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Gist of Week's Nowii Stripped of Urv
necessary VerbUfl and Prepared
for Quick Coiikumptlon by
luy People.
Queen Victoria ot Spalu, formerly
known its the Princess Ena, who with
King Alfonso has been suffering from
ih grip, had a relapse nntl was com
polled to take to hor bed.
Diplomats In Pnria regarded the
Ualkan situation with the deepest anx
iety Premier Poincare was In almost
continuous conference) with the am
bassadors representing the various
powers for Neveral days.
The Turkish cruiser Folh-MJulends.
.arrylng a crew of 200 men, was tor
pedoed and sunk by a Greek torpedo
boat In the gulf of Snlonlki. There
was no battle. The torpedo boat was
fired on, however, by n Turkish shore
tort, but escaped undamaged.
A snowstorm and n thunderstorm
at the same time Is the weather rec
ord of the Texas Panhandle. The
ground was covered with sleet and
mow, while the electrical display and
thunder continued.
Another three days' battle lu
Thrace has ended In the triumph of
!he Bulgarian commander-in-chief,
ijen. bayon, whose skillful strategy
has probably brought to a close one
of tho shortest and most rcmurkabla
wars on record. i gomery ot snreveport, La.
JUlood was spilled In the first real Tuo sonate as a whole has been ap
riot of tho null strike at Little Falls, pointed as a committee to attend tho
K. Y. One special policeman was ' funeral of Vlce-Presldont Shermau,
hot and auother stubbed and a score- j according to announcement made lu
Df tho strikers were cut and bruised j New York by Scnntor Bacon, presl-
In a flclit growiiiK out of tho ni.'i
picketing of tho mills by tho strikers
who are affiliated with tho I. W. W.
snd their sympathizer.
Six Sisters of Charity, including
Mother Mary ot the Cross, mother su
perior, saeilliecd their lives to save
nearly 100 nrpknu):, and two children
were burned to death, when tho St.
John's orphan asylum was destroyed
by fire.
Ttio throt- youthful outlaws who
neiu up tne Katy limited train at sinauon or leiman uosentuai, gam
Wirth, Okla., and secured a large ' ulcr' was sentenced by Justlco Goff
imount of money, said to bo $30,000, to death In the electric chair lu Sing
from tho express car safe, have ovl- S'"B Prison durl ig tho week begin
ilenlly mado good their escape.' i n,K December ft.
In a suit filed against the Dupout Maurice Rtcnalme, who with Mr.
Powder company in tiic United Slates Hanipclmayer Piloted tho French bal
court at Hartford, Cone, the ' Puck- 'oon PIcadio In the race for tho Coupo
eyo Powder company of Peoria. III.. Internationale des Aeronautics, laud-
accuses the other of monopoly and
piracy ot manufacturing secrets, and
Jlalms damages of $1,110,057 82
San Domingo's finances are In Uu-
clo Sam's hands. Dispatches to tho
itato department sold that Iliig. Gen. '
Mc.Intyro anil Vv T. S. Doyle, special
statu department agent, are at work
itraightenlng out tho Dominican Re-
public's debts, and will remain iu
Ban Domingo until they havo cleared
up affairs.
Tho crown prince of Germany was
lujured by a fall from his horso whllo
hunting, His hurts aro slight, but
sufficient to prevent him boIiie to
Munich as the kaiser's representative
it Princess Kuppreeht's funeral.
Thirty volcanoes aro iu eruption on
tho island of Ninafoon, In the Tongan
Group, and many remarkable changes
in, the' physical features of the Island
have resulted.
A secret, carefully guarded six
months, was discovered when It be-
'Mmo known that Mrs. Nellie Grant
Hartoris Joiicb, daughter of Gen. U.
B. Grant, lost last May a historical
emerald ring given to her father by
tho oinperor of Japan at the time the
tawous soldier made his tour of the
world. . I
Announcement was made In New
York of the birth of a daughter to
Mrs. Dauiol W. Marvin of Hlversldo
drive. Mrs. Marvin and her husband
wero returning on board the Titanic
from their honeymoon trip to Europe
whon the Hucr 'vent to tho bottom. 1
Marvin met death and Mrs. Marvin
was saved. i
First tests of tho navy's now high-
powered wireless station at Arllngtou.
