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TCKSDAY. Jll.V I. 1913
The I,iuishtrrs of the American
Tievolut'on were entertained with the
annual picnic supper of the society
Monday evening at the homo of Mrs.
Stuart MacKIbbin. 623 Portal a v.
Covers were. laid for 27 at tables in
the back lawn. The monthly meet
ings have been postponed until fall.
The members of tho Tuesday Bridge
club and their husbands will be en
tertained Tuesday evening with a
porch picnic at the honTe of Mr. and
Mr. J. I Cole, 72 S Park av. -
Rode With Her Husband in Suffrage Parade Tuesday.
. " ' ''a ; .'
. ...... 'S
Menibers of the O. E. S. auxiliary
were entertained Monday afternoon in
the Masonic club rooms by Mrs. Alice
Hughes, Mrs. Ella Metcalf, Mrs. Mary
Iirown and Mrs. Cora Iiarton. A mu
sical program consisting of piano solos
by Miss Kuth Euss and Miss Price
and a whistling solo by Miss Mildred
Page were given. Miss Ruth Herrick
gave several readings. Quantities of
flov.rs were brought to be distributed
to the sick members and the hospitals.
No further meetings will be held until
Sept. 8,
A meeting of the Cosmopolitan club
to have been held Monday evening,
was postponed until next week.
The Ladies -of the Turnvereln made
up five tables at cards Monday evening
In Turner hall. Favors were won by
Mrs. Clyde Koche and Mrs. Christian
Anwander. Another meeting will bo
held In two weeks.
y ' : 7.
j ., - . .. : :
' :-" V:
:.::-:.-v,';;::'-:v':'' :'-vf; C7-. ti'VJ
A reception in honor of Father
"Walter S. Howard, former rector of
the Episcopal church, will be given
"Wednesdav evening from eight to ten
at the parish house on W. Colfax a v.
Tho Ladies' Aid society of West
minster Presbyterian church will
meet Wednesday afternoon with Mrs.
Mentor Stuck, 2D X. Lifayctte st.
Pible Study class No. SG met Mon
day evening at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Ralph Batty. 20L' E. Indiana a v.
Mrs. Cecil Franklin lead in a study
of the Hook of Acts. Twelve mem
bers were present. The class will
meet next Monday evening with Mrs.
15iro, 904 E. Calvert ft.
SOFIA. July l. Following the sur-f-ender
of the Bulgarian garrison at
Salonika, the Greek government has
ordered a general advance on the en
tire Bulgarian line.
This places the Bulgarian troops in
"Ji dilflcult position with hostile .Scrvia
on one side and advancing Greeks on
the other.
Tho fierce fighting Monday rxtend
cd for 140 miles and from all ac
counts the Bulgarians got a little the
better of It. They captured one
large town and lost only at Salonika.
Qs. HarriyS with her husband, Carter H. Harrison, mayor of Chl
ule neailj head of the monster parade in Chicago Tuesday, which
ted the sTanting of the franchise to women in Illinois. The par
ade was made up of a host of oiticials and the members of the many
equal franchiser organisations in Chicago. Mrs. Harrison besides being a
capable assonant to Irrr husband in his arduous career of politics, Is a bril
liant socia.Oc-ader and a writer of unusual ability.
Bend Women Can Wear
Aiklets Now With
Slit Skirt
U A. It. 1003.
Special meeting outh Bend Lodge
1003. Wednesday evening, July 2,
13 IT.. Business of importance.
C. E. Huber, Pres.
-C. II. Finch, Sec.
mm sm
An Alarm Clock made like
a Watch.
Height, 7 in.; Dial, 5 in.;
Gong, 4 in. $2.50.
121 W. Washington Av.
Anklets, a the very newest thing
In feminine , adornment, have made
their appearance in 'outh Bend. They
are to be -worn with the new split
skirts that, along with modern art,
are giving the police departments of
American cities a good many bad ialf
The anklets are to follow the fash
ions of bracelets, and be worn only
one at a time. The pretty bit of fem
inine vanity is to be worn on tho
ankle adjacent to the slit. The set
inclu-irs an anklet and two buckles,
the buckles to adorn the pumps mi
lady wears.
The new fad in jewelry is being
shown at the store of George H.
