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PL.A. jl
NUMB3S11 30.'
r i
Cltt of Week's News Stripped of Un
necessary Verbiage and Prepared
for Quick Consumption by
Quay People.
Turkey and Bulgaria have agreed
definitely on an armistice, according
to a message irom sona by way or
t uuciiarcsu
Stirred by the. report that Japan
Df GOO acres of land on tho shores of
Manzantllo harbor, Mexico, tho stato
along the west coast of Mexico to In
vestigate and Inform Washington Im
mediately concerning the truth of this
Gov. Woodrow Wilson announced
that immediately after his inaugura
tion as president of tho United States
he would call an extraordinary session
of congress, to couveno not later than
April 15, for tho purposo of revising
tho tariff.
A man who said he was Jeff Do.
Bell of Sllverwood, Ind., a miner, was
wrested at tho White House because
or his Insistence that President Taft
dnd Ambassador Ilrycc confer with
him on a plan to reduce tho high coat
of living.
King ,Peter's Servian army has cap
tured tho Macedonian city of Prllep
utter a bloody battle, In which 8,500
(Servians and Turks were killed. Tho
Servians lost 2,500 men and the Turks
Former Governor William Larrabco
Is gradually approaching death at
Clermont, Ia according to the attend
ing physicians, lie Is unconscious.
Ml of the members of the family are
t the home.
President Thft swung Into tho lead
by a small margin In tho presidential
race In Idaho. Wilson Is running closo
and It will bo Impossible to 3ay who
has carried the state until the official
:ount has been completed.
Kor a few hours f.bout 3,000 team
sters were on strike In Chicago, and It
-as feared that the trouble might ex
tend to 24,000 more and assume seri
ous aspects. The employers of tho
striking men granted all of their de
mands. Hither for military reasons or on ac
count of cholera which is spreading
rapidly at Hademkoul, the govern
ment Is prepared' to make largo con
cessions in order to provent the Bal
kan armies from entering Constanti
nople. Pltteen persons wore killed and 15
seriously Injured when a C, H. & I),
passenger train ran into an open
Bwltch and crashed Into a freight
train at Arliugton avenue, Irvlugton,
i suburb to Indianapolis.
That Manuel Pardlnas y Zarrato,
tfho killed Premier Canalpjan of
Spain, died at police headquartois in
Madrid some tlmo after he shot him
solf, was asserted In Lisbon positive
ly by men whoso Information concern
ing revolutionary developments in
Spain generally Is correct.
Minnie La Valley, tho 19-year-old
girl who claims that ou tho night bf
August 30 last six men of West
Ularksfield, her home village, stripped
her and covered body with black roof
paint, told her story to a Jury In court
at Norwalk, O.
Larz Anderson of Washington, now
minister to Belgium, has been named
ambassador to Japan to succeed
fjharles Pago Bryan, whoso resigna
tion was announced a few days ago.
Tho resignation of Lee McClung,
treasurer of the United States, Is ex
pected shortly, If not already In tho
bands of President Taft. Carmi
Thompson, secretary to tho president,
Is slated to succeed Mr. McClung as
According to tabulations made by
Socialist leaders In Now York, tho So
cialist vote showed an Increase of
more than 100 per cent over tho vote
n the last presidential election, which
was -120,793.
James XlcCrea, president of the
Pennsylvania railroad, resigned, to
tako effect January 1. Tho resigna
tion was presented at a special meet
ing of tho boa id of directors, Tho di
rectors Immediately elected Samuel
ftea to tho position.
Julius A. Waylafcl, founder of tho
Socialist paper, tho Appeal to Rea
son, committed suicide at his homo at
Clrard, Kan., by shooting. Fred War
ren, editor of tho paper, ald that
Wayland- worried over tho meeting of
the federal grand Jury in Fort Scott.
