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NUMT3.BR 23.
In Tabloid Form
Capt. Iloald Amundsen,, the discov
erer of this south polo, has postponed
lil.i nnilfnriii1 iinrtli Avrtmllllnn lit
the ship Kratn, owing to the illness of
the occsinographlc Investigator who Is
to accompany him.
George Hlgo Is held for tho I'ouuh-
keepsle, N. V., grand jury, charged
with, attempting to wreck a Now York
Central express. Ho nays' a co;idnotor
inedo him pay full fare for his two
half faro sized boys.
Mrs. Knto Coombs, SO, for 30 years
a JlOa-month treasury employe, nev
er .cashed a tingle pay check, hoard
inc the $3,G00 of uncle Sam's war-
rants In her trunk.
llalph Q. Jones, cashier of the Dank
of Woodvlllo, Miss., is missing. Of
ficials charge ho took $10,000 of Use
bank's fund3 with him.
Fourteen children were orphaned in
two families In Milwaukee when John
Nobak of CudahyB, a Kuburb, shot An
ton Koschllak, then killed himself.
Nobak accused Koschllak of hiring
Mrs. Nobak from her home. Nobak
ipavcB sis children, Klschllak eight.
Uou. Ino Salazar, comiuander-ln-
thief of tho rebel forces in Sonora,
lias deserted his army In tho desert
and crossed to tho American side, ac
cording to advices received by Mex
ican federal officials at El Paso, Tex.
Private banks and department
stores are planning to establish their
own "money laundries," according to
Assistant Secretary of tho Treasury
Tho glaBS Industry of the country,
following a strike of four months, will
be resumed Oct, 15, when glasswork
ers will i plum to work on a basis of
wages iucrcased 16 per emit
Otto McKnelly, 21 years old, was
arrested at Wellington, Kan., charged
with, the murder of his father, Theo
dure McKnelly, his mother and slstei
(iretta, whoso bodies were found In a
tent on tho outskirts of that city
0. L. liumbaugh of Indlanapolle, a
well-known aviator, foil 100 feet while
flying in a biplane at North Man'
Chester. Ind. Ho was rendered un
conscious, and it is feared lie Is fa
tally Injured
Coerce Mestach, aviator, was oxon
crated from all blame in connection
with tho death of Howard Gill, a bl
plane pilot, at tho Cicero Hold, Sept.
It, when the verdict of a coroner's
jury was returned
Turks died on the Greok steamer
Itoumel at Vathy, according to re
poits received here. The Greek con
mil at Samos narrowly missed being
Horlously wounded when no visited
the vessel.
"I'm sick of being bothered about
politics," Bald John D. Archhold, Just
before sailing for home from hurope
on tho liner Majestic, and he sta
tloned threo men at his cabin door to
keep off intervlewera
Fighting In several places in both
Haiti and Santo Domingo was report
ed at Kingston, Jamaica. Telegraph
wires have been cut and couriers who
attempt to bring news from the In
Icilor are tilled.
1'roaldent Madero sent to congress
a mcssago requesting an approprla
tlon of 20,000,000 pesos or authorlza
tlon for making of a loan for that
amount to be used In conducting tht
campaign against the robelB.
Attorneys John M. Longer and J
"W. Spedcms began suit for possession
of a strip of land from GO feet to a
half mile wide along Lake Michigan,
f-om Fifty-first street to tho Chicago
liver, valued at $50,000,000. I he suit
1 1.1. n- TTn Ar- TP I I is .1
IS lO 00 urouKUl iur e.a.m r...
n,500 other Indians, descendants ot
the Tottawatorale, Chippewa and ut
fiwa tribes,
A new movement to obtain peace in
northern Mexico was made when
President Madero and his cabinet in
structed the minister of war to offer
amnesty to the followers of Pascua!
m. 1 , 1 , A, 1 7" 1 I.T n
ino muur biuiauuu mi noi
waa somewnat ciectieu wnen u was
announced that a strike of the 5,00n
conner miners in the Ely district
would not be called unless state
troops are asked for at Bingham,
nttl.l.l .n.n.nllnn nnrli thnt
... w veH
Granda, the last rebol stroiighold in
Nicaragua, was received ut tho state
lepaitment at Washington
Tho controversy between tho union
Kteamllttora and plumbers of Cliicln
natl. which has caused a genoral tie
up of all big building operations In
the city for several weeks, has as
fiiimed national importance.
it has been decided that President
Trt booh will Issue an executive or
der placing fourth-class pontmaBtori;
in tho classified sorvlce,
Tho state supreme court handed
down a decision declaring the Colo
vndo initiative and referendum law
W. C. Nichols, an American fruit
slower, for whoso roleaso tho Amor,
lean ambassador, Henry Lano Wilson,
ninita n nprcntninrv (iCUiauu on .uiuius
Guerrn. governor of the state of Ta-
maulipas, has arrived from tho Tain-
rlco Jail aud was placed In a Mexico
Oitv hospital, under guard.
William i.vons. la years old. near
Lancaster. Kan., shot and killed his
18-year-old sister Ellon with a pistol,
Tho youth was cleaning the revolver,
wii i eh una thought to be unloaded.
Attorney General Wlckersham says
bo expects the re election of President
Taft, but ho haa decided to leuye tuo
cabinet next March
Adam County Officials and Posscmen
With Bloodhounds Fall to Cap
ture .Assassin Only One
of Family Survives.
Qulncy, 111. Four persona were
murdered near here under circum
stances Indicating one of the most re
volting crimes In tho history of the
B,";t0 -
Tho heme of the victims was burned
In an effort to destroy tho bodies, but
two of them escapod tho flames suffi
ciently ta show that the heads had
been split open with an ax.
