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Fair play. [volume] (Ste. Genevieve [Mo.]) 1872-1961, January 09, 1873, Image 1

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Zhi .Sir. funicvf "?.:r i'li'ij-
trtntvnt fair 2?lmi.'
...i.i;.;. Krrrv Thtt-ly lv !
. ii" ' 1
I tfENRY SMITH, Proprietor.
! l,,-.- X MfcBl-IIANT STKKET,
Ate Doors west on " (
Ternis of Mioscripiion. i
in ajninn
,.S1 "0
- one ten..
. ...mi- lt-ollice VI .-.0
(li:..tv to fame I't -"iee "J1
fi'lfrtnl! rate Jo not apply t. tlie city
fP. Conevicve- ;
enljHli Jinlcial Circuit, I
.,;t.Iuil"e Win. Carter, i
gAtUwcV-B. B.Cahoon. !
V t; comprising the Circuit, untl
tvun,i. .i,lm.' Court therein:
I 6Bg1VJ(,er--l .Mondays in March mid .
I fjulHon-U'' Mondays in March and
f!5d Mondays in April and Octo-
1 gcnevievc 1st Mondays in May and .
VortnArr. Mondavs in Mav audi
;t rr'"-""
Stf. GcneTlcvc County Officials.
Ri-pntativc A. F. Beltrami,
rimiit Clerk-Joe Bauman.
L , .. " -John L. Ilogv.
heriff-Kobt (i. Madison,
r.iuntv Court Ju-ticeb A. S. Jn-
1 Miles A Oilheit, and Herman Ltllie.
untvAttornev-J.B Rohbii...
Treaurcr-L- Bert Ue
Aeor Joseph ansickles.
County Surveyor-B C. Ain.-reau.
public AdiiiinitrMtor t?. A. Guurnon.
'.,i.vii.vi. Cnuntv Court meet on
.v.. third -Mondavsin January, April mid'
jiir, una u". ............. .
justice of the lVtco Court, second Satur
in each month.
OrriCEi Bank IIuji.iu.nu.
Ste. Genevieve. Mo.
Attorney at Law,
fonvcyancfranil o;r liibli
stu. fii:si:vn:vi:. mo.
Vill proinptlv and faithfully ritt.nid t-mll
Vjn,i ent u-tiid to him. an I will h-as-lisliil
b V.t--r. K'.biiiM'.i A-Clnrdy in !.ll
Circuit nd Siijir.-mi- Court :!.
ryi'iillvi liiui liiaili' :i n--i;ilit y.
E. J. 3iOKE.ll",
Attorney at Law
'.I. it. I.'UP.lii.VS.
Otli-e oppc-iie. Jan:.- Cox,
si c. ::snvu:vE. no.
- t
Asa. V: KoIIIN'MlS,
lVrrwiitc, -Mo.
JF' "in ton M.'. '
' .
In all the Court of the "JOlh Judicial
Circuit and in the Supreme Court. By
Real Estate Agent.
Ste. (Jencvieve. - - - - Missouri.
Physician 1 Surgeon ,
ste. oExnvinvE. jio.
t'Sias. r. CaRvoiv, M. !.,
Market Street,Oppoite Court House,
sti:. OENKVinvr. mo.
it. r. LtxMXc. n. u.,
. t nirnnxinw
HH Y rv I I 1 A 11 d U 11 UUU Al .
- - - Missouri
Hit. J. W. BKAIIAM, !
Office and residence on Mam Street
0,eh:;!!e "STr r.;to her beautiful brown eyes.
tieli. " 1-v
, II . KMC111EM,
Mi aiii Hair-DrBssing SalooD,
Cupping. Weeding and Leeehing.and
Magnetic P.alterv for tin! cure
of Kheiiiiiatisiil.
Fine Cigars ami Tobaeco for sale.
h OTJ a- If I.
VOL. 1.
Selected Miscellany.
What shall be the baby's nairn-?
Shall iit catch from -oundinn lame
Some far-i !ioi-d word ofprai-i;
(Jut of itbiT c!iim' or dav t
Put upon Iiit brow new born
Crowns that other brows ha'.e worn ?
Shall we take siimf dearer wonl,
Once within our circle heard,
Chcriihrd yet, thoujjh puken less
Shall wti lav its tenderness
On the butn's little head.
