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, !
Winers, tlxe Colorado
Burst Its Banks and
Hooded, tiie Imperial
Valley of California
Ednah Aiken
CopyTlpM, Bobbs-Mcrrlll Company -
I T"H T 7TE By
When Man and Nature Clashed.
tt was but a short time ago that the whole nation was thrilled by
news of a miflhty struggle in which man's Ingenuity and strength were
pitted agstast the seemingly Irresistible forces of nature. The Great
Veilavv Dragon, as the Indians termed the tricky Colorado river, for
rsriaty years had defied all efforts to control It. Finally It threatened to
overwhelm the rich Imperial valley of southern California. In a last
desperate bnttfei man triumphed. The raging waters were curbed. The
vaJley vrass saved. Ednah Aiken, a daughter of the West, realized that
a wonderful otory could be woven about this thrilling chapter of western
history, and this is the story that she has given to the world In "The
River." It is a story of the out-of-doors, a story of strong men who for
get: their own differences va the battle for their lives and property, a
siory f women who place love and loyalty above comfort and conven
feireef and of -other women who, in the smallness of their souls, fail to
meet -the test. It is a story that you will enjoy from start to finish.
Editor's Note.
Marshall Sends for RicVtara.
The intse round clock was striking
nine ns "Casey" Richard's dancing step
carried him into the oater office of Tod
XOirhliiilt. The ushering clerk, co.it
less iwl vcstlc;?3 in. ex-peclation of the
thlni- L-wt sprint: day. utade a critical
jappi-aSsessest f the-, engineer's get-up
&.fore he sjjuhc Tbea he stated that
3&r. 3-IarshalI .had not sxst cumc
For -a London tic and a white silk
shirt. . wit cd into white serge trousers
wen; smart for Tucson. The -clerks
fin tlu ompltry of the Overland Pacific
tand of the Sonora anil Yaqul railroads
tttad atariil at Uickard as lie entered;
tliey foKuwod his progress through thn
Toor.u He was a newcomer in Tucson.
Hd bad not yet acquired the apathetic
"Sinlms of its citizens. lie wore belts,
dnsu-ad of suspenders. Ilio white
trousers; 3c3ior serge, carried a new
Jy pnsstvesi crease each morning.
The office had not reached a verdict
ua the .subject jor K. C. Rtckard. The
Khirt-a'ecved. ebllarless clerics would
3tave ben tirfcfc to dub him a dandy
-wcra It uot for a page of his history
ttltaC was puwilsng; them. ITe had held
chair of eajdaotrlng fn some eastern
cify. He Iiad resigned, the wind-tossed
jjjskp- i&m, to 70 oa the road as a
uarezntus. IH& rapid promotion had
ftcen. spectacular; tlie last move, a
fcw wars ago, to fill an. office position
3n Tucson. Tho summons had found
fhim an the- west coast of Mexico,
where lie Oreciand PaclQe was iiush
.In Its trucks.
"You can wait here," suggested the
'desk, Ici'V-to covertly at tiie slioes of
'the vans, who a Tew years before had
"il)eea shoveling coal ou a Wyoming on
line. "Mr. -VirsliaJl said to wait."
"ttinbons. Instead of shoe laces!"
'carpsai tMe human machine that must
evtc- vcxim lirterb -which other men
sfsa. nd a .blue jpln to match his
vSJo! I call Unit Roing some!"
It wouU'i newer have occurred to
"JRicfcanJ. Iwtf te thought about It at
ail iha-t cnorii'.nR as he knotted his tie
rtf dark, bri.'Hant blue silk, that the
BdectJoa of i-.is Is pis pin was a choice;
tKt may lav toeriiable resalt, an instlnc
tlt discretion of his Ongcrs. It
Wi-arpfX luv.vpver, the usjicnded judg
Tsvutii. "uT "JJaTshaTTs Taeo, vho had
1 nevr 3ji him shoveling coal, dlsflg
' urtvl by a. dcidm jumper. They did
"not kciiffw tttvt they themselves wore
slowns. raia-ed toy the climate that
clails vaiity and -wilts collars.
Xtvu hlsa a year to change some of
'3xlft fia habits!" wagered Sraythe, (lie
yacjtjw.'ioaIdcred clerU, as the door of
"ithe 'SraK'.r office closed.
