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TUESDAY, JULY 1, 1913.
y 1
Bell'PhonelO. 123 S.
J. Q. Sponger, Sr., Took Part in
3Ianj Important Engagements
of Civil War.
With the approach of the old sol
diers' reunion at Gettysburg, J. Q.
Swangcr, sr., recalls his lighting days
when as a member of the I'oth Michi
gan Infantry, ho participated in many
battles. The work of this body of
fcoldiera received high commendation
from the colonel of the regiment.
Among the battles participated In by
the 25th Infantry wero these: King
ston. Knoxville, Mossy Creek. Rocky
Race. Rosacea. Dallas, Allatoona,
Culps' Farm, Lost Mountain, Kene
taw Mountain. Nick-a-Jack Creek,
Utoy Creek, Decatur, Atlanta, Jones
horo, Aduck river, Nashville and
Tebbs Bend. The latter battle vo3
fought on July 4, 1SG3, when the en
emy, over ten times the number of tho
25th Infantry, were defeated with a
I0P3 numbering greater than the force
which engaged them. Regarding the
conflict, one cf the participants has
the following to say:
"A few of the particulars of tho
"battle of Tebbs Bend, on the Green
river, between Gen. John Morgan,
with his entire division, and Col. O.
II. Moore, 2 5th Michigan Infantry,
with two hunured of his men, may be
The battMion of the 23th Michigan
infantry, stationed at or near the
Green river bridge, occupied a posi
tion of much importance all forces
in front were drawn off and no rein
forcements within 2T miles.
For some days before tho fight It
Forestry, Landscape Gardening
Tree Trimming and Trco Surgery.
All "Work Guaranteed.
elmer n. xoy,
Wide View, Mishawaka, Ind.
Homo Phono 235 A.
HP! 0:0.1:37" o:T 3t
The St. Joseph Valley is noted for its abundant water
supply in easy reach of all, yet so many suffer from a
short supply. With an ordinary pump and a Perkins
Pneumatic Water Supply Outfit and a small Perkins Gaso
line Engine you can have all the cold water you want for
drinking, cooking, bathing, sprinkling and for stock.
Water Where You Want It
The Citv Brother cheerfully
i per year tor water, wnne ior
Louiury LHUincib uiu put 111 an uiuiu mat
will ive him all the water he wants for
twenty years.
Have the Comforts and Keep tHe Boys and
Girls at Home.
X 11-,11. . . . .-...4.
Either of these
Engines and Pumps
will do the business.
Horizontal or Ver
tical Tanks.
STEHL TANKS All galvanized, not the cheap black
iron trimmed tanks of Commerce.
Pipe, tittings, pump jacks, hand trucks, etc.
Farmers always welcome. Catalogs free.
Perkins Wind Mill & Engine Company
Main Street. HomePhonell3.
was currently reported that Duke and
Johnson, under tho direction of Mor
gan, were crossing the Cumberland
at Rerksvillo and Creelsbro, -with a
force of ten regiments of cavalry and
several pieces of artillery. On the
second Inst., information was received
that tho enemy was advancing on our
position; Col. Mooro mounted his
horse, and riding over the surround
ing country, chose his ground and
planted his men for a fight, determ
ined that the first opportunity of en
gaging the enemy should not go un
tied. "Men were that night set at work
with epades and axes, and when the
morning dawned a fine rifle pit was
to be seen, while in the rear of a bar
ricado of fallen trees was thrown to
check all cavalry charges. Seventy
five men were kept in the trenches
during the day, and in the evening,
after tho enemy's spies had visited our
lines, found our exact position and
made their reports, we began a move
ment of our forces, with all our stores
and camp and garrison equipage.
While we were thus engaged, the en
emy wag by no means neglectful the
sound of our preparation on our front
proclaimed that they were busy.