So to call again our dead?
Shall we choose a name of race
That bctiU the baby's face
Something lull ofc-hildi'li glee.
To be Spoken joynuily
Sortietliinn sweeter, setter vet.
That shall say, "Heboid olir pel !'
Nay ; the history of the great
Mint not weigh our lmby' fate;
Xay; the dear ones disenthralled
Must not he by Us recalled ;
e shall meet them soon again
Let us keep their names till then I
Nay : we do not seek a word
For a kitten or a bird
Not to suit the baby-ways,
ISul to wear in alter days
Fit for uses grave and good.
Wrapped in future womanhood
For the mothci lining tongue
While our daughter still is young ;
For the manly lipi that may"
Call the maiden heart away:
Fnf the time, yet tenderer.
When her children think ol her;
Let us choose a Bible name.
One that always hides the same.
Sacred, sweel in every land
All men's reverence to command:
For our earthly use ghen,
Nathless, musical in bc-i-ven!
One I know, these names amid
"Hcauty" i its meanii g hid:
She who wore it made it (. d
Willi h r graciout wom:i;i!e ml.
Name for irtue, love ami Inah!
Let us-nl! IWt baby IMA.
Christian Vn'um.
"Then I'm tounder-tand, Mi.-s Wat-
Him, that you wish our intimacy to
..ii.Mi.-r.. -f honed that our Ion" ac-
iiuuintaiicc and !rieiid-hip would lead
10 a Mearer iii::iV.:ev '.iit am -orrv ii
my thoughts have changed
ltiendlv feelinirs towards 1110, or .lis
tin-Led vou in anv manner. 1 hope
that your wi-lies" will he graiiii.-.l by
marr ing some one f ir superior in
worldly .itlaiumenl- than vour hum-
"'0 servant, and aNo one who will
. -
love you for your-elt aioiie. '
"Thank yoit, Mr. iUvis, for your
kind wishes, hut don't fear forme; 1
nhall not he in a hurry to change tin
name, anil, 1 am sure, shall wait until
1 lortune favors me with some one who
J can place ine in a position that will he
1 i 1
the envy of all my acquaintance.
And, with a light iaimh, and ahauuli-
ty toss of the head, Miss ivelie Watson
returned the low oow otitic genue-
man, as he left the parlor, and .-eating
herself at the piano, struck up a lively
waltz, that echoed in the twilight like
mie far away strain signs of glad-
ness, even if it struck sadness to the
hearts of many and left an aching,
void that could never he filled. j
So thought Lawrence Davi-, as he
bent his steps towards home, and '
heard the sounds dying away in the
distance, like sotiK'thing lost to him
Miss Belle Watson had known
i........... n....; t-i..n- -inil h.-iil
.irinumo, j
eaied more for him than for any onerous about her, and hegge
of her iif.tnerous admirers; but he
. .... , r
j was not in a position 10 sun ucriaucy;
she must havo some one who was'
I richer than all the rest of her friends, ating, and, ifyoti could have soetr dila," he still lovad to call her, ho .laincd by (,'od. and that hisbb.-sing A hand-nine young Yankee .ed-i-.t..l
w hen she accented a suitor, the the beautiful dark evos as they smil-' told her of his love for her, and of alone can make it v. hal it should ever jor inM,,; ..ve to a hnxoni willow ..f
world must know and feel thai she
had done well, and praise her for her
i-ict in making a fine match."
ci, i.ml -u-ecntPd Lawrence Davi-'
.utention with nle isure and found
.iaiv without, it. while
i fm i.w lino would send tho
I IIIalirU UV'ltl "f
, color to her cheeks, and a new light
i hftautiful brown eves, Uut.
V mailo tin lilt.
Wiietl lawreuio -av. -r
mind to have an Understanding be-
tween them and had told her that ho
... 1. fl;,.t.
meant somoinmc oesiuos uno ii..r.uv...u ......
incaiiL ....... j, , .1.