"To change his habits less!" omend
Mul the office wit. And then they fell
to speculating: whnt Jlarshall was go
'Jcs ii an with .him. What pawn was
jho la Wit i-iimc 'that everyone in Tuc
fioa SwWovvc-d with -eager self-interested
'concern? Marshall's was the control--'illnif
JUncid to Arizona politics; the
ymaiwer sjt aAwernors, the arbiter of big
vvrpovatlons; president of a half
Sfoxen railroads. No a move of Ids
on Ihn lKiard that escaped notice.
Tta the oilier side or the door Illck
ard was cclioing the ollice question.
This play job, where did it lead to?
ifie '.i'.ul llkgti his work, under Strattou.
XJsore liad lm?n some pretty problems
i-u truest Tvhvit did ilarshaU jucan to
jilo v.'jfh 'tiha"l
TIe note had Bti tfhe appointment
fVvw tiiioj'. JLIcknrd glanced at his
witch aud todi: out his Engineering
SRevlmr. It would be ten Ijcforc that
rf(ior opacd on Tod Maraball !
Hit Jfncw that, on the road, alar-v.hj-llV
wii lc bogan at dawn. "A man
won't Uee3!H from overwork or rust
Irwn undCTWoa'i: tf he follows the ex
.sample yf the iisn," lllckard had often
Cticavd .Iilra expound bis favorite the--bry.
"it la only Ihc players, the syba
Kii4 who can afford tt pervert the
arr&rjBtesi ttiiture Intended for us."
Bat in Tucson, controlled by the wife
ay Botfdtude of his Claudia, he was
coerced into -a regular perversion. Ills
office never saw him nniU the morning-
vraa haif gone
A fcair-hoor later Kiaara .ftulshed
rseadlnsa. w;K5rt on tho dlvoruian of a
Xreat weatwrn lvei Tlw tusne of
'inwoBaa- Hardin iisad txait ttUa off -on
wwijwt of nieraory. ICIio Thmtas
Uar&.i wlwse efforts io ZuSng; -vater
Jt tIRjfect of the ColwSo fcwl tt-cn
iso snetrfctCKlarfy unsuceeusfut was the
4(4 HkrdlH he had kiwani lUishi-
ter had told hlin so, the girl with the
odd bronze eyes; opal matrix they
were, with glints of gold, or was it
green? She herself was as unlike the
raw boor of his memory as a moun
tain lily Is like the coarse rock of Its
background. Even a half-sister to
Hardin, as Marshall, their host at din
ner the week before, had explained
It no, even that did not explain It.
That any of the IJardln blood should
be shared by the veins of that girl,
why It was Incredible 1 The nlime
"Hardin" suggested crudity, loud
mouthed bragging; conceit. He could
understand the failure of the river
project since the sister had nssurcd
him that It was the same Tom Hardin
who had gone to college at Lawrence ;
had married Gerty Holmes. Queer
business, life, that he bhould cross,
even so remotely, their orbits again.
That was n chapter he liked to skip.
He walked over to the windows,
shielded by bright nwnlngs, and
was chafing, restive, after a few
weeks of Tucson. For what was ho
getting here? Adding what scrap of
experience to the rounding of his pro
fession? Retrospectively engineering could
hardly be said to be the work of his
choice. Rather had It appeared to
choose him. Prom boyhood engineers
had always been, to him, the soldiers
of modern civilization. To conquer
nnd subdue mountains, to shackle wild
rivers, to suspend trestles over dizzy
heights, to throw the tracks of an ad
vancing civilization along a newly
blazed trail, there would always be a
thrill in It for htm. It had changed
the best quarterback of his high school
Into tho primmest of students nt col
lege. Only for a short time had ho let
his vanity sidetrack him, when tho
honor of teaching what he had lenrned
stopped his own progress. A rut!
