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I v.,
Dispatches From Our Own and For
eign Countrlei Are Here Given
In Short Meter for
Duty Reader.
- clow Wi.'iua ordered Clevoland
Dodge, Democratic' national treasurer,
Ui return tn Cyrus II. McCorinlck his
$12,500 contiibutlon to tho Wilson pre
convention cnmpalgn fund and th6
money was rufunded.
The nuvy department ordered tho
dismissal from tlio naval academy of
Midshipman Tlgun of Chicago, who
was convicted of hazing by a court
Sir Thomas Llpton, IrlBh baronet
ond world-famed Hportlnc man, U lu
Chicago for a ten days' visit. "It
seems good to bu buck lit Chicago,"
he said.
Myron Jordan, editorial writer of
the Hock Island (111.) Weekly N'ewu,
was acquitted of tho chargo of send
lug obscene matter through tho mails,
by a Jury In the United States court.
James A. Brady of Now York, finan
cier and horsonu'H, who was recently
a patient at Johns Hopkins hospital,
In Baltimore. Md.. has ptcsented that
institution ?300.000, In appreciation of
Its wink, and for tho extension of its
Fake "bannna companies" are the
uowest got-i'lclwiulck or "blur sky"
schemes of which warning Is being
given by tho government to credulous
Confirmation of reports that the
revolution In San Domingo was gain
ing ground wa3 received by tho state
department. Tho revolutionists arc
planning to attack tho city of Puerto
Thomas Hubbard, one of tho di
rectors of the Toledo, St. Louis &
Western railroad (Clover Leaf Route),
was Injured slightly and a negro
portor, name not known, was killed,
when Hubbard's special train was
ditched a mile west of Flllmu.e, 111.
Tho contract under which Johnny
Evers will manage the Chicago Cubs
has been signed.
The statu of WiRconslif formally
went Into tho lusurauco business, es
tablishing a precedent. Inasmuch as
no state's citizens havo heretofore
been taken as Insurance risks by the
state In which they live.
"Not guilty, by reason of insanity,"
was the verdict returned by the Jury
lu tho caso of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley
Brown, charged with the murder of Al
Neeves, Mrs. Brown's father, at Col
fax. Wash.
''Guilty of murder In tho first de
gree," was the verdict by tho Jury
which has been hearing tho evidence
in tho caso of former Police Lieuten
ant Charles Becker, charged with tho
murder of Herman Ilosenthal, tho
gambler, last July, in New York.
Tho Iowa Insurgent Woodmen win,
and the proposed Increase in rates Is
denied In an opinion rendered by
Stale District Judge Charles Brad
Bhaw of tho I'olk county court.
As if sent purposely to allay any
apprehension, the transport l'ralrle,
with 750 marines and a commission
of American officials aboard, advised
tho navy department that she was
safely anchored at Santo Domingo
Mrs. C. W. Post, divorced wife of
tho Battle Creek millionaire food
manufacturer, died suddenly In Wash
ington. Her death was duo to or
ganic trouble.
Tho Russian crown prince, tho
Grand Duko Alexis, is seriously 111 at
tho Imperial hunting lodgo of Spala,
in Russian Poland, as tho result of an
accident October 15.
"Jack" Johnson was "read out of
his raco" by a mass meeting of near
ly a thousaud Washington negroes
held at tho Cosmopolitan Baptist
Forty persons wero Injured, many
seriously, when Chicago & Alton pas
conger train No. 70, an route from
Kansas City to Chicago, was derailed
one mllo west of Hopedale. 111.
Tho typhoon which swept over sev
eral or the Philippine Islands October
lti resulted lu tho death of more than
1,000 persons. Four unidentified
Americans, three men and a little girl,
wero among those killed.
Signer Marconi, whose right eye
was romoved, Ik quoted as saying
that tho loss df this eyo will not pre
vent him from continuing his work,
Ho will go to th United States short
ly for the purpose of making new
wireless experiments.
A dispatch from Moxlco City rnya
Majors Cur-sta and liatato of the staff
of Gen. Felix Diaz wero shot to death
, by a llrltig squad at Vera Cruz.
Felix Diaz with tho whole of his
Btaff was captured and nil tho rebels
wero disarmed. The casualties of tho
battle wero Insignificant.
Tho Bulgarian and Servian troops
nro advancing on Adrlanopolls. having
captured Tzarevo, Gorna, Dzuniala,
Barakovo and Palankn.
Tho bupreme court of Iowa hold
that "tips" given to "shines" In shoe
shining parlors belong to the boys,
and not to the boss.
AVIIIInin II. Sexton, corporation
counsel of Chicago, niado public an
opinion that ho had prepared for tho
council vlco committee, in which he
opens tho way for a seml-legltlmate
segregated vice district.
John W. Slhbcn, assistant cashier
of tho First National bank Mania
tee, Mich., confessed to embezzling
$41,000 during the last IS years to
play the Chicago stock markot.
Clementine Barnabet. self-conforsed
murderer of 17 persons, charged with
slaying this number, wns found guilty
of murder and sentenced to life Im
prisonment at Lafayette, La.