Va., were a complete success. Of-
fleers lu chars) decline to discuss tho
uerforraancu of tho world's greatest
wireless plant further than to say that
the first step lu a system which Is to
xtend around the world has boen
Twenty-two leading American archi
tects am preparing pinna for the New
York City civil courthouse, which Is
V bo erected near tho criminal court
house and tho Tombs. Tho cost will
exceed $30,000,000.
Lieut. Hamburger of the German
army fell with his biplane nt tho mili
tary aviation Held at Munich, Ger
many. , .Attacked by a mad dog In Now
York, Mrs. Eleanor Welch fought for
hor life 35 minutes over 300 feet ot
eround. She w.'ie bitten 25 times,
from shoulders to feet.
Tho steamship Tenet sank In Bris
tol channel. The captain and flvo sail
ors drowned.
Mrs. Gcorgf Webb, hor 10-year-old
son and -1-year old daughter were shot
to death near their home at Doswell,
Oka, Four men are under nrrest,
The Servians lost 400 killed and
2,000 wounded and tho Turks 10,000
killed at tho recent battle of Kuma
nova, It was officially stated. At Veins,
which the Servians captured, It wai
tatcd. 5,000 Turks were killed.
Sheridan Pitt riead of New York,
lormorly United States consul nl
Tientsin, China, died In London from
heart disease,
The seaport of Acapulco, on the Pa
cific coast of Mexico, was virtually do-
stroyed by a severe hurricane, accord
ing to wireless dispatches.
KIchardson and IJackstruni, two ol
the convicts who escaped from tho
Wyoming penitentiary, were killed by
n posso near Powder Springs, on the
Colorado-Wyoming line.
Ira Kiltigel, .16 years old, has ob
tained control of the Manhattan Life
Insurance company, a $22,000,000 cor-
poratlon, It was learned, thus adding
to Wall street auother "boy wizard ol
Gen. Homer Lea. tho American citi
zen who acted as adviser to the lend
ers of tho late Chtneso rebellion, died
nt his resldonce, Ocean, Bench, Cal,
Jack Jonnsoifn Cafe de Champion,
In Chicago, was closed by the police.
Tho order to close tho place of tho
negro- pugilist came from Capt. Max
Nootbar, who had received word from
City Collector Edward Cohen thnt no
license had been Issued to him.
That Goorgo W. Perkins, former
partner of J. P. Morgan, was tho mov
Iiik spirit In the organization of tho
International Harvester company, wns
the Bubstnnce of tho testimony of
John .7. Glessner, vice-president and
director of the nlleged harvester trust.
Gen. Felix Diaz, nephew of ex-President
Porflrlo Diaz, who was sen
tenced to death by court martini at
Vera Cruz for Instigating an uprising
against the Madero government, has
been placed In oalltary confinement In
Situ Juau do Olla prison, pending a
final decision In his case by the su
premo court.
Kesentlng nn nttempt to haze him,
C. L. llatton of Vlcksburg, Miss., fired
a revolver Into a crowd of Tulauo
university students nt New Orleans,
, seriously wounding Wallace Mont
dent pro tempore of that body
Servian losses of 4,000 klllad and
7,000 wounded since fighting with Tur
key began were seml-officlally admit
ted In dispatches from Belgrade. Mill-,
tary men here believed the actual
number ot victims Is about twice what
tho Servians admit.
-Former Lieutenant of Police CharleB
Cocker, convicted last week In New
York City ot murder In the ilrst do
greo, for bringing about tho assas-
0(1 al Hlazan, near Moscow, covering
a distance of i;HG miles In 40 houia.
i world's distance record Is 1,211
miles, held by Eralle Dubonnet ot
. franco
T1e regular semi-annual dividend ol
the United States Express company,
"ue on its common stock lu Novem
bcr, was passed at a meeting of the
directors. A director of the company,
discussing tho action of the meeting,
declared It had been caused by unfa
vorable matters confronting ' - their
William H. Kruz, former teller of
the Gorman National bank of Covin
ton. Ky-. was sentenced to (lvo years
t tho federal prison at Atlanta, Ga
when he pleaded guilty to tho mlsuso
f ?H.000 of the funds ot tho bank.
