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Condensation of Week's News Re.
viewed Without Comment All
Nations Find Something to
Edify and Instruct.
Mrs. Samuel Schwartz of Kansas
-City reported that Just as she cntorcd
her homo sho was attacked by tyo
men wjio gagged her and tied hor
.bands and they ransacked tho house.
The Women's Trado Union league
of Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis
and Springfield, 111., at a Chicago
meeting urged the extension of the
clgl't-hour day to all women workers.
Wlnthrop .Murray Crane III., G-yoar-old
son of Mr. and Mrs. Wlnthrop
Murray Crano of Cranevllle, Mass.,
lias infantile paralysis.
Cotporal Leopold L. Lovell of K
company, Second Maine infantry, was
shot and killed Instantly at Laredo,
Tex., when he walked from a store.
In a race fight between negroes and
whites near Nihil!, Mont., in Meager
county, several negroes are said to
havo shot three white men, killing
T..leut.-Col. Oeorgn 0. Squler has
aslitd a magazine to aid the United
States in obtaining the addresses of
.about GOO American flyers.
Tho proposal to enforce conscrip
tion in Ireland was denounced by John
.Redmond. IrlMi leader, in a snoerth at
Wuterford . as "tho most fatal thing
that could happen.
Maximum prices for spoiled butter
ana other lats are planned in the near
future for Germany.
A Constantinople telegram says tho
comaittee of union and progress has
adopted a resolution to pursue the
war with Turki-y's allies to a victor!
ous ond.
James Vincent Nash, graduate of
3915, has given tho Chicago univer
sity tho first ?1,000 he has been ablo
to save.
Bertha Johnson, employed on a
farm at Elgin, 111., has been found by
her sister, Mrs. J. It. Valentino of Chi
cago, after a search of 18 years.
To try out his new toy flro engine,
Charles Donaldson, 6, of Yonkers, N.
l., started a blazo which nearly de
stroyed his home.
The paper shortage Is so serious
that slates may bo used In tho New
York schools again. Tho health board
banished slates several years ago.
Albert Kckhardt of Rock Island, III.,
received a telegram announcing an
uncle had died at Pnxton, Mo., leaving
him $80,000.
Two men were killed and 12 pas
sengers and three trainmen badly In
Jured when a passenger train crashed
Into a stock train near Altoona, Pa.
New Orleans' death rate for Snn-
tember 13.79 per thousand was tho
lowest In 10 years.
Tho high cost of living has driven
Clevelanders to goat meat, according
to J. L. IUldebrand, a local meat mer
chant. A report on tho death sentence
passed by a courtmartial In Constanti
nople on Essad I'asha, former provl
alonal president of Albania, was con
firmed. Golf cabaret Is the latest and ,lt is
it gcueiuc oi jonn u. tie nas'n quar
tet follow him from tee to tee, and ho
.makes 250-yard drives to the'tuno of
"A Perfect Day" on tho links of his
estate at Cleveland.
S. Makawaga, head or the Imperial
bureau of. mines, head of the hmtesh
bureau of mines of Japan, is In
Wilkes Barre, Pa., where ho will make
a study of methods of mining coal.
Mrs. Mary Karp of Chicago is 105
years old and sho will cat a birthday
dinner 'Bhq helped cook. "I don't eat
lile or cake and believe my good health
jlias been duo to eating ham and eggs,"
slip said.
Thousands of spectators fled In dls
lfmy -when the big i'tnnk," such as Is
aiding the British drive, was suddenly
ilnjected Into a parade In Peoria by
the company which makes the trac
tors. , James J. Drakeford, United States
dnternal revenue agent for tho Spring
field district of Illinois, has been ap
, pointed Internal revenue agent for tho
entire state of Texas.
Dressed as a woman, Walter Lilly
caught Bethlehem a "Jock the Hug
xer" when the latter accosted him In
a dark street In Bethlohem, Pa.
Dall weather forecaits by wireless
will bo sent from tho weather bureau
at Kansas agricultural college, atMan-hattan.
Sarah Connolly, a negro woman, was
lynched by a mob which took her from
tho Jail nt Lcary, Ga.
Search by tho Now York Allied
Printing Trades association for the
ugliest girl" to lead tho grand march
nt tho printers' ball Thursday night
has failed thus far.