Tho Cappcr-Hodge race for gov
ernor of Kansas sell see-saws back
and forth. Iludges, Domocrat, leads
by twenty-two totes, Eighty-nine out
of 105 counties hnvo reported to the
secretary of state,
' Count Komanoiie3 was appointed
premier of Spain, succeeding tho lato
Joso Canolojns, assassinated Tuesday.
Tho, count la h Liberal who has not
been prominent In political life.
Sir lleglnald Lister, British minis
tor to Morocco since 1908, died at
Tangier, lie was born In 18C5 and
served in ; jnuny of the British em
bassies ami legations.
According;, to nn unofficial compila
tion by tho clerk of tho house of rep
rescntatlvei, tho next congress will
bo mado up of 297 Democrats aud 138
Republicans, Progressives and Independents
Hlglno Agullar, an aged general of
tho Mexican regular army, who joined
the Insurrections several wtekB ago,
has entered Into an alliance with tho
Zapatistas and now Is their directing
Tho Nobol prize for llteratnro was
awarded to Gcrhart llnuptmann, the
German author and dramatist.
Fifty days in Jail was tho penalty
assessed Goorgo It. Lunn, Socialist
mayor of Schenectady, N. Y who was
found guilty of violating the city ordi
nance recently In rofuslng to raovo
when tho pollco Interrupted a speech
he was making to striking mill em
ployes. Tho first plea for divorce by an In
dian woman In tho history of Colo
rado was filed by Kalbab, for 20 years
tho, squaw of Conconlno, a rancher. Of
their several pftppooses, she asked Iho
custody of two'.
Coroner John J. Phelan of Bridge
port, Conn., found Engineer Gcorpo L.
Clarke and the Now York, New Haven
& Hartford railroad Jointly guilty ot
criminal negligence for tho wreck ot
the Springfield express at Snugatucl;
on tho afternoon of August 3. In which
seven persons were killed and forty
Communication between tho naval
wlreloss station at Maro Uland, near
San Francisco, aud tho monster new
station at Arlington, Va to tho Vir
ginia sldo of the Potomits river near
Washington, was established for tho
first time. The points are 2,117 mllca
Tho $10,000, medal which was pre
sented to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant May
10, 1SG9, when ho drovo the gold splko
at Promontory Point, Utah, thus
marking the completion of tho first
transcontinental railroad, and which
disappeared the following day, wad
found In Omaha, Neb., last week.
Billy Hugh's sacrifice ot his llfo to
save that of Miss Kthel Smith, when
ho gavo 150 square Inches ot his skin
to graft on her bums, probably will
be In vain. Miss Smith Is at the Gary
hospital critically 111 with pneumonia.
Friends of Huntington Wilson, as
sistant secretary of state, will urgo
his appointment to mrcceod Charles
Pago Bryan of Chicago, III., whoso
resignation as ambassador to Japan
has been announced.
Hev. W. L. Beers of Wakarusa,
Kan., was arrested on tho charge that
during a quarrel with his wifo at a
hotel in Topeka, Kan., he choked her
to death by pushing her false teeth
down her throat.
Louis Krauso, Coney Island waiter,
positively identified "Whltey" Lewis,
"Lefty Louie" and "Gyp the Blood"
In court ns threo of the four men who
shot down Herman Rosenthal ou tho
morning of July 15.
Tho Spanish premier, Jose Canalo
jas, was assassinated whllo entering
tho ministry of tho Interior at Madrid,
Spain, to attend a cabinet meeting.
His assailant, Manuel Pardlnas Ser
rato Martin, 2S years old, of El Grado,
provlnco of Huesca, was arrested and
then killed himself.
Gen. Geronlmo Trczino, who was
recently retired from the army at his
own roquest, is suggested as provi
sional president of Mexico in a now
revolutionary manifesto that has just
reached the capital.
Nineteen persons were killed and
250 Injured when a Yazoo & Missis
sippi Valley railroad excursion train
was wrecked near Montz, La., in a col
lision with a freight train. The freight
plowed through several cars of the
excursion train, which was returning
with pleasure-seekers.
