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How Lydia E. Pinkha'm's
Vegetable Compound
Is Prepared For
Woman's Use
A visit to the laboratory whero thio
successful remedy la mado impressed
even tho casual looker-on with the reli
ability, accuracy, skill and cleanliness
'which attends tho making Of this'great
medicine for woman's ills. 9
Over 350,000 pounds of various herb.:
are used anually and sM havo to bo
gathered at tho season of tho year when
their natural juices and medicinal sub
stances arc at their best. .
The most successful solvents are used
to extract tho medicinal properties from
these herbs.
Every utensil and tank that come9 in
contact with tho medicine is sterilized
and as a final precaution in cleanliness
tho medicino is pasteurized and sealed
In sterile bottles.
It Is'' tho wonderful combination of
roots and herbs, together -with tho
skill and care used in its preparation
which has mado this famous medicino
so successful In tho treatment of
female ills.
Tho letters from women who havo
been restored to .health by tho uso of
Lydia E. Pinkhom'a Vegetable Com-
Iiound which wo are continually pub
ishinrr attest to its virtue.
Growing Old.
When n mnn gets so ho can philoso
phize It means he Is getting along In
years. Macon Republican.
Some arc already using hard words
over tho tnx on soft drinks.
Doesn't hurt a bit and costs only
a few cents
If .
Magic! Just drop n little Freezono
on that touchy corn, lnstnntly it stops
aching, then you lift tho corn off with
tho fingers. Truly! No humbug! .
. Try Freezone 1 Your druggist sells n
tiny bottle for a few cents, sufficient to
rid your feet of every hard corn, soft
, corn, or corn between tho toes, and
calluses, without one partiple of pain,
(Soreness or Irritation. Freezone Is tho
discoyeryof a noted Cincinnati genius.
General Pershing's War Map.
' In installing General Pershing's war
map in tho old National Museum build
ing in Washington, tho commander's
room at tho front just as it looked
when tho map was In actunl use, Is
being reproduced as a Getting. Ilere
will bo tho chairs used by the general
and ' his aids while they studied the
map, which changed hourly, night and
day, as reports came in and were re
corded. The table at which tho officers
looked over, documents will stand as It
used to at one side, nnd the walls will
bo covered with the identical Hneoleum
that was a background for the map.
The map was brought over in pieces
now Joined together, nnd tho conven
tional design of the Hneoleum Is said
to give nn odd kltchcnllke domesticity
, to tho room In which General Pershing
watched history writing Itself In a
very literal sense on tho wall.
A Fair Proposition.
"Mr. Grabcoin, 1'vo saved up S3.000
and I want to niairy your daughter."
"Do you realize that $3,000 won't
last long nowadays?"
"Oh, yes, "sir. But It ought to take
care of us for nt least six months and
at tho end of that time If I haven't
convinced j-ou that I'man ideal son-in-law
you needn't do n tiling for us."
As wo havo to llvo with ourselves
,wo should sco to It that wo always
lujve good company.
There's &
why so many
people make
the regular part, of at,
least one meal each day.
It's because of trtfe
delightful flavor, and won,:
derful values of Grape-Nuts
as anealth builder.
And using their feet more than ever before.
For all these workers the frequent uso of
Allen's FootEase, tho antiseptic, healing
powder to be shaken into the shoes and
sprinkled in the foot-hath, increases their
efficiency and insures needed physical com
fort. It takes the Friction from the Shoe,
freshens the feet, and prevents tired, ach
ing and blistered feet. Women everywhere
are constant users of Allen's FootEase.
Don't get foot sore, get Allen's FootEaee,
Sold by dealers everywhere. Adv.
Tho Ruling Passion.
Mrs. Tnlkerton Oh, dear! I wish
tWro was some way to break little
Gladys of sucking her thumb.
Her Husband Don't worry; when
she gets n little older she'll notice that
It Interferes with her talking. Then
she'll quit It herself.
Buy a Farm Now.
