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Fair play. (Ste. Genevieve [Mo.]) 1872-1961, October 24, 1872, Image 2

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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iVMiCLV l-'AIlt PLAY.1 . lie ElMilou lair.
u c notice that our exchanires arc
Kaolins omissoiiri.
There exist?, in liollintrer, St. ,
pubH-hiii extracts from the law Francois, Stoddard, AVaync Howell, i
regi.iaiitir election", a- ."-"'no pa; tic- Butler, Oregon, Shannon, .Miller andj
may ungual dedly violate, the law ' Marie- counties, largo deports of(
and subject tlicm-elve- to heavy pun-. kaolin. These banks are net shallow
' ishment. The following section of and the deposits unccrtn;n, but they 1
Article VI are the mo-t Important : are in deep, horizonta1 strata, under
Sec. If any pcr.-un, by m. a..- ia;ng thou-and of acres of land; it
menace.- threats or lorce, or
Fall and Winter of 1872 and 1873.
OCT. 24, IS72
any other unlawful mean-, cilhei
'' occur- from throe to thirty feet in
deiith. There is a little or no oxvd
for State Senator, 23rd District,
Ok Ptk. GircKvinvi:.
Particular Notice.
A'cordptj to the present lus there is
Have now in More:; Full Assortment of HEADY-MAD E CLTOUIXG,
-....i,. .... ;iwi;. I'll- ..(lot,,, . ... .. r of Their Own ..iai:e, auu ouer me sauiu u (imw m win.uui5 .....v...
rectly or inuaec.13, ..item:-, to m- ot iron in tho composition of these -..y.
fluence anyjaalified vo'.cr in giving banks, and they contain only the 'j pj jne 0f "White Shirts,
the same, or disturb or hinder him nece-.sary portion" of silica to make ' Ovcr-SllirtS, Under-Shirts, Drawers,
in tho free cxevci'e of hi, ri-ht of them u--:ui. As kaolin i.-. the rc.'nit Collars. Neck-Ties, Linen and Silk
Handkercnieis, Trunks, vanses,
Traveling Bags, &c, &c.
suil'orage, h any election held under o! the decomposition of feldspar, ';on
the con-'l:tution of laws of this state, scpiently it is usually found in a
the person so offending shall, on con- granitic district.
... : i. i.. ...!!... fi', i.. .i? ...
w i., L 11,11 iiiurcoi, uu niijuugcu 'imj j nu.-e k-ioii.:- oi .uirsoliri com-
provision for volfrs to register in 0f a misdemeanor, and punished by menee presenting- thi-.-.iselves in the (jlotliS CusiniCl'CS, "VosHjlii,"S,
.i;ii district except that in ich'uh th')' '::,;. not execedidg live hundred dol- eastern rim of ...e graniti belt of our ' f
- ; ,.;., iv.f..r! ..... :irs. or nv .inrfi.sonirieiii. in uie louu- -inie i--.it -is w. .. e.-csfu-ev, ;,,t,,
... t..:l..-.4..v. il 1 . rill . .l... ta.'ii I mi 1 .Mt: 1 Af 1 i?
k ami other district rxe.,d that in . . ""w . "c ana .ui.ier couiuies, we are jju.l n.-i r . . v iio,
St. Charles Cloths.
' "ratronsre Home Industrv!"
ciimsxiAX B.im,"
3I:mufaeturer and Healer hi
. jiortlv or j:y ow:,- maki..
Jailer and
Slippers for
ami C Iiililrc::.
C5 A (.'oinplcte aiul
Sfli'ek alwa on hand
tchich he tires. Evcr-t one should
beiir tin's in 7nind:
per.-u: who d?- ontiroU- out of the granitic district,
' "i-'ncdly L'tves a printed or written a observable unou the sin face vet
i . 4 I
' ticket to any qualified voter of this we haw no doubt there was le.vsup-l
l'iliill" Hie IiOUI'itlS st"te Cl'nt:li"i:ig the written or priu- heaval here and the granites do not j
'While out on our St. Loins Fairj ted namoa ofl'nons for whom said -o near approach the surface. Thej
t,-m. w.-ek before last we were disan- 1 "ou UUI"J?" lu "lv 'vaonu oi Zollinger cou.i i.as
L-l - ,
pointed in getting some freight ship-
P 'l f mill ij -r- I'l'l! III.- VI.IV! COiIlI.tI HI 1111 intuitu .IC'.V ,. .lllll VtllU, JIIIU liitr u
Flannels, Cashmei'ths. "
.leans, (all grades Missouri Mills,) - z
' tl- purpose of causing t-aii! voter to cxtiMi-ivo!y tea ted in tho potteries of'
iir . ... .ir. I ... i . i "vi ll....
