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":M T7 A TT? '
. r -
This map Is for use only In Unit No. 1071, In which th TT "
city of Washington Is located. '" V " I I iCtHi3L---4 "1" A -
Numbeied squares represent unlta of, area; circles Indicate fZM" 1 TCA7 y i!iSU -""W vl
boundaries of zones. TJ.
Uncle Sam's New Enterprise Clearly Explained How Charges A.re
Fixed and What Class of Merchandise May Be Carried '
Through the Mails Under the New Law.
With tho coming of tho Now Year
tho United States government will en
ter into a new field of enterprise
the transmittal of merchandise by what
Is known as tho parcel post.
It is no exaggeration to say that
thousands upon thousands of Inquir
ies have been mado of tho postmaster
general as to just what tho parcel
post' will mean to tho people. It was
tho law of congress establishing tho
system which mado provision for a
divUlon of tho country In zones
and Into 35,000 units which aro to bo
used as centers in describing tho cir
cles which mark tho boundaries of
tho zones. There has been no clear
understanding, apparently, of this
zone system, but really it is' a very
simple matter.
Tho accompanying map shows tho
country divided Into zones from tho
unit In which Washington Is sit
uated, as the center. Accompanying
tho map is a table showing tho rate
of postage per pound for parcels from
Washlncton to places within all the
Each unit contains an area thirty
miles square. Now each unit Is a
center from which the zones aro
drawn and so every unit In the coun
try no matter whero it Is situated will
have zones drawn from It Just exactly
ns Washington has them drawn from
It. For Instance tako Keokuk, la.,
which Is In a unit In the fifth zone.
From that will bo drawn circles ex
actly as they aro drawn from Wash
ington and they will bo numbered from
Keokuk as number one, Just ns they
nro numbered from Washington as
number ono, Of course, however,
Zono Six will Invo n different geo
graphical position as related to Keo
kuk than It has as related to Wash
ington, but as tho radius of tho circles
Parcels weighing aur ounces or less are mailable at the rate of one
cent for each ounce or fraction tf an ounce, regardless of distance. Par
cels weighing more than four ounces are mailable at the pound rate, as
shown by the following table, and when mailed at this rate any fraction
of a pound Is considered a full pound,
1st zone 2nd 3d . 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Wt. Local, Zono zone zone zope zope zone zone zone
Lbs. rate. rate. rate. rate. rate, rate, rate. rate. rate.
t $0.05 0.0o"$0.06 $0.07 $0.08 $0.09 $6.10 $0.11 $0.12
2 ... ,06 .0B .10 .12 .14 .16 .10 .21 .24
3 .07 .11 .14 .17' .20 .23 .28 .31 .36
4 " " . .08 .14 o .22. .20 .30 .37 ,4 .48
5 , .09 .17 .22 .27 .32 .37 .46 .51 .60
6 .. -10 -20 .26 i32 .38 .44 .55 .61 .72
7 ,11 .23 ' .30 ,.37 .44 .51 .64 .71 .84
8 "... 12 -26 "".34 .42 .50 .58 .73 .81 .96
9 13 .29 38 .47 .50 .65 .82 .91 1.08
10 '. 14 .32 .42 .52 .62 .72 .91 1,01 1.20
H 15 .35 .46 .57 .68 .79 1.00 1.11 1.32
For a full explanation of tho rates of postage In the First Zone see
the Parcel Post Guide.
drawn from Keokuk is tho same
length as tho radius of tho circles
drawn from Washington, Keokuk's
Zone Six will bo Just as far from Its
center as Washington's Zono Six Is.
How Rates Are Fixed.