He remembered the day when It had
burst on liini, tho realization of the
rut ho was Jin. lie could sccjds Law
rence" schoolroon?, could" see "yet the
face under the red-haired mop belong
ing to Jerry Matson queer ho remem
bered the name after all those years !
lie could picture the look of conster
nation when ho threw down his book
and announced his desertion
He had handed in his resignation
the next day. A month later nnd he
was shoveling coal on tho steep grades
of Wyoming,
"Marshall keeps his men with him I"
The engineer's glance traveled around
theJleckless office. A stranger to Mar
shall would get a wrong iden of tho
man who worked In It! Those precise
files, the desk, orderly and polished,
the gleaming linoleum and then tho
man who made the negro janitor's life
a proud burden! His clothes always
crumpled spots, too, unless his Clau
dia had had a chance at them ! Black
looked down on the city where tho
next few years of his life might bo strln tf ,., . t,, nl,t.vnr(, vls.
caught. Comforting to reflect that an . , - smlthprn nMpmn
engineer is like a soldier, never can L, ,., nnrf1.v Knt M.pn n vnint
be. certain about tomorrow. Time
enough to know that tomorrow meant
Tucson! What was that threadbare
provevb In tho Overland Pacific that
Tod Marshall always keeps his men
until they lose their teeth? That de
fined the men who made themselves
nis eyes worn resting on tho bannll
tles of the modern city that had robbed
"old town" of Its flavor. Were It not
for the beauty of the distant hills, tho
jar and rumble of the trains whose
roar called to near-by pleasure cities,
would ever keep Tod Marshall up to
the standard of that office. What did
ho have servants for, he had demand
ed of Rlckard, if it were not to Jump
after him, picking up the loose ends
he dropped?
Curious thing, magnetism. Thnt
man's step on tho stair, and every
man-jack of them would jump to at
tention, from Ron, tho colored janitor,
who would not swap his post for a si
necure so long as Tod Mashall's one
lung kept him in Arlzonn, to Smythe,
the stoop-shouldered clerk, who had
them. I'm going to send you down to
stop it."
"The Colorado!" exclaimed Rlckard.
It was no hose to be turned, simply,
off from a garden bed.
'Of. course you've been following It?
It's one of tho biggest things that's
happened In this part of the world.
Too big for the men who have been
trying to swing It. You've followed
"Yes." Queer coincidence, reading
that report just now! "I've not been
there. Rut the engineering papers
used to get to mo In Mexico. I've
read all the reports."
His superior's question was unchar
acteristically superfluous. Who had
not read with thrilled nerves of that
iwiijkhub ngius unu crowuuu uiuaiura, fn,in,VPf, Al,-sl,nl1'M much from Snn
stretches of parks and recreation t oi,i in A-i,nn
grounds, he, who loved the thrill and ,,e hllnsc,f ,md ,net the statement ,n
confinement of an cnno. who had Tucsonthnt nny man who hnd ever
found enticement n a desert, a chap- workc( fm. To( MarsImI1 would ratllcr
tor of adventure n the barrancas of bo varmca by th0 reflectlon of his
Mexico, would stifle In Tucson! Amer- tness tnnn bo lven ts o
11.au juub-iTOo u u pi iu u". " jsonal distinction.
veneer on Mexican Indifference to Wns ,fc offlce routInc Mnrsnnll m.
make tho place endurable as a city. tnm1.f1 irim fnp? n. I1(1mIrm1 ,v,thrmt.
I'm good for a lifetime here, If I stint 1'1 Mnrshall, but ho preferred
want It," his thoughts would work to work by tho side of the other kind,
uacic to the starting place, "if 1 tno strong men, without physical linn
knuckle down io It, let Tilm grow to (UcaPi the mell who tal;o rIskS( tIl0
depend on me, It's as good as settled ,nen wno uvo tnc lfo of soldiers. That
that I am buried in Tucson 1" Hadn't Wns tho life he wanted. Ho would
he heard Marshall himself say that ho wait iong enough to get Marshall's in
"dldn't keep a kindergarten that his tentlon. and then. If It meant this !
Offico wasn't a training School for lin would hrenlr Innso. Ho wnnlil 00
men !" He wanted his men to stay 1 i,nck t0 tno front wi,ero fie belonged
That, one of tho reasons of the great Dnci t0 jle firjng uno
man's power; detail rested on the .,. nf th ' ,,., ln.k ...
shoulders of his employees. It kept the ouUr onco wcro polntIng to tcn
his own brain clear, receptive to big tho door openu(1 and Mnrahnl, cntCrcd.
achievements. tii -iiur.- in,iodnit 1,1.11-11, .,,
"Perhaps as (he work unrolls, as I would have disgraced an eastern man!
see more of what ho wants of me, why nis string tie hnd a starboard list,
ho wants rae.tl may like it, I may get and his hat was ready for a rummage
sale. Rut few would have looked at
his clothes. Tho latent energy of tho
dynamic spirit that would frequently
turn that quiet office into a mael-
1 strom gleamed In those Indlnn-black
eyes. Beneath the shabby cloth one
suspected tho dally polished skin ; un
"I Am Going to Send You Down to tho
wild river which men had been trying
to put under work harness? Who,
even among the stay-at-homes, had not
followed tho newspaper stories of tho
failure to make a meek servant nnd
water carrier of tho Colorado, that
wild steed of mountain and desert?