Tho dead nro:
Charles Tfandschmldt, his wife, their
16-year-old daughter Blanche, nnd
Miss Emma Kaempen, 24 years old, a
teacher who was visiting Miss I'fand
schmidt. Tho killing occurred at the I'fand-
schmidt count! y homo at I'aysou,
sixteen miles from Qulncy.
Bodltt Are Burned.
The authorities bellevo that the
murder Is the work of a degenerate,
nn "ax man" of the same kind as tho
perpetrators of stmllar ax murders In
Western statos In the past year.
Tho bodies of Mr. and Mrs. I'far.d-
chmldt were burned beyond recognl
tlon, while only the head of Miss
Kaempen aided In her Identification.
The head of Miss Kaompcu Is well
preserved, nnd at thn top of the skull
Is ft wound, evidently made with an
ax or similar weapon.
Sho and Mrs. Pfandschmldt were
pnitly under a mattress, which had,
to some extent, protected their bodies
from tho Unities. A pillow upon which
MldH Kaempen had been lying was
not buined. It is soaked with blood.
Wound op Girl's Head.
Miss Pfandschmldt's body Is badly
burned, but tho back of her head was
protected from the flames and there
la a wound govern! Inches across.
The bodies of her parents had been
burned 'too badly to indicate tho nn-
turo of their death.
Indications are that tho crime was
committed after the family had re
tired. The telephone wires were cut
and relatives of Miss Kaempen in
Quincy, who tried to roach tho Pfand
schmldt home, were unable to make a
Robbery Is Suspected
Miss Kaempen. daughter of a Quln
cy contractor, stayed at the Pfond
BChmldt home while teaching school
near payson
The hcuse was nearly destroyed
when farmers arrived on the scene.
Pfandschmldt had boon in the habit
of keeping large sums of money In
his home, it Is said, and thieves on
other occasions had attempted to rob
the house. The farmer and his family
were among the wealthiest in Adams
Tho only surviving member of the
family Is a son. Kay, 20 years old,
who was In Qulncy at the time the
homo wns burned.
Footprint a Clew,
rort Worth, Tex. Will Hargrave,
when confronted with a Bible, con
fessed that he had robbed tho store
of W. W. Prult, of Itoanoko, near Den-
tQn Hnrt.rave.g footprint was on the
u t Bjble and ,h,s was ,ho on, cv,
denc0 against llllll
Two Dead In Augusta Strike.
Augustn, Ga. Martial law ruled In
Augusta as a result f disorders in
which two citizens vsro killed nnd
one wounded by state militiamen
company whose employes am
( " "
Rich Man Held as Robber.
Cedar Falls, la. fleputrd to be
worth fGO.000 and one of tho best
known citizens of Cedar Falls, C. J,
H. Murphy was arrested after ho was
'ound In the offices ot an Implement
dealer, who asserts that the snfo was
Henry Watterson III.
Now York. Col. Henry Watterson,'
editor ot the I.oulsvlllo Conrlcr-Jour-
nal, Is confined to tils room In the
Ascot hotel, Madison avenue and
Tweuty-EQVonth street, by an attack
of bladder trouble.
Ambassador Dryan Starts Home.
Toklo, Charles Puje Dryan, United
States ambassador, tuft for America
on three months' Itiivo of absence.
Ho will travel via Kirca, Peking and
Snead Is Refdsed Ball.
Amanllo, Tex. Join Heall Suead,
duiui ,i n. uji.si to iuiuoi-u
bail when ho appeaipd In court nnd
was remanded to Jail to await trial
ou tno ciiurgu m mil tiering mo man
whom, ho alleges, bhko up his home.
Rail Strlko on In Spain.
Hendaye, Francu.-jrtesponBlvo to n
call for a general tirlko of Spanish
railroad employes, tlu men began go
Ing out In largo nuujrora. Suspension
I of tho constitution li momentarily ox
NEWSgr Missouri)
Wlrs Promises; Loses $1,276.
Kansas City. J. W Springer.
farmer of Uurllngto.i Junction, Mn
was victimized by two iitrnngcrs hero
to whom ho Intrusted $1,270. Spring
it met thn men, who soon began to
match dollars and Inter the farmer
Joined them, lloforo the game was
finished ho had won $M00 in piom
lses and tho men said they would pay
If ho would show that ho could have
pnld an equal amount If ho had lost.
Thou Springer produced a draft and
the losers Insisted that to show "good
faith" ho must cash it. This lie did.
The men got tho manoy and disap
Says Courtship Was Costly.
Sedall.t. L. 11. Holt, a welltc-dc
merchant of Maryvllle, brought suit
In the circuit court to recover $25,000
damages from Mrs. Elizabeth Canto
for alleged breach of promlso to mar
ry him. Mrs. Casto, until last Janu
ary, was tho widow of J. M. Planck, a
wealthy Sedalia business man. who
died llvo years ago. In January sho
was married to Dr. Jabcz C. Casto, a
Sedalia specialist. Holt's petition re
cites that In his courtship with Mrs.
Planck he expended large sums of
money In ontertalning her, gave her
many costly presents and presented
her at various times with cash.
Methodists Rap Home Rule.
Dexter. At the third day's session
of tho nnnunl St. Louis Methodist
Episcopal conference here the com
mlttoe nn temperance nnd Sabbath
observance mado a strong objection to
Sunday diversions and a wide-open
Sabbath for tho largo cities of tho
state. This report also put the con
ference tin record as opposing houvj
rule for tho large cities, for. in tho
opinion of the conference. It mean
saloon rule.