Because a druggist put too much
strychnine In medicine for Cherub, her
pet dog, which died as a result, Mrs.
John Arhucklo of Chicago has brought
suit for $7E0.
Three persons are dead aa tho re
sult of a collision between an automo
bile and His Four train at Paris, 111.
Tho dead are: Mrs. Lena Babcr, C.
E. Baber and Miss Exla Baber.
Escape of two convicts from tho
"honor gang" working oiltsldo Sine
Sing prison stirred tho Mutual Wel
fare league, a convicts' organization,
to offer rewards of ?100 each for their
A German village is being con
structed by tho Interned sailors of tho
Kronprinz Wllhelm in a corner 61 tho
Philadelphia navy yard.
A young French girl has offered to
sacrifice one of her eyes to rostoro
sight of her blind soldier fiance. It
Is possible, scientists say, to graft tho
human cornea to another cornea.
Mrs. Mary Forge, 110, of Now York,
who recently said she felt good for 10
years more of life. Is dead as a result
of tho accidental opening of a gas Jet
in her room.
With a third caso of infantile pa
ralysis discovered nt Webster, la.,
both central schools were closed.
A Zurich dispatch asserts that tho
kaiser has personally appealed to
President Wilson to end tho war, but
that tho president has refused to In
tervene. Edwin D. Edcnborn has Just re
ceived a letter which was mailed to
his father 57 years ago nt Willow
Grove, Pa.
After a conference with President
Wilson Henry Ford of Detroit said ho
most llkdy would not eontributo to
tho Wilson campaign fund.
Adolph Knusal, musician, of Chicago,
is a slnglo man because his wife was
so anxious to hold his love that she
put love powders In his food and even
In his shoes. Kausal told the Judge
tho powders ruined his stomach.
Mrs. James F. Rogan of Now York
say while she was ill in bed her hus
band sat around the houso and figured
on tho disposition of tho insurance
money ho would get when death
claimed her. She got a divorce.
William Laffcrty, Gl years old, of
Burlington, la., and Miss Eva L. Wild
er, 1G, obtained a marrlago license in
Bloomlngton, 111.
Masked men supposedly members
of tho Dairymen's league, havo seized
25,000 quarts of milk destined for
New York and dumped it Into tho
ditches in tho Mohawk valley.
Joseph Sehultz lost his life for a
dime. He was entertaining spectators
at the new Field museum by Blldlng
100 feet down n rope at 10 cents a
slldo when ho dropped to the ground.
President Wilson has let It bo known
that ho will mako peace the big Issue
in his futuro speeches.
Corporal George Hlgh'bco of tho
United States army shot and killed his
young wife on the street at Alva, Ok.,
and then ended his own life.
Becnuso of tho discovery of a caso
of infantile paralysis on John'D. Rock
efeller's estate at Pocantico Hills, It
is likely the estate will be placed un
der quarantine.
A boy, the twenty-fourth child, has
been born to Mr. and Mrs. Patsy De
Relnso of Waterbury, Conn,
For 30 succcsslvo years H. P. Hart
of Roby county; 11 was elected presi
dent of tho Christian County Sunday
School association. At the- fifty-fifth
unnual convention in Roscmond, 111.,
county fellow workers gave him an
Tho war department lias ordered tho
Thirty-third regiment of infantry and
batteries A and B of tho field artillery
of Michigan to the border.
Senator James P. Clark, 02, of
Arkansas is dead at his homo In Llttlo
Rock of apoplexy.
T. W. M. Boone, president of tho
American National bank, which failed
at Fort Smith, Ark., was found guilty
on an Indictment charging falsifica
tion. '
Alma Soflan, 2 years old. Is dead In
Chicago because her parents rolled hor
and tapped her on the back Instead of
going for a doctor when a peanut
lodged in her throat. 1
Tho Indictments In every criminal
case docketed for tho October term of
tho Cumberland county (Ky.) circuit
court, 72 In number, havo been 'stolen
from tho courthouse.
From Sept. 20 to Sept. 29 German
submarines operating in tho North sea
and English channel sank 11 English
steamers and four Belgian.
Emperor Lldjl Jeassu of Abyssinia
haB been doposed at Addis Ababa. Lld
jl 1b 22 years old and a grandson of
Emperor Menellk.
War Opened on Shipping From Our
Ports to Europe, and Lives oi
Americans Are Believed to
Be In Danger.
