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In Tabloid Form
I'lunglnc 39 fret, after a wild JubI
down a grade on the Central bridge
connecting Cincinnati with Newport
Ky., a Monmouth street car crnalici
into the brick pavement ot thu sticc
below. Injuring ten persons, two o
minim mnv ilio.
fc W., .juvi jtew'ijla !.. -tat" ot llii na
tlvo's o'f PPnjmh- by the Lemmas, i
fltfrco tflbe. TJfa entire population o
.a village was wiped out.
Tho oxodus of the Turks fron
Europe virtually has begun, nccordlnj
to n lottor received by the Amcricai
Ited Cross nt Washington. The lettoi
nays that the Ited Cross already hai
nlded more than 100,000 Turkish rctu
gees to leave Europe, and to take u)
agriculture In Asia Minor.
Bulgaria la preparing to resumo tin
war, according to n special dlspatcl
from llusk-huk, Bulgaria. The corro
spondent says the Bulgaria! war uln
lstcr has called tip tho recruits duo t
bo enrolled only In 1911 and has sum
moncd nil able-bodied men up to thi
age of CO to the colors.
A dispatch to the Jewish Chronlcli
from Salonika states that two Jewlsl
merchants were killed and a numbo;
of othors Injured during an ahti-Jcw
leli demonstration there.
Tho suffragot'.e army, now march
lug from New York to Albany for tin
cause, will march from New York l
Washington next. Tho trip will bt
started curly In February In time tf
reach tho national capital at tho In
auiftiratlon of President "Wilson.
Thousands of Chinese In the famino
stricken districts of central Culm
have turned cannibals. Fathers nuc
mothers are devouring their ownchll
drcn, In order to prolong their owr
The official bulletin Issued at Delhi
India, concerning the condition of the
viceroy, Baron Ilardluge, describe)
his progress as satisfactory! but adds
that tho physicians believe that In
will not bo' ablo to' resume his duties
Within two or thrqo weeks.
Judge N. B. Noelen, in district couil
nt Milwaukee, Wis., fined .Martin I'ru
usai. $25 be-miei b" spat on a Bin!.
Representatives of 200,000 men and
women garment workers in New Yort
city mot behind locked doors wltl
national officers ot tho United Male
Garment Workers' union, to deter
mlno when a general strike should b
Tho United States army received ar
accession to Us aerial force when
Paul Hena Loubet, 23 years old, ti
French aviator, took out his first nat
unitization papers and enlisted. Lou
bet says he was connected with the
French army aa an aviator for twenty
two months.
Eight persons wcro Injured serious
ly when the Jacksonville limited,
north bound, the crack llycr of the
Illinois Central, was wrecked noaj
Ellavillc, Ga. Three of tho coaches
were overturned.
Mrs. A.M. Tibbies, of Brow'usvlllo.
Neb., has just discovered that hot
brother, of whom slio had not heard
for nearly halt a century, was Capt
E. J. Smith of tho Titanic, who wont
down with his ship last spring.
Arrested because ho refused to pay
a note and placed In Jail at Norway
in 'Orangeburg county, Henry FItts, a
negro, was taken from prison by n
mob and shot to death.
Casas Grandes, tho most Important
town in the ranching and lumbering
district, southwest of Juaroz, has been
taken by rebels personally command,
cd by Gon. Pascual Orozco, Jr., it was
reported from federal and rebel offi
cial sources.
Every clew they havo held having
led them into n blind alloy, tho Chi
cago pollco do not know which way to
turn to clear up the mystery of the
murder of J. if. Logue, diamond mer
chant. They wcro without n deflnlU
piece of evidence, to work on.
Tho Installation of Archbishop
Nooul as temporary president ot San
Domingo "has Improved tho situation
there to Biich an extent that tho bat
tleship Now Hampshire, which was
sent ''to tho islands to keep order la
returned to United States.
Gov, Osborn ot Michigan an
nounced that so anxious Is ho to "get
back to nature" .he has given' his two
automobile;, and his horses to friend
and hereafter, Will scok recroatlou as
a pedestrian.
Twenty-two of tho twenty-soven
members of 'the crow of tho Furness
lino steamBhlp Floronco lost their
llves'-in tho wreck of the vessel on
tho ledge west ot St. Shotts during a
northwest gala lust Friday.