Wants Man Who Swapped Horses,
Jefferson City. Herman Hlrschman
of Osage Bluff, which Is a few miles
east of hero, Is anxious to form the ac-
qunintnnce of tho man who. swapped
horses with him without his permis.
slon. Tho culprit took a valuable
horse, from his barn nnd left behind
in the stall a horse and a colt which
ho evidently stole elsewhere.
Police Officer Suspended.
Springfield. Night Sergt. of Police
James O'Connell of the Springfield
force was suspended Indefinitely by
Chief Harvo Patterson for ullegeii
conduct unbecoming an officer. O'Con
nell, it Is said, was discovered bj
other pollco officers In n disreputable
resort and wns hauled immediately
upon tho carpet.
Pastor's Widow Buried at Fulton.
Fulton. Mrs. Martha H. Willis, 8S
years old, widow of the late Itev. P,
P. S. Willis, forniorly a wldoly known
Presbyterian minister of Northeast
Missouri, was buried In Fulton. Mrs
Willis was a native of Fulton and lived
here until 15 years years ago, when
sho moved to Columbia, where she
Wife Slayer Found Dead.
Monett. Dave Tillman, who killed
his wife In her home at Sellgman, Mo
by cutting her throat, was found dead
within 200 yards of the scene ot tho
crime. Tillman fled after killing hl3
wife, and after an absence of four
days returned and ended his own life.
W. C. Phelps Is Captured.
Capo Girardeau. Deputy United
Statea Marshal Whltworth brought W.
C. Phelps to Cape Girardeau and
lodged him In jail on a chargo ot tak
ing Mrs. Sarah Summers and llvo
chlldien from Paragould, Ark., to St.
Louis, whom ho abandoned them, sick
and destitute.
Shrlners Plan Secsion.
Sprlngfiold. Preparations aro being
mado by Ablu Hen Adhem temple,
Nobles of thu Mystic Shrine, for tint
fall ceremonial to be held October Ti
in Springfield. All thirty-second de
gree Mai'.ons and Knights Templara
In this section will bo represented.
William E. McCully Dies.
Macon. William K. McCully. !i9
years old. dlud In a Kansas City san
itarium and hla body was brought to
this city for burial. McCully was for
six pears a member of the Htat'i
Board of Knllroad and Warehouse)
commissioners. v
R. G. Rombauer Is Dead.
KlrV.svllIo. Itaphael Guldo Horn
bailor, a major of tho artillery at
tached to Gen. Grnnt's staff through
out the Civil war, and o'no of tho host
known mine operators In Missouri,
died at ills homo here.
Gletner and Dostwlck Reappointed.
Jefferson City, Gov, Hndley reap
pointed Charles Gletner of St. Louis a
member of tho state hoard of pharma
cy nnd Arthur E. llostwlek of St.
Louis to tho Missouri library commis
sion, Monroe County Sheriff Dies.
Paris. Francis Mnrlon Nolen, sher
iff of Monroe county, died at Purls of
typhoid fover. Mr, Nolen was known
all over North Missouri as n toner to
ci I m I n n tn. lie was n brother to John
H. Nolen, tho state drainage commit
sionrr. Held for Dance KIIIImq.
Morehouse. As u result of n flt?ht
ut a country dnnco near MorclmiiBo,
Clovo Woods, 25 yonu old, Is dead,
ami 'iVnluT Mayfleld and Hay Wrir.lit
ace In Jail at New Madrid.
Joint and concurrent resolution sub
mitting to the voters cf the state of
Missouri an amendment to section 1 of
article XI, of the Constitution of Mis
souri, relating to education.
Uc It resolved by tho Snutr, the Hoiisw
of Ueprc.sentatites roiicuiilng therein:
Tim' at thn Vcncrhl nw.tton to be hctd
In this state on tho'Ty -'I V m-xt follow
ing lb" lirst Monday" In Not. tuber, t!M2.
there shsll be submittal t. the qimlllled
voters of Mlssouil for adoption or lejec.
tlon tho following .ooitMuuilonal amend
ment, to-wlt:
That Kootlon 1 of nrtlrle N.I of the Con
stitution of tlu stale or Ml.-woml be ami
tho t-auif Is hCKby amended, bj adding
In kii.i1 section lh lotlowlmt word'. to-
wlt: "mid may istlibllub hud maintain
free public schools for,thi gratuitous in
tructlnii of all pcrKoji' In thin Hlatn be
tween live and tj years of ue. and hut
twinty years ot Mtn." fjl "hut Maid eoctlon
vneii so amrtupra Biwo-gtiu;
"Hfcllon 1. A irenerat dlftiwlon of
knowledKo and Intelllncnce lichiK essential
to the preservation of the rlRhts and lib
erties of tho people, thn Kcncrnl uSHembly
shall cKtnhllHh and maintain free public
school lor tho gratuitous Instruction of
all peisotis In this state between tho kcs
of tdx and twenty years, mid tuny cslab
llsb nnd maintain free public nebnols for
the Kiultdtoiis Instruction of all persona
In this state between live and six years
of iiro and over twenty ycnr.t of age."
MENT. Joint and concurrent resolution sub
mitting to the qualified voters of tho
state of Missouri an amendment to the
Constitution thereof authorizing an In
crease of Indebtedness In the county of
St. Louis for the purpose of construct
ing sewers, or for the purpose of pur
chasing or constructing waterworks.
