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MENT. Joint and concurrent resolution sub'
mlttlna to the voters of the state of
Missouri on amendment to section 1 of
article XI. of the Constitution of Mis
souri, relating to education.
Bo It resolved by the Senate, the Hon no
of IU'iii'cK"iitntlvos concurring therein;
That nt the general election to he held
In thlM ntnte on tho Tuesday next follow
ing the Hist Monduy 111 November. 1012,
there nhnll be sulrnilttfil to tho qiialinvd
.voters of Missouri for adoption or rejec
tion tho following constitutional amend
ment, to-wlt-
That section 1 of article XI of the Con
tttutton of the rtate of Missouri be niul
the mi hip Ih herohy amended, by adding
to sa.d Hpctlon thi following, words, to
wlt: "and may establish and maintain
Ireo public schools far tho gratuitous In
struction of all persons In this state bo
tvrech Ave iinil six yi-nrs of nge, and over
twenty ear. of a,,"- that iftld section
.when r,o amended shall read.-
"Section 1. A Keneral diffusion of
knowledge and IriteillKcnce helm? essential
1 tho presirvntloh of tho rights and llb
rtlea of tho people, the Keneral assembly
hall tstabll.h and maintain free public
schools for tho gratuitous Instruction rf
nil persons In this statu UKweeti the uses
of six nnd twenty years, and mny estab
lish and maintain fteo public, schools for
tiio erntultotis Instruction of all persons
In this state between llvo and six yenrs
of ago and over twenty years of use."
MENT. Joint and concurrent resolution sub
mitting to the qualified voters of the
state of Missouri an amendment to tho
Constitution thereof authorizing an In
crease of Indebtedness In the county of
Ot. Louis for the purpose of construct
ing sewers, or for the purpose of pur
chasing or constructing waterworks.
Ha It resolved by the Senate, the House
of llepresentntives concurring therein,
as follows:
At tho general election to be held
on tho Tuesday) next following tho Unit
.Monday In November, A. L. 1912, an
amendment to the Constitution of Mis
court shall ho submitted to the qualified
.votois of the Htnte, In tho following words:
The county of St. Louis with the assent
ef two-thirds of the voters of the county
.voting at an election to be held for that
purpose, may be allowed to become ln
debted In u larger amount than Is speci
fied and limited In section twelve (12) of
article ten (X) of tho Constitution of this
state, not exceeding an additional live
,(8) per centum on the value of the tax
able property within tho county, for the
purpose of constructing district sewers In
districts within such counties, which dis
tricts shRll be laid out by the county
court on petition of two-tliliil of tho
owners of rel property within any such
proposed sewer district nnd which rea
propel ty within the district shall bu sub
ject tc nu annual special tax levy in pro
portion to nrea of lots and tracts, for the
purpose of paying the interest on such
district sewur indehtedm each six
months, and also sufficient to pay the
principal of such Indebtedness for that
district within ten (10) years from tho
time of conducting tho same, all to be
dono In the manner to bo provided by
law; or for tho purpose of purchasing or
constiuctlug waterworks for tho county
which shall be mado uso of by the county
for furnishing water nnd protection
against files to cities, towns, companies
and others, under proper contractu, regu
lations and rates, anil under appropriate
management, to be approved by the coun
ty court or by commissioners of water
works, as may be provided by law:
Provided, that any such county Inclining
uny such waterworks Indebtedness with
the assent of tho voters as aforesaid, shall
have the power to provide, and at tho
Issuing of such Indebtedness shall con
traut to provide and collect an nnnual tax.
In addition to tho other tax.'s provided for
ty the Constitution, sufficient to pay any
Interest falling due on such waterworks
Indebtedness that cannot bo paid from thu
tiei earnings nnd Income of such county
waterworks, nhd the said waterworks In
debtedness when Incurred and Issued for
purchasing or constructing waterworks In
nnd for said county, shall be a secured
debt and a Hen upon the said system at
waterwniks nnd waterworks property,
which debt and Hen may bo enforced by
proper suit in nny court of nompetf-nt
Jurisdiction, but the county shall have tho
power to provide, nnd at the Issuing of
such indebtedness shall contract to pro
vide nnd collect, from tho maturity of
hucIi waterworks Indebtedness, in addition
to tho other taxes provided for by the
Constitution, rin annual tax sufficient to
pay within twenty years from the date of
and maturity of said indebtedness, all of
the unpaid principal of such waterworks
Indebtedness rsmnlnlng after enforcing
the debt nnd lien against tho said county
waterworks system and waterworks prop
erty, any provision In tho state Constitu
tion to the contrary notwithstanding.