Alarm clocks, gum shoes, ultrogly
oerln cans, tags from dynamlto pack
ages and wires were produced before
the jury at the "dynamlto conspir-
i,c trial at Indianapolis and Identl
fled by Martin J. Ilyland, chief of po
Hco of Indianapolis as having been
taken from the vaultB of tho Interna-
Uoual Association of Bridge nnd
Structural Iron Workers on the night
lnal J- J- McNamara was arrested,
Premier Polucaro and Tomosso Tit
toni, tue Italian ambassador to
Franco, signed an agreement reclpro
cally recognizing tho right ot France
to entire freedom of action In Moroc
co and Italy's complete liberty in the
government of Libya.
The department of Justice Interest
ed in the Investigation mado hero
Into tho "Jack" Johnsou-Luclle Cam
cron caBP, Involving possible viola
tlous of the Mann act. Local federal
authorities say they have received a
messago from Attomey-Genoral
Wlokershnm ordering them to make
an exhaustive lnvetla:itlon.
The Delglnn govommout requested
Uncle Sam, through the state depart
ment, to nnd Its consul at Merlda Yu
cntnn, Mexico, who Is reported to
havo been Imprisoned by Mexican of
ficials. Tho cause of his arrest Is not
known. Belgium has been trying to
get In touch with him and Is unable
to do so.
Howard Edwards of Rockford, 111.,
the preacher bandit, who hold up an
L. & N. train several months ago iu
Louisiana, and who was knocked un
conscious by tho engineer nnd cap
tured, was sentenced to 25 years in
the federal prison nt Atlanta.
Mary Harr, n negress, who says she
was born In Franklin county, Tonn,,
In 1812, Is hHd at tho county Jail lu
Chicago, awaiting trial on a cb.irge
of disorderly conduct,
A relic of the battleship Maine has
been sought by the Cuban govern
nient through itn minister hero,
3enor lUvoro, for preservallon lu tho
national museum of Havana.
Nineteen persons of Anderson, Ind,
woro stricken blind by gazing at fi
light caused by workmen wrldluc
with an electrical process on a trol
loy wlnS according to physicians whr
treated the casts.
Mishap Ig Net Serious, and Candidate
Continued "aalng Date "Too
Hard Headed to Be Hurt,"
He Sayc.
Princeton, N. J. Gov. Vvoodrow
Wilson wns Injured by being thrown
violently against tho top of the tour
ing car of Abram I, Elkus, in which
he was returning to Princeton after
his speech at lied Bank. Ono of tho
ribs of the auto top cut a gash near
ly 3 Inches long in the top ot .Mr. Wil
son's head, and ho was temporarily
tluzed by the Torco of the Impact, al
though not rendered unconscious.
His automobile struck a mound lu
tho road and Joltotl him up ngalnst
tho roof of the limousine car.
Tho wound Is not serious aud the
Democratic presidential nominee ful
filled his peaking engagements In
Paterson and Passalac, N. J., and at
tended to his correspondence as
The governor was in tho parlor of
his home, the center of 'a group of
friends. There was nothing In his
manner to lndlcnto thnt he had met
with any mtaliap. Ho bald be did not
fnel the wound iu the slightest degree
nnd had not even developed a head
acho from IL
"1 guesa I'm too hard landed to bo
huit," ho sold smilingly as ho re
ceived tho correspondents.
Dr. J. M. Carnochnn, the governor's
family physician, who dressed the
wound, Issued the following state
ment about It:
"When I saw Gov. Wilson I found
ho had received a laceration of the
scnlp about 3 Inches in length. Oth
erwise ho was in good condition nnd
seemed to be suffering no 111 effects,"
Tho governor had spoken at Hcd
Bank and left for Princeton, u dis
tance of forty-five miles. Ho rotlo In
tho llmouslno car of Abraham I.
Elkus, a New York lawyer, who lives
at lied Bank, accompanied by Capt.
William J. McDonald, his personal
bodyguard, who was shaken up nud
Tho physician shaved the gover
nor's hair Immediately surrounding
tho Injury and with a strip ot anti
septic plaster covered tho wounded
Defense "Puts One Over."
Indianapolis. The defenso In the
dynamite conspiracy trial here be
lieved that they "put one over" on tho
government when they obtained from
Judge Anderson a ruling that tho
1,000-odd letters nnd documents to be
road to the. Jury must ho read In full.
Kills Son to Prevent Wickedness.
Wichita, Has, Mrs. Virginia Carey,
living near Hiiffulo, Okla., shot and
killed hor 10-yenr-old son In order, ns
she said, to tkeep him from "growing
Into manhood In this wicked world."
