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In Tabloid Form
Aflcr years of nhnost complete pa
ralyslc, Joseph Chamberlain, whosa
mind ban remained alort until now, ia
linking fast nml the enii may coma
any day.
I-wac William Hand of Smithfield,
N. C, a freshman at the University of
North Carolina, was killed while being
-hazed, , , ., -
Drussed. as' man, half a dozen worn,
an of Clnrksvlflc, 0 , aftor warning an
lS-ycnr-old girl to leave tho village,
caught hnr on the road after dark,
stripped her of her clothing and gavo
her a coa- of tar.
A strike of 2,000 men ongagod In
(he building trades in Cincinnati was
ordered as a result of strife between
the International Association of
Steamlltters and the United Associa
tion of I'lumbers.
Living wages for working girls am
to be demanded by Chicago womon,
A concerted movement to compel a
drastic change in tho condition of
shopgirls In the city was launched
At Chicago, Fred Clgranz was or
tiered held to the grand jury by tho
ccioner's Jury which investigated the
death of Arthur ("Bugs") Kaymond,
(oui.d dead in a hotel.
Ancient traditions and religious
rites mingled with modern diplomatic
pageantry when the ceremonies at
tending 'the burial of tho late Emperor
Matsuhlto, who died on July 30, were
Inaugurated at Toklo, Japan.
That the Incomo of the Grand Army
of the Republic was growing less and
less each year and that an Increase in
tho per capita tax from ZVt cents to
6 cents would be necessary In order
to ralsn funds sufficient to meet de
mands, was tho report filed by Quar
termaster General Stowltz at the na
tional encampment of the G. A. R. at
3nn Francisco,
The White Star company announces
that Its now 50,000-ton steamer will
lie named Britannic, it will have a
complete inner skin and the bulk
heads will bo Increased. It will be
capable of floating with six compart
ments flooded.
The 8,000 residents of Douglas, Arl
toua, aro lined along tho international
border in places of vantage to watch
the attack on tho llttlo town of Agua
Prleta, just across the line, by rebols
under Gen. Rojas.
Gen. W. W. Gordon, brigadier gen
eral In the Spanish-American war and
Confederate veteran, died at White
3ulphur Springs, W. Va. Gen. Got
ion served tho Confederacy as an offi
cer In Stuart's cavalry and lu tho In
fantry. Harry A. Taylor, president of the
IlllnolK Coal Operators' association,
ind presldont of tho Monon Coal com
pany, was seriously Injured and his
wife killed in an automobile accident
in Canada.
Ten thousand veterans with their
rvlvcs and friends crowded Shrine
Auditorium to wltnesi the seml-offl-Dial
opening of tho forty-sixth annual
sncampment of the Grand Army of
tho Republic at Los Angeles, Cat.
Twenty persons wero killed and
thirty Injured when a bomb was ex
ploded in the market at Dolran, Mace
donia. Tho outrage waB tho work of
anti-Turkish plotters.
John Farley, aged 11, and John
Haimburger, aged 12, who killed Joey
Tlmmerman, aged 4, throe weeks ago,
ftt Kansas City, wero paroled lu tho
luvenlle court. They w ere 'placed un
der the guardianship of a probation
officer and will bo sent to a private
"Vlljalmar Stofanssen, aftor spend
ing more than four years lu an Arctic
ixpedltlon, returned to Soattlo by
steamer from Nome, Alaska, and told
of his probable discovery of the de
scendants of the Scandinavian col
onists of Greenland, who wero last
hoard of lu t412.
More than 40,000 aro dead as tho
result of a typhoon, combined with
torrential rains and high tides, which
occurred August 20, Is reported In
mall advices Just received from Won
Chow, in tho' province of Cheklaug.
Returns show that Maine turned
back to tho Republican party In the
stato election. William T. Haines of
Watervllle was elected governor over
Qov. Frederick Plaisted, his Demo
cratic opponent,,
Two Turks made what presumably
was a trial flight with the Italian aero
plane thoy captured recently from
Capt. Molzo, tho' Btopplng of whoso
motor forced him to descend while
flying nt Tripoli from Zura.
Another double aviation fatality, tho
second wlthiu a week, occurred to
members of tho army flying corps,
when Lieut. C. A. Pottlngton " andj
Lieut. E. Hotchklss, both of whom had
lust been given commissions on pro
bation, worq killed while flying past
Wolvercoto, Eng.
Stirred by tho domands of thu
United States the Madero govern
ment assured the stoto department
that 500 troops would be sent to tho
relief of tho boleaguored Americans
at Cannnea, Sonora, to relnforco the
garrison thcro against attacks of Sa
lazar's rebels.