tm.1 on the lielle Mem nhis. which '" i.i v..ic csura .on,, k.,o .h-;v jcik-j biiuuimu, muu
1 ' .. i . i n I I ,.i iv i:..
i. 1,.... i-' 1 Wi-lll-.-, SilUll, Oil mill 11 'HUH, .HI- liruilLMillCCU UI .-Hint tut ili;.ltlt.
to na e SiiinitCil ' ' . . .
,-crc very ansiou.-;
,-. . , no, i. ., Ar ,-1 lip'od "uiltyofa mi-demeanor, and .!. Tliomi.sfn and Co., of our own
on l-riuay. Lao Jjeiie .Memphis lie- - o j .. . 1 .
ing tho only boat down U.atovoni!r,.Pul,W,ctl by fl"e Ilot city, is now manumctunng splended
wo had our freight consigne.l to her knnercl dollars nor less than tilly stone ( nina ware from these clays.
s O
dollar-J, or by imprisonment in the The te.lious way of grinding quartz
great variety of W'OOLEXS forilK.V and YOUTH'S WKAi!, too
niiniero"-1 to miition, al ot wmrii we oiler iv lite larit a; Hie lAJn r.M
lor shinmcnt. It. was sent down on.
I ... 1- .1 ...11. 1 .... 1 A.. ..1 .1. .
board of the what f boat, and the clerk "y Ja" "ol 5'Nar w a jKmoer, u. gc, u.e ..j.,,.,,
..r....... .! ..:..! i months, or bv both Mien line and Kaouii.as practice"! lnounccucuiami K,-.m,! f,,,hi Okc !.: of (i,-.nd.. 7-V,r MEN'S WEAl.'.irenrci'd,
Wo went to tho Captain and re-iue.-it-' "-iprisnnment. Maine is not needed here. JJio clay , Low :my l.ihid jluue,n .V. .La,,s.
cdasaBpeeial favortha, he ahonldl --"7 Kill , can be mine.l ready for use for 62.00 j J.cmS thankful lor past patronage, wc solicit a contiimanco of tl.esatne
take it for r.s. Uut ho refused lo do ' " u" i""" - - - , We Pay "tad times the llighe-t Ca-h I'riee for Wool.-
iVtto Mian circniaio an iai.-c aim soinu locanucs. .
ho ooldDtaI-c A our frei-ht w-ts . traudulent thicuets wlncii, iioii their At the bank upon the !::nd of irrs. ' X K s T O li K!
rirtfAftiryiamounUngtooAiimlraZ!. Vl to bo dcMgned as a Ilaker four miles southwest ofilar- j ;l r ( yCVSSlcr
pounds, wo presume it would Lavc '"d upon voteiv, M.all upon con- do Hill, there is a most remarkable i;I,N-,,VKVE MO
i .i if t, , ii.ii,, .,. viction, bo punished bv line not ex- formation of kaolin. The clay is m i .t-ii.. IiL.m.i iiivu
sunk tho boat. The Belle was 1 .. .... , . , "t u i i ..n i i Ila- iu-t re..-, iw.l a new and com
forc-ed to land hero to leave the mail, ccwmj? m umiuici ... - .-u..w ...ts, Il(l. .tM.k
.Iri.ns 1. Jams. Wji. I-'.C'ox.
5- t -
and some passengers, wo think that ""I'risonment in the county jail not in the same manner
i I'oiii
we would lilt
linie.-toue from its bed. The whole
n::t--s is nearly ten feet in thickno.-s.
