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Pf git. fnrv.tvr gUnj.j
, I'tt'ili.lfd Eerry Thr.d-iy by i
S. HEN2I SMITH, Proprietor.1
olTICE O.s Mr.KCII.Wr SriitET,
t-i.um Si.I)
Souili SjIejf Public Square.
Term- or Suutcriittoii. j
Invariably in advance. I
One opt. one ycnr SI.'-O
Club !" ten t tame lVt-tJice
Club "f twenty to mine l-t office 0.00
lyClub nitos Jo not upply to the city
nfria Ucncrievc. '
Selected Miscellany.
Ttfiligbt Musings.
:ir o. w. d.
I am sitting itt my window,
And ilie'slowly tv.tiiiitig light
Of ike britliitnt day of summer.
U'anii uiu of the coiiuajr niht.
I am sitting lit tlio tumlm.-,
Gnzin out upon the M-vi.e,
Which in h.nuty li s before mo
Like the vision of a dream.
There are mountains in the. distance,
Willi their summit- v-rappud in hlue,
Th re are hiiU ttii.li veuluiu ccvcreil,
lUsins "0" lW !'K view.
Far before mr- stretch the ineiiiie.vj,
And murmuring limoU-i below
Sp.irl.lt with the light ol Heaven,
lit the summer unse.l glow.
Jfow the ueary day is over.
And the firmer from hi- field
Uasteiis to hU liuiutile coltj;e.
And his aiupic, trugal meal.
And 'ho cattle from the pasture,
-Hand and patiently mum
For the -omiii"; of the milk mai l.
And the opening of the gate.
Sot a sound disturbs the stillness,
riuve the zephyrs of air
Histeiiiii"; irom the i.utv-m in meadows.
Laleucd with a trajjiance rare.
As I tit and watched the twilight
Sljwly fall upon the fcene.
Forms of other days assemble),
Like the phantoms of a di earn.
Slowly they move in long proce-sioa
Fioni the dim old il.it s ol yore,
"Winging hack on fancy V jnuion
From the relmsof overmora.
And my heart is filled with sadneis,
And my Oo-oui heiivcj a sii;h,
While the luces seen in boyhood
And their forms go flitting by.
There are all the dear companions
From the days of joy and truth,
When the woild whs irjsli and blooming
In the sunny day's of youth.
As I sit in lonely mil-ing
In that Slit! and quiet place.
Soon a -amity form Hits in me.
With her calm and Uoly face
Tis tlir shade of one who loved
With :i mother's yearning love.
And ul.o still loohs down upon mo
From the realms of bliss above.
Vainly now I long for comfort,
Vainly do 1 see iciit l'.
From the sorrow that o'cru helms me.
And my soul is tilled ttilh grief.
Yet 1 know that life is fleeting.
Thai the tune will pu-s away.
And that soon will be our meeting
in the realmus of laling day.
So I'm sitting at my window.
While the loviy" lading light
Of a life-Unit spent in sorrow.
Tells me ol the coming night.
"New Years Day in lite Olden
Time iu St. L'juis."
Wo clip tho following from the j
Central Magazine, li is trout tho!
len of ilon. Wilson Prinim, and, as it ;
' ' t
gives an account ol the G uig twice, it
will doubtless be road with interest
by many of our readers:
"So far as we have any record of it
tho beginning of tho new year has
ever been tho occasion of festivity,
whether it commenced with the ver
nal or autumnal eiuiuox,athe summei
or winter solstice, or whether it be
gan, as it does now, according to the
Geigonan calendar, with the lirst . ti,c burden ol the song, 'Good night!
day ot January. I:t some coutiies'an,i continued to sing the first two
theso festivities partook of a sacred, 1 Hos till lUuir voices were lost in the
in others of a purely social character.
