wi-he-!, hoping, lor his ake witii curiosit- in the bed,
rathi-rtlian mine, that fortune might
favor the enterprise.
Wehitted out a mati vo-f-i. aim lawlv or nhjcd jt p.'
po-ihIe. for night wa- niglit unto
two thirds gone when yon came. If
Jiidn't see anything,' was tho roj you wanted bed?, why 011 earrh didn't
ply. They cither took the knot-hole you say so :
1 111 myer had to give it up.
: Suprcn
Months passed, and still no tidings.
j Irene's letters rcmainod unanswered.
i . . .1 - A . 1 I? !.
8BRTOEB, CflSTEYMCEB, & tried, in tho presence of others, to
Heal Estate Agent, suppress all outward signs of her
. trouble, for sho had never disclosed
Ste. (Jenevieve, - - - - Misoun. ofhcrlovo gavo tQ ita ob.
K. C. S. 1IEKTICII, , ject.
. . . C1 i At last sho could not oven hopo.
I JiySlCiail 1 felirgCOll, Her lover must bo doatl; sho could
' nover bclicvo him faithless. Still
lv i sho straggled bravely, that tho world
- might not know her sorrow, ller
stk. :kxi:vii:vk. mo.
Clias. F. Carssow, .tl. D.
check grow paler and her step less
An elastic, and anxious friends bean to 1
i shako their heads and hint of failing 1 and she did uot no hU wish
Truo, ho had coupled it with a further cd oil a thickly wooded :-l:ind. I.eav
... , .... inir the ere on hoard. nv triend and
hint that the critical condition cl his 1VM.,f w,.nt ae,lmro ailll- ,. ., ,.
own busmoss atiairs made it necessary search. In a .-eeluded -jot I wa felled
that lieshould soon raise a much lar-! ,( ,V:,Vn' ''' ,: bl,nv lvom -"-'hind.
... 1 and lei t lor dead,
get sum of money than his present ...My treacherous friend made ha-to
resources enabled him to command :' back to the vc-.d. renortcd lhat we
1 I, i-i , 1 - . . ... had been attacked bv -ava'es. bl
and though ho did not hint that, with u.(jra , ,,.ul hw.. llill,-aIltini,.r.d an
tho wealth" Mr. Nowcomo for a son immediate return to the port whence
in-law, a way of escape might be ' w, 'i:l1 un''''-. . T
' , . . 1 ,1 "On reiranins consciousness. I
oponed from his ombrassmont, Irene s ( found my.-elf alone. I ran to the
quick perception caught his meaning. . shore, but the ve-sel was no longer in
1, ... - , , . 1 M"ht. Howl lived for months 011
Ilysacnticing herself she could scn-o',,-, lA.imL wI0i.e jnh.,itilt 1
her father, and, for kcnclf, what did : wa : how I found trold there gold in
it matter now ? quantities exeeed-.-'g my ino-t extrav-
,, , , 1 agsnt ireams,and how I would hate
Mr. Aewcomossuit was warmly jrive it all for the sight ot a human
pressed, and met a favorable answer. 1 1 need not Mop to tell.
it . ... r , ,,' One dav I descried a sail in the
no was urgent, tuai ireno suouiu ,-,,,.,. -The klht ma(lc me wiWfrom
name an cany uay ior ineir union, with joy. 1 -homed ami signaneo.
and liv everv means in my power
Then another hunter tried it with
likeeil'ecl. As he stooped to steal a
glance at unconscious maidenhood
on a froHic, the knot-hole vamoosed
Three of them on" one side, and the
landlord alone had beat them all.
A gentleman entering an omnibus
with a cigar in his hand, was about
rhe-v :er, re.tlv ,ml,l. rf'I nnft I,Ut.U.nS ,l. aP..B- ,.a,,J' 8C,--cd .lfc
' ' tandthrc
of thciii cried out :
'Ssc there, boys ; look at tho roof.
1 ! Q A I " -- -f
and threw it out of the windw, remark
ing, "I dislike smokers, they mako
me ill." At tho samo moment a
They looked, and tho mystery ' fierce litflo dog sprang np from his
leci ai mm. 110 dowou very po
litely, rejoining, "I do not liko dogs,
they annoy me," and seized the ca
nine by the back of tho neck and
pitched it after tho cigar.
was solved. There was a knot-holo
in the board roofing, through which
tho moon was shining, the light fall
ing upon tho door so as to produce
the illusion discribed. Tho hunters
slept better after the discovery.
A Petrified Babjr.
tV petrified baby has been exhumed
a Chicago cemetery. The
Times report .r-avs : '' All savo the
height to make my pre-ence known, mother ol tho little infant stood mute-
liut Mill the
Frantic with
I.Ti. l.ok I. . 1 . . 1 . -1 . 1 .. .. o
V. 1 . . , r . tooKing upon 11, nut sno uccamc same noor."
Spinks snj-3 ic knows just tho'
kind cf a houso his wife wants, be
cause sho has discribed it to him.
Sho wants "a houso largo enough to
accommodate eight persons, with a
parlor, dining-room, five bed-rooms,
nursery, bath-rooms closets in every
celler,, basement kitchen, cemctted
room and high attic?, ci! on tho
sti:. okxevikvi:, mo.