MENT. Joint and concurrent resolution sub
mitting to the qualified voters 'of Mis
souri an amendment to section1 11, ar
ticle 10, of the Constitution thereof con
cerning taxation.
lie It resolved by the Benntc, the House
of Hcpresentatlves concurring therein;
That at tho general election to bo held
on tho Tuesday next following the llrst
Monday In November, A. D. nineteen hun
dred und twelve, tho following amend
ment to section 11. of article 10 of the
Constitution of tho statu of Missouri,
shall be guhmltted to the qualified voters
Df tho state, to-wit:
That section 11, urtlclo 10, of tho Con
stitution of tho state of Missouri be
amended by striking out the word "sixty"
In line 19 mid inserting In lieu thereof,
tho words, "ono hundred," nnd by strik
ing out tho word, "fifty" in line 21 there
of and Inserting In lieu thereof tho word,
"ninety," so that when amended tho sec
tion shall read as follows:
, faction 11. ltates for local purposes
limits how Increased for school and
erecting public buildings St. Louis may
levy ns If part of a county, Taxes for
county, city, town nnd school purposes
may be levied on nil subJeotH und objects
of taxation, hut tho valuation of property
therefor shall not exceed the valuutlon of
the same property In such town, city or
school district for state nnd county pur
poses, For county purposes the annual
rate on property, In counties having six
million dollars or less, ahull pot. In tho
aggregate, exceed fifty cunts on the hun
dred dollars valuation; In counties having
nlx million dollars nnd under ten million
dollars, said rate shall not exceed forty
cents an the hundred dollars valuation;
the counties having ten million dollars
nnd under thirty million dollars, said
rate shall not exceed tlfty cents on tho
hundred dollars valuation; nnd In coun
ties having thirty million dollars or more,
said rate shall not excood thlrty-llvo cents
on the hundred dollars valuutlon. For
city and town purposes, tho annual rate
on prcperty In cities and towns having
thirty thousand Inhabitants or more shall
not. In the aggregate, oxceed ono hundred
cents on the. ono hundred dollars valua
tion; In cities and towns having less than
thirty thousand and over ten thousand In
habitants, said into shall not exceed ono
hundred cunts on the bundled dollars val
uation; In cities nnd towns having less
than ten thousand find more than one
thousand Inhabitants, said ratu shall not
exceed ninety cents on tho hundred dol
lars valuation and In towns having one
thousand Inhabitants, or less, said rato
shall not exceed twenty-llvo cents on tho
hundred dollars vuluatlon. For school
purposes In districts composed of cities
widen, have ono hundred thousand In
habitants or more, tho annual rata on
firopetty shall not exceed sixty cents on
he hundred dollars valuation and In other
districts forty cents on tho hundred dol
lars valuation: Provided, tho aforesaid
nnnual rates for school purposes may bo
increased, In districts formed of cities
and towns, to nn amount not to exceed
one dollar on the hundred dollars valua
tion, und In other districts to an uniount
not to exceed stxty-llvo cents on the hun
dred dollars valuation, on tho condition
thnl a majority of tlio voters who aro
taxpayers, voting at un election held to
decide tho question, vote for said In
crease. For tho purpose of erecting public
hulldlims in counties, elllcs or school dis
tricts, tho rate of taxation hciclu limited
Cay be Increased, when the rate of such
creaks and the purpose for which It is
Intended shall have been submitted to a
vote of the people, nnd two-thirds of the
qualified voters of such county, city or
school dIMtlct, otlng nt such election,
shall vote therefor. The rato herein al
lowed to each county shall bu ascertained
by the amount of taxable property there
in, nccntdlng to the last assessment for
stnte nnd county purposes, and the rnto
allowed to oach city or town by tho num
ber of Inhabitants, according to the Ust
cetnui taken under the nuthoilty of the
state, or of thn I'nlted Htnti. said re
striction as to rates shall npply to taxes
of ovoiy kind nnd description, whether
genernl or special, except taxes to pay
valid indebtedness now existing, or bonds
which may be Issued In renewal of such
Indebtedness: Provided, that the city of
St. Louis mny levy for municipal pur
poses, in addition to the municipal rate
of tnvntti'li above provided, n, rate not ex
ceeding the rate which would bo allowed
for county puipoaes if said city were part
of a county.
MENT. Joint and concurrent resolution provid
ing for the repeal of section 2 of article
8 of the Constitution of the state of
Missouri, relating to suffrage and elec
tions' and the enactment of a new sec
tion In lied thereof, to be known as
section 2 of article 8.
Uei It resolved by the Senate, thu House
of Itenrescntatlves concurring therein,
ns follows.
That nt tho general election tt be held
In this state on tho first Tuesday after
tho first Monday In November. A. 1. 1912.
there shall be submitted for adoption to
the qualllleil voters of the stato tho fol
lowing constitutions! amendment, to-wlt:
That section 2 of article of the' Con
stitution of the state of Missouri bo and
tho tamo Is hereby repealed and the fol
lowing new section enacted In lieu there
of, to bo known as section 2:
Section 2. Every malu eltl7.cn of the
I'nlted States, and every male person of
foreign birth who shall have become a
citizen of the United Stntes according to
law by complying with nil of the laws of
naturalization In relation thereto, who Is
over the ago of twenty-one years, pos
sessing the following qualifications, shall
bo entitled to vote at all elections by the
First. Ho shall have resided In tho
statu ono year immediately preceding the
election at which he offers to vote.
Second. He shall have resided In the
county, city or town where he ahnll otter
to vote at least sixty days Immediately
preceding tho election.
MENT. Joint and concurrent resolution sub
mitting to the qualified voters of the
stato of Missouri an amendment to the
Constitution thereof, providing for the
registration of all voters In aM counties
having a population of fifty thousand
Inhabitants or more and which adjoins
a city having a population of three
hundred thousand Inhabitants or more.
lie It resolved by the House of Hcpresen
tatlves, the Senate concurring therein:
That at tho general election to bo held
In this state on tho Tuesday next fol
lowing the first Monday In November,
1912, thu following amendment to the
Constitution of the stato of Missouri shall
be submitted to the qualified voters of
this state, to-wlt:
Section 1. That tho general assembly
may provide, by law, for the registration
of all voters In all counties having a pop
ulation of fifty thousand Inhabitants or
more, and which adjoins a city having a
population of three hundred thousand In
habitants or more.