It can be seen from this readily
enough that the postal rates from
Washington to its particular zono will
bo the samo as tho postal rates from
Keokuk to Its particular pones. Each
unit being about tklrty miles square
will of courso contain In most cases a
number of postofllces, but each ofllco
In tho samo unit Is considered as be
ing tho conter of tho circles from
which tho zones aro drawn. Tho
rates of postage are flxod from tho
unit In which tho sending postofllco Is
situated, but the price to overy place
In nny zono Is Just the sumo. To Il
lustrate, It will cost oxactly tho Bamo
amount to send a parcel from Wash
ington to Erie, Pa., that It costs to
sond it to Atlanta Ga., because Erie
and Atlanta with reference to Wash
ington aro situated In tho fourth
zono. Tho rates therefore aro flxod
from tho unit In which the postolllco
Is located, but thoy aro tho samo
from that office to nny point In any
one zono.
it will bo seen by rcforonco to tho
table of rates of postage that it will
cost moro per pound to send n pack
ago a long distnnco than It does to
send It a short distance. Tho rato In
creases for a package weighing ono
pound at tho rato of ono cont for
each zono. No package weighing
moro than 11 pounds can bo sunt un
dor the new parcel post law. It
should bo said right hero that on the
long hauls tho parcel poBt may not
bo nhlo. to compoto with tho oxpross
companies, but that on shorter hauls
It can no compete. It was the ex
pressed desire of tho legislators and
of tho postolllco officials that the par
cel post system should bp mado of
particular uso to persons having farm
and factory .products to, transmit tc
customers. Itcan bo said, in a general
way that anything can; bo sent which
is properly wrapped and which will
not Injure other ' mall matter with
which it may como in contact.
Copy Foreign Countries.
It is probable that, tho government
will adopt a means of transportation
for certain kinds of Its merchandise
much like those which havo been
adopted In parcel post countries
abroad. What the English call, ham
pers, baskot-llko arrangements, 'prob
nbly will bo adopted, and as these can
bo kept separate from tho ordinary
mail matter it Is believed tha't tho
regulations os finally adopted will al
low the sending of eggs, butter, dress
ed poultry, llvo poultry, honey, fruit,
and other products- of tho country.
Tho 11-pound limit for a single pack
ago may work at first against any
very extended uso of tho parcel post
for Bomo of tho articles which have
been named. Of courso, more weight
can bo sent If It Is sent In different
parcels, but tho cost in that case
would bo header,, because tho in
crease per pound .on a single package
is not great up to 11 .pounds, and
probably It would increase at no great
er rato if tho government wero to
raiso tho limit of weight which is now
Every postmaster in the United
States will havo a parcel post map
like tho ono which Is hero reproduced
except that tho zono lines will be
shown with the unit of his postolllco
ns a center. All that a postmaster
will havo to do when a percel Is pre
sented for transportation is to find out
In what zono tho destination of tho
packago dies. Ills tablo will show
him Instantly tho rnto per pound
from tho unit In which his postolllco
lies to tho zone of tho package's des
tination, tho price, as lias been ex
nlalned beforo. to overy postolllco in
any ono zono being tho samo. Tho
parcel post will tako nothing but
fourth-class matter, printed matter
is still In tho third-class designation.
Thoroforo books cannot bo sent by the
parcel post system.
Rate on Seeds Not Affected.
It should be said that tho act of
congress which puts a parcel post
plan Into operation does not in any
way affect tho postago rato on BcedB,
cuttings, bulbs, roots, scions and
plants as fixed by section 482 of tho
postal laws and regulations.
The classification of articles mall
able as well as tho wolght limit, tho
rales of postago, zono or zones nnd
other conditions of mnllablllty under
tho act of congress, if tho postmaster
gonoral shall find on" experience ''that
thoy or any of thorn aro such ns to"
prevent tho shipment of articles do
sirablo, or shall permanently render
tho cost of tho sorvlco groator than
tho receipts of tho rovcnuu therefrom,
ho Is hereby authorized, subject to
tho consent of the interstate com
morca commission after Investigation,
to return from tlmo to time such
classification, weight limit, rates, zono
or zones or conditions, In order to pro
mote tho sorvlco to tho public or to
Insuro tho recolpt of rovenuo from
bucIi service adequate to pay the cost
After Jan. 1 One May Mail Anything Weighing Not More Than 11
Pounds by Parcel Post Perishable Articles May Be
Sent Under Specific Restrictions.
Postmaster General Hitchcock haB
Just approved tho regulations which
cover in detnll the articles which may
or may not bo sent by parcel post.