Wheelock and Co. The firm put in
a stock of jewelry for the first time
Saturday and this is the feature of
the display. The anklets come in a
variety of styles. A particularly fetch
ing one shown in the window clasped
about the trim ankle of a foot form,
is of platinoid set with French bril
liants. The sparkling white of the
trinket is in vivid relief against a
black hose.
Otherstyles are links of gold and
silver and links of filigree work in gold
alternating with semi-precious stones.
The links are large and heavy-looking,
but give the anklet suificient flex
ibility. The new department at the
Wheelock store will aim to give fash
ionable women of South Bend the
very latest novelties that are the fad
in Paris and New York. The stock
includes many handsome articles In
the platinum finish set with French
brilliants. The articles have all the
appearance of diamonds in platinum
setting and the manner of setting is
the same.
Another novelty is the sautoir, a
ribbon with slides of the brilliants,
to be worn around the neck. Fash
ionable XeV York women are using
them for monocles and for vanity
The stock is handsomely laid out
in a case in the middle of the state,
and includes hair ornaments, frill
pins, shoe buckles, beads, neck chains,
ear-rings, bow slides, bracelets and a
hots of trifles that are the fad of the
Campaign Opened to ITecclve SuT
MTlptltufor i:y-wlists at Firt
Aiirlt IaW:7 1 u rch.
'We expect this last week of our
revival will bo busiest and best
revival will bo. the busiest and best
yet." said Evangelist Clyde Lee Fife,
"We have doubled the power of
fans and provided drinking water for
the comfort of the people and expect
a large attendance."
The nxt meeting will open 'ith a
song service in charce of Karl H. Fife,
and will include special solos and a
number of tho Fife quartet.
At noon the Fife brothers conduct
ed services at the South Iend Watch
Co. and Wednesday they will conduct
a noon meeting at the Wilson Bros,
shirt factory. Preparations are be
in made by a committee of 12 to
raise an offering for the Fife broth
ers Sunday. ,
The IStn annual picnic of the pio
neers of Northern Indiana and outh
frn MiohUan will be held at South
Clear lake. Aiic. 1T. The program
for the y w.r.l consist of speaking,
music and canes-
Circus Day Cut Higgtt Hole in At
tendance During June.
Attendance at the summer schools
has held up well cfuring the hot spell
according to figures for the first
month. The second month of school
began Monday and the classes will
continue until July 25. The sessions
will close hereafter at 11:45 Instead
of 12 and the primary pupils will be
dismissed at 11:15.
Circus day cut the biggest figure In
reducing the attendance, there being
only 1,681 in classes on that day. The
daily figures for the closing week of
June were:
Monday, 1.SS1 : Tuesday, 1,8 S7;
Wednesday. 1.S65; Thursday, 1,845;
Friday 1,7 60.
The attendance during the month
is expected to show a slight decrease
because of the withdrawal of several
who have removed conditions by their
one month's work. Those who have
ma4le up their work are not required
to attend longer.
Claude K. Nicely and 31 Us Esther
Murphy of Sacramento, 3Iar
ried April 12.
Best Sea Island Duck Button
Shoes at the extremely low price of
This is a special number vhich
.'... S y V
rr n
,., , . r . v.
A secret marriage culminating a ro
ir.ance which started as a case of love
at first sight surprised South Bend
friends ol the couple when it. became
known that Claude K. Nicely of this
eitv had been married to Miss Esther
Murphy of Sacramento. Calif. The
ceremony took place April 12 but
was kept a secret until Monday.
The bride is a daughter of Frank
lin Murphy, an official of the Santa
Fe railroad In Sacramento. Mr. Nice
ly is the son of Mr. and Mrs. F. P.
Nicely. 1322 S. Main st.. and general
manager of the Lsalle Paper mills.
Miss Murphy is a graduate of the
Orton Fnglish Classical school, Pasa
dena, and is well known as a concert
singer in the west.
The younp couple met when Miss
Murphy came to Fouth Itpnd to visit
last January. The courtship which
ended in marriage followed immediately.
CHICAGO. July l. E. K. Schultz.
4 5, millionaire grocer, was killed
early Tuesday in an automobile acci
dent. One of the front tires rolled
oC and turned the car a somersault.