Tliat' lio 'was heir to $45,000, be
queathed ta $fm h'y Jamo3 A. Dob
bins of' Milwaukee, whoso llfo ht
saved years ago, 'became known to
Charles B. Grow, appointor, who is in
jail In Allcntown, Pft., charced with
,Tlio -KellogK Toasted Corn Flakes
company Is allecod' to be violating the
-Blfarnmn law In a petition In equity
filed la the. United States dlstricl
court In Detroit, Mich,, by order ol
Attorhey-Goneral Wlckersham to sol
tlo for all time the extent to which n
manufacturer may control retail
Topokn, Kna., women who were act
ive in the suffrage campaign In Kan
sas havo developed a plan for a wom
an's bulldhg lu Topcka to oommemo
ratu tho year of thalr enfranchise
ment and their now political freedom.
"If Wilson tries to servs ths lntot '
ests ot tho people, I'm going to sup
port him," declared Senator Hobert M
La Fulletto of Wisconsin ut Indian
upolis. i
insane through Jealousy, Cliiule
Adams, 15 years old, a weaver's help
or at MilUbury, Mass., shot and klllei
his H-your-old sweetheart, Clara Lo
may, as she was entering the mi)
Specifications now being uiado u.
by tho signal corps ot tho IJnltei
States nrmy will bring into use. b.
the nrmy In 1913 u type of noroplam
entirely different tioni thoso, it pros
ent In commission.
Nick Wllburn. a young larmer o
Macon, Ga., confessed that on Decern
ber 12 he shot ant! klllsd James King
a wcultuy John? countjy-fior, nsj.th'
result' oi ail offer ot $00 trm.; ;o hln
by Mts. King, nud In consequence oi
his statement she has been arrestee
and la now being brought lo tlu Bib'i
county Jull for protection.
Margaret Suit and Lillian Camming
each 19, of Mayersburg. Ind., Who art
said to havo been lured to Chicago bj
whlto slave agents, and then sent t(
Danville, 111., wero found by the po
lieu and returned to their homes.
Miss Etthsr Fleming, an 18-ycnr-olt
Hammond, Ind., society belle, uccl
dentally killed George H. Abbott, he)
fiance, while they were at target prac ,
An advance of 105 points per slum j
In tho prlco of tho stock ot tho Stand j
ard Oil company ot New York lu
creased the paper valuo of tho stocl ;
$15,750,000. Tho company's capital j
izatlon Is fl5.000.000.
William It. Itoblnon, sheriff of Mus 1
kogeo county, and Ed I. Williams, po
Ilco judge of the municipal court ol
Muskogee, Oklu., resigned as a resull
of tho investigation of a special grnitc
The Southern Pacific company final
ly has acquired tho last right ot wa
for a Iow-grado line over tho Tohach
api mountains between Jlojavo and
Kern City. Tho line, which will bt
begun immediately, calls for an ex
pondituro ot $10,000,000.
Charles S. Itlddcll, sergeant-at-arms
of tho hoii30 ot representatives, anc
two of hi v. deputies, started on nnoth
cr lap ot their six-month hunt for Wll
Ham Rockefeller, who is wanted bj
tho money trust investigating com
Three hundred and fifty rebels, un
dor Gen. Salazar, havo been defoatod
by Gen. Blanco and 150 volunteers nl
Jonas, lu tho Casus Grandes district
John Beldcr, u contractor of Staun
ton, III., after shooting .bin rnother-In-law
nnd defying a cordon Of police
was shot, probably fatally, as a climax
to his attempt to prevent tho marriage
of his stepdaughter.
Final plans for tho celebration next
year of tho Perry centennial will he
completed at Sandusky, O., January 1-1 1
and 15, by tho intercity committee
nnd the Interstate board of the Ierry
Centennial commission.
Becauso three cases of bubonic
plague oxlst at Hllo, orders from
Washington were recolved at San
Francisco that all vessels from the
Hawaiian Islands must be fumigated
before entering tho harbor.
Kecelrer William II. Allen of the
Seaboard Portland Cement company
filed a1 suit in Philadelphia against
former officers and directors of the
company for tho restitution of $2,000,
000 alleged to havo been lost by mis
management. Congress probably will ho called
lntos extraordinary cession by President-elect
Woodrow Wilson shortly
after his inauguration, perhaps on
March 15, nnd tho particular legisla
tion that will cotno 'before it will be
tariff revision.
Charles Mlddleton, 24 years old, one
of tho eight men charged with attack
Ing Mrs. Lillian Mullano near Ironton.
Mo., two months ago. was found guilty
by a Jury and his punishment fixed at
eight years in the penitentiary.
Indictments charging criminal ro -
od-ilnt ,,f trn.ln worn rntnrnml In tl,n
federal court In New York here I
against Charles E. Mollon, president .
of tho Now York, Now Haven & Hart
ford .railroad; E. J. Chamberlln, pres
ident ot tho Grand Trunk Uallroad
company, and Alfred W. Smlthers,
chairman of tho board of directors of
tho a rand Trunk.