Mrs. Carey has been mentally tin
Bound for some years.
Docking Stoppd nt Night.
Now York. There Is to be no more
docking of ocean liners at night. Tho
health officer of tho port of New-
York, after a nalnstakinn inveaticu
Hon, has decided that tho proper ex
amination of passengers Is Impossible
In urtlftclnl light.
Girl Hunter In Shot.
Lexington, Ky Miss Maybolle
Dunn, 20 years old. daughter of W. E.
Dunn, sresldent of tho Citzens' Na
tional bank of Noblrsvlllo, Ind., was
shot and probably fatally Injured
while with a party of young folkB
noon hunting near .Mnysvllle, Ky.
1,200 Blooms on One Plant.
New York. A chrysanthemum plant
with 1,200 blossoms wns the feature
of tho annual fall exhibit of the Hor
ticultural Society of Now York. Ex
portn declare that tho gush, live feet
high and fifteen feet In diameter, has
never boen equalled.
Becker's l.awy.irs Cult.
Now York. John 1'. Melntyre nnd
John W. Hart, who represented
Charles Becker during his trial for
the murder of Herman Hosenthal, and
who were expected to prepare his ap
peal, have abandoned tho case.
Eyeless Needle Called Fake.
Chicago. Howard W. Bulliud of
San Francisco Is held by the police,
charged with operating a confidence
game lu promoting a factory to mnko
eyeless needles.
Teachers Aro Anniy.
Atlantic City. N. J. "Teachers
should havo clean faces and nicely
combed hair," State' Commlsloner of
Education Kenduil I old a gathering of
pedagogues. The teachers are furious
becnuafe' of tho Insinuation.
Two Escaping Convicts Sleln,
tlawiins, Wyo. IMcnnrusun and
Duckstiuin, two uf tho convicts who
scaped trom the Wyoming pcnlton
iury hero October 13- wero killed by
i posito near Powder Springs, un the
'ok rndo-Wvomlog line.
President Taft, Justices of Supreme
Court, Members of House and
Senate nnd Representatives of
State Officialdom Attend.
Utlca, N. Y. The remains ot the
late James Schoolcraft Sherman, vice
president ot tho United States, was
burled here, There was no unneces
sary pomp or display. Just a detail
of 30 moiubers of ench of the two Na
tional Guard companies In Utlca pre
ceded tho funeral cortege. Following
tho hcarso wero tho sorrowing family,
tho president of the United Stntcs,
justices of tho supremo court, mem
bers of the houso of representatives
nnd representative of national and
stnto officialdom and tho thousands
of fellow townsmen of tho statesman.
Tho prlvato services at tho house
for tho family woro conducted by Dr.
Holden of tho Dutch Reformed church,
ot which Mr. Sherman was, for many
years, tho treasurer and active sup
porter. Tho sorvlces at tho First Presbyte
rian church began at 2 o'clock and
wero In charge of Row M. W. Stiyck
er, president of Hnmllton college. Mr.
Shormau and Dr. Stryckcr wero class
mates at Hamilton college and mem
bers of tho same college fratornltlcs.
Mr. Sherman since boyhood had
been a member ot the collogo church
at Clinton, of which Dr. Stryckcr wns
pastor, and although tho vice-president
had attended tho Dutch Re
formed church for years, ho nover
gavo up his membership In tho col
lege church.
Dr. Stryckcr was assisted by Dr.
Holden. Tho services opened with
song by an augmented choir of tho
church, and after reading of tho Scrip
tures by Dr. Holden, Dr. Stryckc de
livered a brief eulogy of tho vlco-pres-Ident.
Dr. Holden pronounced tho
Presldont Taft oocupled the first
pew to tho left center aisle. With
him were his military aides and oth
er members of his party. To tho loft
of tho nation's chief executive wero
seated the honorary bearers and
across tho oIbIo wero the active bear
ers. I
' Tho block ot pews back of the ono
occupied by tho president was occu-!
pled by senators, congressmen, cabi
net officers and members ot tho Utlca
On tho right side of tho center aisle
tho pews from tho front to tho rear
of tho church wero filled by members
of the Sherman family and thcli Im
mediate friends.
The casket was placed on a dais In
front of the pulpit, which was (Hnkod
by mombors of tho Conkllng Uncondl
tlonnls, a political club of TTtlcn.