Washington, D. C Last Saturday
the German submarine U-5H put In a
sudden appearance at Newport News
and In a few hours departed. Sho
left dispatches and made no effort
to conceal her warlike appearance.
Newport, R. I. The executive offi
cer of tho destroyer Ericsson Just re
turned from the scene of tho German
submarine activities off Nantucket,
reported that nine ships had been
sunk and that three submarines were
operating off the coast. Three British
warships have arrived off Nantucket.
Newport, R. I. Four destroyers of
the American flotilla have come into
harbor here bringing 21G persons res
cued from the ships sunk off Nan
tucket Sunday by a German subma
rine. Tho Ericsson, the first of the
destroyers to arrive, brought 81, the
Drayton CS, the Benham 30 and the
Jenkins 31.
Thlrty-flvo women and ten children
are among those on tho Ericsson.
Boston, Mass. The submarine nrm
of tho Imperial German navy is rav
aging shipping off the eastern coast
of the United States.
Four British, one Dutch and one
Norwegian steamer were sent to tho
bottom or left crippled derelicts orf
Nantucket Shoals.
Under the light of the hunter's
moon, tho destroyer tlotilla of the
United States Atlantic fleet picked
up passengers and crews of the de
stroyed vessels and took them into
Newport, R. I.
So far as known there was no loss
of life, though at a late hour the
crew of the British steamer Kingston
had not been accounted for.
A submarine held up the American
steamer Kansan, bound from Now
York for Genoa, with steel for the
Italian government, but on establish
ing her Identity, allowed the Ameri
can to proceed.
Tlie hostile submarine is believed
to bo the U-53, which paid a call to
Newport and disappeared at sunset.
Some naval men, however, declared
that at least two submarines aro op
erating close to the American shore,
though outside tho three-mile limit.
Shadow Lawn, N. J. President Wil
son and his advisers hero aro very
much concerned over the latest devel
opments of the German submarine
war being waged on this sldo of the
Atlantic, but have no comments to
make. The president says he will
await tho full particulars before ho
takes n hand in the controversy.
So far as known here no lives havo
boon lost, though the spirit of tho law
as to endangering Americans has been
badly fractured.
Killed When Kicked by Horse.
Mountain Grove, Mo. Whllo trying
to subdue a fractious bourse, William
Olsen, a young farmer of this plaeo,
was Instantly killed by a vicious
kick from tho animal, which broke
Olson's neck.
Declines Greek Premiership.
Athens. King Constaiitlue person
ally called at the homo of Dlonyslos
Stcphanou and asked the aged states
man, who Is III In bed, to form it
cabinet. The statesman declined the
Russia's Carrled-Over Cereals.
Petrograd. Compiled figures show
that there nro In this country 20,000,
000,000 pounds of cereals remaining
from last year's crops.
Carranza May Not Be Candidate.
El Paso, Texas. Gen. Venustlano
Carranza may not be a candidate for
the presidency of Mexico at the first
election to be lipid by tho de facto
government. -
Sugar From Palmyra Palm.
London. A new sort of sugar, ob
tained from tho Palmyra palm, which
grows abundantly In tho northern dis
tricts of Ceylon, wll) shortly bo placed
on tho market here.
Leather Cost Rises In England.
London. A Job lino of 3,000 pairs
of boots, worth 71 cents a pair six
months ago, was valued at a court in
quiry at ?3.12 a pair, Indicative of tho
advance in the price of leather.
Georgia Negro Lynched.
Sandlersvllle, Oa. Charles Smith,
a negro, accused of shooting and
grounding Deputy Sheriff B, A. Eng
lish was capturod and lynched by a
mob near here.
Life for Bomb Tragedy.
San Franclseo, Cal. Warren K,
Billings, convicted of tho murder of
Mrs. Myrtle van Loo, in connection
with the Preparedness day parade
bomb explosion here July 22, In which
10 persons lost their lives, was sen
tenced to llfo Imprisonment.
Man Who Dynamited a Rock
Crusher at Bolivar Caught
in Kansas City.
Pony Cossins Admits Setting the Blast
Out Was Promised $300 for
fne Job.