Baron Charles Hnrdlngo, viceroy of
India, was wounded In tho shoulder,
ono attendant was killed and another
wouudod eight times by a bomb
thrown by a native from a houaotop
nt riollil. Tiwlln. Tho tmmli RtrnnW tlin
howdah of tho viceregal elephant on
which Lord nnd Lady Hardlngo wern
entering India's now capital. Tho as
sassin escaped.
The British schooner Gcorglana,
with ten passengers nnd a crow of , returning irom mo trout kopt repent
four, fouudered off Lucrea, Jamaica, 'ns' i
in trying to mako that port' in the gulf I Such woro ,lln instructions which
storm and ull on board wore lost. I nr "nneff, tho ICllhu Jltoot of tho BaK
Itefugeo federal soldiers arrived at 1 k,nnB took wlUl hm jto London. Ad
Juarez to report that tho 250 federal j ""lanoplo wns graven on tho minds of
Irregular troops garrisoning Asconslon i hls countrymen. By. diplomacy ho
nactically wcro annihilated Wedncs' 1 ml,8t ?ot a fortrqas which was not.
day when rebels attacked the towif
about 75 mlle! southwest of Juarez.
Thioush Consul Thonius "Edwards
at Juarez, the American stato depart,
mont requested Mexican mllltury of
flclals to rescue J. I. Morris, an Amer
ican raill-oad map. 1
Two Mexican federal attachments,
mistaking each ether for robelp,
fought for more than an hou- at Co
Ionia Juuiei;, lu westorn Chihuahua,
before the mistake was discovered.
Twotvo wire klllod ,nn'd moro wore
Sovun co-respondents, four for tl.c
husband and thrco tor tho wife are
named in tho divorce ult and coun
ter suit brought by Mrs. William
Gould Brokaw and her husband, end
which tamo up in tho Brooklyn su
premo court on a motion by Mrsi
Broknw'H oounscl for alimony and
counsel tecs,
Bultjar Plan of Advance Upset by
the Stubborn Defense of
Uncensored Story by Frederick Palm
er ToJIs How Allies Met Thejr
Match When the Vurki Finally
Were Aroused. .
Staff Corespondent of the Chicago
Record-Herald In the Balkan War.
Mustupha Pasha. The minarets ot
Sultan Sellm!
Necdle-lllto, I have seen thorn rtso
over tho indistinct mass of Adriano
plo from tho distant hills, then as
substantial columns' from tho nearby
hills, and again so closo from the
nhcll proof of an ndvancod infantry
position that I could mako out tho
tilings on tho dome of tho great
mosque Itself '
The simple graco of tho mlnarots
dominated town, and landscapo, and
siege. Weary driven. of thu weary
oxon of the transport and still wear
ier artillerymen, bringing up addi
tional guns through seas of mud, saw
them for the first tlmo as a tokon of
defiance, of work unfinished, of bat
tles yot to bo fought, and of Uvea yet
to bo lost.
Infantrymen lp tho advanced
trenches saw them ns tho goal
agalust a foo which had fallen back
without any adequato rear guard sec
tion, but which had begun to fight
desperately under their shadows.
That Turkish garrison, as It with
drew Into tho shelter of Its forts,
seemed to find something of tho spirit
of old Sultan Sellm tho Magnificent,
for whom tho mosquu was named,
but with this difference: Sultan
Sellm was not given to falling back
on forts nnd minarets. Ho stormed
forts; he went .ahead to plant new
mlnarots' In tho 'soil of Christendom.
Rouses Old Turks' Spirit
From tho first in this war tljo Turk
took tho defensive; from tho first ho
ocopted It 'as his part and portion ot
the campaign.
In Bulgaria, -where many Turks still
live under Christian rulo, wo had
seen tho Terrible Turk, tho great
fighting man of tho past, whoso soul
was supposed to bo abovo lowly toll.
as n hewer of wood and a carrier of
water. Ho (Ud odd jobs In tho ab
sence of' tho .Bulgarian nt the front.
Tho Hon of tho past had been trained
to dog hnrnoss. ,
All tho early victories ot tho Bul
garian nrmy completed nn Impression
of a one-tlmo lordly race demoralized
and enervated, who retained only tho
fatalism of "Kismet," in its loxocon.
Tho warrior's cry, "For Allah!" was
lost forever. But nt Adrianoplo "For
Allah! For tho Minarets! For tho
Padlsha!" rope again to tho dignity
which abandoned bravery always com
mands. Tho sheer, Impetuous fearlessness
of the Bulgarian, wo1 drilled and
coolly manipulated, was tho first
great revelation of tho campaign, nnd
I tho second was how. In tho hour of
hopolessness, his desperation arous
ed the old qunlltlos of tho Turk.