Uo It resolved bv the Senate, tho House
of rtcprcsent.ittves concurilns therein,
as follows:
At tho general election to bo held
on the Tuesday nevt followliiK the llrt
Monday In November. A. I. VJi'i, an
amendment to the Constitution of .Mis
sou 1 1 .shall bo submitted to the iiiaHlled
voters of tbu slate. In tho following words-
The county of St. Louis with the assent
of two-thirds of the votcts of the county
votlnn at an election to bo belli ror tnai
purpose, may he allowed to become In
debted 111 n ianjer amount than Is specl
lled and limited In section twelve (12)
of article ten (X) of tho Constitution of
lhls slate, not exceeding an additional llvo
(5) per centum on lite niue ot me tax
able property within tho county, for the
purpose of eonstructliu; district sewers In
districts within such countlc. which dis
trict'' ahull be laid out iy tne county
court on petition of two-thirds of the
owners of teal property within any such
proposed sewer dMiiet and which real
propel ty within the district shall be sub
ject tr an annual special tux levy In pto
poillon to area of lots and tracts, for the
purpose of payltiK the Interest on such
ttlatt let sewer Indebtedness each six
moiitii., and also sufficient to pay tlte
principal ot snob Indebtedness for that
tllsttlct within ten (10) years from the
time ol rontinrtliur tho same, all to bo
done In the manner to be provided by
law: or for tho pmposo of pnrehasliic or
constructing waterworks for the county
which shall be made use or by tho county
for fuinlshlnt; water and piotccllou
BBiilnst Urea to cities, towns, companies
and others, under pioper contracts, it'jiu
latlons and rates, and under appropriate
management, to lie approveu oy too coun
ty court or by commissioner of water
works, as may b provided by law:
Provided, that any such county Incurring
any sucb "wntei works indebtedness with
tho assent of the voters ns ufoiesaid. shall
have the power to provide, and at tho
Issuing of such Indebtedness shall con
tract to provide and collect an annual tax,
In addition to the other taxes provided for
by the Constitution, sufficient to pny any
Interest fulling due on such waterworks
IndehUdnqHS that cannot be paid ftom tho
net earnings and Income of such county
waterworks, nnd tho said waterworks In
debtedness when Incurred and Issued for
put chasing fir constructing waterworks In
anil for said county, shall bo a secured
deb', and a lion upon the said system nf
waterworks and waterworks property,
which debt and lien may bo enforced by
proper suit in nny court of competent
Jmlsdlctlou. but the county shall have thn
power to provide nnd at tho Issuing of
such Indebtedness shall contract to pro
vldo nnd collect, from the matuilty of
such waterworks Indebtedness, In addition
to the other taxes pioviueu tor oy mo
Constitution, an annual ta sufficient to
pqy within twenty years from tho date of
the maturing of wild Indebtedness, nil of
,th unpaid prlnclii.il of such waterworks
Indebtedness remaining after enforcing
the debt and Hen ngnlnst tho said county
waturwoilts systom and waterwmks prop
erty, any provision In the state Constitu
tion to tho contrary notwithstanding.
MENT. Jolni and concurrent resolution sub
mitting to the qualified voters of Mis
souri an amendment to section 11, ar
ticle 10, of the Constitution thereof con
cerning taxation.
lit! it resolved by tho Senate, the House
of Itepreseiitutlves concurtltig theioiir
That at the genoral election to be held
on the Tuesday next following the lirst
Monday In November, A. 1. nineteen hun
dred tind twelve tho following nmond-
Stent to section 11. of article 10 of the ; " . "eV''sla o and loca
Constitution of the. stato of Missouri. ,xell,l,,,,.t t!x t lit of ono-fotir It o ! tho as
8VU,1,1,el'"t!!V1l,",!!!,w.,!t Ul0 "U1""UMl V"tCrM sess'.d value1 oV such' properly; In the
imieni1r.il bv striking out tho word "sixty1
In Hun lit and Inserting In lieu thereof,
thn words, "olio bundled," and by strik
ing out tho word, "lldy" in lino L'l there
of and Inserting In Hail theteeJ the word,
"ninety," so that whin amended tho sec
tion shall read as follows-
Section 11. Hales for local purposes
limits how increased for school nnd
erecting public ImlldligH-St. louls may
levy as if part of a county. -Taxos for
county, city, town and school put poses
may be levied on nil subject and objects
of taxation; but the valuation of pioperty
therefor shall not exceed the valuation of
thu saino properly "In such town, city or
school district for stato nnd county pur
poses. Tor county purposes the annua!