American marines occupied tho
town of Masaya. Reslotanco is bo
lloved possible when thy attempt to
take Granada from the rebala, as
Martin Thompson, his wlfo and In
f.nit son wen; found murdered at their
homo sovcral miles southeast of Ccuu
ill Bluffs, la. Tho hoada of tho three
victims had been crushed, yrobably
while they slept.
Gcucral Nogl, hero of tho Russlnn
Japanese war, and his wife committed
suicide at Toklo, Japan. Both Nogl
and his wlfo stabbed themselves to
death over tho death of the lato em
peror. In the fourth rare, the free-for-nll
pace, Grand Circuit races, at Syracuse,
N. Y the bay more. Evelyn W, paced
tho two heats In 2:02Vj and 2:0014.
Those heats break the wot Id's rec
ords. Arguments wero made before Ex
aminer Elder of tho Interstate com
merce cnmmisslou. at Chicago on sus
pended lnci4?:ivcoal jitles n the
Chicago, Burlington & Qulncy railroad
from Springfield, HI., to Clinton, la.
The attack of Inez Salnzar's rebela
on El Tlgre ended lu a repulse of thu
rebels by tho small band of federals
garrisoning the camp.
Tho United States Is about U In
I'ervcno In Santo Domingo. Warships
will be dispatched at once to the lsl
and. A revolution has broken out
which threatens American and other
foreign Interests.
Gov. S. E. Baldwin was nominated
by tho Connecticut Democratic state
convention. Lyman Tlnger was noml
nrted for lieutenant governor.
Burton W. Gibson, the Now York
lawyer whose client, Mrs. Ruscna
Menschlk Szabo, lost her life when
boating with him on Greenwood lake,
New York, on July 15, wns taken Into
custody on a warrant charging Gibson
with murder In tho first, degree.
Following a clash between the civil
authorities of Douglas, Ariz., and 50
negro United States cavalrymen, tho
troopers wero disarmed by tho of
ficers and grave trouble was narrowly
In New York receivers woro np
pointed for tho United Statos Motors
company, a $-12,500,000 holding cor
puratfon organized In 1008 to control
ten automobile and gas engine manu
fanturlng companies.
Dr. D. F. Dumns, prominent politi
cian aild former mayor of Cass Lake,
Minn., convicted of attempted arson
In the third degree and sentenced to
not more than threo and a half years
at hard labor, entered tho Minnesota
Tho white wlfo of Jack Johnson, a
negro, heavyweight champion pugilist
of the world, shot herself through the
head in the couple's apartments In
Chicago. She aald she was tired of
being a social outcast.
Jusllco Blshoff In the' Now York
supremo court granted Police Lieu
tenant Becker a stay until October 1,
and also granted the motion of hi
attorney, John F. Mclntyre, for i
commission to take testimony la Hot
Springs, Ark.
Archbishop Ireland entered upon
his seventy-Hfth year and the occa
slon was marked by tho receipt of a
number or congratulatory messages
from friends throughout the country,
Lieut. Slebert, an aerial scout lu
the German war game near Dresden,
Germany, was fatally Injured by the
falling of his aeroplane. Kaiser Wll
helm, who umpired the war game,
witnessed the fall.
While flying off Bhore near Patrag
Grceoe, Aviator Karamunlakls fell
Into the sea and was drowned.
The Hamburg steamship Kamerum
is a total wreck on the Llberian coast
according to a dispatch at Lloyds
Tho passengers and crew were ros
Authority was telegraphed to army
officers on the Mexican border to nor
rult l.SoO Mexican troopB to come into
El l'aso from Juarez, thence to en
train for some point in Arizona, so
that they might cross Into Sonora for
a concentrated attnek on tho robot
bands of Orozco and Halaiur.
Members of the American Bankers'
association, in session at Detroit
Mich., divided ovor the best course to
pursue with referenco to currency re
Rear Admiral Southerland, in com
mand of the American forces in Nlca
rngua, Informed the navy department
that tho revolution there was over.
A general primary election was held
lu Arizona. From all points como re
ports of a very light vote. Tho only
contests are over Democratic presl
dentlal electors.
The Arkansas state-wide prohibition
act was defeated by 10,000 majority.
Bulgaria bus sent un ultimatum to
the powers, says a Bpecla! to tho
Frankfurter Gazette, to the effoct that
unless Turkey grants autonomy to
Macedonia a Turko-Bulgarlun war is
Declaring themselves disgusted with
the wrangling within the Republican
party, tho women members of the par
ty In Idaho announced thoy would put
a comploto state ticket lu tho Hold to
oppose the men at the polls this fall.
uscar a. Straus win romaiu as
chairman of tho board of arbitration
which will settle tho wago dlsputo be
tween tho engineers and tho railroads
In tho Eastern trunk lino territory
This was announced, following
meeting of tho arbitration committee
Rev, H. Qrefe, pastor of tho Luth
eran church In Uormantown, la., -was
burned to death before tho eyes of bis
children and several other persons
whllo pinned beneath a, wrecked mo
tor car.