Every situation, ovory development
In tho wnr rovertcd to Adrianoplo. It
was tho nut to crack In tho first plan
u """" u noy-
I "vorn tho "f, nrmy beor?
! Tc, ftn,Ja a nightmare. It stood
i n U,. 'a- " the prompt supplies of
1 'rc"( Mu ',tullot f?r tho. 1 "l niW.
.. , . . i. ,
"- "-"J orim-K l.l wiu nrmiS
tlco for ton days; It has boon tho
main subJoct of contention before
tho London peaco conference; it was
responsible for tho treatment of tho
military nttnehos, who' Saw nothing of
tho war, and of the correspondents
who saw little.
War Hinges on Adrlanopte.
Even our phlegmatic lj'ttlo English
speaking censor assistant nt Mustn-
ptia would loso his tempor at tho
very suggestion of nny peace tormB
wlth Adrianoplo still in Turkish pos
"Wo shall havo a revolution if we
don't get Adrianoplo," I havo hoard
many officers say. ,
"Wo shall not go homo without
Adrlanople." tho -wounded soldiers
yot taken by forco of arms.
Glnnco at .a map and you will sea
that tho whole auocoss of th allies'
dopendod on bottling up .tho Turk. on
tho peninsula, so that all tho other
Turkish forcos from, Sctitnrl to Adri
anoplo, from Kumnnova' to Hassona',
should bo cut oft from communica
tion. Tho Crooks, Serbs, nnd Mon
tenegrins wero tho backs. Tho Bui
garlans undertook to. buck tho lino.
Bulgaria did not havo to consider
a reserve nrmy. European publlo
opinion and tho Joalousles of tho pow
ers acted as efficient substitutes, for
tho Bulgarian military statesmanship
understood that if Bulgaria weru beat
en tho powers would never permit
Turkey to tnko an Inoh of Bulgarian
soil. It was a caso of "Heads I win,
talis I don't loso," r
Tho Turks know this, too. It was
an old situation to them. Successful
war menut no nggrandlzomcnt only
that no more territory would bo taken
from them. This Ib enough, after
some generations, to breed tho defen
sive Instinct In any soldier.
Tho Turk must havo his back
against tho wall In order to fight well.
Ills attitude is that of tho mad bull
agaltiBt tho torendor; and a very mad
bull, wo know, sometimes gets n horn
Into tho toreador's anatomy and toss
es him over tho palings. TIiIb hap
pened In a way nt Adrianoplo.
"Victory Is to' tho heaviest bat
talions," Bonaparto said this, but aft
er Caesar said It after some general
of Kgypt, Babylon or Nineveh.
Tho allies know that their success
depended on spoed in a fall campaign
ojieed and tho shoVt of masse1! pour
ing over lh"6' frontier. Tholrs VaVa
hundrod-yard-dash chance.
Tho Serbs nt Kutnanova, their- crit
ical battle, had odds of at least four to
Tho Greeks never had less favor
ablo odds, usually much hlghor.
As for tho Montenegrins, who had
a small show, what they did in one
way or another did not mntter. They
had work to keop thorn fully occu
pied, as it developed in tho siege ot
Tho only ono of the allies who dis
dained modern organization, their fail
ure to make any headway again em
phasizes tho wide difference between
a body ot men with rifles and an no-
tual army.
Bulgars Bear War's Brunt.
So the Bulgarians took tho great
and telling work of tho war on tholr
shoulders. You ha'o only to know
tho Bulgarians to understand that this
was Inevitable.
Thcro la stubborn and aggressive
character enough In Bulgaria to spare
for all southwestern Europe.
Bulgaria mndo a hundred-yard dash
with ox cart transportation, nnd made
It around an obstaclc Adrianoplo
Tho main railroad line nnd tho great
Constantinople highway ran by Adrl
anoplo. It was on tho direct Hue ot
communication from tho conter of tho
Bulgarian base to tho center of Its
In the center of Thrace. It was tho
only real fortress ou tho wny to Con
stantlnoplo. Kirk-KIlllsseh, or Looiv
grade, as tho Bulgarians call It, do
splto their willingness to allow an lm
prosslon of Its formldnltllty to bo
spread abroad, wob not In any Benso
well fortified.
