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Blspatchss From Our Own and For-
clgn Countries Are Here' Given
In flhort Meter for
Busy Readers.
' The Colorado, state senate has. rati
Bed the amendment, tb'tho federal con
ftitutlon providing tor the direct elec
tion of United States senators.
The conference committees repre
senting the striking waist makers,
pearly all women, and the manufac
turers reached an agreement concern
ing terms of a settlement.
Thomas J. Walsh of Heleno was de
slared cleoted senator for the six-year
term beginning next March, succeed
ing Senator Joseph M. Dixon, at a
joint session of the Montana legisla
ture. Fifty lawyers who hope to obtain
for their clients more than $10,000,000
''lamtgea for loss of life and property
Vn the Bteamer Titanic were arrayed
'igalnst attorneys for tho White" Star
line In court In New York.
Congressman John W. Weeks was
Dominated for United States senator
py the Republican members of the
Massachusetts legislature after four
lays of balfotlng.
M. Copeland, a car repairer, Was
tilled and three men were hnrt when
. mi IlllnolB Central trnin ran down a
gang of workmen under the Fifteenth,
itrcet viaduct in Chicago.
Tho New York state sonata adopted
l resolution' ratifying the proposed
institutional amendment for tho di
rect election of United .States seu
t6rs: Tho sarao resolution was also
jnssed In tho house.
On the first ballot Senator W. E.
Borah was reelected United States
tnnntnr bv 'fhn Idaho lrclslatliro. Tho
,.ro(e was: ""Boralf 75, George A. Tan
aehlll 5. IC I. Perky 2.
Gov.,SuIzer of New York pardoned
Folke E. Brandt, former valet of Mor
timer L. Schiff, tho Now York banker,
an the ground that Brandt's sentence
jf 30' years for burglary was excess
ive. '
The sonato passed Senator Cullom's
tUl authorizing the Chicago, Peoria &
St. Louis railroad to build a railroad
bridge across the Illinois river at Ha
rana, ill.
Lawrenceburg. Ind., a town of 5,000
population, 22 miles west of Cincin
autl, was threatened to bo wiped away
by a break in the Oklo river levee.
KlIttB M. Amnions, stock grower and
ranchman, was Inaugurated governor
5f Colorado, succeeding John F. Shaf
roth, olected to tho United States 3en-.
ste by popular vote.
Former Gov. Charles S. Thomas
nd Gov. John F. Shafroth, Democrats,
were elected United States Bcnutors
rom Colorado. Twelve Republicans
jn tho Iioubo and three In' the ienat
roted for the Democratic candidates.
Tho validity of the Chicago ordl
annco nxing mo bizb ot loaves or
hrcad was uphuld by tho supremo"
ourt In tho enso of Mathlas Schmld
toger, a bakor, sued by the city for
flOO, as a pcmalty for vlolatlug It.
Enactmont of a law making It a mis
Scmeanor to' mtsquoto a public speak
er was urged by Gov. Ulease In his
mossago to the South Carolina legis
lature. Charles N. Beum, ouo of the thirty
two convicted of dynamite conspiracy
it, Indianapolis, was released on bond
(rom the federal prison, Ho is tho
Brat one liberated.
Tho British steamship Clan Mackon
tie, which went ashore in a galo near
Cape Trafalgar, has been pounded to
pieces by high teas. Ship brokers' esti
mated the loss at $1,000,000.
Edward F. Myllus, the English Jour
nalist, convicted of libeling King
George, cannot be admitted to the
United States, because- tho crime for
which ho was adjudgod guilty "was not
., i i .
ft poimuui clime.
Bonds submitted for tho rcloase of
Frank M. llyan, F. H, Houlihan and
William Schupo, sentenced to terms
In prison for conspiracy in tho illegal
transportation of dynamite, were dis
approved by District Attorney Mlllor
of Indianapolis.
.Two murderers and a 'robber; whoao
" lehtonees ruu from ten yoars to life
Imprisonment, drove quietly out of
the Btatq penitentiary at Jolict, III., in
' stolon automobile, while a guard
obligingly opened tho barred gates for
Attornoy-Genernl Stead of Illinois,
lu an opinion furnished Gov. Deuuen,
declares Governor-elect Dunne cannot
qualify till the result of his election as
certified, to the general assembly by
the secretary of state ts declared by
the legislature.