1 and dips ea-st :'2 decrees. L'non the
r. . i ... t. i i . .ir...:..i.. 1 1 c::;cetnn: mreo nioiiuis. or
lour uuuoreu jiouihim ui iiuiiit uoitiu
have been landed without any qq,,. i uch line and imprisonment
i no ioi;o,ni ti-tii i .t ".mi- laim Je. o l.uti-s, two miles we.-t ol
OVoni.T i- publMi--dl.yreoue-t.and Marble ilill, there has been hi'ndred-;
ly a "-laj-i'in J i-io'-riit
FancT Candies.
and Fine Crackers.
Al- kci-p-
iLeniphis L'ackcl Company.
. r..:i..i f. mm r..ni.t.4
JiO t.tlivu ll uui iiuiiib wii j otie"t
board, wo concluded to take a run :li a,,
an-wcr to (Jen.
down to Frcdericktowr, to pee some
of our old friends. We met on the!
peteli on the '!!;: in t :
Hioiimo.ni, Ya. Stpt,
11 . T. "IT.
train going down, Mr. Henry Jenlra, ' M'J JJC,'l: '"'-u unu '
a ' . .j -, A-the newspaper- .-ay you have ac-
iuu go'iiiuiuaiiij aguiibiui jii. aio-u- ,.rj,jt., our uniiunatioii. --i:i you write
oi ton, of ki.oiin, which has been
shipped to Ohio and .Vew Jers-. but
is .now being nsud in tho manufacture
here, l'non tho banks of the Oage
river, in .Miller county, tho .South-
sirii'ofiiiM 'o nhvi'ri
W'N1.-', I.HI OKS, AMI
F A M I li C li O C K I'. I K S
rood- at lh
0 il d
I'l-miui-.- lakri! in i'-Iiani- for
hi"In-! Market t'ric c.
ilu-l.r'i-idontorthHatVronwu- e.-t Jtimd and .Mining Jiureau, of
ih-.t li. ! whoiir-t annouiucdyour nomiua- this citv, have a mo.-t remarkable de-
mat uo ""'ftiontovoii.aiidwliiehlini.vuivetotlic -t P i,,,,,.;,, .f ,, , , i
risitatnodis- pnldic,-l.owingtl,alyourioa.-cptat,I,0'a of oi the very best
leasi, so lar a to sny tnai u elected quainy.
I you will serve? hi'- of miahin.por- With sufficient kaolin to run fiftv'
lauec that vou should i!o -o, lor m:ta
and p.'oplc otli-rwi-e n-n-iMe. will not poucnes in Jtissoun ; witl: coiisitl
fr any man nho will not say cranio quantities of kaolin in South
if .1.. 1 . ..1 If 1.. .1. . 1 . .. ?!,
.-5 t !:
brough & Son's marble works in St. "
Louis. Ho informs us
pay Sto. Gcnovicvo a visit at
taut da'. Wcalso met Dr. Wm. Goff
and Mr. Allon Sebastian. Thev all 1
seem to bo enjoying fine health
seem to havo nlentv to cat.
iiniTiiv ami iiauiii iv ur i in- -, in , i- . ., i ,u .
While in Kredericktown we called htw t'hem. beiW- tiiev -on-i.b iv.l ( -"olina and other tatcwo annu
at 27.o dice office and found Kd, with 1 M '. - eoiite....;u.u- ubi.-l. ally import from England about
,. . i vou Know ih i!iili.irilin:iiile. I s-vs' l l y-.n tnilq ri,0 ont f ii.,, i.,,,i:t,
coat off, and sleeves rolled up wa- ,,.,. n.pn.M.i Vou a- -ax in- that .' . 1, f a 1 f th J'Slteh
ding right in." YA tells us tho Dec is '(Sreidey i- a man of ti-ai.-i-iuli-iit kaolin from t-.O to S;!:i per ton,
flourishing hugely. At all events it ' j!; :i ,"i-,'r'"" ? J' il ,mfs ' bu 'iu!ivenI iu Xuw y!'k ("'
seems to make him a livinif. as he; " Yours truly. " A. m - I.voy-. Jton at 5Co to $27, perhaps much
to make; Xi:w Y.hmc. s.-pi. ::0. l.sTJ. cheaper, it rates ct lrcght could be
' Hon. Jtttncs Lynns. lV'-hiifHit. 'n: i got lower. Xow tho kaolin t'-ado
I yi Jii.'Al: ik Your i -tci-ined ta- ' , , .