Now, tho first thing wns to surround
Adrianoplo; that Is, to strike ot It
from oil sides, as tho key to tho no
s'tlon. v brawn of tin main Sofia-
Constantinople railroad lino runs to
Yamboll. With this as Its baso, Domo-
ti'leff s, or tho First, nrmy swung
Nazlm Pasha.
around Kirk KUlssoh, which was tak
en In tho first splondld ardor of tho
campaign. With Its fall anyone can
see from a staff mup that any battlo
lino ot defense with Adrluuoplo as a
part of It was lraposslblo for a forco
of tho numbers of tho Turkish main
Two or three hundred thousand
men who wero homogeneous might
havo held on, but not half that num
ber when badly organized. There
fore, Nazlm Pasha had to fall back
to a now lino and leavo Adrianoplo
to enro for Itself.
Reveals Bulgar Courage,
Tho noxt step wns the decisive bat
tle on tho line from Lulo Burgna to
Thoro, again, superiority of num
bers, as well as organization, count
ed; that superiority, which, makes a
heavy turning movoment possible
whllo tho onomy's front Is engaged.
In short, tho Bulgarians had thu
Turks going. Thoy gave tho Turks
no rest, and thoy had a sufficient nu
merical preponderance, in addition to
tho dependable courage of their in
fantry to guarantoo'succoss.
So thoro was nothing wonderful
about tho strategy of tho campaign,
nothing new, nothing startling. Tho
old princlplo of tho swift ' turning
movement had bean applied to thu sit
Uutlon'ln bund. ,
By tho flank tho Japanese kopt put
ting tho Husslans bnck from tho Ynlu
lo Mukden, By tho flank Grant put
la back to lllchmond.
Thoro was JuBt ono, and only ono,
startling foaturo In this war Bulgari
an courage ' That onublod Demotrloff
to gain nt Klrk-KUllHsoh nnd Lulo
Burgas in a hurry what with most
armies would havo roqulred much
moro time.
Domotrloft had willing flesh for n
necessary sacrifice. Ho .throw his In
fantry Kgalnst frontal positions In a
cloud, into shrapnel' nnd automatic
gun flro, without waiting to sllonco
tho enemy's battorles.
And after Lulo Burgas tho next step
would hhvo scorned the storming of
Adrianoplo. When peaco negotiations
Bhould begin, It was a vital point In
their favor in tho negotiations to hnvo
Adrianoplo In tholr possession.
Tho Uulgnrlan treatment of tho cor
respondents Is one of tho many In
dications that tho Bulgarian staff did
at ono tlmo expect to tako Adrianoplo
by storm.
It was argued by serious corre
spondents who did not feel that they
ought to waste their time or the
money of tholr papors in Idleness,
tlint tho Bulgarian government ought
not to havo rocelvud any correspond
ents at all. But this was not logic to
the government. Tho prcBB repre
sented public opinion. It could servo
a purpose, and all the college profess
ors In tho laud ' 1io spoko nny for
eign languago found their work In tho
common causo, no less than grandfa
ther found his In driving nn ox cart
and tho women In making bread.
Tho plan was well thought out, aud
tho regulations, which would fill n
column, loft nothing that occurred to
ofllcors or college profossors out ot
consideration. No mention was to- be
made of tho wounded, nor ovon of tho
weather, if It woro bad, for bad weath
er might toll tho enemy that tho roads
wiro bad.
Whllo many an Imaginary nccount,
bocnuso it hod tho almllltudo of nar
rative which characterizes all con
vincing fiction, was hailed as real
war correspondence, tho Bulgarian
staff, when It enmo to actual reports
of actions (exclusive of massacres),
was scrupulously exact and cxasperat
Ingly lato and brief.
All prnlso by tho press kept tho ball
of tho prestlgo of victory rolling. It
helped to- convlnco tho powers and
tho Turk that tho Bulgarian army
was Irresistible. Tho stage climax
of tho wholo campaign would bo tho
fall of Adrianoplo, Thereforo wero
tho correspondents moved to Musta
pha Pasha just as Lulo Burgas was
being won; and Constantinople, being
then supposedly defended only by a
demoralized army, which could not
make a stand, ovory report from Mus
tupha Pasha which showed that
Adrianoplo wns on the point ot cnplt
ulatlon added to tho stage' effect of
Bulgarian triumph.
Turks Defy the Bulgars.
As tho Urat Bulgarian nrmy drew
near tho Tchatalja Hues, tho mlso on
scene was complete; but Nuzlm
Pasha, making uso of tho elapsed tlmo
to fortify tho Tchatalja linos, rather
than submit to tho humiliating terms
offered, bado tho Bulgarian hosts
"come on."
Success had 'turned tho'hoads even
of tho Bulgarian staff. They had be
gun to think that tho old fighting, qual
ity was out of tho Turk, and so willing
was tho Bulgarian Infantry to under
go slaughter that It was only a case
of recording another chargo of flesh
against Bhrapncl and automatic gun
flro, nnd tho day was won.