Tho enskot was placed In a crypt
In n mausoleum rocently orectcd by
Mrs. Sherman's family in Forest Hill
cemetory. This tomb was opened first
for occupancy less than n month ago,
when the body of Mrs. Sherman's
mother wns placed In It.
Minister-Marshal Is Slain.
Walnut Ridge, Ark. The marshal
of Walnut Ridge, Rev. J. P. Ulggcnj,
was shot and killed whllo tho streets
wero full of porBons attondlng a street
carnival. The marshal undertook to
arrest "Dock" Driver, who resisted ar
rest and fired three shots.
Train Robber 8uapects Caught.
MoAlester, Okla. Joe Davis and
"Buck" Durdolf were arrested at the
vlllago of Bocker, charged with Impli
cation In tho robbery of a Missouri,
Kansas & Toxaa passenger train
which was held up near Worth, Okla,,
Tuesday morning.
Aviation In High School.
Pasadena, Cal. A course In avia
tion will bo added to currhmlum of
tho Pasadena high school, according
to members of tho board of education,
Tho course will have to do solely with
tho science, not the practice of aero
nautics. Six Hurt by Dynamite Cap.
Atlanta, Ga. Mrs. Fltzhugh Leo
was probably fatally Injured and tier
nvo smaii cuuaren uurncii when a
dynamite cap- exploded iu the moth
er's hands, Tho children brought tho
cap to her and sho picked it with a
Kills Sister and Self.
Walnut Ridge, Ark. While tempo
rarily insane, Marcus Collier, n mer
chant, shot and killed his sister, Mrs.
A. L. Poo, perhaps fatally wounded
his wifo and then killed himself.
Adventlsts to Meet.
Clinton, Mo. Leadora of tho young
jieoplo's societies of vnrious chinches
of tho Seventh Day AdventlBts denom
ination In southern Missouri will at
tend n convention to bo hold In this
city November 11 to 14.
Wins Love of Girl by Shooting.
Santa Rosa, Cal. George Lob! hero
ls a believer In drastic measures whon
lt comes to lovcmnklug. His sweet
heart refused to wed him so he shot
at her nnd was arrested. Now the
girl will marry him.
Mlssourlnn, In West, la Shot,
Seattle, Wash. Leslie Popper, 21
years old, a farm linnd, who recently
came hero from Missouri, wns shot
nnd seriously wounded at a lodging
house here b a policeman when Pep
per and a younger brother ran from
their loom after tho policeman had
threatened to break down tho door.
The chief of police had instructed po
plcemen to Investigate the Peppers.
The Peppers said they had been
frightened by the demands of tho po
lice, who, they believed, were hold-up
men. Tho pollco say they -found noth
ing to substantiate charges mnift In
n letter which promptod the Investiga
tion. Hadlcy Paroles Jasper County Man.
Jefferson City. Gov. Hadley grant
ed a parolo to J. II. Rice, who was
convicted In Jasper county for col
lecting money duo him by the aid of a
shotgun and was sentenced to servo
two years In tho penitentiary. Ho
had served one yoar. Rico's olTonso
was committed at n tlmo when his
wife and three children wero In great
need of food, r.iedlclno and clothing.
His wife, then 111 of tuberculosis, has
since died. Rice was paroled to G. B.
Hartlay ot Joplln.
Frat Men Low In Grades.
Columbia. Tho social fraternity
members of tho student body nt tho
University ot Missouri aro stilt behind
tho student body as a wholo lu scho
lastic attainments, according to tho
report of tho faculty committee on
statistics. Based on tho grading sys
tem dovlsod by Max Moyer, professor
of psychology, the frat men rank 02.$
against, uu.7 tor tho nonfrat men. Co
eds In sororities rank 0S.8, against
105,8 for tho nonsororlty girls.
Judge William Clancy Dies.
Butte, Mont. Judgo William Clan
cy, 70 years old, famous as the "Big
Heinz Judge" during tho momorablo
copper war between F. Augustus
Heiuzo and tho Amalgamated Copper
company, Is dead from Injuries caused
by a full downstairs, resulting In n
blood clot upon the brain. Clancy
was known in early llfo as tho boy
mayor of Edlua, Mo whero later, ns
county attornoy, ho sent six county
officials to statct's prison.
Grange Meeting Lures Mtsourlans.