For tho first time, a Roman Cats
olio prlost sued tor and won fees fo
a requiem hibbs whon Father Taaffo
of St, Patrick's church, at Brooklyn,
was grunted 132.63 by Justice Calla
NIckol Plato naasoiiKor train No.
was' wreckod about n mile east of
Erie. One was killed and thirty In
-r- .
Motor Craft Starts- to Rescue, but Is
Swamped Baforq, Reaching Lnda
jwftrnft eV TS-"nc In
Vessel Could Swim!'
t i.k ago. Thirteen young men, re
cruits at tho United States naval
training station at North Chicago,
lost their lives lu a Lako Michigan
tragedy which In many respects has
no parallel, when a cutter was
swnmped on a sandbar In a forty-mile-mi-hour
galo. All but ono of them
wore nblo to swim and yet thoy were
drowned within 300 yards of shore.
Tho cutter, which was attached to
tho station, held twenty flvo men.
Soven bodlos have been recovered,
while six members of tho cutter's
crow aro missing. It Is believed that
their bodies have been carried out
into tho lako by tho tremendous force
of the galo.
Motor Boat Is Swamped.
Capt, AV. F. Fullam, commandant
of tho naval training station, saw tho
danger of the apprentices from his
headquarters and sent a motor boat
to tho rescue, but this craft was cap
sized boforo It had gono far and the
mon In charge of It were obliged to
Bwlm back to shore.
Later n forco of men was sent along
tho shoro to whero tho cutter had
been wrecked and every effort was
made to rescim the apprentices.
rho thirteen young men who lost
their lives wero new recruits at the
training station. They wero known
only as "privates."
Thoy were: Patton, Camlnan,
Winkler, Hnrlon, Wallace, Cooke,
Stanley, Jackson, Storman, Fullen,
Puloon, Southworth and Field.
Accident Seen From Pier.
Most of tho drowned men, it is be
lieved, camo from the Middle West.
Tho accident occurred within view
of a number of men and women who
had crowded to the' hike bluff pier
whon tho first news of tho boat's
plight was heralded. The furious galo
that was blowing from the northeast
had whipped thu water of tho lake
into such enormous billows that res
cue was Impossible.
Tho party left tho training station
shortly nfter 2 o'clock lu charge of
Negls, and after cruising about until
4 o'clock the cutter was hoaded for
North Chicago.
Haywood Held on Old Charge.
Boston, Mass. William D. Haywood
of Denver, general organizer of tho
Industrial Workers of tho World, was
arrested hero on a capias warrant Is
sued as tho result of an indictment
by tho Essex county grand Jury,
charging htm with conspiracy in con
nection with the strlko of textile
workers In Lawrenco last winter. He
was released on ?1,000 bond.
Hazers' Victim Dies.
Chapel Hill, N. C Isaac William
Rand of Smithfield, N. C, a freshman
at tho University of North Cnrollnn,
was klllod when being put through a
hazing prank. Four sophomore stu
dents wero held by tho coroner In
$5,000 ball each for causing his death
Betrays Virginia Murderer.
Des Moines, Ia. Botrayed by hla
sweetheart, Wesley Kdwards and his
undo, SIdna Allen, two of tho band
that Bhot up the Carroll county (Va.)
courthouse, killing Judge Massle and
four others, woro captured hero by
CotectlveB from Roanoke, Va.
Andre Buoy Picked Up.
Tromsoe, Norway. The Norwegian
steamer Beta, which sailed September
1 from Foreland Sound, Spltzbergen,
has arrived hero. She reports having
picked up n buoy marked "Andre's
North Polo Expedition, 1S57; No. 10
Texan Assassinates Enemy.
Amaralllo, Tex. John Bcall Suead,
slayer of Capt. A. Q. Boyce, Bhot and
killed Al G. Boyco In tho presonco of
tho pastor of a local church. Boyco
several months ago ran away with
Sncad'a wlfo and was trailed to Can
Mexico to Fight Big Claim.
Now York, Tho government of
Mexico has no intention of yloldlng
without a hard legal fight to tho Now
York syndicate which recently pur
chased $105,000,000 Maiming and Mc
intosh claim against tho republic.
Snow In Denver.