The mystery which surrounded tho
dynamiting nt a hugVtock crusher and
a powder store house in Bolivar, on
September 5, last, was cleared up
when the Kansas City police obtained
a confession from Pony Cossins, whom
they arrested recently, Cossins s-ajs
that for ?300, which, ho asserts, a Polk
county official hail promised to ghe
him, ho planted tho charges that de
stroyed moro than $0,000 worth of
property and tied up completion of
rock roads being built in Polk county.
Cossins told tho police that he went
out to tho rock crusher at 10 o'clock
on tho night of September 5. When
tho opportunity presented itself he
says ho put tho dynamite into the
mouth of tho crusher and with his
teeth crimped tho cap on a twenty
foot fuse. Then ho put a cap on a
fuso about nineteen feet long and at
tached tho cap to a stick of dynamite,
which ho placed in the powder house.
In making tho fuses twenty feet
long, Cossins calculated they would
burn at tho rate of an inch a minute,
ho says. That would havo given him
sufficient tirao to reach his home be
fore tho charges went off. Tho explo
sions occured, however, when he was
still a quarter of a mile from his
When ho reached his home a few
minutes later, Cossins telephoned a
neighbor asking where tho explosions
were. Sho was unable to tell him, ho
says. By that time his brother who
had been been asleep, camo Into tho
room and together they walked to the
main part of the town. On the way
they mot tho sheriff and several other
persons and discussed the explosions
with them.
After talking about tho explosions
for a few minutes, Cossins, his broth
er, Ott Cossins, nnd John Stafford, a
neighbor, went to the quarry, where,
they looked at tho ruins of the crusher
and the powder house.
Four days after tho explosions,
Cossins and Mrs. Ella Erwln Sharp
camo to Kansas City, They lived at
311 West Fourteenth street. Cossins
ha? been employed by a transfer com
pany. Deed Outranks Wilt.
Miss Louise Dlsser of Denver
lost in the federal district court at St.
Louis a suit to establish her claim to a
half lnterost in tho ?30,000 estate of
her great-grandmother, Mrs. Mary
Dlsser, of Ferguson. Mrs. Dlsser, who
died in 1914, made a will ten days
before her death, providing that her
estate should go to her son and her
granddaughter. On tho same day
a warranty deed was filed in which
Mrs. Dlsser transferred her property
to her son. Tho federal court held
that tho warranty deed was genuine.
J. West Goodwin Nearly SO.
J. West Goodwin, of Sedalia, was
80 years old October 3. He was born
In New York October 3, 1S30. Ho
learned the printing business ut
untertown, N. Y., in' 1S.10. Later ho
conducted a country newspaper In In
diana. Ho served In tho Vnion Army
in tho Civil War. Ho removed to Se
dalia In 1SGS and later established tho
Dally Bazoo, which he gave up several
years ugo. Since then he has conduct
ed a Job printing offlco.
New Bar Association President.
James H. Harklcss, chosen recent
ly as president by tho state council
of tho Missouri Bar Association, is a
KansaB City man. Ho was born May
15, 185C, in Belmont County, Ohio. He
went to Lamar, Mo., In 18C5, where
he was admitted to tha bar In 1S77.
Mr. Harklcss practiced law In I-auinr
until 1880, at which tlmo lie came hero
and became a member of tho firm of
Robinson, O'Grady & Harklcss. He
has been senior member of thoiflrm
of Ilarkless & Histed, 1000 Grand
Avenue Temple, for several years.
Plan W. R. Nelson Memorial.
A memorial to tho lato William It.
Nelson, founder of Tho Kansas City
Star, was decided upon by tho Mis
souri Writers' Guild, encamped at
Poworslto on its annual autumn out
ing In the Oznrks.
Brookfleld Minister Demi at SO.
Tho Rev. Calvin Allen, 90 years old,
Is dead at Brookfleld. Ho was the
father of E. B. Allen, until three years
ugo Internal revenuo collector In St.
O. A. R. Veterans Eelct.
The thirty-fourth annual encamp
ment of the various U. A. It. posts
In Livingston audi Grundy counties
was held at Kidder recently. Tho fol
lowing officers were olectcd: Simon
Orovo, president; G, V. Saunders,
vice-president; P. L. Hasklns, chap
lain; W. P. Griffith, adjutant, and Ely
ThomaB, quartermaster.
Killed In a Runaway.
John Helms, 33 years old, Is dead
at Pilot Grove. His neck was broken
In a runaway several day before.