Alas, an old princlplo ot war, deal
ing with nn Impossibility of tho samo
ordor as squaring tho clrclo In math
ematics, was now to bring generalship
back from the clouds to solid earth.
You can tako strong positions In
front only with tlmo by sapping nud
mining nnd all tho weary operations
of a siege, as thu Indomitable Grant
learned by tho fnlluro of his llrsh rush
at VIcksburg and tho Indomitable
Nogl loarned by tho fnlluro of the llret
iubIi nttack at Port Arthur.
In a wook, any nrmy that has
spades and a fuw of tho resources of
material which should bo part ot the
storehouBq nt Its base should, mako
such a position as that ot tho series
of rising hills back of Tchatalja fully
tenable against any but slego attnek,
unless thoro wns room for a flank at
tack. Turks Turn the Tables.
And tho breadth ot tho position
open to lufantry approach In nny at
tempt at stormlnb' wns .only 10 miles,
while from olther sou sldo of tho nar
row strip of peninsula tho Turkish
nnvy could bring into play moro pow
erful guns than nny Dometrleff had at
his disposal,
At tho samo tlmo thoro is to bo
kept In -"lew tho generally accepted
tenet that you must not send In
fantry agnlnst nny well entrenched po
sition until its batteries are silenced
or it is known that thoy can bo kopt
under control during tho infantry nt
tack by' a.wolj con.contrnted lire of
your own batteries.
Deintiiif used his guns for a day
In trying to.'develop tho strength nnd
location of -tho enemy's battorles. But
tho Turks wbuld not bo drawn. At last
tho tables woro turned.
Meanwhile Adrlnnoplo also' was tell
ing. You may discuss as much as you
please whether tho original plan ot
tho Bulgarian staff was to mask thlr
fortress ,or 'to tako lit by storm, tho
fact romalns'that tholonly result was
to mask Hi'.nnd tho' lesson wob that
nny garrlson 'in tho 'rear of an advnn
clng'army, though it is held securolv
in investment, remalnS a mighty forco
in Doing for tho onomy's purpose
Naturo meant Adrianoplo -to bo a
fortress. Past It on tho south flows
tho Mnrltza river, taking Its origin In
tno jinntnuK nnu plowing its way
across tho nlluvlnl lowlands of Thrnco
to tho sen, A strong bridge crousos It
on tho lino of tho Constantinople high-
way nt Muatapha Pnsha. some twenty
ilvo miles from Adrlnnoplo.
This bridge, which Is not far from
tho Bulgarian frontier, tho Turks left
intact, a characteristic ploco of caro
leeBnesB In tho earlier part of tho war
in keeping with all other signs of Tur
kish demoralization nnd wrongheaded
ncss, ;ltlcl( might easily lead tho Bul
garians to think thnt Adrianoplo would
not resist a brllllunt onslaught.
Mustapha Pasha bocamo tho head
quarters cf the second Bulgnrlan army,
under General Ivnnoff, vho was to
havo the thankless task ot tho opera
tions around Adrlnnople. Whllo easy
glory wnB to bo tho fortune of Dome-
trleff. who commanded the first army
until tho first nrmy had to take po
sitions in front without nny opportu
nity for flnnklng, which was the na
ture of Iranoff's tnBk from tho start.
Ivanoff Wakes Up.
It was Papastopo nud Knrtaltopa
which wakened Ivnnoff from his dream
of a final brllllunt stroko In keoplng
with tho earlier ones of the wnr, Just
as Tchatalla brought Demotrloff down
from tho cluuds of ovcrconfldence.
Papastopo Is one of many hills In the
nnrrowing rib of tho 203 Meter Hill
of tho siege. With guns In position
thoro, Adrianoplo would be undor
bombardment. Tho Bulgarians took
it by sending In tho usual cloud of In
fantry and losing about a thousand
men. But the Turks took it 'back
ngnln. Four times, I am told, It
changed hnnds In tho course of those
night notions which wo observed only
by tho brilliant flashes In tho sky
above the hills.
Far up tho valley In the mist was
ICartaltepo, that other Important hill
which commanded tho river bottom of
the Arda. Wo took ICartaltepo in No
vember and a month afterward, In onq
of their splendid sorties, the Turks,
so far ns I could learn, had taken It
bnck; but It was as untennblo for
them ns Pnpastepo was for tho Bul
garians. Possibly bocnuso it was ngnln
ours nnd very evidently ours perma
nently, tho Bulgarian censors had
found it worth whllo to confound
skepticism nnd persistent unfriondly
rumors by allowing tho correspon
dents to enter tho promised land of
their dreams, whoro for weoL's, be
tween tho battorles on tho hills nnd
tho lnfnntry in the muddy river bot
tom of tho Ardn, hell had raged In tho
winter rains.