Denver, Colo. Snow fell in central
Colorado nnd parts of Wyoming,
More than threo Inches fell In Don
ver. A cold rain foil ovor both states
during tho night, changing to snow
about daybreak.
EusDonie Kills Man.
Wnxahatchlo, Tox. Andy Ellis, a
butcher, 40 ycarB old, fell dead from
euspenso whllo watching for thieves
at cattle pens here. A deputy ut his
Eldo whispered, "They ro coming," and
Kins succumbed,
Report of Missionary Board Received
and Resolution of Thanks Adopt
ed at Conference.
Sholblnn, Mo. Bishop Mouznu an
nounced tho appointments for tho
Methodist Conference South for Mis
Bouri, prior to tho adjournment of the
conforonco which has been in session
Tho appointments follow:
Kiiyett Dlntrlct A, I'. Johnson. Pre
MlillUK Klder. Al intuiting Hint Ion. 1-'. It.
.'utce; Anhlrtlid 'J 1 1 Cull, ('. II. Newnuin;
Clark mm CmpjT. u Y Ul-iii; Clifton
1. W. Tmllcitlt; iTolfirrililii (.Mrrult. (J. JC.
muuink; u.illon mui Aaiuuy, A. . . swr
inilnt, Fitycttu Ktiitlou, l. M Akcr; Kny
ctti! I'licnll, O. 10. I.ockliart, (llu5Kw
Hliillon, ('. Swan: HlKlieo Circuit. W.
1,. llnltj(rnl!in, ituuiHVllli) HtHllon, it. L.
IMVla, Hunt.iUUu Circuit. A. U. CofN
mn n HiinnU . Kcltsvlllc Htntlon. C. O.
ltiumfonl. Wow I'l.inUlln Station, T, A.
AIIIhoii; rmlrlo 1I1II Circuit. '. Al. lliiini
Konnoke Clii'Ult. It. H. Ciimiliiultum.
Itoohi-poit Circuit, J. M. Major, S.illa
liury Station, AI. Ciow; pu-Mdunt How
ard l'ayni- CoIIckp. 1 1. K. Htout, profewor
I'lwnnl Pnvno Colk-irt-. a. Al Williams:
uKt'Mt Central ColU'Ko, II. D. Slppla; mis
Mloimry to Japan, W A. D.ivls, professor
western uoiipkc rvow aicxicu, j. i. u.
lloulc tonforenco Sunday school, (secre
tary, J. A. fiiiarr.
llalinltial DlHtilct- If. U. TliompHon,
rrtMldliiK Killer. Canton Station, K.
Marvin. Hannibal; Arch Street. tt V.
Wvnn: llaniilb.il. Park Church. C. N.
Urnailhurxt; K'ahoUa Station, Thompson
Pciin. supply; Labello Circuit, 11. 12.
Ryan; Lu llranco Circuit. N, K. Johnson;
Lowlaton circuit, ai. u. Biicmwcii; .Mon
roe City Station, J. 11. Hubbard; Mon
roe city circuit, J-. i". t nines, sumuy;
Montlcello Clicult. J C. Hell, Now I.on
ilon nnd Hvdesbnrir. W. N. Olddens;
Novelty Circuit. II. It. llarvy, supply;
Oakwood Circuit, W. S. P.ooker, Palmyra
Station, V. M. Alexander; Palmyra Cir
cuit, i-;, u. waisou; i-criy i.ircim, j, j.
Matnoy, supply; Uiinnowell Circuit, It. O.
irlplett; Hliciuyviiic tjiaiion. j. .v. nuim
powcr; Shelby vtllo Clicult, P. F. Leake;
Wayland Circuit, to bo supplied,
Macon 1J strict M. 11. Moorn, Presid
ing l-:U!er. Ardmor- und Kvnta, W. M.
Aluy, supply; llrasliearo Ciiuuit, Orvlllo
jilacKourii; Hrooicuein ciuiiion, i, nuy,
lluckllu und Wyundolte, C. U Hess;
Cairo Circuit, J. T. Mitchell, supply;
Callai) Ulrculx, Katl T. Davis; Clarence
Station, V. O. White, Downlnc circuit,
1.. It. Hnarks: Kdlna. nnd Mount Carmcl.
John Holland; Knst Linn, It. S, Tate, sup
ply; liruiivuio circuit, J. .11. Jioruuacit;
Uorln Circuit, J. D. Shook, supply; Klrks
vllle Station, W. I.. Myers; 1ukonan
Circuit, It. A. Kemp, supply; Ia Plata,
c u. i-rencii, supply; .Macon station, w.
j.. Bc.iruorotiKii; Aiacon circuit, 11. i,.