John Watts, tho American balloon
ist who landed In Itussla In tho re
cent International balloon raco from
Stuttgart, Germany, got to Berlin and
told there of how tho Russians had
taken him and his companion for Ger
man spies and treated them accord
ingly. Flro In Canton, China, destroyed
1,000 houses. The general postofflcu
and oven thu flro brigado station In
tho district wero destroyed. Tho
flames spread along tho wharves,
causing further damage, and Anally
leaped tho river Chu Klnng.
An agreement between tho United
States and Itussla to tako tho place
of tho commercial treaty of 1832, tho
abrogation of wfilch becomes effective
January 1 next, has been virtually
July 4, Uncle Sam's Independence
day, will also bo that of his "little
brown brothers," tho Filllpluos, it was
loarned, If plans ot loading Democrats
do not go awry.
President Taft Issued a proclama
tion fixing the rates that foreign ship
ping shall pay for passage through tho
Panama canal. Tho proclamation,
made under authority of tho canal
act, establishes a merchant vessel
rato of $1.20 a net ton ot actual car
rying capacity, with a reduction of 10
per cent on ships In ballast.
Tho indications aro that about
250,000 Kansaus voted on woman's
suffrage. More than 300,000 votes
were cast In tho election. Tho suf
frage headquarters assert tho amend
ment carried by Irom 10,000 to 12,000
An extraordinary snowfall, lasting
two days, has covered tho whole of
tho region of tho Vosges, France, to c
depth varying from eight to sixteen
Tho BrltlBh foreign office officially
announced tho retirement of Jamca
Bryeo as ambassador to America and
Sir Cecil Arthur Sprlng-Hlce's appoint
ment to succeed him.
President Taft stated to visitors
that ho planned to fill all vacancies
occurring beforo March A with, rogaro
to tlm approaching change of admin
If the plans of sonic Detnoerath
leaders nro carried out an oxtraovl
nuiy aotclou of congress will bocallei
by "-'resident Wilton shortly after hi
Inauguration and a program of Ron
oral tariff revision ontcrud upon.
Kansas City Is Named Head of Four
teenth District, Includlnn Troops
of Five States Illinois and
Indiana In Division.
Washington. Ono of tho most Im
portant moves In recent years to pre
pare tho nntlonal militia for uso In
tlmo ot war, Is proposed In letters ad
dressed by acting Secretary Oliver to
nil governors, Inviting their co-opera-tlon
in the war collego plans for tho
organization of the militia into twelve
tactical divisions.
Tho hitters point out that If tho
militia Is to bo used as a Held forco
effectively In war times, It can bo
done effectively by this system of di
visions, and to Insuro the proper
working of tho plan, all of the details
should bo worked out In tlmo of
In tho outline ot the divisions no
place Is given to separato companies
ot Infantry, which It Is said should
be absorbed Into regiments cr other
larger organizations.
To Combine Divisions.
Field armies would bo formed by
tho group of two or moro divisions of
tho militia, or by combining ono of
two divisions of militia with ono of
regular troops.
Regular organizations would form
tho fourth brigado of any division as
signed to a field army, for the reason
that tho organized militia la localized
whllo .the regular army must go any
where upon call.
Somo money will bo available for
tho assistance ot the stflto authorities.
Tho war department also proposes
to detail Inspector-Instructors to assist
state officials, and war material for
tho militia will bo distributed and
stored In sultablo depots to b at hand
locally whon mobilization is ordered.
First Four to Be Regulars.
Gen. Oliver plans to havo the first
four of tho sixteen tactical divisions,
Into which it is proposed to organizo
the entire military strength of the
nation, composed entirely of regular
troops, with the District of Columbia
militia assigned to duty as regulars.
Tho romalnlng divisions would be
composed of tho stato militia, organ
izations of from ono to eight states,
among them being:
Twelf th Headquarters, Chicago:
Illinois, Indiana.