rate on property, in counties lnvlug six
million dollars or less, Khali not, in tho
aggregate, exceed fifty cents on tho hun
dred ilolhus valuation; in counties tuning
?l.v million dollar and under ten million
dollars, said rati) shall not exceed forty
cents ou the hundred dollars valuation;
the counties having ten million dollars
nnd under thirty million dollnrs, said
rate shall not exceed fifty cents on thu
bundled dollars valuation: and tn coun
ties having thirty million dollais or mure,
nald intu shall not exceed thirty-five cents
on the bundled dollais valuation, l or
city ulid town puiposes, tho annual rate
on pri'perty In cities and towns having
thirty thousand Inhabitants or more shall
not, In tho aggregate, exceed mm bundled
cents on tho uuo hundred dollars valua
tion! In cities nnd towns having less than
thltty thousand and over ten thousand In
habitants, said into shall not exceed ono
hundred cents ou the hundred dollars val
uation; In cities and town having less
than ten thousand and moro than ono
thousand Inhabitants, said rato shall not
exceed ninety cont.s ou tho hundred dol
lars valuation; and In towns having one
thousand inhabitants, or less, said tab
shall not exceed Iwenty-llvo cents ou tin
bundled dollars valuation. For school
purposes In districts composod of cities
which bavo ouo hundred thousand In
liubliants or more, tho annual rate nn
iirupeity shall not exceed sixty eeut.s on
thn hundred dollars valuation nnd in othei
districts forty cents on the hundred dol
lars valuation! Provided, the aforesaid
annua! rates for school purposes may bo
Inercised. In dlstilota formed of cities
and towns, tn an amount not to exceed
cm dollar on the hundred dollais valua
tion, and In other distrlclH to an aim-mit
nut In i.yei.i'il slxtv-llvu u into on the hun
dred uollars valuation, ou the condition
that n majority of tbu voteis wii; are
taxpayers, voting ut an election held to
uocide thn (lUCHtlo.i, vote for said In
crease. Fat tli purpose or erecting public
buildings 1 1 enuntlcH, cities or school dis
tricts, tho uilo ot taxation herein limited
may bo Inrreused, when tho rate of such
increase and tho purpusu for wuloh It Is
Intended ahull have been submitted to a
vote of the tieople, nnd two-thlrd"i nf the
nuallftrd vntiiK of HUrli county, city or
ni'liool dlNttlit, otln ill mich election,
h.tll ote thereto) The mte heroin al
lowed to cue!' cniiutv flmll be ascertained
In the amount of taxable properly there
ii,. fiecciriln. to the ho-t iirweSMincnt for
otitte and county pnrow . nod tin r;ito
ulloWed to eiich city or town by the num
ber of Itilmliltnntn. aecordiiiK I" thn IhhI
rcintl taken under the authority of the
ntnte, or of the I'nlted Stolen, mild lo
ttlcltot! u to riitt shall apply to trxen
of nvery kind nnd denn-lptUm, whether
K'-neral or ppt-ul.il. except taxes to pay
did Inilehtedm now existing, or bond
which mat be Issued In renewal of such
Indebtedtiew Provided, Hint the city of
Hi. l,oulf mav levy foi nttinlcip.it pur
lo.Cn. In addition to the municipal rate
of tnxntlcn nboe pvnvlih d. a rate not ex
eoec t int- which would be allowed
for ' I'Ut'iAiscn If inld city wore Hirt
MENT. concurrent resolution provid
ing tor the repeal of section 2 of article
8 of the Constitution of the state of
Mlisutirl, relation to suffrage and elec
tints and the enactment of a new sec
tion in lieu, th reof. to bo known as
ktctiah - of att.t f.
Ilo It resolved by the Senate, the Homo
of llepiesentatlvcs concurring therein,
ns follows:
That nt the general election to be held
In this state on the lirst Tuesday after
the Hist Monday In November. A. 1). 1912.
thero shall be submitted for adoption to
tho iiiialtllcd votcra of the stale the fol
lowing constitutional amendment, to-wlf
That section '-' of aitlclo 8 of the Con
stitution of the state of Missouri bo nnd
tho rnmo Is hereby repealed and the fol
lowing new section enacted In lieu there
of, to bo knon as section 2:
Section I. Kvcry male citizen of the
tTnlted States, nnd every male person of
fO(oign birth who shall (have becoma a
citizen of the I'nlted States according to
law by complying with all of tho lawn of
naturalization In relation thereto, who Is
over the ago ot twenty-one years, pos
sessing tbu following (luallfleatlous. shall
bo entitled to vote nt all elections by the
''TTrst. He shall have resided In the
Htate one year Immediately preceding the
election at which be offciH to vote.
e.....l tin uimll linvp leslded 111 the
count)', city or town whnin ho shall offer
to vote at least sixty days Immediately
preceding tuo election.
MENT. Joint and concurrent resolution sub
mitting to the qualified voters of the
state of Missouri an amendment to the
Constitution thereof, providing for the
registration of all voters In all counties
having a population of fifty thousand
Inhabitants or more and which adjoins
a city having a population of three
hundred thousand Inhabitants or more.
Ho It resolved by tho House of ttcpresen
tatlvcs, thn Senate concurring therein:
That at the general election to bo held
in lids state on tho Tuesday next fol
lowluc the lirst Monday In November,
t!tS, the following amendment to the
Constitution of tho state of Missouri shall
lie submitted to the (itialltied voters of
this state, to-wlt;
Section 1. That thu general assembly
may ptnvldo. by law, for the registration
of all voters ill all counties having a pop
ulation of fifty thousand Inhabitants or
more, and which adjoins a city having a
population of Unco hundred thousand In
liabltants or mote.
Proposed By Initiative Petition.
Provldlng for raising all revenue by
taxes on land. Inheritances and fran.
chlses for public service utilities! ex
empting from taxation all personal
property and improvements on land;
abolishing poll taxes and occupation
taxes for revenue purposes! abolishing
the constitutional limitation upon the
rates of taxation for state, county,
school and municipal purposes and pro
uifiinn th.nt thn law reaulatinn the man
ufacture and sale of Intoxicating liquors
shall remain unairccteu nereuy.
l'rnttosed amendment, bv Initiative PC
llilnri to thn Constitution of .Missouri.
submitting to the legal voters of tho
statu of .Missouri for their approval or
rejection, at tho general election to bo
held on tho Tuesday next following tho
lirst Monday In Novumher, A. T. I91S. by
lidding new sections relating to revenue
and taxation, to article A
Ho It enacted by the peoplo of the State
of Missouri:
Section 1. All property now subject to
taxation shall be cHssltled for purposed
of luxation nnd lor oxeinptum irom laxu
tlon, as follows:
Class one shall include all personal
property. All bonds uiul publlo securities
of tho statu and of tho political sub
divisions mid municipalities thereof, now
or hereafter Issued, shall bo exempt from
all taxes, slate and local, from and after
tho adoption of this amendment: and all
other puiHonnl property shall bo exempt
from all taxes, stato and local, In tho year
llill ami thereafter: Provided, that noth
ing In this amundment shall lie construed
as limiting or denying tho power of tho
state to tax- any form of franchise, privi
lege or Inheritance.