Proposed By Initiative Petition.
MENT. Providing for raising all revenue by
taxes on land, Inheritances and fran
chises for public service utilities; ex
empting from taxation all personal
property and Improvements on land;
abolishing poll taxes and occupation
taxes for revenue purposes; abolishing
the constitutional limitation upon the
rates of taxation for state, county,
school and municipal purposes and pro
viding that the laws regulating the man
ufacture and sale of Intoxicating liquors
shall remain unaffected hereby.
Proposed amendment, by Initiative pe
tition, tu tho Constitution of Missouri,
submitting to tho legal voters of the
state of Missouri for their approval or
rejection, nt the general election to be
held on the Tuesday next following the
first Monday In November, A. I). 1912, by
adding new sections relating to revenue
and taxation, to nitlclo X.
lie It enacted by the people of tho State
of Missouri:
Section 1. All property now subject to
taxation rhall be classified for Ivirposeu
of taxation and for exemption from taxa
tion, as follows:
Class one shall Include all personal
property. All bonds and public securities
of the state and of the political sub
divisions and municipalities thereof, now
or hereafter issued, shall be exempt from
all taxes, state nnd local, from and after
tho adoption of this amendment; and all
other personal property shall be exempt
from nil taxes, state and local, In tho year
1914 and thereafter: Provided, that noth
ing tn this amendment shall bo construed
as limiting or denying the power of the
state to tax any form of franchise, privi
lege or Inhoritanco.
Class two shall Include all Improve
ments In or uu lands, except Improve
ments in or on lands now exempt from
taxation by law. In the years 1914 and
1915, all property In class two shall be
exempt fiom nil taxes, stato and local,
to tho extent ot one-fourth of tho as
sessed valuo of such pioporty: lu the
years 1916 and 1917, to tho extent of two
fourths; In the years 1918 nnd 1919 to the
extent of three-fourths, and In tho yaar
1920 and thereafter all property In class
two shall bo exempt from all taxes, stole
and local: Provided, however, that In tho
year 1014 and thereafter, the Improve
ments to the extent of $3,000.00 In as
sensed valuo on the homestead of every
householder, or heud of a family, shall
be exempt from all taxes, stato and local.
Class three shall include all lands In
the state. Independent of the Improve
ments thereon or therein, except lands
now exempt from taxation by law, and
shall also Inrludo all franchises for public,
service utilities, und no property in class
threu shall ever bo exempt from, taxa
tion. Section 2. All property subject to tax
ation In this state shall bo assessed for
taxes at Its true and actual value.
Section 3. No poll tax shall be levied
or collected In Missouri, nor shall uny
tax whatsoever be levied or Imposed on
any person, llrm, merchant, manufactur
er, trade, labor, business, occupation or
profession, under tho form or pretext of
a license for revenue after December 31st,
1913; hut nothing herein shall bo con
strued as affecting the licensing of any
business, occupation, profession, place ur
thing. In the Interest of tho puhllo pence,
health or safoty; and nothing herein con
tained shall be construed ns changing the
present laws governing tho regulation of
the manufacture and silo of fermented,
vinous and spirituous llquurs.
Section 4, The existing constitutional
limitations upon the rates of taxation frjr
stato, count, school and municipal pur-
Soscs. shall havu no force-nnd effect after
anuniy 1st, 1911,
Section S, Thu general assembly shall
provide the legislation necessary tn se
cuio full and effective compilation with
tho purposes ami Intent of this amend
ment. Nothing In this amendment shall
bo construed to limit the Initiative nnd
referendum powers reserved by the peo
ple. Proposed By Initiative Petition.
MENT. Abolishing the present state board of
equalization and providing for appoint
ment by the governor, In lieu of such
board, of a state tax commission, and
prescribing tho number, qualifications,
duties and salaries of the members
Proposed amendment, by Initiative pe
tition, to the statu Constitution of Mis
souri, submitting to the legal voters of
thu statu fur their approval or rejection
ut the general election to bo held on the
Tuesday next following the llrst Monday
In November, A. 1. 1012. repealing sec
tion It, of artlcln X of the Constitution
of tho statu of Missouri and enacting In
lieu thereof n new section to be known
ns section IS, creating a stnto tax com
mission, lie It enacted by the people of the State
of Missouri.
Section IS Th present stnto board of
equalisation shall be abolished on Jan
uary 31st, 1913, and In Its stond it state
tax commission of three members Is here
by created, to be appointed by tho gov
ernor, who shall In the beginning appoint
one member for two years, one member
for thieo years and one member for four
years ,tt.. .ill uU-iUont regular appoint
ments shall be for tcitus of four years
and until their successors are appointed
and qualified, Tho terms of those ap
pointed shall begin February 1st. 1013,
and tho sal no- shall not be less than
$3,600.00 per yonr each. No member
shall nt the same time hold any other
stnte, federal or governmental position or
office, elective or appointive. 11 shall bo
the duty of sold commission to see that
the laws concerning tho assessment of
property and tho levy nnd collection of
taxes are faithfully enforced, to adjust
and equalize the valuation of property
among tho sovernl counties nnd tha city
of St. Louis, and to perform such other
duties ns may be prescribed by law.