In his first message to tho general
assembly, delivered to that body
Ohio's now governor, James M. Cox,
strongly favored, among other things,
direct election of United States sen
ators and tho establishment of long
term farm loans.
A memorial from tho Porto Rico
houso of representatives was present
ed to tho houso by Speaker Clark, po.
tltlonlng for a now constitution foj
Porto Ittco to give that country full
Senator Cummtits of Iowa Intro
duced a bill Imposing a tax of 10 par
cent upon all stock or grain market
transactions In which. the seller dis
poses of shares or products not'owncd
by him. Tho measure, is aimed to end
trading In futures' on agricultural
Secretary of War Sttmson lias de
nied the application of tho Banltnry
dlstrlot of Chicago for permission to
divert from Lake Michigan 10,000
cubic feet of water per second instead
of tho 4,107 fcot nt present authorized.
By a voto of 41 to, 21 the senate de
feated tho amendment to tho omnibus
claims bill providing for the payment
of tho French spoliation claims.
The senate passed the legislative
and Judicial appropriation bill carry
ing an expenditure of approximately
Politicians attached considerable
significance to a bill Introduced by
Sonntor Goro of Oklahoma, providing
for'two additional Justices of tho su
promo court of the United States.
An amendment to the postofflco ap
propriation to annul the executive or
ders which placed fourth-class post
masters and assistant postmasters
and clerks of first and second-class
postofflces under civil Bcrvlce, was
adopted by the house, sitting as a
committee of the whole.
Commerce Court Judge Archbald
was given tho maximum penalty un
der tho impeachment following his
conviction on five of the 13 charges of
the house of representatives. Re
moval from tho federal Judiciary, In
cluding the commerce court, und also
disqualification from ever holding any
federal office was the decision of the
senate, tho voto on the last proposi
tion being 39 to .15.
President Taft'B request that thero
be Included In the army bill dcfiulto
authority for the chief executlvo to
detail an officer of tho army or navy
as a personal aide to tho president.
with the rank of colonel, was denied
by tho house.
A conference on Plillipplno Inde
pendence will bo held between Presl
dent-elect Wilson and Manuel Quezon,
Philippine dolegato In congress, early
In February.
Yloldlng to the wishes of President
elect Wilson, William C. Eustls, chair
man of the Inaugural committee, an
nounced that the inaugural ball, long
a traditionary feature of Washington
society in connection with the inaug
uration of presidents, has been called
A coast-to-coast national highway,
to cost $20,000,000 or more, Is asked
for In a bill Introduced by Representa
tive Borland of Missouri. Tho meas
ure provides a national highway com
mission of six members and calls tho
sontemplated road "tho national old
trails road."
Substantial reduction of tho tariff
ill along the lino In the wood pulp
md-paper schedula and retention of
approximately tho existing duties on
tobacco, cigars mid similar articles,
:onstltuto part of tho Democratic tar
iff revision program to bo presented
to the extra session of congress.
Prqniicr Raymond Polncare was
elected president of the French Re
public over Jules Pams und Mario
Eduard Valllaut. He will become chief
executive February 18, when Presl
ient Fallleres' seven-year term ends,
Sir Edward Grey, the Brltlth for
sign secretary, and the ambassadors
of tho powers are making valiant ef
forts to bring about a settlement be
tween Turkey nnd the Balkan allies,
In tho direction of peace.
Tho Berlin, Germany, municipal gov
ernment has undertaken to suppress
ajl the trashy literature of tho "dlmo
novol" order, togothor with French ro
mances, Gen. Jose Do La Luz Blanco of the
Moxlcau federal army aud his, sccre
tary, who were kidnaped by rebels
near the federal' army's" camp, havo
been executed at tbu Hearst ranch,
Uablcora, Chihuahua, 'according to ad
vices received a, Juarez. '
Tho special board of inquiry at El
lis Island decided that Ciprlnn.0 Cas
tro,.ox-precldent of Vonezuola, ohonld
bo excluded from outerlng tho United
Tho eulftliiK character of Moxlcan
rebel activities again was demon
strated when It becarao necessary to
dispatch the cruiser Denver from San
Diego, Cal., to Acapulco, on tho south
ern Pacific coast of the republic,
where American lives aro in momen
tary danger because of a threatened
rebel attack ou that city.