Class two shall Include all Improve
ments In or on lands, except Improve
ments la or on lands now exempt from
taxation uy law. in tno yours iso unu
19in. all property In class two shall bo
extent of three-fourths, and In tho year
ll20 and thereafter ull property In class
two ah.ill be exempt from nil luxes, slate
and local: Provided, however, that 111 the
vcar WH and then-after, tho Imniove
montH to the extent of J3,O0n.OU In as
sessed value on the homestead of every
householder, or head of a family, shall
be exompt from all taxes, stato and local.
Class three shall include ull lands In
tho slate. Independent of the Improve
ments thereon or therein, except lands
now exempt from taxation by law. and
shall also Include nil franchises, for public
service utilities, and no piopyrty In class
thieo shall over be exempt from taxa
tion. Section Ail property subject to lun
ation In this state shall lie assessed for
taxes at Its truo and actual value.
Section 3. No poll tax shall bo levied
or collected In Mlssoml. nor shall any
Ux whatsoever be levied or Imposed on
uuy person. Ilrm, merchant, manufactur
er. Hade, labor, business, occupation or
ptofcHslon. under tho form or pretext of
a license for revenue uftei December 31st,
V.I13. but nothing heieln sliall be con
stiued as affecting tho licensing of any
business, occupation, profession, place or
imug. In the Inte'esl of the publlo pence,
loaltli or safety: and nothing heieln con
mined shall bo construed ns changing the.
present laws governing tho regulation of
tho mnnufactuie and sale of fermented,
vtmniu nml unllitllnllM Illinois.
Sect on i. -rue existing cousiiiiiiionai
limitations upon tho rates of taxation tor
stale, county, school and municipal pur-
pc sos shall bavo no force and effect lifter
liimlillV lRt. lull. I W fl UMl IHllfn, Mini III mi urs, ii-
Section 5. The genera! assembly shall make Ills mark allestcd us a hove r
provluo tho Icgts atlon neoessary to re- quired. If iv.iy person signs nj olh'r
cure full an! effecllvo compliance with ! lluin bis true name In regis . K y vot
the purposes and Intent of this i.mend- lug ho shall be ndjudgeil g illty r ror -inept.
Nothing In this amendment shut cry and punished " mny P ,,u,,l3
bo construed to limit the Initiative nml
tefeielullim powers reset veil ny inn peo
ple. Proposed By Initiative Petition.
Abolishing the present state board of
equalisation aud providing for appoint
ment oy tne governor, in neu oi men
tax ' commissi and
numbs? aualf Ici'tlons
MM of the member,
ries ot me members
uoaru, oi a state
rescrlblna the r
duties and salarl
rropoBod amendment by Inltlallvu lie- election, general or special, whether
tltion, to the slate Constitution of .Ml. , state, county or municipal. Including any
Hourl. submitting to the legal voteis of i primary election held under the law.
the stato for llit lr approval or rejection " This nnicudlnenl shall be seir-euforcliitr,
at the general election to bo held on the , but legislation may ho enacted to fuclli-
Tuesday next fallowing tho Hi at Monday ' t He lis operation,
In November, A U 1U12. repealing sec-, Section III. Any constitutional pro
tlon lb of article X or the Constitution vision, or lnw, or part thereof In lonlllot
ofsho state of Mluaouri aud enacting In Vfltll 'Jils amundment ta hereby regaled.
lieu thereof a new section to rm known
ns section is, creating a state tax com
mission. Ilo It enacted b the people of the Stato
of .Missouri
Section IS. The picsent stato board of
niluali.nll'Di shall be abolished ou Jan
uary aist. 1013, imil In Its slcsul n statu
lax commission of threo members Is here
by creatisl, to bo aptiolnted by th" sev
ernor, who shall In tho begllmlng appoint
one mumber for two years, one member
for threo years nnd ono member for four
years unit all subsisuent regular appoint
ments shall bo for terms of four years
mid until their successors aro appointed
and ouiilllled. Tho terms of those ap
pointed shall begin February 1st, 1!H3.
nnd the snlaty shall not bo less than
ja.GOO.on per viur each. No member
shall nt the Riime ttmo hold nny other
state, federal or governmental position or
office, elective or appointive. H shall bo
tho duly of said commission to seo that
the laws concerning tho assessment of
piopcrt and tho ley and collection of
texos nro faithfully enforced; to adjust
and equalize tii- ablation of property
among the several counties and tho city
of St LouIh, and to perrorm such other
'iltllk-s as may tie prescribed by law.
general ewembl.v Minll rroyldo the
legislation lieirssaij w ...tjhiu ,m iinA
effective compliance with tho purpose
and Intent of this amendment. Nothing
In this amendment shall bo cotwtrued to
limit tho Initiative nnd referendum pow
ers reserved by tho people.
Proposed By Initiative Petition.