Mrs. Coe Tells How to Prepare
Ice and Salt Some Simple
Break the ice into very small pieces
by using a heavy wooden mallet or
potato masher. Put the ice In a large
canvas bag. Use coarse rock salt,
table salt melts the Ice too rapidly.
Pack around the freezer can in the
proportion of one-third salt to two
thirds ice. Remember when through
freezing to turn the water off slofly.
Take out the ice and salt and repack,
as ice cream that stands an hour or
two after freezing is much better than
when eaten directly it is made. The
freezer should be larger than you ac
tually need to hold the 'cream, as
freezing expands the liquid in propor
tion of about one-quarter. I seldom
fill my freezer more than half full.
When not In use the can of the
freezer shou4d be kept uncovered and
you must always scald and thorough
ly dry it before putting away. If you
will let your cream stand in the
freezer packed in ice and salt a little
while before you begin to turn it you
will save time, ice and labor.
Newly frozen cream is mushy,
lacks llavor and smoothness, so it is
always best to prepare it in time to
be packed and 'ripened" three or
four hours before serving. In pack
ing, turn off the brine, pack freezer
with ice and salt, cover with a heavy
cloth or carpet that has been wet be
fore covering the freezer. Do not let
this covering get dry, as it retards
the evaporation of water and melting
of ice in the freezer.
Water lei's and Sherbets.
These are usually composed of fruit
Juices, simple syrup and water.
Simple syrun can be made at home,
by using the best lump sugar, two
pounds, and one quart of water and
allow to dissolve before putting on the
lire. Heat slowly until it comes to a
boiling point. Take off any scum that
may rise, but be very areful not to
stir the syrup or it will sugar. Boil
slowly until it is as thick as htavy
cream. Then put in mason fruit Jars
and set away until you wish to use it.
In making fruit ices it is almost im
possible to tell the proportion of su
gar to be used, but the usual method
is one-half a cup of syrup to one pint
of fruit Juice. Always strain your
Juices through a cheese-cloth bag so
that there will be no seeds In your
ice. Remember it takes longer to
freeze ices than cream, but slowly
turn the crank until the contents be
come stiff. Then the can should be
opened, the sides scraped down and
the stiffly beaten white of one egg
worked into the ice. This amount of
egg with one teaspoonful of pulver
ized sugar beaten with it is sufficient
for two quarts of sherbet. Now pack
your ice and cover it with wet car
pet and let it stand three hours.
Strawberry lee.
Strawberry ice may be made In pro
portion of two cups of strawberry
Juice to one cup of simple syrup and
three cups of cold water. One table
spoon of gelatine dissolved in two
tablespoons of cold water, then add
two tablespoons of boiling water.
When thoroughly dissolved drain and
mix with the strawberry Juice and
then freeze. The addition of the
beaten white of one egg will improve
it, but is not necessary. Any other
fruit Juice can be used in making ices
in this same proportion and frozen in
the same manner.
Will Hold Seslons at Various Homes
Throughout the City.
Time and place of the next meet
ings of the Neighborhood Bible class
es as follows:
Classes 11 and 12 Mrs. Westervelt,
52 7 N. Lafayette st., Wednesday, July
2 at 9:30.
" Classes 15 and 16 Mrs. S. E. Reis
ter, Thursday, July 3, at 7:30.
Class 2 0 Mrs. Anderson, 813 Sher
man, Tuesday, July 1. at 2:30.
Classes 4 3 and 44 Rev. J. S. Burns,
71S Colfax av.. Tuesday. July 1.
Class 58 Mrs. Roberts, 4 27 Vistu
la av., Thursday. July 3. at 7:30.
Class 72 Mrs. Kinzie. 1339 Vistula
av.. Tuesday, July 1, at 2:30.
Class 73 1113 Donald, Tuesday,
July 1. at 2:30.
Class 7 4 -A Mrs. Wm. Grow, 723
Ohio st., Tuesday, July 1, at 2:30.
Class 74-B Mrs. Blakeman, 1012
Marietta St., Tuesday. July 1, at 2.
Class 76-A Mrs. W. F. Place. 148
Paris st., Friday. July 4, at 7:30.
Class 76-B Mrs. C. W. Hopkins,
1110 Carroll. Thursday, July 3, at
Class 77-B Mrs. Gerber, 113 E.