Tho general assembly shall provide the
legislation necessary to secure full and
effective compliance with tho purposo
and lntont of this amendment. Nothing
In this amendment shnll be construed tu
limit the Initiative nnd roforendum pow
ers reserved by the people.
Proposed By Initiative Petition.
MENT. Providing that grand Juries, In Inves
tigating elections, s may open ballot
boxes, compel the production of registra
tion lists, voting lists and tally sheets)
providing for trials on Indictments re
turned In such Investigations; prescribing
the manner of selection and the qualifica
tions of election officials; requiring po
licemen to be stationed In and near
polling places In certain cities and pre
scribing the manner of voting therein.
Proposed umendmcnt to tho Constitu
tion of Missouri, to be submitted to tho
legal voters theteof, for their approval or
rejection, at the legular goueinl election
to be held on Tuesday, the llflh day of
November, A. D. l'JIZ. and empowering
jrand Juries to Investigate offenses com
mitted In elections, to return indictments
thereon, and piovldmg for tho trial upon
such Indictments In tho courts, also pro
viding for tho manner of conducting elec
tions, tho duties of officers and voters
with leferenco thereto, and tho qualifica
tion)! and selection of Judges and clerks
or election throughout the stato and In
cities of 25,000 Inhabitants or more.
Section L The ballot shall icmnln se
cret lu Mlsouii, but where crime has
been committed In any election secrecy
shall yield tu Justice, and no Impediment
shall bo placed In the way of the de
tection, prosecution nnd conviction of tho
guilty. Tho Investigation of all elections
in wnlch It is sought to open ballot boxes
In search of crime shall bo conducted by
a grand Jury composed of eomputent, in
telligent citizens of high moral charac
ter. Such grand Jury shall huvo power
to compel the production of registration
lists, voting lists, tally sheets anil all
documentary evidenco of every kind;
also to compel the production of ballot
boxes, to open the same nnd examine the
ballots; also to subpoena witnesses and
talto their testimony; also to compare nny
part ol tho evidence, oral, written or print
ed, with any other part or tho evidence.
Voteia may statu under oath what their
ballots were as voted. Thu Jury, grand
or petit, skill decide under the law nnd
all the tacts whether or not ballots have
been willfully and knowingly tampered
with, or changed, or mislead, or falsely
counted, or falsa ballots placed In theii
stead. Upon any Indictment returned a
sptedy public trial shall be had, and the
ballots and documentary nnd nial evi
denco considered by the grand Jury, and
other competent evidence, may be intro
duced In the trial under the rules of law.
A grand Jury, for tho Investigation of
election!) as above provided, shall be
called lu each uutinly and in any i-lty
witli a government Independent of the
county, by tho several Judges throughout
the state empowered by law to eall gmnd
Juries, within thirty days after each gen
eral election, or If a Judicial circuit or
district Is composed ot several counties,
then nt the next term of tho court theie
atter. Such grand jury shall take the
placo of u regular annual grand Jury,
now provided for by law to Investigate
elections nnd for ollit'r purposes, nnd
when convened shall possess all the pow
ers as to Investigations and tho Indict
ment of offenders for felonies nnd mis
demeanors possessed by a regulnr grand
Jury. It Is hereby made the Imperative
duty ot the Judgo of thu court to speclllc
ally chargo such grand Juiy to Investi
gate the preceding general election, or
ho may chargo them to Investigate, of
fenders In other elections not buired
under tho law by limitation.
Section II. Competent persons who re
ceive the protection of tho law shall
owe It to the state to act as election
officials, and Individuals of tho very high
est moral character to be found shall be
selected. Neither poverty, nor wealth,
nor msgnltude of business, nor profes
sional callings however exalted, shall ex
cuse tho citizens unless serious inlury
would result, but druggists und physi
cians may be excused If they demand It,
All Judges and clerks of elections In
cities above 25,000 Inhabitants Bliall hold
their offices for a specified term, nnd
shall be examined thoroughly as to their
qualifications. Any election commission
er or other officer charged with the se
lection of election officials who shall fall
to make diligent search for men of good
character, or who shall willfully puss by
men of good character and knowingly
select persons of had reputation 'as elec
tion officials, shtll bo deemed guilty of a
misdemeanor. In all cities of 25.000 in
habitants or moro two competent Judges
nnd ono competent clerk of high moral
chnracler shall bo choaen for each pre
cinct from the city nt large, and who
do not reside In the precinct for which
they aro chosen, These, with tho two
Judges nnd one clerk chosen from the
precinct, shall constitute tho Judges ami
clerks for such precinct, nnd nil Judges
and clerks shall be equally divided In
each precinct between tho two political
parties having tho largest number of
votes lu thu stnto as shown by tho last
gencrul election, in every precinct In
such cities there shall be stationed two
policemen, ono outside and one Inside
tho booth, who shall protect all election
officials, challenge! s, watchers, voters
and others, nnd who, for willful failure
to do so, shall ho adjudged guilty of a
misdemeanor. Whemver registration Is
lequlred tho person who registers shall
sign his name on the registration book,
nnd whon he comes lo votu he shall again
sign his namo opposite his number on
the poll book, and tho election officers
may compaio -tho signatures. If the
voter cannot sign his name then hu shall
mnko lit i maik lu the usual way on. the
registration book, duly attested In writ
ing by two or moro reputable witnesses
tu whom lie Is known, and whon any In
dividual offers to vote under such name
tho Judges may determine from the tes
timony of .the attesting witnesses, or If
they cannot bo produced then from other
proof, whether or not ho Is tho same
person who mado his innik on tho regis
tration book, and in voting hu shall again
make his mark attested ns nuovu re
quired, If nny person signs uny other
than his truo unmu In ti-glsteilug or vot
ing hu shall bo udjudged guilty of forg
ery and punished us may be prescribed
by stutute. Hvery political party ami
every body of citizens organized for the
purpose of passing any ' constitutional
amendment shall bo entitled to n repro
Bontntlvo Inside of tho booth to watch
tho balloting nnd counting, nnd In nddl
tlou therutu shall also bu untitled to one
challenger. Where .It Is provided herein
that n violation of any provision of this
amendment shall bu n misdemeanor the
punishment shall be fixed by statute. If
the offender Is u regular official lie shall,
upon conviction, fdifelt his nltlcei, and he
may hn prosecuted under this nmundmcut
and his nfflco forfeited Independent of
any statute. Tho word election ns used
herein shall bo construed to mean nny
election, genernl or special, whether
state, county or municipal, Including nny
primary election held under the law,
This uincndmnnt, shall bo self-enforclng,
hut legislation may bo enacted to facili
tate Its operation.