Tho rules ns to what can bo sent
nnd what cannot bo sent and tho In
structions for tho preparation of mall
ablo articles with other "ofllelal ad
vice" aro given hero as they havo Just
been prepared by tho postolllco de
partment In Washington.
Tho minimum rato will bo five cents
for tho first pound and three cents for
each additional pound to any point not
exceeding fifty miles from the ofllco of
mailing; tho local rato, which Is flvo
cents for tho first pound and ono cent
for additional pound, applies to all
parcels tho delivery of which does not
involve their transportation on rail
way lines. Tho rates inerenso for
each successive ono of tho eight zones,
tho maximum rato being twelvo cents
a pound, which will carry a parcel
across tho continent or to nny of our
possessions. Parcels will bo limited
to eleven pounds In weight nnd six
feet In length and girth combined.
Mailable Perishable Articles.
nutter, lard and perlshablo articles
such as fish, fresh meats, dressed
fowls, vegetables, fruits, berries and
articles of a similar nnturo that decay
quickly, when so packed or wrapped
as to prevent damogo to other mall
matter, will bo accepted for local do
livery either at tho ofllco of mailing or
on any rural routo starting thorofrom.
When Inclosed In nn inner cover nnd
a strong outer cover of wood, met
al, heavy corrugated pasteboard or
other suitable material nnd wrapped
so that nothing can escape from tho
package, they will bo ncceptod for
majltitg to any offices within tho first
zono or within n radius df 50 miles.
Ilutter. lard, or any greasy or oily sub
stanco Intended for delivery at offices j
beyond tho first zono must bo suitably '
packed. Vegetables and fruit that do ,
not decay quickly will bo accepted for i
mailing to any zono If packed so ns
to provent damage to other mall mat
ter. Eggs will bo accepted for local
delivery when securely packed in a ,
basket or other contnlnor. Eggs will
be accopted for mailing rcgardlens of
dls.tanco when each egg Is wrapped ,
separately and packed In a contalnor. j
Tl.ero Ib no restriction on Baited, ;
.dried, smoked or cured moats nnd ,
other meat products, but fresh meat ,
In any form will be transported only
within tho firBt zono.
Pnrccls containing pcrlshnblo arti
cles must bo markod "PEIUSIIAni.E,"
nnd articles likely to spoil within tho
tlmo reasonably required for trans
portntlon nnd delivery will not bo ac
copted for mnlllng.
Manufactured Articles.
.,,fnntnrnrs or dealers intending
I to transmit articles In considerable .
quantities aro asked to submit to tho
postmaster for approval a specimen
parcel showing tho manner of pack
ing. Queen Bees and Nursery Stock.
Queen bees, livo Insects, and dried
reptiles may bo mailed In accordance
with tho regulations that now apply to
other classes of mail.
SeedB of fruit, nursery stock, and nil
other plant products for preparation
may bo mailed under tho samo con
ditions, Confectionery and Soap.
Candles, confectionery, yeast cakes,
soap In hard cakes, etc., must bo In
closed In boxes nnd so wrapped as to
provent Injury to other mall mat
ter. Sealed original packages of propri
etary articles, such as soaps, tobacco,
pills, tablets, etc.. put up In fixed
quantities by tho manufacturer, nnd
not In themselves unmallablo. will
bo accopted for mailing when proper
ly wrapped.
Fragile articles, such as mllllnory.
toys, musical Instruments, etc., nnd ar
ticles consisting wholly or In part of
glass, or contained in glass, must bo
securely pneked nnd tho parcel stamp
ed or labeled "FUAGII.E."
Unmallable Matter.
Tho following matter 1b declared un
mallablo by law:
Matter manifestly obscone. lowd, or
lascivious; articles Intended for pre
venting conception; articles Intended
for Indecent or Immoral purposes; nil
matters otherwise mailable by law, tho
outsldo cover or wrapper of which
bears any delluentlon or language of
ii libelous, scurrilous, defamatory, or
threatening character. All such mat
ter, when deposited In n post ofllco or
The new parcel post goes Into operation January 1, 1913.