Because land la cheaper than It will ever
bo iiBaln. Tho U. S. Railroad Administration
la prepared to furnish tree Information to
homeaeekers regarding farming opportuni
ties. We have nothing to sell; no money to
lend; only Information to give. Write me
fully with reference to your needs. Name
"he ntate you want to learn about. J. I
Edward, Manager, Agricultural Section,
U. S. Railroad Administration, Room 70,
Washington, D. C. adv.
"The way of tho transgressor is
hard," when he Is trying to transgress
tho laws of nature.
Tho Cutlcura Toilet Trio
navlng cleared your ekln keep it clear
by making CuUcura your vcry-daj
toilet preparation's. Tho soap tocleanso
and purify, tho Ointment to sootho nnd
heal, tho Talcum to powder and per
fume. No toilet tnblo Is complete
without them. 25c everywhere. Adv.
Calling nnmos In nn argument may
make the chap called sore, but do
they answer his arguments?
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottlo of
CASTOHIA, that fomous old remedy
fur infants nnd children, and see that it
Dears the y? sfTTT'S
S1aturc ofW725-
In Use for Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
A daughter Is an embarrassing and
ticklish possession. Menander.
Jtou cant expect weak kidneys to
later the acids nnd poisons out of your
system unless they are given a little 'help
Don t allow them to become diseased
when a little attention now will pre
vent it. Don't try to cheat nature.
As soon as you commence to havo
oackaches, feel nervous and tired, GET
JJUSl. These are usually warnings
that your kidneys aro not workine
Do not delay a minute. Go after tho
cause flf your ailments or you may find
yourself in tho grip of nn incurable dis
ease. GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil cap
sules will give almost immediate relief
from kidney troubles. GOLD MED
AL nanrlem Oil Capsules will do
the work. They are tho pure original
liaarlem Oil Capsules imported direct
from the laboratories in Haarlem. Hol
. sk -v.our druggist for GOLD
MEDAL and accept no substitutes.
Look for the name GOLD MEDAL on
every box. Three sizes, sealed packages.
Money refunded if they do not quickly
help you Adv.
Authors' Handwriting.
If readers and admirers of tho pol
ished sentences of popular authors
could sec the original manuscripts
from which their works are printed
they would bo given interesting side
lights on tho character and personal
ity of the writers. Tho handwriting of
G. K. Chesterton has been described by
an English editor ns "shocking." W.
W. Jacobs, comedy writer of the sea,
'has "all his literary work typed ami
makes tut few corrections on the fin
ished manuscript. Other English
writers- whose copy is reputed to bo
neat and quite acceptable to n printer
are II. G. Wells, Itudyard Kipling,
Arnold Iicnnctt nnd Sir Arthur Co
nan Doyle. Editors say they never
know what to expect from that im
aginative genius, II. do Vero Stncpoole.
Sometimes his work is neatly tyjjpd on
good paper, but often it is scribbled to
sheets torn from a copybook.
Heard on the Train.
"Is this Mr. Itlley?"
"Eh what?" said tho deaf old chap.
"Is this Mr. Itlley?"
"Itlley! Oh, yes!"
"I knew your father."
"No bother."
"I say I knew your father."
"I knew your father."
"Oh, did ye? So did L" Boston
Few Changes as Allies Stand
Pat ?n the Big
Armies Arc Ready to Move Eastward
If Acceptance Is Not Prompt Jus
tlce Is Demanded for 7,000,000 Dead
Because of Prussian Brutality.
Paris, June 17. Tho "big four's"
last word about peace terms was
handed to tho German delegation
shortly before seven o'clock Monday
evening. Its delivery was delayed by
n several hours' wrangle over one of
the chief concessions civilian control
of the occupied Ithtne districts. Again
France's "Tiger" won Ills point after n
lone antl florv ili'liilfp. Tbn rnnensi
slon was' stricken from the amended
document. .
Immediately upon receipt of the
document Count von Broekdorff-Itont-zau,
president of tho German peace
delegation, left by special train for
Weimar. There he will submit them
to President Ebert who. In turn, will
lay them before his cabinet of
which Itantzau, ns foreign minister, Is
a member preparatory to reading
them In the national nsseinbly. That
body, nccorillng to all recent news
from Germony, Is to decide on the
final "yes" or "no."