Names of Several of Gov. Major's
Appointees Are Sent to Senate
Committees Propose Monu
ment to General Shields.
JefforBon City, Mo. -Pardon Attor
ney Rlckard Noel of Montlcello, Mo.,
was accorded the honor by tho senate
of being tho first appolntoo of Gov.
Major to bo confirmed. Tho other
names sent In wero referred to tho
various committees.
Noel qualified o,t onco and assumed
the office, 'relieving Judge C. A. Den
ton. Miss Tico Cullon of Jefferson City
will bo stenographer In tho depart
ment Tho appointments made by former
Gov. Hadley slnco tho last session of
tho legislature, which wero sent to
tho sunuto for confirmation, wero re
ferred to Various committees and will
never bo reported out again, It is
stated, unless unfavorably.
Ono of tho names Is that of W. W.
Wilder, tho present boor Inspector,
who was named by Mr. Hadloy during
the summer of 1910. Gov. Major has
already designated T. SpetMosby ub
tho man ho wants in that placo.
Among the callers on Gov. Major
wore F. H. Frlcku nnd Dr. Jacob J a
cobson of St'. Louis. It is stated that
Frlcko Will bo made puro food and
drug commissioner to succeed Dr. Wil
liam P. Cutler of Columbia. Tho term
commences February 1 next and is
for four years, with a salary of $2,000
per annum.
The patronage of the department Is
a deputy commissioner and six In
spectors at a salary of $100 each. Tho
places havo already been filled, but
not announced.
Friends of Dr. Jacobson are eager
to see him appointed n member of tho
state board of health, bo that St.
Louis will have recognition In that
Gov. Major-will attend tho Wilson
Marshall inaugural with his full staff.
Col. Martin Collins of St. Louis .will
have churgo of tho Mnjor party.
Gov. Major probably will announce
tho make-up of tho St. Louis pollco
board soon. The resignations of A. A.
B. Wocrheido and Hobart Brlnsmado
are still to be acted upon. If they
aro accepted thero will bo a full board
to be appointed. Somo of those known
to -be under consideration are: Sam
uel McPlieetors, James J. Barrett,
James C. Espy, John J. Shcehan,
Charles P. Williams, Cornelius Faun
tleroy, W. D. Robertson, Dr. Josoph
A. Fltzpatrlck and Martin Collins.
Would Honor Gen. Shields.
Jefferson City, Mo. A bill intro
duced by Sonator Busby carries an
appropriation of $10,000 to erect u
monument to Brig. Gen. James Shields
at Carrollton.
Gen. Shields was United States son
ator from Missouri In 1870-80, having
been elected to servo tho remainder
of tho torm of L,owis V. Bogy. Ho
also was u United States senator from
Illinois and Minnesota and was a
mcmbor of the supremo court of Illi
nois. He entered the services of his coun
try when a ydung man and becamo
brigadier general during the Mexican
war. Ho was in command of the only
federal forco that over defeated Stone
wall Jackson.
Editor Is to Be Secretary.
Jefferson City, Mo. Jules Mayes,
editor of tho Richmond (Mo.) Mis
sourlan, Is to bo made secretary of
tho Btato board of agriculture to suc
ceed T. C. Wilson when tho term of
tho latter expires. Tho salary Is
$2,500 per year.
State Geologist H. A. Buohler of the
Rolla School of Mines while hero said
he would apply for reappointment.
S. I,. Moser of St. Louts registered
In tho "lobby book" ub tho representa
tive of tho Mlsaourl Initiative and Ref
erendum loaguo, Ho is hero, to watch
tho attacks on tho Initiative amend
ment. Bills Introduced.
Busby introduced a bill which
would compel Insurance companies to
Bet forth in full on each policy tho
contract under which the lnsuranco is
Issued. Tho proposed law Is applica
ble to all forms of lnsuranco. A third
bill by him would forco Justices of
tho pcaco and constables to givo an
accounting of their 'receipts and dis
bursements, Both Senators Crossley and McClln
tlo introduced "blue; sky" bills, neith
er knowing that tho other content-
What Puzzles Ye Editor.
l An 'Ahdowri merchant has a two
ceut piece which ho claims to havo
carried lu, his pants for twenty-BOven
years. A two-cent piece twonty-Bovcn
years old- Is nothing to brng of;
money won't spoil; but whnt wo aro
interested In is how ho made his
pants last bo long. Murfreeaboro
(Ark.) Messenger.