Only mall matter now Included In fourth class, or merchandise, will
be handled.
Perishable articles such ns butter, lard, fruits, berries and dressed
fowls may be sent short distances.
Eggs for local delivery when packed In containers may be sent. When
packed separately they may be sent any distance.
Fresh meats may be sent only In tho first zone (50 miles).
There aro no restrictions on salted, dried or cured moats or fish.
Millinery, toys, musical Instruments, glassware nnd breakable goods
must be marked "fragile."
The following may not be sent: Intoxicating liquors, poisons,
matches, explosives, firearms and live poultry.
Books and printed matter are Included In third class and may not
be sent.
The weight limit will be eleven pounds.
, To find the size limit: Take a piece of string 72 Inches long and wind
It once completely around the parcel and then across-the top lengthways
If the ends of tho string reach the sides of tho parcel It comes unicr the
Regular carriers will deliver parcels wherever possible.
Parcels must be mailed at the postofflce or branches and special
stamps must be used.
found in tho malls, shall bo withdrawn
and sent to tho division of dead let
ters. Intoxicants, Poisons and Inflammablo
Spirituous, vinous, malted, fermont
cd. or other Intoxicating liquors of any
kind; poisons of every kind, and arti
cles and compositions containing poi
sons, poisonous animals, Insects and
roptlles; explosives of every kind; in
inflammablo material (which are held
to Include matches, kerosene oil, gas
ollno, naphtha, benzine, turgentine, de
natured alcohol, etc.). infernal ma
chines, and mechanical, chemical or
other devices or compositions which
may lgnlto or explode; disease germs
or scabs, and other natural or artifi
cial articles, compositions or mate
rials of whatever kind which may
kill, or in any wlso Injure another or
damago tho mall or other property.
Postmasters will refuse to recelvo
for mailing parcels not properly In
dorsed or packed for Bafo shipment.
Pistols, Animals and Birds.
Pistols or rovolvors, whether In de
tached parts or otherwlso; live or
dead (and not stuffed) animals, birds,
or poultry, except as elsewhoro pro
viled; raw hldos or polts, guano, or
any artlclo having a bad odor will
not bo admitted to tho malls.
Insurance on Parcels.
A mallablo pnrcel on which tho
postago is fully propald may bo In
sured against loss In au amount equiv
alent to Its actual value, but not to
exceed $50, on payment of a feo of
ton cents In parcel post stamps, such
Btamps to be affixed.
Parcels may bo romallcd or tor
wardod on tho payment of additional
postago at tho rato which would bo
chargeable It they wero originally
mailed at tho forwarding olllco, in
which case tho necessary stamps will
bo affixed by the forwnrdlng postmas
tor. Payment must be mado every
tlmo tho parcel Is forwarded.
Maps and Guides.
Parcol post maps, with accompany
ing guides, nro to bo Bold to tho pub
lic at their cost, 75 centB, through tho
chief clerk of tho post ofllco depart
ment. In ordering maps caro should
bo taken to specify tho post ofllco
from which tho postago rates aro to
be determined.
Building Is Wrecked and Safe Demol
ished by Dynamite.
Trenton Flvo masked mem entered
Hie little town of Modcnn, slxteon
miles north, about 1:30 a. ni., and
broke Int otho bank at that place.
After placing a cliarso of dynnmlto
ngalnst tho safo door they Mopped
outBldo tho building and waited for
t!io explosion. Tho charge was so
heavy that it blow, tho safo to pieces
and wrecked tho cntlro building.
The robbers then re-entered tho
bank and got approxlmatly f 1,000, th
exact lunount not being know'u.
The explosion awakened nearly ot
ry Inhabitant iu tho village and a
Pobso formed to ltercopt the robber
when they cain out of tho bank.
There wero several guns In tho
crowd, but only one' man was bravo
enough to shoot at the robbers. Ho
shot twice, having a slngle:burrel shot
gun, and asserts that ho wounded oa
of tho men.
Prices Paid for Callaway County An.
mals Indicate Big Demand.
Fulton. A train of moro than twen
ty stock cars left McCroedlc, north of
Fullon, with the first big shipment of
fat mules from Callaway county.