Foster: Madison Circuit. O. M. 1 1111:
Memphis Station, C. V. I.aniilun, C. A.
Stanton; I'urts station, j. li. sneeu. c.
A. Sherman: Queen City. J. .V. Llzeuby.
supply; Shclbltiu Station. I. T. Nitsh;
nciuinn circuit, ii. v. uuexnar; conicr
enco missionary evaiiBellst, John W.
Ktmhrell, Hobert Mcllvoy.
Mexico District A. 11. Oulbortsnn, Pre
iddliiK Klder. Auxvasse, O. II. Phillips;
Ccntralla Station, fJ. A. Shudwlck; Cen-
trana circuit, J. w. siaue; i-umm sta
tion, J. O. Handy; l'ulton Circuit. Henry
NolKhnoura; HalUvllln Clrenlt, W. W.
Wilson; McCredlo Circuit, 1,. M. Klrby;
Mexico Station, J. II. Jackson; Mexico
Circuit. W. C. Wen; Mubmly Station,
Foutth Stret, C U. vllmnj; Mobarly,
West Park. It. K. Davis; Mokanr Circuit,
ft. M. ltutherford, New llloomlleld Cir
cuit. C. W. Nollner; Itepdsvlllo Circuit,
B. I. Hawkins; Sturgeon Circuit, V. H.
KllttiKtoii: Wcllsvlllo Circuit. C. L. Uht:
A. S. Howies, supttrnumeiury.
at. unanes yistricti. . jj. uuncan,
PrcsldliiK ICider. Hello Flower Clroult,
S. II. Milam: Center and Frankfort Cir
cuit. K. J. Speer; Clarksvllle Circuit, E.
L. Rutlaee; Detlatu-o Circuit, Solomon
ltaub: Klsberry and .SmlthH1 Chapel, W.
W. Klcheson; Jonesburt' and lllcli Hill,
W. C. llussell; Iiddonl.i Circuit, H.
Akers; Ixjulslana Station, CeorKO F, HIx
ey; Mi.scow Mills, M. A. West: Now Flor
ence. Clroult, V. li. KlRit; O'Failou nnd
Wentzvllle, T. M. Patterson; Sllax Cir
cuit, li. L. Holierts! St. Charles Station,
J. M. Bone; St. Charles Circuit, D. 1U
Mcllee; Troy Station, Charles Lynch;
Vnndalla and Now Harmony, Vada Da
vis; Wurronton Circuit, It. M. llardawny;
Wlntleld Circuit, II, M. IlutlaBc, supply.
WrlRht City. W. 11. Vttr. supply; studet
Vanderbllt University, J. M, Monroe.
T. C. Wilson Says Kaniai Epidemic
l Not Contagious.
Columbia. Regarding mcnlngltli
among horses, T. C. Wilson, secretary
of tho Missouri stato board of agri
culture, Issued tills statement:
"Owing to tho loss of many horses
In western Kansas and In a few other
states there has been for several days
some fear that It might become nec
essary for Missouri, through tho board
of ngrlculturo, to Institute a quaran
tine, Howovor, at this tlmo it is
neither necessary nor advisable.
"Dr. S. Sheldon, stato veterinarian,
who is now at Dodge City, Kas., where
bo is making a personal investigation
as to tho cause of the deaths among
horses, has wired that ho has been
with government experts throughout
the day, and that It Is tho opinion of
all that thcro Is nothing to warrant a
"The scientists who havo been con
ducting tho investigation aro now
thoroughly cotiviuced tho loss of
horso stock in tho territory affected
is not caused by contagious disease,
but grows out of dangerous conditions
lu tho food or water supply."
Fatally Hurt In Sight of Family.
JoffeiBon City. In sight of his wlfo
and six children, A. B. Butnor of Mil
ler, Tcnn., on his way to Oklahoma to
settlo on it farm recently purchased,
hail both legs cut off by tho train on
which his family was riding here.
Funk Starts His Campaign.
Chicago. Frank H. Funk of Bloom
Ington, caudldato for governor on tho
Progressive ticket, opened his Cook
county campaign with a Bpccch in tho
Columbia theater. -
Ennls on Governor's Staff,
Jefferson City. Gov. Hndloy has ap
pointed II. Hobert Ennls of Kansas
City a member of his military staff,
with tho rank of colonel, vice Charles
H. Haskell of St. Joseph, who has ro
ilgncd. Farmer Kills Home Invader.
Poplar Bluff. Declaring ho had shot
and killed Jcsso Klbby In self defonso
and that tho sanctity of his homo had
been Invaded by tbo man ha slow,
Lou IlobertB gave himself up and a
jury exonerated him.