"I supposo the brightest momont of
your life was when Jack proposodT"
"Brightest? Thero wasn't a particle
of II ghl in tho room."
plated "Introduction. CToiTSloy- -
plalncd that the proposed law is to
restrict aud rcgulato operations of for-
elgu Investment companies.
Othor measures introduced woro ob
Senator Lysaght: Bill requiring
rout collectors to furnish bond. A1k
bill to facilitate scrvlco ou foraltm
Senator Grccno: Joint and concur
rent resolution for a constitutional
amendment voto giving Kansas City
right to purchase public utilities.
Senator Brogan: Bill providing that
employers of labor cannot Bpeclfy that
employes may not belong to labor
Ban on Fortune Telling.
Orr of Livingston Introduced a bill
making It a felony, punishable by im
prisonment In the penitentiary from
three to fiVo year; Ioiny pornott t6
take money upon a claim of foretell
ing tho future, Tho minimum punish
ment is a flno of $200; maximum,
$1,000. Imprisonment and fine both
can bo administered It tho Jury de
sires. A bill to prohibit Sunday baseball
was Introduced by HaBklns of Dent
county. This moasuro classes Sunday
baseball along with cock fighting, rac
ing, etc., now barred by statute.
A measuro repealing tho school ap
portionment law passed by tho last
legislature was introduced by Boono
of Mississippi county. Tho new law
apportions tho state school monoys
upon tho number of teachers em
ployed and total days' attendance, In
stead of upon tho number of children
of school age residing In tho district.
Boono wants to roturn to tho enumer
ation basis. Under tho new act coun
ties and cities having a heavy attond
an co at parochial schools lost in
school moneys.
A bill by Lutes of Worth putting
prosecuting attorneys upon a salary
was Introduced. This measuro pro
vides this scale of salaries: 5,000 pop
ulation or less, $800 a year; 5,000 to
10,000 population, $000; 10,000 to
15,000 population, $1,000; 15,000 to
20,000 population, $1,200; 25,000 to
30,000 population, $1,300; 30,000 to
35,000 population, $1,400; 35,000 to
150,000 population, $2,000; 150,000 and
over, $5,000.
Tho first bill presented to the sen
ato was the administration public ser
vice commission net, which was Intro
duced by Senator W. G. Busby of
Carrollton. It provides for five com
missioners to bo appointed y tho gov
ernor. They shall have power to in-
milrp Intn corooratlon management
and fix tho rates charged the public
for service. This -measure, with tho
St. Louis home rule bills and tho St.
Louis primary bill, aro tho most im
portant of tho session.
Senate Committees.
The complete makeup of the senato
commlttoes, tho first named In each
case being tho chairman, Is as fol
lows: Judiciary Greeno. Husby, White, Ca
sey, Hawkins of Urocnp, Rogers. Haw
IctriB of Dunklin. McCllntock, Gardner,
Whltlods-e, Phillips.
Ways and Means Carter. Huford, Hro-
5 an, Welch, Hatdwln, Altec, Crossley,
asslily, llrunk, Cats., KorU.
Appropriations Lyuaght, White, Hea
ven. Ooodson, Hawkins of Dunklin. Bua
by, McCllntook, Cralar, llrunk, Dunwoody,
Criminal Jurisprudence Coy, White,
McCllntlc, IJufard. Cain, Hawkins of
Dunklin, Iloiters, Gardner, Whltledfie.
Private Corporations Busby, Groane.
White, Goodson, Iloters, Hawkins of
Dunklin, McCllntlc. Kord, Warner.
Ufo, Fire and Othar Insurance Mo
Cllntlc, Casey, LysaKht, Hawkins of
On-one, Cain, Cates, lironson.
Will and Probate lw Heaven,
Greene, Hawkins of Greene, Duford, nos
ers. Uronson, Phillips.