Believed to bu a dangerous maniac
with anarchistic tendencies, a man
going under the name of Harry M'tch
ell was arr-.'stod In Baltimore, Md., on
tho charge of sending threatening let
ters to Thomas A. EdiBon, tho In
ventor. A dispatch from Kio du Janeiro Fays
nearly a thousand brigands attacked
and defeated tho police at Irany, In
thf stain-of Parana. A colonel of the
pjllco aiifl W' lleutenanta wn hli'itd
and sixty policemen were killed or
Tho champion polygaralst of tho
British empire has been discovered
among the Bantu tribesmen of tho
Transvaal, according to roturns of tho
census office. Ho has forty-six wives
and is 35 years old.
Ten thousand dollars for an oye Is
the value placed by tho Ohio supreme
court in awarding Martin Qrujozak
damages for an Injury from an acci
dental explosion of dynamite at a rail
road excavation.
Hundreds of Berlin houoewives
joined In n wild riot, becauso tho
butchers In the municipal markets re
fused to handle meat imported, so as
to reduco tho cost of living.
I Miss Maudo Malone, the suffragist
arrested for disturbing a Democratic
meeting at which Gov Wilson spoko
in tho Academy of Music. Brooklyn,
was arraigned before Chief Mails
trato Kempner and wns held In $500
ball for trial.
Harry N. Dunn, an American news
paper man, recently returned from
Nef York, has been arrested by tho
Mexican government nnd Is being held
The ucpartmeui of agriculture will
experiment at Bethesda, Md.. this win
ter with a view to determining the
cause of tho recent epidemic which
killed thousands of horses lu Kauuas
and Nebraska.
Washington, D. C, was chosen 'i
tho city for the next meeting of tho
National W C. T. U., which will be
held tho week preceding tho opening
of congress In 1913.
George Muggie, living two and onj
half miles northeast of Eldorado, 111.,
wae shot to death by hunters. Mug
glo told them ho would proseouto If
they hunted on his farm, when one of
the hunters fired.
Mnbol Hlte, the nctress, famed in
musical comedy and vaudeville, who
In prlvatollfc wns the wife of "Mike"
Donlln, the baseball player, died at
tho homo of her mother, Mrs. Elnle
Hlte, In New York.
The grand Jury, which has been In
vestigating the tarring of pretty
18-year-old Mlnnlo Lavnlley of West
Clarksfleld on August 20, 1D1L', re
turned indictments against six Clarks
fleld township men, accusing them of
riotous conspiracy.
Tho United Shoe Machinery com
pany suffered tho most severe blow
in its history when tho tribunal at
Ottawa, Ont., appointed under the do
minion combines law declared It a
combination in restraint of trade. The
penalty will bo assessed later.
Thirteen survivors of tho Ill-fated
tramp steamer Nicaragua, which was
disabled In the Gulf of Mexico Octo
ber 1G, wero rescued by members of
tho United States lite-saving crow at
Port Aransas, Tex.
Burton W. Gibson, the Now York
lawyer, was indicted by tho Orange
county grand Jury on a chargo of mur
der In tho first degree. Ho is ac
cused of killing his client, Mrs. ltosa
Meuschlk Szabo.
George Karnhart, who escaped from
tho hospital for tho Insane at Rich
mond, 1ml., wns probably fatally shot
by Mllo Snyder of Cromwell, ten
miles west of that city, in a light with
a posse.
School authorities at Bryn Mnwr,
Pa., aro publishing statistical tables
which they claim show that tho high
er education of women leads to race
Following a quarrel at tholr homo
In Petersburg, 111,, tho wifo of Thorn
hb Kraft of that city secured it riflo
nnd killed her husband. She gave her
self up to tho authorities.
Nearly $250,000 in gold in the Wells
Fargo company express office was
passed by a lobhcr who sandbagged
Agent Herbert Taylor. Tho robber
took a package containing $1,200.
The soldiers of tho Twenty-Ural
Mexican battalion, garrisoning of Fori
Uloa, located on an island lu the Vera
Cruz harbor, havo revolted and Joined
tho revolutlonarj forces of Felix Diaz,
A balloon exploded while sailing
through a thunderstorm ovc Giossen
holm, Germany. Two occupants,
Lieutenant Stltchler and Knginecr
Goohrlcke, were killed,
Tho capture by Bulgarian advance
guards of two of tho outer forts de
fending Adrlauoplo was reported in
messages from Sofia. Thoy wero
taken, tho dispatches say, In a des
perate fight, In wlilqh both sides loat
Nino persons wero hurt, one prob
ably fatally, when a Pennsylvania
train, north bound, crashed Into a
Hegewlsch street car nt One Hun
dred and Sixth street.
While tearing down tho old homo
Btead of Benjamin Whnrton, ono of
tho richest men of Etowah county,
Ga., who has been dead for twenty
five years, workmen found $5,700.
A broken rail laustd an excursion
train on th' llllnou Central n leave
tho track at Oreon'a CrosIng, Ky.
and at least fifty people woro Injured
while all of thu 180 passengers aboarf
were ladlv shaken up.