MENT. Providing that grand Juries, In Inves
tigating elections, may open ballot
boxes, compel the production of registra
tion lists, voting lists and tally sheets;
providing for trials on Indictments re
turned in such Investigations; prescribing
the manner of selection and the qualifica
tions of election officials; requiring po
licemen to be stationed in and near
polling places In certain cities and pre
scribing the manner of voting therein.
l'roposcd amendment to the Constitu
tion of Missouri, to bo submitted to tho
legal voters thereof, for their approval or
rejection, at inn icguiar Kenurui vu-utiuu
to be held on Tuesday, the fifth day of
N'nwmmr. li. 1 HJ. anil empowering!
grand juries to investigate offenses com
mitted in elections, to return iiuiiciiiivnm
thuicon, and providing for tho tilal upon
such Indictments In the courts; also pro
viding for tho malum- of conducting elec
tions, the. uuties oi oiuccis mm vuiuia
with roferenco thereto, and tho quallllca
tlons and selection of Judges and clerks
of election throughout the statu and In
cities of 25.000 Inhabitants or more.
s!eilmi T Tin. ballot shall remain se
cret In Missouri, but wheic crlmo Iish
been committed In any election secrecy
shall vleld to Justice, and no Impediment
shall no piaceu in inn way oi um ut
tection, pioscetitlnn and conviction of tho
guilty. The Investigation of all elections
In ulilch It Is sougi.t to open ballot boxes
111 seaich if crlmo shall be conducted by
a grand Jiiy composed of competent. In
telligent citizens of high moral charac
ter. Such grand Jury shall bavo power
to ciMr.pel the production of registration
llbts. voting lists, tally sheets and all
documentary evidence of every kind;
nlso to compel the production of ballot
boxis. to open the sainti and examine tho
ballots: nlso to subpoena witnesses and
take their testimony; also to compare nny
part oi tin evidence, oral, written or print
ed, with nny other part or tho evidence.
Voters may state under oath what their
ballots wire ns voted. The, Jury, grand
or petit, s'lnll decide under tho law nnd
all the tai ,s whether or not ballots have
been willfully and knowingly tampered
with, or changed, or misread, or falsely
counted, or false ballots placed In their
stead. Upon any Indictment returned a
speedy public trial shall bo had, and the
ballots and documentary and oral cvl
denco cotv-ldered by the grand Jury, and
other competent evidence, may be Intro
duced In the trial under the rules of law.
A grand Jury, for the investigation of
elections ns above provided, shall be
called In each county and In any city
with a government independent of the
county, by the several Judges throughout
tho state empowered by law to cull grand
lurii.u within Ihlrlv davs after each gen
eral election, or If a Judicial circuit or
district Is composed or several counties
iiif.il nt the next term of tho court there
after. Such grand Jury shall take the
place of u regular annual grand Jury,
now piovlded for by law to Investigate
elections and for other pm poses, and
when convened sliall possess nil tho pow
ers ns to investigations nnu tno uiuici
mni nt iirfemli.rH for felonlen and mis
demeanors possessed by a regular grand
jury, it is nereuy muuu tnu uuieiiiiivu
duty of the Judge of tho court to specttlo
niiv rh.iriT,. such cinnd Jury to investi
gate the preceding general election, or
in, mnv eharim them to Investigate of-
lendera In other elections not barred
under the law by limitation.
suction II. Cnmnetent oersons who re
reive tho protection of thn lnw shall
own it to thu state to act as election
iotIi-IhU nml Indlvliluiils of the very high
est .moral character to be found shall bo
selected. Neither poverty, nor wcaun,
nor magnitude ot" business, nor prnfes
nlntinl efillbiirs however exalted, shall ex
cuse the citizens unless serious Injury
would result, but druggists nnd physi
cians may be excused It they demand It.
All Judges and clerks of elections la
cities ubove 25,000 Inhabitants shall hold
iiinlr nrriceu for ii snecllled term, nnd
shall bo examined thoroughly ns tn their
qualifications. Any election commission
i- or other officer elinrgcd with tho su
lection of election otticlal.s who Bhall fall
to make diligent scatcli lor men oi gooa
character, or who shall willfully pass by
men of good character, and knowingly
select persons or bad reputation as elec
tion ottlciiils, shill be deemed guilty of a
misdemeanor In nil cities of 25,000 In
habitants or mora two competent Judges
and one competent clerk of high moral
character shall bo chosen for each pre
cinct fiom the city at large, and who
do not reside, In tho precinct for which
they aro chosen. These, with tho two
Judges and one clerk chosen from the
i,r..iH.i uhnll constitute the judges and
clerks for such precinct, aud all Judges
aud eltrks shall be equally divided in
each pieclnct between tho two political
parlies having the largest number of
votes In the state ns shown by the lust
general election. In every precinct In
such cities thme shall bo stationed two
policemen, ono outside and ono Inside
tho booth, who shall protect all election
officials, challengers, watchers, voters
and others, and who. for willful falltirn
to do so. shall be adjudged guilty of a
misdemeanor. Whetever registration la
required tho person who registers shall
sign his naino on the icglstrallon book,
nnd when he comes to vole ho shall again
sign his nanto opposite- his number on
the poll book, and the election officers
may compare tho slgnatuies, If tho
voter cannot sign his name then lie shall
make hl.t mail; In tho usual way ou the
registration book, duly attested In writ
ing by two or moro lepulablo witnesses
tn whom hu Is known, and when any In
dividual offers 1" vote under such uanio
tho judges may ueicrmiuo irom um
tlmony of the attesting witnesses, or If
j numjr ... .. . ..... : , i ,iihr
they cannot be pr id ced In n from other
proof, whether or not ho Is thn same
person who made his mail: on b icj, , s-
by s'atute. livery political, party una
evorv body of rlllxens organised for the
puip'oso of passing any constitutional
amendment shall bo entitled to a repie
sentutlvo Inside of the booth to watch
tho balloting and counting, nnd In addi
tion thereto shall nlso bo entitled to one
challenger. Where It Is provided beteln
that a violation of any provision of this
amendment shall ls n misdemeanor the
punishment shall lie nxeu ny siatuio. ii
ilu ntivml, r is a regular official ho shall.
