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July Flowim Best For Wheat.
livery wheat grower who is n
close observer will reuull Hint
early plowing produces n better
yield of wheat, but iiow enrly does
this mean? Repeated experiments
show that it means' at least, as
early as tlio middle ot July, says
lb. K. lludelson, of the University
of Missouri, College of Agricul
ture. In careful experiments -Inly
plowing lias yielded doublo tlio
amount of Septomber plowing.
Tho reasons for this are tlio
storage of plant food and moisture
in plowed soil. Nattual processes
ae constantly making plant food
available, biit if weeds are grow
ing in the stubble tliey immedi
ately take up this fond and the
moisture needed for growth. They
give up this plant food when
plowed under but wheat cannot
feed on weed steins and the pro
cess of turning them buck into an
available form is very slow. As a
result, the young wheat is pre
vented from getting 'well estab
lished before winter sets in. Even
the occassional cultivation to Keep
weeds out of early plowing helps
by letting air into soil and hasten
ing the process of making plant
food available.
Other advantages of early plow
ing for wheat, aro the turning un
der of all stubble and trash to
gether with any insects harbored
in them. Weeds are provonted
from seeding too. It also permits
the wheat to be seeded Into enough
to avoid Hessian fly aud still make
a good rapid growth beforo winter
on account of the stored up food
aud quick growth.
The rush of farm work makes
early plowing very difficult, but it
should be realized that every day
of delay reduces the yield of next
year's wheat crop. Tho stacking
of wheat will often help to get it
out of tho way tor plowing and
give time beforo threshing.
far OnTyita Planned
By Leap of Be J Craos
Organization Perfected 3 Weeks Ago
Announces Initial Steps In. Health
Chronic Coutipntion.
Perhaps you have never thought of
it, but ihn disorder is duu to it Incite of
moisture in thu residual mutter of tho
fond. If you will drink nil abundance
nf- water, eat raw fruits mid- toko lots
of outdoor exercise, you iimy l able
eventually to overcome it entirely.
In tliu -meantime use the most mild j
and v trutitlo laxatives. SI rout; , and j
liarh cathartics tnko too iniieli water
out of the system aud make a lind
mutter vorse. Ihainberlaiu's Tablets i
ai;o easy and pleasant to take, and
indst agreeable in effoet. (live them i
a trial. ndv
War on typhus with a view lb
preventing the spread of tho
dreaded malady from Poland,
where 1000,000 persons are
down with tho disease, to other
countries of eastern and south
eastern Europe is planned by
the League of Red Cross Socie
ties of tho World, the first great
health work on behalf of human
ity which tho organization,
formed only three week ago, has
set out to .perform. News of
antityphus plan, which is tho re
sult of a series of conferences
between the Supreme Economic
Council and Lieut.. Gen. Sir
David Henderson, director gene
ral of tho League of Red Cross
Societies, reached American
Red Cross Headquarters this
Reports from Poland show
that thousands have died from
lack of medical caro and that
conditions in Hungary and other
parts of Eastern Europe, due to
tlio appearance of typhus, are
such as to constitute a menace
to the rest of the world. Sur
veys made on behalf ol tho Sup
reme Economic Council show
that tthe diease is spreading
rapidly and that it will take a
vigorous campaign to chock it
before cold weather sets in.
Added to the menace of typhus
is the danger of a cholera epi
demic in these countries, the
peoples of which are still suffer
ing from the shock of war and
The Supreme Economic Coun
cil has appointed, a committee of
British, French and Italian rep
resentatives to confero with
representatives of the League
of Red Cross Societies, the ob
ject of this conference being the
preparation of plans that will be
submitted to the government of
the countries of Eastern Europe.
The necessity for immediate
action will be presented to these
A s.olid carload of the famous
Missouri Meerschaum corn cob
pipes 500,000 of them was
shipped from Washington last
week for Paris, France, a local
manufacturing concern having
tilled the order for tho Knights
of Columbus overseas head
quarters for distribution among
the soldiers.
Lame Hack Relieved.
For a laino back apply Chamber
Iain's Linemeut twice a day and mas
sage tliu muscles of the back over the
seat of pain thoroughly at each appli
cation, ml v
A leg of veal to bo Well dono re
quires 20 niinutps to the pound ill
baking. A leg of lamb will bake
in from one and a half to two
hours. Mutton requires tho samo
length of time, and a pork roast of
about four pounds will take two
hours to bo well baked.
To skin beets without bleeding
put them into cold water as soon
as cooked. Then with the hand
gently draw off tho skin. It will
come oft without trouble and the
beet will retain its color.
Keep a cover or n plate over the
pan whon frying onions. They
will cook more quickly and havo a
bettor flavor.
When cooking vegetables keep
the saucepan uncovored if you de
sire to seryo them in l.heiV original
If your family drink sugar in
tho tea put a lump in the teapot
whon making the tea and you can
dispense with one tpuspoonful of
tea in measuring.
It is said tho flavor of shrimp is
improved it boiling water is
poured over them shortly before
they aro to be served. But bo sure
aud immediately drain it off.