In tho olden time, in St. Louis they
P-inooivsomeivnai oi uotn, ana "'is; would be sure to receive some contri
may bo explained by the fact, thai !,ini()l, 0f sugar, cdlee, lard, candles,
us inhabitants were mostly descend- flonrf maple" sugar, ratafin, (a kind of
ants of iatiiilies that had emigrated , ycw Orleans rum .) eggs, meat, pottl
trom the various provinces of France, j,ryin fi)0 of u,m() cvcryt,ling
long before the revolution had pro-, t!l:lt wa! lict.es-ary for a first-rate
posed the worship of Reason, and ' hMf to bo given at some future po-
i , m a new country, trom recol-.
iLuionor trauition, preserved and ,
r...c;,seo. me pious cu-ioms ot tuc
On Xew Year's eve, soon after
nightfall, the young men of
11111 j
Louis would assemble together, at j Whcu that (IuI v ,,,,, ,,0l. performed, other presents of dates ,llKwaiIt h,,)lu 'Zi 1 UoV. t0 ,mf!,i ,vf ,r ""V 5sS0; . . wntp, , V-IT "V" , '"
some appointed place, dressed out ii-1 U)t3 nexl was to receive the narenf, 1 J l.ouey ; but in the time of Au aml's.ill seeing the little ,.lt.-,c ' ru,w"ur j- wkwS at Ins watch v fi.e bttshel, ot wheat, or UUy
the most tantastic masquerade cos, IZcid le gustt.s, as" h, our ihiy, the custom was I "oaklandT, wJJr,
luines, each one provided with a t.jjiMroii, "rand-children and Hie abused, and tho ctrenncw, or Xew advance upon him. and exclaims": 'Signal. f ' . ' ' . " , ' ' . .' '
bucket, sack, basket or some other rct grand-children, each on U,cir Year gifts, lost their touching sim- VS".' h!- ',! " , ' "''"
articie, suitable tor the carrying o. L,,ded knees, imploring a blesing pHdly, and degenerated into extrava- Uum ' - ', toot, by goUy . lz u with WcU of oats and wo have many
provisions solid or liquid. Thus ac-' from tha anthors 0 1Pir being: anS Snt vanity. At a .social,IlV ,,. ,llllfir r v,nill!r. , . P; "'8 , T ,,"B at U J ' K,a,, ir,:ni
cotitered and provided, at a given sig-J lilat blessing was given, ever coupled
ial,they proceeded from house toj with a heartfelt praver, thatG d.tho
house, without exempting any irom falhei.f WOuld gratil'y it in heavon,
their visit, and, at each place, in iullaild so gnido and protect them,
cuorus, tboy sang Guignoke." j aiJ1;Ust lhu :oys an(i orT(IWt hfs ,narc,
lusthey called "courier la Giw.t...... ..:u ,.i.;. t;-.. ... c
'mee, ruunino-tha Lrni.fiii.h.n t.
running tbe guiguolee.
JVhat tho meaning to that word is,1
I do
uo not know, and no ono of thn
oldkhabitauto hua bean ubie to ex.lS47c Uj tkfl wksl c-rrcat tf
VOL. 1.
. plain it to me. Tho (iuals, at the
; ciimmencement of tho new vear.
were accustomed to present to each ; newr ilr. ame-i ot forniitig matrimo- pose the yotuitr girl of the town were room, stiitiont- on tho other,
other Hinall brain-hes of "gui." tnit!e ' nial alliances with each other, with- invited to prepare for a upper and Professor come iti an I stai. U be
too; which had been previon-ly b!er-- out tho full and unqualified aent, dance. I'rot Nion-. which liad been hind the long counter on which he
ed by the Druids, singingat thcKitne not only of tho immediate parents obtained, by running the "ijwjnvhe." k'op- In- aparatu- and ehetnical for
time a kind of hymn, the burden ol ! but of li e family relatives and even were brought lot th, and -non tran- making exjeriments, take-p n l ot
whichwas'Mx jui Van ncu," may grown men .-ettied in life, scarcely formed by tin girls, under the super- tie and put- it down again, iioht- hi
have been transformed into "Au ijm ever entered into any important bus- jntemlaiiee ,. the matron-, into all alcohol lamp and eal!.- the roll u
la nouvtUc anaef," and thi.- may have iness, without the aent or advico ol kinds of savory di-he-, and delectable very unusual thing, as the Profe-sor
been still further corrupted into JLt . the parents; and ncvor even when it jia-trie?, not lorgct itig thc'VToi'.t.vi- think-, the ladies a Miilicient attrae
O'tii'JitoUc. might otherwise have been to his ad- n,Jlc.;' . large cake, too, wa-baked ti.m to induce all the -tmlents t- come
Hut whatever tho etymology or vantage, ha- a child been known to e.ptv . ly for tlie girl-, and in tin- to his loture. The Profe-sor look.