Nannlbal. Missouri will send a big
representation to tho National Grange
association at Spokane, Wash., ac
cording to C. Q. Ralno, of Canton, sec
rotary of tho executive committeo of
tho National Grange. Ralne is ar
ranging for a special train from Chi
cago for Spokane November 0, to car
ry tho delegates from this part of the
country. Tho convention will bo hold
November 13 to 22.
Hannibal Man Inherits $20,000.
Hannibal. Continued correspond
ence with his undo for sevoral years
was such a friendly relationship that
Ralston Marshall of this city has
fallen heir to $20,000, tho bulk of tho
estate of his uncle, iBaac Marshall,
who died recently In California. Mar
shall Intends to visit California soon
to claim the estate.
Celebrate Fiftieth Anniversary.
Wellsvllle. Between 800 and 1,000
persons nttended tho flftloth wedding
anniversary celebration hold at tho
homo of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Inglo
man. Mr. and Mrs. Iuglomau woro
born In Hanover, Gormnny, wher
they wero married lu 18C2.
r.irin am Pnfhr,!! o,.
Columbia. Girls In tho flvo sororl-
ties at tho University or Mlwour! will
neii "nwi r.nani" lnitirma in 'fin..r rni.
lowers to ralso monoy to send tho
cadet band, tho yell leaders and tho
chairmen ot mass tfteotincs to tba !
Kansas game Thanksgiving day.
8nrlnofleld Has Sabv shew. j
Hnrlnctiolfi TTnrrv rnrt .ir ann
of a local attornoy, received flirt prlzo
at a bahv shown hnrn I., whirl, "sa
babies woro entered. Others who ro-
eclved hlch votes are Tlinmn. Mnnrn
Margaret Fagg and Hortonso Rainey. 1 words' tl,cy do ,,ot wrlt( t all. Fow
( parents or teachers appear to take
Mrs. Josephine Sjhwarzer Dies. ,iny not,co of u,,s writing, and tho let
Washington, Mrs. Josephine tors of tho la8t cntury, which woro
Sohwarzer died at tho ago of 75 years. ' p,,c,rny "cat and legible, at tho
Sho was tho widow of tho lato Franz mJJ, ot both BexcB' certainly put ub
Schwarzor, who died iu 1901 and who , t0 Bn.n,no today."
had a wldo reputation as a zlthor
Woman Finds Brother Dead.
Montgomery City. Goorgo Harvey,
agod about 00, was found dead ut his
homo near Jonesburg. Neighbors
think ho died ot natural causes. Ho
lived with his slstoer, who found the 1
Sholblna. Chester K, Dlckerson, 50
years old, died of paralysis. Ho was
ti son of former Sheriff John Dicker
son. He had been cnshler ot the
Hank ot Shelblnn bIdcu 1873.
Irondale Man Crushed In Mine Mill.
Irondalo. -Tho body of Arthur Hum
phrey of IrondnUi, who was killed In
a initio will at Raucagua, Chill, on Au
gust 21. arrived here. Humphrey was
crushed io death by falling rock niioti
ho foil into an oro bin.
Pays Taxas Fiftieth Time.
( Fuiron.--S, A. Scholl, 75 years old,
a' farmer of Rcadsvillo, Calloway coun
ty, paid annual taxes for tho fiftieth
time to County Collector R E, Fisher,
nt Portland. Mr. Bcholl has all hln
tax receipts an file nt his homa,
Latest to De Recorded la an Attempt
to Purloin the Now Disused Dia
dem That Once Belonged
to Brazil's Ruler.
Robberies of royal crowns aro naU
urally extremely rare, nnd tho num
ber of thefts of this sort that havo
taken placo slnco Col. Blood was cap
tured lu tho net of carrying off tho
crown of England from tho Tower of
London, In tho reign of Glfa'rloti II.,
may bo counted on tho fingers ot ono
Recently the Imperial crown of Bra
zil was stolen from tho Chateau d'Eu,
In Normandy, only a few mllosfrom
Dieppe. Already on Juno 12, threo of
tho largest diamonds ot tho crown
woro found to have been pried out and
to havo disappeared, along with threo
costly rings belonging to tho Count
ess d Eu. Tho sorvlces of tho po
llco and of prlvato detectivo ngenclcs
had boon cnlled into action t;' tho
royal occupants of tho chateau, but
without avail.