,g, she had called he, pride toiler " hy.Atr. uav.s,novv uo jou uo : a u. ....... ... ... l)oli, wuo will return iicrto evaiK. R to idiurch. 0. the way, tho"
rescue, trampled down all love, and , P ve longed to have the pleasure o. twilight, thinking in what w av she Scl)tL.u,b:?r la0!,72. Iiu,,. MUt.x . ., p,:1 vmi,:e. :iIlfl stop-
ca-t aside the dav-dreams that Bome-; meeting you," she said, joyfully. ; could gain tne atleclton ofher for- pt.,i to ,.!av -na. hi-: A quarter of
,;,sbtt,l cWinto her mind, stir-1 AsLawrei.ee Davis looked into mer lover, aid wondering if there, The project ot introd.ici.ig salt an ,,,. ,;, fi,..OP -IW Win
timeshad utpt t .to tur trni . , . tbe was not onespaik o! love remaining wwt-r mio tho city 01 .New rU lor h;m batheo in tears,
ringber in most thoughts with ento- her ees, be felt, that sue spoKe tuv . a i extinguishing fires is now under con- .vp- ,V ti m-liei '- be -.-ked -
UL of happiness, and became a but- truth ; but there was no return of tor her unier thai calm e.V.enor .. - "plpa, I have lo-t ali mViiiarblo.
.... . 1 . .1.1., UnimJnc ;.i hi nnfl. ar she when her mxvi entcrco, ainl hr.nUei . 1 , - r
fir nothing but hefl-ittcries of men,
and to be tue
1 ..i i.i .- Ciim.ii in L'ii i f s i Jill tu ua i.'.m-j- '! "j ' i - ! ir O't ro. i .hm ikitiiitf vnu im
1'iililiiallj IiuIi'drmlt'tit-Oni-n to all Parties-Controlled bj Xmit'.
I I.nwrcnco Davi-, felt t!i:it the world
'li:i.i ln-t its,l.o:mtv. and ht'piL-foi th lie
tr.i:-t iilod aloii!' f-r liiuiolf alono.
! Foelini: the socivty ot hniie.- a burden
to hitn, ho sought retuije in his.
hooks, and redoubled his ellVirts to
. make, a poMtion in the world.
Three year- j.a-ed. Lawrence
! Davi-had reached one of the higher
round.-in the ladder of fame, and,
, with a few roars more pro-peritv,
'would stan.funon the h.-hest that
could be "lined lie had utmlied to niL'ht. Hut her thoughts wanilereil v.a- gone iio-..i nei iurcei. .im. 'Fho tir-t oxelamatton ..t an Amor
make kiiuseir an emtal, in education, hack to the stately woman, and calm, -he ,.!.! :,-n help feeling that Law- U-ileo,, entenng tl'-"''!1
toanvinthe land; and now, will, blue-eyed man, until she fmnd her- rence Mavis had done veil in choos- at Mi :, ,ua Oh, xv;.at a r , ..,
wealth rolling in upon him, he ath- elt wishing that .-he might be as ing Mi-All.-ton, and that he wottl i
eredinall t.m hcaltties of ho world, Vitiating and :, ri- the beauti- be far happier than it she ha s.tc -"XT .Vi
an.Uou"l.t to relieve hi fellow crea- ! widow; tor her heart had gone ceeded m gett.ni; him. lou ly -he ; ."-m,L.rs. tv.iote the
i to any
tures by dispensing his wealth libe,--
ile was sittin" in his cotintiu" room
i...., i., v;....,i I ..l.,.....,
icomnanion Will Wriifht. entered.
j "What! Are vou thinking again,
(Lawrence? I would like to know
1 ,vi..,t v..ii s.. ilx.ii.ri.tful hitidv
I !..iiki. tli.if !.... ..rl.-.Av,..l Im.1v v,..i
met at Mrs. Le ( omits taldeaux "W " ' ' " ..,'..,
has made an impression upon vou. hor.-elf, she went do. n .-.ai,.-i-t ... c,,!d an- -eln.h, -is when ,ny ambi
Did von know that Mrs. Cencr.l time to hear the atter-breakfa-mo- t.on n.ade me . a-! -..y Ihe . Khne-
Kocclle-Mms Watson, vou know-
has returned from Cermanyy She
will he at the reunion to-uiuht
first aiinearance in cocietv since her
i .. i i .i i i ..ii i i.i .. i
uu-oaiitis iicaiii, nnu an uei .11.4 c.
mirers are anxious to meet her again.
! The general left her an itnmen-o lor
, tune, anil she i- handsomer than ever
so look out for your heart. lie on
hand early, lor 1 want you to tntro
:dticc mo to the lady, a- I've never
had this honor of ai. introduction.'