Fourteenth Headquarters, KanBas
City: Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska,
Wyoming, Colorado.
Under this comprehensive scheme
every militia organization in tho
United States is definitely placed in
tho station It would occupy In mobil
ization of tho army for war purposes.
Henry Gassaway Davis Now 90.
Washington. Henry Gassaway Da
vis, tho Democratic nominee for vice
president In 1904, entered upon his
lnetloth year, having been born No
vember 1G, 1823. Mr. Davis probably
is tho oldest citizen taking nn active
part in public affnlrs.
Goatload Cotton $12.80.
Caruthersvlllc, Tenn. Monroo Look
of Hathaway, Tenn., aged 11, brought
to this market 128 pounds of cotton
in a wagon drawn by two goats. Ho
was paid 10 cents a pound for his
cotton, tho highest jirlco ever paid
hero for seed cotton.
William Larabee Dies.
Des Moines. A messago from Cler
mont announces tho death offormor
Governor William Larrabee, 83 years
old, aftor a prolonged illness. Gover
nor Larrabee, after serving many
terns In tho stato seuato, was elected
governor In 18S7.
Dead Man Is Elected.
Carroll, la. Attorney General Goorgo
Cosson has been asked to determine
what happens when votors olect la
dead man to office. Victor Schlrk
was elected county supervisor aftor
ho had been buried live days.
Van Camp Plant Burns.
Indianapolis. Tho plant of tho Van
Camp Packing company was partly
burned. Tho ownors estimated their
loss at $-100,000,. The loss Is covered
by Insurance. Tho causo of tho firo
has not been determined,
More Greeks Called, 10,000 on Way.
Washington. All Greek subjects In
tho United States who served in tho
Grecian army as rocrults In 1890, 1897
and 1898 aro called upon to return to
arms In a dispatch received at tho
Greek legation hero.
Bank Resources Greatly Increase,
Washington. During tho four years
ending June, 1912, tho resources of all
banks In tho country national, stato
and prlvato Increased from $19,583,
000.000 to f2l,98G,000,000, or 5,103,
000,000. Sovernor-Eleel to Recover.
Whuellng, W. Va.Tho coudlton of
II. D. Hatfield, Republican Kovoruor
duct of West Virginia, who Ih 111 at
his home in Kc Union, with pneumonia,
a greatly Improved uud his rtcwory
la now assured.
WHO L. 11
First Hunt Will De Held Next Week
Near Milton, Mo.
Moberly. Tho Randolph County
Coon club was organized hero. Thu
first big coou hunt will bo held near
Milton, north ot this city, November
20, 21 aud 22.
' Tho following will participate In
tho hunt, which will bo mado an an
aual affair: Senator William J.
Blbuo, Senator .lames A. Reed, Con
Ereusman W. W. Ituckor, Harry B.
Hawes of St. l.ouls. (lov.elect Elliott
W. Major, SUte .nuJttJUu Gordon,
3ara B. Cook, Stato Treasurer James
Uowgill, Henry I,ce, Fount Rothwcll
tod Will Hlrth of Columbia, Senator
Lysaght ot St. Joseph; Campbell
Wells and Francis Wilson, Platte
nty; O. L. Gentry, Liberty; Will
Hayes and former Senator H. Clay
Heather of Hannibal; Stato Senator
Prank McAllUter and Tom Bodlue of
Paris, and Senator McDavId of Spring
Springfield Sheriff Tells Mob Leaders
Black Had Deen Removed.
Springfield. Tricked by officials at
tho county jail, who had boon warned
:hat a mob was being formed to tako
Henry Pate, a negro, from tho prison,
in advance guard was advised that
the negro had been taken out of tho
city. Several hundred men gathered
near the jail while the leaders went
to the prison to locate ttio cell occu
pied by the negro. They wore led to
!h;1Iovo the prisoner had been taken'
out of the county.