"Our lines were visited at about
one o'clock a. m., and all seemed In
order. Companies D. E. F. and K
occupied the earthworks while Com
pany I was held in reserve. The sceno
was beautiful and exciting, the men,
wakeful with the thoughts of tho
coming struggle, were jovial and hap
py, the brightened barrels of the arms
glittering in the moonlight rendered
the view soul-inspiring. Thus all
continued, and a3 the first rays of
morning streamed up the eastern sky,
our last wagon crossed the ford, and
the sharp shooters of the enemy
opened the ball. Thus the engage
ment began and thus it continued for
nearly an hour, when the enemy, hav
ing their artillery in position, sent a
shell plunging in our earthworks, dis
abling two of our men. Before we
had an opportunity of clearing the
enemy away from their guns, MaJ. El
liott of Morgan's staff, approached
with a Mag of truce. Tho battle last
ed for over three and one-half hours,
when the enemy retreated with a loss
of over fifty killed and 200 wounded."
Mrs. Blanche Reynolds. Rochester,
is visiting with Mr. and Mrs. M.
and When You Want It.
pays from $60.00 to $100
twice tnis tne ah
... . 4- 4tint
0 IM
to The
Neighborhood Organizations to Begin
Course by Studying Book
of Acts.
Bible study work has been well
started In MlsTiawaka during the past
several weeks. Several classes have
been organized and others are plan
ning. With few exceptions each dis
trict In the city has been organized
and sometimes more than this.
Mlsj Van Fleet, the new bible sec
retary at the Y. W. C. A., has the
work In charge here and will use the
Book of Acts by Grace Saxe, as an
outline for the work for the next few
months. Miss Van Fleet will meet
the leaders of all classes every two
weeks at tho Presbyterian church for
Instructions in the lessons to be used
the two weeks following. She will
also act as leader of tho Business
Girls' class, which meets every Mon
day at 7 o'clock at the First Christian
church. One hundred and two are
already enrolled in this class and the
girls are showing great interest in the
Willow Creek, northeast of the city,
has an organization with Mrs. Varier
as leader, and Mrs. Mary Bucher as
A home girl's class will be organ
ized Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock at
the home of Miss Catherine Bestwick
and another clas3 Is in preparation for
younger girls.
In the first district the men have a
class of their own and the women
another tho women meeting after
noons. In tho southwestern part of
town Mrs. Iottle Parker has an or
ganization ready to begin work.
The Billy Sunday meetings and the
work done by the Sunday party have
aroused great interest in bible study
and there is a growing sentiment that
one must know the scriptures to be
well informed. The announcements
for the various classes follows:
District No. 1 Monday evening at
Mrs. Lou Smith some, E. Third st.
Young people's class at homo of Miss
Winifred Smith, E. Fourth st.. Thurs
day evening.
District No. 2 Tuesday afternoon
at 3 o'clock at home of Mrs. J. W.
Keller. Wednesday evening, men's
class at home of Fred Mulrine, 311
Indiana av.
District No. 4 Tuesday, 7:30 p. m.
at home of Mr. and Mrs. D. C. LHom
medieu. District No. 5 Afternoon class at
Presbyterian church. Evening class
at 7:30 o'clock at Presbyterian church.
Disxict No. 7 Monday evening,
7:30 o'clock at homo of Mr. and Mrs.
Garman, W. Seventh st.
District No. 8 Tuesday evening,
7:30 with Dr. Loren M. Edwards.
Districts No. 9 and 10 Tuesday
evening at 7:45 o'clock at Mrs. John
Dixon's, W. Second st.
District No. 10WiIl meet with
people of District No. 9.
District-No. 13 Tuesday evening,
7:45 o'clock, with Mr. and Mrs. Chris
tophol. District No. 14 Tuesday evening.
7:20 o'clock, with Mrs. Borden, 107
W. Grove U
District No. 15 Monday evening,
7:30 o'clock, at home of Mr. and Mrs.
Lawrence Crakes, 52 4 W. Grove st.
Enrollment of each class may be
made at any time and should be re
ported at once to Mrs. W. E. Butter
worth, to whom all report cards are
being sent. There will bo a meeting
of the leaders with Miss Van Fleet
Saturday, July 5th, at 3 o'clock at
the Presbyterian church.
FOR SALE All ibuildings on the
property recently purchased for the
new Baptist church site, southeast
corner Main and Lawrence sts., are
offered for sale and will be sold for
the highest cash price received. The
committee 'reserves the right to reject
or accept any or all bids. Bids on
Bamo to be in by 6 p. m., July 5th.