MENT. Joint and concurrent resolution sub
mlttlng to the voters of the state of
Missouri an amendment to section 1 of
article XI. of the Constitution of Mis
souri, relating to education.
lie It resolved by the Senate, the House
of Kepresentatlves concurring therein:
That at the general election to be held
In thin Htato on tho Tuesday next follow
InB thc nrst Monday In November. 1312.
there shall bo submitted to tlio uunllllcU
voters of Missouri for adoption or rejec
tion tho following constitutional amend
ment, to-wll;
That section 1 of article XI of tlio Con
tltutloti of the Mate of Missouri lie and
,th Kim i hereby amended, by adding
to m.S section thn following wonK to
wit: 'nnd may establish nnd maintain
free public reboots for the Bratultous In
strur'lnp. of ill l-rsut.s In t ti lu state, be
tween hvti and six years of ac, and over
twenty years of Ke," so that said section
when so amended shall rend:
"Section 1 A sonernl diffusion of
knowledge nnd Intelligence being essential
to the preservation of tho lights and lib
erties of thw people, the general assembly
shall cstnbllah and maintain freo public
schools for the gmtulloun Instruction of
all persons In this slato between tho ages
of six and twenty years, unci may estab
lish nnd mulntnln free public schools for
tho sratultous Instruction of all persons
In this state between II vo nnd six years
of ae and over twenty years of aec."
MENT. Joint and concurrent resolution sub
mitting to the qualified voters of the
state of Missouri an amendment to the
Constitution thereof authorizing an In
crtase of Indebtedness In the county of
St. Louis for the purpose of construct
ing stwers, or for the purpose of pur
chasing or constructing waterworks.
lie It resolved bv tho Senate, tho House
of Ilfprcsentrttlves concurring thutcln,
as follows:
At tho general election to bo held
on tho Tuesday next following tho first
.Monday In November. A. D. 1912, an
amendment to tho (Constitution of Mis
souri shall lie submitted to tho qualified
voteis of the state. In tho following words:
The county of St. Louis with the assent
of two-thirds of the voters of tho county
voting at an election to ! lipid for that
purpose, may bo allowed to become In
debted In a larger amount than Is speci
fied and limited In section twelve (12) of
article ten (X) ot tho Constitution of this
fctate. not exceeding; an additional llvo
(6) per centum on tho valuo of'tho tax
able property within tho county, for the
purposo of constructing dish let sowers In
dlstilcta within such counties, which dis
tricts shall be laid out by the county
court on petition of two-thirds of the
owners of real property within any such
proposed sewer district and which real
Jropetty within tho district shall be sub
net tc an annual special tax levy In pro
portion to area ot lots nnd tracts, for tho
purposa of paying tho Interest on such
district sewer indebtedness each six
months, and also sufficient to pay the
principal of such Indebtedness for that
district within ten (10) years from tho
time of contracting tho same, all to bo
done In tho manner to bo provided by
law, or for the purpose of 'purchasing or
constructing waterworks for tho county
which shall be mudo uso of by the county
for furnishing wator and protection
against tires to cities, towns, companies
nnd others, under proper contracts, regu
lations and rates, and under appropriate
management, to bo approved by tho coun
ty court or by commissioners of water
works, as may bo provided by law.
Provided, that sny such county Incurring
ony such waterworks Indebtedness with
the asoent of the voters ns aforesaid, shall
have the power to provide, and at tho
issuing of such lndetitednoss shall con
tract to provide and collect nn annual tax,
In addition to tho other taxes provided for
by the Constitution, sufficient to pay any
Interest fnlllng duo on such waterworks
Indebtedness that cannot bo paid from tho
net earnings and Income of such county
waterworks, nnd the said waterworks In
debtedness when Incurred nnd Issued for
purchasing or constructing waterworks In
and for said county, shall be a secured
deb and a lien upon the said system of
waterworks and waterwoiks property,
which debt and Hen may bo enforced by
proper suit In any court Of competent
jurisdiction, but the county shall hav tho
power to provide, and nt tho Issuing of
such Indebtedness shall contract to pro
vide nnd collect, from tho maturity of
such waterworks Indebtedness, In addition
to tho other taxe.t provided for by the
Constitution, nn annual tax sufficient to
pay within twenty years from tho dato of
and matuilty of said Indebtedness, alt of
the unpaid principal of such waterworks
Indebtedness remaining after enforcing
the debt and lieu against the said county
waterworks system nnd waterworks prop
erty, any provision In the stato Constitu
tion ic tho contrary notwithstanding.
MENT. Joint and concurrent resolution sub
mitting to the qualified voters of Mis
souri an amendment to section 11, ar
ticle 10, of the Constitution thereof con
cerning taxation.