! ''All righ, Wiil. I'll introduce the
lady, provi'Min" .-he deign to notice
vour humble friend; but I'm adi-car
ded lover of hers, and perhaps my
pre-ence wiil not he agioeahle. I'll
see what I can do for you, though.
uests had arriveil when
rev. oune
Law remo Davis and Lis lrien.l made
their cnlrenco into .Mrs L.-l ount s
parior : and it wa- with some t
ur -
' prise that I.awtei.cu found himsell m,
'alinly watting f't.-r the arrival of
the he iiittful heiress. Jlis blood di'I'
j not move one atom fa-ter at the cx-
t. .! . r . -.. 1 : 1.. 1...... .... .1
peciion 01 seeing ins cany ii'u,
be had just come to llie conclu-:oii
, that ho was iiivulmrable as far as
la-cinating ladies went, wh-n he bin-
pri.-cd hitn-elf and friend by starting
almo-t from his scat with an cxclama-
tion of plea-ure, l..:-!iing, as readily
a- any school girl, he tore tuo oiyect
of !iis admiration.
-Mr. Davis, allow me the pleasure
of presenting you 10 jiiss .vinsion,
ilny Perdita,' as I havo called her
since our tableaux of the other oven -
ing. I hope you will take good care.
of her lor tho evening, as tdie is a
stranger,and needs an escort.
At first, Lawrence Davis felt as if
ha had a great undertaking before
hint; hut, before long, this senso of
responsibility Wore off and ho felt
very proud of his charge ; and, as
they moved amid the throng, ho saw
all eves fixed on her with admiration,
while many of his .young friends over-
.i,..l.....,l tr I n Count with nuesli -
- - i
d for an in-
.1 tl
... . . .1 .11
roroncetn ins me, iieexeneu an
his powers to he brilliant and fascin
into his. a!tcr some o! his wise ami
witty remarks, you wouid havo con
i eluded Hiat the beautiful "PerJita",
, had talien as deeply in love with
Lawrence Davis as he had with her.
It was late ia the eveni.!S when
Mi-sAllston startled him by saying,
. . ..
"Oh ! do look at our new a.-nvai
Isn't she lovely ?"
Turning, Lawrence, stood face to
, .. . ..., ... ,.
faee with the beautiful Mrs. iteceiie.
She recognized him instantly, and
K..1.1 .,t hnr l.nnd in rfteetincf.
met the calm steady look, and heard
-ords of welcome, she
hc tr it'g t mako o! Ikt mar-
riairo a .hx-am ton-. or fuririitU'si.
.Mi-- Alli.-tor lucked on, ami won-
deled Low 31 r. Da-.ii o..n!.l :spp..-arMi
cold, with the eye- of mh h a Iieattti-
lul creature re-tint; on Lim with a
loving u'ave ; hut, com ludini; at la-t
that her pre-eme miht deter lnm
troin -hov.i-ig hi-real leelini:-. he
pleaded futigue. and begged to beta-
ken to her friend, to whom -he ex
t'"cl her.-c!f, and retired for the
nt to Lawrence Davis with si.-h
overwhelming leeling-ot iv-p' cl ami
admiration, thai she onlv longed lor
'hi - tiraise-. and to hear hi- voice
sounding in her ear-. liesoiving, :r
ila - t, not to think ol him in the hi-
lure, she Jell int.:- troubled sleep
dreamiti" of heatttiiul women ami
Lawrence l-iii.in iz.e -
1 -I - . -1 I . . ....
... .. i .
M'. lound thai the ..pp.-,,,,,..,
theme wa- the "bitul .dow"
and her friend, I'.i'-is.
l , !.-.. I !l..,t
l.Ll m;ii' iu.ii.ui.vii ...... ....
"ihtiuirht Law rem e
Davis pr..il
-, .... :l.
:l"ain-t ttie v. mows v.-.ie
'but v.a-
silenced hv "lie who had been iti.Mr
Uochelle'- c.iniidence before he
marriage, and who -aid thai
M r.
tiiiii otlcivd him-ell to the
ladv, two or three years b,
it wa- 11. ov p. -iti o :!::U the nt..Ui.
would be made.