Wo met some of tho candidates, ' vr of the ffld in-t. did not iva.h 1 l" KV ' 3 I"'ce oi
uu till- lorciHum. ui h;i t mm m v uwmnj uwtfj uiv tusi ui uu mi ii;
VlliTiM llivtliili(r iHflirhit- til tln ...,.1 .I.,!:.. , t i rt
Duchounuette. candidate for Kenre-I :i:.,S, , v,., n vi,. il ...,,.;,:. '" " " la.uoan. ine
sentative. Mr. K. C. Cooner. candi- "iv two pul.li-hi-d .-oiomiiiii.-a- ka .I.ns of Missouri are yet scarcely
lalo for
T, KrriM4irn. v... t..o.,i... 1 would cuatil.' me to sneak nioi-i- iilain-, tcn-ivo thr.n tho. of Eii'Iand or r.tiv
rn 11 - , 1 1 on ai: oi tlie sulijcets tln-1-.: tit ated other cotintrv and of -w 'ooil nn-i'Jlv l-oiii--. Mctuplii
They all say they arc going to bo r. n may be true, a- tun sna.-t. oucon"ui "ioias ooa qu .iU, :tIltI Vi.-K-I.i
elected, wo hone thev will. .that n.-oiil.. will not vote foi-.-ny man
C i s s e 1 1 ,
MAinv. MO.,
ir.i.i:i:.- in
(At the old stand .'.V!'":
AliKXTS Fin:
A ; .tile.) ... T r r E 5
1APKR & MflWEB,, pMa! H ?
The Bnrhor C'hlJ'f "JIsll. , :' ?- I
ami iii:.i.i:i:s i.v j
Dry (.ood-. ( Jrorei-ii . ItooN ai.i!
Shin-:. Hals anil Cap-. Hind- '
wan-. (kuci-ii-u a rr e.
which tiny oiler lo ! f
.-ell low for
CASH. 1-v '
i .::;
UNITED STATES MAIL LINE: Dry Gssife, Botes, & GklsAv.
Faiiflfloii to Sle. Mww.
1 ('iitbi-.
looks fcleek and fat enou:
pork of.
anions them were Mr.1 John I.
Hat- ,t Cap-,
Qtii'i-n-ware. Hanlwan'.
iddkry. ai.i! :il Kind- of I-'arui-ing
Impiinu'iits. and al-o.
rrodin-e taken in ox-hanjro at the
We are now running a Daily llaek
between rarniiiigton and Ste. (Jene
vievc. Our hark- are all new. haviinr
lieen linill ''.-pri'--ly fur t lie bu-iiie :
tn riiii-i can depend on lieini;-li-:iii
portetl i-onifortablv and ouieklv. w ith
good proleetion a-rain-l rain and -im.
Our lior.-e- will !vavs be tir-t-ela.--;.
KASHKi: & UAiSi..
entative, Mr. IL C. Cooper, candi- --d in my (wo mil.li-he.l eommmii.-a- 'a li:is ot .Missouri are yet scarcely hihe-'. market pi-be.
lufnfnr ShorifT Mr 0'him. "' " ''e J.oili; ille o:ien- known OUtide of the State. SaVO ill' .
tato lor blicntl, Mi. V oaiuo.i, .II tiou ami . no- to tlieconiini:tee--l pu- ., . . t, , , ,. .
;andidato for Shiriff, and Mr. 1-rank .-e no pov.cr of lang-.-ure v.l.i.l, - fl ' "&tancea. Iheyaremore ex- Jleimili.Mii.il St. I.
' ...1 til ..... : i.i: ..
irodencktown Mill improves, and . ...amicr that il ck-.te.l be will serve
we notice some substantial improve-! them. I hould regard sat b :'i;uotr.u-e-1
incuts going on, the most notable of wu' l"wU V,lk'i!i"- ."'V.'V
, . , .support. It the t-oiitln ni peoiiledid
which is a fine brick store house with ot know before I y.ud anything on
iron lront which is being creeled hy --ulyeet that one ot the aiulnl.ite
ll n.,.i :...i:.. t- ... i-a limn of transcendent ability, they
vuu4iv; iiiu.j JilUliil lllUll lily
ava the liro clay of China. luind
Jus! What Wc Sav.