Section HI. Any constitutional pro
vision, or law, or purt thereof, In conflict
with this amendment Is hereby repealed.
Proposed By Initiative Petition.
Providing for levying and collecting,
on each one hundred dollars assessed
valuation, a state tax or ten cents for
the support of the public elementary
and high schools, state normals, Lin
coln Institute and the State University,
Proposed amendment . the Constitu
tion of Missouri to bo submllteM to thu
legal voteis of the slate ,i Missouri for
their approval or rcjeotl' n at tho regular
general election to be held on the Tues
day next following the fjist Monday In
November, A. IJ. 191.', piovlding for
revenue for tho support of public educa
tion, by adding to article 0f thu Con
stitution ono new scctim to bo known
as section twenty-eight is), which Is In
words nnd llgures ns fuiiuwi-
Section 28. A stale tux of ton cents on
rnch one hundred dollars valuation shall
be annually levied and . olleotcd on tho
nssessod value of all property subject by
law to taxation In this siate. The pro
ceeds of said tax shnll be set apart In tho
stnto treasury and appropriated by tho
general arscmbly for the support and
maintenance of publl" eloinuntnry ..nnd
high schools, stnte si schSRlsV Ji.lii
coln Institute, nnd tho state University:
hut In no case shall there lie appropriated
less than twenty-llvo per cent of said
proceeds to he used In aiding publlo ele
mentaiy und high schools.
Department of State.
I. Cornelius ltonch, Secretary of State
of the State of Missouri, hereby certify
iiiul uu, luii'KuuiK is a tun. truo nnti com
Plate copy of tho five Joint nnd concur
rent resolutions of tlie Fnriv-uiii, rim,
crnl Assembly of the State' of Missouri
oi mo propnsou amendments to tho Con
stitution of tho State of Missouri: nlsn
of the four amendments to tho Constitu
tion proposed by Initiative petition, to
ho submitted to the qualified voters of
tho Stato of Missouri at the genernl
election to bo held on Tuesday, tho fifth
day of November, 1912.
In testimony whereof. I hereunto set
my hand nnd affix the Great Sent of tho
Stato of Missouri. Done nt office In tlio
v.liy l jeuersnn, tins 3ru uay or Septom
ber. A. D. 1912.
Men of the Highest Ability Have Had
This Facial "Defect." Among
Them the Great Scientist
Charles Darwin.
Tho likeness of certain human types
to familiar animals Is a matter of com
mon observation. Caricaturists, from
tho days of tho Greek ami Homntts
down, have mado use of ltB sugges'
Hons. A noteworthy Instance in conr
parntlvely recent years was that of
Louis Napoleon, whoso brooding,
aqulllno countenance was rendlly coiv
vttrted into a bird of prey tho
French eaRlo tsometimos, at other
limes, and oven moro strikinRly, a vul
ture preying upon France,
In our dally speech wo naturally de
scribe men as rat-faced, hoggish or
foxy In appearance, or say of n noble-
looHing old man that ho possesses u
leonine head. Still other persons wo
pronounce simian In their physlogno
my, and although few o't us would
care to merit a personal application of
that ndjectlvo, it need not bo so un
complimentary as ono would Imagine,
Tho dignified and venerablo Charles
Darwin nccopted It as applied to him.
self with no resentment, and with a
gently humorous perception of its pat
comcldenco with his favorite theories;
while tho resemblanco of Oom Paul
Krugor to nn ancient and exceedingly
sagacious gorilla was moro than once
An amusing dlscovory ot unhuman
likeness was related by a friend of Sir
tienry M. Stanley, Whon Stanley vis
ltod tho Karaguns, an African tribe
rathor nbovo tho avorago in intelli
gence, ho had with htm a line bulldog,
whoso puggy and pugnacious counte
nanco possessed all tho unlovely
characteristics of tha broed.