' I'm s.siv." -:ti 1 Mr-. L- . o'mt, ;(
will be ma le if -i.e. an get h :.t; h.ti
I'm not conv in. c i 1
have her ; -In. is too
' t Ii.il be vi ii:
vain aii.l li i. 1.
i on- lor iiini. and I should relict
ceediuu'u t...-.'i tv ngaged
K .Mr.-. . e.iiini i.a . ..no-.vn j.i-.
Uociielle lor years, au.i i.ncv. . ci
1 hollow heart edae.-s ; .vhile L r.v uut
( D.tvi.-, had been Lvr be;.u i le:.: . !
The season wa; one of thaunc--
a,l everywhere ;he widow ua- iv
ccived a llns reigning l.elie; imi
. . . . .
1U1. jni,. ,..1;,,
,.,,,,1,1 u.j., havi- to h.-i- side,
Sometimes he w i-.ld acta- here-
,.,,,1 ; :m,l ;ig tin iie vvuil 1 repel liar
:t:l,.;s ,.- badinag : wilii won!.- a-
ii..ht and tiilliii" a- her own; his
,nauiier was always p .lite, yet calm
atlj t.ou :ls ,, their iir-t meetiii!;.
; Many a tear 'ad the heaiitilul wo-
i man slieit alier ni'.nii.ig tno man sue
loved a cool "good-night." I5ut his.
' thoughts were upon another one
' whom he loved truly ; not "ith the
1 love he had be-towed on Uelle Wat-
j son in 3'ears gone by, when hi- pride
was wounded more than his love, hut
a love had come upon him suddenly,
and had become a part of his being,
, He fel' he must have her all to him
Iself; she must be hi-. and his alone.
When he compared this love with
; hi love of former years, he smiled at
( his foo!ishne-s, as he ter
, trviii" to Iova such a vain
is he termed it, in
md friv-
----- - . . . .
jlous heim;, and thanked God lor
. , ,
Heading him away from Midi a elmrac-
. ..-li .. t.l. ..
. . 1.:. u I ..!.!
ier to one m which u v. .mi.
- 1 Seated he-ido his dark-eyed "Per-
his former passion lor tlie feautitai
jlrs. Kochelle; ai-d,whcn she insisted,
that the widow was far more beauti-'
ul tnau she wa-, anil lar more suua
, hie for him, he .-aid :
"Would my darling hire to .,ee me
wed the wjdow
. A nine oi me m..io, .on.
ing arms entwined aroum. his neck,
told him how much his love wa - re
turned, ami mien on sou. .. joy
and happiness.
1 t:... ...;.!.,... ,.. .1...,..,.,;,,., ; tt,.T
as she debated tLea. Dropping
, .r
NO. :5I.
:iiitiel her J: caiaiti.ir tor -otm- time
until. :.t la-:, letting h
upon them, lief ci:nn-ity ua- atv::?oit
to tfnd out which t'liend rtvi.n !s-r,
nuineroit n.-iiuaintance had c nie'.u-
ded to join tl.u ranU- v! wedded pen
pie. With what pain did .-he real
the name of l.awt ence lavis '. Pride,
and everything fell before thi- -real
lo--. She had placed her affection
upon him, setting everything el-e
a.-ide to gain ii'.s love, and now l.e
arose, and. to her diauer. tool. ,
i. nm a ik.ik couiei .is.ii.iu i.i-i.i-i.,
unlociiinu it with a -mal. Uey attach
ed to her chain, she :
look out a bro.vn
aim c... ...pic. ...... s,,....
red violets; ca-tm.C them in tl
iire, -he u.i.rmnrod, while they hun.
The world i.iu-: never know of
...t- I...I...... iti.iii..i. it i ..it.!! in.
ot hi-g.yal love t,r the nc.inc.-s ol
. :hi- uond A...1. sl.m.dcrmg a-the
names cau-ni up uie ia.-i uau.e..i
il... i.-ist :l.i-.-u- ii.Tsilf niioii the
.... j J I
fa,nmi wep' b.f.er tear.- lor a line
j( .- j
!..-t to hee for.vcr.
Lawf.iuv D.iv
and bi-
...ke.I bright and happy 011 the.r,,. ,,.,,. "II inve two, and s.ne it
, wadding nioin ; bs:t the beauty of the
In Lie was nl.olv eci;;i-ed by the.