Ohio. Thursday, July 3. at 7:4 5.
Class 77-C Mrs. Hillier. 1104 S.
Michigan. Thursday, July 10, at 8.
Class SO Mrs. Hay, 402 Penn av.,
Thursday. July 3. at 3:30.
Class 90 S. C. Lehman. 116 W.
Garst. Thursday. July 3, at 8.
Roselawn Bible class Mrs. Ober,
Vernon st., Roselawn. Wednesday,
July 2, at 3.
Chapin Park Bible class Mrs.
Brownlee. 9 30 Riverside drive, Thurs
day. July 3, at 10.
Immanuel Bible class Mrs. Dun
kle. 210 W. Navarre st., Wednesday,
July 2. at 3.
S. Michigan St. Bible class Mrs.
Windbigler. 135 E. Bowman, Tuesday,
July 1. at 7:45.
The Pilgrim Bible class Mrs. Moss
holder, 502 E. rBoadway, Tuesday,
July 1. at 2:30.
Rush St. Bible class Mrs. Jno. Ba
rahann. 621 Rush St.. Thursday, July
3, evening.
S. Main Bible class 528 S. Main St.,
Wednesday, July 2. at 4.
Virginia St. Blbte class Mrs. Les
ter Spidel, 1425 Miami st., Wednes
day. July 2. at 3.
The Friendly Bible class Mrs. J.
B. Birdsell. 511 W. Colfax av., Thurs
day. July 3, at 10.
The High School Bible class Y. W.
C. A.. Wednesday. July 2, at 3.
Maids' Bible class Y. W. C. A.,
Thursday. July 3, at 3.
The Home Girls' Bible class Mrs.
Chas. Crockett. Colfax aw, Thursday,
July 3. at 3:30.
Business Girls Bible class First
Presbyterian church, Tuesday, July
1, at 6:45.
The Leaders' class will have Its next
meeting at the Y. W. C. A. Monday,
July 7, at 2:30.
The Ellsworth Store
The Ellsworth Store
Picnic Sale
Wednesday Morning
Prices Cut to the Quick
The Ellsworth-Picnic-Field Day comes Tomorrow
' Afternoon. Were Going to Plymouth and were Going
to have a Great Time but First we're Going to put on
a Picnic Sale that's sure to be a Hummer.
It'll be to Your Advantage to come down Many
Money Saving Opportunities. Specials in all the Various
Departments. Look!
Yokes in assorted Shadow Laces with Collars
Stayed both White and Ecru 39c value Wed
nesday, 25c.
Here How's This? German Silver Vanity Powd
er Puff Mirror 5c and 10c Coin Slots Sl.50
One lot of Children's Dresses sizes 2 to 14 years
materials gingham and percale Values Sl.25 to
$3.00 Wednesday 69c.
Swiss Allover Embroidery 45 inches wide and
Swiss Flouncing 45 inches wide regular $1.50 and
$2.00 Quality Wednesday 55c yard.
Porch Rugs and Shades A special 10 discount
count on all Porch Rugs and Shades Wednesday
White Ripplette at 9c a
yard. Two thousand yards
ill-White Ripplette on sale
Wednesday morning at 9c
a yard.
25c Extra Heavy TurkishTowels Wednesday 19c each.
$1.50 Hemmed Crochet Bed Spreads Wednesday $1.00.
Draperies 30 Inch Net Wednesday Morning Only 7c.
Special Corset Covers Lace and Embroidery Trimmed 19c.
10 and 12Vz Cent Soft Finish Cambric 6c a yard.
Silk Odds and Ends of Silks 25c a yard.
Dress Goods Special 75c Cream Mohairs 33c.
Ribbons All Colors 25c.
Quality 12 Cents a Yard.
Ladjes' Black Silk Boot Hose, 50o value. 37 i Cents.
For Men Men's Night Gowns 75c Kind 5Sc.
Crepe Chiffon 25 Cent Value Wednesday Morninp: 14c.
Mennen's Talcum Powder Regrular Price 25c Sale Price 13c.
One hundred $10.00 to
to $12.95 Summer Dresses
$5.00 Special Wednesday
Price $5.00 Wednesday
Morning Summer Dresses.
