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Glit of Week's News Stripped of Un
necessary Verbiage and Prepared
for Quick Consumption by
Busy People.
The secret of the present agitation
and alarm at John D. RockefcllerV
ostato In 1'ocontlco Hills, where for
weeks disorder and crime have been
frcquenh la the fact that the eighteen
armed negroes, the deputy sheriffs
and Uurris detectives, all alBO armed,
have' been called Into action because
the black hand clique that has so lone
eoue Immune In its operations at Po
canttco Hills has become bo embold
ened as to threaten the lives and prop
erty of Rockef&ller himself and of his
son and his grandchildren, demanding
heavy ransom It their communications
are Ignored or the authorities called
In to trail and arrest them.
As the result of a cloudburst be
tween 25 and 30 Uvea were lost iu the
Panhandle section of West Virginia
and adjacent country In Pennsylva
nia. Tho storm extended over a
stretch of country 15 miles wide, with
tho brunt borne by Colliers, a division
point on tho Panhandle railroad.
Twelvo to fifteen persons were
drowned nt Colliers, six at Cherry Val
ley, two at Holllday's Covo, seven at
Avclla and one at Burgettstown, while
at least two and possibly four of a
Wabash railroad freight crow are re
ported killed or drowned aa a result
Of the train tumbling down a bank
and rolling Into a creek, which was
swollen to -0 feet iu most places.
Tuesday's primary election, which
gave tho Progressive party its first
opportunity In California to test its
strength, assured the Ruosevclt-Jbhn-ton
organisation control of the state
convention that Is to bo composed of
the legislative nominees. This means
that Republican doctors pledged to
Roosevelt will bo named by tho con
vention ami will go on the official bal
lot as tho Republican candidates. The
Taft leaders, to get their electors on
tho ballot, will bo forcod to resort to
With John I. Stevens of Doone as
their nominee for governor, Iowa Pro
gresslves in convention here put a
third party stnte ticket In the field,
overcoming opposition to the plan by
a vote of nearly G. to I. Judge Ste
vens, who was on tho receptlou com
mittee to meet Col. Roosevelt, was
named by acclamation Just as tho
Roosevelt party was entering the Coli
seum. Theodoro .Roosevelt told business
men of St. Louis in an address before
tho City club Tuesday afternoon he
had been informed John D. Rockefel
ler's fortuno was increased $80,000,
000 by tho so-called dissolution of the
Standard Oil company. The state
ment was mado in the courso of a
criticism Col. Roosevelt uttered of tho
foderal department of justice in -Its
handling of the Standard Oil and to
bacco trust cases.
A lone bandit held up the north
bound express of tho Louisville &
Nashvillo railroad at 8:30 o'clock near
Mlcbcaud, twelve miles from Now Or
leans, looted tho mail car, robbed the
passengers In Ave Pullmans and a club
car, and then, Just as he was about
to leave tho tender, was struck on the
head with a brass torch by Engineer
Baer and captured". Tho injured rob
ber was takon to Bay St. Louis and
may dlo. The booty, except for one
mail bag thrown from tho car, was
recovered and returned. The bandit
would givo no name.
WJ McGec, noted anthropologist,
geologist, hydrologlst and author, died
In Washington, D. C, from a cancer
ous growth. Dr. McGoe becamo se
riously ill several weeks ago. Ho was
born in Dubuque county, Iown,
Predictions that Charles W. Moi'bo
would resume bis business operations
since his sentence in the Atlanta pen
itentiary has boon commuted because
of his poor health by Presldont Taft,
wore fulfilled when Morse rented a
suito of offices in 43 Kxcbange place.
Announcement was made that the of
fices would be opened and that Morse
would again be active in affairs at the
head of the Morse Securities company,
Judgo Albert D. Nortonl of the 3t.
Louis court of appeals was nominated
by acclamation Wednesday afternoon
aa candidate for governor of Missouri
on tho National Progrossvo party
tlckot. No other name was placet) be
tors the convention.