moaning ol' the word, the (Jui'jnohf repudiate the acts of his parents. ' were baked four bean-. The table over hi- toil and call- out, lr. Cole,'
wa a tptaint song, adapted to tlioj When tho con-ent of the parents is -pte.id; the supper soon di-ap- Xo answer. "Mr. Cole." "Here.''
quaint music, and tho words ran had lieen obtained to a marriage, the pear.-, and the dancing ber;iu-. They ".Stand up, Mr. Colo; 1 wi-h to ak
X.A ulluNOLKE.
Sonsoirle maitre et h, maitresse.
tt tout montle le Uu logis;
l'-.ur le premier juor, de I' nunep,
L't guiguolee vous nous devez
ijitou- n'atez rien a i.ius doimer,
Uiies nous le.
Nous tons demandous pas grand chose,
Une echnice,
Uiie cchinee n'est pas bicn longue,
DeipiHtre vingi di pieds le lougue,
Kncoienous dtuuandons pas grand chose,
I.a lllle aiiiec de la maison,
Nous lui ferous I'aire bonne chere
Nou- lui ferons th-iufl"er les pieds
Nons -aluons lacoinpagnit,
El la piioiis nous excuser,
si Ton a fait u Ique folie,
tVetait pour nous deseiimiyer
Une autre to is nous preudrons gurdu
Quaud sera temps d'y revenir,
DansoTis la gin uille.
Dausous la gueuill ,
Dansons la eueuilte!
Ciiokvs. Bonsoir le maitre et lamaitresse, !
r.ltoill le niomlf Uu louis.
I have attempted to ver.-ify this
song, but lindingthe etlort to be ti-
tile, I content myself with a liberal
ptoso translation:
Good night to the tna-ter and miri
tress, and to all the people of the
household. For the !ir-t day of the
j'ear! You owe us the uignol'Y. It!
vui have notliint' to irive u- sav so I
" "
o do not ak vtiu to yivo us much;!
" i
. . J r J H' ,
: i.i.: t : - .i.t
'ti- no ureal tiiinjr.
not ask for much only tho eldest
daughter of tiie house; wo will feast
her jtnd keep her leet w ell warmed.
'We salute tho company, and beg
them to excuse ns, if we liavo been
guilty of any foily. It was only for
fun and frolic. The next time wc
return, wo will be more caret ul
.t i ., i .
'Lot us danco the rag dance, let u
dance the tag dance, ic, &c
'Good night to the master and mis
tress of the household.'
When the. 3oung men como to that
part of the song, where thev so. gal
lantly propose to feast the young la-
ly, ami keep tier leet warm, some
ve smitten swain, would break in
with i dittv .'iltniil ilnt'en itnl onohiAd
. , . , . , , '
ntirhtinir'iIe-M find trreon hnvei.ea i.loia-
ing with a protestation that bo was
dying for tho soft eyes of his mis
tress. The love ditty being concluded, the
party received donations from tho
house and went through tho 'nnj
dance,' capering about like mail, sing
ing at the sam-j time with all their
lungs, 'Dansovs hi guenillc,
In leaving the house, they took up
At the different houses tho partv
,.io,L Uviii gone their rounds, the '
j,rovisions .rlici, iad bci.n inhered
..,.. gafl.h- lo;ve(1 awav. to be used
as 1 shall hereafter relato.
Before daj, tbe noxt morning, lho
whole population attended mass.
.. ....
tor anotner nna uetter existanco.