Preliminary Steps Taken at n Recent
Meeting In Sedalia for a State
Wide Organization.
Preliminary steps towards organiz
ing a Missouri federation of auUi
clubs wero taken at Sedalia recently
with a great number of tho biggest
auto clubs of tho state represented.
Tho work of Incorporating the club
was delegated nt the Sedalia Auto
Club. C. C. Kelly was made tem
porary president and S. E. Spencer
temporary secretary, both of tho Se
dalia club.
The stato organization will havo for
Its chief duties tho suggestion of leg
islation intended to obtain tho rights
and safety of both tho public In gen
eral and owners of automobiles, and
tho suggestion of plans for tho build
ing of tho macadamized roads across
the state. The club also will Include
in its work an effort to unify the or
dinance requirements In the cities of
the state, so that a driver from one
portion of the stato may not unin
tentionally violate ordinances In an
other portion; to guard against theft
of automobiles through a detective
and Information bureau, whereby
news of the theft may be communi
cated quickly to eory garago and of
ficer in tho state, making tho arrest
of tho thief sure and quick. The pre
vention of Imposition upon automo
bile owners by dishonest garages; an
Improvement upon tho present mark
ing of tho highways, so that every
important highway will bo satisfactor
ily marked and be conveniently fol
lowed. The state federation estimates that
It will have at its command from $25,
000 to $50,000 a year with which to
meet Its expenses nnd carry on tho
campaign for good roads and other
work it contemplates.
Jury at Mexico Award3 Kansas City
Man's Widow $30,845 and
Attorney's Fees.
Judgment for $30,S45, principal and
Interest on policy, with $5,000 addi
tional for attorneys' fees, was award
ed Mrs. Mattio C. Peltzer of Kansas
City against the Loudon Guaranty and
Accident Company by a Jury In tho cir
cuit court at Mexico recently.
Tho Jury was out a llttlo more than
three hours. Eleven Jurors signed
tho verdict. Mrs. Peltzer sued to re
cover on a policy IsBued her husband,
Theodor C. Peltzer, who fell from his
offlco window in tho Scarrltt Build
ing, Kansas City, September 29, 1915.
Tho defenso attempted to show by
circumstances and depositions of
Charles B. Moling and Charles Beau
champ, hlfjh financial promotors with
whom Peltzer had dealings in Chicago,
that Peltzer committed suicide on ac
count of fraudulent transactions In
Kansas City, that his cstato and his
widow might obtain his Insurance
It was shown Moling and Beau
champ fleeched Peltzer out of $400
a month for five months in expense
money advanced to them. Evldcnco
to show that lleauchamp and Moling
received largo sums of money from
insuranco companies to give their
depositions in tho caso was Intro
ducod. Thero was no evidence from
tnoso who witnessed Peltzor's fall
from his office window to Indicate
Linn County Farmer Dead.
William II. Kennedy, 75 years old
a farmer of Linn county, died at his
home, twelve miles north of Brook
fleld, tho other morning.
Foiled Jail Fire In Macon.
Four prisoners in tho county Jail
at Macon, set flro to their mattresses
and bed clothing and attempted to
escapo recently, but the officials liitr
ried tho prisoners to upstairs cells and
firemen put out tho blaze.
A Mangled Hand Caused Death.
Vincent H. Igo, CO years old, a far
mer, Is dead at a hospital in Sedalia
A week ago ono of Igo's hands was
mangled In a shredder, and lockjaw
developed, causing death.
Hlgtjlnsvllle Votes Sewer System,
lligglnsvlllo recently voted $22,000
for sewer mains and a disposal plant
Tho complete system will cost $50,000.
Tho voto was 75 to 180.
Honor Late Colonel Waters.
Memorial resolutions in honor of the
lato Colonel L. H. Waters wero adopt
ed recently by tho Kansas City Bar
association and will bo placed upon
tho records of tho United States dis
trict court and tho circuit, supreme
and the nppellato courts of tho statu.
Plan Big Music Hall.
Kansas City will havo n music hall
If plans launched at a meeting of tho
Rotary Club aro carried out. Tho
club plans a building for music to cost
$250,000, to bo erected as a kind of
lasting memorial to the work In Kan
sas City of tho Rotary Club.
Student Hurt by Fall.