Fire which originated from 'a de
fective flue at the Casino cafo in
Pleasure Pier at Ocean Park, Cal.,
caused ono death and property loss
estimated at $2,250,000. For a time
It threatened to devastate the twin
baach resorts of Ocean Park and Ven
ice, eighteen miles from Los Angeles.
Through traffic on the Brie canal
was ended, probably for tho year,
thousands of dollars' worth of dam
ago was done, and loss of life was
averted by a narrow margin, when a
-100-foot. section of tho canal In Bush
noil's Basin gave way, where tho Erlo
Is crossed by Irondequolt creek.
William Loeb, Jr., and aeorgo 11
Cortelyou, both former private secre
taries to Col. Roosovelt when be wan
president; William Randolph Hearst
and John D. Archbold have been asked
te appear before tho senate commit
tee Investigating campaign contribu
tions when It resume hearings lite
this month,
Oscar S. Straus, philanthropist, for
mer minister to Turkey and cabinet
officer, was nominated by acclamation
aa tho Progressive candidate for gov
ernor of New York Btate. Straus'
greatest philanthropy Is tho mainte
nance of pure milk Btatluun for the
poor of New York and other cities.
Charles W. Mm-so, the convicted
financier, who has set himself up Iu
business In Wall street again, It was
learned In Washington may appeal to
Gov, Dlx for the restoration of part
of his civil rights, He also might
havo BOtne of his rights restored by
application to the president, but it
will bo two years before his applica
tion can bo honorod.
Reports of a skirmish between
United Stales troops and Mexican reb
els who crosaBd the International line
below HachUay.-tM,' Wrd received
by Gen. 2. Steover nt Fort Bliss, Tex.
Gov. Hiram W. Johnson of Califor
nia, Col. Roosevelt's running mate,
stopped oft at Syracuse, N. Y to at
tend the Bull Moose stnte convention,
and characterized the Progressive
campaign as a "revolution."
Chairman Chas. I). Hi'.les and mem
bers of tho Republican national conv
mlttee havo taken steps In another
effort to supplant Roosevelt electors
on the Republican ticket In Pennsyl
vania with Tuft men,
Mrs. C. C. Bailey, the widow of ' a
rich mill man, and A. L. Watson, who
worked for Balloy and was taken Into
hla home, are in jail at Shrcveport,
La., following the murder of' Bailey
and Mrs. Watson, and Sheriff Flout
noy says that Mrs. Bailey and Watson
have confessed that thoy entered Into
n double murder conspiracy and that
Watson killed both his wlfo and Bal
loy after Mrs. Bailey hail failed In her
efforts to poison her husband.
Tho Roosevelt presidential electors
won another round In the legal battle
to got them off" tho Republican ticket
In Kansas. Judge W. H. Sanborn
of tho United States cuurt of appeals
dented the injunction asked by the
Bupportors of President Taft's candi
dacy to prohibit the names of tho
eight Roosovelt electors being placed
on the Republican ballot In the gen
eral election in Novombor.
Further reassuring news regarding
Nicaragua was received at the navy
department In a message from Ad
miral Southerland, commander In
chief of the 'United States forces
Fierce torrldlty again prevailed over
the Middle st, causing numerous
deaths and general suffering. Four
persons died of sunstroke In Chicago,
and there were a score of prostra
tions. The .death ,rnte among babies
continues abnormally high.
Tho report that a man nt Petmorc,
Kas., attending horses afflicted with
the disease that has caused the deaths
of thousands of horses in Kansas dur
ing the last fow weeks, has taken sick
with all the symptoms of spinal men
ingitis, caused S. J. Crumblne, secre
tary of tho Kansas board of health,
to hurry there.
It Is stated on tho highest authority
that no paper written or dictated and
signed by Theodoro Roosevelt and re
ferring directly or Indirectly to any
:ampalgn. has been found among the
papers left by Cornelius N. Bliss, who
wns treasurer of the Republican na
tional commltteo In 1001.
Col. Theodore Roosevelt Is expected
to appear October 2 or 3 before the
special senate committee investigat
ing campaign contributions to testify
regarding the allegations of John D.