Thin touching ceremony, repeated
- it ti.n
Politic;)!!) Indedrndent-Omn In a 1 rarlii-s-tnntrellrd by Xcne.
their thoughts ami acts. Filial piety
' was tlifir iruiiliii!r star. Tho vmini
alliauced nail-would together visit
llio .it;...j i.ii'nwf Woo o.wnn.'c
, . , ' "
' "i"""" vm. im ot u no,
notrc maiTHHjt". wo liavo come to, lingers minute ami ins now aim -ome one n-e out ot the earth.
ask vour consent to our marriage. strong. His muic tinills thmugh Profe. or Jl what is ammonia
Coal o.-tatt: frei)uent!y pa.-cd trom the nerves. They know nothing o! eompo-ed?
hand to hand, without deed or wri ! the wait, or ma.ourka. or schottMi, .Student I am not prepared to
ting ofany kind, and for trifling eon-; "I tlio l.'erman or the lancers, or the j day.
i;.i.-r,t;...w ilati'Miid. listless walk, which now-a- Meanwhile the student-have been
When the population beiran to in !
crea-oin immigration, and to u
como hetor geneous in its charac ter,
nianv of the-o lands became valna-
ble; and if, upon examining the rec-
... , . ... . ,,
ords, the chain ot title to them was
.. , . .. .. , , , , ...
loiiml ileleelive. lv laeU ot ileeil trom
.1 - - i . " 1 .iii ..
i lie original owner, uis eunnion never
hc-itated to atliim the net of theirau-
t ., wi14.licver .,,,,,ic,l to for
j (1.a llU1.,e. the answer wa-s 1 will
make good what my father has
done." And no remuneration wa-a-ked
for or expected.
With the con-oling influence ot ;
the parental blessing around them;
o'ltti liooelK toti tfk .ill T tio iniiitili.te
... . . . , .
ol kindne-s ami cliarttv anil good
... ., ..... ., ..." "" , ,
will, the different lamiiies tirocee.del
to interehanixe visits, ami wi-li each
, . t ,
I other "unc vonnce ft hcurcusc annec
-i o-ooil iiinl liannv- Now
. ... ,
rortner animosities anil wrongs arc
forgiven and fonjoltrn, and all breach-,
es nf-o.-i-il ttitorconrrtA worn liouloil i
, .. , - . i j ii-
by tho kiss ot peace and friendship.
., .ii
Ol course the voung men tt ok advan -
... ". ,,- ...
t;nrp ul tttm eiislnn) !iioi If ifi t ri t.
3 . . ..... . .. ....... ...... .... - ...w
-t Ul" ul mi I'li.i I tinr. .uiu rti ui
1 . .- i - . i
n.iuiu iiiii-j iiiiii- wii.ii "" .iil'i
- -
li..,ii.i V.i.te ifii iri- .li.iri
"I'lV "
,, 1 1 1 I 1.1.
panties and a line hiisb.itid at has
..... ,. c .....
ter. Were thev to blame for ibis; I
Croquecignolles wero a kind of
cull, made of wcathen dough swee-
I tened, rolled out thin, cut into strips
think not. Many of us old men;,
would no uic same, nun c uiv u m
ponnniiy. but tallow condles, in sconces hang
and thrown into boiling lard, in stt- h j against the wall-,) and refreshments
manner as that w hen cooked they I consisting of eotl'eo '-bnaillon," the
formed a convoluted mass. These most refreshing and invigorating
and pies and cakes, together with ajrarne broth a few pie-, the inevita
wine glass of honto-mado cordial,
were the usual re reshmcnts tenderd
to the visitor at each house.
During the course of the day, chil
dren visited thoir respective god-fathers
and godmothers, to receive their
etrenness, and the evening was spent
by all in sober, social onjoymcnt.
These Uremics,) were small pres
ents given to tho children, and consis
ted generally of fruits, nuts, cakes
and sometimes of small articles of
wearing apparel. J he word etrennc:
is thmie-ht in be of S.-ihiitn nri-rni.
On the tirst day of the year, a present
had been made to king Ltitius, of a
i- . , i ,
. i. ..-. ...-it..i.i. "(i.,.,II!r wftl! bi- feet pointing to a
Streuno, the god of strength. As the .glimmering lire. Opens one eye and
year happened to be fortnnato to "eta glimps. of them as they' stand
him ho decreed tho establishment of
this custom, and gave to such pres-
. . ,
lento tlio nnoie nf Ktrenrnn. Iinncm
Hie custom was adopted
I bv the Romans, who on that day
Iwilinowgivojouan account of M"
chat became of the provision- which , fully !uc;intd her qitccnlv head to-
were gathered by tho young men, on w ard tlie -;entlenieii ai..resaid. and he
v ?. . J , J.. " ' I was about to "let he.- iiickcr," vviiet.