NEwsgf Missouri
Mlssourlana Urge Law to Prohibit
Coloring Prize Cow Reported.
Sprlni;neld. More than ono hun
dred dairymen, most of them from
tho Ozark roglons, were hero for the
two days' convention of tho Missouri
Slate Dairy association.
Among thu spoakeis was Prof. C. 11.
Eckles. Tho principal address wus
glvon by M. V. Carroll of Sedalln,
chief Immigration commissioner ol
tho state, Ho explained the work of
tho Pettis county agricultural bureau,
und urged the dairymen, to take an In
tefest In csMbllnhlng-lmlar bureatm.
The manufneturo 6t oleomargarine
was discussed, led by I'. M. Brandt,
assistant professor of dairy husbandry
at the agricultural college In Colum
bia. Tho speakers urged n law to
prohibit the coloring of oleo.
The prlzo butter cow of the Ozarks
was reported by 11. C, .ellers, Web
ster county dairyman, who has a
Guernsey 2 years old that produced
475 pounds of butter last year, mak
ing him nearly $90.
Dr. Cutler, Dairy, Food and Drug Com
mlssolner, Bestows Praise.
Columbia. The kind of plo that
mother used to make has found a
champion. lie Is noun other than Dr,
William P. Cutler, state dairy, food
and drug commissioner.
One plo export, who has been wide
ly quoted as saying that good pto Is
hard to find, evidently hasn't visited
Missouri, accordlug to Dr. Cutler.
"Why, more pie is bolng eaton now
than twenty yoars ago," Dr. Cutler as
serts, "and It Is good pie, too. Every
where ono goes It can bo found."
"Hotels and restaurants aro serving
more pie now than ever before, and
people aro eating it because It la
Dr. Cutler bellevea In a slmplo diet,
but he nvers pio Is good food at any
tlmo, and adds tliut he cats It himself
almost whenever he can get It.
State University Prepares Quantity
of Serum as Safeguard.
Columbia, If hog cholera breake
out In Missouri this fall the college ol
agrlculturo of the Unlvprsity of Mis
souri will bo prepared to fight iL Five
men havo been employed all summer
by the veterinary department in inoc
ulating hogs and manufacturing se
rum for the euro of cholera.
Tho work Is being carried on nt the
laboratory on the state farm undo:
tho direction of Dr. J. W. Connaway
who discovered and porfectcd tho se
rum. There has been much demand for
the serum this summer, but an excess
supply has been made nnd stored for
winter use. Last winter, when the
dlsense spread rapidly, following the
dry summer, tho collego of agricul
ture could not furnish as much serum
as was necessary.
Work on New Missouri Railroad.
Bismarck. Tho Hamilton Ityan
Construction company of St. Louts
began active construction work here
on the Bismarck, Ilollevuo Valley &
Western railroad. Tills lino extends
from Bismarck west to Bunker, a dis
tance of ilfty-two miles, and will bo
a standard gauge stoam and motot
road. It passes through fertile, agri
cultural sections of St, Francois,
Washington, Irou and Ileynolds coun
ties. Tho principal towns served will
bo Caledonia, Bellegrade, Belle View
Sunlight, Edgo Hill, Contervllle, Los
ctrville, Oates, West Fork and Bunk
er. Penitentiary Coal Bids Asked For.
Jefferson City. Warden Henry An
drao has asked for bids for supplying
tho Missouri penitentiary with 25,000
tons of coal during tho year, com
mencing November 1 next. Two-Inch
lump, .Missouri or Illinois coal,
screened and delivered on the switch
at tho penitentiary with weight guar
anteed is asked for.
Asylum Fugitive Slays Self,
Nevada. The body of W. B. Gen
try, a patient at tho atato hospital for
the Insane here, from Buncoton, Coop
er county, and who escaped from the
Institution September 5, was found lu
a small creok north of tho 'lospltnl.
Balloonist Tells of Premonition.
Hannibal. Walter Musler, para
chuto Juniper, who was Injured in a
full whllo attempting a balloon ascen
sion at Palmyra, says ho had u pro
monition that tho accident would oc
cur. Train Kills Youthful Sweethearts.
Hannibal. Ernest Webb, 20, and
Miss Oletta Griffith, IS, sweethearts,
wero killed instantly whllo driving
when struck by n Burlington frolght
train near Hannibal.
Hunter Accidentally Killed.
Poplar Bluff. Goorgo Heading, Jr.,
aged 15, was shot whllo ho was draw
lug ii gun from his rig in which ho
had goue hunting at Swan Lako. Ho
died a few minutes after being car
ried to tho homo of his father.
Farmer Killed In Runaway.