Archbold and Senator PenroBO that
tho Standard Oil company gave $100,
000 to tho Republican national com
mltteo of 1004 with his approval.
Chairman Clnpp has been Informed
unofficially that tho colonel's speaking
1atcs will bring him East about that
Lieut. Oen. Arthur MacArthur, U.
3. A., retired, foil dead at Milwaukee,
the victim of an apoplectic utroko nt
a banquet of tho Twenty-fourth Wis
consin, the regiment he commanded
In tho civil war.
In overruling a demurror Interposed
by Armour & Co. in a damage suit
brought by Sophia Kelterer, who al
leged that she had been poisoned by
trichina-Infected pork, prepared by the
defendant, Judgo Noyes iu tho United
States district court at Now York,
ruled that the packer, not tho middle
man or retailer, is responsible.
Equipped with 120 rifles and 00,000
roundB of ammunition, shipped to
Douglas, Ariz,, an organized body of
cowboys was prepared to move at a
moment's notice into Hononi, where
Amerlcaus are said to be gravely Im
periled. Three thousand miners or that part
of tho Kanawha coal district which is
not undor martial law aro coming to
the statchouse at Charleston, W. Va.,
to make a demonstration against the
guard system, In bohalf of tho men
who are striking, They will nun
through tho streets of Charleston, led
by "Mother" Jones.
WUIIo general frosts were reported
trom Nevada, Utah and Idaho, and a
:old wavo blanketing all of Alberta,
Chicago and practically all of tho Mid
Jlo West Is staggering under .an op
pressive heat wave. Government fore
;asters say there Is no relief In sight.
The Bull Moose state ticket ran
third Iu tho Vermont Btato election
Tuesday. Tho Republican ticket car
fled tho state by a plurality of be
tween 5,000 and J0,000, but tho choice
)f a governor waB thrown Into the
cglslaturo, no candidate having a ma
lorlty voto, as required by the Ver
mont law. Tho legislature will bo Re
publican, thus Insuring the election of
Mlcp M., Fletcher as governor and
.he remainder of tho state ticket.
Due to thirteen cases of Infantllu
paralysis, churches at I.oroy, 111,, have
oetn ordered closed and schools uu.i
jeudsd Indefinitely
DACQ nsi
j u ii i i u I nuu un
Jurists Also Expected to Further In
terpret Antitrust Statute Va
njj. Wtit ' lnde Advjso-.
ment During Summer.
Washington. The early return to
Washington of members of the su
preme court of tho United States la
taken to indicate the disposition of
Important cases shortly after court
convenes In October. Justice McKon
na Is now In New York on his way
hack from a trip abroad, while Chief
Justice White and three or four other
members of tho court are expected to
be In Washington at least two woeks
before tho court convenes.
More than fifty cases wero under
advisement by the court when It ad
journed In .Tune. Many of these prob
ably will bo dslposed of on tho first
decision day. Others, which have
been the subject of review and study
during the vacation, may requlro fur
ther consideration In the conference
room after tho court begins Its regu
lar sessions, October 14.
To Pass on 2-Cent Rate.
Most of tho cases under advisement
aro stato rate cases. On these decis
ions rest In largo measure tho author
ity of tho Btates ovor local railroad
rates. For the first time the Bupreme
court will pass on tho validity of 2
cent passenger rate laws.
Since about 1907, when 2-cent fnres
becamo popular with legislators, the
railroads have complained that tho
rates wero confiscatory and placed a
burden on Interstate, which properly
belonged on Intrastate commerce. Ob
jections of.tho samo nature have been
mado to maximum freight-rate laws
adopted In a number of states.
Tho decisions will affect directly
tho rate laws In Missouri, West Vir
ginia, Oregon, Minnesota, Kentucky
and Arkansas. Many other states aro
concerned Indirectly.
"Trust" Cases Considered.
Further far-reaching Interpretation
of the Sherman anti-trust law is an
ticipated early In tho term. During
tho summer tho court hns had under
advisement a number of "trust" caBes.
Among these la the "hard coal case,"
In which the railroads of the Pennsyl
vania anthracite coal region aro
charged by tho government with hav
ing affected an Illegal combination to
monopolize tho transportation and sale
of anthracite coal.