It is .ti-iiif. hurt- .! ..!.- , I WedneMlay
read the papers, We never say any
oilis I'uckct
Helena. fJreen-
I l'a Ste. (Jen"-ieve? down -troani:
! M'Oidav. Ci' of ( hrter. 10. o. in.
I Tue-day. Adam .faeabs and Yirk-bunr
lia'-kel. Hi. n. in.
rami I ower. 10. p. in
thimr that anvbodv don't like but we Friday
...... .;rr,. i.,..i. - .1 t- i.".....:...: i,.. r i i. .!...... aiuniay. aim ui
lnecii.-.iiic employed on the tarpon- I he ile-olatioii of ulii, b tle y com- u- about it. If, however, we or.ee iu
a while happen to say a good thing,
burg p; eket. 10. ji. in.
.ileniphi-;. 10. p. m..
lacob- and ick--
tnira' paekei. 10. p. in.
I'a- Ste. (Jeiievieve, i.'p trin:
tor work, wo mav cxneet a fine build. l,,!!.u '" attributable to him.
, . . , , , -r ..v. ..... ...i.t .n-.t-ti.-i iu- t.ar uiai
...i; tiv.-.. ii. compieicj. .uessrs. . fdled hi- "bloodv cba-m" uitii fra- ' '""','''" .-eems .,. av. i.-k-bui-na.-ket
it allien amiiiuodcs have the contract irieiuai slaugiitei- and involved the "'"""'' " ii V.Vdne-dav. dain .lacob- and l.elle
jf carpenter work
war that w0 ncvi.r l0:u. ot that ; nobo.lv .scents "'',".v- ' vhd Tower, o. p. ,.
m it ii tra- ....: ' . -" l tie-dav. iek-biir iiacket.
, ...1. . I .1.' . '. It. . . 11 ! In 1 H il.lfl f.wmvil .. . .....1 .. .
' c iua no1 : itt.m fhto r. tli , i.,n...i lim :i dn?Mi i,tiVc U ;
- . , , . --- -...v, omijii,iiii;u till I ' ni.-. turn uu lrv. IL il!
learn who had the contraet on the gy." comhincd v. ith '.he u.ih . of ihi- a tributo to his greatne-s, and never
brick and stone work, but itgivesign- ,'."; exeeediiyU aide, excediliirly ami- thinkr-o: it, never thinks it doe him
ofmaster-workmanship. , ? "$ilt oSn c-e.iou ' Ka"to
WeleaFi-edericktown on Tuesdav with ii.exiuv.-ib!e aversion. If the "mel ,tI,ls.Mn. ',on 1 or
uira- o lieailicn tunes jn-.- nih d. 1 """'""g "u imagines a reitection
1.1 . i II. iu r-... 1 i
evening and eamo to Farmington, ' ' n - i. ' 'Uw
3 ' would t-iieeilulh -urrender
ttvtu u Moppcn over nigui at tue a- a -aenla e on the alter ot that dit "afL's up and get.- mad about it. All
residence of our old friend Mrs. " ho-e controlling event-miu'iit tbif- our evils are'dailv ehai-'od a"aint
i-vans, who kuow.s how to makepeo-' JUSv nlm ViV .!!n!"T' ' 'a-V ' ,ll"tV0 Iicvcr' "y
l.lo comfortable, and snen, tS-L, do u ' Vi.e , t 'l' ! V credit for what good we do."-
. f j . . - . . . . - . . . . .v. I'll I'll
lliemphi--. ... p. m.
Tbur-day. iek-hur packet, .", p.m.
Friih'y, Adam Jacob-, o. p. m.
Saiurdaj. City of Cbe-ter. p. m.
Mindav. Adam .lai-ob-and Yii-k-burg
packet. p. iu.