For particulars seo George E. Hoose,
chairman of trustees, or George F.
Frank, chairman of building com
mittee. FOR RENT Rooms. ' Enquire at
: Mrs. Joseph Wachs, 111 1-2 N.
Main st.
FOR RENT Four rooms and bath;
furnished complete for light house
! keeping: 1101 W. Second st. Home
phone 389B.
Anyone having trouble with their
gajKDllno stove, call Home phone 513
and get relief. Work guaranteed.
WANTED Vaults and cesspools to
clean and disinfect. Work guaran
teed. Prices reasonable. D. F. Bar
ton, or call Home phone 196.
I BUY AND SELL everything. T.
Adams, second hand dealer, 104 W.
Third si.
deposited before July
12, I9i3, will draw
interest from July l,
4 '
A !
Factory Pumps Will Aid Those
of City in Effort to Maintain
a Pressure of 40 Pounds at
All Times.
Mayor John A. Ilerzog has made
arrangements with the Dodge Manu
facturing Co. and the Mishawaka
Woolen Manufacturing Co. whereby
the water conditions of the city will
be relieved and the low pressure
which has heretofore existed will be
done away with. According to tho
arrangements a pressure of 40 pounds
Is to be maintained at all times. When
the city pumps are unable to supply
this grade of pressure the factory
pumps will be brought Into service.
Although the local pumping station
Is working at Its fullest capacity and
which is somewhat more than last
year, conditions this summer are
Mrofse than ever before and In con-
sequence the pumps art being ex
erted to their limit.
It is only at certain hours of the
day that the pressure i3 very low
and is noticed especially between the
hours of 8 and 12 and from 2 to 7:30.
This Is due in a measure to the great
number of consumers who are using
the water at the same time. Fully
2,100 water takers are listed in the
A quiet, but pretty wedding took
place Saturday evening at 8 o'clock
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. Mohn.
723 E. Lawrence st., when their
daughter, Miss Grace Mohn, was
united in marriage to Charles Jlein-
ey. The ceremony took place beneath
an arch of white roses and ferns and
was performed by the Rev. O. E.
Tomes, of the First Christian church.
The bride was attired in a beauti
ful gown of cream lace, and wore a
bridal veil and carried a shower bou
quet of bride's roses. She was at
tended by her sister, Miss Nettie
Mohn, who wore a gown of cham
pagne voile and carried pink roses.
Irwin Densel was best man.
After the ceremony a wedding
luncheon was served to about 2 5
relatives and friends. The decora
tions were ferns and roses. Among
the guests were the Misses Leona
and Alberta Memzie, nieces of tho
bride, of Pierceton, Ind., and Mr. and
Mrs. Burt Tyler of Granger, Ind.
Both tho bride and groom are
well known in this city, the bride be
ing tho daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D.
Mohn, and was formerly employed at
the Mishawaka Woolen Manufactur
ing Co., while the groom is the son
of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Ileiney, Chris
tyann st. He is a taxidermist.
Mr. and Mrs. Heiney will be at
home to their many friends in a
neatly furnished home in South Bend.
John Larson, a boarder at the Mil
burn house, was found dead in his
room Monday morning by one of the
attaches of the hotel. Larson had
last been seen about the place Satur
day evening. When found his body
was in a bad state of decomposition,
indicating he had been dead for sev
eral hours. Coroner Swantz was no
tified and ascribed organic heart dis
ease as the cause of death. Larson
was about 45 years of age. Efforts
were being made Monday to locate
the man's relatives. Larson had been
employed at the Rubber Regenerat
ing Company's plant.-
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Vogt are visit
ing in Walkerton, Ind.
L. L. Wilson, 403 W. First St., will
leave Tuesday for Muncie, Ind., where
he will spend a two weeks' vacation
visiting with his daughter.
George Stoecklnger on Monday morn
ing received a card from Dr. Fengler
which stated that the Feaglers were in
Vienna, Austria.
Enjoying Outing.
C. R. Trowbridge Is In Crawfords
ville, Ind., where he Is spending a
week's vacation, which he is enjoying
from the Dodge Manufacturing Co.'s
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Sweitzer an
nounce the engagement of their
daughter. Miss Ruby .Sweitzer. to
Walter E. Gordon, who has been re
elected superintendent of city schools
at Harlowton, Mont., and Is soon to
receive an A. M. degree at the Uni
versity of Chicago.