In tho West tho Union Pacific mer
ger with the Southern Pacific has
been attacked as a violation of the
Sherman antt-trust law. and this case
may bo ready for decision In October.
U. S. May Intervene.
Washington. Intervention in Mex
ico and the possibility of President
Taft calling n special session of con
gross to determine whothor American
troops should bo sent across tho lino
were widely discussed here by public
men and In diplomatic circles. It la
known tho government has been
pressed on many sides to take such a
step, and various accounts of what in
fluences wero being brought to bear
and the objects sought to bo accom
plished are related among thoao Inter
ested on both Bides of the question.
Motorcyclist and 5 Killed.
Npwark, N. J. b'ddlo Haslia, of
Waco, Tex., holder of several world's
records for motorcycle racing, plunged
over tho rail of the course In the
Newark motordrome Into a crowd,
causing the death of six persons, in
cluding himself, whllo six are dying
and thirteen nro badly injured.
Sailor Creates Sensation.
Paris, France. Maurice Forenz, an
old Bailor, created a mild Bonsatlon at
Parla by giving an exhibition In the
Seine of a slrnpl" apparatus h" has In
vented which enables him to remain
undor water a long time without suf
fering apparently tho slightest Incon
venience. Teachers Told to Use Slang.
Scranton, Pa. 'Uso slang to Inter
est tho children, not highbrow Eng
lish." Prof. J. C. Stone, Montclalr
normal school head, told this to tho
Scranton school teachers' Institute.
Minimum Wage Is Demanded,
Newport, Wales. Tho Trades Union
congress horo resolved unanimously
to demand a law fixing 30 shillings,
or about $7.50, weekly as tho mini
mum wage for adult workers.
Johnson Tours Michigan.
Grand Rapids, Michigan. Start
ing from Detroit, Gov. Johnson of Cal
ifornia mado a flying trip through
Michigan on a special train, deliver
ing seven speeches and an address
35 Hurt In Wreck.
Cleveland, O. Thlrty-flvo persons
wero Injured, five seriously, when t
ppeclal Lnko Shore electric car, with
a trailer attached, crashed into n
brewery truck nt Stop 13, four miles
wotst of Rocky Rlycr, near here.
Commission Decides to Change Date
From Sept. 17 to Oct 1.
Jefferson City. Tho final competi
tion to secure a design and an nrchl
tect for the new ctate capltol building
will bo extended by tho capltol com
mission at tho request of the ten con
testants from September 10, tho date
orlglnnlly fixed, to October 1.
Tho architects competing, according
to members of tho commission, have
vrltten nsklng for tv, j weeks addi
tional tUuo.uvoa-Ujioeuu they will
bo unable to finish their drawings by
September 16. The commission at its
meeting next Wednesday will formal
ly extend tho tlmo for tho completion
of tho plans to October 1.
An ndvlnory Jury of architects will
be appointed nt the board's meeting
next Wednesday to examine tho ton
plans to be submitted In the competi
tion and determine which Is best. Tho
successful contestant will be appoint
ed as architect for the now state
house, which the other nine will bo
awarded $1,000 each to ropay them
for their trouble.
Carthage Residents Take Law In Own
Hands When Police Dept. Falls.
Carthage. Depredations committed
by n band of robbers has thoroughly
aroused the citizens of till sclty, and
175 armed men, members of tho Antl
Horso Thief association, are patrolling
the streets, parks and railroad yards.
No arrests had been made, but sev
eral suspects were deUilned tompora
rlly. Last week a dozen residences wore
entered and valuables and money
taken. The local otlicers were unable
to locate the robbers and citizens have
taken tho matter in hand. Squads of
armed citizens patrolled tho city, but
in spite of their vigllanco the rcsl
denco of R. H. Craln, ex-county col
lector, on Blanche street, was entered
and robbed.
Republican Candidates Quit Race.