Xew-iear eve, when thev ran th.,he hllj. fa,e(. .,,,., ,,,,.., (ll!tt
"gwqnoltc " Tho sixib day of Jantt-! striking him on the chili. '1 lis yonn
ary ,s tho feast of the Kpiphany, a;gc.tlcma,, ha, -w,,n oH.
feast commemorative of the adoration m
of tho infa-t rcoi-t bv tha kimrs who Thc na,aa 'S"1 'Tlt5ow" h of
01 1110 ,n,a".J "f' .t'18. 1"J' " ,h0j French origin. It is derived from
came from tco Last, Ih.s dny was thc Frcnch vga" cnrl originally
tua!. toraad "!cjy.rde IL'x," the'ineant widow by courtesy.
djy of the kings. On the eve ..' that
ilnr. at :i Imnsooliu-tpi! f.ir th.. mi?.
have no orche-tra, to form the word
. it' ....in itio m I 1 1, o f loi . lotto lliooio.
,..',.,-.. :J ,.:
... j...v ..
i davs i- termed dancing. Put thev
, kliw lk' S1"1' ''1-Mii..i.t-I contra
t,a"ei? lhuy l,ri" u 11 with :l"
active and 7.e-t which proved that it
lw lilL-m :l real l'1'-"1''
1 The ball, however, is opened bv
' '
i some of the older married people,
i and it i.- onlv alter
they have gone
through the ntiiiiitr tie It' com; the
court minute, in a manner that would
have done credit to the time of I.oili
XIV., that tl'.e young one- obtain the
lloor. )itring the evening, toj. some
old grandfather and grandmother
join the dance, and for a round or two
exhibit their lancy step-, the im' tie
i l'J "''
the chaws ami the Iniftut
iii-l to -ive the voutii; ones an i lea of
' what thui could do when thev were
, J
liofore the c!os
iiuyir uiu ill", ill oil. i'd.ii.M in ii-
1 .1 it.. I ... i. .... . .....i. .:..t.f
..i .i '........i ....
; uu. nil, siiifiui ut uiu lllo.iiii''in, i:it
I cake containing the beans is tiro
Iduced. Kacli voting gii ! cat-a slice
and the lour who.-o fortnno it. is to
i thid the beans, are declared (lueeiis.
' 1
1 hach ot the queens then selvts a
, 1
young man, lowhom she present, a
J n '
I. mill. . I o.l hi . ii! m I md Itiiii I...I L'tmr
.... , . .
Uherupoii a consaltalion is had, a
.... .
.....l. i .....I .. ..I...... ...... i:.....i ..
I iiiiii .iini i jiioii .uu ii.v:ii i.lit'li, nil
.... .... ;,,.. I- ;,;., ' ..,i ,
HIV. 7. I'll. ( i.u.o nin- .'Mil III
, . .
wincli all are tree to attend, without
I turther invitation.
j Tue ,.X.IUI1M! of tbe ball are borne
,,v ;ht! fc)I11.klI1(. t,llls ,.,.,, ,.,
. ... ;, , . . ,,
'I he room and fuel cost noth-,'
ing. The music, the lights, (not gar, , , " '
. . . ., . v ,b '.lecture, boon voa fiml something
. ble croijucsignollcs, a little cordial for
the ladies, and a little ralajiti for , , , , , .
.. , . I,. bold than the rest, thn
the men tiie-e have to bo paid toe; ' .
. . 1 ''head back ot him (whe
equally divided, is but a trifle to the
1 ... ,
out mo aggregate cxpensa vviicn '
lour kings.
At the close of this first king's
ball, the qucoiis select new kings, and
the select new queens for the next
king's ball, and thus a -cries of fes-
tivtt.es vyas kept up during the whole
!. - " 1
oi tiie carnival.
I lu this manner were the advents of i
i Christmas and Xew-Year celebrated
iu the early days of St. Louis.''