Clemenceau Lashes Germans.
With tho revised treaty Paul Dntns
tu, secretory of the peace conference,
blinded Count von Urockdorff-Kunt-zau
a I.DOO-word "covering" letter,
written by Clemenceau. It is n bitter
denunciation of Germany's bickering
attitude, n stinging recapitulation of
her war crimes, an explauation of tho
treaty modifications, and an ultima
tum. It tells the Germans flatly that
no further attempts at bargaining will
be tolerated; that they must answer
"yes" or "no," and do so within five
This means that by six o'clock this
coming Saturday evening she must
notify the powers without any "lfs"
and "huts" and "howevers," whether
she will or will not sign.
After that notification she will have
three additional days of grace In
which to nlllx her signature to the
treaty. If her answer Saturday is
"yes," the diplomatic and ceremonial
machinery will be set In motion f.qr
the greatest green-table event In his
tory, nnd the world will have pence
not later than a week from tomorrow.
If she says "no," five days hence, the
peacemakers will lay aside thplr pens
nnd tell Foch to go ahead. Ills stvord
is sharp and half unsheathed, ready
for the "coup do grace." He would
promptly Inform the Germans hy wire
less that the nrmlstico Is off and the
war will be on again beginning nt six
o'clock Tuesday night, June 24. The
three fateful days between Saturday
and Tuesday are the last in which tho
Germans may choose between utter
nillitnro-economlc subjection and
In Cleniencenu'ii "take-lt-or-leave-lt"
letter ho admitr that thO'tconty Is a
hard one, but ho adds that Its hard
ness is fully justified by Gennnn's
course In plunging the world Into the
nbyss of war and by her methods dur
ing the conflict. Ho tells them prac
tically In so many words that, having
unloosed the world calamity, they
must suffer for It.
The revised treaty of peace contains
assurance of membership In tho
League of Nation's "In tho early fu
ture," provided Germany fulfills her
Tills Is n considerable concession,
though it does not meet the German
demand for admittance to membership
Immediately upon tho signing of pence.
The now document meets tho Ger
man demand for co-operation with u
Gcrmnn reparations commission.
It also puts tho powers on record a
willing to receive suggestions for dis
charging the German reparatlonnl ob
ligation. This- opens tho way to oral discus
sions tho Germans asked for but not
until peace is signed. It removes the
grounds on which tho Germans
chorged Infringement on their sover
eignty nnd national pride, In the
reparntlonol transactions.
Another chango In tho treaty text
provides for tho plebiscite in upper
Sllesln for which the Germans had
asked. It also guarantees conl from
that province (presumably In tho
event that tho plebiscite goes ngalnst
Drop Kiel Canal Question.
Tho original proposal of un Inter
national commission for tho adminis
tration of tho Kiel canal has been
Many Fields In Central Illinois Are
Destroyed by Pests' Advance
Situation Serious.
Pcntur, 111., Juno 17. Tho corn
holt of tho world has been invaded by
the army worm, one of tho greatest de
stroyers of crops. One week ago the
worm was found at work. Today there
aro many fields of corn nnd grain In
central Illinois that aro complete
'oases Each day. brings scores of re
Cropped. Tho Germans had declared'
they would occpt such n commission
only If other straits were similarly
treated (alluding manifestly to the
Suez and Panama canals).
Among tho modifications nlso nre
frontier rectifications In West Prussia.
Tho third zone of the Schleswlg
plebiscite Is omitted In the new drnft.
The Germans hnd charged that this
zone went further than Denmark hor
Folf wished to go.
The Germans are allowed a tempor
ary Increase of their army from 100,
000 to 200,000, which meets their plen
for a sulllclent force to maintain law
and order in the transition period.
Tho revised document nlso contains
n declaration of intention to submit
within a month of tho signature of
peace a list of those accused of viola
tions of the laws and customs of war.
The German reply had denied the
allies right to extradite and try the ex
kaiser or any other German citizens.
It declared Germany's willingness for
an international neutral court to es
tablish the fact of crime, the punish
ment to bo left to the national courts.