Joseph Stowell, who was kicked by
a clot while on a visit in Valparaiso
several days ago, returned to his home
here Sunday, being on the road to
recovery. The trip was made by auto
mobile and the boy stood the trip
A meeting of the otlicinl board of the
IkipUst church will be held Wednesday
evening at the home of Miss G-alor, N.
.Marquette st.
Adolrh MicheTs, 235 Smith sL. Is lying
in St. Jo.ervh's hospital in a ferious con
dition as the result of wounds which he
sustained during a quarrel Sunday after
noon nt 2:.10 o'clook on Baker st.
In a scuffle which he had with nn ad
versary, whose name was not learned. Mr.
Michels was stabbed and the bladef the
knlfo jveuetrated hi left lunj?. Hi con
dition is regarded as very serious by the
attending physician.
To Mert on Tnrsday.
A rmetinp of the Neighborhood F.lble
clas3 tf district No. 14 will be heM Tues
day evening at the home of Mrs Bordln,
1U7 W. Grove st.
Howard Kronewitter and Miss TVava
Sefton, both of this city, were united In
marrtagv Saturday morning at the court
house at South Bend by Justice of cue
IVace Zinky.
Mr. Krone witter is the son of George
ronewltter, residing Kent of the city,
and is employed at the Harris plumblug
rf Snblishment, while the brld fc thn
daughter of Mrs. F1hor of this city.
They will reside In Mishawaka.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis KIster and child
ren have returned to thWr home la La
porte after visiting wltb and Mm.
E. Wilder and als attfndir.$r the picnic
of the St. Teters Lutheran church whi-a
was held Sunday in Tottawattomie park.
Mls IIazl Nunn is enjoying a month's
vacation from the Iodge Manufacturing
Co.' oSlce. She will leave Tue-dny on a
vacation trip.
Street Commissioner Gtto
Muinch in Charge of Two
Wagons and Equipment of
City For Handling Refuse.
Street Commissioner Otto Muinch
Tuesday morning begins the collec
tion and disposal of garbage in the
city. The service Is started with two
wagons. Street Commissioner Muinch
is anxious that the people co-operate
with his department by draining all
garbage as provided by the crdinance,
and carefully wrapping same before
placing in the garbage cans.
The city is experiencing difficulty
in obtaining cans on schedule. Some
days ago 500 cans were ordered at a
special price, but the cans have
failed to arrive. The authorities con
cluded not to defer longer, however,
the gathering of garbage, and resi
dents are requested to place their gar
bage, properly drained and wrapped
in receptacles near alleys and streets
along which the wagons will pass.
This will facilitate the gathering of
tho garbage. The street commissioner
realizes that he has on hand a large
amount of preliminary work in order
to get the garbage collection and dis
posal system properly arranged. By
the aid of the housewives he hopes
soon to be able to Inform people in
every section of the city on what day
they can expect the wagon to arrive
to receive garbage.
Undar the ordinance the commis
sioner has the power to require the
placing of garbage cans where ho
shall designate. No garbage will be
hauled unless It is wrapped.
Rubbish and ashes, according to the
terms of the ordinance, must not be
placed in the garbage cans. Rubbish
ash permits can be obtained at the
city hall for the hauling of rubbish
and ashes. The hauling of garbage
will be free.
Acting in the capacity of the
priest's bride at the celebration of the
first holy mass of the Rev. Oscar,
Sunday morning at 10 o'clock at the
St. Joseph's Catholic church, Miss
Irene Landgraf, attired in white silk,
wtih wreath and veil and carried
with wreath and veil and carried
welcome in the following language:
"Hail to him whom God hath chosen.
And his Word hath sanctified,
Priest cf God, thou art forever,
May his peace with thee abide!
Wond'rous power to thee Is given.
Which e'en angels dare not claim,
Pow'r to break sin's galling fetters.
And to cleanse each stain of shame,
Grateful hearts shall bless thy name.