Tho Karaguas bestowed much at
tention upon this beast, and their
chief, beforo parting with the white
mon. Ingenuously pointed out nn odd
fact which ho had obsorvod. Tho
Karagua men, flat-faced, snub-nosed
and thick-lipped, looked, ho thought,
much Ilko tho English dog; while tho
Ihalf-wlld Karagua dogs, clean-cut,
keen-eyed nnd long-nosed, looked,
much more than tholr mastors did,
like tho Englishmen.
Whether Stanloy, who had over'
right to think well of his own per
sonal nppenranco, relished this com
parison or not, ho could not do othor
wIbo than tako it In good part; nnd
ho had senso of humor enough to pass
it on for tho amusement of others
nftor ho got homo.
Return of the Moose.
Tho first moose bought by tho state
of Now York to restock tho Adlron
dacks were liberated at naquotto lake
tho mlddlo of July. 1002. Tho herd
consisted ot two bulls nnd four cows.
At that time mooso had been extinct
In tho great north woods for fnrtv
years. Protected by prohibitory laws,
it is Dciioved tnat m duo timo theso
lordly animals again will nourish in
tholr old-tlmo haunts In tho mountain
wlldornesa as they did before lax
ramo laws nnd a succession nt un
usually sovoro winters wiped them out
from the shores of the St. Lawrcnco
to tho Hudson.
Have You a Dream Pillow?
Tho "dream" pillow may mcaauro
15 by 10 Inches und may bo stuffed
with eiderdown or hair as It is liked,
hard or soft Carry it whon you
travel. Tako two plain linen covers
with hemstitched horns. A third cov
er of heavy satin, with a monogram
embroidered In bluo, Is tiBoful for a
steamor chair.
Eusy to pack Is an automatic air
cushion that, whon Inflnted, Is 9 by
18 Inches. It is of cloth, with n
silken finish and fits Into n flat leath
er case, measuring 5 by 11 Inches.
sccneTAHY of-statc
Nine Itotrolt aldernirn and Cler':
Schrollor were hound over to tho re
corder' court and seven were dis
charged by Justice Jeffries In pollco
court. Tho men were charged with
accepting bribes for official favors ur
with conspiracy to accept such
TImj entire rebel anuy nt Jlnotcpo,
NIsamsim. .about 20 -n-Taoa notith ol
Managua, wns captured with all 'M
ammunition, arms and artillery, after
a four hours' battle with governuieut
Miss Emily It. Sherman Is lu thu
Newark. N, J., hospital suffering front
Bclf-Iuflleted Injuries In her tenth at
tempt to commit suicide.
Countess Thea Erdody, Austrian !io
blewonian, began the process of ab-
talnlng American citizenship In NVw
York city. She hns first papers.
Walsh, an aviator, fell 1,500 feet
from an neroplane while giving an p
hlbltloit nt tho fair grounds at Tren
ton, Is. J. Ho was fatally. Injured and
will probably dlo.
JJccause they wero not allowed to
deliver suffrage speeches between
cts, a score of society women
stormed tho box office ot the Shubort
theater nt Minneapolis and put thu
ticket seller to flight,
Slg. Marconi Is improving, but the
question ot whether he will retain the
sight ot his Injured oye Is still unset
Triplets, whose aggregate weight is
less than six pounds, have been borti
to Mrs. Dorothy MoscU of Now York
Nt (jmployes of 1 lie government
mny inciuiio urinKB in ins expense ac
count while nway on official missions,
according to u ruling Just handed
down by the -department of Justice.
Chicago newspapers aro raising
"hero" funds for William Hugh, who
gave up his leg to save the life of
Ethel Smith, to cover bunted places.
Hear Admiral Luclnn Young, form
erly captain of the Mnre Island navy
yard at San Francisco, died lu New
York after a brief Illness.
The cruiser Maryland, with Secre
tary Knox returning from Japan,
where ho attended the funeral of 11m
late Japanese emperor, reached Hon
Qlulit, according to a dispatch received
at the navy department.
Tho Turkish cabinet, after a ses
sion of eight hours, decided to mobil
Izo tho entire Turkish army. It fur
ther mado the serious decision to dc
tain all Greek ships in Turkish wtb
tors for use as transports.
Two moro lives wore sacrificed to
aviation at thu United States army
nvlatlon field, College Park, Md., near
here, when an army aeroplane sud
denly fell 35 feet to the ground, in-
Btantly killing Corporal Frank S,
Scott and so Borlously Injuring Sec
ond Lieutenant Lewis C. Rockwell
that ho died a few hours later.
With coal at $8.00 a ton and almost
unobtainable at any price, Detroit
faces a serious fuel famine. It is esti
mated that tho supply in this city Is
about 7f per cent short and it is pre
dicted by dealers that coal may go to
$12 a ton.
Two men suspected of robbing
freight cars and prisoners in tho Jail
at Fornfoldt, Mo., were burned to
death during the night. They had
been inmates ot tho prison only a fow
Arrangements have been mado by
Postmaster doneral Hitchcock for tho
engraving and manufacturing of a
series ot twelve stamps, unlquo In
size and novel in design, for tho ex
clusive use In tha forwarding of pack
ages by tho parcels post.