W. 1 . I.ovk. e-"v
G. E
Whoie-ale .'c I.'etail Dealer- in
.,.,.1 .n,.. "... - i,,1:4 ' !i:lll-ri,1 "'id i::i:-l:anva
........ '4.0 tuu taio iu ii.u o oiling ior on irieuiinii
-tieet fun! ii....i.
us to liave the pleasuinJ of calling ou 1 luI : ",v ,li :11' .Vl"""- n-uij .
the editors of the papers at lhatplace, Mr. I.yon.alsouhnuV VhV'ioW
which we regret verv much. mi: extract from a l.-ner lrom a di-
Aftera dustv ri.lA v-;tK p i tniguisheil : New Yorker:
. J - JSi:w l oliir. Senl . -'1 IsT-i
E. P. AUrTUERS,Pub'r i Pro'r.
the Farmington and Sto Genevieve I Iain delighted that' "you baVe taken The Only Taper in Madi
Hack Lino wo arrive,! hnr- c.-., tho only ground politically in thi-
mil iinr.i l,A,n l. 4 - - -. , 0:,,,,j,;n1rji tJiai a:n hou.'-t Democrat
and have been bu,-y at work every antl 'patriot can take, t he idea that
since, bubscribe for the Fair Flaw sI,c1 a per-.Mi can vote for riich a crea-
n . t t ure a- iioraec drccley i- prepo-tcr-
on Countv,
and tiik Fafier of Southeast
. ,1 i 1 Ulcu nwcstion all our troubl
It ha- been
whether the coal of thi
make good coke or no . S-h' naiu :
while at the mine- of ,w n,1 S la? ho".r
1 ti:ii.i '""'"I- ami
v. w.ti
more tnc cau-e ot
e- i nan any oilier one
and !r'- no tixcd lirmeinles ot"
or "oiiuc
Agents Wanted at every Pest Of.iee.
IS?- Correspondence Solicited.
-'O.R LE.
iv,,,, v on.. t - ictier win nave an a !. i. f v v (IM'I.T l"
howu a .-.,b.,i; i: V-V wVr-' toundiug elli.-t amoiiif :be ami- 1 XXjU i
wh:ejiwatakp,. . . ' h t.rc
The .-ittent.'oiCof a!f Ca-h and cloe
buyers i- respectfully called
t the above.
I)c r.tt-sKs mill i::-siiiimion.
I will al.-o i-ontiiiile to run my Iciek
between Di1 I.a-.-u- and F:iruiiii:ou
niaking ebwe coiiue-(:.'iii v i ! li ail pa
'enuer train':, l-'are a- low and time
a- quick as by any other mule. Itj .
c!o'f att'-ution to bii.-iue I hope ti
merit a liberal h:in of public pat-
ronage. JOS. K. KASUr.l,'.
June Ji. isrj. tl x
if' i
lloots. Shoe-. !i:.t-. Can-
Iluying.alwavs for C:i-ii I am alii..'
t sell a- iow as the lov..-t.
Gambrmus Hull,
Corner Third ami Market Sts.,
(Opposite the Court Ilou-e.)
The very bi-.-t qualitic- of Wines.
Hceri, I.iquor and (;igar. alwav- on
'To avoid a -ma-b. wo sell fo
josi:iii voiis r,
Dealer in
'I'HK Fiirniinpr ronimuiiity and the
-- lilllilieeiieriilir.will liiar in mind
that Uu; 'CO.'VK MII.I.S? alwav-
pay the IIIUMKST market imih i: lor,
I IK AT and in Cash Only
IV f
For I'atniiy l.-e: A!-o
The Well-known, choice brands of Of the be-t oualitie
l aniily I lour Con.-"' and " Klov."
Hid other "ra.les kent eonstantlv'oii
hand for s.'dc, and at the lowest po
si:ne inrtires.
Lot- of 100 lbs and unwai-d- deliv
ered KltKl: Ol-' flfAKfJK.
Ste.(ienevteve M. .Iuue7-ly.
And at honest Knte,
roit i;.v.sir oxi.v.
Produce taken at bi'he-t rate-.
Ste. Genevieve. .Mo. J
ShcriTs Sale in Partition.
Sheriff's Sale.
BY virtue and hiitlir.rlt? or a rcrtr.in firi
fiiciis isiUi-l from the cilice c f the t '.cxk f
tho circuit court ofrSte. (irnovieve noiinty,
State of Mi-sftiiri, rtturn.thle to the NoTctn-
A Till MU- A. fl.L-T.T" Tfl T? r.nr.. "l
Al.i..'..... 1.;. .:f,. T..:.:tr. i r-:..:! . - ht.T term IrTl?. i.f ;iifl fin-ntf r...nr -..1 .