M. S. Lattlmore of Ferguson, an en
gineering freshman, Missouri universi
ty, Is in tho hospital with au Injured
spine nfter falling headlong down a
cliff near Columbia while on a hlko.
Ho wns unconscious for hours nftet
being brought to tho hospital.
Joplln Druggist Killed,
J. T. Pickens, a druggist, was killed
when a motor car occupied by himself
and fivo others overturned near Joplln
tho other night, ts'one ot tho other
occupants was hurt.
Legends of the Immense Wealth Tken
From Them and How It Was
Wasted by the Nation's
Early Conquerorn.
If Amcrlcn's nrmy sees ferelgn serv
ice In Its patiot duty along the
northern Sonera border the boys In
khuki will ho In n Mexican state where
fuel nnd fable nre fiisclnutlngly inter
woven in tho accounts of Its vast min
eral wealth. suys Urn geography bul
letin Issued from Washington by the
National (loogniphli: society. Even tho
name Sonoru Is said by some histo
rians to be derived from n peculiarly
musical nnd "sonorous" quality pos
sessed by certain marbles quarried In
the state.
Within n decade lifter Cortez laud
ed on Mexican Mill and conquered the
followers of Montezuma, the Spaniards
had launched expeditions by sea nnd
started exploration parties over the
mountains to llud that region which
two centuries before, nccordlnj; to tra
dition, had supplied the Aztecs wltli
great stores of gold and silver when
they passed through the land In their
tribal migration to the vale of Ann
huiie. By irillO Almlndez Chlrlnos had
proceeded up the coast ns fur as
the mouth of tho Ynqui river, und hu
wns followed by De Vncn, who
brought back a report that gold mid
sliver could bo plucked from tho
ground in unbelievable quantities'. Ono
of De Vncu's followers was .Sebastian,
a mulatto who had n remarkable gift
of Imagination. Among the places ho
".-aw" wero the Seven Cities of Ci
bola, ruled by King Tatarax, whoso
wonderful hejeweled robes duzzled the
eye as ho worshiped each morning in
his magnificent pulnco before n golden
cross. Mermaids also ligured In Se
bastian's narrative ns alluring mar
vels of the Sonora coast.
Among tho Sonora mines about
which romance und reality are strange
ly mingled Is that of Senor Almada
of Qulntern. The owner Is said to
have celebrated the marriage of his fa
vorite daughter by . paneling tho
brldnl chamber with sliver, and pav
ing tho road from his home to tho
church with bars of tho precious
The legend concerning tho Donu
Mnrln mine Is that its owner, the wid
ow of a Spaniard, De Rodrlques, la
bored for years saving nuggets of gold
until sho had u treasury which re
quired a caravan of 40 mules to convey
tho four tons of precious metal to Mex
ico City. It was a long and arduous
Journey, nnd the widow was constant
ly in fear of being robbed. When sho
finally reached tho capital she would
not rest content until tho fortune had
been placed In tho safekeeping of the
Spanish viceroy. A few days later tho
widow disappeared, and the vast store
of gold wns appropriated by tho gov
ernment treasury and that treasury's
An equally pathetic story Is told ot
the Planchas do Plata (Silver Plates)
mine, which, according to Jesuit ac
counts, wns discovered by a Ynqul In
dian during the first half of tho eight
eenth century. From u deep canyon
tho Jesuits are said to have taken
great globules of silver ore, weigh
ing from 20 to .10 pounds. One mam
moth nugget of pure silver, weighing
n quarter ot n ton, was dlscoverd, and
proved the undoing of both tho priests
nnd the Indians. This treasure rock
was with great difficulty loaded be
tween two pack mules nnd taken to
the capital, where It was seized for
tho crown. After years of litigation
tlie authorities decided that not only
this nugget, but iill other ore from tho
canyon belonged to the state. Where
upon Jesuits and Indians couspited
successfully to "lose" the mine.
Just 1!) miles south of the Arizona
lino and mtdwiiy between the border
towns of Nognles nnd Nnco, Is
Cananeu, tho center of one of thu rich
est copper regions In tho world, whllo
to the south Is Magdalena station, east
of which Is the Santo Domingo canyon
with its plucer gold deposits which
are said to havo furnished tho car
go for many of Spain's treasure gal
leons. In addition to copper, gold nnd sil
ver, tho mines of Sonorn produce lead,
coal, antimony, mercury, Iron, zinc, salt
nnd tellurium. Tho graphite deposits
of tho state nro said to bo the fliH'st
In the world, producing nn even bet
ter grade than the famous mines of Si
beria and Julian.