On August 17 n largo dinner party
was tn progress at tho Chateau d'Eu.
when suddenly tho dogs outside began
to hark violently. Prlnco Loula ot
Orleans Braganza, taking It for grant
od that Bomo thief wno again about-
tho guests ot tho tablo had Just been
discussing tho robbery of Juno 12
Jumped from his chair, aud, running
through tho gunroom, seized n rlflo,
which ho did not even take tlmo to
load, and rushed Into tho grounds. In
n fow minutes ho found, hold ut bay
by the dogs In a thicket, a man at
whom lio pointed his gun. Tho fel
low offerod no resistance, although on
being solzcd nnd searched by tho nco
plo who rushed out after tho prlnco
It was found that tho lntrudor was
armed with two revolVors and a long
knifo, whllo in his waistcoat pocket
wero tho threo diamonds missing from
tho crown and ono of tho rings.
further search rovcaled in tho
Bhrubbery whero ho had been crouch
ing a' bundlo containing tho imperial
crown itself nnd tho jeweled coronet
which tho Brazilian crown prlnco
had worn on tho state occasions. Tho
burglar was afterword ascertained to
bo a former 'servant of tho chateau
named Louis Nleuten.who had decid
ed to turn his knowledgo of tho inte
rior and fittings of tho placo to good
Attention has thus been drawn to
tho owner of tho ondangored imperial
gems, nnmcly, tho Countess d'Eu, ox-
Crown Princess of Brazil, nnd only
child of tho Into Dom Pedro, Brazil's
last emperor, who was dethroned in
Slxty-slx years old, very tall and im
posing, with large, bright eyes and
most unaffected in manner, tho cx-
crown princess has Inherited much ot
her father's looks and character.
Liko him, sho lives a llfo of mingled
Btatellncs8 and simplicity. Born nt
Rio do Janeiro nnd married thero In
1SGI to Prlnco Gaston, son ot tho
late Due de Nemours and grandson of
King Louis Phlllppo of Franco, sho ro-
peateuiy acted as regent of Brazil
during her father's absence in Europe
nnd tho united States, and it was as
such that it foil to hor lot to sicn
tho decree abolishing for all tlmo ne
gro slavery in his dominions.
Decay of Handwriting
Tho decay of handwriting was tho
subject of a plaint by u correspond'
cnt recently In tho London Times.
Tho steel pen," ho wrote, "wns ono
luuiur 111 niicring mo style and ioal-
,bllity r siting, nnd tho fountain pen,
" Bomo lt3 vnrltitlca. has proved to
uo a "till moro harmful machine.
'Plng certainly secures legibility, but
t"at, ls not wrltlng. nnd it in doing
nluch to dlscourago tho practlco of
"Thero ls good reason to bellovo
uini ncai writing is neither taught nor
oven encouraged In our great second-
ary Bchools- Schoolmasters nppear to
accept any kind of bad writing. Tho
avrnBO uy or girl now takes llttlo or
no Pain3 to form letters. In Other
mis "laudator temporis nctr con
cluded by a curious prediction that
posterity will havo some severe com
ments to mako on tho handwriting of
tho twentieth century.
Gold Reports on Alaska.
Tho United States gcologlcalurvey
,ms Just """I'sked as Bulletin B20-H
a 'GPori on me mining and water sup
ply oi mo i-oriymiio, Hoventymiio, cir
cle nnd Fairbanks districts, Alaska.
by 11 A; Portcr nn'l C
Tho estimated valuo of tho combined
gold production of tho Fortyinllo and
Sevontymllo districts for 1011 was
$212,000, an Increase of $12,000 ovor
tho output for 1'JlO duo to tho success
of two dredgos on tho hondwaters of
Fortymllo river. Tho valuo of tho
gohl production of tho Fairbanks dis
trict In 1011 is estimated to bo approx
imately $1,500,000, n decrcaso of $l,
000,000 from tho output for 1010, duo
mainly to the fact thai most of tho
bonanzas of tho camp havo been work
ed out nnd tho major part of tho min
ing wns confined to deposits of rela
tively low grndoj Tho Circle proclnct
in 1011 produced gold with an esti
mated value of $350,000, which exceeds
that of any other year slnco 1SDS, Tho
Increneo was duo entirely to tb im
proved methods employed. '
Many who suffer from backacha
and woak kidneys aro unnnturally
irritable, fretful and nervous. Not
onlj does constant backacho "get
on tho nerves", but bad kidneys fnll
to eliminate nil tho uric ncld from
tho system, nnd uric ncld irritates
tho nerves, keeping you "on edgo"
and cnuslng rheumatic, neuralgic
pains. Doan's Kidney Pills euro
tlipse ills by curing tho kidneys.
iiere s prooii
An Iowa
Mm. J Hum IMS.
ftliht .t.ilnlclcl.U ,
niys: '-For iMnr
Irani tfi!ten-1 from
lulni-j tronbln. 1
hail tPyvr liarn.
ach-. hf-iidarliM
mul illrtr peluitil
1117 llmbfttiTvllodvo
1 t-ouldn't wnlK.