1k . MMX(., tf. .,
An Ohio woman at a recent prayer
meeting made a petition in behalf of
a graceloss nephew, which, after enun
ciating his many misdeeds, sho con-
.'was tnoro than counterbalanced by 1 tell upon the neck ot the nr.-t rougii bitterly, and wildly insisting upon la-, eluded witn telling tno Jjora mat no
the warmth of that extended byher nieaiheleaieii.d.ek! king it with her to her home. Der JTrft
father, and Mr. Newcomo was well ! conducted my deliverer. to the husband held her back and would-.;- .rK;aiT..1 ofihr.n. Fir " nn.l
not allow her to remove it. Tho t0 illustrate her racaninir, that lady
M....1-..I n,.,.,:(..r'.,.-(ii..,.rn , "
'titini I It lVI'l't-'-li; IVUSti 1 ftt . It 1 a I , . . .-1 1 1 ItllllK U Ull Ml- '!!!!- J IilJIH-v nuu . . . . , . t
aiarmca. i-nj-sicians counsoucu irav- it was tno ovening octoro tno wcu-, tjlu wav,.s tletci-tidnd to swim to- neany iraniic wiiu excitement, iron:
el and chango of air. The experiment ' ing-day, an Mr. Xcwcomo had called ward her while strenght held out. tho first moment tSat tho body was
I una lnn.1 l.lll ti-Ittinnf. nroxinlihln i In mt- Ills loil rIf nil i.-nnnv WllCll at lellgtll sllC yllortellCll -,.1r.cn,l , 2l,r I.nil nlidoflf.
' 1 ; tv '" .f- "w.. 1 -ail, :rpd 1 saw a boat lowcreil from ' r
benefit. When sho returned, her' Tho apathv of Irene's reception . her -ide. AV'ith what heartfelt iov I ored to tako it from the eoftin, crying
face woro a more sorono expression
but tho grief of which time had only
blunted tho edgo still rankled with
in. satisfied, lie was not an exacting -"?.?" ! ,!,1",J'"h..i
During tho absence of Mr. Hayue lover, and, wo may as well confess mye7f robbed of my precious gains, 'mother seemed nearly distracted herself whistled that popular air.
I UI , .lAnnl,,.,. M 1. 1 . 1 I 1 :. . T . I- - . ' wlllt.l llhirf (it 1 ' ( I ! 1 1 ' I ' M 1 1 1 1 ' I L t Wll- t .'.1. .-T.C -i' lUn. . I. .rt vl. f o Tl
. t- u-j '.t.--.i.-r.i ..- , ... r known only to myselt and him who . , , . . r ' i ife, do you know that I have
lUAVil ujru3M;uuu in luufiitt'. ui iiivii t nils IllUirillge.
uk. j. . UKAHA-ti, Who or what Jlr. Xowcomo was.
j-j i , -p. i j i . 11 ireme tue ainoiini. lo.iiiimiii nave - - - u j- uv.i
KCSKlCllt JJ C 11 1 1 S t or wl'Oncc "C came, nobody protond- vantages of having that gentleman been a richer man by hone-t mean-, ago, that it brought up all her sor- trn-h. when I need a new bonnet so
sti:. fiKxnvir.VK. mo., ' """ 1
OlTico mihI reiileiieHii Af;itii . man
0ppoite F. C. lfozier & Son's Store. , for
Kefers, by permission, to Dr. Her- kachccr
I pean
to avoid the appearance of shunning j he
! it. His dress and style of living do- an
noted wealth. His age was that at tice
ue Knew uuiuiug ui sou-'lit mv Iile to L'et po e--lon ' " got the luietiiilouia ; ,.ew inoiii.-i,
Mr. llavno's difliculties, and was of them. Hut the lo--l regarded as a and beautiful, so like the baby sho indeed! Such extravagance ITt 011 rc
ouitoasnuicktoannreciato tho ad-'lrn- .1 w:ls " ? J'rrV"1 had Placed in the -rave ten years "Vi"M'"uV..V.:..VfX" "...,.'
to know; yet every man, wo-'for a father-in-law, as the latter had .mine- .m-v. come, man meii ami .u-jrowatrc;i, as it sue was now laying ".-" lt.
and child was ready to vouch 1 been to ncrceivo the benefits likoU f teii1?' ."IV.- lVi;.l.'j r lir.l.ir,- the beloved darlinir in the earth. A little girl went into a drug store
his rcsnectabilitr. Ho was a . to tlow from the samo relationship. son Crti-oe.'' sneerd Mr. XewVome The body was rcrr.oTed, with others
and lived alone, rarelv ap- Ircno's face was paler then usual, will per iapt require -0111c i.uiim which the family liad coma tnere to te girl lia'n't got no money, how
ng in society, yet often ououh and her manner more disturbed : but w will voia-h for it said Irene exhuino to Graleland and rcbur-. m"-h chewing gum do you give her
Slaving ui Hair-Dressing: Saloon,'
which men retain the freshness of ner
of IShcumatism.
Fine Cigars and Tobacco for sale.
a. r. HEivritAm,
ion & Forwarflino; Merchant,
r father was in too high spirits, proudly, -a-1 will for your falsehood rjed. The family are Swedes, and,. ' , T
d 31r. Xewcome too polite, to no- irSK Indf residen 5hort diatance i An "uberaiK ymith of PittH
tho change. Tho pleasant man- by becoming the husband of another. . out o: of the city. Tho child so re- , Qh' nie . j tn0,',ut you
in which these ccntlemen got on' " 1 c-. tugar, mio coiuiiiueu, ue markably preserved has been bi'.rned. wt.re another man I" Laconic stran-
0 1 tnl! 1114 t lint ntiil it iv:i?. mil v t hen. ami . - r ?
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