llo tt lesolvod by tho Senate, tho House
of Representatives concurring therein
That at tho geneial election to be held
on tho Tuesday next following the 11 rat
Monday In November. A. n. nineteen hun
dred and twelve the following amend
ment to section 11. of artlclo 10 ot tho
Constitution of tho stato of Missouri,
shall be imbmltted to the qualified votuis
of tho stato, to-wltr
That section 11, article 10, of tho Con
stitution ot tho stato of Missouri tin
amended tiy striking out tho word "sixty"
In lino 19 nnd Inserting In Ucu thereof,
tho words, "ono hundred," and by strik
ing out the word, "llfty" In lino 21 thoro
nf and Inserting lu Hon thereof tho word,
"ninety." so that when nmended tho sec
tion shall read as follows:
Hoctlon 11. Uatcs for local purposes-limits--how
Inei eased for school and
erecting public buildings St. Louis may
levy as If part of a county. Taxes for
county, city, town and school purposes
may bo levied on all subjects and objects
of taxation; but the valuation of property
thercfoi shall not exceed the valuation of
tho samo property lu such town, city or
school district for htato nnd county pur
poses. For county purposes thu annual
late on property, in counties having six
million dollars or less, shall not. In tho
aggregate, exceed fifty cents on tho hun
ilnil dnllaiH valuation; lu counties having
tlx million dullnrs and under ten million
dollars, said l.ito shall not exceed foity
cents on tho hundred dollars valuation;
tlio counties having ten million dollars
nnd under thirty million dollars, said
ralo shall not exceed fifty couts on tho
hundred dollars valuation; nnd In coun
ties having thirty million dollars or more,
enld rate shall not exceed thirty-live cents
on the hundred dollars valuation. For
city mid town purposes, tho annual into
on picperty In cities nnd towns having
thirty thousand InhnbltnntH or more shall
not. In tho uggregato, cxcicd ono hundred
cents on tho ono hundred dollars valua
tion; In cities nnd towns having lens than
thirty thousand nnd over ten thousand In
habituuUi. said rnto shall not exceed ono
hundred rents on tho hundred dollars val
uation, lu cities nnd towns having less
than ton thousand and more than ono
thoimnd Inhabitants, said into shall not
pxcuod ninety cents on tho hundred dol
lars valuation; and lu towns having ono
thousand Inhabitants, or less, said rnto
chad not oxceed twenty-llvo cents on tho
hundred dollars valuation, For school
purposes lu districts composed of cities
which havo ono hundred thousand In
habitants or inoru, tho nnnunl rate nn
propoity shall not exceed sixty cents on
thn hundred dollars valuation and In othet
districts lorty cents on tho hundred dol
lars vulunllon1 Provided, tho aforukuld
annual tutf for school purposes may bu
.Increased. In districts formed of cities
and towns, to an amount not to eced
i.tii- ilollur on tho bundled dollars valua
tion, and In other dlstrh ts to an amount
not to exceed slxty-llvo cents on tho hun
dred dollars valuation, on thu condition
thu' a mujoilty of the voteis who nro
taxpayers, voting al nn election held to
oi rid.- tho question, vote for said In
ciease. yor tho purposo of cri ctlng public
bondings In counties, cltlca or school dis
tricts, thu rain of taxation liurulu limited
Ciny In) Increased, when tho rule of such
icieoM and the purpos for which It Is
Intended shall have been submitted to a
vote of the people, and two-thirds af the
qualified voters of surh county, city or
school district. Voting at sit;lt election,
shall vote therefor. The rate .herein al
lowed to each county shall bo ascertained
by thn amount of taxable property there
in, according to tho List assessment for
state and county purpnes, nnd the rato
allowed to ench city or town by tho num
ber of Inhabitants, nr. ..rdlng to the last
en?us taken under the authority of the
state, or of tho United States, said re
striction as to rates shall apply to taxes
of every kind nnd description, whsther
general or special, except taxes to pay
valid Indebtedness now existing, or bonds
which may be .s. ' lu renewal of such
Indebtedness: Provided, that ths city ot
St. Louis may levy for municipal pur
poses, In addition to the municipal rate
of taxation above prnwded. a rato not ex
ceeding tho rato whlrlt would b allowed
for county purposes If s.n ; city were part
of u county.
MUNI Joint and coi i 'tn' resolution provid
ing for the ftpe.if of section 2 of artlclo
3 of the Constitution of the state of
Missouri, relating to suffrage and elec
tions and the enactment of a new sec
tion In lieu thereof, to be known as
section 2 of article 8,
Uo It resolved by the Senate, the House
of Representatives eotlcurrlnfjRJhereln,
aa follows. i'
That at tho general election to be held
In this state on tho first Tuesday aftr
tho ttrst Monday in November, A. U. 1912,
thore shall be submitted for adoption to
the qualified voters of tho state tho fol
lowing constitutional amsndmeat, to-wlt:
That section 2 of article S of ths Con
stitution of tho stato of Missouri bo and
tho tamo Is hereby repealed and tho fol
lowing now section enacted In lieu thue
of, to bo known ns section 2:
Section. 2. Kvery male citizen of the
United States, and every male person of
foreign birth who shall have become u
citizen of the United States according to
lhv by complying with all of the laws of
naturalization In relation tlieieto, who Is
over ttie age of twenty-ona years, pos
sessing the following qunllllcatlons. shall
b entitled to vote nt ull elections by the
I'll st. Ho shall have resided In tho
state one year Immediately preceding tho
election at which he ofteis to vote.
Second. lie shall hnvo leslded in the
county, city or town where ho shall offer
to vote nt least sixty days Immediately
preceding tho election.
MENT. Joint and concurrent resolution sub
mitting to the qualified voters of the
state of Missouri an amendment to the
Constitution thereof, providing for the
registration of all voters In all counties
having a population of fifty thousand
Inhabitants or more and which adjoins
a city having a population of thre,
hundred thousand Inhabitants or more.
lie It resolved by the House of Represen
tatives, tho Senate concurring therein;
That at the general election to be held
In this state on tho Tuesday next fol
lowing tho tlrst Monday In November,
1912, tho following amendment to tho
Constitution of tho Htato of Missouri shall
be submlttod tp the qualified voters of
this state, to-wlt:
Section 1. That tho general asembly
may provide, by law, for tho registration
of all voters In oil counties having a pop
ulation of fifty thousand Inhabitants or
more, and which adjoins a city having a
population of three hundred thousand In
habitants or nioie.
Proposed By Initiative Petition.
MENT. Providing for raising all revenue by
taxes on land, Inheritances and fran
chises for public service utilities; ex
empting from taxation all personsl
property and Improvements on land;
abolishing poll taxes and occupation
taxes for rsvenue purposes; abolishing
ths constitutional limitation upon tht
rates of taxation for state, county,
school and municipal purposes nnd pro
viding that the laws regulating the man
ufacture and sale of Intoxicating liquors
shall remain unaffected hertby.