I 'POU conviction. Ml foil his office, and ho
"y pncculd under this amendment
am his oiTlci. forfaited ndependeilt of
j nny j,,,,,,,!,, r, NU)r, election as used
I herein shall be construed to moan nny
Proposed By Initiative Petition,
MENT. Providing for levying tnd collecting,
on each one hundred dollar assessed
valuation, n state tax of ten cents for
the support of tho publlo elementary
and high schools, state normals, Lin
coln Institute nnd the State University,
Proposed amendment to tho Constitu
tion nf Mlssouil to be submitted to tho
legHl voteis d the state of .Missouri for
their upprovnl or rejection at llm regular
general election to be held on tho Tues
day iii'xt following the first .Monday In
November. A, 1. 1512. nrovlrtliig for
revenue tor tho support of nubile educa
tion, by nddliig to nttlele X of tho Con
stitution ono new seel Ion to be known
as section twenly-nlght CIS), which Is In
words and figure? as follows:
Section 2S. A state tsv of ten cents on
each one hundred dollars' valuation shall
be nuiiiially levied and collected on ths
assessed value of nil property subject by
law to taxation In this state. Tho pro
reeds of said tnx shall le net apart In ths
state treasury and appropriated by thn
general oisembly for tho support and
malntennncn of public elementary nnd
high schools, slate tunmnt schools. Lin
coln lliylltut", unil tho State- University,
but In no case shall thero bs'nppropriatcd
less kliiul twchtyrtvo iwur'-feoMj .or
proceeds to tio used In uldlnc public olo
mentary and high schools,
Department of State.
1, Cornelius Hooch, Secretnry of Slate
of tho Stato of Missouri, hereby certify
that the foregoing Is u full, truo nnd com
plete copy of tho live Joint nnd concur
rent resolutions nf tho Forty-sixth Gen
eral Assembly of the State of Missouri
of the proposed amendment to tho Con
stitution of, the Stoto of Missouri; nlso,
of the four amendments to thn Constitu
tion proposed by initiative petition, to
be submitted to thn qimllflod voters of
tho Stato of .Missouri nt tho senoral
election to bo held on Tuesday, ttie llfth
day or November, 1912.
In testimony whereof, 1 hereunto set
my hand and affix the Creat Heal of ths
Ststo of Missouri. Done at office In the
City of Jelterson. this 3rd day of Septem
ber. A. D. ISIS.
Birth of Child of John Jacob Aator
Has Aroused Interest In ths List,
Which Contains Many Per
sons of Note.
Tho birth ot a posthumous child oC
John Jacob Aster 'arouses especial in
terest and sympathy becnuno of tho
tragic death ot tho father Id tho Ti
tanic disaster. Yet all posthumous
children excite such sentiments. Some-
of these children have moroovor at
tracted additional attention from the
world In after life through their own
Alexandnr thn Great haa been Bald.
by somo historians to have boon bonv,,
after the death of his fathor, uut ac
cording to othor authorities Philip or
Macedon lived to enjoy tho compan
ionship of his son for several years. It
may bo that Alexander's stepbrother
was a posthumous child, but that has
not been proved.
neu Jonson, the Elizabethan dram'
atlst, was born In 1573, a mouth after
his father's death. He wan fortunate
In acquiring a stepfather who was a.
good friend to him and gave him an
excellent education.
Thomas Herbert was of posthumous
birth, Bays his elder brother. Lord
Herbert of Cherbury. Ho la remem
bered chiefly as the brothor of Lord
Herbert of Chorbury and ot George
Herbert, tho pooL
Early In the seventeenth century
another child came Into tho world un
der similar conditions. This was Abra
ham Cowley, tho English poet. Hla
fathor, who had boen a grocer in hum
bio circumstances, died shortly before
the birth of tho son. Thanks to the
unflngglng struggle and devotion of
his mother tho boy received a good
education and his poetlo genius had
opportunity for dovelopmenL
Dean Swift was born a few months
after hla father's death. Kindly dis
posed relatives helped his mother with
tils upbringing and education.
Adam Smith, author of "Tho Wealth
of Nations," put in his appearance In
this world somo four months after the
death of his father.
Still another English poot was a
posthumous child. This was Thomas
Chattcrton, who was born In Ilrlstol
about tho middle ot the eighteenth
Andrew Jackson, sovonth president
of tho United States, was born In a
llttlo log cabin on tho border lino be
tween North and South Carolina. In
that samo cabin his fathor, who had
co mo to America from the north coast
of Ireland, died a fow days before the
birth of his son.
Hutherford- Ulrchard Hayes, tho
nineteenth president, was another
posthumous child. Ho was born In
October and his father dlod In tho
July preceding.
Tho present king ot .Spain, Alfonso
XIII., was horn aftor his father's
Mary Queen of Scots Just escaped
posthumous birth, her father dying
when sho was a fow days old. It I chard
Wagner, tho composer, was nlBo loft
fatherless vory soon aftor his birth.
Woman's Work In the World.
Dr. George Drnpor of tho Hoclcefel
ter1 Instltuto, discussing woman's work
In' tho world, said: "And this, mind
you, leaves chlld-boarlng out ot count.
Two women sat ono day by a wind
sNvopt ocean pier, Tho first woman
had threo beautiful children, tho othor
vyas childless. Tho) childless woman,
gazing wistfully qut over thp turn
bllng hluo wator, said, 'I'd rfvp; tea
years ot my Ufa to huvo threo such
ohlldron " yours.' 'Well, throo chIK
dron cost about that,' tho ojher wom
an answered gravely'--Ban Francli
so Argonaut.

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