Sheriff W. E. Freeman had tho
Hack removed from the county pris
on ainl is keeping his whereabouts at
Rcret. The negro has been convict-'
td ot attacking a white girl and
faces a serious ohurgo mado by Eu
nice McSlarrow, a 16-year-old white
pirl of Mammoth Springs, Ark. Sher
iff Freeman stated ho would protecti
ihe negro from tho mot) and probably
ould keep him out of the city until1
ihe time for his trial.
Baptists to Meet m Fulton.
Fulton. At tho annual meeting of
the Young People's Union ot tho Lit
(re Bonne Fcmme Baptist association,
ield In Now Bloomfleld, Fulton was
selected as tho placo for the 1913,
session. Tho .following officers wero
elected: PresW-iaL nillard II. Wyatt,
Columbia; rice-president, James Har
ris, Fulton; recording secretary, Mls3
Minnie Slovers, Centriila; corre
sponding secretary, Miss Callle
Ulythe, Fulton; treasurer. Miss Nana
Hart, Hartsbiirg; chairman of tho pro
jram committee, Howard B. Lang,
Robbers Ral Missouri Town.
Gait. Robbers raided the hardware
store ot Proctor & Son, taking four
shotguns and many cartridges. The
moat shop of Van Dlx was entered
md about $25 taken. In the Cook &
Vlnclll bank a chargo of nitroglycerin
was placed in the safe combination,
bnt was not fired. A postoftico win
dow was forced open and about $25
In cash and all the stamps taken. In
NclT's blacksmith shop tho tools wero
stolen to effect entrance to the other
New Judges In at Once.
Jefferson City. Irvln V. Barth oC
St. Loul3, J. G. Slato of Jefferson
City, Frank P. Devllbiss of Richmond,
and Frank Kelly of Cape Girardeau,
Democrats, who were elected circuit
judges In tho Eighth, Fourteenth,
Seventh and Twenty-eighth judicial
districts, respectively, tako office as
soon as tho official count is made.
These men wore elected to fill out un
expired terms. Men appointed by tho
governor held offlco until the elation
Cuts Off Teacher's Nose.
Springfield. Douglas county offi
cers are searching for Ienzy Bunyard,
a young fanner, who, It Is allegnd, cot
off tho nose of a school teacher at a
box party In a school house near
Smallot. Because of a disturbance,
Emmet Yoeman, tho teacher, ordered
several youths to leave. Bunyard, It
Is declared, drew a knife and bcside.i
cutting off Yoeman's noso badly
clashed two other men who went to
tho teacher's rescue. Bunyard took
to the hills.
Y. M. C. A. Conference at Marshall.
Marshall. Tho Y. M. C. A. of Mis
souri Valley collego has just cosed a
conference which was attended by
prominent workers In the state In
cluding Stato Secretary Garner of St.
Louis, Secretary Upuro ot the St. Jo
seph Y. M. O. A. Tho meeting was In
tho Interest of the student Y. M. C. A.
teams that will go out aud hold meet
ings during tho coming holidays.
Thoro were representatives from all
ot the normals of tho statu and col
leges. Couple Wedded Fifty Years.
Washington, Mr. nnd Mrs. F.
Glandt celebrated their fiftieth mar
rlago anniversary. Tholr frlouda of
the Emmanuel Lutheran church gavo
them $100 lu gold, gathered by sub
scriptions from members of tho
Fifty-five Confirmed at Union.
Union. Confirmation services in
tho Immaculate Conception church by
Archbishop illcnnou of St. Louis and
local priests, Fifty-flvo wero confirmed.
Diplomat's Wife Becomes
WASHINGTON. Washington's dip
lomatlc corps was thrown into a
flurry of excitement whon it wns
loarned tho othor day that tho wlfo of
a formor secretary hero has Joined
tho ranks of nowspapor reporters.