Proposed amendment, by Initiative pe
tition, to the Constitution of Missouri,
submitting to the legal voters of the
state of Missouri for their upprovol or
rejection, at tho general election to ba
held cm the Tuosdjy next following the
Ilrst Monday In November, A. D. 1912, by
adding new suction relating to revenue
and taxation, to nrtlclo X.
llo It enacted by the people of tho State
of Mlswurl:
Section"!, All property now subject to
taxation (hall bo classified for purposes
ot taxation and for exemption from taxa
tion, as follows:
Class one shall Include all personal
property. All bonds and public securities
of the state and of thu political sub
divisions and municipalities thereof, now
or hereafter Issued, shall bn exempt from
nil taxes, statu and local, from and after
the adoption of this amendment; and all
other personal ptopeity slinll be exempt
from ah taxes, state and local. In the yeur
1911 and thoreafter. Provided, that noth
ing In this anieudiiK-nt shall be construed
as limiting or denying the powor of the
slate to tax any form of franchise, privi
lege or Inheritance
Class two shall Include all improve
ments In or on lands, except Improve
ments In or on lands now exempt from
taxation by law. In tho years 1911 and
1915, all property In class two shall be
exempt from all taxes, stnto and local,
to the extent of one-fourth of tho as
sessed value of surh property; In the
yeairi 1315 mid 1917, to tjio ej.tent of two
fourths; in thu years 191s and 191U to the
extent of three-fourths, ond In tho yoar
1920 and thereafter nil property In class
two shall be exempt from all taxes, stnto
and local: Provided, however, that In ths
yeir 1914 and thoreafter, tho Improve
ments to the extent of (3,000.00 In as
sessed value on tho homestead of every
householder, or head of a family, shall
be exempt from nil taxes, stato and local.
Class three shall Include, all lands In
tho state, Independent of tho Improve
ments thereon or therein, excopt lands
now exempt from tuxatlon by law. and
shall also fncludo nil franchises for public
service utilities., and no piopcrty In class
three shall ever bo exempt from taxa
tion. Section 2. All property subject to tax
ation In this stnto shall bo assessed for
taxes at its truo anil actual value.
Section 3. No poll tax shall bo levied
or collected In Missouri, nor shall nny
tax what soever bo levied or Imposed on
any person, firm, merchant, manufactur
er, trade, labor, business, occupation or
profession, under tho form or pietcxt of
a license for revenue nfter Dor ember 31st,
1913; but nothing herein shall bo con
strued ns affecting tlio licensing of any
business, occupation, profession, place or
thing, in the Interest of tho public peace,
liualth or safety; and nothing hcieln con
tained shall be construed as changing the
piesvnt laws governing tho regulation of
the manufacture nnd sale of fermented,
vinous and spirituous liquors.
Section l. The existing constitutional
limitations upon thu rntea of taxation for
statu, count, school and municipal piu
poses shall havo no foico and effect after
Jamiaiy 1st,. 1011.
Section S. Thn general assembly shall
provide thn legislation necessary to se
cure full and inflictive conipllnnco with
tho purposes and intent of this amend
ment. Nothing lu this amendment shall
bo construed to limit tho Initiative and
referendum puweta reserved by thu peo
ple, Proposed By Initiative Petition.
MENT. Abolishing tho present otate board of
equalization and providing for appoint
ment by tho governor. In lieu of uch
board, of a state tax commission, and
pretulblng the number, qualifications,
duties and salaries of the members
I'roposed amendment, by Initiative pe
tition, to tho stuto C'oTistltution of Mis
souri submitting to the legal voters of
the statu fur ihulr uppnivni or rejection
nt the general election to bo hold on the
Tuesday next following thu first Monday
In November, A. I), 1912, repealing sec
tion 111 of artlclo X of the Constitution
of tho 118111 ot Missouri and imacilnk lu
lieu thereof a Kew section to bo known
as section IS, creating a state tax com
mission. U It cnaoted by the people of the State
of Mlssouil:
Section IS. Tho present state board of
equalisation shall be abolished on Jan
unrr 31st, 1913, and In Its stead n state
tax ommlsslon of three membsrs Is here
by created, to bo appointed by tho gov
ernor, who shall In the beginning appoint
ono jiomber for two yenrs, one member
for tireo years and one member for four
years and nil subsequent regular appoint
ments shall be for terms of four years
and until their sucoessors aro appointed
and qualified. The terms of those ap
pointed shall begin February 1st, 1913,
and tho salary shall not be less than
13,600.00 per year each, r No member
shall nt the same time hold any other
state, federal or governmental position or
office, fdecttvc or nppolnt've. It shall be
the duly of sId oommlsa'ou to seo that
lbs laws .drains' the assessment of
pro, oil). i'. ha Uvy nnd collection of
Lixu t latthfully' ,t ' ire I, to adjust
and qusllru the val- . li n f j.ropsrty
among the a.isl wUhtltM ,nd .he city
of St. Louis; and to perform such other
duties ns may be prescribed by law.
Tho general assembly shall provide the
legislation necessary to secure full nnd
effective compliance with the purposo
and Intont of thts amendment. Nothing
In this amendment shall be construed to
limit the Initiative and referendum pow
ers reserved by the people.
Proposed By Initiative Petition.