Poplar Bluff. Whllo T. N. Hltchoy,
a farmor, was driving to town, his
horses became frlghtoned nt a tralu
and plunged down a hill, throwing
htm out und killing him. His nock
was broken.
Why Nancy Lost Her Timidity
of the Forest.
Tho flames whispered about tho
docs in thu groat liroplaco and out-
sldo of tho bungalow tho trees lashed
to nnd fro in tho strong wind. Tho
rain drummed steadily on tho roof
without ono break in tho stendy
downpour until Nnncy tossed her
magazine nsldo and walked, tho floor
to steady her nerves.
Sho was all alono in this llttlo
mountnln lodge; all about her was
the primeval forest filled with num
berless vague terrors of thojiighL-.
Nancy was nfrald. Sho hnd beon
alono since threo o'clock that after
noon when her guest, Mrs. Carruth
ors. had suddenly left for homo lu
rcsponso to a telegram brought
through miles of dripping forest by a
messenger from Bldwcll station.
Timothy Finn, tho man of all work,
had harnessed tho horses to tho buck-
board and taken Mrs.J Carruthors to
tho station. At tho last moment,
Timothy's wife, Mary Finn, had
climbed In besldo her husband, an-
nniincinir that she had a dozen er
rands to bo nttended to In tho vlllaso
and that sho would bo homo with
Tim In tlmo to proparo Miss Nancy's
In tho husto of their departuro
and tho last hurried good-bys from
Mm. Carruthors. Nancy did not
realize tho sl-nlflcnnco of being loft
alono In that Isolated spot.
When tho sound of tho wagon
wheels had dlod away and there re
mained only tho rain nnd tho wind
nnd tho flro on the hearth sho felt n
sudden pang of terror nt tho lonoll
Tho Finns woro nddlctod to drink
when opportunity offered, nnd Nancy
Rhiuldnrnd as sho realized that it
might bo hours boforo thoy returned
and they might not como home un
til morning!
Sho had fastened every door and
window nnd had drawn tho curtains
closely and pinned them at tho edges
She Was All Alone.
bo that no curious oyo might discover
that sho wns alono.
Hours passed. Sho tried to read,
but tho printed words hold no mean
ing for her. Sho opened tho piano,
but the sound of tho instrument only
Intensified tho stillness.
Tho clock in the corner chimed ten
and still thero was no consatlon of
the rain nor of tho lashing wind.
Nancy thought of her father down
In tho close, hot city, and sho know
ho wns counting tho days till Fri
day, whon ho would run up to tho
lodgo for his week's stay. Evory
other wook Simon Mead spent up
horo in tho mountains. Thero was
usually a Jolly party of young peo
ple horo, too, chaperoned by Mrs.
Mend, but now sho had gono to tho
city with her husband ntid Mrs.
Carruthors and Nancy Mead had
beon loft alone for a fow days.
"I don't caro how Intoxicated thoy
aro If thoy will only como," doclared
Nancy for tho tenth tlmo, as sho
listened In vain for tho sound of re
turning wheols. "I simply can't stay
hero alono nil night."
Tho clock struck 11, and almost ns
If It had been waiting for that hour
there followed tho sound of n human
volco outside, a man's volco calling
for help.
Nancy shuddered. Perhaps It wan
tho Finns coming homo. Sho tip
toed up tho stairs that ran to tho half
ntory under tho cnvoB and punbod
nBldo a small casement window. Tho
rain fell on her hair and face, but tho
night air felt cool nnd refreshing
Thero was no sound of whocls, but
ns'aln camo tho man's volco.
"Bungalow, ahoy! Help!"
It was not tho rich broguo of Tim
cthy Finn, nor was It tho voice of a
backswoodsmau that called.
Nancy barkened to Its call, shud-
dorltig nt Its growing feohlonosa, not
daring to go forth In nnswor to It,
for sho had from a child been afraid
of tho night with Its thousand terrors,
and this forost was a ninzo to her
niter sunset.
Tho volco sounded again; it was
fixjm tho lako. Somo nuln hnd met
with nn nccldont, nnd porhaps might
dto unless sho could go to his aid.
Thou the toIco became silent and
Nancy uttered a little sob and dashed
down th stnlrs to tbo coat closet.
Eho wrapped herself In a largs uhrtwr
belonging to her father and let her
self out Into tho dripping night.
Sho called onco timidly, and the
wayfarer heard her and answered
with a note of hopo In hla voice.
Nnncy mado her way townrd tho
lako, now and then bumping Into
trees or stumbling over roots, for lu
tho pitch dnrknoss sho could not sea
a hand's breadth before her.