Htiunlng at the rato of sixty miles
an hour In an effort to make up fif
teen minutes' lost time, tho second
section of the Springfield express,
Hoston to New York city, failed to
take a crossovor from the third to the
fourth track nnd practically tho whole
train wns hurled Into a ditch. Nino
persons, among tho 200 on the train,
wero killed and scores mortally in
Col. John James Patterson, who
served as United States senator from
South Carolina from 1873 to 1879, died
at his home In Mlffllntown, Pa., from
pneumonia. .
Attorneys John M. Longer aud J,
W. Spedoms began suit for possession
of a strip of land from GO feet to a
half mile wldo along Lako Michigan,
fom Fifty-first streot to the Chicago
liver, valued nt !BO,000,000. Tho suit
Is to bo brought for Frank Ell an!
3,500 other Indians, descendants ot
the Pottawatomie, Chlppawa and Ot
tawa tribes.
Seven out of about every 100,000
Now Yorkers aro murdered, accord
ing to figures gathered by nn Insur
ance Journal In Now York,
Charlea Pago Bryan, United States
ambassador, left for America on three
months' leave of absence. He will
travol via Koroa, Pekln and Siberia.
Panln in conseqttenco of the pre
diction of earthquakes caused most
of tho Inhabitants of Valparaiso,
Chile, to puF.8 the night In tents
pitched on thu open spaces and In tho
parks, whero hands played to cheer
tliom, while troops patrollod the
Attornoy Hurton W. Gibson,
charged with tho murder of Countoss
Hosu Menschtk Szabo, was hold for
the grand Jury at Goshen, N. Y, Tho
October grand Jury, wbloh will take
up (llbBcn's caso, will conveuu next
Discovery of au alloecfi TtukUX
plot to massacre nil Groekn in Al
bania was reported In Athens. It was
declared Individual assassinations
havu already begun among the thou
sands of Greeks living lu tho prov
ince, The Hrltlnh submarine B2 was run
down by the Humliurg-Amerirun liner
Amerlka near Dover. It sank ut once,
drowning It of tho crow?
ISatidlts hold up northbound Kansas
City Southern pniiReugvr train No. 4,
en route to Kiuihhh City, ou Tut by
prairie, Okla. Two safes wero blown
open. Tho bandits rode away on the
same train.
n"ll expr 'Hr "Washington
for . ". . on . tm railway
wua .. civ 'd nea' .. . n, Gn. Two
ure u.sii und half a dozen injured.
Confirmation was oblfjlticd lu Paris
mm a treaty ot pctico Duiwcen Tttr
key nnd Italy was signed by commls
slonera representing both powers at
Otiehy, Switzerland.
In nn address at Cleveland, 0 Dr,
William H. Davis of Hoston declnretl
that rich American women aro a s
grace to the country because they re
fuse to assume the responsibility of
Itoberts won tho Pabst trophy 'n
tho twenty-clght-lap contest at MH
tvaukeo. Tho distance was 220 ml!ea,
nnd 3,704 feet. Hastings was tho only
ather contestant to finish.
Stephen It. Dow, prominent mem
ber of tho Boston stock exchange for
18 yenrs, and president nnd director
In a sroro of mining companies, wns
arrested on a chargo of larceny of
fllG.000 from the Franklin and Algo-
man Mining company.
Isaac Newton Phillips, 07 years o'd,
former reporter of tho Illinois RU'
preme court, died suddenly nt Bloom
Ington, 111. He studied law with Ttob
ert G. Ingersoll antl ranked among the
leading lawyers of Illinois.
It Is reported In Berlin that tho
Princess Vtctorin LouIfc, tho kaiser's
snly daughter, has fallen In love with
and will marry Princo Ernest August,
youngest son of the Duke of Cumber
land. The great Vanderbllt auto cup raco
was won at Mllwaukes by De Palraa,
his margin of victory being only a
fraction ot a minute. De Palma's tlmo
was 2G0 minutes, 31 and 64-100 sea
Tho Illinois supreme court denied
the motion for a rehearing In tho ense
of Harry M. Kemp nnd others of Chi
cago against Division No. 241, Amal
gamatcd Association of Street and
Electric Railway Employes of Amer
lea, In which the court ruled that Its
employes have a right to strike when
tho closed-shop rule Is violated.
"Blue laws" nf Maryland are being
so 6trlctly enforced tbnt railroad
track repair rangs working on Sun
day nro being arrested.
Two member's ot the Prussian diet,
Deputies Bonehnrdt and Lelnert, wero
Dned $25 and $12.50 respectively for
resisting the police when tho latter
were ordered to clear the chaniher
during nn uproar May 1.
Tho Chicago, Mllwaul.ee & St. Paul
Railway company wns fined $200 and
costs in tho United States district
court at Davenport, la., for keeping
two employes working longer than
sixteen hours at one time. The com
pany pleaded guilty.
Underwriters of tho A. Wendell
Jackfon $50,000,000 loan to China an
nounced that when the books closed It
was nearly $10,000,000 oversubscribed.
Tho underwriters announced later
that the total subscriptions to tho
first $26,000,000 Issue ot Chlneso bonds
was $34,900,000, Including tho under
writers' ulloUuent.
A great gathering took place at
Shell Park, Liverpool, Eng., to protest
against home rule. The assembly
numbered not less than 100,000. En
thusiasm was unbounded, and rockets
and fireworks of all kinds wero dis
charged. Tho Michigan military court of In-
tjulry that investigated tho killing of
John Elsy by stato militiamen who
were doing guard duty during tho re
cent prison riots, exonerated Capt.