MENT, Providing that grand Juries, In Inves
tigating elections, may opn ballot
boxes, compel the production of registra
tion lists, voting lists and tally sheets;
providing for trials on Indictments re
turned In such Investigations; prescribing
the' manner of selection and the qualifica
tions of election officials; requiring po
licemen to be stationed In and near
polling places In certain cities and pre
scribing the manner of voting therein.
Troposed amendment to the Constitu
tion of Missouri, to be submitted to tho
legal voters thereof, for their approval or
rejection, at tho regular geneial election
to be held on Tuesday, the fifth day of
November, A. D. 1912. and empowering
;raud Juries to Investigate offenses com
mitted in elections, to return Indictments
thereon, and providing for the trial upon
such Indictments In the courts, ulsu pro
viding for the manner of conducting elec
tions, the duties of offlccis und voters
with refeionre thereto, und tho qualifica
tions and selection of Judges and clerks
of election throughout the stato and In
cities of lo.OOO Inhabitants or mote.
Section I. The ballot shall remain se
cret in Missouri, but where mime has
been committed in any election secrecy
shall yield to Justice, and no Impediment
shall bs placed In the way of the de
tection, prosecution and conviction of the
guilty. Tho Investigation of nil elections
In which it Is sought to opon ballot boxes
lu search of crime shall be conducted by
a grand Jury composed of competent, In
telligent citizens of high moral charac
ter. Such grand Jury shall have power
to cojr.pel tho production of registration
lists, voting lists, tally sheets and all
documentary ovldenca of every kind,
also to compel tho production of ballot
boxes, to open the samo and examine the
ballots; also to subpoena witnesses and
tnke their testimony; also to compare any
part oi the evidence, oral, written or print
ed, with any other part or tho evidence.
Voters may state under oath what their
ballots wsre as voted. The Jury, trand
or petit, shall decide under the taw and
nil tho facts whether or not ballots have
been willfully and knowingly tampered
with, ox changed, or misread, or falsely
countbd, or faUe ballots placed in their
stead. Upon any Indictment roturncd a
speedy public trial shall be had, and the
ballots nnd documentary and oral evl
denco considered by tho grand Jury, and
other competent evidence, may be Intro
duced In the trial under the rules of law.
A grand Jury, for the Investigation of
elections ns above provided, shall be
called In each county nnd In any city
with a government Independent of the
county, by the several Judges throughout
the stato empowered by law to call grand
Juries, within thirty days after each gen
eral election, or if a Judicial circuit or
district is composed ot several counties,
then at tho next term of the court there
after. Such grand jury shall tnke the
place of a regular annual grand Juiy,
now provided for by law to Investigate
elections and for other purposes, and
when convened shall possess all the pow
ers as to Investigations and tho Indict
ment of offenders for felonies nnd mis
demeanors possessed by ajiegulnr grand
Jury. It Is hereby made the Imperative
duty of tho Judge of tho court to specific
ally charge such grand jury to Investi
gate the preceding general election, or
ho may charge them to Investigate of
fenders In other elections not barred
under the law by limitation.
Section II. Competent persons who re
ceive tho protection of the law shall
owo It to tho stnto to act as election
officials, and Individuals of the very high
est moral character to bo found shall be
selected, Neither poverty, nor wealth,
nor magnitude of business, nor profes
sional callings however exalted, shall ex
cuse tho citizens unless serious Inlury
would result, but druggists and physi
cians may bo excused If they domand It
All Judges and clerks of elections In
cities abovo 25,000 Inhabitants shall hold
their offices for a specified term, nnd
shall be examined thoroughly as to their
qualifications. Any election commission
er or other officer charged with the se
lection of election officials who shall fail
to make diligent search for men of good
character, or who shall willfully pass by
men of good character and knowing!
helcct persons of bad reputation as elec
tion officials, slnll be deemed guilty of ,i
misdemeanor. In nil cities of 25.000 In
habitants or moro two competent Judge s
and ono competent clerk of high moral
ehnractor shall bo chosen for each pie
clnct from the city nt large, and who
do not reside In tlio precinct for whlcr
they aro chosen. These, with the two
Judges and one clerk chosen from the
pieclnct, shall constitute the Judges nnd
clfiks for Huch precinct, and rill Judgis
and clerks shall ho equally divided In
each precinct between the two political
parties having thu laigest number or
votes In the state as shown by the lust
.eneral election. In every precinct In
such cities there shall bo stationed two
policemen, ono outside nnd one Insldi
tlio booth, who shall protect all eleotion
officials, challengers. watchers, voters
and others, and who, for willful fullim
to do so, shall bo adjudged guilty of n
misdemeanor. Wherever registration I
required tlio person who loglsters shnll
sign his name on tho registration book,
and when he comes to vute ho shall again
sign Ids namo opposite his number un
tho poll book, and tho election officer
may compare tlio signatures. If th
voter cannot sign his name then lie shall
make hit mark lu the usual way on tb.