Jefferson City. Secretary of State
Roach has received tho resignation of
D. K. Greer of Sikcston as a candl
date for stato auditor on tho Republl
can ticket, and requests that his name
be not printed on tho official ballot
afl such candidate. Tho withdrawal
Is a formal one and' gives no reason
It Is reported that ho withdraws to
accopt the nomination for tho same
office on the Bull Moose otate tlckot.
J. H. Mason of Springfield, present
prosecuting attorney of Green county,
and regular nominee on the Republi
can ticket for attorney general, has
withdrawn from the raco as a Repub
lican, and said he hoped to be nomi
nated by tho Progressive convention.
President of Editors Weds.
Fulton. Ovid Bell, president of the
Missouri Press association and editor
of tho Fulton Gnzete. was mnnled to
Miss Maudo Hall at the homo of tho
brldo In Rochoport, Mo., Rev. Madison
of Columbia officiating. They have
gone to tho Wisconsin lakes on a
honeymoon trip. Tho brldo Is a daugh
ter of James C. Hall, cashier of tho
People's bank at Rocheport. She was
eilucated In Stephens and Christian
college at Columbia, and studied mu
sic In Lelpslc, Germany, and has been
a piano teacher In William Woods col
lege In this city for tho last several
Little Girl Attacks Bull.
Walker. Seizing a largo club and
rushing Into a barn lot on a farm near
here, whore a bull was In the act ol
goring her mothor to death, Elizabeth
Morrill, 14 yoars old, fought oft the
animal and saved the Ufa of Mrs,
Belle Merrill. Mrs. Merrill had en
tered tho lot to milk a cow, when tho
bull attacked her.
Runaway Fatal to Woman.
Kansas City. Mrs. Ellen Robinson,
aged 50, was thrown Into a barbed
wlro fenco and killed, and John 11.
Funk, a building contractor, was dan
gerously Injured when their horse,
frightened by a speeding automobile,
ovei turned their buggy on n country
Student Drowns In Lake.
Odessa. Walter Burdhardt, aged 22
years, of Trinidad, O., a Btudent and
brother-in-law of Prof. Lardnor ol
Northwestern university of Evanston,
111., was drowned In Lako Venlta near
horo. Burkhardt was cashier of the
Redpath-Vawter Chautauqua systom,
Two Mlssourlans Drown Wading.
Meadvillo. Miss Maudo Phelps, a
Bchool teacher, and Herbert Hum
phrey, a young farmer, were drowned
near Moadvllle whllo wading In Grand
river, The two weor members of a
plculc party. All woro in wading, and
the victims stopped into a bole and
went down.
College Professor, 70, Tries Suicide.
Louisiana. Homer Balrd, 70 years
old, cut his throat and severed his
wrist hero, with suicidal intent. He
used a razor, and tho chances for his
recovery are Blight. Ho was formerly
a professor nt Blair college. The rea
son for his attempt at sulcldo bus nut
been learned.
Gentry Is Reappointed.
Jofforaon City. Governor Hadley
reappointed, W, T. Gbutry of Sedalla,
aa a member of tho state board ol
aerlculturo for the Sovoutb district.
Myiarchus Crinitus Is
WASHINGTON. The department of
ngrlculturo, In a long biolog
ical treatise, whatover that 1b, claims
credit for discovering tho ono omniv
orous fly swatter of tho country. Of
courso tho department doesn't call It
that. It Is known by a long sclontlfla
nomenclature, printed In Italic. Trans
lated, this devolves Itself Into "fly
catcher," or words to that effect.
Tho "catcher," according to the de
partment's experts, Is widely different
from tho generally accepted "swat
tor." It la a long, thin-shanked bird
about tho size of n robin, and wenrs
a tuft of black feathers In tho gen
eral vicinity of Its wishbone.
Tho best thing this bird, tho "great
crested fly catcher," they call It, doeB,
Is sit on a fenco rail and survoy th
landscape. This It docs dolefully nnd
without enthusiasm. By nnd by n
tly or some other Insect comes Hying
along. A short spurt, a click of a
pointed beak, and it Is exit Insect.