''Doan's K 1 1 noy
PilUctm-diuo whfn
falli-d, 1 cuonot
praln thorn tuo (
Ct Doan'a t Any Drug- Store, 50c a Dcx
DOAN'S kp?lnly
FOSTER-MIUJURN CO., Buff.lo.New York
Really Nothing Remarkable In the
Simple and Frank Explanation
of the Small Boy.
Wo wero walking down tho street
Sunday and wo saw tho most beauti
ful child sitting on tho front steps
of a pretty house, says Ted Robinson.
Ills eyes wero so big nnd blue, his
curly head to golden, his Innocent
smllo so frank uud luvltlng that wo
could not resist the temptation to en
ter Into conversation with him.
"Well, son." wo said In the Idiotic
ally genial way with which an adult
usually addresses a child, "how old
aro you?"
"Four." lisped the infant. (Ho didn't
really lisp it, because you can't lisp
when you say four; but that's tho way
children nrc supposed to do.)
"Isn't that fine!" (It would have
been Just ns fluo If ho'd been throe,
though, or live. Moro Idiocy. "And
whoso llttlo boy nro you?"
"Mamma's ll'l boy."
"Aren't you papa'c llttlo boy, too?"
"Nopo." . t
"Why aren't you papa's llttlo boy?"
"Tho decrco glmma to mamma."
Then wo wont on our pleasant way,
Savannah Morning Nows.
Husband (holding up a lot of bills)
Horo's tho dovil to pay.
"Wife (sweetly) Don't let him wor
ry you, You can sottlo with him
"Ho seems to bo so" superficial,"
Bald Mis. Oldcastlo.
"Yes," replied Mrs, Gottalotto, as
sho hung hor $15,000 necklace over tho
back ot a chair. 1'vo noticed that.
He's got half a dozen big ones stuffed,
that lie clulnis ho caught. I wouldn't
havo such tilings In my dining room."
Because Mother Looked So
After Quitting Coffee.
An Ohio womnn was almost dis
tracted with coffee dyspopsla nnd
heart trouble.
Liko thousands of others, tho drug
-affciiic in coffee was slowly but
steadily undermining her nervous
system nnd interfering with natural
digestion ot food. (Tea Is Just ns in
jurious as cofleo because it contains
caffeine, tho poisonous drug found in
"For 30 years," sho writes. "I havo
used coffee. Havo always been sick.
ly had heart trouble and dyspepsia
with ulcors in stomach and mouth so
nad, sometimes, 1 was almost dls.
traded nnd could hardly oat a thing
ior a wook.
"1 could not sloop for nervousness.
nnd whon 1 would llo down at night
I'd belch up coffee and my heart
would troublo mo. It was liko poison
10 mo. i was tltln only weighed 125
lbs., when I milt coffeo and becan to
use Postum.
"From tho first day that bclchlne
and burning in my stomach stoppod.
I could deep ns soundly na anvnnn
nnd, after tho first month, whenever
i met any friends they would usi mn
what was making mo so fleshy and
looking so well,
"Sometimes, before I could unnwnr
quick enough, ono of tho children or
my husband would say, 'Why. that in
what Postum is doing for her they
wero nil so proud nnd glad,
"Whon I recommend . it to anvnnn
I nhvnyo toll them to follow dliwu
tiona in making, Pontym, ns it, la npt
good to tnstqlf wenk, Juul flno whon
it lino tho flavor nud rich brown
color," Namo nlven by Postdm ' c.n
Battlo Crook, Mich.
Read thO llttlo book, "Tho TJnorl r
"vyellylllo," i njjgs, "There's ,a rca
oon." ' ' ' '
Uver rrl (ho afanv )tjt
p itmwnrM from Urn (a 41m,
KVBU1B. traa. uiikU -4 : '
it ' "o

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