Substitute for Gold.
A substitute for gold Is obtained by
combining !)l parts of copper with 0
parls of antimony and adding a llttlo
magnesium enrhonate to increase the
weight. It is said that this alloy can
be drawn, wrought and soldered very
much like gold, and that It also re
ceives und retains a golden polish. It
Is worth something like 25 cents u
Not So Late.
He It's eight o'clock nnd ydti said
you would be hero at six.
She Did I suy six? I thought 1
said seven.
Will De Farmers.
Moro thun 12,000 students nro tak
ing courses in ngrlculture In tho col
leges of the United States.
One He Missed.
'Adam had his trials but ho never
had to face u Jury.
Proposed Amendments to lit
Constitution of Missouri
.tnlnt nmt concurrent resolution sub
mitting to the qunllllnl nlrrs ot Hie statu
of Missouri, mi amenilmr tit to Ihi- Con
stitution thereof, concerning enloiis to
lite deserting- lillml.
De it tesoUed bt the Senate, the It.wie of
Representative! concurring therein:
Ttmt nt the- general election In be heM
nn Tuesday fnllmvlne Hie crit MoDilnT
In NtiTpmlirr. lfllfi. Il.rrr hnll ltl ftiilitnlttcil
!n the (liinllllril vntprn nf MH-onrl. for nrtop-
ii'- rcjertini.. me rmiowniR cwnniii'
V. tiidnirnt, to-wlf
Ttmt Kectltin 47 of nrlMe IV ut tlie Cnn
pollution I. nmomliHl li nililtni; therein
the follnwlnir woriln "Provided further.
Hint nnlhlrii! in thin ConotltiiM.in contMned
flmll lie emmtnieil n prnMMtlnK llio cen
end nweinMT from smntlnc. or nnthnrlj
liu; tlie grunting of iHmsloin to tlie de
errlni; Mind, in may lie provided nnn
reirnlnt.l liy ln "
MENT. Proposed by Initiative Petition.
To empoirrr the I-ecMnttire of Mlnurf
to erete, l,y fipetlnl Inw, n Slnle I-ynil
Hmk with iinuer to lonn money -erureil
liy ileeil of trim on ngrlenltnrnl lnn,U
anil In !tie bond-, nml authnrlrlnir Hia
npnroprlnllnn of One Million llollnr- (St,
000.(KI0.0fl nut of the Ktnle TrenMiry for
Hint nurioe, nml lo exempt the enpllnl
unit tinniltt of nhl hunk from fnxullon.
nml vnllihitlnir nny IpitMiitlon heretofore
ennrled fr Mleli pnrpmep.
t'roponeil hy leunl voters hy Initiative
I'etltlnnn under tlie Initiative ond liefer
Chilian l'rovtHlom of the Constitution,
empowering the Oenernl AKpmhly In en
act n xpeclid law ercntlne n corporation to
lie knonn ni the Mlnnnurl State i.nnil Hunk,
with powers to nmlilll-.e and llrjuldUn furm
credit-, to appropriate Rtate moneys as
n loan In nld thereof, nnd exemptlcs from
Mate county nnd municipal taxes ill of
tho nnsets of said hank. nUo debenture
bonds Issued liy It, jnd providing for Uio
validating of any law ctincled liy the I!en
eral Assembly In accordance herewith.
De it enacted by the fechle ot the Stole of
Misiouri that the Constitution be so amended
as to froxide as follows:
Section 1. Tho (ienernl Assembly Is here
by empowered to enact a special law tn
create n corporation to he known ns the
.Missouri State Land Hank, with power tn
make loans on notes secured hy deeds of
trust or mortgages upon agricultural lands,
and to Issue dtlientnie bonds against tho
same with all suitable and Incidental
powers. And to enact other special law
at the same session or at other sessions of
the Ceneral Assembly to amend nnd Im
prove the said act. or to stipplv omissions
or correct errors or defects therein.