Madame Louis Pastor, wlfo of Don
Luis Pastor, of tho Spanish diplo
matic service, nnd formerly Miss Ijo,
of Baltlmoro, is tho lady in question,
nnd sho has Joined tho army of wom
en in Washington who aro wago
enrners. Sho has becomo society re
porter for a Now York daily. Diplo
mats at nil posts tako thomBolvos vory
seriously, nnd tho dignity that hedges
nbout a foreign envoy Is something
littlo short of that which surrounds
a sovereign. An ambassador at court
precedes overyono but tho heir to tho
throno, and though Scnor Pastor was
but a secretary of legation, his posi
Cats of the Capital City
COMMON sense has administered an
other knockout to sclcnco, and tho
cnUBo of human Justlco nnd fellno lib
erty to tho nation's capital still lives.
A threatened outrage on tho wholo
cat trlbo of Washington has been
nverted, temporarily at least, and nil
tho tabbies of tbo town, from tho
pampered parlor pets to tho midnight
songsters who graco our back fences,
may now breathe a purr ot relief. Tho
district authorities havo capltulnted
boforo tho onslaught of nn over
wrought populace, and our city will bo
spared tho frightful spectnelo of cat
hunts, with horso nnd hound, In tho
crowded thoroughfares of tho metro
politan section.
This Is tho ago of compromlso, and
authorities aro to bo congratulated
upon having so readily adapted thorn
solves to tho Bplrlt of tho times, as
thoy did in modifying tholr obnoxlouB
impounding order. Hereafter tho pound
will send for stray cats "on roquost."
Hordes of bloodthirsty huntsmen will
not go out upon tho highways and by
wnys to slaughter tho innocents. "On
request!" On whoso request? Tho
cats? Does tho modification of tho
edict of St. Bartholomew with tho
accent on tho "mew" mean thaj. no
cats will bo sent for tho poundmcn un-
Old Spanish Grandee Swindle in a New Guise
s inis
THE old, old confidence gamo, which
was so overworked It became too
well known to bo effective, and was
thoreforo sent Into rotlromcnt, has
"como back" and Is ngnln In our midst.
It Is slightly disguised, howovor,
probably In tho hope that It will es
cape recognition.
Instead of tho persecuted wealthy
Spanish grandoo with tho lovely and
beautiful daughter, who wished a littlo
Immediate nssistanco, for which later
ho was to glvo a fortuno In repay
ment, under tho now guise It la a not
ed Russian banker named Sadrowsky,
who "eloped" from St. Petersburg
with 5,000,000 rubles belonging to tho
Ho has a darling daughter, too, Just
llko tho Spaniard used to havo, and ha
wishes to securo for her nearly half
a million dollars that ho has "planted"
"Pass Up"$14-a-Week
VOUNG womon should pass up tho
I $14-a-week clork and go for big
ger gamo when seeking husbands,"
said Rov. Earl Wlllloy In a sermon tho
othor night at Vermont Avenuo Chris
tian church. "Lovo cannot exist with
a sllmly furnished pantry and a bare,
lll-furnlshed house. Always look to
n young man's lncomo and his abili
ties as a btcad-wlnuor boforo you mar
ry him or fall deeply In lovo with him.
It Is lmposslblo to llvo comfortably
and congonlally on lovo and hugs and
kisses. Thoy won't satisfy hunger or
u desire for tho theater.
"Romantic lovo Is ono of tho Ills of
this ago. Too many of our people nro
Inclined to tumblo head over hools
In lovo with each othor and absolutely
Ignoro tho financial nnd practical side
of llfo. If mora attention wero given
tho practical things I havo no doubt
that dlvorco would bo cut to ono-half
Us present high ratio,
"Wo should tako Iobbooh fiom the
old Greolu in this matter of marriage.