"Christ's almighty word thus speakest,
Lo, the heavens open wide,
And the blessed Lord of glory
'Noath the earth's lowly forms doth
Loving angels hover round thee
Veil their gaze in awe and fear.
Bend before the dazzling splendors
Of their God who tarries near.
Surely heaven itself is here.
"Thou dost bless the grave, the
Angel-like, thou bendest o'er,
Death's sad couch, and aidest fondly
Those whom friends can aid no more.
Father of the poor and homeless,
Thou dost try the hidden tear,
Thou givest light when all is darkness,
Where thou art, there God 1 near.
Bliss be thine in heaven and here!
"Rev. Father, may thy days te happy,
Fraught with blessings all divine.
May a llock that's true and faithful
Still for many years be thine.
Accept this wreath, dear Father,
As an emblem of the crown
Awaiting thee in heaven
Beset with gems of priceless worth.
And these lovely spotless rose3
The symbol of thy heart's pure love
I shall offer to our Blessed Lady
For thy welfare. Rev. Father.
Mary, 5potless, purest mother.
Oh, extend they love and protection
E'er preserve with holy care,
Thy faithful servant to the end."
John Dorsch, who has been employ
ed by James Tracas to assist him In
his ice cream business is in Jail, charg
ed with stealing $28 from tho wagon.
Sunday evening Tracas in com
pany with the boy, drove to Hutchin
son and Co., where Tracas left the
wagon and went to the basement to
get some cream leaving Dorsch in the
wagon. When Tyacas returned he
found that Dorsch had left and $28
which was in the wagon when Tra
cas went Into the store could not be
Clifford Kindy and Miss Rofie Ward,
two well known young people of this
city, were united in marriage Sun
day at St. Joseph, Mich. They were
attended by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Finch
of this cvity.
Mr. Kindy is the son of Mr. and Mrs
II. D. Kindy, 1019 N. Main sC. and
is employed at the Mishawaka Wool
en Manufacturing Co. Miss Ward is
also well known in this city, have for
merly been employed at the Misha
waka Woolen Manufacturing Co.
They will reside In this city.
Dividend checks representing the regu
lar semi-annual six percent dividends and
special additional dividends of two per
cent were delivered Monday to tie stock
holders of both institution by t:be First
.National bank and the First Trust &
Savings Co.
Mrs. Cl.arles Uauer. 523 E. Merlon trt.,
will entertain the fewlng circle of St.
Andrews' evangelical church at her home
Wednesday afternoon. All the members
are asked to attend.
C. A. 1'hllllps and daughter. M!w Nell
I'hillipus. have returned to Detroit,
Mich., after attending the funeral of tlie
late Mrs. C. A Phillips in this city.
A meeting of the Woman's Home
Missionary society of the Methodist
church will be held Wednesday.
John Fange, a former resident of
this city, but now located at Flint,
Mich., spent Saturday and Sunday
visiting with friends and acquaint
ances In this city.
Next .Sunday is Missionary day in
the Sunday school of the Methodist
Memorial church. Miss Ruth Moer-
HiI-a nf thA Smith nnH V W C A
will tell of her personal exporiences I
'n Chicago settlement wori- I
60 6
i i , I. m I, , ir i
rHONE 295.
E. IL Hlilman Goes to Home He IIal
Furnished For Intended Wife
to Commit Suicide.
EIKHART, Ind., June 30.
Despondent because his sweetheart
refused several times to set the wed
ding day, E. H. Hillman, 21 years old.
retired to his bedroom some time
Monday morning and sent a bullet
from a revolver into his brain. Hill
man lived alone In a small house six
miles southeast of this city which he
was furnishing for a home for him
self and his intended bride.
The young man had been to call
upon hla sweetheart Sunday evening
as usual. Monday morning he failed
to appear about the place and neigh
bors becoming alarmed searched the
place at noon, finding the young man
dead in his bedroom with a revolver
in his hand. He. left a farewell note,
but It was turned over to the young
man's father by Coroner J. C. Mast
and the contests were not made pub
The Northern Indiana Railway
company will continue the operation
of cars on E. Jackson st. for 90 days
more according to a formal notlco
given to the board of public works at
its Monday session. The company,
making only a formal protest at the
somewhat Irregular proceeding, con
sents to operate the cars during the
next three months under the clause In
their contract which obligates them to
operate for three months each year
to determine whether the patronage
of the lino Is sufficient for its support.