Section 2. The flenernl Assembly Is here
by nuthnrlred nnd empowered to enact n
law or laws appropriating ns n loan out of
the moneys of the Stnte Treasury, tho
sum of one million dollars as a .working
capital for snld corporation
Section 3. The Oenoral Assembly 1
hereby r.uthorlxed nnd empowered to en
act n lap. or laws exempting from state,
county nnd municipal taxes the assets of
snld Missouri Slate Land Hank nnd all de
benture bonds issued hy It.
Section 4. Any law heretofore enacted
by the Ccneral Assembly In accordanco
with the proWslons of Sections 1. I and 3
hereof shall be deemed valid from and after
tho adoption hereof.
MOT, Proposed by Initiative Petition.
Prohibiting lifter .Inly llrst, 1017. tho
mnnufmtnre of, the Introduction Into, nml
the Klilng, rxrhnnjtlnir, bartering, selling
or disposing of Intnxlrntlng Honors In (In
State of Missouri, except wine for sarra
mrntal purpos, prescribing n prnaltr
for the lolatlon thereof nnd rrpenllng nil
parts of tho Constitution, Statutes nnd Mu
nicipal T.nws In conlllrt thereultli.
Proposed amendment to the Constitution
of Missouri, to be submitted to the legal
voters of tho State of Missouri for their
opproval or rejection at tho regular gen
eral election tn bo held on the seventh day
of November. A. I), mill, prohibiting tho
manufacture nf, the Introduction Into, anil
the giving, exchanging, bartering, selling,
or disposing of Intoxicating liquors In the
State of Missouri, except wine for sncrn
mental purposes, prescribing a peralty for
the violation thereof and repealing nil parte
of the Stato Constitution. Stato and Miuilc
Ipol Laws in conflict therewith.
Be it enacted by the people of lh.- Slate of
Section 1. l-rom and nfter .Tulv first,
1M7. no Intoxicating liquor or liquors,
except wine for sacramental purposes, shall
be manufactured In or Introduced Into tha
Ptitc of Missouri under nny pretense,
livery person who sells, exchanges, gives
barters, or disposes of (ntolcatlng liquor
Jf any kind to any person In the stnte of
Missouri, or who manufactures, or tnn-n.
duces Into, or attempts to Introduce Into
tho Stato of Missouri, Intoxicating liquor
of nny kind; cxi-opt wino ns aforesaid for
the purposes nforesald ; shall he guilty of a
misdemeanor nnd upon cotnlctlon shall bo
punished by a line of not less than threa
hundred dollars nor more than one thou
sand dollars, or by Imprisonment In thu
county Jail not Ics than six months nor
more than twelve months, or by both such
fine nnd Imprisonment.
All parts of the state Constitution, nmt
laws of the Stnte nnd municipalities thero.
in. coufllctlng with tho provUlous of thu
section, ure hereby repealed.
statu or Misprirni, i
Department of State, i
,,'..Co,i,.,'l.",s !"V.i1'' ""-".'nrr of stain
of the State or Missouri, hereby cortlfv
that the foregoing is n full, true and con -plete
copy of the one Joint and concm rCt
resolution of the l-'orty-elghth fionorul vs-i-oinlily
of the Stato of Missouri nf the p'rn.
posed amendment to the Constitution of
the State of .Missouri; also of tle iw1
amendment to thu Constitution prop,,,,.,
by lnitlntlvB petition, to be submitted to
tho qualltlnil vote-s of the St ite of Missouri
at the general eleitlon to bo held on Toes
day, tho seventh day of November, ldiu
In testlinouy whereof, I hereunto set
my hand and affixed the (treat Seal or tho
Stato of Missouri. Done at office In tho
City ot .lelfer.ou, thU 5th day of rieptciu.
ber, A. u. 1110.
f Sea 11
The American business man who
complains that business Is bad nnd
some ot them do should cheer up.
Suppose no owned n hotel nt u Kuro
peun spa?
Tho department of tiKrlculturc Is
instructing tho fanner how to get rid
of stumps, Tho politician's wuy would
be to plow around 'em.
"Summer rending' Is dlsllnKUlshetl
for tho enormous number ot iirtleles
nbout tho war that tho reuuer will
One can readily Imagine that tho
chlgger, Uko tho hives, would be out
ot place In society.
When tho horse goes he will tuko
ttio flies with him though tie hates
Temptation will arouse a lazy man
cjulcjer than opportunity.
Even a man with flat foot may b

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