When putting furs away for the
summer avoid white tissue paper
for wrapping. Tho alum in the
paper will injure the fur. You
can keep them nicely if you sew
them up in newspapois and put
them into an airtight box that is
lined with newspapers. A few
whole cloves added will insure the.
fures against moths.
Use tho old brooms for a floor
polisher. Cut down tho straws
and cover with a piece of felt or
carpet. Tho old felt hat can be
utilized for this purpose. ,
Put weights into the Ileitis of
summer sash curtains and' they
will not blow out of the window
or againt tho screens aud thus
can bo kept clean much longer.
Pack small articles such as
plumes, gloves and small woolen
accessories in a box and add sachet
bags of orris and sandalwood
powder. This will keep out the
mollis q'lite as effectually as cam
phor or moth balls and w'll give a
more pleasing odor.
Tho now State University cata
log, containing the announcements
of courses for the yrat 1919 and
1920 is now being printed and will
bo ready for distribution some
time m July. This publication
will bo sent freo on application to
the registrar.
To Provent lielcl.ing.
Make a tegular habit of eating
slowly, masticate your food thorough
ly, and y at may have no further
trouble. If you should, tnko one ol
Chamberlain's Tablets immediately
after supper. adv
Franco and Italy increased
their taxation as a result of the
: war about (3 per cent, Great
'Britain about 1100 per cent and
the Uuited States about 2000 per
cent according to American
, financial experts in Paris.
Tho aU-yoaph'ound soft drink.
is stFensftfaeMdl sM csifirmod
by its fo!kweB?s amd imitators
Bevo's ie&fe,step is FclaiitM?d
by die !as?$t to&f $isard that
evw followed a leader.
Sold everywhere -Families supplied by
grocer, druist and dealer. '"Visifofs
nre cordially invited to inspect our plant.
F. J. G.-umhl,
Distributor STB. GUNEVfEVK, MO.
Why W Handle United States Tires
Because they're good tires. Because we KNOW they're good
tires. Because our experience has taught us that they will satisfy 'r
and gratify our customers.
There are United States Tires for every need of price or use.-1
We can provide exactly the ones for your car.
fifed S
n a
We know United States Tires are good tires. That's why wo sell thorn.
Ste. Genevieve IN To.
B35E5Z5H52SmB5B5a5ES25H5Z5E5HSSE Stg. GcilO ViGVS iS
Love Laughs at f
As Locksmiths I
Cupid runs across I
this pair of nice
young people. She
hates him and he
5 cares nothing for 5
her. So the little
god laughs at the 1
two mortals. Then
he twangs his bow
and pierces both
5 hearts with the
same sharp arrow.
1 Ednafi Aiken I
is not only a love
tale that grips but
also the story of the
big struggle to save
the Imperial Valley
from the raging Col
orado when it broke
through its banks
and threatened the
lives and homes of
thousands of settlers.
He saved than. She
sau) him do it and
loved him for it.
Are You in Need of
Cards .
Dodgers .
Bill Heads
Packet Heads
Letter Heads
Call at this office
Goed Work Is
Our Specialty
Ste. Gonevicvn People Come Out
.'is Frankly Here as Elsewhere.
The State Music Teachers
Association mot at Columbia
on Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday of this week.
Kte. (n'lii'vi.'vc people publicly ri)B
omtiicnil Dunn's Kidney Pills. .Tin's
paper is publMiinir .Ste. Genevieve
cuts from week to week. It is tliu
same everywhere. Home testimony
in homo papers. Dunn's re praised
in lit'ty thousand sillied statements,
pnlilisln.nl in oOOO communities. Ste.
ienevieo people aro no exemption.
Here's a Ste. tieneviovc statement.
Henry Mm nor, farmer. Star Jlouto,
Uiver, mux Vases, Ste. (letiuvioVe,
Miys: "F used several boxes oE
Doan's Kidney Dills ami thov did mu
a woild of good. I had lameness
nero-s my back and my kidneys acted
too lre(U"ittly. Dean's cured me and
I have felt a whole lot better pver
since. I recommend Dona's to nny
U" nillicted with kidney complaint."
I'rice tide, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for n kidney remedy yet
Dunn's Kidnuv Dill the same that
Mr. Daiu.r hail. Foster Milburn Co.,
Mfgru., Duir.ilo, N. Y. adv
County Democratic Clubs are
being organized throughout Mis
souri at the suggestion of 'the
State committee, the member
ship duos being $1.00
No trespassing, on my property
day or night.
ailv Thomas .1 Roziek
Our New Serial
Read It! You
Henry Ilerzog has opened a shoo
repair simp on .'ltd street opposite
lokerst-Yeuly Merc. Co., and is
prepared to do lirst-elasa work at
veusouublo prices. ' adv
United States Railroad Administration
Director Unniral of ltnllronds
St, Louis-San Francisco Railroad
Important Changes
n Time of Trains
UBiday, June 29, 1919
Particulars Will lo Furulriliotl at Ticket OHlco .

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