In thoHii days it husband mado a care
ful examination of his wife's IHucbb to
tako caro of his household. Thr-ro wa
no muahy sentiment about it cither
a Newspaper Reporter
tion wns looked upon by his confre
res with tho samo respect that lo ac
cordod any other member of a foreign
Sonor Pastor began his diplomatic
career In Washington under tho Duko
d'Arcos, who was then' minister hero,
jsomq 12 op l4,X"ars apv .nd who mar
ried Miss Lowcry, n boilo ot Virginia,
under romantlo clrcumstancos. Pas
tor remained hero many years, when
ho was sent to nnother post, later
coming back to Washington to rcsumu
his duties as second secretary. Ho
was promoted to bo first secretary,
and whtlo summering at Nnrragansett
Pier, somo flvo or six years ago, he
mot and wooed Miss Constnnco Cns
onovo Leo of Baltlmoro. Thoy wero
married, and after n visit to Spain for
tho presentation of tho young brldo
to court and her mooting with the
husband's relatives, thoy camo to
Washington nnd established thorn
solves in Q street. AIndamo Pastor
was bo attractlvo that society re
ceived her with open arms.
Tho Pastors eventually wont to an
other post, and tho next heard of them
In this country wbb that tiiey wore
back in Now York. Sho has Just re
turned to Washington, and is alreaddy
making good in her now calling.
Are Saved by Science
less thoy prefor a request? It is
a dollcato legal point and may not
bo settled until the supremo court has
passed upon it.
Howover, aB a temporary makeshift
It will do. It gets us past a crlslB.
It will cnablo hundreds of good citi
zens to start upon their vacations with
caBy consciences, feeling that in their
absence their cats will not bo gobble-
up by heartless minions of tho
law, armed with nets aud traps and
milk and catnip, but will bo permit
ted to shift for thomsclves in tho
back alloys In tho good old fashion
ed way. Next fall tho subject can
bo taken up with fresh zest and now
interest. Porhnps by that tlmo sci
ence will havo again rovorsod Itself,
and will proclaim a now doctrlno that
cats aro tho greatest blessing that
a city could enjoy.
In America. Ho besocchca assistance
in his effort to do this, and to tho ono
rendering such nssistanco ho will
glvo $1C8,000.
Ho inclosus what purports to bo n
clipping from an English paper. In
which thoro Is a dotalled report of his
arrest in London, ot his absconding
with tho millions of rubles and being
taken back to Spain, whero ho is held
to await trial for shooting another
RuBBlan with whom ho had quarreled.
Tho clipping also carefully states
that Sadrowsky's portmanteaus wero
seized and carefully searched, but
nothing except personal effects was
found, "nllhough tho Russian ambas
sador declares that tho prisoner ought
to havo soveral million rubles some
whero." Tho clipping Is Inclosed with a let
tor promising $180,000 reward for as
sistance, with tho following post
script: "First of aK, answor by cable, not
by letter, as follows: To Luis Duran,
Peso C, Valladolld, Spain.
"Send news 12."
Tho lotter is written in copperplato
penmanship. Tho envelopo in which
it camo boro Spanish stamps and war
postmarked Madrid.
Clerk Is Pastor's Advice
ME 9
It was a vory practical piece of busi
ness. Tho young woman suited the
hustjand. Ho In turn was carefully
gono over by tho young woman's par
ents. Tho two peoplu being sultablo
for oach olhor, they wero married.
"What was tho result? Tho young
pooplo lived happily together. Tholr
temperaments wero about tho samo,
and thoy learned to lovo oach othor.
Horo In Washington and othor cities
of tho east, whero thoro nro eo many
elopements, wo find that tho dlvorco
courts thrive
"1 bcllevo with Dr. Eliot that peoplG
should marry young. Tills provents
much Immorality among both Boxes.
Old maldhood, however, Is hotter than
nn unhappy man led llfo or, 'being a.
Patience is
No Virtue!
Il Impatient with BackncHvl
Too patiently do
many women en
dure backache,
languor, dirtiness
and urinary ills,
thinlttag them part
of woman's lot
Often It Is only
weak kidneys and
Dean's Kidney
Pills would cure
tho case
a Hon)
Mm. Mitry U.BIxter, Gordon, Nebroilr.