...u..., ...a ..ttc, itnittfcttt5 i vivn ai:.i'.:! .. . -;
..... win .v.., tit m. .-r 'j iii'nri;iRr:a jiume,
phiinti:!", ninst Chnrles V. ' Dcnzer, c!e-
i-iniant, coiiimiinaiiii; me that cf tin: niort-
CynthiaGreyand.Inonoof.anil I Purtition
Tlim.- in..r v,,.. i i . i
'..-v., ..v.... .iv... ......t.'t 4.
his wife, ths deacendanu of J- of
Harvey Lambert, deceased,
whose names are unknown Keal
to the plaintiff, and the de- j
sccndnnU of Xancy Acord, Eitate.
born Lambert, deid., whose j
iirnes r.re unknown to the 1
piaintill, defendant. j
s;a-;eJ property in the petition rnention'-d, I
c:iuv: t" be 1011111: the damages and co.stf, I
have levied uron aiul sitzul nil tie richt;
title, interest and claim of the fhid Charki
V. Danzer. of in and to tho fo'.lo'ain dU
cribed morti?ai;pd property, viz: All thut
certain piece or parcel of land, situated in
the county of Ste. Genevieve, in the Statu
ccle conservative- iipon :; - return
coal th.it bid Ihum.i hc-t
ou- com l sTi "' ! V fPoutane-
obettercoker;.n . ":,i0- 0l!C vr& of::
T".. - , , .
iuupropenv Known r.j "herr."-Hotel,"
mcludins lce lloaje. Stabics and LvU situ-
ldvi;e to anvbr.dv 'V-i uereueve. .Mo., ii
to dorvi'- ;esjli;iow" Inquire of
HY -rirfim r,,l .V.:t- r . j , 9' Jouri, to-v
orie; of sale mkde" bv "ilS c rhT of MS 0ff ? 7' aB5 S?rt
Ste. Genevieve couMv, in the Wc enti the fouth; est quarter of fc-clion
tied caue, and cTrtifi coiv thereof nUDCr r ( Mli 1 ?
dated May 7th, 172, 1 wilfon P" quarter of the north xe-t-suarter of action
... " ' number twentv-two ill), m township nura-
nedResdav, the ClB dajr oror. 182, ber thirty-eitjht north of ranire mimbfrcd
At the court house door, in the citv of St seven (7) ca?t. containinc one hundred and
Genevieve, Mo., during the session of the eighty-six ar.d forty-one husdrtths ccrcr
circuit court, between the hours of nine more or less, and I will on
jtirfinlhefcrreil00.n?nJ fi "dock in Wednesday, the 6th day of .for. 1512,
khe afternoon of that dav, SELL to the - ,
highest bidder, at public auction or outcry Btt::,cen the hours of nine o'clock in tho
the following d'-scribed real estate men- f0300" and five o'clock in the afternoon
tinned and described in said rprtifitvl -nr.-' of that day, at the court house dvor in'the
of the order of sale, viz: The south half of Clt?and countv of St. Genevieve, Mis-
ice soutn east quarter of section numbered -ourl- 8:13 wnne ?aw cou" is m seioq. ex-thirty-Sve,
in township thirtv-'even -nr" pwe to sale at public auction and SELL to
(being the north east cuar'trl of" totr..',. abovs discribed real estate for cash in
r.umbered two in townshin jhtr-..-.:- f 5 vdi oe tuiSeier.t to satisfv such spc
range six east, situated in the .ouat v ofte ori fttc!as a"(i c"u-
Genevieve and State of Ar:.,-,,; - KOISERT G. 3IADI?0N.
! f " liiottvi.io ce paia casii in hand
,, . , . , and the residue in twelve months, the pdr-
ii:i'-,c Sate? and Snir.M Profit . i eha-:'-'r bond with approved securitv.
--r-.Iot. lv f v.- .ucflC 0S. '
1 ' J ' c-!- ---e. -c.icvicvc Co., Mi.
13 Sheriff Sle. Genevieve C--.,!3fc.
Come to us witlt
vour Job work.
e. Mo.

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