Tho pamphlet issued by "Tama
Jim" Wilson's department contains n
study of tho llfo and habits of the
great American fly catcher. Depart
mental experts, on adventure bent,
west forth Into the rural sections
Ban on Kissing One's
UtV YOU kiss your wife in Glen
I Echo park on Sunday you will
lose five pounds of tobacco.
"It you klsa somo other man's wife
It will coBt you your life."
This was tho disconsolate wait of
Manager Schloss of the park tho other
"What Is tho 'trouble, Mr. SchlossT"
ho was asked.
"Guess," said tho manager.
"Blue laws?"
"Righto," said Mr. Schloss, as cheer
fully as a crutch.
Schloss Ib aggrloved that Mont
gomery county Is now playing In tho
Bluo Law league, and ho says it hurts
tho batting average of tho park.
"Why, Just think; there wns a time
not so far distant, when tho turn
Btlles at tho amusement places
clicked until they resembled tho ex
hnuBt of a motor boat.
"But them was tho halcyon days,"
ho muttered. "It used to bo that tho
band crashed out tho airs that mode
tho crowd forget that thoy had 'noth
ing to do till tomorrow.' Now the
band plnys only one air that keeps
the crowd."
"What Is It, Mr. SchlosB?"
" 'Abldo With Me.' "
This littlo conversation with the
manager took place Just after Sheriff
Turn a Bright Searchlight on Capital Spooners
IT O more spooning on tho upper
ll decks in tho dark cornors," la
tho edict that has gono out from tho
offices of tho St. John and the Charles
MacAlastor, two pleasure boats that
ply tho Potomac river between Wash
ington and Marshall Hall.
"Stop promiscuous hugging, kiss
ing and flirting on the approaches to
the capltol," Ib an order Issued to
capltol policemen.
Tho now rules on tho St. John and
tho Charles MacAlastor prohibit klsa
log of all kinds tho ordinary catch
as catch can, as well as the soul klso,
which becomes on endurance contest.
Tho rules also prohibit.
"Embracing, means a slight squeeze
or the grapplo of tho to-have-and-to
hold kind.
Government Is Willing
THERE baa been found a man who
not only wants bedbugs, bnt is
willing to pay five cents each for them
It delivered alive.
This unique domand comes trom O.
M. Zlmmor, superintendent of the
United Statos agricultural experiment
station at Vienna, Va, He has hung
out a sign advertising tho fact that
bedbugs aro worth just a nickel a
ploce at his establishment, and prom
ises to buy all that aro offorcd up to
the value ot 5. Strango to Bay, Mr.
Zlmmer has boen unablo horetotore to
buy all tho bedbuga ho doslres for his
purpose, which is to oet thom to work
oxterrainntlng another tnscct which la
destroying an orchard on tho experi
mental farm. It Ib believed that tho
residents of Virginia aro shy about, ad
mitting that they nro familiar with
the habitat ot bedbugs by bringing
fn any captives, even at tho prlco of
five cents each.
Tha vosloDica ita&ftrUnent, ou Ute
Champion Bug Catcher
armod with butterfly nets nnd six
shooters and captured a large number
of theso desperate birds, thereby
causing n largo Increase In the fly
population. Bringing tho birds to
Washington In cold storage, tho Btom
acha of some 3,398 -were examined.
Theso stomachs, according to the re
port, wero about flvo per ccnL stom
ach and 94.09 per cent, obnoxious In
flects. Or, at least, the 94.99 per cent,
thing represents the portion of obnox
ious insects on their dally bill of faro.
Whether they take them a la carte
or tablo d'hoto was not dwelt upon
In tho report.
There nro seventeen specie of theso
birds. Tho nggrcato benfltn of their
depopulation of tho Insect kingdom
aro enormous. Under theso conditions
fnrmera will hardly begrudge them
tho 5.1 per cent of vcgotnblo food thoy
filch from the cherry and grain crops.
But Insect killing Ib only ono of the
fly-catcher's accomplishments. Ha la
tho bravest bird In tho air, and fear
lessly attacks crows and hawks many
times his size. He will assail n linwk
In midair and follow him for miles.