What engineer, no matter how remote,
would not "follow" that spectacular
struggle between men and Titans?
"Going to send me to Salton?" he
Inquired. Tho railroad had been kept
jumping to keep its feet dry. His
Job to bo by that Inlnnd sea which
last year had been desert!
"No. Bralncrd Is there. Ho can
manage tho tracks. I am going to
send you down to the break."
Rlckard did not answer. Ho felt
tho questioning eyes of his chief.
The break where those Hardlns
were how In thunder was he going
to get out of that, and save his skin?
Marshall liked his own way
"We'll consider It settled, then."
"Who's in charge there?" Rlckard
was only gaining time. He thought
he knew tho name ho would hear.
Marshall's first word surprised him.
"No one. Up to a few months ago
it was Hardin, Tom Hardin. He was
general manager of the company. Ho
was allowed to resign, to save his
face, as the Chinese say. I may tell
you that it wns a case of firing. He'd
made a terrible fluke down there."
"I know," murmured Rlckard. It
was growing more difficult, more dis
tasteful. If Marshall wanted him to
supplant Hardin! It had been Incred
ible, that man's folly! Reckless gam
bling, nothing else. Mako a cut In tho
banks of a wild river, without put
ting In hend gates to control It; a
child would guess better I It was a
problem now, all right; the writer of
tho report he'd Just read wasn't the
only one who was prophesying failure.
der the old slouch hat was tho mouth Let tho river cut back, and tho gov
of purpose, tho Hps that no woman,
even his Claudia, bad kissed without
the thrill of fear.
Marshall glanced back at the clock,
and then toward his visitor.
"On time!" ho observed.
Rlcknrd, smiling, put his book In
his pocket.
He Walked to the Window.
A Bit of Oratory.
Marshall threw his hat on n chair,
the morning paper on his desk. Ho
aimed his burncd-out'clgaratthe near
est cuspidor, but it fell foul, the ashes
scattering over Sam's lately scoured
linoleum. Instantly there was appear
ance of settled disorder. Marshall
emptied his pockets of looso papers,
spreading them out on his flat-top
"Sit down!"
Rlckard took tho chair ut tho other
to shout for Tucson !" It wns lmpos
slblo enough to smile over! Child's
work, compared to Mexico.
The distinction of serving Marshall side of tho desk,
well certainly had Its drawbacks. Ho Marshall rang a bell. Instantly tho
wanted to sweep on. Whether ho had shirt-sleeved clerk entered,
a definite terminal, a concrete gonl, "I Bhall not seo anyone," tho chief
had ho ever stopped to think? Spo- announced. "I don't want to bo inter
riallzatlon had always a fascination rupteti. TaKe theso to smytne."
for him. It was that which had
thrown hlra out of his lnstructorshlp
Into tho firebox of a western engine.
It had governed his coursu at college
to know one thing well, nnd th to
prove that Iiq kucw It well ! Coptent--od
la tho Mcxlcuu barracks, hero ho
His eyes followed tho shutting of
tho door, when turned square upon
Rlckard. "I need you. It's a h 1 of
n mess!"
Tho engineer wnnted to know what
ernment works at Laguna woulQ bo
useless; a pickle Hardin had made,
Still to gain time ho suggested thnt
Marshall tell him tho sltuntion. "I've
followed only the engineering side of
It. I don't know tho relationship of
tho two companies."
"Where tho railroad cnino In? Tho
Inside of that story? I'm responsible
I guaranteed to Faraday the closing
of that brenk. There was a big dis
trict to save, a district that tho rail
road tapped but I'll tell you that
later." He was leisurely puffing blue,
perfectly formed rings Into tho nlr,
Iris eyes admiring them.
"Perhaps you've heard how Estrada,
tho general, took a pnrty of men into
tho desert to sell a mine ho owned.