Frank L. Blackmnn, Lieut. B. F.
Smith and Privates Howard Jackson
aud Clnre McArdlo from legal respon
sibility for Eisy's death.
Four persons were murdered near
Qulncy, 111,, under circumstances In
dicating ono of tho most revolting
crimes In tho history of tho stato. Tho
homo of the victims was burned iu an
Effort to destroy the bodies, but two
of them escaped tho flames sufficient
ly to show that tho heads had been
apllt open with an u..
The mobilization of tho Bulgarian
irniy was proclaimed by tho govern
ment. Tho notion was taken In con.
jequenco of alarming news received
is to tho concentration of Turkish
Iroops In the neighborhood of Adrl
itnople and along tho Bulgarian, fron
tier. Congressman Sabuth paid $55 Into
Ihe Women's Wilson bureau, $5 each
tor his women reluttves, because he
has no wife to Join tho movement. "I
ice no chanco of gottlng n wife," ho
CongiTDhman William Sulzcr was
Dominated for govonuir of New York
by tho Democratic convention while
the fourth ballot was being taken.
The six powers which havo failed In
tho proposed International loan to
China, havo upon tho Invitation of
Russia Joined a. conferenco to press
for tho payment of the $50,000,000
Boxor Indomnlttea.
One man was burned to death and
i, scoro of porsons wqre injured, some;
3f them fatally, when Lotilsvlllo &
Nashville pnssonurT train No. 7 was
wrecked nt Hayes Mill, near Atheus,
At Amnrlllo, Tox Judgo Browning
refused to grant ball to John Beall
3nead, who two weeks ago here ikot
in (i killed Al Boyce.
Until You Get
After Tho Cause
Nothing moro dis
couraging than a con
stant backache.
Lame when you
awake. Pains ptorco
you wbou you bend
or lift. It's hard to
work, or to reit
You sleep poorly
and next day is tho
same old story.
That backache lu
ilicates bad kidneys
and calls' for soma
good kidney remedy,
None so wrll rec-
ominftnHi.il Tlniin'fl
Kidney Pills. "T'fatinT
Here's A Mlnnosotn Cssa-
Mrs. Anna Ilonturtl, 71 Hycamora St.,
Rt. Paul. Minn., says: "I suffered ter
ribly from kidney trouble and doctors
roulcln"t help me. I waa helpless with
fain In my backs couldn't turn fn bed.
Krpw thin nnd had terrible dltzr
eiielln. Donn e Kidney Tills cured roe and
today I am In perfect health,"
Get Doan's at Any Drug Store, 50c a Box
One Problem Settled.
Mrs. Strongheud had Just thrown a
paving stono through n drug store win
dow, merely to prove that sho wan
entitled to a voto (says Judgo), and
had been marched oft to Jail. "Thank
hcavon," said Stronghead. "That sot
ties tho where-shall-we-spend-tho-sum-mer
problem, nnyhow."
Hilltop, Kan. "About two yearB ago
I began to notice a breaking out on my
log. At llrst It was very small but
soon It began to spread until It formed,
largo blotches. Tho Itching wns ter
rlblo nnd almost constant. Many
nlghtB I could not sleep at all. After
scratching It to relievo tho Itching: It
would burn so dreadfully that I
thought I could not stand it. For near
ly a year I tried all kinds of salves
nnd ointment, but found no relief.
Somo salves seemed to mako It worse
until thero wero ugly sores, which
would break open and run.
"Ono day I saw an advertisement of
Cuticura Remedies. I got a, sample of
tho Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Oint
ment nnd began by wnshlng tho sors
with tho Cuticura Soap, then applying
tho Cuticura Ointment twice a day.
I noticed a. change and got more Cuti
cura Soap tid Ointment and in a fow
weeks. I was cured. It has healed so
nicely that no scar remains." (Signed)
Mrs. Anna A. Low, Dec. 17, 1911.
Cuticura Soap nr.d Ointment sold.
throughout tho world. Sample of each
free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address
post-card "Cuticura, Dopt, L, Boston."
Of Course.
"Hur husband Is a self-made man."
"She's suro to Insist on altera
Cole's Carbnllnlva stops Itching: and malcea
the skin smooth. All druggists, to and 50c. Adv.
"He proposed to tier In a canoe."
"Did sho nccopt him?"
"I presume so. Tho canoo cap
sized." More Schoolboy Howlers,
"Tho Snllo law is that you must
tako everything with a grain of salt."
"JulluB Caesar was renowned for
his great strength. Ho throw a bridge
across the Ithlno."
"Tho zodiac is tho zoo of tho sky,
where Hons, goats and other antmuls
go after they are dead."
"Tho Pharisees were peoplo who
liked to show off their goodness by
praying to Hytionyms."
"An abstract noun Is something
you can't seo when you nro looking at
"Algobralcal symbolB are used when
you do not know what you aro talking
about." Westminster Gnzotto.
The Food
Tells Its
Own Story
It's one dish that a
good many thousand peo
ple relish greatly for
breakfast, lunch or sup
per. Post
Crisped wafers of toast
ed Indian Corn a dainty
and most delightful dish.
Try with cream and
"Tho Memory Lingers
Poawm Cereal Company, Ltd. ,
Haul Crvtlc, Mti'h '

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