Tho great falcon, too cowardly to
fight nnd too slow to dodge, can only
put on full speed nnd leave tho coun
try. In this way fly-catchers aro a
great boneflt to tho poultry raisers.
This great crested lly-catcher, bj
tho way. Is a bird of marked Individ
uality. Like other bold creatures, ho
Is something of a grafter, and fre
quently drives bluebirds nnd wood
peckers from their nests that ho may
uso thorn himself.
Wife at Park Resort
Howard of Montgomery county gnve
an imitation of making an arrest.
When tho sheriff had finished his lit
tle act bo had four violators. They
were Mlsa Orrlo Smith and Viola Col
lins, ticket sellers, nnd Clssel Hus
band, Who operates n "wicked" mer
ry-go-round, and Leroy Hill, who run
tho mlnlaturo railroad.
Sheriff Howard personally had col
lected ovldonco against the roeort.
His methods would have done credit
to Sherlock Holmes, Ho purchased
tlckctB and took n ride.
There may havo been dryer places
In tho world than Glen Echo, but thoy
aro not mentioned in tho afternoon
meetings of tho Dorcas society. II
any fellow took his girl to tho park
expecting to cut up and buy lemon
ado or soda pop, ho gets caught steal
ing second. Rockofellor could not
havo bought n wet glass. Tho Sahara
doBort was a cloudburst compared
with tho park.
"Such phrases as 'Baby Doll,' 'Dear
ie,' and 'Honey Boy.'
"Holding hnnds, If tho grasp Ib not
too tight, and the rostlng of tho arm
on tho back of tho chair occupied by
the object of Its affection, aro per
mitted." "Break away, there," Is Uio com
mand given by tho officers on tho St,
John nnd tho Charles MacAlaster, and
at tho capltol, when thoy corao upon
spooning couples. If tho order Is not
obeyed, a very brilliant searchlight
Is turned on tho guilty persons.
For mnny years dark spota about
tho approaches to tho capltol have
been usod by courting couples, It was
not unusual to seo as many as 25
couples hugging at onco in tho cozy
nooks that flank tho senate nnd house
wings of tho building. Tho officers will
try to check this. There Is no objec
tion, thoy say, to gentle cooing of tho
turtlo dove variety, but when it comes
to going Into an embraco that lasts,
they cull u halt.
Tho river men nnd tho capltol offl
ccra caught the nplrlt of reform about
tho same time.
to Pay Money for Bugs
, Off ffChT HE'U
othor hand, Ib opposed to bug conser
vation, and Is seeking somo mothod of
exterminating "water bugs." It boa
been found that water bugs have an
nbnormal nppetlto for the glue on
pontago stamps, and are rapidly con
suming tho "atlckum" In many post,
offices. Tho uso of polaon is not al
lowed, because of tho danger to hu
man bclnca who are nnmmnmfi n
molBton their stamps by licking them.
iNeuncr uo mo autnoritles dnro to
turn looso In tho postofflcea any bug
enemy cf tho water bur. rnnmnnnnt.
ly, thoy nro In a quandary and would
l'ko havo somo one point the way
At First Universal Symbol Was Token
of Submission nnd Respect
For Enemy.
Perhnps you havo noticed '.hat when
ever a prominent person dies, espe
cially if he Is connected with tho gov
ernment, the flags on publlo build
ings aro hoisted only part of the way
up, remarks the Toronto Mall and Ex
press. This Is called "halt mast." Did
you ever atop to think what connec
tion there could be between a flag
that was not properly hoisted and the
death of a great man?
Ever Blnce flags wore tiBcd Iu war It
has been the custom to have the flag
ot the BUperlor or conquering nation
above that of tho inferior or vanquish
ed. When an army found Itself hope
lessly heuten It hauled ltt flag down
Tar enough for the flag of tho vlctora
to bo placed above It on tho name
pole. This waa a token not only of
submission, but ot respect.
In those days when n famous sol
dier died flags wero lowered out of
respect to his memory. The custom
long ago paused from purely mili
tary usage to public llfo of all klnda,
the flag tlylug at half mast being a
sign that tho dead man was worthy
of universal respect. The space loft
above It is for tho flag of tho great
conqueorr of all tho angel of death.