After the deal was made ho decided
to let It slip. He'd found something
bigger to do, more to his liking than
tho fiale of a mine. Estrada was ,a
big man, a great man. Ho hnd tho
Idea Powell nnd others had, of turn
ing tho river, of saving tho desert. Ho
dreamed himself of doing It. If sick
ness hadn't come to him the Colorado
would bo meekly carrying water now
Instead of Hooding a country. Pity
Edunrdo, the son, Is not like him. He's
like his mother you never know what
they are dreaming about. Not nt all
alike, my wife and Estrada's."
kind of u "mess" ltwaB,
tors, famous beauties of Guadalajnra.
He began to plcco together tho per
sonal background of the story.
"It was a long tlmo before Estrada
could get It started, and It's a ldbg
story. As soon ns he began ho was
knocked down. Other men took hold.
You'll hear it all In tho valley. Har
din took a day to tell it to me! Ho
sees himself us a martyr. Promoters
got In; tho thing swelled Into a
swindle, a spectacular swindle. They
showed oranges on. Broadway .before
a drop of water was brought In. Har
din has lots of grievances I He'd made
tho original survey. So when he sued
for his back wages he took the papers
of the bankrupt compnny In settle
ment. He's a grim sort of Ineffectual
bulldog. Do's clung with his teeth
to the Estrada Idea. And he's not big
enough for It. Ho uses the optimistic
method gives you only half of a case,
half of the problem, gets started on
a false premise. Well, ho got up anj
otner company on tnni metnoa, me
Desert Reclamation company, tried to
whitewash tlio desert project; It wns
hi bad odor then, and ho mnnaged to
bring n few drops of water to the
desert." 'wtL ..u!JT
"It was nardin who did that?"
."But he couldn't deliver enough,
Tho cut silted up. He cut again, the
same story. He was In a pretty bad
hole. He'd brought colonists In al
ready; he'd used their money, 'c the
money they'd paid for Innd with wn
ter, to make the cuts. No wonder he
was desperate."
It recalled the man RJckard had
disliked, tho rough-shod, loud-voiced
student of his first class in engineer
ing. That was tho man who had made
the flamboyant carpets of the Holmes'
bqardlng house Impossible nny "longer
to him. He had a sudden disconcert
ing vision of a large unfinished fnce"
peering through tho honeysuckles nt
a man and a girl drawing apart in
confusion from their first and last
kiss. He wanted to tell. Marshall he
was wasting his time.
"Overwhelmed with lawsuits," Mar
shall was saying. "Hardin had to de
liver water to those colonists. It wns
then thnt ho ran over Into Mexico,
so as to get a better gradient for his
canal, and made his cut there. You
know tho rest. It ran nway from him,
it mnuo tne aaiton sea."
"Did he ever give you any reason,"
frowned Rlcknrd remlnlsccntly; "any
reasonable reason why ho made that
cut without any head gate?"
"No money!" shrugged Marshnll,
getting out another cigar. "I told you
he's a raw dancer, always starts off
too quick, begins on the wrong foot.
Oh, yes, ho has reasons, lots of them,
that fellow, but, ns you say, they're
not reasonable. He never waits to get
Why wns It that tho face of the
half-sister came to Rlckard then, with
that look of sensitive high breeding
and guarded reserve? And she a Har
din! Sister to the loud-spllling mouth:
Queer enrds nature deals ! And pretty
enrds Marshall was trying to deal out
to him. Go down there and finish
Hardin's Job, show him up to bo the
fumbler he was, give him orders, give
the husband of Gerty Holmes or
ders !
"It was nardin who came to me,
but not until he'd tried everything
else. They'd worked for months try
ing to dam tho river with a few lace
handkerchiefs, and perhaps a chiffon
veil!" Marshall was twinkling over
his own humor, "nardin did put up
n good talk. It was true, as ho said;
we'd had to move our tracks three,
no, four times at Salton. It was true
that It ought to bo one of tho richest
districts tnpped by tho O. P. But ho
clenched me by a clever bolt to put
out a spur In Mexico which would
keep nny other railroad off by a flfty
mlle parallel, and thero the sandhills
make a railroad impossible.
"Tho government must eventually
come to the rescue. Their works at
Laguna hang on the control of the
river down nt tho heading. Once, ho
told me I don't know how much
truth there wns In It the service, rec
lamation service, did try' to buy up
their plant for a paltry sum. Ho
wouldn't sell. Tho short Is, I recom
mended long-sighted asslstnnco to
Faraday. I promised to turn that
river, savo tho district. We expected
before tho year was out to have tho
government tnko tho responsibility off
our hands."