Germany's claims regarding Danzig
aro rejected. Danzig is made n free
city. Its inhabitants will be autono
mous and do not come under Polish
rule. Clemenceau's covering letter ex
P'SlllLlilUii illS'U' forms no part of
tue roiisn state.
Poland, however, by the treaty, has
been given "certain economic rights"
In Danzig.
The German reply said :
"Danzig, a purely German town,
mut remain with the German empire,
to make It a free city nnd to sur
render certain of Its rights to Poland
would lend to violent opposition and n
continuous stnte of wnr In the East."
The Germans, however, offered to
make Danzig, os well as Koenlgsberg,
free ports.
Covers Foe's Sins.
Like a Judge who, before modifying
a sentence, wishes to impress upon
the prisoner the full weight of his
guilt nnd pound Into ills brain the
fact that tho leniency Is really unde
served, Georges Clemenceau, premier
of France, explains the revised treaty
handed to Germany, lashes tho van
quished empire with n bitter, stinging
Indictment, lest Its former or present
mnsters, deeming clemency weakness,
rally once more for nn attempt to turn
defeat Into triumph.
History's most momentous peace
document, now revised beyond revi
sion, is thus accompanied by tho most
nggresslve, tho most llnylng diplomatic
note on record. It is indeed n "cover
ing" letter, for it covers nil the 'sins of
the foe, all his dark deeds before and
during the war, and all the reasons
why ho has been condemned nnd must
suffer for those sins. It Is, at tho same
time, nsharp rebuke to tho Teuton
peace parllamentnires for "utterly fall
ing to understand the position in
which Germany stands today."
This fact, the French premier ex
plains, forces him to open his letter
with "a clear statement of-tho judg
ment of the world which has been
formed by practically tho whole civil
ized mankind." Then ho enumerates,
not under so many headings, but in
smoother nnd eloquent sequence, tho
long series of crimes to which, he says,
tho foe must turn if he seeks tho rea
son for tho stern justice of the peace.
Germany, he says, tried for years
before tho war to dlctote and tyran
nize over n subservient Europe.
She tnucht her subjects the doctrine
that might was right.
She armed feverishly by land and
sea and spread the falsehood that her
neighbors were jealous of her.
She developed a widespread system
of espionage and intrigue all over the
She kept Europe In a ferment by
threats of violence.
She encouraged Austria to declare
war on Serbia at -18 hours notice, fully
aware that tho conflict would become
She conducted the war In a savage
and inhuman manner.
She violated Belgian neutrality and
systematically terrorized that coun
try's Inhabitants.
She was the first to use poison gns.
.She was the first to bomb and shell
defenseless towns.
She 'caused tho deaths of 7,000,000
men, and Injuries nnd sufferings to 20,
000,000 others.
Lust for Tyranny.
She did nil this "to gratify her lust
for tyranny by resort to war," and her
conduct "is almost unexampled In hu
man history."
Then Clemenceau continues:
"Tho allied and associated powers be
lieve that they would be false to those
who have given their all to save the
freedom of the world if they consent
to treat war on any other basis than
as a crliuo against humanity and
Ho scolfs nt tho German delegates'
charge that their country wns tricked
Into laying down her arms by a set of
principles which was not lived up to.
These principles aro lived up to fully
and painstakingly, the French pre
mier avers, and quotes from speeches
by himself, President Wilson and Pre
miers Lloyd George and Orlando.
ports of new fields Invaded. In Mncon
count', farmers worked all day Sun
day putting out n poison to stop tno
invasion and destruction, which threat
ens to become serious.
Labor Sufficient for Harvest.
Kansas City, Mo., Juno 17. That tho
middle Western wheat crop will not,
from present Indications, suffer for
wnnt of sufllclent harvest labor wus
the declaration of A. L. Harkmnn, In
chnrgo of the federal employment serv
ice iu this city.
Vagrant's Fragrance.
"The whisky toper usually eats
onions. Deliver ine, then, from his
proximity in train or theater."
The speaker was Charles u. Chute,
secretory of the National Prohibition
"An Albany missionary," he went on,
"was visiting a Jail. lie asked a red
nsed inmate what his crime had been.