Klah and Gume Law Keastor, Baldwin,
I.ysuRht. Carter, Cralfc-, Bronson, Warner.
Mines und Mining Goodson, White,
Baldwin, Crossley, Cassldy, Dunwoody,
Education, Text Bookn and Publlo
Schools Ciossley, Casey, Carter, Welch,
Kinney, Gardner, Kord,
BankH und Banking Alleo, ieaster,
Welch, Beavcn, Goodson, Cates, Dun
woody. Agriculture Craig. Baldwin, Buford.
Cain, Grottier, Bronson, Cutes.
Hoads and Highways Baldwin. Carter,
Heaven, Hawkins of Dunklin, Craig, Ford,
Whltledce. '
Penitentiary nnd Hoform Schools
Welch, Cnxey, Alice. Heaven, Kinney,
Whltledgo. Warner.
University. Normal Schools, Agricultu
ral College and School of Mines Feaster,
Heaven, Greene, Crosley, Cain, Cates,
County Courts und Justices of Peace
Cain. Greeno, Ooodson, Cassldy, Grother,
Dunwoody, Phillips.
Hetrenohment and Reform, Fees, Bala
ilea and Criminal Costs Kinney, Bro
gan, Huford, llrunk, Gurdncr.
Township Organization, County Bound
aries, Hwamp Lands, Ditches and Drulus
Rogers, Hawkins of Dunklin, Busby,
Cnln, Craig, Goodson, Grother, Cates,
Municipal Corporations Hawkins of
Greeno, Casey, Hrogan, Kinney, Crosaloy,
Whltledgo, Phillips.
Kleemosynary Institutions and Publlo
Health Allee. Feaster. Welch, Kinney,
Grother, Phillips, Dunwoody.
Railroads nnd Internal Improvement
White, Hawkins of Greenol Husby, Rog
ers. Crossley, Cates, Warner.
Privileges, Elections and Redlstl'lctlng
Hawkins of Dunklin, Allee, Lysaght,
Baldwin, Kinney, Whltlodgn. Ford.
Labor Brogan, Lysaght, Feaster, Haw
Kins of Greene, Cassldy, Phillips, Bion
on. Commerce, Manufacture and Immigra
tion Cassldy, Carter, Brogan, Cain,
Grother, Dunwoody, Phillips,
Constitutional Amendments, Federal
Relations nnd Permanent Seat of Gov
ernment Huford, Allee, Crossley, Crulg,
Goodson, Gardner, llrunk.
Accounts and Miscellaneous Laws
Welch, Alice, Carter, Warner, Bronson.
Printing nnd Joint Printing Grmther,
Husby, UeaVen. Hrunk, Dunwoody.
Rules, Joint Rules and t'utlnlshed Bus
I Peas Husby, Lysaght, McCllntlc, Gard
ner, Whltledge.
Clerical Force McCllntlc, Greene,
White, Gardner. Ford.
Engrossed Hills Casey, Curler, Feas
ter, Warner. Cates.
Enrolled Hills Greene, Hrogan, Haw-
Kins or urceue, urunx, rmiups
A travelor In Coustantlnoplo nottcod
tlmt many of tho Turkish soldiers
wero barefoot, and he spoko to e
Turkish colonel about It. "Wo havo
given them all shoos," roplled tho
colonel, "but unfortunately our victual.
Jng department falls tp satisfy; and
when theso fellows got vory hungry
they eat their bIioob after thoy have
macerated them for a while In boiling
Wo will admit all our passions but
envy. Vanity will not permit us to do
Veterans Are 8atlafled.
WarretisburR. M. M. Parsons Camp,
United Confederate Voterans, of which
former Sonator Francis M. Cockrolt
Is a churter member, and which holds
on Its roster tho names of nearly all
tho surviving voterans of tho Confed
erate army who reside In Johnson
county, unanimously decided the camp
wonld not Join In a petition to tho
Missouri loijlslaturo asking that body
to provide pensions for aged and dis
abled Yutorans. Thoy declared they
believed that Mlsaourl was- doing suf
ficient tor the veterans lnjlts mainte
nance "ot tho. homo at itblnsvllln.
Claims Corn King Title.