There wero 543 cotton mules that
have been sold to East 'St. Louis
firms by Kingdom feeders at. an aver
ago price of moro than $200. Tho
activity In buying began when repre
sentatives of Sparks Bros., Maxwell
Crouch. & Guyton and Harrington of
East St. Louis appeared In North Cal
laway, tho homo of tho big feeders.
About 1,000 moro mules aro on
feed In Callaway rounty and It Is be
lieved tho activities In trading will
continue, for some time. It Is prob
able that some of those who sold this
week will buy moro mules for tho
fattening process.
State Farm Board Elects.
Columbia.- T. C. Wilson was re
elected secretary of the. state board
of agriculture and W. ,L. Nelson was
ie-elected assistant secretary at tho
annual meeting. Tho board indorsed
Her.ry .lackson Waters, president of
iho Kansas Agricultural college, for
secretary of agriculture In Woodrow
Wilson's cabinet. Tho stato fair hoard
also met and elected these officers:
W. A. Dallnoycr, Jefferson City. pre3-Ip.-nt;
Santord SlcSmith, Heeds, vice
president; John T. Stlnson, Sedulla,
secretary; II. W. Meuschke, Seda'.la,
Agricultural Board Elects,
j Columbia. W. It. Wilkinson of St.
! Louis wan tho only new officer elect
i ed by the stato board of agriculture.
I He will succeed W. A. Dallmeyor of
I Jefferson City as vice-president. All
' the others wero re-elected. Thoy aro
P. P. Lwis, Crescent, Mo president;
T. C. Wilson, secretary; W. U Ncl
' son, assistant secretary; W. A. Bright,
I treasurer. Tho last three aro all of
Elected Law Examiners' President.
Jefferson City. Tho stato board of
law examiners elected L. It. Thoma
bou of Poplar Illuff aa president, and
Clifford II. Allen as secretary, at a
meeting here. Tho board abolished
Its old rule knocking out an appllcaii
who falls below CO per cont on any
one of the twenty-four, providing ho
makes a general avorago of 75 per
cent. Tills ruling Is applicable to tho
class Just examined hero.
Deal Names His Associates.
Kansas City. E. P. Deal of Charles
ton, stato treasurer-elect, announced
at Hotel llaltlnioro tho selection of
four members of his offlco force. Thoy
aro: J. C. KubbuII, chief clerk, Missis
sippi county; A. T. Tate, bookkeeper,
St. Joseph; George A. Leo, clerk,
Chariton county; Georgo N. Orear,
clerk, Saline county.
Baby Girl Burns to Death.
Springfield. After her clothing Ig
nited from an oil stove In tho kitchen
while her mother was feeding a horse,
Harriet Josophlno Carlyon, 22-monthK-old
daughter of W. n. Darlyon, was
fatally burned.
Despondent Over Love, Ends Life.
Golden City. Albort Ij, Knapp, a
farmer, living near hero, committed
sulcldo by taking strjclinino.
Bondency over a lovo nffalr Is
to havo been responsible.
satd Woman Killed by Horse.
Paris. Mrs. H. I). Kindred, wife of
a prominent farmer, was thrown from
her buggy nnd kicked to death by her
horse hero. Sho had boon in Paris
buying Christmas presents.
Hndlcy Buyu Kansas City Home.
Kansas City. Gov. Hadloy pur
chased tho 1. P. Dana house at 3032
Locust street. Tho govornor will ro
turn to Kansas City and practlco law
after his term expired.
Editor Seeks Assembly Clerkship.
Columbia. Omar I). Oray, odltur of
tho Stdrgeon Lender and part owner
ot tho Columbia Statesman, an
nounced ho will bo nn pppllcant for
nhlnf clerk of tho next Missouri gun-
oral assembly.
Farmer Accidentally Kills Himself.
Crocker Q, E, Odoin, a. young
farmer, living twp miles uaat ot
Crocker, vvao killed accidentally by
tho discharge, of a shotgun carried by
Mm while climbing a fence near til
uome. vji , V. &
run in

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