" T didn't do nothing.' says red nose.
Honest to goodness, boss. I didn't do
"'Well, anyhow, what did thoy
charge you witii doing?' snld tho mis
"'Durncd if I knew, boss,' said red
nose. 'As near as I can make out,
they put me In hero for fragrancy.'"
Always Ask for Genuine
"Bayer Tablets of Aspirin"
If you sco the "Bayer Cross" on the
package you arc sure you are not get
ting talcum powder. Millions of fraud
ulent Aspirin Tablets were recently
sold throughout the country. Aspirin is
tho trade mark of Bayer Manufacture
of Monoacctlcacldester of Sallcyllcacld.
Hollow and Solid.
Edith Really, half tho time Reggie
doesn't know which end ho is stand
ing on.
Alice Oh, nonsense! His feet cer
tainly can't seem ns light as his head.
Boston Transcript.
To err Is human; ability to conceal
it is divine.
is as profiiaMs as fern
Tn Wpttprn Canada Grain
Sheep and Hoes brines certain success. It'a cavrto prosper nbes30(B
can raise 20 to 45bu.of wheat to the acre sod bujroaeasa basset.
Land at $15 to $30 Per Aero
Good Grazing Land at rviuch Less-
Railway and Land Comoanies offer tmtaoaal IndunnsmftA ttar &csaa
seekers to settle In Western
The Governments of the Dominion
won and Aloerta extend every encouragement to tan lancer nzuT vnrtwniwmn.
You canobtainexcenentIandatlowpnee3ones37terca2i3set5bjPBiaRii '
I or your groin, cauie, aneepana
improvements! kvuu manteia aim
schools, churches, spienaia climate ana
, ror luuairuieu iiicntburo, in a Jin . ubk4I;iiviiwi i.w- u wmn tm iuwi
Bukatehewnn and Alberts, reduced nllroad rita, etc., sppUr to iioiroUa
lmU.(lnn ntl.M f4nnr4a n.
F. H. HEWITT. 2012 Main Street, Kutu CUt, M04 C X
BROUCHTON, Room 412, 112 W.Adami Street, ChSMSa.nl.
Canadian Govornment Agents
No Pity There.
"I'm of a very sympathetic nature."
"Yes, feel sorry for any man In trou
ble. I don't UUo to seo dumb brutes
"I know, but whnt are you getting
"Notwithstanding by tender feeling
towards mankind I can't And it in my
heart to be tho least bit sorry for tho
- 1
Just Married.
"This book say's To put some of
yourself Into everything you do."
"And then It Is bound to bo a suc
cess." "All, my dear, you wero cut out to
make ongel enke." Louisville Courler
Journul. Cool.
Ilowell Thnt murderer was a cool
Powell What do you mean?
Ilowell When the judge sentenced
him to bo electrocuted on 0 certain
day, he said: "I'm a pretty busy mnn.
but I'll try to bo there, judge."
To rnrify nml PInrlch the Hlooil
which Is simply IHON nnd QUININE mis
pended In Syrup. So Pltosant Even Children
Like It. Tou can soon feel Its Strengthening-,
Invigorating Effect. Trice COe.
Walton This is my favorite month.
I wish It would Inst forever!
Dalton I hnvo n note due tlio first
of next month, too. Cartoons Slogii
zlne. Young America.
"Don't you want to hear about Tom,
Tom, tho piper's son?"
"No, too busy. I belong to n pig
club myself and It's tlino to feed the
stock." Louisville Courier-Journal.
True to Form.
"What did you do with the play you
tried on tho dog?"
"Mado the fun a bit more wngglsh,
fixed up the tall end and licked the
whole thing Into shape."
Choler hates a counsellor.
When Vour Eyes Need Care
,. Try Murine Eye Remedy
l.o HmartlcK Jnst lire Comfort, tc cent at
prnsiliu or mlL Wrlt for Kreo Hie Jloo.
Was MiMraiJ rod LveeJ&c
Suffering Tspb. Xidfiey Cwrqlafat.