' nut jiisiaixc. tiu lie"!" siuin-
t i ti: ...i. .. i.i i
tu o iItti(. nt.o;r,;,..5. ,! ,'.ri,.. : (; jf
J !"i lor me." and relapse, into -lecp.
.iiii-i ii unc oiieiis i of ouiet c e. anil ,
... . . '. . -
v. ........ .i... .i. i
till scciii;.' the intruder-, savs: "Gif
film 'fore mo. I :iv: I kick vou in the
r'"" 1 : J,.,V1!1 "I,u V"'
iirain ne -non . in. tiri';iui noi oe-
I!mIllS Oil thT Slope.
s:,...i 1 ., lie, .w. ,,,.. f tm
vou a lew oue.-tions."
M .. I I ., ... I ,,,, ..,.1 l,.1-.
mlu n -uit.u-..i .1- u m: u.m JU.-1. .-tin
studying their note-books a-if their
lives depended upon how much each
-tuden t could read over the next lew
Proi'es.-or Xext, Mr. t 1 1 i t ; ?
Student 1 don't think 1 know any
thing about ammonia, Prote or.
Proles-or llow do you know that
1 intend to a-k you
tnything about
ammonia' .Stand up. sir.
fitter among tin ladies.
Professor What is air composed
Student Air i- compo-ed oflu
drogtin, oxygen and some cat bono
a id. (itinera! latih.
Pr.-fi or 1'aUe uur -eat, sir.
Mr. Peabody, how do ott make by- pear to want "a gent."
drogen? Xew Yolk confectioner, who
Student I don't make it. a lew yeai-ago taught his parrot to
Piolessor Then tell mo how to!:l" "Petty creature" to every lady
make it.
Student I think somebody eUe
. can tell you how to make hvdrogen
lictivrihan lean. Applause.
Professor (very angry; Young
gentlemen, you see h iv little good
my lecluit s have done you, go far,
and unless you take notes, and study
ihe-e notes, and also your textl ks,
many of you will be found delieit-nt
at the end ol the term at e:iam:iia-
. . . . , , .
lion, l ou Qamo ueie lor some'.hmg
, .. . ' .,
else than to cut up ami have a good
; 1
"'!a' !'.v" wnl hud t.. your s .iioa.
1 tune I qm-.-Hoi. you
I vv ill tind you boiler prepare ! than
voit arc to-dav.
Ti-.. l....... .,.,.- ..... , i.,,
between vour feet. It it a i'oot-lall
which some of the Juniors has
bi ought into the room t create a
disturbance w ills. You give it a
kick and set it goit.g. Others kick it,
too; after a while, .-ome one more
ows it over hts'alj
(when the profe. '
I hMk U,Tn :!",,
J ble noise is made. The Piof.sor
looks to see who i making the noise,
sav-s "be quiet, vnung gentl"inen."
and proceeds with his explanation.
In the meantime, th .se who are ta
king notes ol the Ic'luru are pestered,
lIme , til ,,v lu0,0 ito c:irc
nothing about :t, throwing oak-bal!s
i at them.
When the time for closing tho Ice-
ture draws mar the fact is aiinounc-
cd bv the scraping ot feet, rapping
on the backs ot benches, and other
.I..........,-...;...... 'ii... .... .
f ""I".'""
"'I know what all this iinj.-e mean-; it
means that the time i; tip. P.ut vou
I,0L"'. "r,t VXV u S wl'iIu ',m "r'
' "lo.n. sucn a
ome one of the student? who re-
sides in San Francisco iumns tin and'
sivs. Profe nr. it i.l. nut iro now
cannot catch the boat and have
,w I fvl 'hefr
''".-'tj feminine companions, ihu:.-
'er trom the West may be oxpcctc J
A fo- dvs sine- a to-rn critfr took
jin h
' bmt up ks parents. Of. being
T a !ad3 wbst fao matter wa.
be rented: "
"Here's ao oi-pUs. child, ma'am
and I'zz tryin? lo fin-' it? parcsr? "
Zt. sir. 6rn xUrr ifair CPIag.