"Hero!" said tho volco close at
linnd, and Nancy flounderod through
tho wot leaves until sho touched
something nllve. Suppressing a do
Biro to scream, she nsked bravely:
"What la tho matter?"
"I bcllovo I've broken my leg I've
been lying- hero for several hours, I
saw thu lights of tho bungalow, but
It was so qulot thero I was nfrald
It was deserted. If you can call ono
of the men ho might help m Innldo."
IfwBs n pleasant, refined' vSlce with
a note of authority.
"I will help you in," said Nancy
firmly, and sho bent down to assist-
Ho was a big mnn, nnd heavy and
whatever ngony It cost him to crawl
ovor tho hundred yards that led to
tho bungalow no ono but himself
over knew. Nancy wont besldo him,
helping him over tho rough places
aud at tho front steps supporting
him into tho houso.
When tho door closed behind them
ho sank forward on tho great boar-
skin rugs nnd fainted nwny.
Nnncy quite forgot to bo afraid.
With an unconBciotiB stranger upon
her hands, sho thought of nothing
olso. Sho ran from mediclno closet
to pantry nnd thonco to tho stovo.
whero she heated n kcttlo of water.
Sho mndo him ns comfortable as pos
slblo on tho soft skins on tho floor,
propped his head with pillows, re
stored him with stimulants and then
sat down nnd looked at him.
Ho was a youngish man, perhaps In
his early forties, handsome, nnd evi
dently well-dressed In splto of tho
mud that ho had accumulated slnco
nln fall.
"I am sorry that I cannot send for
n doctor Just yet," sho murmured
shyly. "I hopo you aro not suffering
much pain."
"Thank you a llttlo twlngo now
and then." Ho winced ns ho spoko.
"You wouldn't havo to go far to find
a doctor tonight I'm Dr. Milbank,
tho only physician within fifteen
"Oh, I've heard of you," murmured
Ho nodded. "I was on my "way to
the Dexter placo thoy sent for mo
and I had to leave my horso back
thore In. tho woods and walk. I fell
over a root and am qulto sura I'vo
broken my leg; When your mon got
around X. bcllovo I can direct them
how to sot It." And with tho
last words ha drowsed off to sleep.
Ho slept until the gray dawn
pierced tho curtained windows -with a
wnn light. Timothy Finn nnd his wlfo
crept home, shamefaced and peni
tent, nnd followed Nancy's stern
bidding with alacrity. Dr. Milbank
nwoke to a blazing flro and such
rough medical assistance as tho girl
and her servants could render.
Dr. Milbank remained at the bunga
low for several weeks as the guest
of thu Meads, and when ho went
away, cured, It was with tho Imago
of Nancy Mead enshrined in hla
Nancy had quite lost her timidity
of the forest at night.
"I can never be afraid of it again
nor lmagtno it filled with horrors,"
she sometimes says, "for you know I
found my husband there!"
And Timothy Finn and his wlfo
take half the credit for this romance
to themselves.
(Copyright, 1312, by Associated T-Unrary
As a New Employe, Charlie Tole Mado
Hlmstlf 8olld With tho Ec
centric Boss.
Whon Chnrllo Tolo went to work
for tho Armours In Chicago, ho
learned that it was the habit of Phil
ip Armour to get down to his desk
every morning nt half past G o'clock.
A month after Tolo took his Job, Phil
ip returned to town, nnd tho following
morning Charlto was at his desk at
6:30 for tho first tlmo In his lire.
Mr. Armour walked In at C:33,
pinched himself to seo if ho was
awnko, nnd then stared at Tolo. Char
lto went on with his arduous labors.
"How long havo you been working
horo?" askod tho magnate.
"Oh, about a 'month," replied Char
lie carelessly,
"Do you gt down to work at tht
tlmo evory morning?" continued Ar
mour, immensely pleased.
"I do," said Charlie, "whon you'ro
in town."
This brutal frankness mado a hit
with Armour, and always after that
Tolo was ono of his favorites.
When Christmas camo ho called
Charlie into his office, produced a
hnndsomo gold watch nnd chain,
handed It to Tolo, and said gracious
ly: "You havo rendered valunblo serv
ivo to this business, and I think It
deserves recognition. I givo you this
ns a sign of my appreciation."
Tolo took tho watch, examined It
appreciatively, and then gravely hand
ed it back.
"No," ho said slowly. "I'm sorry,
but I can't accept that, Mr. Armour."
"Why not?" asked ho big man, la
"BecnuBc," explained Tote, 'Tvo
been Informed that, if you ever Ivo
a mnn a present, you never raise hi
salary." Popular Mugaein. 1
Th Reaaon.
"If follow bar tke a do '
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