The decision is the result of a confer
ence held on board a Valley Line car
between officials of the railroad and
city officials Saturday afternoon as
detailed in the News-Times of Sun
day, at which time It was stated that
Gen. Mgr. C. D. Emmons favored the
plan and it would probably be
Frank R. Flynn has purchased a
third interest in the yet unsold por
tion of the Beeson estate, including
River Park addition and the lowlands
lying between north of Middlebury
st. In the bend of the Elkhart river.
The interest purchased by Mr. Flynn
formerly belonged to George W.
Fleming and is said to have changed
hands for $10,000. E. A. Skinner and
Walter Brown, the latter now In Mon
roe, Mich., have retained their inter
ests in the property.
Mrs. Camille Menhout, 201 S. Smith st..
died Sunday evening at 8:45 o'clock aftr
a shoTt Illness. She was born In Belgium,
43 years ago and came to this country and
resided In this city for the past two
years. Her maiden name was Irma Mag-
nette and 17 years ago she was married
to Mr. Menhout, who survives. She 5s
also survived by four sons at home and
one brother residing in Belgium.
Funeral services will be neld luesdny
morning at S o'clock from St. Bavo's
Catholic church, the Rev. Shoekaert will
officiate. Burial will be in the St. Jo
seph cemetery.
In regard to the Incident which oc
curred Saturday evening at the cor
ner of Main and Second fits., in
which Dr. A. E. Barber Is alleged
to have run his automobile along Sec
ond st. while the street car was un
loading passengers, the physician
states that he was not endeavoring to
pass the car, that his car had no
power on and his foot was on the
brake. He says the machine had
come to a complete standstill. He
said he heard no policeman call out
to him and the first ho knew of the
presence of a patrolman was when he
saw the officer with the gun pointing
at him.
Mrs. Kendall, an employee of the
Clark Steam laundry, was Etruck by
a south side car and knocked to the
pavement in front of the laundry at
about 6 o'clock Monday evening. The
woman had Just finished her day's
labors and was going home when the
accident occurred. She was about to
board one car and stepped across the
opposite track to do so. She failed to
see the oncoming car which struck
her. The car was stopped wfthin a
short distance of where Mrs. Ken
dall was struck.
The injured lay vras taken to St.
Joseph's hospital where she regained
consciousness soon. Her injuries were
found to bs of a minor nature.
The fire department was called to
the residence of Dr. J. P. Faegler
on "W. Third st., Monday evening by
people who saw smoke issuing from
the roof. It developed that the smoke
was coming from a neighboring chim
ney and was merely rolling across the
Faegler roof.
Mrs. Sophia Wachs has left for
Huntington, Ind.. where she will
spend the summer visiting relatives.
Harold Tremel has returned from a
week's vacation spent in Chicago. He
has resumed his duties with the Lake
Shore company.
John Kohler, N. Margaret st., and
his daughter Mrs. Maurice Rupe. left
Monday morning for a two months'
visit with relatives In New Jersey anj
Mrs. Fred Groesbeck, 311 W. Sixth
st., has gone to Lagrange, Ind.. wnere
she attended the funeral of hr uncle
-- - j iii ii ti i mi ii " n . it4
ROOM 4, L O. O. F. BLDG.
ELKHART, Ind.. June 30. Assert
ing that her father beats her and
threatens to kill her, lS-year-old Tn s t
Albert, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. EIH
Albert. S17 Indiana av., refuses to re
turn to her hCiiie which sho left last
Saturday. Learning that the police
had been called in to solve the "mys
tery" of her disappearance, the younj
woman came to the police station
Monday afternoon, meeting her rather
and mother there.