Motor Care and Mosquitoes.
Mosquitoes, (Ilea and gnats ot over?
descrptlon aro said to be more numer
ous In Paris this year than ever be
fore. It has become a veritable in
vasion. Tho explanation usually giv
en Is that tho swallows aro much few
or this summer, nnd also that the
ubiquitous sparrow is notably on tho
decrease. Nobody can find a reason
for the desertion of the swallows, but
th reason of tho scarcity of spar
rows is not far to seek. The enemy
Is mechanical traction, which is sup
planting the use of tho horso. Boforw
long hcrses will practically have dis
appeared in Paris nnd when their
nosebags go there will disappear one
of tho principal staples of food for tho
Paris "plerrot," who is taking wing for
die country 'in search of tho grains
on the boulevards and avenue,
on the boulevard and avenues.
Adulation Pleased Rousseau.
Rousseau, whose bicentenary cele
bration occasioned a riot in Paris the
othor day, created u sensation when
he visited England In 1766. "Rousseau
and his Armenian dress," wrote Lord
Charlemont, "were followed by
crowds when he first arrived In Lon
don, nnd as long as this species of
admiration lasted he was contented
and happy. Garrick' not only gave a
supper in his honor, but played two
characters specially to pleaso him.
Rousseau was highly .gratified, bnt
Mrs. Garrick declared that she had
never spent a more unpleasant eve
ning In her life, the philosopher be
ing so anxious to display himself,
and hanging over the front of the
box so much, that she was obliged to
hold him by tho Bklrts of his coat to
prevent him from falling over Into
the pit."
i ne uove in riction ana Life.
A periodical devoted to tho drama
pleads for plays based on some emo
tion other than love. Tho difficulty In
producing such plays Is that every
play must have n hero, and In mak
ing a hero the playwright, as well as
hla audience, almost Inevitably adopta
J.h view expressed 2,000 years ago by
a iscrlbblor of the dead wall of Pom
pell: "Ho who has nover loved a
woman is not a gentleman."
Triumph of Machine Building.
English engineers havo succeeded
In building a paper making machine
that will turn out 050 feet of newspa
per, 175 Inches wide, a minute.
If ou would, win life's battlo you
must be a hard hitter and a roor quit
Good Food the True Road to Health.
The pernicious habit somo persona
Btlll have of relying on nauseous druj;3
to relievo stomach trouble keeps up
tho patent medicine business and helps
keep up the army of dyspeptics.
Indigestion dyspepsia Is caused
by what Is put Into tho stomach In the
way of Improper food, tho )lnd that
bo taxes tho strength ot tho digestive
organs they nro actually crlpplod.
When thla Btate la roached, to resort
to tonics Ib Hko whipping a tired
hor&o vlth u big load. Kvery addi
tional effort ho makes under the lash
diminishes his power to move tho
Try helping tho stomach by leaving
off heavy, greasy, lndlgCBtlblo food
nnd take on Grape-Nuts light, easily
digested, full of strength for nerves
and brain, In every grain of It. There's
no wasto of tlmo nor energy when
Grnpo-Nuta la tho food,
"I am an enthusiastic user of Grape
Nuts and consider It nn ideal food."
writes a Maine man:
"I had nervous dyspepsia and wn
all run down and my food seemed to
do mo but little good. From reading
an advertisement I tried Grape-Nuts
food, and, nfter a fow weeks' Bteadr
uso of It, felt greatly Improved.
"Am much stronger, not norviua
now, and can do more work, .inout
feeling so tired, nnd am belter overr
"I relish Grape-Nuts best wlh creana
and uso four heaping teaspoonfuls na
tho cereal part of a meal. I am aura
mere are thousands of persons with
stomach troublo who would bo beno-i
filed by using Grnne-Nuts." nmq glv.
en by Postum Co., Battle Crcelr, Mich.
Read tho littlo book, "The Road to
Wellvlllc," In pk68. "Thero'a a rea
son," KTrr rrail ike nbuva Irttcrr A a,w
aani from tint to tin. Tv5

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