Wo did not know then, ns wo wcro
to know n tow dnys later, thnt beyond
Knrtnltopo In tho direction ot Belo
gatch was nnother forco Isolated from
tho Adrianoplo garrison nnd the main
Turkish nrmy. that of Tnvor Pashn
with 10,000 men, caught In tho literal
flood of that 100-yard dash of tho
ready. Informed, prepared aggressor
against tho unready enemy taken un
aware and hastening ro-onforcements
to the scattered garrisons and trying
to adjust Itself for tho blow to fall
with tho crash of a pile driver releas
ed from Its clutch.
Discloses War Secret.
But Tavor Pasha's 10.000 wore still
a force In being, with guns and full
equipment a forco In n box; n force
in desperation.
Do you see tho Adrianoplo garrison
which was la tbuffh by -L-olcss with
tho Turkish main army) striking out
to connect up with Taver Pasha? Do
you see Tavor Pasha trying out linos
of least resistance In a savago effort
to reach Adrianoplo or tho main Tur
kish army?
Something to stir tho blood, this. In
tho wny of a war drama, whllo not a
single foreign correspondent or at
tache know oven of tho oxlstenco of
Taver PaBha's command until Its Bur.
Tho news of this wns conveyed with
tho official assurance thnt now no oth
er Turkish forco except thnt of Adri
anoplo remained In Thraco, when wo
had boen undor the Impression for
over n month that It was tho only
ono! Tho censors did not smllo ns
they posted tho hullotlu, but some of
tho correspondents smiled at thorn
solves. No. after tho first rainbow hopo of a
successful genornl attack was over,
Ivanoft wns fully occupied In holding
Adrlnnoplo safely In siege. Thnt bat
tery of old Krupps, which tired over
tho advanced Servian infantry posi
tion, whllo a battery of Creusots in
turn fired over It, added their items ot
evidence to tho'sama end.
Thoso Krupps wore taken by tho
Russians at Plevna in tho wnr ot 1877
78 and given to tho llttlo army of tho
now nation of Bulgaria. Bulgarian ro.
crultB had dragged them through tho
muddy roads and over tho pastures
and beautifully omplaccd thorn, and
wero working them against tho enemy
with boyish prldo. But the world wns
thinking only of tho modern Creusots
and their brilliant showing.
Tho Bulgarians nlmost proved that
you can Ynnko bricks without straw.
They won tho wur by tho bravery of
thplr 8elf-confidenco us well as by
thr.lr courage.
Adrlanople, which was about to
starve If It did not Tall, had, I am con
vinced, two months' supplies when tho
nr'mlstlco was slgnrd. With the 10
nnd 20-year-old conscripts nlready on
the wny to tho front, with n casualty
llot'Uhat Is easily bno-IIfth of tho whole
nrmy, thoro wnn no sign of wenkening,
The squnro chin of tho stoical Bul
garian was as firmly sot ns over. I
wonder what would happen In Europe
if it included In Its borders a nation of
100,000.000 nulgnrianst
Botanical Expert Busy.
F. N. Myer, pno of the moBt, success
ful explorers of tho department of ag
riculture nt Washington, has again
startoa for China, expecting to bo
away for three years, whuro ho will
conduct Investigations In a remote
field novor before visited by an agri
cultural scientist. During his former
trnvols ho wns especially lntorosted In
drought resisting trees nnd fruits. Ha
found some troos that stand an nbso
Into arctic temperature with no rain
to speak of and sont back specimens
thnt will bo tried In somo of tho cold
nnd arid sections of tho northwest
where no troos have been grown be
foro. Sure,
GnhoWhat is n harlty ball,
Stnvf That's when the nolghbom
coino In to cry with the w'omon whoso
husband' has just left bcr.
East CL Louis Buyers Break Sales
Records at Fulton.
Fulton. All records in fiit mule
sales havo been broken la the last
ten days, when buyers for firms at tho
National Stock Yards, In East St
Louis, bought 780 head for $165,338.75,
an average of almost ?212 per head.
Guyton & Harrington wero tho heav
iest buyers, their purchases amount
ing to 505 head. Their shipment was
made from McCroodlo and Auxvasso
And consist?! -of 'K solid train Tat
twenty cars.
Moro mutes nre ou feed In Calla
way couuty and tho buyers -will ba
back after the holidays ot look at tho
1,000 head still In the feed pens.