Taylor. Cicero Whltakor, In tho e
tlmatlon of farmers In this section,
has Justly on tho title ot "corn king"
of northeast Missouri. On 450 acres
of ground near Taylor ho has grown
moro than 20,000 bushels ot corn. It
Is all harvested, with tho oxception ot
1,400 shocks, which will aver.ago flv
bushols to a shock. Ho has sold 0,000
bushols at prices ranging from 40 to
45 cents per bushel nnd will rcservo
tho remainder for fattening beef and
Missouri Cannery Men Elect.
Springfield. A three-days session ot
the MlsBour! Cannora' association has
closed. The attendanco was a record
breaker, 500 representatives of tho as
sociation and kindred Interests) being
prosont. The officers wore ro-olccted,
as follows: R. B OIlLeapIo, Marlon
vlllo, president; W. P. Horrlngton,
Dearborn, vice presldont; L. I. Mooro,
Forest City, secretary and treasurer.
Tho annual mooting In January, 1911,
will be held In Kansas City.
Oil on Fire Kills Woman.
Oregon. Mr3. Emma Strlckler was
burned to death when alio used coal
oil to start a fire. Sho Is tho third
member of tho family to meet a vio
lent death. Her brother, Huiatt, was
badly burned trying to save her Ufa.
His wife mot death almost .identically
like Mrs. Strlcklor and a brother wna
recently killed by a train. Mrs.
Strlckler was a widow,, her husband
hnvlng dropped dead working In a
Woman, 70, Gets Divorce.
Chllllcothe. Mrs. Edna Slbert, 70
years, old, got a divorce from Henry
Slbert, aged 76; In tho county court
hero on a pica of nonsupport and a
contention that sho "did not want his
name ou her tombstone" Her maiden
name, Edna Wiley, was restored. Tho
Slberts bad been soparatod 28 years.
Both are ot old families, prominent la
Livingston county.
Missouri Giantess It Dead.
Gorln. Ella Ewlng, tho Missouri
giantess, said to be the tallest woman
lia the, world, died at hor homo near
Gorln, at tho ago of 40 years. Miss
Ewlng was 8 feot 3 inches lu .height
and for many years travoted with cir
cuses as a froak attraction, aud us
such was known from end to end of
the country.
Breeders Elect Roelofson.
Columbia. Tho Missouri Draft
Horse Breeders' association, in ses
sion at Columbia, elected theso offi
cers for 1913: J. F. Roelofson, Mary
vlllo, profildont; Dr. S. D. Henry, Ex
colslor Springs, vice president; E. A.
Thowbrldgc, secretary and treasurer
Capital Board Re-elects Scott.
Jefferson City. John Scott was re
elected commissioner of the perma
nent seat of government by tho state"
officers constituting this board. Rob
ert L. Volkqr of Jcfforson City and
Millard Pipkins of Farmlngtou wero
Olark Orders Test, for Cadetship.
Washington. Speaker Chump Clark
has ordered a competitive examina
tion for cadet and three alternate ca
dots at tho naval academy at Annap
olis from tho Ninth congressional dis
trict, to bo held at Mexico, Mo., on
Saturday, January 18.
Moore Pleads Not Guilty.
Columbia. Henry Lee Mooro, ac
cused of killing his mother, Mrs. Geor
gia Moore, and his grandmother, Mrs.
II. F. Wilson, pleaded not guilty when
arraigned ou both chargos In clrcutt
Sues Against Tax Raise.
Jefferson City. Ouy Thompson, rep
resenting tho Provident Loan society
ot St. Louis, filed In tho supremo court
an application for a writ of certiorari
to test the right of tho assessor of
St. Louis to add now Items to the list
f proporty returnod for taxation.
Missouri Homes for Orphans.
Warrenaburg. Elghtoon orphans
gathered from tho Eastern states,
wero brought to Wnrrensburg, in
:bargo of J. W. Swan, stato agent for
thp Children's Aid society. Tho chll
Jron wero'' placed In good homes.
State Fund Commission Organizes.
Jofferson City. Tho stato fund com
mission, composed of the governor, at
torney general, auditor nud trcasuror,
organized, Plans for disponing ot tho
13,215,000 of capltol bonds yo unsold
wero discussed.
Moter Defends Referendum.
Jefferson City. 8. L. Moser of St.