After a long conference between th
girl and her parents and Chief North
rop, the girl was undecided what shs
would do, but reported to the chief
in the evening that she would not re
turn to her home, stating that In spite
of the promises of her par,rts she was
afraid to go home. She is staying
with a friend on Garden st. Some of
the trouble seems to have arisen from
differences of opinion as to the dis
posal of the girl's wages, she stating
that she is allowed to keep none of
the money which she earns nt a I j3 a 1
factory and the father insisting that
sho keeps it all, refusing even to pay
Arriving in the city with bnt !:vo
cents in his pocket, Henry llo-vor f
Richmond. Va.. aged 7". years, was
found at Lake Shore station in a very
depressed state of mind by Humane
Officer Scarce Monday. The :ur. d
ma., -.as on his way from Virginia t
th. . -.mo cf a daughter who li s .n a
sr.iall farm near Hammond, Ind. Ho
had credentials showing him to l o a
Knight of Pythias and Officer Pearce,
himself a knight, at once got very
busy and in a short time raised
enough among "brothers" of his ac
quaintance to ?end the old man on to
his destination. Mr. Bower stat d
that he had had money enough to g t
to Bryan, O., and when there had beon
noticej by a chariiftMo citizen who
gave him two collars, enough to g t
him to Elkhart and a wholie nickel
more. He was great lj.' delighted when
it, was made known to him that tho
balance of the journey would be pro
vided for.
The board of works on Monday
passed the resolution for the paving
of Strong av.. City Engineer Arnandu
M. Smith having reported that the
remonstrators lacked five of enough to
defeat the improvement. Members
of the board stated Monday that nego
tiations for a .settlement of the disputo
between the petitioners and the
remonstrators were still undr wy
and that while bids would be opened
August 1st. the work might be post
poned for a year as one of the agree
ments between the factions.
Stops Itching and Burning Instantly.
There is immediate relief for skins
itching, burnirg and disfigured by
eczema, ringworm, or other torment
ing skin trouble, in a warm bath with
Bcsinol Soap and a simple application
of Itesinol Ointment. The soothing,
healing Heslnoi balsams sink right
into the skin, stop itching instantly,
and soon clear away all trace or erup
tion, even in severe and stubborn
cases whero other treatments havo
had no effect. After that, the regular
use of Itesinol Soap is usually nough
to keep the skin clear and healthy.
You need never hesitate: to uso
Itesinol. It 13 a doctor's prescription,
that has been used by other physicians
for years In the treatment of all srti
of skin affections. It contains abso
lutely nothing that could Injure the
tendercst skin. Practically every
druggist sells Uesinol Ointment and
Itesinol Soap. Trial free; Dept.
Kesinol, Baltimore, Md. Works won
ders for sjnburn. Advertisement.
Mizpuh Kvangeiical Church lo En
tertain on Ju!y 10.
Arrangements were made by th
Delta Bible class of the Mizpah Evan
gelical church at a meeting held
Monday night at the home of M.
Duise. 1212 S. Franklin st.. to enter
tain for the new members of tho
church on the night of July 10 Th.j
reception will bo held on the church
lawn. A special program will be ar
ranged and refreshment will bo
Pula-kl Club Hold Merlins and
Gets Now MenilwTK.
A meeting of the Pulaski club, a
non-partisan organization :
only, met at their hall Monday nU'ht
and accepted 33 new member.'. The
membership is now S". The dub en
dorsed Frank Ililinski. democratic
candidate, to succeed himself as city
clerk, and John O'.ejniczak as coun
cilman on the democratic ticket, U
represent the sixth ward.
Mrs. J. P.. Elliott. I- tro;t. Mich., is
visiting with Mrs. William Hundy.
Indiana av.
Lynn Minzey, P.uchanan, Mich., is
visiting in the city.
Mrs. J. N. Smith. Ruchanan. Mich.,
is visiting with her mother, Mrs. Ed
ward France, E. Lawrence st.
Lawrence Robbins has returned
from a visit in Chicago.
Mrs. Edward Ilurkit and son, Al
bert Stoehr, have rt turned from Chi
cago, where they spent Sunday and
Monday visiting relatives.
Mrs. Otto Morrison ha.s returned to
her home in Hammond. Ind., after a
visit with relatives in this city.
I.Anir.S AH l TO MT.KT.
A rn-tinsr of the LmlU'V v i I .er.etv of
the Christian church will te bell UV1
r.esJay afternoon at 2:.".i oVlo-f .it ll.e
rMrrt- of Mrs. Jo!in Klr!cwrl, 11 i
: : ' : . ; jv

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