registration book, duly attested In writ
ing by two or moio teputable witness
to whom bo la known, and when uuy in
dividual offers to volo under huch mine
the Judges may determine fioin the tes
timony of the attesting witnesses, m If
they cannot be produced then from other
proof, whether or not ho Is tho soup
person who inn do his mark on tne iegis
1 1 at Ion book, and In voting ho shall again
make his iii.dk nttostcd as above re
quired. If any person signs any other
'than his true namo In registering or vot
ing he shall bo adjudged guilty of forg
ery and punished ns may ho prescribed
by statute. Kvery political party and
every body of citizens organized for the
purpose of passing any constitutional
aiiu'm.mont shall bo entitled to a leprc
Mentattte Inside of tho booth to watch
the balloting nnd counting, ninl In addi
tion thereto shall also be cntltlod to cue
challenger. Where tt Is provided herein
Hint a violation of any provision of this
amendment shall bo a misdemeanor the
punishment shall bo fixed by statute. If
Iho offender Is a regular official he shall,
upon conviction, forfolt his office, and he
niav bo prosocut'd under th umcndnii at
and bin offlco foifclted Independent of
nny statute. The word election ag used
lutein Hh.ill bo construed to inr iq any
election, iteneral or special, whether
stato. county or municipal, Including nny
primary election held under the law
This amendment shall bo self-enforcing,
but leglsl. tlon may be enacted to facili
tate Its operation.
Section lit. Any constitutional pro
vision, or law, or part thereof, in conlllct
with this amendment la hetqby repealed.
Proposed By Initiative Petition.
MENT. Providing for levying and collecting,
on each one hundred dollars assessed
valuation, a state tax of ten cents for
the support of the public elementary
and high schools, state normals, Lin
coln Institute and the State University.
Proposed amendment to tho Constitu
tion of Missouri to be submitted to the
legal voters of tho state ot Missouri for
their approval or rejection at the regular
general election to be held on the Tues
ay next following the first Monday In
November, A. 1). 1912, providing for
revenue for the support of public educa
tion, by adding to artlclo X of the Con
stitution one new section to be known
as section twenty-eljht CSS), which Is In
words and figures as follows;
Section 2S. A stato tax of ten cents on
each one hundred dollars' valuation shall
be annually levied nnd collected on the
assessed value ot all property subject by
law to taxation In this state. Th pro
ceeds of v. id tax shall r set apart In the
state treaoury ond ai jirciTlated by the
soiiara! pnembly fo ho eupport and
maintenance of public elementary nnd
high schools, state normal schools, Lin
coln Institute, and the State University;
but In no case shall there bo appropriated
less than twenty-five per cunt of said
proceeds to be used In nldlng public ele
mentary and high schools.
Department of State.
I, Cornelius Ronch, Secretary of State
of tho State of Missouri, hereby certify
that tho foregoing Is a full, true and com
plete copy of the five Joint nnd concur
rent resolutions of the Forty-sixth Gen
eral Assembly of the State of Missouri
of tho proposed amendments to tho Con
stitution of the State of Missouri; also,
of the four amendments to tho Constitu
tion proposed by Initiative petition, to
be submitted to the qualified voters of
the State of Missouri at the general
election to be held on Tuesday, the fifth
day of November, 1912.
In testimony whereof, I hereunto set
my hand nnd affix the Great Seal of the
Btata of Missouri. Dono nt office In the
City ot Jefferson, this 3rd day of Septem
ber. A. D. 1912.
Homely Message Makea an Appeal
to the Moct Imaginative of Us,
Though We May Have Wan
dered Far.
No matter how highly cultivated
your taato in Utoraturo may bo nor
how exalted the position In life to
which you have attained, tho letter
from homo, with its hits of "nowB"
wrltton by mother, makes an appeal to
you that no other written or printed
words can tnako. No matter how
beautiful or splendid your city en
vironment may bo, your mother's wish
is your own when she writes:
"I havo been frying doughnuts this
morning and I wish that you wero
hero to get noma of them.
"Wo butchered yesterday, but did
not kill tho six or soven big hogs wo
used to kill when you children were
all at homo. We killed only ono yestor
day and ho weighed 298 pounds
dressed. Wo sent soma of tho spare
ribs around to the neighbors.
"I made up my mincemeat for
Thanksgiving InBt week, and hopo you
,vlll bo here to get ono ot my turnovers
that you used to llko so well. Some
how, my mincemeat does not seem
to taste so good as usual, but maybo
It will bo all right when it has stood
a little while.
"Luclna Green, one ot your first
sweethearts, has a now pair of twin
boyB, With eight already, and her
husband poor ns Job's turkey, some
think they didn't really need the
"Your father got his barrel of elder
home from tho mill yesterday. Ho
thinks it tho best he has ever had. It
Booms uncommon clear and swoot.
Wo wish you were hero to got somo
of It.
"Cy Sllmm, who used to go to school
with you, has parted from his wife.
Thoy call It that ono Is about aB much
to blame as tho other. They novor
did hit it off very well from the start.
Cy's wlfo's sister Is also getting n
divorce, bo It runs In tho family, it Is
no "way to do.
"Bud Tansy, who Is Just three days
nnd four hours older than you, fell
from tho loft of his barn tho other day
and broke two of his right ribs. They
say that his language, wr.s awful, and
thoro Is somo talk of having him
brought boforo the church for somo
things ho said. Tho Tansys nlways
wns noted for tholr profano swearing.
"Clem Long has ti flnu now buggy
and a high-stepping little nag to go
with It. All tho girls nro disposed to
bo good friends with Clnm now. llo
took Suslo Heane out for a rldo Sun
day afternoon and her mother Is pass
ing it out that Suslo can keep on rid
ing permanent in tho buggy It alio
wants to, but wo all know Hannah
"Tho spotted calf you ndmlred so
much tho last tlmo you wns ttt homo is
now qulto n cow and I think ot you
ovary tlmo I look nt her. Sho gives
moro milk than nny othur young cow
wo over had and sho Is going to bo a
lino butter maker. A man with ono
of theso snapshot photogrnph thlnga
come along tho other day nnd took n
picture of hor and your father which
I will send you, although your fathor
has on only his everyday clothes. All
well with us und hopo theso few Hues
will find you tho same." Judge.