Boone County Raiser Gets Fifteen
Cents Above Ordinary Prices.
St. Louis. Missouri hogs maintained
their reputation hero when they took
tho top at tho St. Louis National
stookyards nud sold from 5 to 20
cents a hundred more than tho top
at any Western market
The top-takers camo from Boono
county nnd weighed an average of 229.
Thoy brought J. M. Inuuss, who raised
and marketed them, $7.45 a hundrod,
or 15 cents nbovu tho average top nt
tho other Westorn receiving points,
Chicago reaching only $7.-10, Kansas
City ?7.35, St. Joseph $7.25 and Oma
ha $7.20.
Bices Relics to Bo Sold.
Mncon. The new owners of the
Blues property nt Macon announced
thnt they will begin an miction sale ot
the personal property January ill and
continue dally until ovorything Is de
posed of. This will Includo rurd voir
umes and relics Col. F.' W. Blees ac
quired during his travels. Thcro Is a'
Maximilian dinner servldo bought
from the president ot tho Mexican
Central railroad for $8,500, onco tho
prqperty of tho unfortunate emperor
of Mexico.
Jccse L. McNeese Freed.
Jefferson City. Gov. Hndley issued
a commutation Jq behalf of J"jh L,
.McNet'se, who was convicted In Moa
ltoau county Januntj. i-.,
obstructlwsmtov Uio ;trvok of thi
'.I k iXiu? K' fytftSM-'i HmsM'-nnd if fr
traced to tho pultentlary- fo- lour
Fire Destroys Postofllcs, Two Stces.
Waynesvlllo. Tho firm of Jasptr &
Fisher of Bloodland, was destroy"!
by tiro. Thu hardware, dry good.
Store and postofflco wero ail In tho
samo building. Nothing was saved
but llio account books. Tho. loss Is
eutlmated nt $18,000.
Bronaugh Out for Marshal.
Jefferson City. dipt. W. C. Bro
nuugh of St. Louis says ho Is In tho
raco for United States district mar
shal, to succeed Ed F. ftegenlinrdt.
Ho says he has good backing lu Wash
ington, and thnt ho has tho job as
good as nailed down.
3lrl Sues Ex-Employers for $25,000.
Springfield. Miss Katherlno Peter
son, aged 10, n formor cashier in tho
store of C. H. Heer & Co., of this
city, has sued tho firm for $25,000 for
malicious prosecution. Miss Peterson
was acquitted on a chargo of embez
zling $175.
Maryvllle Honored In Song.
Maryvlllo. Maryvlllo is probably
the only town In tho world which has
Its full numo and tho stato in which
it Is located set to music. Tho song,
which was composed by G. L. Burr, a
former rcsidont of Maryvllle, is called
"Mary Villomo."
Shippers to Ask Reform.
Jefferson City. Hugo Oglosby, out
going member ot tho stato railroad
commission, says tho grain shippers
of Missouri will ask the legislature to
put the grain Inspection department
under the supervision ot a competent
Boy Accidentally Shoots Companion.
Jefferson City. Whllo out bunting
Perry Goodall, a boy of 15, accidental
ly shot his companion, Jewell Guen
thai, through thu leg with a shotgun.
Tho shot tore through tho fleshy part
of the leg above tho kneo.
Killed by Fall Downstairs,
Jefferson City.- H. L. Wcinbveiinor
of Clarksburg, who was worklug on
tho temporary capltol building, fell
down a flight at stairs In his boarding
hoiiBo and sustnlned Injuries which
caused death. - I
Instructor and Co-ed. Wed.
Columbia. H. 'I-:.' Kolni, musical In
structor at -Clu ration college, nnfrMlss
Grace Floyd-, 'student nt -tho unlvcc
alty, whoso homo Is In Gulhrio, Okla.,
wore- married,- Mr.'Kuljn received tho
degree of LL, U. in l!)12,
',' v'- " ' ' '' '
Former Jtldge, Callahan IDes.
Salem. After ten days' lHncRs, j, lit
Cttlluhan, aged GO vears, died aChI V
home. Judge Ciiliahtiu wuh liq'n$M$ -,.?
Dent county. For tetrycurs lie
I.. . . 1. .. ... . !
i! tin it "ViHrti(v
Republican to Be Chief Justices t " r'
Jefferson- City- AUhbugla, tUorqi;yrl
uo uuiy two uepuuucnnH tou upon tno
iupremq bonch ntttr' Jnuuar' 'ij na. , V'1;
M mcso wm no cniej juBttqq.nna &-"jW
other prefjldlui; JuiIk.0 fy( J)vlaUio, ;
? by right of commission.' "ll,J ' ,! ' ,i
r 4

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