Need a Hat? Here's a
Chance Untrimmed Hats
$2 to $5 Values Choice
Ttc BiuGffrcor Spot rt Torrrt
SALISBURY, Md., July 1. That
Florence Wainwright came to her
death by a criminal operation per
formed In or about the Home Gas
Co.'s office, in which Harold M.
Smith was an accessory, both before
and after the fact." was the verdict
of the coroner's jury here.
Smith is general manager of the
Home Gas Co., is 40 years old and
married. He was arrested.
Miss Wainwright, 2 4. was the book
keeper of the gas company. Her body
was found in the gas efflce.
WASHINGTON. A kiss which lie
pilfered from one of his employes will
cost Frank D. Hester, a pension bu
reau clerk $4 50. He was suspended
without pay for three months.
CinCAGO. Union chauffeurs who
have not paid their dues complain to
the police that "stink balls" are be
ing hurled into their taxis. The pas
sengers are complaining too.
ana nini ininih
You'll find summer com
fort and good appearance
in our Oxfords and Ties
of dull, bright or soft tan
leathers. Cool outing shoes
of white canvas or Nu
buck. Outing shoes with
rubber sole and heels.
Men or women's styles.
Beitner's Sons
111 So. Miclilgun St.
This is the first appearance of this popular outh Bend actres?
before a home audience since leaving the Indiana Stock company.
She will entertain with an interesting talkalogue and tell of her
moving picture experience.- Her latest story picture. "The Suwanee
River", will be shown as well as a two-heel Vitasraph special fea
ture, "The White Slave". Owing to the extreme expense Incurred
the admission will be
sunini nini ninp
State of Indiana. M. Joseph County, .
In the St. Joseph Superior Court, May
Term, 1913. Ueie MUtenberger vs.
l-'red Miltenbcrger. Divorce. Cause
No. 131.
He It known that the above name! plain
tiff hns AIM in the office of th olrk of
xlfl court her complaint sgainst said de
fendant In th above cause together with
a proper affidavit that said defendant.
Fred Z. Mlltenbfrsrer, is not a rvaldent
of th Ktntf ftt Indiana. N
Said defendant H hereby notified that
paid couse will stand fr trial on the 16th
day of September, 1013. I be same being
the 2nd day of the next tema of said
-oi:rt to commence at the city of South
Hend. on the 3rd Monday in SeptemUr
next on which day said defendant is re
quired to appear to paid action.
T;r John r. 'ully. Deputy.
JOli.N W. KITCH, Attorney for Plaintiff.
Fsttite of Bertha I?. Fiederickson.
By direction of IMward F. Dubail. admin
. istrator of the estate of Hertha R. Fred-
erlckson, late of St. Joseph county. In
te state of ndiana. deceits.
Noti- is hereby jrlven to the heirs, lepa
teK,aud devlee-s of said dceOent. and all
other persons Interested In said estate,
that K.-Ud administrator has filed In this
court final account and vcuchers for the
final settlement of said estate, and tby
are therefore hereby required to he anil
appear In aid court on tie Olh day of
September, li.o. when th same will
heard, and make pnof of their heirship,
or claim to any part of mid estate, and
she- cause if any thre he, why said ac
roint and vouchers should not be ap
proved. Witness the clerk ami sea: of the St. Jo
ipa circuit cvurt at South Bend, Indi
ana. thl -Jth dar of June. 10T.1.
By John P. Cully, leputj. JuuelMJulyl
Note the unprecedented values in the list below.
Gingham and Tissue Dresses $6.50 for $3.75
Ratine and Line11 Dresses $15.00 for $9.50
Lawn Kimonos $1.50 tor 95c
White Waists $1.50 for $1.00
Middy Blouses 75c and $1.00
Balkan Blouses $1.25 and $1.75
Navy Serge Suits $18.50 for $9.25
Eponge Suits $35.00 for $17.50
Bedford Cord Coats $20.00 for $10.00
Moire Silk Coats . $45.00 for $22.50
Crepe Meteor Dresses $25.00 for $17.50
Lingerie Dresses $25.00 for $17.50
Lingerie Dresses, special $10.00
Sweaters - $4.00 for $2.00
Silk Petticoats .$5.00 for $3.50
In every line we have cut the price deeply to effect
a rapid reduction in the size of our stock. If you have
need, come in.
UN1Y &

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