..onls registered In the lobby book
ind is proparcd to wage a vigorous
warfaro upon tho measures Introduced
lo cripple tho laitlatlvo and reforest
Truth Is Revealed by the Futile At
tempt of Bonar Law to Commit
the Tory Party to That
Certain of our self-constituted po
litical ndvisurs assured us only a few
years ago that England was on tho
eve of a return to tho protective policy.
This Interesting prediction is contem
porary with "tho Russian advnnco,''
over which so much flowery, rhetorlo
was skilled., OtLcourai. Jt was pointed
odt by otliora that. Et-Liort' waa not
likely to backtrack on tho tariff Ques
tion, slnco sho could not afford tho
luxury of a protectlvo tariff. But'no
such consideration had any weight
with those who wero euro thnt tho
British government was about to "take
over" tho Dlngloy bill. Our instruct
ors had made up their minds that tho
thing was true and, of course, that
made It true.
Wo havo had a good deal of light on
tho subject In the last few daya. Tho
leador of tho Tory party, Mr. Law,
made a speech In which he advocated
a roturn to protectionism. The result
must havo been astonishing to Mr.
Law. Before ho spoko tho Liberal
party was wondering how long It
would bo abto to maintain Its hold on
tho government. Important by-olec-tlona
had gone against It. There was
strong opposition to tho homo rulo
bill, Lloyd-Georgclsm had angered nnd
disgusted many. At this Juncture tho
Tory leador camo to tho rescue with
his plea for protectionism. It split
his own party, which has been likened
to a defeated and routed army. Low'b
lendershlp 1b believed to bo at on end.
Even now the party Is practically
without a leader, as it Is without a
And all this has como from nn at
tempt to commit a great party to pro
tectionism. Tho peoplo of England
have listened for almost ten years to
arguments In favor of taxed food. It
wns supposed that Joseph Chamber
lain, with his scheme of Imperial fed
eration, had mado groat headway. High
tariff shouters in this country, as wo
havo tseon, woro sura that England had
been converted to "tho American
Idea." Now tho end has como, and
our cousins are still unconverted.
As a matter of fact, the tendency Is
away from high tariffs. In Germany
tho peoplo are bitterly protesting
agalnBt tho protectlvo taxes on food.
Wo In this country have Just been
through a campaign In which tho tariff
was the leading Issuo, and on which
tho peoplo voted against high protec
tion. The demand here, as In other
lands, is for cheaper food and cloth
ing. It Is, therefore, surprising that
a man supposed to be fit to lead a
great party, should thus sot himself
against what la practically a world
opinion, and hope to win by eo doing.
Indianapolis Nows.
Trust Magnates Cannot Terrify Him
With Panic Talk as They Did
In 1907, tho steel trust said In sub
stance to then President Roosevelt:'
"Givo us permission to break tho law
and absorb our only dangerous com
petitor, or wo will, turn tho present
panic Into a crash that will bankrupt
tho country!" Mr. Roosevelt tromblod
nt tho threat, and personally author
ized tho stool trust to break tho law
and tako possession of tho proportles
of tho Tcnnosseo Coal and Iron com
pany at panic prices.
No trust magnate will over daro go
to Woodrow Wilson with n threat llko
that. The country's present prosperity
proves that there Is no possible oxcubb
for a panic, nnd Mr. Wilson, ns presi
dent, will boo to It that no panic Is
manufactured for truBt purposes.
Duty of Democrats In Senate,
Tho Democrats ot tho senate owo
It to tho party to mako tho senato or
ganization represont tho prevailing
Bontlment of tho party, and thus en
able It to work In harmony with tho
administration. To do this tho rulo ot
seniority should bo Ignored. Assign
ments to committees should bo mado
upon tho basis of fitness nnd with n
vlow to giving faithful expression to
tho will of tho majority. No Demo
crat 1b deserving of proferment who
puts his personal Interests abovu tho
general welfare If our party Is to
havo n long lenso of power, It must
regard tho rights of the peoplo as
Know What Wo Want.
Early consideration of tho tariff Is
promised bo as to bo ready for n
revision from top to bottom, accord
ing to Representative Undorwood's
Idea. Col. Georgo Hnrvoy says that It
tho DomocratB do not rovlso tho tar
iff downward, thoy will bo awopt off
tho map. Wo. nil know what wo
mean and what wo tfunt,
Prompt Action Advisable.