-piemli f of their eaithy and beau
i and beau:i-
ral I; ii-hclle.
..ir-. 1 teliur
1'iio vv or'd looked tin u i:li a hmra
tion at the siateimc and maguiti
.ence ol t.ie b.:.ii:i!a! v.nh.-.v ; i at .
.ar-lownin t.ie .lepli.s ... i -e.-e.
utture, -in- io.uhed, at time-, toe ad-
:lii.-.!o!i be-towed ujion her, !! rlic
.:.,e-.v :., what e.-t -he had ..Itiaii.vil
; and in tio" silence ot her own,
lartmct.ts -le cist a-:de ah coldness-
1. i ..
ier ova 11 , '
ami cive an accnin.i .ji vouiseo.
" ' ivmtv,., and upbraided herse.. , vvit;re v.((i w. u .. ,,,;.,.. Mt
..:tli terns regicli for her foul- ,aii.v.r.'J "Did you eot know .il mu
1. atiibtti-.ui. ; to do so when 1 wa- a h..v ?" -A'o;
-:r, hal auihcr v'.id."
Man iiigt .M:l.h!lS. The editor of a Western paper
The follow in:; mirria";o maxim-" writes : "My wile and J have sep
11c v.orihv ol more than a h.i.-tv read-' ar.iled. A- we both wanted lo Lii
.( itu-baud-ne. -l not p.i- then
for th.-v ar.-.b-i-1. d i"..r u ivi-: ;o-l
v. in - -h-nl.! 110! d -riic tin 1:1. for
the;, arc :u!dre- il to hu-baml- :
Xcv.t tall; ai .me another, cither
alone or in coiupan;.
v 1. ...1 :
. .; .'.thct
' ' ' "l"1' " " " c-a,:1 "
. nub: the hoil-c i-on tire,
.,.( -trive oiteiicst to yield t
ti. M i-h.s of the .'iher.
N.-vur iin.1 fault uiih it i - perfect -
ly certain that a fault has been 11-
mitteil ami it! way.- -peak lovingly.
.M'ver tauiii wnn a pa-i mi-iaui
Neglect the Whole V.tMld beside. -
rather than one anotlier.
Never make a remark at the c
peiise of each other ; it is a meaune .
Never part for a day without lov
ing word- lo think of daring nb-ciice.
Never meet without mi iiUci-tioaati:
; w Iconic.
.Voter let the situ go down upon an
anger or jjrievati'v.
-VcVOr let any lault you hate rom
i I. ,.,:i , I r. LI.
conle ed ii. mil ask torgiv one--.
, , . hollr, ot
' x.-
vai.;v 1)V,.
;;..v.r forget that mr.rrieac i 0r
Xever let your hope stop short
the eternal home.
( A lost eow vVas lately advertised
nv the following notice, which was
' , () lh(J auJ fences nea.
' the owner's dwelling .- Strayed of
tl,!cnA laige red kow, with yaHcr
lt bcJ. Jof. ,hiCi .ltl,j a .,.lir
- tt-,itc ,.,;..,,, her right ear. She
1 " ..
about seven or eight year.-, ..Id, and
; belong-to a poor widow with a shot t
; T., .lr.ll-.... tv-il. In. .ri'.-cti :niv.
' -.''. - -
. ... ,
We lu.i.L-li
; good qn.:y w:
then, fw
tt-. : I, l.-..-.-. I.' t ..I
tie iuuiisa lUO'j i.:n cKipn-
ith card printed
r.. . ... - ;
1 -. . ... 1 i.i a v -.
( lot v' ,il' . yesr
II.. h..t! o u::. . iu-v
Oiii- !! r colum. i'in ia
lii-piave.1 Uti::iaunt
.r.-d hr
tlie r h.
AH trt:.
...berti.-ii's: niii-". I"'
t:.i.: tor s: l
triYfirl ndkcrti-cinoat.- pivni'ir.t .
cr.. u. :i.lv:."v
Id Hi'.- Apples.
I.oo-c h:'.liit Pre ins; ir.vn-.
A Mamji you rati't buy The Mat-.ij'
f a gontk-man.
A romantic death A yoimj; lady
.Jrowned in tear.-.
wiiv i the letter V lil'C a ot:tig
.ujv v" ?CWitJ.-tf It maker-pa p iy.