Uku s r Alt'i:tibK :
Ol.e FjUntr. M ..rJ-. cl.- UUt rll. U...fcI.OU
Ktch ubqui'M ii tertion W
i Buin vrJ, 1 inch pme. per yenr-H W
One column, i. year t'.O.OO
Oaf hull" ei!unin,"uneyrr. So 111
One-quarter coluni. one er 20. no
11i-jNjJ advntitcmeal cbnr.i by
the inch.
fOfcf All transient ajtrrtitinjr. mast bo
viii! tor in Aititice.
faa" Yesrlt n.Jterti
'terti'ercrnts pity Me ijunr-
r't in i.l-iiicr.
Hob-on' choice Sir, li.
KiZ:il conveyance A convict
A Western feitlet
The sun at
'a-e of kidnapping A young goat
Motto for grocer Honest tea is
the be:t policy.
When they make .in oyster bed do
they use a seaweed mattre-.-?
Why i- a note-oShanii like a ruso
bttd '. 15ecaue it is manured by fall
ing tlew.
Why if you are called loudly, mu.-t
von uear :ivi''.' leeause Vott arc
: . . ,.
r... 1,.sil.m.i dovoured
wile with kis-e- iound atterwars
that she disagreed with him
A lady V biistlo was successfully
u-ed reeently to prevent a steamboat
collision on the ?t. Lawrence river.
Old lady I see you recover um
brella,' shopman "Yes, m'm, lot
ot em." Old lady "1 want the one
that 1 lost on last Mondav.
The stronge-t kind ot' a hint a
young lady a-king a gentleman to
see if one ot her rings would go on
In- little linger.
We'ie iu a pickle now. said a
"'v;1 vgiilarjam.-ai.l anoth, I
The wile of a roofer being a-kod if
-he wa- not afraid to have her hus
band exposed to such danger, trust
fully replied, "Oh, he's insured."
A Western widow would like to
meet the printer, who, when she ad
veitise.l !'or an agen. made her :i)-
w Iid euteretl in store is now verv
i ich.
A "I wai f said to a giant, "we havo
equal rights!" "Very true, my good
fellow," replied the giant, "yet thou
canst not walk in my shoes."
iitto," said the dwarf.
"Whole does thi- horse car run ?"
aid the old gentleman from tho
country to the boot black. Uuimo,"
-aid tiie imp of the blacking bottle,
'the hn-ses, run at the nose."
' This dispatch wa sent from Port
land to Chicago, Cliristuia- 'lrv :
''Xeltse's present appeared this niorn
ing. Yeiy h.indsome. rtfltfn
pounds. A little Samuel.
Lucy Stone has a baby, and i- not
going iound t ho (Onntrv IceturiiK' to
... i . i .i .
" ' V Z , V s,l;-v,,,l,,rc- "
a-ked her tor bread and she gave hint
A pliy-ician being a-k-d by n pa
tient if he thought a little spirit now
would hurt him much, replied. "I do
not know that a littlf occasionaliy
would hint you much; but if you
don't take any, it won't Lurt vou at
' , - m' r
1 -'-nng tho season tnat our farmers
( -" principle part of thoir hauling
'? '"10 varl' "s markets of the count v.
-ay from the first of .March, wc
po-e that fifteen bundled pouu.U
would be a high estimate of the avci
ago two hotse lipids of iio!i:(o
hi ought to market. With good grav
el roads the same teams might a
: l .. ,1 1 .. .. i.
l ","- " " l"" r-'-. "
mS ditTerence in favor of tho
gravel r.ia-Js ono ton. Allowing
three dollars and a half per dav for
team and driver, vvc havn br ihU .i
clear tax of one dollar and forty cent
per day to dirt road' on every day's
work of driver and team in ."rawing
farm product.- to market.
Or, to lo !i at it in another
"gin, aunng tne sea-on rciorred to
trip, a cfear' l of marketing
, . , , . . f.
" : , . T , C '
(and each bushel of oats -.-ven cent-;
' irhilo on a 7r.net road tho co-t would
be, for 1rlv.1t eiifht und thre-f. n-lh
... , . . , P .,
d,rt rozd " hrc an ' or'u f',;:r,h
.cent - uor bi:hel for wheat, and two
and ,lr.eisht cents per bushel for
cats. fTftiTTSw J-rr'-.

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