Origin of Popular Oaylng,
The origin of the saying that it
takos nlno tailors to niako a -man Is
thought by somo to bo a corruption" of
"nlno tulleru mako n mun," tho "tel
lers" being another name for "tolls"
ot a bell. Tho English custom wan to
strll.o threo times ihroo tolla or "tol
lers" on tho passing boll for tho death
ot a man. It wns threo times, two for
a woman.
gen: grunt lost
Lloyds Pays $5,000 Insurance on Hit
torlo Jowet After Making1 Dill
gent Search Secret Guard
ed Six Months.
Now York. A secret, carefully
Guarded six months, wns discovered
when it becamo known that Mrs. Nel
Uo Grant Sartorls Jones, daughter of
Gen. U. S. Grant, lost last May a
historical emerald ring given to hor
father by tho emperor ot Japan nt
tho tlmo the famous soldier nuulo hit
tour of tho world.
Tho ring, tho intrinsic value ot
which is placed at $25,000, was.
dropped down a waste pipe at th
Hotel Renaissance, 512 Fifth avonue,
whoro Mrs. Sartorls was living prior
to her marriage last July to Frank H.
Jones, a Chlcngo banker and assist
ant postmaster general in President
Cleveland's second administration.
Value Fixed at $100,000.
Tho historical and sentimental val
uo of tho gem can only bo guessed at,
but an authority declared it was cer
tainly worth $100,000.
"When Mrs. Sartorls inherited tho
Jewel sho insured it with Lloyds' ot
Ltondon for $5,000, and tho full
amount was paid after tho company
conducted a searclt such as had nev
er before been made in this city.
It is tho boast of Lloyds that It can
find lost articles better than any oth
er agency on earth, and to that end
the company caused tho city's sewer
running from Fifth to Seventh ave
nue on Forty-third street to b
cleaned ot cvory partlclo of residue.
The cntlro sewerage system of tho
Renaissance was explored.
Droppd In Waste Pipe.
Tho ring dropped down a water
vent In tho bath room of un apart
ment on the second floor nH the then
Mrs. Sartorls was dressing for din
ner. She so prized tho Jewel that sho
seldom wore It, and sho was shocked
and grieved by her loss.
E. W. Northrup, chief engineer ot
the Renaissance, was notified of tho
Jewol's disappearance, and with As
sistant Manager Wat30n went to tho
bathroom, whero the trap was opened.
No ring was found, and Mrs. Sarto
rls became frantic.
Sho wns told that tho gem might
havo lodged in a second trap In the
collar, and this was searched, but
still no trace of tho Jewel was found.
A New York representative of
Lloyds verified tho report that his
company had paid Gen. Grant's
daughter $5,000,
Body Guard for Roosevelt.
Oyster Ray, N. Y. Recent threnU
and the reported presence of a crank
In tho neighborhood will effect a
change In tho freo nnd easy outdoor
life which Col. Roosevelt has hoped
to tako up again. -When ho la able
to leave tho house, ho will be accomi
punled on every occasion by a body,
Four in Family Killed.
Indianapolis. With tho deaths ot
Mrs. Albert K. Holler and daughter
Frances, 5 years old, In tho city hos
pital, tho toll In thu automobile ucel.
dent, when Albert F. Hnller, dean ot
tho Indianapolis college of pharmacy,
and his son Karl, 10, were killed In
stantly, was brought up to four.
Loses Life In $150,000 Fire.
Novnda, Mo. Dick Cmco, who
roomed over the Snodgrnps drus
store, was burned to death In n lira
that consumed the drug store nnd six
other buildings ot Eldorado Springs,
a summer resort, 20 miles unst of
Katmal Again In Eruption.
Cordova, Alaska. A wlrolc&.i mes
Bfgo from tho mall steamer Porn that
sho Is anchored off Whalo Inland, un
able to proceed because ot darkness
nnd falling volcano ubIi indicates that
KatmnI volcano Is In eruption again.
Anna Gould Saves $106,500.
Lelpslc, Germany. An attempt to
obtain from tho Duchess do Halley
rnnd (Annn Gould) tho stun of $10G,
500 was declared to ho founded on
extortion and usury by tho imperial
supromo court hero.
Washington Gets 1013 Meeting.
Portland, Ore. yaBhln;ton, D, C,
was chosen m tho city for Iho noxt
meeting ot the National W. O. T, U.,
which will bo hold tho week preced
ing tho opening of congress in 1013,
New Puro Food Expert.
Washington. Tho luteot cnndldttlo
mentioned to succeed Dr. Harvoy V,,
Wlloy ns chief of tho bureau oJL t hem
lutry is Dr. Carl L. Alsborsf chem
ist biologist lu tho bureau of
Brigands Battle Police,
Rio do Janeiro. Nearly n thousand
brigands attacked and defontetl the f,
P'ollco nt Irany, lu tUolUtnt6.i.of Pa-jJ
rana. a coiouui of tna police ana tio '
lleutonnntB were klllea and sixty
llcetaen were killed W wowiUsV sft

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