All iIitN1(.:lt,.(l ,IUii' wa- detected
j., nt,lt itl ., :lUen:pt to pick the
.. ;ot ot a billiard table.
iMi.ui" hi- printers, t.'tiote
toietiian, "Vc- : tiu- editor."
!-that marble ?" -aid a 'eutle-
:.iiliii" t. thebu-t of Ke:. tuck v-
siate-niaii. "A', sir; lia-'.-
I -av, Dick, which wa- the tir-l
. ie.ite.1, man or vum.in ? "Why,
tvoman, ot coili-e evi r h.i.l Ui.o.
that Lve wa- the tir.-t lunul".
The new -boys of Philadelphia told
the uuardian-'t iln'ir "lloine cither
to i-.-et in nobler i;iub or i lo-e up the
cabi.o-e." The :.!.. i:-e w a- i'..-c t.
..Ah., jt tt t., ,.,,,,11,
Wu Xf yUXtr .!... ,V a iri.al
moial .jae-inii, nmri:. . am .
i in.e to a rune It now I. ana i.owi.
nu-thei pi.IUl."
An It i-hiii ni, on being told that a
, : ne.viv inxenteil -love would - .ve;
it:s! bait In- li-lt d tl!-d. ret'lici; "Ar-
atf m i.-.icl."
When Shakespeare vvrot. :.lmt
patience on a nioiiuineiii, on
:er ! docto:-' patient-? No
din lie !-
lovoil know he didn't? i5c.au-. 1
r. '"oil-
was a?kil the
, , , , ivo .,
,j-'.f and'giavvdy replied, !.-
j can-.: I am not able lo -uppori a hii
lJ," ' !
"Here, you young ra-eal, wall; up
ho . and .-l.e was liUcly to I eat me, 1
left her. She . .v s she u dl n:.i! u;0
et. anil I Ic'iWL- bvr.
A gr cer Leing -oii. its'. 1 Id eontri
io.te to the handing 01 a church;
prnnij.tly Mil'-cibcd hi- nanio lo ihd
paper in the loilov. t:i'c nine man
ner : 'John Jone-(ti.e only hlaci'
in town where you can get elcvcii
pound- of sugar for a lull.ii .) twenty-ti-.jce.ils."
' ueen Kli.alieth. lied leaving .'OOO
die es, biiUieloiv hei h -:uh rhoi-.
, , C i J J Vt " 1 '' - b-v- i k I . vias
tl... w.tr?; f.l'rh.. vei.ii.Mii her t.rolaina-
. w.;l llmv..(ll!; , the ic, l..
Women had adiuiied l.er ilrc.-s, bat
- ...j her itddre. .
A I r.vver who wa sfinief'mos 'Or
;etful, having been eng-igil to plead
I the cause of an offender. b-i;aii hv
t . .. . ;:l l.. .'.,l ... .1 .-
I b'ir, and he bears the character
i,,',,,., m(,-t consummate and imi.u-
.dent scnnndrel." Here somdodv
- whispered to him that the in i-ont-r
..i:. ...I ,.. i .. :
"' '"' ' V " V ,
i dmtoly c....t.......l . -Mm nai great
anil good man ever lived who wa,
, -.i..r .
! not calumniated hy hi.- ccitetnjiora-
- ,ne&-
i emisyi.an.a,
but a'-cimn,: rj'ed hi-
of dcclaiation with an illusion to two
impediment to their union. "aiuo
th-m." s lid the vvidnvv. '-Tlio want
f mean- to t up a tctr.il sti re is
"ne of th. ni," r-plbd be. Thev
P WI,!,:-"1.,,!!';
l.-r ample means. When they mm
again the (.color bad hired ana
.,OI.:,., hi- -tore, and the -mil'mg
f f:,ir one begged io know tie- other
is impediment. "I have a witc a!-
' .,U. w;.-v,l tl.. r,..r
, The other umlav. : worMiv f nhor"
of a niim-rotl-familv wa- t::':ing r.no -
... - . .. . .
of hm littb; otic- fi c'li- I of SC
ui ,ti ,t
not ii" to fhllrch.
on "-Rut. unit, neither dpi Joac?b o,,
. and he hits ou."
?t:Gei!erieve Lairdinj.M" ,

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