D can's Ramrod tbe XzwsBc
"I vris about Atrtnx war oat frccra
kidney trtrabla' ley Hairy O.iKU rl
228 N. DariinstoB St- WoSdratw, J?-
"Tho kidney recreuexuT taraad 2Dj
scaldine vroter. Dorortimea tfeflr "rosKi
be a complete etoypaco tk! Jj! wtatt
mia I snffereal 2Kf Iwrf.
bcauaa jtwoilKn m.nn -l
hod a.timn dS 11 stthvs
on xar feoc&
buck fessrt flM
over my kidney. 3NiLV
X did nothing 1xt tsr
aboct. It was Jrari M
though n &mfr -mtcx
thnirt into try fcj&rek. X'
ctralAnt hnmA rwi trSt-c-ot
terrible rwia orit X
Mr. Gilflltb
would full to
to get bold d noasotlkirja te Stt3x xrjaois
up. JJIinuing G33S7 vpeU tm on oaa
terrible headaches OJflaed to- ssjr saisery.
"I was rapidJy 1oum ires&Stfc and
knew something fitrcid ham fc
done. I bcaa twlrmg Doon.' JStSmitf
Pitta and vraa xoora than xxrpriwu.
Tho trochlea y?vra oxm Imiztg mt mT
six boxes of Doon'a KlCntiy POla
cured me entirely. To tfcia t2r 1 Intro
been freo from kidney ctarylirji!"
fiicora to ttfore me.
A. J. T&WNBWm,
Gat Dean's ml Aar U'cnt, ttfa Sha
Growlntr la a nrti aufte. 3tS&nr. OAS.
Canada and enloy her DraocerirK. SfaKsxasSa
nnd ProTinera cf KSanltohn. ffisstafeia&ft
uous low nznutraeoat
auiypiuK lauuiva, csj
sure crops.
Can't Be Do-no.
"One of the o&eat nafl saeaX Osxaawi
taverns hns been ZotxxA out T feruBa
ness by prohlbltloxf.''
"Drat these reformers! 3 Aara By
many Interesting stortr aar toigf.
about that plow.'"
"Of course."
"IIow wo are ever jjolhR tcr stiacJi?
any legendnry lore to a do icmntJa
Is more tlinxL I can stt" Clrmlnffhjw
Age-IIernld )
Thnt's Nloft..
Itufna "Doea youx x&eurnatlsrnf
trouble yon nlgfttsT" X.ulic hp.
I'm never home nights
What a happy voxia It Tnunilfl t
we could magnify onr 3Pjr Kt wjt
we do our troubles 1.
ILS.&sTOf Bafo&sai!
Finished trn TaV t ntv TW.-
While they last Par Chains
U. S. GoveraxnS Smrjnnl&n SNiJAA.!...
Made under SftrAAaa f Cvrt. 2,vjtlti3j
Released asi OffBfrait t QvSSam
Delivered Fres Is Tkw Bm eta Sirica
SentC. O D as receipt trf S3fc xnatsv
Tun yst Oofctr.KnI&Mlwaa&nttTisS
Herraitictlly Cemev fid Wtierjawl Sentna
Officers' Bsiisti Ccafa &2JNI j
uironuTiojn ox mttcawr
Reduce Sira&ttS. Tsf AsMra,
Lymphtiiisjtls PaJB EtU. Ttexte.
Bom, SvnMkm S&gu Uxmsm
and slhrya pain. Kosjl S'cffvrs, Ga4, ,
Brchre, Bot. CfcaSsa. 3t i at.
safe nfinsEpTJG on mmwE-
, 13o re ICcIct or jia,tzrc t&a
hairand horse csahawarhrdl S'ic&saailQsttek.
t2.$0a bottle, dtlircxccL ritn5 Trrrre
for special iaitucttotu mtilBocik 'jiK.frNt,,
AnSOH.niNE.JR-. u.Urr.iir Ari w a ixAfeul. -dei
Enilnfc Ciltfcl. tutA OmtAgk Wu. Tmwh,.,
11.25 per otttruduti t 4t&rm&. 1
If you llivre 91M r mnn im ai-ef
able, eubatttattel hulmu -mm
Cepper Co- S2 atptoa 3t3s. tW&,

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