Projnpt action on tho' tariff nnd on
such other questions ns may be taken
up nt the extra session will bo as bonq
flclnl to business' ns It bo Ho tho
executive. Tho. uncertainty Involved
In a long, dragging session ts probably
wbrso than a few errors In reaching
prompt conclusions. Let the president
elect make up his mind exactly what
ho wants, and when ho 'starts for
Washington let htm go resolved to got
It as quickly as conditions he must
con f rent w(ll permit.
Much of tho rheu
matic pain that
comes In damp,
r.hancini? weather Is
tho work ot uric '.
ncid cryitalj.
Needles couldn't
cut, tear or hurt rmv
worse when tho af
fected muscle Joint
is used.
If such attacks aro
marked with head
ache, backache, du
sinesa and disturb
ance of the urine,
it's timo to help the
weakened kidneys.
Doan's Kidney
Pills quickly help
sick kidneys.
A MloHlstsua Cm
JotUh UooTer. 803 8. OfcUwrlne Bt BT CT,
MJch, "Mr tMtK (ot so tnd I eoaldnH
twndoTcr. I ofwio bocmo to flliir I bid !
down and rmt. Dooton Md ruled to Mil
and 1 wa growing thin ana weak.
ner 11 lis went.
liu went ngai id1
t mo coninlotAlr. 1 ht
t to tb . IhTM bole
on tins mo complotolr. I hT liw M tfosbla
Get Don at Aar Stew. 80s a Box
Familiar to -Mike."
A negro clairvoyant who for some
time masqueraded as a Hindoo was
recently vtsltod by a collector, MUM
"Ah," smiled tho clairvoyant,
genzolman wantz zo palm read!"
"No," said Miko, "zo genzelman has
ze bill for you."
When tho bin was produced the
palm reader forgot his Hindoo an
cestors nnd a stream of perfect Eng
lish swear words poured from his
"Ah," sold Mlko, smiling, "ze gon
zelmnn sounds more like zo Indiana
avenue zan ze Hindoo." Indianapolis
Man's Preference.
Miss Lillian Hill, lecturing on eu
gonclcs In Cleveland, suld:
"It is a good thing for tho human
ruco thnt beauty counts for more than
intellect when it comes to love. In
tellect too often means nerves In
somnia hypochondria.
"Yes, it is n goc ' thing for the hu
man raco tnat, as nn old maia irom
Vassar put it rather bitterly:
"'Men prefer a well formed girl to
a well informed ono.' "
Cleverness Required.
"In those days of high-cost living,'
said Representative Do Forest, the
sponsor ot tho bill for pensioning ex
presidents, -'wo hekr1 df .toahy- 'queer
"On a street car the other day, at
tho end of a discussion on saving and
retrenchment, a lady said decisively:
"'Oh, nny woman can cut her hus
band's hair; but, bellovo mo, it takes
a clover ono to cut It so that other
women's husbands will suspect noth
ing' "
For a Rubber Plant.
When tho leaves turn yellow and
tail off tho plan is dying. Feed it a
tnblcspoontul of ollvo oil every two
weeks. Also wash tho plant once a
week with warm soapsuds, letting tho
warm suds moisten tho earth thor
oughly. Sprinkle every othor day.
This same treatment should bo used
on ferns.
Better Way.
"Does your wlfo ralso a rumpus
when you stay away from homo at
"No; but Bho does when I get
Its Popularity.
"What publlo board la most In fa
vor In a municipality?"
"I rather think it Is tho festive
Proper Help.
"Tho steamer I sailed in was a
floating hotel."
"Did It employ any boll buoys?"
Somo ot tho blamo for tho lies we
tell ought to be charged up to the
peoplo who ask our candid opinion.
Ready to Serve
Direct From Package
and cream
A dainty dish of toasted
Indian Corn, brimful of
sweet flavour and substantial
Post Toasties in the pan
try mean many delicious
Direct to your table In
sealed, air-tight packages.
Sold by Grocera'i every
where. "The Memory Linger "
Pointm Careal (X List.
BiU Omk, Mkb.

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