Rlckard mado an Impatient ehrug,
A nice problem Mnrshall had taken
unto himself. Ho wanted none of It
Hardin tho thing wns Impossible.
Ho met lnggardly Marshall's story.
He heard him say: "Agreed with Far
aday. Tho Desert Reclamation com
pany was as helpless as a swaddled
Infant. We rando tho condition that
we reorganize tho company. I was
put In Hardin's plnco ns president of
the corporation, and ho was made gen
oral manngcr. Of course wo had to
control tho stock. Wo put up two
hundred fjhousnnd dollars nardin
had estimated It would cost us less
than half that! It's cost us already
a million. Things haven't been going
-right. Faraday's temper burst out,
and nnrtlln a while back was asked
to resign.'
you want mo to imr 1113 voich
sounded queer to himself dry, mock
ing, ns if anyone should know what
an absurd thing' he wns being asked
to do. no felt Marshall's sharp In
dlnn eyes'on hlnl, ns If defecting a pet
tiness. Well, he didn't care how Mnr
shall interpreted It." That place wasn't
for him.
"I want you In control down there."
Rlcknrd knew lie was being appraised,
balariccd nil over again. It made no
"I'm sorry," he was beginning, when
Marshall cut In.
"Good Lord, you are not going to
turn it down?'-'
He met Marshall's . incredulous
stare. "It's n job I'd Jump at under
most circumstances. But Innt go,
Tom Marshall loancd back the full
swine of his swlvol chair, blankly
'astounded. His eyes told Rickard
that ho had been found wanting ho
had white blood In bis veins.
"It is good of you to think of me
pshaw! it Is absurd to say these-
things.. You know that I know It is
nn honor to bo picked out by you for
sucli- a piece, of work. I'd like to
but fcaftZ'' f(,. , , -'M
, The president of railroads, who
knew men, had been watching tho
nlny of feature. "Take, your time," ho
said. "Don't answer too hastily. 'J.aKo
your time."
Ho was playing the fool, or worse,
before Marshall, whom he respected,
whose partisanship meant so much.
But he couldn't help It. Ho couldn't
tell thnt story ho knew that Marshall
would brush It aside as a child's epi
sode. He couldn't mako it clear to
the man whose stare was balancing
him why ho. could not oust Tom Har
din. "Is It a personal -reason?" Mar
shall's gazo had returned to his ring
Rlcknrd admitted It was personal. .
"Then I don't nccept it. I wouldn't
bo your friend If I didn't advise you
to disregard the little thing, to take
tho big thing. Maybe you are going
to be marr1ed." He did not wait for
Rickard's -vigorous negative. "That
Then It carao to Rickard that ho
had heard somewhere that Marshall
That river. It's ruaulnfl away fromaiul General lktrada .bad married 6hj- "And It Is Hardin's position that
"Just Stop That Rlverl"
can wait. Tho river won't. There's
a river running away down yonder,
raining the valley, ruining tho homes
of 'families men have carried In with
them. I've asked you to save them.
There's a debt of honor to bo paid.
My promise. I have asked you to pay
it. There's history being written in
that desert. I've asked you to wrlto
it. And you say No ' "
"Nol I say yes!" clipped Rlckard.
The Marshall oratory had swept hlra
to his feet.
The" dramatic moment was chilled
by their Anglo-Saxon self-conscious
ness. An awkward silence hung. Then :
"When can you go?"
"Today, tomorrow, the first train
"Any Instructions?""
"Just stop that river!"
"Tho expense?"- demanded the engi
neer. VHow far can I go."
"D n "the expense'-!" cried Tod
Marshall. "Just go ahead."
Rlckard, "goes In" and as ho
goes he begins to comprehend
something of the difficulties of
the Jobthat he has undertaken.
He learns why tho valley dis
trusts, the D. R as 'the valley
calls the company which Hardin
fathered and which peopled the
desert. "Go In" with, Rickard
In the next Installment ,
Virtue Can B Overdone.
Selflessness nnd corapluisanco ore
beautiful virtues, but do not forget
that a virtue carried to excess may be
come the most Irritating aud difficult
0 tellings.

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