"I hnd Klinrp, lrtlug pains mil
through my IkmIt nnd when I snt down tny
buck watt po wenlc I had tu frraap aome
thlnir tor support. Down's Kidney fills
cured me entirely nnd Improved mjr con
dition In every way."
Get Dou'i at Any Drug Si ore, 60a a Box
FOSTLR-MIU1URN CO.. Buffalo, N.w York
EVE UATEB"Men.i'tl
John i xuimrbON ho.ns a co.
ft- p ih iini hti iiookift rr.
Tron N.
Are Richest in Curative Qualities
His Suspicions Aroused.
Locturor All statistics provo that
tho blondo woman Is more difficult to
get along with than tho brunotto.
Astonished Man In tho Audience
(stnrtlng up) Aro you certain of Uo
Lecturer It Is a fact.
ABtonlshcd Man Then I belluvo my
wife's black hair Is dyed.
8peck on Their Black 'Scutcheon.
Molllo, a light colored mulatto
housemaid who had been In tho em
ploy of n South Bldo family for a
number ot years recently gavo up hor
position to get married, relatoa tho
Kansas City Star. A fow dnys ago
sho returned and asked to havo her
old placo back. Tho woman of tho
house was glad to havo hor return,
but eurprlsed that sho camo bo soon
aftorbelng married, nnd questioned
her as to hor reason for wonting to
return. In reply tho maid Bald: "My
husband's folks is all jealous of mo
because I'm so light colored. You
know my husband Is very dark and nil
his folks Is dark, too; and was mad
because he married mo. AVhy, ono of
his sisters told mo, 'You's so bright
you make a spot in our family.' "
Weston I'm going to call my prl
rato golf links Hunker Hill.
Preston Why?
Weston I can nover win on them.
Often Make the Staunchest Convert!.
Tho man who scoffs at an Idea or
doctrine which ho does not fully un
derstand haa at least tho courago to
show whero ho stands.
Tho gospel of Health has many con
verts who formerly laughed nt tho
Idea that cofTeo and tea, for example,
ovor hurt anyone. Upon looking into
tho matter seriously, often at tho sug
gestion, of a friend, such persons
havo found that Tostum and a friend's
advlco hnvo boon tholr salvation.
"My sister was employed In an east
ern city whoro she had to do calculat
ing," writes an Okla. girl. "Sho suf
fered with hcadacho until sho was nl
most unfitted for duty.
"Her landlady persuaded hor to quit
coffee and uso I'ostuin and In a few
dnys sho was ontlroly fieo from head
ache" (Tea Is Just ns injurious ns
coffee bccauBo it contains caffeine, tho
samo drug found In coffoo.) "Sho told
hor employer about it, and on trying
it, ho hnd tho camo cxporlonco.
"My father and I havo both suffered
much from nervous headache slnco I
can romombor, but wo scoffed at th
idea advanced by my sister, thnt cof
fee woo the cnuHo of our trouble.
"However, wo finally quit coffoo and
began using Postum. rather has had
but ono headncho now In four years,
due to a sovero cold, and I hnvo lost
my headaches and sour stomach,
which I nm now convinced camo from
"A cup of good, hot Postum ia sat
isfying to mo whon I do not enre to
cat a menl. Circumstances caused
mo to locate In a new country and I
fenrod I would not bo able to got my
favorite drink, Postum, but T wua
relieved to find that a full supply la
kept hem with u heavy demntul for
It." Kama given by I'ostuin Co..
Ilnttlo Crook, Mich.
Rend "Tho flood to Wollvillo," In
pkgs. "Thpro'a it reason."
i:er refill Hit- iiImhp lettorf A new
"- "i nMi iimu iiimc Trey
ro Bcniiiu. true, nod full ot Iinmati
w ...v.... ......

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